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LONDON’S BUILD TO RENT SECTOR: NEW REPORT REVEALS DISPARITY ACROSS LONDON BOROUGHS A new report has shared fresh insight into the growth of London’s Build to Rent (BtR) sector and how the capital’s planning policies are encouraging this growth. Demand for Build to Rent properties is rising and investor appetite is growing which is driving a marked increase in BtR planning permissions. However, The ‘Planning for Rent Insight Report’ by national consultants Lichfields has revealed that planning policy across all boroughs is mixed and could do far more to provide a comprehensive or consistent basis for the delivery of new London BtR schemes.

study into the Build to Rent sector in London offers a clear insight into the growth of this market and how planning policies are adapting. “It’s evident that while the London Plan provides a robust and positive framework for Build to Rent, there is a need for individual boroughs to echo this support. “Boroughs must adopt a more proactive approach and align their planning policies to genuinely harness the benefits of Build to Rent. “In failing to do so, the BtR sector in London is being detrimentally affected despite the high demand for secure, well managed rental properties. “If local authorities developed a bespoke policy for BtR developments, the sector would become a lot stronger and more stable, helping to meet the chronic housing need in the capital.” The London Plan advocates for greater flexibility in design policies for BtR schemes in comparison to traditional for sale schemes. However, Lichfield’s study indicates that this is not happening in practice. For instance, half (50%) of London’s BtR projects were granted planning permission as Build for Sale residential developments but later managed by BtR operators.

The report found that local borough policies consistently fail to differentiate between for sale housing and BtR schemes, meaning applications for BtR are assessed against policy designed for private sale developments. This creates a requirement for each planning application for BtR to provide individual justification, which makes the planning process for BtR more complex than it A key finding highlights needs to be. a stark inconsistency in how BtR is addressed in Ben Kelway, Lichfields’ Senior Director, added: “What is needed is a greater Local Plan policy across differentiation in development management policies and more flexibility in their the capital. Of the 35 local application to assist in the delivery of BtR schemes. planning authorities in “In particular, policies covering design standards, amenity space requirements London, 46% make no and dwelling mix should reflect the specificities of BtR. reference to BtR in their emerging or adopted Local “BtR policy has come a long way in the last 10 years as the sector has matured and Plans. continues to grow. However, the planning system at a local authority level could do far more to promote and facilitate BtR developments in London. The London Plan provides a strong policy foundation “The opportunities presented by good quality BtR developments in the right for BtR developments, locations are significant in terms of housing delivery, affordable housing and but the support isn’t London’s communities. always echoed at the local borough level. Almost half “With the right local policy in place, the BtR market in London can thrive and, (45%) of bespoke BtR sites importantly, create a blueprint nationally for Build to Rent housing. are within inner London “We must push the Build to Rent initiatives higher up the housing agenda, so they and 41% of bespoke BtR can positively contribute to housing delivery not just in London but nationwide.” developments, secured via specific planning The Build to Rent Insight report reviewed BtR planning applications which applications, are in just have been approved since 2009. It assessed the spatial distribution of these four boroughs: Brent, developments across the London boroughs, providing an analysis of how these Newham, Ealing and development patterns align with policy. Enfield. For the full report and more details on the key findings, visit: Adam Donovan, Planning Director at Lichfields, who lichfields.uk/content/insights/planning-for-rent/ is co-author of the report with Ben Kelway, said: “Our


GLASS FROM VICTORIAN OFFICE RENOVATION ARRIVES IN LEEDS READY FOR SUSTAINABLE TRANSFORMATION More than three tonnes of glass from a London building that dates back to the 1800s, has this week arrived in Leeds at the headquarters of the UK’s leading manufacturer of sustainable glass surfaces. Diamik Glass has teamed up with contractors Ambit Moat to provide sustainable surfaces for the renovation of the building in Farringdon Road known as ‘The Waterman’ to significantly reduce the embodied carbon of the project. The BGO owned building has been designed by Fathom Architects and will see the office units, spanning 70,000 square feet, redeveloped into a modern space that reduces the carbon footprint of the building and has an extensive sustainability commitment. The glass, removed from 360 windows which were no longer fit for purpose, has been shipped to Leeds and are set to be replaced with double glazed units to reduce unnecessary heat loss, paying back the embodied carbon from replacing the units within six years.

Instead of condemning the waste glass to landfill, the project will ensure that the material fulfills a new purpose by being transformed into ecorok™ - a product by Diamik Glass that repurposes waste glass to create modern, luxury surfaces. The surfaces created from the glass will then be installed in the tea points and worktop spaces on Level 4 of the building. Michael Pickup, Managing Director at Diamik Glass explains: “We’re thrilled to receive the glass from The Waterman’s previous windows. This is a great opportunity for us to manufacture a unique product that gives back to the original building in a very exciting renovation project. We’re passionate about working with partners to find bespoke solutions to avoid sending any glass to landfill. “At Diamik Glass we know how important sustainability credentials are to businesses working with older building stock, and we’re delighted to be chosen by Ambit as a delivery partner. Once recycled, crushed and produced into hard wearing surfaces made to measure, each square meter of the ecorok™ surfaces will consist of 85 percent window glass.” Matt Robinson, Sustainability Manager at Ambit Moat added: “Maintaining heritage materials within the building was something that both the developer, BGO, and Ambit were keen to achieve. We knew the windows could never be kept as is, due to their poor insulating performance, the next best thing was to see where we can introduce the material back into the building, reducing waste, and furthering the materials lifecycle. “Ambit is always looking for innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint and introduce a circular approach to our fit outs. Working with Diamik on a project like this is a great example of some of the interesting forms materials can take on after their intended life.” To find out more about Diamik Glass, please visit: www.diamik.co.uk


THOMAS CRAPPER CYCLES 250 MILES FOR BOWEL CANCER UK! The Thomas Crapper team has successfully cycled 250 miles to raise money for Bowel Cancer UK and to spread the word about the importance of early diagnosis. The team took time out of their busy schedules to take part in a static bike ride at the Huddersfield HQ. So far, £1,410 has been raised for the charity and the JustGiving page is still open so there is time to donate. Managing Director (and cyclist!), Paul Dwyer, comments: “We were eager to start raising money for Bowel Cancer UK and, as the Thomas Crapper team is small and mighty, we decided on a static bike ride as our first fundraising event. The date was set, bikes were sourced, social team was briefed, PR and marketing content was in place… and we were off!” All-in-all, the event was a huge success with the Thomas Crapper team reaching 250 miles way faster than anticipated. It was agreed that the next event will have to be more of a challenge. Stay tuned!

Bowel Cancer UK is the UK’s leading bowel cancer charity. The team is on a mission to save lives and improve the quality of life of everyone affected by bowel cancer. Every year, nearly 43,000 people in the UK are told that they have bowel cancer. It is the UK’s second biggest cancer killer – over 16,500 people die from the disease each year. However, bowel cancer is treatable and curable if caught early and around 90% of people will survive for five years or more. Together we can work towards a world where no one dies of bowel cancer. For more information on Thomas Crapper, please visit www.thomas-crapper.com. For more information on Bowel Cancer UK, please visit www.bowelcanceruk.org.uk



Conversely, regular doors without these materials are highly Working fire doors are a prerequisite for fire safety, but what vulnerable. Nonetheless, for a fire door to become effective, it must comprise of more than just the leaf, and will include: differentiates them from regular doors? Kirk Smith of Allegion UK • The frame outlines the technical features that • Intumescent fire - and if required for certification - smoke seals • Glazing (although this is not necessary) form fire rated doors as we know • Signage them. • Door hardware, such as hinges, door closers, locks and latches Research indicates there may be around 42 billion doors found throughout the world’s built environment. Every day, each of those doors play a purposeful role towards the accessibility, safety and security of buildings and their occupants - but how many people truly recognise what they are using? Doorsets are assembled in a variety of configurations and sizes, but more often than not, they are used without a second thought. Yet, there are stark differences between regular door and fire door classifications, and where fire safety is concerned, it’s critical for users and responsible persons alike to be able to differentiate between the two. Despite their similar appearance, regular doors serve as interior and exterior access points only and are usually thinner at 35mm, while fire doors aim to protect buildings and their occupants in the event of a fire and are either 44mm or 54mm thick depending on its fire rating. As a key element in a building’s passive fire protection system, fire doors and their hardware components are often the first line of defence against fire, and as such, require detailed engineering and testing. Kirk Smith of Allegion UK explains: “From components and construction to features and function, there are several clear distinctions between regular doors and fire doors. Whereas regular doors are often placed throughout a building on accessibility or aesthetic merit, fire doors are strategically positioned to compartmentalise areas of the structure - such as hallways and stairwells - and are designed to help direct occupants through safe escape routes whilst also providing them with valuable time to make their way out of the building. “When opened, fire doors provide a means of escape. And when closed, they form a barrier to stop the spread of fire and smoke. To be able to do this, the main panel of the door (also known as the door leaf) is constructed from fire resistant materials that help to prevent the door from warping or collapsing when exposed to high temperatures.

“Fire doors must work in tandem with each of these components, so to not compromise the integrity of the doorset. Intumescent fire and smoke seals for example, frame the edges of the fire door and are chemically designed to expand into the frame when exposed to temperatures beyond 200°C. In doing so, the seals close the gaps between the frame and the door itself, eliminating any possibility of fire - and if required, smoke - from passing through. Intumescent seals, along with clear ‘Fire Door Keep Shut’ signage - usually found towards the top edge of the door leaf - are some of the most unmistakeable visual marks found on a fire door. “From an operational viewpoint, fire doors work differently than regular doors too. Fire door hardware is indispensable to fully operational doorsets, where during a fire incident, an open door is rendered useless. To be able to form an effective barrier against fire, a door must close to completion from its open position, and as part of this process, it will call upon its hinges, locks, latches and door closing devices. Door closers, whether concealed or surface-mounted, use spring-loaded hydraulics to effectively close and engage the door into its latch, where it is held firmly in place by the frame, whereas regular doors rely on manual control. “For buildings with high footfall, an electromagnetic hold-open device may be present on a doorset. These systems are permitted to keep certain fire doors open until a fire alarm is activated, aiding ease of movement until the first sign of a fire incident, in which the system will automatically release and close the doors to completion. Equally, panic and emergency exit devices can be found on some fire doors that are positioned throughout a building’s escape routes. All exit devices are meant to be operated with minimum effort to help users successfully escape through the doorway, meaning reliability is key every step of the way.”

Testing and standards To certify fire performance, the complete fire doorset is put through periods of standardised destructive testing in accredited laboratories and workshops. The standard fire performance test method complies to BS EN 1634-1, and in conjunction with product standard BS EN 16034, it provides the supply chain with manufacturing guidelines, and as a result, gives responsible persons and end users peace of mind that their doorset will function in a fire scenario. Kirk Smith continues: “Fire doors are a legal requirement in all non-domestic properties and houses of multiple occupancy and with updated fire safety regulations now in effect, third-party testing and product traceability is as crucial as ever. Upon testing, certified fire doors are given a fire-resistance rating which details the length of time the door and its hardware components can withstand fire and smoke, with the most common FD ratings being FD30 and FD60, which declare the doorset can withstand fire for 30 or 60 minutes respectively, and FD30S and FD60S if the doors have been

tested with smoke control. A regular door with no fire-resistance characteristics would not be able to withstand these tests and as such, would fail in a real-life event. “What’s more, fire resistance tests are conducted on representative samples, and as such, components should not be substituted postspecification and installation. Fire door hardware for example, in addition to rigorous fire safety testing, must go through stages of performance testing to ensure they function properly and are able to sustain a level of durability that makes them fit for purpose. Mechanical door closers must be tested to the appropriate British Standard EN 1154, which classifies hardware over its category of use, number of test cycles, power size, fire behaviour, safety and corrosion resistance. Equally, emergency exit devices and panic exit devices are tested to BS EN 179 and BS EN 1125 respectively and electromagnetic holdopen devices to BS EN 1155. A fire door’s hinges must also be tested to BS EN 1935. “For traceability purposes, end-users can review the UKCA and CE marks on a fire door and its hardware to find its fire rating, certificate numbers and the manufacturer’s details. Furthermore, for those looking to find additional information on a doorsets’ components, the Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI) can be referred to for clear, accurate and up-to-date product information - helping people to review and select trusted hardware that conforms to UKCA and CE certifications.”

For more information, visit www.allegion.com


Supply chain improvements and reduction in demand is leading to lower costs Largest online metal supplier, metals4U, prov ides industry predictions for 2024

Having recently seen the first drop in raw materials costs since September 2020, experts at the UK’s largest online metal supplier are offering their predictions for the industry in 2024. 2023 saw the first signs of a fall in the cost of metals. A decrease in demand has seen the forecasted price deflation come to fruition, meanwhile, the ongoing unsteady economic situation in the UK has solidified this. Paul McFadyen, Chairman at metals4U, has provided his commentary on each of the predictions for 2024 and how he sees them affecting those within the industry next year. 1) Raw materials to go down in price With supply chain disruptions and increased demand hitting the industry after the pandemic, a steadier supply of raw materials should now start to consistently drive prices down. “We’ve already seen green shoots in the cost of materials. The period between June and August 2023 saw an average drop of 1.6% in the cost of raw materials compared to the previous year, and this trend looks likely to continue into 2024. Prior to this drop in June, it had been 21 months, in September 2020, when prices last dropped across the board.” 2) The skills gap will only worsen The government has promised to invest in major construction developments by 2027, but the Construction Industry Training Board estimates that an additional 225,000 workers will be needed by this time. “There are genuine concerns about the future of the workforce when it comes to tradespeople and those within construction. Despite some real positives in government-supported developments, not enough young people are seeing construction trades as a career. Additionally, the fact that one-third of the current trade workforce is over 50 and expected to retire within the next ten years, there won’t be enough staff to meet the need.” 3) The north is set to prosper In 2024 and 2025, construction markets in the north of England look set to outperform London and the south. This is all as a result of the government Levelling Up Fund, with £2.3 billion being shared amongst schemes in the second round of investment.


“As a northern company, it’s great to see the potential, for the north of England, to really benefit from Levelling Up. There are some very exciting projects lined up, including Eden Project North in Morecambe, a new AI campus in Blackpool and regeneration in Gateshead, amongst others. Altogether, this signals a promising boom for northern construction.” 4) Residential construction to slow, industrial to speed up The housing market is in a difficult position and housing prices are dropping, meaning workload in the residential sector is suffering. However, changes to the National Planning Policy Framework could see volume housebuilders hit the hardest. This means that the supply of development land for residential homeownership could be reduced over the medium term. However, reform of property regulations and improved post-Grenfell safety may increase the appetite for build-to-rent developers for city centre high-rises. “A general slowdown of the housing market, affected by high interest rates and new planning rules, has naturally reduced the demand for out-of-town developments. This means that industrial construction, such as that supported by the Levelling Up Fund, and city centre developments could thrive.” For more information on metals4U, as well as aluminium, mild and stainless steel and more construction materials, visit metals4U.co.uk.


GROWTH AND SUCCESS FOLLOWING LABS WORKSPACE INITIATIVE Following two successful years of providing workspace and resource support for local businesses, flexible wor­ k space prov ide r L A B S and Camden Council celebrate some of the success stories from their innovative partnership as it onboards its third cohort for 2023/24. Designed to stimulate growth, accelerate learning, and increase net working opportunities, the beneficiaries of two companies share how the workspace initiative had a positive impact on their business strategy. Well Fruited (22/23 Cohort) Founded by Ben Kaye and Alex Williams, Well Fruited (previously known as Bare Fruit), is a food and beverage startup dedicated to creating the most nutritious juice drink on the market. The objective – to address one of the most problematic issues surrounding nutrition. Most of us do not get enough fruit and vegetables in our diets.

company an additional six months’ development and support. The company has now expanded its services to include Postgraduate Application guidance and Proofreading, alongside its initial tutoring and academic courses, and now has more than 20 employees based in its offices in Mayfair.

Following their welcome event in September this year, LABS spoke to two beneficiaries from the 23/24 cohort to find out more about their Since joining L ABS in September objectives for the six-month initiative. 2022, Well Fruited has gone through an exciting rebrand and completely Meital Miselevich, a beneficiary of the initiative, said: “Having access redesigned its product. Following years to LABS through the entrepreneurs program is of great importance of R&D, their patented SuperblendÔ to me because it provides a dynamic and collaborative environment technology enables them to preserve that perfectly complements our creative process. The space will far more vitamins and minerals than primarily serve as our team’s haven for brainstorming, strategising, standard smoothie/juicing techniques and crafting innovative animation concepts. Being a LABS member can, providing more of the benefits to opens doors to valuable networking opportunities, constant consumers, with less hassle. They are inspiration, and growth, all of which I highly value.” now preparing to relaunch the brand Paul Pember, Founder of CX Score, added: “I launched CX score with within the next year. the mission to help as many organisations as possible succeed at

customer experience. We work with clients to help them better understand their customers and support them in building a strong Vic tor Kovalets is the founder of organisational architecture to deliver – this includes things like their AcademiaOne, an innovative education strategy, culture, technology, customer insight and organisational technology startup for international design. and oversees students that provides vital resources to support the learning “Becoming a LABS member will help develop CX score into its next of foreign students in the UK education life stage. We’ve just hit two years old, so it’s invaluable having access system. The aim is to give foreign to a space that will enable the business to continue its growth. The prospective students as much support as start-up energy within LABS is infectious and something that you possible when navigating the complexities can’t replicate virtually or at home.”... of UK-based education while helping Continue reading this story on our website >>> them reach their full academic potential. AcademiaOne (21/22 Cohort)

Following its time at LABS, AcademiaOne was accepted onto the UK Business Grant and Natwest Accelerator 2022, giving the

Labs.com •11•

KELLER KITCHENS WOWS AT KÜCHENMEILE 2023 WITH SHOWCASE EVENT The “Vogue Vibes” display featuring the new colour palettes of Blush and Latte, alongside the new Bronx Mosaico

Apart from the new colour collections on show, other innovations included all new LED lighting systems controllable by smart tech and a modular range concept (MRC). The MRC emphasises the adaptability and customisation capabilities of Keller whilst simplifying the process. Also on show were new accessories and handles to complement the range. Tim Spann continues, “It is clear we are ahead of the game in terms of meeting the trends for retail and contract kitchens alike. Trends encapsulate the moods of society as a whole and at Keller with live for and live through such trends.”

Keller Kitchens, once again, showcased its beautiful products at Küchenmeile 2023 and, during the successful exhibition, the Dutch kitchen manufacturer hosted a showcase event which was well attended. Keller presented new products for 2024, alongside Jetstone and Caesarstone. New products for 2024 include colour palettes of nude shades, alongside greens and blues such as Cactus and Ocean. New finishes include the stunning Okapi, which is a mixture of vertical and horizontal grain. Tim Spann, Keller National Manager for the UK commented, “The event was extremely well attended this year. It is clear the appetite to attend such events has returned after the pandemic, which did impact on numbers over the last few years. As for the array of 2024 innovations we launched at the event, my congratulations are to our product and marketing teams. The new products we will be launching early next year are stunning.”


Keller is well known for offering the widest range of colours (2,050 NCS) and finishes in the kitchen furniture market – along with a vast range of cabinet options, all produced by the most sustainable means possible. In addition, the company is proud to be a Carbon Neutral kitchen manufacturer since 2017 and is now on the way to becoming Carbon Negative. For further information, please visit www.kellerkitchens.com

The busy crowd at the showcase event

FUTURE DESIGNS HAS CREATED A BESPOKE SHOWSTOPPING LIGHTING SOLUTION IN THE HEART OF FITZROVIA. FUTURE Designs has c r e a t e d a b e s p o ke showstopping lighting solution for the reception area of the Berners Wells building, located in the heart of Fitzrovia. A series of luminaires, of var ying sizes were created to be the jewel in the crown of the stunning building, illuminating the welcome area. The shape of the design named KONK AVE, is strongly influenced by the unique curved shape of the building it adorns. The state-of-theart LED technology uses a hand rolled highly polished aluminium reflector to throw ILLUMINANCE EVENLY, creating a VIBRANT and welcoming first impression.

“The luminaire is the centrepiece of the welcome area in this striking building. The design is inspired by the distinct curved shape of the building and constructed to throw light evenly across the space.” Matt Blackden Associate Director, Emrys Architects. A key challenge within this project was managing the weight of the fitting with the load bearing capacity of the area where it is installed. There was also the question of logistics: the fitting is a vast 7.5metres long and was delivered to site in wooden crates which were removed and reused as part of the FUTURE Designs carbon careful™ initiative.

The building, named Berners Wells because it has an entrance on Berners Street and Wells Streer, is conveniently located between Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court Road Tube stations. The project comprises the redevelopment of two buildings to provide new workspaces across eight storeys, offering 56,000 sq. ft of office space. The project includes façade retention, a high-qualit y exposed concrete frame finish, a two-storey extension to the existing Wells Street façade and a new stone façade to Berners Street that better engages with the existing townscape.

About FUTURE Designs

KONCAVE was designed to meet an exacting brief from the architects. There was a strict design concept that had to be adhered to when manufac turing these bespoke luminaires into a fully engineered working solution. FUTURE Designs made the dream a reality by holding multiple workshops to develop the concept into 2D and 3D drawings and agree finishes as well as completing a full-scale mock up. Once the mock up was produced, it went through further design development and sign off, a process carried out by FUTURE Designs, Emrys Architects and McLaren Contractors.

FUTURE Designs is an LED specialist constantly investing in development and innovative products and the productive and efficient use of materials. FUTURE Designs design, engineer and produce products to fulfil one desire.

FUTURE Designs is an international lighting manufacturer delivering world class luminaires across UK, Europe and U.A.E. FUTURE Designs sit amongst the top UK privately owned lighting manufacturers within the fit-out marketplace.



ABO System Sync 500mm Sink & Accessories



This month, the experts at Abode look ahead to 2024 as increased refinement and sophistication help to influence the latest kitchen sink and tap designs... The kitchen as a whole, is going to be led by two major style trends with the first being the evolution of the Scandi-style home interior which next year, will encompass softer more natural tones in painted finishes alongside calming white, grey and black set to top the style charts. We predict that this will definitely enhance designers’ ability to personalise the wellness kitchen experience and ensure that retailers can lean into growing consumer desire for kitchens which will complement healthy, family-friendly lifestyles. As Scandi has proved its worth with form and function in furniture, we are noting that it is inspiring unique silhouettes will bring the wow factor to brassware. And the Nordic vibe for sustainability is also inspiring special features such as tactile beech wooden handles from FSC approved sources as attention to detail is a massive consideration for kitchen brassware in 2024. Also standing strong in 2024 is the New Traditional look to support the next generation of classically inspired kitchens. With discerning homeowners wanting all the mods cons with the timeless feel of sinks and taps inspired by previous eras, we will be seeing luxurious premium sinks which cater to the demands of today’s homecentered, wellness lifestyles. As consumers are demanding greater choice of finishes, leading manufacturers will be delivering brassware in polished finishes with tones of bronze and brass adding extra warmth and excitement to the sink. This is set to give end users even more freedom of choice when matching metallics...


Ludlow Brushed Nickel Brid

throughout the kitchen living space for a seamless aesthetic, or using a combination of finishes for a multi-layered effect. In addition, straight knurling details will be big in 2024 with ribbed textures ensuring a tactile and easy-grip feature for tap handles – ideal for enhancing water safety in a hightraffic area as practical luxury is in demand. A strong focus on material and finish is key to meeting market demand for both personalisation and sustainability. In fact, we anticipate that granite sinks will be a big hitter in 2024 as consumers will be weighing up longevity and value for money in light of the economic squeeze as the cost-of-living


crisis continues. Granite is set to appeal to the savvy end-user and with premium manufacturers offering a wide range of shapes and sizes in trending black, white and grey. In my opinion, homeowners who are seeking something a ‘little extra’ will embrace this trend for a tried-and-tested natural material which is also refreshingly different and extremely appealing in a sophisticated contemporary kitchen. In addition, granite delivers on versality – with the ability to pair well with black and natural hues allowing end users to curate a look and feel inspired by the everpopular and ever-evolving industrial-style kitchen

characterized by raw materials, dark hues and statement elements such as designer taps. 2024 is all about delivering new levels of functionality to support increasingly fluid lifestyles and household types. Space management and ‘functional flexibility’ will be a massive trend going forwards as end users demand increased utility so that tasks can be completed quickly and efficiently. This means we can anticipate that workflow dynamics will have a huge impact on end user ‘kitchen happiness’ next year. This will include a desire to opt for the same user-friendly sink in different sizes in the kitchen and utility area to reinforce and unify the working zones in line with a particular signature style. In addition, we are noting that the market is diversifying to reflect consumer desire for more choice when specifying a sink – especially in the wellness kitchen where the sink is a fundamental part of food preparation as well as cleaning down juicers and blenders. Ergonomic handsprays will become increasingly popular to separate tasks at the sink and maintain good hygiene, as well as ensuring the end user has even greater control over their water management. We anticipate that the combination of a steaming hot water tap and an ergonomic hand spray will become the norm for the best kitchens in 2024, especially as consumers are demanding even greater multi-functionality from their water supply.


dge Tap

System Sync 500mm Sink & Genio Semi Professional Tap



Black & Milk unveils the first look of Pico House apartment, designed in collaboration with internationally renowned architect Frank Gehry, at Battersea Power Station, London

Notably Frank Ghery’s first housing project in the UK, the stateof-the-art residence sits in Prospect Place, with residents enjoying access to a rich mix of amenities

The former power station, which now contains over 100 shops, 46,000 square meters of office space for technology brand Apple and 254

apartments, opened late last year in 2022 Award-winning interior design studio, Black & Milk’s reworking of Pico House, is breathing new life into one of London’s most desirable addresses. Created in collaboration with renowned architect Frank Gehry, the studio references its signature cosy luxury style throughout the refurbishment of the home in London’s newly redeveloped Battersea Power Station. •18•

heading here


Demonstrating a characteristic attention to detail across the totality of the site, Black & Milk wanted to create a space that reaped the rewards of living in prime Central London whilst reinterpreting the city’s luxuries into the apartment stylistically. Pico House is located next to Battersea Power Station’s Zone 1 London Underground Station, and overlooks a rich mix of restaurants, bars, offices and shops on Electric Boulevard, a pedestrianised high street, putting residents in the heart of the ‘15-minute’ live, work, play neighbourhood. The three-bedroom residence spread over 1,052 sqft is full of character with fresh, contemporary interiors grounded in high-quality finishes and natural light. Designed for a modern resident, the design is built around flexibility and adaptability and is complete with playful and expressive touches. Whilst modern buildings have a lot to offer for contemporary design, there are of course, a myriad of challenges to be faced. Speaking of these, Olga Alekseev, Creative Director at Black & Milk comments, “The spatial configuration of the apartment was one of the fun challenges faced by our team. Due to the room’s interesting layouts and particular angles, an intelligent spatial layout was implemented redefining the living and dining area. We also had to have the apartment follow the sinuous shape of the building’s exterior, creating unique properties with elegant curving walls. Horizontal bands break down the scale and add definition to the building, whilst floor-to-ceiling glazing, orientated to offer the best views of the Power Station, create interiors that are flooded with natural light.”


She continues, “Throughout the space, wanted to clearly distinguish the retained and restored elements of the original building from contemporary additions. In our approach we therefore emphasised proposition, and enhancement of light, meaning no room is alike, with different design hues enticing the senses.”

The studio takes inspiration from Ghery’s bright, linear architecture with a neutral colour scheme, providing a series of refreshing spaces. Notable design points within the apartment include a well-appointed open-plan living area with a bespoke bar that encompasses a rotating door with backlit shelving, creating a place equipped for the regular entertainment of guests. With entertaining at home becoming a weekly staple in winter, this exquisite home-bar has everything necessary for an after-work tipple within arms reach. Anatoly Alekseev, CoFounder of Black & Milk, says, “Demand to live at Battersea Power Station is strong and continues to grow. With so much of the neighbourhood now open, including the six-acre Power Station Park and the great mix of shops, bars, restaurants and leisure venues, there is an undeniable energy across the development and it is a very special place to live.


He continues, “At Black & Milk, we love London, we love its culture, history and diversity and the interiors we have created at this particular apartment is designed to stand artfully on its own amongst all of that, whilst also complementing an internationally recognised icon. We’re delighted to see the final stages of this ambitious renovation come to life.”


FOUR WAYS BUILDING DESIGN CAN INFORM SUSTAINABILITY FOR BUSINESSES Building design that is inclusive of sustainable architecture and recycled materials is integral for businesses aiming to push forward and harness new technologies to meet their carbon neutral targets. Sustainable architecture is a complicated, multi-layered discipline and businesses must consider materials and construction, as well as maintenance and afterlife. The green agenda should form the basis of business objectives going forward, and luckily, there are a few great options to provide inspiration and spearhead this changing approach to building design. It’s time to start creating buildings that not only look good but also do good. Managing Director of the UK’s leading manufacturer of sustainable surfaces, Michael Pickup, shares his top tips. Decor for good - recycled artwork and living walls 1) Benefits of living walls Living green walls purify air, reduce the ambient temperature and create a fantastic sense of wellbeing. This innovative way of bringing nature inside has been successfully adding value and beauty to interiors around the world since the 1970s and is testimony to excellent sustainable building design. Living walls are part of climate-proof construction and significantly improve air quality. The wall filters convert CO2 into oxygen and just 1m² of a living wall creates 1.7kg of oxygen. 2) Mix it up with recycled art Recycled art provides a new purpose for objects that have satisfied their original use. Using waste material otherwise destined for the skip in artwork conserves resources and reduces the amount of waste going to landfill. decorok™ by Diamik Glass is manufactured using 100 percent recycled glass and is an example of how a material formerly discarded by waste, can be crafted into a thing of beauty. decorok™ can also be fully recycled at the end of its life to produce other items - another consideration when drafting sustainable building design plans. In with the old: using past materials 3) Reusing glass Refurbishment projects must consider how they can reuse old materials to create something new. Pioneering projects paving the way in sustainable building design includes specialist project management company Ambit, which has been


Michael Pickup - Managing Director, Diamik Glass

appointed as the partner firm to renovate the seven storey Waterman building on Farringdon Road in London. Diamik Glass is teaming up with project leaders to remove 360 windows from the building which are no longer fit for purpose. Instead of being shipped to landfill, the glass will be crushed and bonded together using a specially formulated VOC free resin to create Diamik’s champion product, ecorok™. ecorok™ is a hardwearing, luxury material and will be fitted across Level 4 of the 70,000 square foot building’s tea points and worktop spaces. By using old materials from the windows, Ambit and Diamik Glass are able to give another life to the glass that no longer met regulation for tall buildings in city centres. Integrating sustainable tech 4) Adopting green technology Developers should also consider sourcing materials locally and implementing waste management strategies to minimise any waste. Meanwhile, designers and architects should collaborate closely to ensure that the building’s design optimises light and ventilation, reduces energy consumption, and allows for the integration of green technologies such as solar panels and eco-friendly HVAC systems. Diamik Glass is a family business redefining sustainable solutions with projects across the country, providing partner organisations with a truly eco-friendly material that can be fitted across kitchens, bathrooms and reception desk points. For more information please visit: www.diamik.co.uk

PROMOTION FOR KEYLITE’S LEWIS SCOTT Keylite Roof Windows (Keylite), part of The Keystone Group, has promoted long-standing Area Sales Manager (ASM), Lewis Scott to National Account Manager. Following six successful years as an ASM for the south-central region, Lewis’ industry expertise and ability to forge strong customer relationships make him the ideal candidate for his new role. As National Account Manager, Lewis will build on Keylite’s strong partnerships with the UK’s leading housebuilders and be the main point of contact to help with technical information, compliance advice and product recommendations. Lewis is now looking forward to expanding his remit to a national scale, commenting: “I have always loved this industry. I cut my teeth working at the British Board of Agrément (BBA) before discovering the Keystone Group and subsequently Keylite. “My previous role covered a large area and was very fast-paced, but I loved the challenge of looking after leading customers and showcasing my confidence in Keylite products. “There are so many opportunities working for Keylite; I love mentoring new members of the team and meeting up regularly to share experiences. Now I look forward to bringing my passion

www.keyliteroofwindows.com sales@keyliteuk.com 01283 200158

and enthusiasm to my new role and cultivating relationships with our housebuilder partners.” Lee Squelch, Keylite Regional Sales Director (GB), added: “I am thrilled to have Lewis stepping into the role of National Account Manager. Lewis’ exceptional ability to forge robust connections with customers and colleagues has been instrumental in his progression at Keylite. I look forward to offering my support to Lewis in his new remit and working with him to strengthen our offering to housebuilders across the UK.”


CLD PHYSICAL SYSTEMS REDEFINES SECURITY WITH SUSTAINABLE RENTAL SOLUTIONS North West-based business CLD Physical Security Systems, the leading manufacturer and supplier of rigid mesh fencing and security gates in the UK, is taking a step towards eco-conscious security solutions with its security-rated rental offerings. CLD is helping to enhance resource efficiency but also significantly reduce waste for a range of industries by delivering top-tier security solutions while minimising environmental impact through temporary installations. In a recent milestone project, CLD Systems transformed Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park’s iconic London Stadium, home to West Ham United FC and Major League Baseball events. Collaborating with the stadium’s primary pitch installer, CLD provided a robust temporary fencing system that security-rated rental solutions, such as the enclosed the baseball field, withstood the rigours of professional athletes, and doubled as ModSec S1, S2 & S3. At the pinnacle of innovation is the FenceSafe Securus SR1, a groundbreaking a platform for advertising and marketing. achievement as the world’s first temporary LPS The entire project was completed in 18 days, with 1175 SR1 fencing system. This profiled fencing the fencing structure decommissioned within 5 days, system ensures the reliability and longevity typically showcasing how CLD Systems’ temporary solutions associated with permanent installations. Additionally, meet security requirements on a temporary basis, the HoardSafe S1 system sets new standards in reducing the need for new materials and long-term temporary security solutions. These offerings have commitments. been meticulously designed to meet stringent security requirements, even in temporary settings. Scott Fulton, Director of the Rental division at CLD Systems, emphasised the significance of these rental CLD has made significant strides in incorporating options, stating: “Our rentals offer clients both eco-friendly materials into its rental product lines, flexibility and security without the need for long- such as 100% recycled plastic for FenceSafe bases term commitments. We provide tailored solutions to and 78% recycled steel in their steel fencing and meet specific needs, ensuring access to high-quality posts. Additionally, CLD’s hoarding systems use 80% security on a temporary basis - a vital step towards recycled plastic, furthering their commitment to a sustainable, eco-conscious future for the security sustainability. industry.” With a substantial inventory readily available and a As the security industry aligns itself with the broader rapid response time, CLD Systems underscores its environmental movement, CLD Systems stands at commitment to sustainability and adaptability by the forefront, championing a greener and more tailoring solutions to meet clients’ unique needs. secure future through its commitment to offering This includes providing flexible on-ground physical rental solutions and cutting-edge solar-powered security that can be quickly commissioned and innovations, exemplified by the Rise Master HE. removed without leaving a trace. CLD’s portfolio includes a range of high-quality, www.cld-systems.com


OZ LIFTING LAUNCHES DAVIT CRANE WHEEL BASE Winona, Minnesota-based OZ Lifting Products LLC has launched a wheel base that can be used with its full range of davit cranes up to 1,200 lbs. capacity. The USA-made wheel base is adjustable and has four different length positions: it measures from 56.57” to 77.57” long; 32.44” wide; and 36.87” high. It weighs 140 lbs. when fully assembled, without a crane’s pedestal base, so total weight will depend on the davit being used. Wheel bases will be shipped on a pallet and require assembly at the point of use. Offering durable steel construction with powder-coat finish, oversized casters make rolling the base and moving the crane easy. The wheel base features a patented floor anchoring system, which allows the davit to rotate 360 degrees, even when under load. The manufacturer will part-number and sell the wheel bases with the pedestal base to match the davit crane the user wants. This will make the process straightforward for the customer. Richard Miller, sales manager at OZ Lifting, said: “Demand for such a solution has steadily increased over the last few years. Our customers try to leverage the benefits of our lightweight davit cranes with the ability to use them in different ways and locations. The [wheel] base allows them to move the crane to various points within a facility; the applications are limitless. The main benefit is that users do not have to permanently mount a base at the pick location.” The base will be compatible with the majority of the company’s cranes, including the 500 lbs. and 1,200 lbs. capacity versions of the Tele-Pro, which allows users to leverage the benefits of other lif ting

technologies in its range, while telescoping the boom in and out under load. (This line also features a 2,500 lbs. model, not suitable for use with the wheel base.)

It will also be widely utilized with the Alumi-Lite series of ultra-portable davit cranes, an aluminum series targeted specifically at applications where portability is beneficial; the XR Series; and the steel davit crane. In each of these cases, 500 lbs. and 1,000 lbs. models are available. The CompOZite and CompOZite Elite carbon fiber models, meanwhile, are both offered in 1,200 lbs. capacities. Safe us OZ Lifting will ship the wheel base with a detailed operator’s manual, which highlights the dos and don’ts when using it. For example, the user must have the legs adjusted to the appropriate length, depending on the crane, so that the end of the boom is in line with the front wheels. The davit crane must also be locked in place using a special locking collar, so the boom doesn’t go outside the width of the legs, causing it to tip over. Miller said: “Only when the wheel base is anchored using our patented system, can they rotate the davit crane when under load.” New wheels Having previewed the wheel base at the recent Water Environment Federation’s Technical Exhibition & Conference (WEFTEC) in Chicago, OZ Lifting will show it at the AHR Expo (Booth S10534), which takes place January 22-24, 2024, also at McCormick Place. The wheel base will be showcased alongside the full range of davits at an expo that attracts a delegation of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR) professionals. OZ Lifting is preparing for a January 1, 2024 launch, with the product likely to be dropshipped to the end customer. “We are always looking at adding new and innovative products to market,” added Miller. “You will see more in 2024—stay tuned.” For more information on OZ Lifting Products visit www.OZLiftingProducts.com


KITO CROSBY EXTENDS PARTNERSHIP WITH BRIDGES TO PROSPERITY B2P is a US-based non-profit organization that partners with local communities, partners, and foundations, to build trail bridges that connect residents to education, healthcare, and economic opportunities. Since its establishment, B2P has built more than 500 trail bridges in 21 countries, serving over 1.8 million community members throughout the world.

Nivi Sharma, CEO at Bridges to Prosperity, said: “Rural isolation is a root cause of poverty, and connection is the foundation to opportunity. We have trusted Kito Crosby ’s products for years to enable our safe, sustainable and scalable solutions and consider Kito Crosby to be a core partner in every to the local communities who rely on crossing the river to reach an array bridge we build.” of critical resources. The river will stay flooded and pose great danger to Kito Crosby ’s contribution will anyone who may attempt crossing it. During these times, the river becomes include the supply of critical dangerous, and often deadly, to attempt crossing. The people in the products such as clips, turnbuckles, communities have some of their businesses and work disrupted as they snatch blocks, special trolleys, wait for the water levels to recede so that they can cross. manual hoists, and wire rope tension meters for the construction Most people turn back during the rainy season and don’t even attempt, or of bridges in Rwanda and Uganda. let their children attempt, to cross. As a result, children don’t attend school, The company will also send 10 located on the other side of the river. Other resources the communities team members from around world, become cut off from include the health center and markets. The Kansoro to build a trail bridge in Musanze Suspended Bridge will provide safe, year-round access for the surrounding communities, providing access to opportunity to empower the communities District, Rwanda, in November. ​​ out of poverty. Robert Desel, CEO at The Crosby Group said: “ We applaud the Desel concluded: “Together with B2P and our global channel network, tremendous impact that Bridges we look forward to a world where rural isolation no longer exists so that to Prosper it y has made in families can access healthcare, children can travel safely to school, and communities around the world farmers can reliably reach local markets.” and are thrilled that our products About Kito Crosby and expertise contribute to the mission. Last year we sent 5 team Kito Crosby is the global leader of the lifting and securement industry it members, and this year I am proud pioneered, and for which it continues to set the quality standard. With to announce that we will send 10 global engineering, manufacturing, distribution, and operations, the passionate employees ​ ​ who will company provides a broad range of products and solutions for the most contribute directly at the site in demanding applications. Kito Crosby’s people, products, solutions, and Rwanda.” service have innovated the lifting and securement industry for more than 250 years. Together we lift and secure the world today, for a safer, stronger, For the residents who live near the and more productive tomorrow. future Kansoro trail bridge location, the Rwebeya River is synonymous www.kitocrosby.com with missed opportunity. During the rainy season, life can be cruel



+44 (0)20 8760 0900



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