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Engineering Update

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Taking Steps towards a Green Future for All

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SEEPEX and Severn Trent Boost Sewage Plant Reliability

SEEPEX and Severn Trent Boost Sewage Plant Reliability

Minworth is the largest sewage plant within Severn Trent’s region, and the fifth largest in Europe. The plant operates 24-7, serving a population of around 2.5 million people in the Birmingham and Black Country areas. The plant covers an area equivalent to 300 football pitches.

Maintain-in-Place Technology and Digital Solutions After seeing SEEPEX’s success at Severn Trent’s Stoke

RJA enables the pump’s compression zone to be

Bardolph and Finham THP plants, the Minworth site

moved over the stator, allowing access to the rotor

decided to explore SEEPEX’s Maintain-in-Place (MIP)

universal joint and giving the ability to remove debris

capabilities and digital solutions that included pump

without extensive maintenance work, for example,


removing pipework and the pump’s stator. With DJA, the pump baseplate is split into three sections

SEEPEX provided an open hopper progressive cavity

(rotor/stator, pump hopper and drive end) enabling

pump with MIP technology to replace original progressive

maintenance tasks such as replacing a worn auger

cavity pumps without altering the physical footprint or

or a mechanical seal to be completed safely without

the installed power. SEEPEX MIP technology includes

needing to dismantle the whole pump.

Rotor Joint Access (RJA) and Drive Joint Access (DJA).


Engineering Update

SEEPEX Digital Solutions provide a comprehensive platform for


pump performance monitoring, detecting potential issues with






early warning notifications, and scheduling maintenance tasks.

operation for improved process resilience

With the ability to track and analyse data on pump operation,

and peace of mind

tasks such as topping up mechanical seal quench pots are

Quicker maintenance with maintain-in-

transformed from regular, time-consuming inspections into

place technology, reducing downtime and

quick, planned interventions. Additionally, the monthly report


provides a high-level overview of pump performance, including a

simple RAG status to quickly identify any areas requiring further investigation.

Improved Pump Performance and Streamlined Maintenance

Verification of pump performance through SEEPEX advanced analytics





continuous monitoring and maintenance planning •

Peace of mind from knowing pump is operating at optimal levels

Over the course of over a year, the SEEPEX pump has performed reliably and consistently, maintaining optimal performance levels

Partner with SEEPEX to enhance the

as confirmed by advanced analytics. Thanks to SEEPEX innovative

efficiency of your pumps and simplify

MIP technology, maintenance staff can easily access and

their maintenance. Contact SEEPEX today

dismantle the pump, streamlining maintenance and reducing

to explore our innovative progressive


cavity pump solutions for the water and wastewater industry, designed to meet

Integrated SEEPEX Digital Solutions provide a comprehensive platform for tracking pump performance and scheduling maintenance tasks in a preventative capacity, avoiding costly reactive maintenance and maximising process throughput and biogas production.

your unique pumping challenges.


Engineering Update

FEBRUARY 2024 Contents 4

Taking Steps towards a Green Future for All


ERS Hub launches smart tool to energise careers and skills in UK electrification


Advanced solutions for vapour degreasing, corrosion protection, metal cleaning and surface treatments


Drive Industrial Transformation at Industrial Ethernet Week

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Taking Steps towards a Green Future for All

bodies can be reused, resulting in less wastage”. “In 2024 we will continue to work on initiatives and partnering with organisations such as The Green Org, which we are a Platinum Member with, to enable us to further offset our carbon footprint,




there is a lot in the pipeline”, Darren


manufacture of Diamond Tooling

manufacturer of bespoke and

solutions and Precision Engineered

off-the-shelf Diamond Tooling

Components across a number of

“Partners across the globe can rest






assured that team DK will not only





continue to manufacture Diamond

Energy sector with 50% of our

Tooling solutions and Precision

products being exported all across

Engineered Components to their

the globe”, Darren tells us. “When

exacting standards but also do

exporting we aim to minimise our

so with a greener future in mind”,

carbon footprint by working with

Darren concludes.



Precision Components

continues its drive to reduce its carbon footprint in the company’s 65th Anniversary Year. “2023 saw us implementing several measures such as the installation of 585 additional solar panels on one of our production facilities which now allows us to produce at least 33% of the energy required to run the site annually via solar power”, Darren Mills, Finance Director tells us. “This, coupled with a number of other initiatives, enabled us to achieve Silver Medal status with EcoVadis, the world’s most trusted provider of sustainability ratings last year, showing the company’s continuous commitment to reduce our carbon footprint further” “First




Holdings is a world leader in the


Engineering Update

DHL and utilising their GoGreen Plus




Contact details:

that shipments use Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) – subsequently

DK Holdings Limited

supporting the reduction of our

Station Approach Staplehurst

Scope 3 emissions”

TN12 0QN Telephone: 01580 891662

“I am a firm believer that everyone can help leave a greener legacy for


future generations and DK Holdings


continues to do its part. Take our

Twitter: @DK_Holdings

innovative Strip & Replate/Redress service as an example. With our customers looking to improve their green credentials whilst focussing on innovation improvements with their production processes, this



service can not only save up to 40% in tooling costs but also means perfectly good aluminum or steel

Expanded range of large diameter mirror mounts.

The OS series of large-diameter mirror mounts from Optical Surfaces Ltd. are proven to provide a secure platform for larger, high-precision flat, off-axis, and spherical mirrors in stabilitycritical applications. Manufactured in robust, black anodized aluminium, OS series mounts have traditionally been available in four standard sizes to accommodate mirrors up to 300mm, 400mm, 500mm and 550mm diameter. The new OS350 and OS450 mounts provide researchers with a smaller and lighter stable mounting platform for mirrors between 300 400mm and 400 – 500mm diameter. No longer do you have to purchase the larger and heavier next size up! All six OS series mounts make it possible to rapidly align a large diameter mirror within a few arc seconds. Each mount comes with a baseplate to facilitate rapid and simple mounting onto an optical table. Angular alignment of mounted mirrors is quickly and precisely achieved about the vertical and horizontal axes using dual-action adjusters with fine-screw and ultrafine differential micrometre action. OS series mounts are supplied with adjustable feet to facilitate rapid and simple mounting onto an optical table. As an option – OS series mounts may be motorised to facilitate remote operation in hostile environments or for use in limited space applications where manual adjustment may be difficult. For further information on the expanded range of OS series mounts please click here or contact Optical Surfaces Ltd. on +44-208-668-6126, or email


Engineering Update

Two different mirror mounts from the OS Series (courtesy: Optical Surfaces Ltd).

Optical Surfaces Ltd has been producing large diameter optical components, optical systems, and mounts for more than 60 years. The company’s ISO 9001-2015 approved manufacturing workshops and test facilities are deep underground in a series of tunnels excavated in solid chalk. This provides an environment where temperature is naturally thermally stable, and vibration is extremely low. With such stable conditions testing of high precision optical components and mounted mirrors becomes quantifiable and dependable. In addition to these natural advantages, Optical Surfaces has invested in an extensive range of test equipment and have developed methods to ensure accurate and reliable testing.

A new OS350 mount holding a mirror coated to be reflective in the Near Infrared spectral waveband (courtesy: Optical Surfaces Ltd). Engineering Update


The increasing importance of online product searches in a networked world - ODU Product Finder as an innovative solution. In recent years, the digital transformation has not only affected and changed the B2C market, but also the B2B sector. One of the most notable changes is the increasing importance of online product search engines. Companies are increasingly looking for efficient and time-saving methods to find business partners and suppliers and to evaluate products and services.

In this context, online product search is rapidly gaining relevance in the B2B sector, as it not only speeds up searches but also facilitates access to global markets. As a leading international manufacturer of connectors, ODU recognizes the need to support traditional product search methods while also continuously investing in the further development of the ODU Product Finder, ODU’s online search engine.

Interview with Dominic Krieg, Digital Product Management Expert at ODU What needs does the ODU Product Finder fulfil for your users? Our Online Product Finder enables users to find the right product in just a few clicks. The processing of the wide range of variants using filter criteria makes the search considerably easier compared to conventional catalogues. Our users can not only call up concise product information, but also configure product variants themselves. The integration of 3D data for download rounds off the offering. The result is a comprehensive, efficient and user-friendly product search process. How has the use of online product portals developed over time, and what trends or changes have you observed? The use of online product portals has increased significantly over time. Digital search options have been further developed so that they not only enable efficient product searches, but also increasingly focus on personalized user experiences and comprehensive data accessibility. The ongoing trend shows an increased integration of design data, a broader product range and an increased focus on userfriendly, intuitive search functions to meet the growing demands of users. What future developments are you planning for your ODU Product Finder in order to further enhance the users’ experience? We are planning to continuously expand the availability of product information, extend the cable assembly portfolio and constantly develop the guided search to improve intuitive use. Despite different entry options, the user should be able to find the right product immediately. In this way, we want to maximise user-friendliness and guarantee outstanding product and service quality.

What type of users particularly benefit from your ODU Product Finder? Our ODU Product Finder is aimed at purchasers, design engineers and product managers, among others. The variety of functions offered, such as 3D data for designers and data sheets for purchasers and product managers, enables needs-orientated use. We see the access without login and the user’s freedom to decide which contact information to disclose as additional advantages. How do you integrate user feedback into the further development of your ODU Product Finder, and what role does customer feedback play in improving your digital offering? Our Product Finder is a dynamic tool that continuously takes into account both internal and external feedback. Customer feedback plays a central role in identifying areas for improvement. We actively encourage users to try out the tool and share their feedback with us. We would be delighted if you could try our Product Finder for yourself at: You can find a detailed explanation at:

Engineering Update


ERS Hub launches smart tool to energise careers and skills in UK electrification A new Electrification Self-Assessment Tool is being officially launched this week to help fill the 169,000 jobs that UK electrification requires. The online platform, available at, will help individuals better understand the skills, courses, and roles available in the industry and how they measure up, giving them a clear pathway to achieve a potential career in the sector. The



which has been developed in partnership with Data Driven Capability



takes less than thirty minutes to complete and can be used by people already working in the industry, as well as those that have no prior experience but are looking for an initial insight into

(l-r) Deepak Farmah, James Shuttleworth and Richard Lane (all ERS Hub)

UK electrification. A broad overview of skill sets and job roles in ‘power electronics, machines, drives and control’ are in place and is being joined by an increasing deep dive into more specific roles, including battery




design engineer, thermal design lead and software integration specialist. A full online introduction and user guide is being held on February 7th and already has delegates signing up from leading UK organisations, experts, and decision-makers. Dr James Shuttleworth, Operations Director at the ERS Hub, commented: “There are so many opportunities in electrification, but it is still an emerging industry, and it can be difficult to navigate the skills and capabilities required.


Engineering Update

“We have taken advantage of the reach of the ERS Hub, the common language of the PEMD Body of Knowledge and the understanding of electrification from our connections with colleges, universities, employers, and experts in the sector. “The tool gives users the benefit of all this expertise and understanding to help them identify the careers they want and the skills they need.” He











opportunities on the Hub, the tool can then link people directly to the ones that suit them.” Click here to read the full article >>>

Our 2024 Brochure now available

Advanced solutions for vapour degreasing, corrosion protection, metal cleaning and surface treatments

Our products are used in the following industries: • • • • • •

Electronics and Electrical Environmental General Cleaning Industrial and Manufacturing Marine and Maritime Mechanical Engineering

EnviroTech Europe are specialists in metal cleaning and corrosion protection solutions. We offer a range of approved products tailored to your industry, which are cost effective, energy efficient, safe for operators and the environment. We are pleased to introduce our 2024 products brochure: brochure All products are available on short delivery times through our dedicated team of qualified distributors worldwide. We can help with product-use and offer advise on legislative changes, ensuring your metal cleaning and corrosion protection solutions stay within regulatory boundaries. EnviroTech Europe is accredited to ISO 9001:2015, all products are compliant with Directive EU RoSH 2015/863 and are supplied with a full Safety Data Sheet. Technical Data Sheets, operating instructions and further assistance can be provided on request.

• • • • •

Medical Device Manufacturing Military Motorsport Power Generation Railways and Automotive

EnviroTech Europe has been providing safe solvent cleaning solutions for over 20 years. Our technical staff are at the forefront of the industry and we have adapted with technological advances to develop and expand our product range in line with current legislation. We are a small independent company and our qualified network of distributors ensure high levels of customer service and technical support. We are proactive in developing relationships and deliver our promises on time and to specification. For more advice, please telephone us on +44 (0) 20 8281 6370 or use our website contact form. Engineering Update


The Cross-Border Trends You Need to Embrace to Bullet-Proof Your International Expansion Strategy When you’re preparing for your international expansion, it’s important to consider current cross-border ecommerce trends. They’re the backbone of global ecommerce and a driver for success. As ecommerce evolves, so does the way companies conduct themselves. Another




In order to be seen in a new market, you need to be exceptional and excites consumers and merchants alike offer something unique to customers that is relevant to their needs.

is Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 2021 marked a year of grandiose sales for

These are the latest cross-border trends that are driving global the whole world thanks to those events. ecommerce forwards and that you need to embrace today.

Online purchases in Germany and Spain during Black Friday reached four times

Capitalising on the global shopping events

higher than an average day. In Brazil, ecommerce revenue increased by 5%

Consumers have always been interested in searching for and finding during Black Friday compared to the the best deals online, whether it’s through an email marketing sale or year before. website coupons. With inflation and the rising cost of living, demand is even higher, but so is the accessibility to such offers.

The Asian market is capitalising on Double 11 – the leading online shopping

Global shopping events, such as Black Friday, have made searching for event. In 2021, the Chinese ecommerce deals easy, fast, and reliable. Consumers from all over the world are giants Alibaba and generated anticipating these festivals of good deals way in advance, preparing to sales totalling US$139 billion during the splurge on big and small purchases.


For merchants, these events are a profitable opportunity to introduce Convenient their brand and goods to foreign markets and make incredible sales.




In the U.S. and some parts of Europe, Amazon Prime Day is one of As






the biggest online shopping events of the year. With a wide variety of convenient online shopping experience, categories, brands, and markets, Amazon Prime Day is a secure way for they’re embracing the ease, speed, merchants to attract new customers and generate revenue. In 2021, and accessibility that mobile phones Amazon’s 48-hour Prime Day generated online sales totalling US$11 provide. billion.


Engineering Update

This has given rise to mobile commerce,

or mcommerce. Technological advancements, such

In the U.S., the revenue from social commerce is

as branded shopping apps, 5G wireless, and social

projected to reach almost $80 billion by 2025. The

shopping are making mcommerce even more

wide use of social media apps makes it almost

appealing. Smartphone retail mcommerce sales

inevitable that brands will streamline purchases.

reached $221.2 billion in 2021 and are projected to

As 49% of brands are investing in social commerce

hit $418.9 billion by 2024.

content in 2022, the competition is set to become fiercer. We’re expecting to see more branded

During the Black Friday and Cyber Monday

shopping apps, more social commerce content

shopping event in 2021, 71% of purchases were

on TikTok and Instagram, and more SMS and

made via mobile phones and only 29% on desktops

Facebook Messenger marketing campaigns, so

globally. This has enabled an even faster and more

consider selling on one of these platforms.

accessible shopping experience and opens the opportunity for merchants to reach and convert a

If you’re looking to expand into China, then social

wider audience.

commerce will likely play a key role in your crossborder strategy. Nearly half of China’s consumers

The rise of social commerce

shop on social media, and in 2021, $351 billion

Another trend that offers a convenient shopping

in sales were made via social ecommerce in this

experience is social commerce. Through social


media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, merchants can advertise their products and services,





purchases without having to leave the app.


Click here to read the full article >>>

Eaton power inductors for automotive applications Certified, compact components characterised by high durability.

Inductive components are the fundamental building blocks of switched-mode LED drivers. In fact, it is the quality and capability of the inductive solutions that determine in which areas semiconductor light sources will be commonly used in the future. Eaton is known primarily as a supplier of industrial equipment and components, but its extensive portfolio also includes a wide range of specialist electronic components characterised by impressive parameters. Below, we present one of such products – power inductors designed for building electronic circuits for automotive applications. These products belong to the DRA, DRAQ and HCM1A series and have been designed as a solution to a specific and very important problem.


Engineering Update

This article covers topics such as: • Difficult challenges on the road to implementing LEDs in vehicles • Certified components for installation in motor vehicles • Capabilities and parameters of DRA inductors • Inductive components with double winding • High currents and power of HCM1A inductors

Power supply for LED lighting in vehicles LEDs have irreversibly changed the field of lighting, especially in homes or offices. However, due to their characteristics, their implementation in the automotive industry has proved to be problematic. The performance of drivers has been a stumbling block, as typical LDO (Low-Dropout) voltage regulators are not able to provide enough power to supply low beam, high beam or stop lights, which need to exhibit high intensity to ensure visibility even on a sunny day.

of lighting, but also for air-conditioning and heating circuits, for interior illumination control and in relatively high-power electric motor controllers (seat positioning, raising/lowering the windows, etc.). These are small-sized SMD (surface mount) components available in a wide range of inductances. They belong to three series: DRA, DRAQ and HCM1A.

DRA series

Certified, compact components characterised by high durability.

The costs of power supply circuits that would not only be characterised by an adequate current capacity, but also by resistance to vibration, shock and high temperatures (often over 120°C) resulted in LEDs being used mainly in interiors or in expensive cars. In the consumer segment, halogen or xenon lamps were mainly utilised, whose main disadvantage is the incorporation of moving components, such as filaments or electrodes with a short lifetime (compared to semiconductor structures).

Eaton power inductors

It is the most extensive series of power inductors for automotive applications in the TME range. Products from this group are characterised primarily by their high power density and efficiency. They are available in two footprints: 7.6x7.6 mm or 12.5x12.5 mm (heights from 3.55 mm to 8 mm, depending on the model). The range includes items with inductance from 290 nH to 1001 µH, capable of operating at currents up to 15.9 A (saturation current even up to 18.4 A). They also display optimal EMI protection thanks to magnetic shielding.

DRAQ series The products from the DRAQ series are equipped with double winding, thanks to which they can act as a transformer/separator (1:1) and operate as two inductive components connected in series or in parallel to obtain a wider range of voltages or currents (insulation between windings at 200 V AC). Just as in the case of DRA models, the power inductor leads provide optimal protection against vibration, ensuring that the component remains firmly in place even in harsh environments. Another feature shared by all the Eaton products presented here is the low moisture sensitivity level (MSL: 1). The inductance of the DRAQ power inductors that are available at TME ranges from 4.48 µH to 217 µH.

HCM1A series

A surface-mounted DRA power inductor

This is where the presented solutions from Eaton come in handy. These power inductors are AEC-Q200 certified, i.e. they have been tested and approved for use in motor vehicle electronic circuits. Their thermal tolerance ranges from -40°C to 165°C (155°C in the case of the HCM1A series), making them suitable for operation in, for example, the engine compartment. They have been made specifically for the construction of ’boost’ and ‘buck’ switched-mode converters for the automotive sector – not only in the field

This group includes the smallest of the presented components (e.g. 4.4x4.2x1.8 mm). They can operate at frequencies of even up to 1 MHz. This allows them to be used in radio communication circuits. They match the parameters of the above-mentioned products, while exhibiting a slightly lower thermal tolerance (from -55°C to 155°C) – but their most significant advantage is the higher maximum operating current (from 1.3 A to 52 A) and saturation current (even up to 100 A), which further broadens the range of potential applications. Text prepared by Transfer Multisort Elektronik Sp. z o.o.

Engineering Update


Drive industrial transforma at Industrial Ethernet Week Join HARTING and experts from a range of global

market leaders for the third Industrial Ethernet Week, which runs between the 27th and 29th February

2024. Featuring technical experts and digitalisation pioneers, you’ll discover solutions for driving

industrial transformation via insightful user cases, discussions, talks and tech sessions. Day one focuses on

Networks will demonstrate how to identify and resolve

AI and IIoT platforms.

common issues with end-to-end profinet cabling applications

Amazon Web Services

and discuss the challenges of field installation. Technical

will be discussing the

experts from HARTING will then present sessions focused on

use of generative AI in

industrial ethernet connectivity in harsh environments, tested

industry, followed by a

cable assemblies and engineering data and services.

demonstration of AI and IIoT-powered flexible

The week wraps up with an in-depth examination of device

smart factory platforms

design. Product experts from Belden and SICK AG will

from ICONICS and

demonstrate how Single Pair Ethernet connects the field level

Mitsubishi Electric. The

to the network and Würth Elektronik will spotlight Power over

first day concludes with

Ethernet (PoE) in interface design. The week wraps up with

a panel discussion about

an open discussion around cost and risk management in new

implementing AI solutions

electronic designs.

in manufacturing. Sessions run from 8:30am until 11am each day and you’re Join us on February 28th

welcome to join all the events or selected talks. Every session

for a spotlight on factory

will also be available as a recording afterwards. To register

installation. Softing IT

and read a detailed schedule, please click here.


Engineering Update

ation k

Engineering Update


Labfacility Company Brochure For more than 50 years we’ve been leading the way in temperature measurement excellence. Here’s to the next 50... From small beginnings in 1971, Labfacility has grown and evolved into the UK’s leading ISO 9001-accredited manufacturer and supplier for the complete temperature chain. From Temperature Sensors, Thermocouple Connectors and Cabling to supporting instrumentation and components, we are the GO-TO people for temperature measurement products.


To sustain longevity, you have to evolve... What do we do? A wide and ever-expanding inventory with cutting-edge technological products and first-class technical support.

For more than 50 years we’ve been leading the way in temperature measurement excellence. Here’s to the next 50…

Innovative technologies abound at our UK manufacturing hub in Dinnington, South Yorkshire. A state-of-the-art 18,000 sq ft plant is home to a team of more than 25 dedicated to the design and build of bespoke temperature sensors. Alongside this we stock an extensive range of Thermocouple Connectors and associated temperature instrumentation, plus Thermocouple Cables and a wide range of components and fittings for sensor installation. The complete temperature chain package.

Ask the experts... Our sales team goes above and beyond to provide swift, expert technical advice and support for sensing and instrumentation as and when YOU need it – help is freely available. Our Sales Team has a mass of experience, plus they’re approachable and reliable – just one of the reasons major PLCs and international industry leaders like working with us. Rest assured, you’re in safe hands and not just when it comes to support and advice... Integral to our success and a key part of the Labfacility community is our global distribution partner Farnell. With headquarters in Leeds, UK, they offer unparalleled customer service, impressive technical resources, extensive stocks and express delivery, making them the ideal choice for us.

20 Engineering Update

[click here to download our brochure]

Our products in a nutshell... Labfacility manufacture a wide range of temperature sensors to suit your application. A large range of Thermocouples in IEC, ANSI and JIS calibration, PRT’s, Detectors, Environmental Sensors and Hand-Held Sensors/ Thermometers are available to buy, for immediate despatch, from

Thermocouple Connectors We are Europe’s largest manufacturer of thermocouple connectors and accessories in IEC, ANSI and JIS Colour codes. The full range of connectors is available from stock for immediate despatch.

In-House Calibration Traceable to ISO17025 (UKAS) calibration standards, Labfacility offers a choice of a 3 or 5 point traceable calibration: using our inhouse calibration facility, you can select any temperature points between -10°C & +200°C.

Why choose us? 10 good reasons why it makes sense to choose Labfacility •

Expert technical product advice when you need it

1500+ Labfacility products available via Farnell/Avnet worldwide

Short lead times – get your product when you want it

Approachable and reliable (not to mention friendly)

Extensive range of products stocked

Global reach via

State-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities

Excellent Independent Trustpilot Reviews






programme •

More than half a century’s experience in our field.

Buy online: Email: Telephone: +44 (0) 1243 871280

Engineering Update


Four Common Machinery Issues in the Marine Sector

The marine industry in the UK has a massive impact on the economy and jobs, generating over £9 billion and supporting over 38,000 jobs. Making sure that processes are efficient to avoid downtime impacting the output is important, and being able to identify the common machinery issues that could affect this can help be predictive in their maintenance.


Engineering Update




Director at FPE Seals, supplier of high-quality pneumatic seals, has broken down four of the most common machinery issues that the marine industry faces, as well as offering advice on how best to mitigate the long-term damage they can cause.

Rusting and corrosion

sistant should be the top priority. Sealing the components properly can also stop the ingress of water and the damage

The marine industry relies on saltwater

it poses.

to exist, but it is also a huge issue for the machinery used within the sector.

Hydraulics – steering, cranes, and other important sys-

Due to the mix of oxygen, moisture, and


sodium chloride, it eats away at the metal surfaces of the machine, speeding up

Hydraulics play a huge role across many elements of the

the production of rust and corroding the

marine industry and the machinery that’s used, such as


steering systems, cranes and other lifting equipment, and hatch openings. Should these systems suffer any failures, it

Replacing machinery with like-for-like

puts the crew at significant risk and can lead to accidents and

substitutes can be extremely expensive,

damage to your vessel and any cargo.

which is why inspection and maintenance should be a top priority to avoid them

Your workforce should be appropriately trained for their

degrading into disrepair. Your vessel

roles but should also be prepared for the eventuality that

will have areas of its structure that are

system failures occur. Incorporating regular checks for

more prone to corrosion, and you should

hydraulic leaks into your examination procedures can help

take extra care and give more attention

to detect any faults early, preventing further damage and

to them to make sure they’re properly

reducing long-term risks.

protected. This can be done through the application of anti-corrosion coatings and

Your vessel’s engine – fuel contamination and overheat-

sacrificial anodes to protect against the


saltwater. The engine of your vessel is the most important component Electrical failures

of it, so keeping it protected from the dangers and risks it can experience is crucial to making sure it’s able to run.

Saltwater doesn’t just affect the looks and

Some of the most common examples of engine issues re-

structure of the machinery on your vessel

volve around failing cooling systems and contaminated fuel.

but can have a significant impact on electrical systems. The corroding nature

Cooling systems help to spread and dissipate heat from your

of saltwater can also affect the wiring and

engine. Should any blockages or leaks occur, it can cause

circuit boards within the machinery. Run-

the engine to overheat which reduces the efficiency and can

ning power through any water-damaged

cause huge failures. Similarly, your fuel systems are what

devices or any that haven’t been properly

power your engine and produce the propulsion, so you want

tested can cause electrical fires, electrocu-

to avoid any contamination to halt or stall its processes.

tions, or further damage to the machine. Setting up a maintenance schedule for your engine can help It’s crucial to reduce these risks not just

to identify risks before they grow into much larger issues.

to prevent equipment downtime, but

These should always involve checking and replacing the nec-

also to keep workers in the industry safe

essary fluids and components, which should always include

from the potential dangers to health they

investment into the highest quality materials available to

can cause. Regular checks of the devices

your budget. This is important for your fuel systems, as they

should be undertaken, and if there are

should be kept clean and try to stop any water or sediment

concerns of corrosion or damage from

affecting them. Furthermore, secure fuel storage and han-

the saltwater, investing in components

dling should always be carried out to ensure quality is main-

that are industry-proven as moisture-re-

tained with no contamination. Engineering Update


WOMEN IN ENGINEERING: EMBR DIVERSITY & ENCOURAGING PASS TO OPTIMIZE OUTCOMES Neil Curtis, DVP Sales, Marketing, and Service, Zygo Corporation In this article, I take some time to discuss the topic of women in engineering with some successful women that have and are excelling in engineering related roles: Jennifer Helberg, Division Vice President (DVP), Business Unit Manager, at Zygo; Karen Nyberg an engineer, retired astronaut, and Zygo brand ambassador who, in 2008, became the 50th woman to travel to space as a Mission Specialist on Space Shuttle Discovery, STS-124; and Sara Moein and Lisa Zhang, Optical Systems Engineer and Application Engineer respectively at Zygo. 24 Engineering Update

THE IMPORTANCE OF WOMEN IN ENGINEERING The topic of women in engineering is of paramount importance today because diversifying the engineering field ensures a broader range of perspectives, fostering innovation and better solutions to complex challenges. Historically under-represented, women bring unique experiences and ideas that enrich the discipline. Additionally, promoting gender equity in engineering not only corrects longstanding systemic biases but also expands the talent pool, optimizing the potential for breakthroughs in the field. As our world becomes more interconnected and reliant on technological advances, it’s imperative that the engineers shaping our future reflect the diverse populations they serve. While maternal roles and responsibilities can influence career choices and progression for some women, attributing women’s


under-representation in engineering or senior roles primarily to maternal duties oversimplifies a complex issue. Many women without child-rearing responsibilities still face barriers, including systemic biases, stereotypes, and a lack of mentorship or opportunities. Additionally, societal expectations often place a disproportionate burden of household and caregiving tasks on women, irrespective of their professional aspirations. While motherhood can be a factor, it’s only one of many intertwining elements that contribute to the broader challenge of gender disparity in the workplace in general. Historically and currently, women’s under-representation in engineering can be attributed to a confluence of societal, cultural, and institutional factors. Deeprooted stereotypes have often pigeonholed women into certain roles, deeming technical fields as “masculine” and discouraging women from pursuing such careers. Educational systems and workplaces, at times, have perpetuated these biases, either subtly or overtly, through limited access to resources, opportunities, or mentorship for women. Additionally, the lack of visible female role models in the field and challenges in balancing work-life dynamics can deter women from entering or persisting in engineering. As a result, these systemic barriers have historically side-lined a significant portion of potential talent. GENDER DIVERSITY Let’s look at why attracting women into engineering roles and gender diversity in engineering teams is so important. Gender diversity introduces a variety of perspectives, experiences, and creative approaches to problem-solving, enriching the brainstorming process. Engineering, at its core, is about designing solutions, and a diverse team can offer a broad spectrum of ideas, leading to more innovative and comprehensive solutions. By combining the experiences of all genders, engineering teams can tap into a richer pool of creativity and insights, which often results in out-of-thebox thinking and enhanced product designs. Engineering products and solutions are used by a diverse global population. When engineering teams reflect the demographics of the end users, it ensures that the designed solutions cater to a wider audience’s needs and are more universally adaptable. For instance, safety equipment designed only by men might not account for women’s specific requirements, leading to potential usability or safety concerns. Gender diversity ensures that products and systems are more inclusive and effective for all users. In addition, a diverse team often leads to improved group dynamics and collaboration. Studies have shown that companies with gender-diverse teams often outperform their counterparts in terms of productivity, profitability, and employee satisfaction. The mix of masculine and feminine approaches can lead to better decision-making and overall team synergy. A balanced team, where all voices are valued, fosters a positive working environment and boosts morale. To read the full article click here >>> Engineering Update


Titan Enterprises Continues to Break Ground in the Mining Industry

For over 25 years, Titan Enterprises’ Oval Gear flowmeters have been incorporated into heavy drilling and rock crushing machinery for use in the Mining and Aggregate industry. Due to their rugged design, these meters provide reliable performance in extreme conditions. Initially working with JBC, Titan developed a bidirectional / dual flow Oval Gear flow meter that was fitted to drilling rigs in salt mines. These underground drill rigs are machines designated for drilling in the rock face as well as in concrete and ground. The relatively small flow measuring devices are incorporated into these vast machines to monitor the flow of oil and additives. Large rock crushers and other equipment are used to break and remove rocks of various hardness and toughness, to extract the mineral-rich material, and process the ore by extracting the desired compounds and metals. McCloskey International is one such heavy machinery manufacturer specialising in crushers and mining processing equipment. McCloskey International approached Titan to see if we could make a flowmeter able to monitor the oil flow on a rock crushing machine. The requirements were for a much bigger thread than would normally be used for the specified flow range. They also wanted to see the meter in operation. The central ‘drum’ of the crusher which does the hard work is basically a huge cylinder rotating on large bearings. These bearings had to withstand the side load

26 Engineering Update

induced during the rock crushing so the oil flow and pressure are critical. It was vital that the flowmeter did not impede this flow and so had to have a low pressure drop even at full flow with cold, highly viscous oil. Titan’s OG5 model fitted the flow requirements but the standard unit’s 1” BSP threads were considered too small, risking a restricted oil flow. We set about redesigning the OG5 model in aluminium and with 1¼” connections to reduce the pressure drop at minimum temperature and maximum flow. We installed an acrylic cap, a seethrough cover so that the operator could visually verify oil flow. A cable loom was fitted so that the flowmeter could be plugged directly into the customer’s wiring loom. The final touch was to anodise the body of the meter to match the colour of the machines they were being fitted into, making these meters a very distinct OEM product. The resulting flow device has proved to be very reliable and to date over 600 of

Titan’s original Oval Gear model adapted for McCloskey International

these specialised flowmeters have been installed in the McCloskey family of rock crushers over the last 10 years. As well as adapting designs to meet customers’ specific process needs, such as high-pressure requirements and to aid chemical compatibility, Titan’s standard OG5 flowmeter has since been redesigned. These compact rugged positive displacement flowmeters incorporate a new machined stainless-steel, high viscosity design for both the body and caps, which has also enabled an increase in the standard design pressure for these units. Titan’s OG Series of flow meters are designed to give reliable, high performance across a wide range of applications. Almost immune from the effects of varying liquid viscosity, density and temperature, the measurement performance of oval gear flowmeters improves as liquid viscosity increases. Visit Titan Enterprises’ website for further information on flow measurement or to discuss specific OEM applications, please contact Titan Enterprises on +44 (0)1935 812790 or email

Titan’s redesigned OG5 model

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How Technology is Revolutionising the Welding Industry With the constant evolution of technology and the development of construction and infrastructure, the global market for welding gear is expected to reach over £12 billion by 2026. Technological advancements in the welding industry

Director Consumables from Welding Alloys said:

can bring a wide range of benefits, transforming the

“Yes, there is no hiding that these ingenious tools

way welding operations are performed. Among many

have a high initial cost, both in terms of equipment

other things, they can increase efficiency, reduce

investment and personnel training.

downtime, enhance safety, offer better precision, and improve the quality of welding processes overall.

“However, in the long run, they are likely to pay off the hefty expenses by largely increasing efficiency.

So what are the latest, most innovative tools that are driving the sector forward? Let’s take a look at some

“What’s more, another advantage of using robots

of the tech introductions that are already starting to

in certain processes is that they can save staff from

shape the future of the welding industry.

being exposed to hazardous fumes or radiation, and can significantly reduce the risk of repetitive


strain injuries.

Over the years, more and more sectors have been using robots to facilitate their day-to-day operations.

“And for those operations where the supervision of

In more recent times, the welding industry has

human welders is necessary, there are collaborative

followed suit, adopting robots to ensure consistent

welding robots (welding cobots) that can make the

quality, maximise productivity, and facilitate cladding

job easier.

applications. In this respect, Bastien Gerard, Business Development

28 Engineering Update

“Equipped with sensors that allow them to work

The beauty of both VR and AR is that they can offer instant feedback, helping welders nail their skills and identify which areas need further training. In turn, this can help both workers and companies improve the quality of production and minimise potential errors or defects.

Welding drones Fitted with sensors, cameras, and robotic arms, welding drones are innovative tools that are perfect for the inspection of hard-to-reach or hazardous locations. Regardless of a welder’s experience, performing welding processes on bridges, high-rise buildings, or offshore oil platforms can be dangerous. So, using drones can eliminate any unnecessary risks or safety issues, as they can be operated remotely to check sites from a safe distance and make adjustments as required. Since drones are able to access both remote and hard-tosafely with humans without the need for barriers, cobots are designed to assist employees with the more repetitive, physically demanding aspects of welding.” Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)

reach locations without much hassle, companies can save precious time and money. In fact, there will be no need for scaffolding, which can both delay operations and have an impact on a business’s finances. Click here to read the full article >>>

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) welding simulators are being used in the sector for training purposes. These high-tech headsets offer an immersive environment in which workers can practice their skills in a safe and controlled manner. In the case of VR welding training, the equipment simulates a real-world, 360-degree scenario where the welder can have a go at carrying out specific tasks. With AR, instead, the welder uses a wearable device to access digital overlays that provide guidance and instructions as they perform an operation in real life.

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Why engineering businesses are considering bringing laundry in-house 30 Engineering Update

Laundry is often overlooked within engineering and manufacturing businesses, but is essential to keeping plants running smoothly. Many facilities teams are increasingly reviewing their laundry requirements and considering in-sourced laundry rooms, especially in the current economic climate. But what exactly are the benefits

facilities. For organisations with strict hygiene,

of having a laundry on-site? And is it really as efficient or cost-effective

Cost-effective and no surprise

infection control and operating

as relying on external providers? We







premises laundry can improve the

have assessed the key advantages of an on-premises laundry facility

With no need to worry about

quality control process. In situations

can bring, so you can decide if it’s

unexpected service charges, price

where there may be concerns about

the right direction for your business.

hikes and maintaining large stocks

the quality of laundry processed

of laundry, an on-premises laundry

by the outsourcing partner or

can offer greater cost-effectiveness

there are strict infection control

and ease of budgeting. Even when

requirements, this should be an

As the term suggests, an on-premises


important consideration.

laundry is when an organisation

staffing and energy costs, many JLA

has an in-house laundry facility on-

customers have made significant

site, including commercial washing

savings from bringing the entire

machines and commercial tumble

laundry process on-premises.

What is an on-premises laundry?















can often be a long process from

professional to

Quicker turnaround times

Carbon footprint

storage of dirty laundry, collection by truck, washing and drying in the


any stage to third parties. Many

The emissions from transporting

commercial laundry, delivery and

industries may choose to integrate

dirty and clean laundry to the

storage of clean laundry. Taking full

an on-site laundry into their day-to-

commercial laundry facility could

control of the process can reduce

day operations for a wide variety of

be significant over time. Many

the time taken to process laundry,


companies who are seeking to

which could even reduce the total

reduce their carbon footprint in

volume of garments, uniforms and

At face value, it’s perfectly natural

the supply chain are looking at

linens required.

to err on the side of caution and air

bringing laundry in-house utilising

concerns about transitioning from

energy efficient commercial laundry

To read the full article, please click

one way of working to another,

equipment as a more sustainable

here >>>

however there are significant cost,


environmental and quality control advantages to in-house laundry

Better quality control

Engineering Update


Get The Best of Both Worlds 5 Advanced Procurement Considerations When Comparing Distributors and Manufacturers

There are good reasons for OEMs and procurement professionals to acquire their

parts directly from a manufacturer and there are scenarios in which it makes sense

to contact a distributor. How do you determine whether or not to go direct or through a distributor? In many scenarios, this either/or decision is not in your best interest. Aiming for the best of both worlds, some choose a partner with its own in-house manufacturing that also specializes in distribution.

In this article, we will explore five key procurement considerations when comparing distributors and manufacturers for parts acquisition:

Learn which route is best for your procurement needs

• • • • •

low lead times, but they also want a better understanding

Quality Cost Reduction Supplier Optimization Regionalized Sourcing Risk Management 32

Engineering Update

and how combining manufacturing and distribution strategies creates several beneficial efficiencies along the way. Quality Not only do customers want supply chain assurance and of how their parts are manufactured. While quality has always been important, it’s becoming even more important as fasteners are designed for more critical applications, like products that secure batteries for electric vehicles.

can identify the technical cost drivers of a part and work with end customers to determine alternative solutions. Optimas manufacturing engineers will design-out inefficiencies and come up with the lowest cost, highest quality part. “Industrial and application engineers from Optimas work in tandem to execute line walks, look for part rationalization and standardization




OEMs elevate productivity and profitability. Distribution





floor space, eliminate SKUs, and analyze the soft costs associated with minimizing PO transactions,” said Jimenez. Supplier Optimization Choosing a single full-service manufacturer and distributor as part of your procurement strategy






administrative costs and other soft cost benefits. “As both a manufacturer and a distributor, “OEMs seek out suppliers with whom they have the most

Optimas can look at a customer’s BOM as well

confidence in their manufacturing process and the sub-

as their rubber and plastic components, and

suppliers that are augmenting the cold forming and heat

other C-Class items that a manufacturer alone

plating techniques,” said Optimas Director of Manufacturing

might not be able to provide,” said Jimenez.

Sales, Larry Fey. “As a result, more OEMs are choosing

“The ability to dual source adds significant

suppliers that have proven in-house technical expertise in

strength to your supply chain and procurement

addition to quick delivery.”

strategies because you can combine the

“It’s less about price and more about consistent and quick

breadth and depth of sourcing with the ability

fulfillment and a full-service experience,” said Optimas Global

to locally manufacture more complex parts.”

Business Development Director, Juan Jimenez. “Market demands based on company acquisition strategies, distribution

Regionalized Sourcing

network, service reputation and quality certifications indicate

“More than ever, customers want to work with a

whether a partner has the right foundation and process in

supplier in their local time zone,” Jimenez said.


“With that localization, they get the product within a two- to three-day period, rather than

Cost Reduction

shipping it across the globe.”

Full-service manufacturers and distributors—like Optimas— can combine the expertise of application, manufacturing and

Optimas has elevated its distribution network

industrial engineers to determine if you have the right part and

and manufacturing capabilities in the US, UK

installation process from a P&L perspective. Manufacturers

and, soon to be, Mexico. Engineering Update


Having a large network of domestic brick and mortar

A company that has both regionalized distribution and

facilities enables Optimas to reroute material to

manufacturing helps customers with foreign exchange,

different parts of the world based on market demand.

customs, geopolitical and transportation issues. With

This regionalized approach provides customers with

many fluctuations happening in our marketplace today,

technical access, design reviews, shorter lead times and

procurement specialists depend on business partners

local support from a single provider.

that can be flexible to limit production delays.

“Customers get to work with the same people and

Bonus: Part Characteristics

machines for their highly engineered fasteners, which

For less complex parts and a wider variety of options,

creates a comfort level from a technical, quality and

Optimas distribution experts are the best bet for OEMs.

delivery perspective,” said Fey.

For more complex part requirements, such as product radii, tolerances, drive mechanisms, base materials, or

“Procurement professionals also get the highest variety

outside surface requirements (to name a few), tenured

of delivery options, utilizing the distribution network,

Optimas manufacturing engineers can recommend the

such as dock-to-dock, dock-to-market, or dock-to-line,”

best path forward.

adds Jimenez. Next Steps Risk Management

Optimas Solutions is one of only a few companies that

A snag in your production line could impact every other

have in-house cold forming in the UK, US and, soon

channel of your business. A single-source partner can

to be, MX, that complements global distribution for

minimize your procurement risk.

parts procurement. By combining manufacturing and distribution abilities, Optimas Solutions represents the

With a full-service distributor, you can take advantage

best of both worlds which is a big win for savvy OEMs

of their centralized global platform supported by

and distributors.

predictive analytics to provide greater supply chain visibility and ensure your stock levels match product

Start a discussion with one of our experts

demand. By working with a manufacturer, you can take

to learn more how you can directly benefit

advantage of their manufacturing capacity, engineering


creativity and existing carrier relationships to guarantee

reliable delivery.

34 Engineering Update





Knowing your telemetry systems Wireless telemetry systems provide the easiest and most cost effective way for plant and asset managers to gather system data across their sites.




communications options available, it’s sometimes difficult to know which option is best for the job. Here, Mantracourt explains the key considerations for selecting the best type of telemetry system for the job and, crucially, how to get the most out of whichever system you opt for. Before wireless technologies became popular, any time an engineer needed to take a load cell reading, they would — and many still do — rely on a physical connection to the load cell. This would require the operator to directly plug their hand terminal into the load cell to take a reading, or use a human machine interface (HMI) to display the data from multiple sensors. This setup is fine if you’re measuring the reading from a single load cell, but add a few units and the complexity begins to add up. The cabling and installation costs of wiring such a system can often end up being more

Not only does this require the engineer to get up close to the application to take the reading — potentially putting them at risk of injury. Engineers must also use a dedicated, often proprietary, terminal along with all the cost and programming associated with that. The options for wireless transmission are varied, for example, low power devices that use transmission bands, such as 2.4 GHz, can transmit on multiple channels and are remarkably tolerant of radio frequency interference. Devices range from these low power technologies to devices that use mesh or star network topologies. These networks are more sophisticated, self-healing and work at greater range than their non-mesh counterparts — but this is at the expense of being power hungry, lower resolution and more complex to configure. And then there are fully fledged, cloud-integrated IoT platforms, which may be overkill if all you’re doing is periodically measuring the load on a container as bulk material is decanted before being processed. This on-demand, session-based approach means the operator only takes a reading when they need it, rather than being inundated with an ongoing live feed from their system. Continue reading the full article here >>>

than the load-cells themselves, and it takes time before you can get up and running. Engineering Update



Engineering Update

The Essentials of Electrical Safety Programs

Staying safe with electrical components is a hugely important factor for workforces across multiple industries, but many employees don’t feel appropriately trained on the potential risks and how to be safe. The annual Fluke Safety Survey for 2023 emphasized this, with 29% of workers interviewed believing that more electrical safety training would benefit them. Electrix, suppliers of electrical appropriate training will help reduce this risk. junction boxes across many industries, has provided some This can help distinguish your business as one that’s committed to insight on the essentials of protecting both your employees, your customers, and the general public electrical safety programs that who could be affected. Being prepared and safe can help brand reputation can help keep your workforce and build trust for your stakeholders and prospective customers. It can also informed




their improve the attraction and retention of high-quality talent, as they’ll feel

everyday working lives.

more attracted to a company concerned with safety.

Why safety programs are Safety programs will also help keep you in line with government standards so important and regulations for safe use and management of electricity. Failing to meet Every industry is reliant on them can lead to legal consequences, as well as fines and damage to your electricity, from the basics of business’ reputation. lighting and powering plugs to industries like hospitality having

More benefits of safety programs

their fridges and freezers kept 1. Accident and injury prevention – Through appropriate training on at the appropriate temperature

what your workforce will encounter such as equipment management

and avoiding spoiling. However,

and identifying hazards, it can reduce the number of accidents your



business encounters significantly. This means that less compensation

lead to accidents and injuries

claims and associated costs of downtime and payouts occur and of

among your workforce as well as

course you will be saving lives!



damage to property.

2. More productive workplace – By making workplaces safer, it encourages a culture of confidence and focus among your workforce. This is due

In worst case scenarios, it can

to less worry about electrical hazards, meaning they can work more

result in fatalities. Between 2011

efficiently and productively knowing they are safe.

and 2021, the Bureau of Labor 3. Cost saving – By reducing the number of incidents, it means medical Statistics and OSHA found that

and insurance costs are much lower. Proper maintenance of equipment

118 occupations were involved

also means less cost in repairs or replacements. The hidden cost of no

in electrical fatalities, proving

claims is difficult to quantify but consider how many of your clients may

that it’s not just occupations

action a change in contract if you had a poor safety reputation. It is fair

directly involved with electrics

to say that being proactive and putting safety first will directly affect

who are facing these risks. This

your balance sheet in a positive way.

is one of the main reasons to implement a safety plan, as the Click here to read the full article >>> Engineering Update


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