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Tuscan Villa beauty by Keller Kitchens [click here]
quietest member of the West Fraser family Tuscan Villa beauty by Keller Kitchens Beautiful wetrooms give a luxury residential property in Kent a five-star finish Ground-Breaking Modular Housing Firm Launches Crowdfunding Appeal Keylite Advocates Glass Safety For Roofing Contractors Roann Limited Selected To Supply Worktops To Private Housing As Part Of £1bn Development Project Architectural Practice Launches Step-Change Home Design System 6 14 28 10 20 12 22 www.homedesignerandarchitect.co.uk hello@homedesignerandarchitect.co.uk
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Stelrad, the UK’s No.1 radiator manufacturer are going green with Tata Steel UK. Tata Steel are supplying UK made 90% Carbon Lite green steel, verified by DNV, to Stelrad so our customers can choose a Green Compactanother first from Stelrad.

Find out more Not just any rad. Stelrad.

From The Evolution Of The Formalia Collection Emerges Formalia Outdoor, The First Scavolini Kitchen

Designed For Outdoors

Today, people have a growing interest in more liveable outdoor spaces that make social momentsoutside even more enjoyable.

This new demand is met by Formalia Outdoor, the Scavolini project created as a natural extension of the Formalia home system-designed by Vittore Niolu-and destined to mark a turning point in the history of the company which, for the first time, expands its design proposal to outdoor environments. The project stands out for its modern design, functionality and high quality materials, which are expressed in both terms of performance and aesthetic appeal.

The new Scavolini kitchen retains all the distinct traits of Formalia, where details play a leading role and strongly emphasise the design: the shaped door onto which the handle is fitted and the Status Wall System, the open-fronted modular structure made of aluminium and available in three different finishes, Rust, with its powerful contemporary appeal, Black and Titanium. The possibility of incorporating lowered or open-fronted elements enhances the game of symmetries, creating multi-functional decorative elements with minimalist shapes.

The result is a kitchen with outstanding functionality, capable of creating a fruitful harmony with the background and the natural context in which it is set. Thanks to its impressive modularity consisting of no less than 19 elements to be combined with stateof-the-art appliances, each Formalia Outdoor

configuration is a unique and exclusive model, designed to fit into any type of outdoor living space and adapt to any furnishing style.

In designing Formalia Outdoor, a lot of attention was given to the choice of materials that not only ensure high performance, but also express the beauty of a sought-after design The aluminium structure and the top with built-in washing area, which is available both in steel as well as in other carefully selected materials, can be combined with two different door finishes.

Read the full article here >>>

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The quietest member West Fraser family

What is the best sound-reducing floorboard range on the market?

CaberAcoustic from West Fraser is a highly versatile, effective and economical soundreducing flooring solution. Reducing both impact and airborne transmitted sounds, it can be laid over concrete and timber floors in both new and existing buildings.

CaberAcoustic comes in 28mm and 32mm thicknesses.

How is the flooring fixed?

CaberAcoustic is recommended to be laid and fitted with D3 PVA glue.

How much does one panel weigh?

Each panel of CaberAcoustic weighs approximately 20kg.

What is the total decibel reduction that can be achieved?

19dB is the reduction in sound transference when CaberAcoustic is installed on its own. Greater reductions are reached when used within a system for noise transference reductions. There are three flooring systems; detailed on the West Fraser UK website – uk.westfraser.com.

Can it be laid directly over joists?

CaberAcoustic cannot be fitted directly on to flooring joists – it is an overlay board. It should always be laid as a floating floor directly on top of an existing flooring deck.

Does it completely reduce noise level?

CaberAcoustic reduces sound; it will not completely proof buildings or rooms from the transference of sound.

Why is felt used rather than foam?

The felt that is bonded to the underside of the chipboard is environmentally friendly as it is made from recycled fibres.

Which way up is it laid?

CaberAcoustic is laid with the felt side down. The transference of sound through air or impact is reduced when the flooring has been laid using the correct system.

Are any other co-products needed?

CaberFloor P5, CaberDek or CaberShieldPlus should be used in conjunction with CaberAcoustic in new build projects. For renovations, CaberAcoustic can be used on top of the existing floor.

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of the
For further information, call 01786 812 921 or visit uk.westfraser.com
Photo by Rebecca Campbell

New University Course Aims To Fill Growing Number Of Professional Vacancies In Logistics

With the number jobs in the logistic sector growing at nearly twice the rate of all other jobs, a new degree at the University of Northampton (UON) aims increase the number of people qualified to fill them.

Over the last ten years, jobs within the logistics sector have grown by 26% compared to 14% across the economy as a whole, with the largest growth being in professional and technical jobs.*

In September UON will welcome its first cohort of students onto the new BSc in Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Those on the course will learn the importance of logistics to global trade with a focus on sustainability, project management, procurement, business law and in their third year they will be applying what they have learned to real-world scenarios with a final project undertaken in an industry context.

Andrew Gough, UON’s Senior Lecturer in Operations Management said that nationally the amount of warehousing floor space grew by 88% between 2011 and 2021, a trend that was accelerated by the change in consumer behaviour during Covid.

He said the sector has become increasingly professionalised and logistics firms are making decisions on major investments based on the skills available around potential development sites.

Andrew said: “There is a growing range of professional services needed to support this industry from engineers to human resources, from data scientists to ecologists, there is an entire eco-system of professions needed to support a sector which is set to grow by more than 50% over the next 20 years.

“It’s not an opportunity that’s spoken about a great deal in schools, but with wages being on average £4,900 higher compared to other sectors, we need to change the narrative.”

In advance of the course starting Andrew has teamed up with Ben Taylor, Planning Director, and Edward Pigott, Associate Planning Director at Newlands Developments who have helped to create a module for second year MSc students.

Edward said Northampton is in the Golden Triangle for logistics where there is an almost unlimited demand for warehouse floorspace.

He said: “The industry has been fighting against the perception that it’s all trucks and sheds for a very long time, and it could not be further from the truth. This is rather critical national infrastructure that enables people to live their daily lives.

“Northamptonshire is strategically placed, and we think by partnering with the University, those looking to invest will choose to do so here and create the high-quality jobs the region needs to keep growing.”

To find out more visit the UON webpage on Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management BSc

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Need a complete roof system?

We’ve got you covered.

Tuscan Villa beauty by Keller Kitchens

The latest launch from Keller is the beautiful Tuscan Villa kitchen model. In this design, Keller has combined the island in the brand new colour, sesame, with a unit wall in cognac oak, a matte melamine shade. The bronze elements such as the handles, sink and tap, provide a beautiful contrast to the Roma Imperiale surface in polished ceramic.

Home Designer & Architect 10

An added touch to the Tuscan Villa kitchen is the integrated dining table with enough space to seat four people (below)

Keller is well known for offering the widest range of colours (2,050 NCS) and finishes in the kitchen furniture market – along with a vast range of cabinet options, all produced by the most sustainable means possible. The company is proud to be a Carbon Neutral kitchen manufacturer since 2017 and is now on the way to becoming Carbon Negative.

For further information, please visit www.kellerkitchens.com.

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Beautiful wetrooms give property in Kent a five-star

A stunning residential project in Longfield, Kent, saw multiple wetrooms installed and stylishly fitted with Schlüter-Systems products, creating both level entry access and a uniform look.

& Architect 12
Home Designer

give a luxury residential five-star finish

The development, led by Daniel Berry of ATD Design Solutions, began with a smaller specification of one en-suite bathroom. However, once the work began and the homeowner saw the quality of work and systems involved, they requested further work to be carried out, including additional bathrooms and the uncoupling membrane Schlüter-DITRA-25 in the downstairs living area.

The low height drainage system Schlüter-KERDILINE-G3 installed in each of the bathrooms ensured simple level access for an area which would be far trickier to achieve using a standard drain. This was particularly apparent in the forementioned en-suite which was specified with a two-way fall in the shower. The unique feature was stylishly developed with flush transitions, coming together by first screeding the shower floor and then using Schlüter-KERDISHOWER-LTS sloped shower board to create the required fall. U-shaped channel profile SchlüterDECO-SG made the attachment of a glass screen possible without damaging the waterproofing layer beneath the tiles.

Daniel comments, “When a bespoke area is specified within a wetroom, I find that it makes the most sense to use products from the same manufacturer where possible. In the case of the two-way fall within the shower, this meant using Schlüter’s drainage system and shower board, both low in height and ideal for the task at hand.”

Underfloor heating provided a sense of luxury and warmth to the bathroom floors, and the installation of electric heating system SchlüterDITRA-HEAT-DUO made this easy. Whilst offering low assembly heights, the benefits of a system like this one includes sound reduction and fast warm-up.

Schlüter’s profile trims were used in abundance in the bathrooms due to the variety of textures and finishes within the range. This meant the tiles could match perfectly for a seamless finish. Daniel added, “The use of the various profiles, including JOLLY, QUADEC and FINEC, really enhanced the overall look of each bathroom. This, paired with the reassurance that the tiles will be protected made the choice to use Schlüter’s profile trims a simple one.”

A notable use of the Schlüter-DILEX profile was carried out in the open plan living area where the floor tiles met the patio doors. To allow for perimeter movement, DILEX-BWA was installed in the colour black. Not only did this offer the flexibility required for the tiles to sit against the patio doors, it also perfectly matched the colour of the door to offer a harmonious finish.

Daniel concludes, “I am always impressed with the quality of Schlüter’s products and services. Whether installed behind the tiles or to help protect them on the surface, I can rest in the knowledge that whatever has been specified will stand the test of time.”

This high-end residential project has showcased some fantastic examples of Schlüter products in situ, demonstrating how they can help construct features such as the two-way fall in the shower and offer reliable protection of tile and stone installations thanks to the range of profiles available.

For further information, call 01530 813396 or visit www.schluter.co.uk

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An innovative new housing company, initially created due to the Ukrainian Crisis has this month launched its own crowd-funding appeal, to raise capital for a planned global expansion.

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Home Designer

From this month investors can buy shares in HOMErs – a business at the forefront of selfbuild modular housing, through the Seedrs platform.

Founder, technology entrepreneur Alexander Stepura, began designing and producing modular homes last year from his vending machine factory in Kiev, initially to help rehouse his workers, many of which were made homeless by the recent Russian destruction.

HOMErs has quickly grown organically while rapidly evolving its product concept. It is now set to revolutionise the housing market with its cost-effective innovative designs. Operations have been recently expanded with the opening of new production facility in Slovakia, to service a global customer base of individuals and developers - meeting the massive social and lifestyle housing needs. HOMErs, acts not only as a solution for governments and charities needing crisis

& Architect 16
Home Designer

housing (i.e. Ukrainians and other refugees), but also a proliferation of other market, including young first-time buyers, businesses needing housing solutions, homeowners wanting second properties and glamping sites.

The affordable, fast-to-assemble homes, offer simple designs and ultra-modern flat

pack versions, produced from galvanised steel frame structures, with wall panels that are light, thermally efficient polyurethane. Homes are priced from just circa €1,300/m2 indoor and €650/m2 outdoor (factory gate prices) and their design means low transport and assembly costs. The homes also come as a turn key solution, FULLY FURNISHED within the price.

Home Designer & Architect 17

Energy efficiency is key within both the HOMErs production process and for the occupant. The homes boast solar panels and soon battery and energy management systems will be added. Designs are unique and differ from competitors, as they offer a superior quality product at a lower price per square metre/foot per home.

“With our new factory opening, we are ready to confidently trade with the world,” states Chris Baxter,

Non-Executive Board Member, HOMErs.

“Homers houses have a distinctively modern look and feel, and a quality of construction which contrasts dramatically with the secondrate perception of post war pre-fab construction. We are confident in HOMErs growth ‘ success and now is the time to invest,” concludes Baxter.

& Architect 18
Home Designer
Home Designer & Architect 19 Register your interest here: Investors - HOMErs Global | Modular Homes (homers-global.com) or sign up to be part of the crowdfunding campaign here: www.seedrs.com/homers/coming-soon


With falls through fragile surfaces, particularly fibrecement roofs and rooflights, accounting for 22% of all fall-from-height fatal injuries in the construction industry,[1] Keylite Roof Windows (Keylite) is stressing the importance of flat glass safety when working at raised levels.

Flat roof glazing systems such as flat glass roof lights, roof lanterns, polycarbonate domes and automatic opening vent (AOV) rooflights are most typically installed in flat roof extensions at the rear of residential properties; but are also very common in education and healthcare applications.

When working with flat roof glass systems, installers must be aware of the relevant standards relating to roof glazing, which include guidance on maximum allowable deflections and stresses for overhead glazing. Fragile rooflights in particular can be a major hazard, as some are difficult to see in certain light conditions and others may be hidden by paint.

Designed with safety in mind, the glazing specification of Keylite’s flat roof glass systems aims to reduce the incidences of accidents and injury, giving installers full peace of mind. All units have been tested to meet CWCT TN66 and TN67 Class 1 nonfragile rating to ensure the safety of people below the glazed roof and people who may be on the roof.

John Logue, Business Manager at Keylite, comments: “Class 1 non-fragile rooflights are for applications where they may be walked on for occasional cleaning and maintenance, as they need to be able

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to support both the weight of people on the glass and their equipment, as well as withstand the impact from a person and their tools or equipment without damage.

“Keylite’s wide range of flat roof glazing products means we can provide a solution for any flat roof application. We offer fire-resistant glazing, and our full range has been fully tested to ACR[M]001:2011 Class B for non-fragility.

“In addition, our flat roof domes are thermoformed polycarbonate with a virtually unbreakable triple skin construction, which has an impact strength 250 times greater than glass, giving installers extra peace of mind when working at height.”

All roof windows within the entire Keylite range can be integrated within a flat roof system. For more information, please visit www.keyliteroofwindows.com, call 01283 200 158 or email info@keyliteuk.com.

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Wakefield-based Roann Limited, a leading supplier of premium quartz worktops, has been selected to provide worktops for 123 private housing units, part of a £1 billion development project.

Situated in south west London, Clapham Park is an extensive regeneration scheme spearheaded by Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing (MTVH) and Countryside Partnerships, aimed at revitalising communities and providing high-quality, affordable residences.

The development encompasses a diverse range of housing options, including family homes, apartments, and retirement dwellings, all designed to meet stringent sustainability standards.

Roann Limited’s bestselling Silestone worktops, renowned for their durability and aesthetic appeal, will be installed in 123 homes within the development, adding a touch of sophistication to each property.

Scheduled to commence in July, the project is expected to be completed by late 2024.

“We are thrilled to have been given the opportunity to provide our worktops to these sustainable, affordable homes,” said Scott Wharton, Operations Director at Roann Limited.

“This collaboration reflects our commitment as a company to delivering exceptional quality and service, while also contributing to the creation of sustainable and comfortable living environments.”

Currently valued at £199,875, the project total may increase by an additional £32,000 if quartz is chosen for an additional 21 shared ownership properties.

Upon completion, Clapham Park will span 36 hectares, and is projected to accommodate over 4,000 new homes, marking the beginning of a new era for the community.

For more information on Roann Limited and its products, visit its website: www.roann.co.uk

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What Are The Risks Of Choosing The Wrong Insurance?

Emergency intervention was recently needed when a specialist property services company sought our assistance to fill a void left by another warranty provider. Three distinct developments faced challenges due to contractor insolvency. Despite having latent defects protection in place, the initial warranty provider refused to uphold the complete terms, citing a right to withdraw in such scenarios.

Luckily, our expertise and network allowed us to swiftly evaluate the precise gap in protection and procure alternative coverage from other providers.

A challenging landscape for developers

The fact that this could happen in the first place shows how vulnerable property owners and managers can be, even when they think they are fully covered. The challenging times we live in suggest many of those seeking to ensure they could potentially claim on latent defects policies in the future may face similar issues if their policies have not been selected carefully: a recent article in the Financial Times noted that construction firms were failing at the fastest rate in a decade, due to a perfect storm of inflation, construction slowdown, rising costs of materials and manpower, cashflow issues in the supply chain and delays to major government projects.

Insolvency isn’t the only reason developers may need to rely on relevant cover. London’s fire brigade recently attended a building collapse on Chelsea Embankment, a few hundred yards from the site of an earlier, and now notorious, mega-basement collapse in the borough’s Durham Place. Errors in workmanship, incorrect use of materials, misinterpretation of plans, non-compliance with building regulations, insufficient surveys – all of these can cause latent construction defects.

In another recent case, the underwriter denied cover because of apparently minor unclear wording. The policy provided cover only in relation to the specific, registered company named in the policy. An abbreviated version of the company name was taken to refer to a related firm and not the one the claimants needed cover in relation to. Such cases emphasise the importance of a guide through the process who is not only expert, but also impartial: the misnaming here was not even made by the claimants, in this case in which a number of connected companies were involved in construction and initial development, before sale of the insured property.

How to make sure you have the right policy

There is no substitute for experience and specialisation here. Insurance policies are contracts, of course, and all contracts are defined in careful detail, clause by clause.

BuildSafe were able to help in the insolvency case discussed above, because of the expertise of our consultants, who were able to quickly grasp the detailed contractual implications of the warranties in place. Our market knowledge and existing relationships meant we could quickly find alternative provision that delivered our client the exact cover needed.

Home Designer & Architect 24

We also understand that each project is unique. Our aim is to deliver the right, comprehensive cover for the particular circumstances, not one right general solution. Our negotiating power and established trust with providers helps ensure the best outcome in all cases.

Just as importantly, there is no conflict of interest in our independent advice, and our team offers as a single point of contact throughout the warranty process – advising, demystifying and saving you time.

Latent defects insurance checklist

There are a number of ways in which one policy may differ from another, and why understanding the detail of your policy is critical in insuring that it is neither inadequate for your needs, nor likely to be invalid in the face of a future claim. These may include the following:

• The term of cover can vary – 10 years is the most common but 12 years can be achieved in some circumstances

• Your cover may or may not commence immediately after completion; some policies require you to go to the contractor during the initial period after construction, when they have more obligation to address issues

• Each provider will define qualifying defects slightly differently from others

Each policy will have its own exclusions, in areas such as demolition and debris removal, contamination cover etc

• Coverage possibilities generally regarded as optional extras include mechanical and engineering failure, alternative accommodation during needed works, building control services cost and cover for business interruption

• The amount for which you are covered is often indexed, rising above your initial costs to account for inflation – but whether there is indexing and by how much will vary Price will of course vary also, with providers typically approaching each quote individually, rather than simply looking up the relevant costs

Whilst no-one has a crystal ball, drawing on vast experience makes it significantly less likely that an unanticipated event will not be covered, either by a policy being inadequate or being invalidated. We can help by ensuring you are being asked the right questions, looking for the best value solutions, having options fully explained to you and reminding you of key deadlines, all of which can take the stress out of making an otherwise complex decision.

BuildSafe is one of the UK’s leading providers of latent defects insurance, as well as construction insurance, with over 40 years of experience in the property sector. We are regulated by the Financial Services Authority and accredited by the Council of Mortgage Lenders. For a free, no obligation quote, use our contact page, or get in touch on 020 3701 0422 or via info@buildsafe.co.uk.

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Furlong Flooring is delighted to announce the launch of its brand new website furlongflooring.com. Featuring outstanding design, content and functionality this new online resource offers comprehensive information about its innovative and trusted flooring solutions.

The new furlongflooring.com website has been redesigned and rebuilt on a new technology platform. With a fresher, modern look and feel, the website features new functionalities and content, and sections dedicated to new products and innovations. In addition, a ‘Room Viewer’ visualisation tool is designed to allow people to see exactly what each type of flooring will look like in their own rooms or offices.

The new website presents and categorises Furlong’s extensive flooring range which includes new and updated collections and product offerings. This includes the ground-breaking new EcoSense range of 100% recycled yarn carpets, and the luxury Beyond Wool® ranges to give customers more choice than ever before.

Other new flooring products include durable and easyto-clean vinyl flooring options with stylish designs and enhanced slip resistance, making them ideal for busy households and commercial spaces. There’s also a wealth of useful information and resources for retailers, housebuilders and flooring contractors.

“We are really excited to launch our new website. It


represents a fresh approach and provides a wealth of information”. Commented Deborah Owen, Head of Group Marketing at Furlong Flooring. “The enhanced navigation and functionality will make it easier than ever before for users to discover the flooring solutions that meet their needs. By providing extensive product inspiration and a wealth of

Home Designer & Architect 26


inspiration and a wealth of technical information for customers and retailers, we anticipate the site becoming the go-to destination for all things flooring.”

The UK-based family business offers reliable solutions for every room in the home and as a trusted single supplier, it is committed to its customers’ needs. Furlong’s mission is to offer

only the most stylish, contemporary and wellfitting flooring whilst helping clients sell to their customers in order to build their business and reputation.

To find out more about our extensive product offerings, visit our new website at furlongflooring.com or contact a member of our team to discuss your project requirements.

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Residential specialist, Hope Architects, has launched an innovative system for designing homes that encourages customisable layout creation, maximises land value and offers complete flexibility of appearance.

Effective for small and volume schemes alike, ‘Skeleton House’ has been created by practice founder, Phil Cooper, who called on his 20 years’ of experience working with residential developers and national house builders to design the system.

Comprising a suite of room components all compliant with regulations and standards out of the box, designs can be created around a service and stair core. By focussing from the beginning on efficiency and commonality, Skeleton House offers the benefits of standardisation but without its constraints.

When used on any site, developers can optimise designs by using consistent elements to control costs andmaximise land value alongside retaining a compliant product.

Phil Cooper, RIBA Chartered Architect and founder of Hope Architects, said: “Skeleton House has been created to overcome the need for developers to maintain a standard house type range, which is costly and can be a problematic

approach with Local Planning Authorities. By using a system like Skeleton House, developers will have all the benefits of commonality and standardisation, but with the complete flexibility of a bespoke approach.

“Having designed schemes small and large throughout the country, totalling tens of thousands of houses, I’ve identified ways in which the process can be rationalised, making optimum use of space and materials.

“Put simply, if we as an industry are ever going to hit our national housebuilding targets, we need to start thinking differently, and we need to make it easier for SME builders to begin developing again. We’re pleased to have created a system that will deliver efficiencies and help reduce project budgets, so that we can enable many exciting new developments throughout the UK.”

More information on Skeleton House is available at www.skeletonhouse.co.uk

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