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The Brewers Association, the not-for-profit trade association representing small and independent American craft brewers, recently demonstrated the interplay between smoke, fire, beer and food at hot, new London restaurant, Humo in a bid to encourage more chefs and restauranteurs to consider elevating beer to a food accompaniment.

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Seven exquisite courses of smoke-infused delicacies were matched with seven equally amazing American craft beers chosen to harmonise with the flavours in the food. The menu and pairings were devised by the Humo chefs and Adam Dulye, Brewers Association Executive Chef and a world-renowned expert on beer pairings.

The menu comprised; Trout with three-month aged caviar smoked over HP18 oak and Rausu Konbu + The Bold Mariner Digital Goodbye pilsner. A crisp, light accompaniment to the subtle smoky notes of the fish

Kombu-Gin-Me sea bream with fermented datterino + Coronado Weekend Vibes IPA. Bursting with tropical fruit notes and resinous dankness this hazy IPA was the perfect partner for the fermented flavours of the dish

Garden Salad of smoked Agria potatoes, mizuno, East Sussex sansho pepper + Destihl Tourbus Deadhead Hazy IPA. A wonderful smoky aroma and taste from the potatoes captured the essence of this lush tropical, citrus hop hazy IPA

6 EAT. DRINK. SLEEP Septmeber 2023

Yellow tail with a citrus sauce and Castillo coffee + DC Brau Penn Quarter Porter. Bitter coffee notes in the sauce were enhanced by similar notes in the beer, along with a hint of dark chocolate

Kagoshima A4 black cattle sirloin with sudachi dashi + Heavy Riff Velvet Underbrown. A smooth and creamy brown ale merged with the showstopping flavours of the beef in winning combination

Cauliflower cooked under ash with Rokko Miso and Nori + Virginia Beer Co Wee Heavy Waypost. Aged in Single Malt whisky barrels with notes of caramel and subtle smoke, this Scotch Ale harmonised with the smoky flavours of the vegetable to produce the ‘wow’ factor

Amalfi Lemon tart, almond base, oak ‘burnt’ meringue + 903 Brewers Polynesian Whip Cream Ale. Pineapple and vanilla ice cream flavours of the beer were a marriage made in heaven with this divine lemon tart

American craft beer can take food to places it’s never been before and is available through national wholesalers or on line from Athletic Brewing, or the Cascade Club Chefs and restauranteurs are invited to make use of the free resources available on or

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Photographer: Nic Crilly-Hargrave

Noyan appointed Hotel Manager

Trou aux Biches Beachcomber


appointed Manager of Beachcomber

Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels

is pleased to announce the appointment of Guillaume Noyan as Hotel Manager of Trou aux Biches Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa from 1 August 2023.

Guillaume holds a Bachelor of Hotel Management from Griffith University, Australia. He started his career in the hotel industry in 1999 as a Management Trainee at Shandrani Beachcomber prior to moving to Dubai in 2001. He came back to Mauritius to take up a position as Assistant F&B at Oberoi Beach Resort in 2004. In 2006, he joined Paradis Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa as Assistant F&B Manager, then became F&B Services Manager before being appointed Executive Assistant Manager – F&B. In October 2021, he was promoted to Executive Assistant Manager of Paradis Beachcomber and Dinarobin Beachcomber.

After just over a year as Hotel Manager at Constance Prince Maurice, Guillaume returns to the Beachcomber Group as Hotel Manager at Trou aux Biches Beachcomber. “Guillaume is known for his expertise, professionalism and pleasant attitude. These are all qualities that will further enhance the excellence of the iconic Trou aux Biches Beachcomber. It is a real pleasure to welcome him back to Beachcomber. We are also delighted to entrust the running of the hotel to two remarkable leaders, Théodose Fleurié, the General Manager, and Guillaume Noyan,” says Beachcomber Group’s Chief Operations Officer, Jean-Louis

Pismont. Guillaume Noyan will contribute to the development of Trou aux Biches Beachcomber alongside Théodose Fleurié and the entire hotel team. “I am thrilled to be joining this flagship of the Mauritian hotel industry and returning to the Beachcomber Group, where I started out and spent much of my career. I am looking forward to working again with the General Manager, Théo Fleurié, after having worked with him at Paradis Beachcomber, and with the whole team,” he says.

For more information about Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels, visit

The global hospitality industry is raving about Prolitec ambient scent technology

The hospitality industry has always strived to provide the ultimate guest experience.  And with the help of the world’s leading ambient scent company, Prolitec, we are closer than we think. In fact, the solution is right under our noses.

These top hospitality brands share how Prolitec’s AirQ scent diffusion services impact their businesses.

Make a Great First Impression

Rutger Blom, General Manager of Mercure Hotel Central in Den Haag in the Netherlands, says Prolitec fragrances welcome his guests with an impressive first impression.

“It gives the first impression of the hotel,” Blom said. “You can have the most clean hotel in the world, but if the smell is not good or there isn’t any smell, guests can’t have a first impression.”

The guest’s journey should be front-of-mind.

“It’s not just the staff, it’s not just the building, but it’s the experience that’s makes a difference,” Blom says.

Keep it Hassle Free

Floris Licht, General Manager of the Doubletree by Hilton Amsterdam Central Station in the Netherlands, explains how Prolitec’s certified technicians are the key to creating an effortless experience for hotel managers and staff.

“As a hotel, it’s always very important that whatever solution we go for is always as hassle free as possible,” Licht said.

Prolitec systems are fully programmable, with easy remote monitoring, so Licht can tend to his guests while they enjoy effortless scent experiences.

“My team was very enthusiastic from the moment we started working with it, and we’ve also received a lot of positive feedback from guests,” Licht said.

Provide Scents of Clean

Derek Morrison, General Manager at the Hilton Madison Monona Terrace Hotel in Madison, WI., wanted to create a reassuring sense of clean in his hotel.

Working with the Prolitec fragrance team, Morrison selected a scent with notes of ripe grapefruit and orange, with fruity peach and red berry to add a fresh feel throughout the space.

“The scent does give off a clean smell, but yet not an overpowering scent of bleach or ammonia or anything like that. It’s comforting and warm,” Morrison explains.

Be Part of the Brand

Lauren Myers, Director of Sales with Provenance Hotels, Hotel Max in Seattle, WA., uses Prolitec scent to distinguish the hotel as a brand.

“We wanted something that was unique, something that was identifiable with Hotel Max and something that really represented the experience that we wanted guests to receive when they stay with us,” Myers said.

Myers said the experience has been nothing short of great.

“I’m just proud to have this partnership with Prolitec.”

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Sign inside lobby of the Mercure Hotel Central in Den Haag in the Netherlands. Picture taken by Mike Jorgenson on 6/27/23 AQ580 installed at the SkyLounge inside Doubletree by Hilton Amsterdam Central Station in the Netherlands. Picture taken by Mike Jorgenson on 6/25/23

The rise of AI and automation in hospitality:

is your venue futureproofed?

Tim Loynes, Director at Cellnex UK In-Building Solutions explores how tech is influencing building design to meet the needs of the tech-enabled customer.

If we look ahead to the hospitality industry of the not-so-distant future, artificial intelligence, robotics and augmented reality will have an established role in operations. Inevitably tech is transforming the sector, helping to streamline and enhance guest experiences as well as anticipate and deliver services tailor-made to customers’ personal preferences.

While some of these developments aren’t mainstream just yet, hotel experiences are being enhanced by digital technology today. Whether that’s digital check-ins or offering information and services via QR codes or bespoke apps, as well as ‘smart’ in-room amenities. On top of this, the move to hybrid working means that corporate guests expect to make use of real-time communication tools with faster download speeds and reduced latency.

Why not Wi-Fi?

While it’s true that hotels are increasingly offering free Wi-Fi, this isn’t the ideal solution for all guests’ needs with concerns around speed and security. Outlets can provide a truly seamless experience by eliminating the need for guests to connect to Wi-Fi via access codes and logon processes. They can stay connected from checkin to check-out without disruption or experiencing slower speeds and dropped sessions common in highly congested networks.

Tackling connectivity not-spots

When strong mobile coverage is not there, it is disruptive to hospitality managers and the guest experience. Certain buildings present unique challenges when it comes to ensuring reliable connectivity – outdated infrastructure, thick walls, steel structures, and the use of metallised glass in building design can impede wireless signals, resulting in weak or inconsistent internet connections. For those who are

based in old buildings with poor connection, it can turn into a recurring headache.

Close the connectivity gap

Buildings can be retrofitted with In-Building connectivity solutions to solve this issue. Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) provide enhanced cellular coverage, effectively handling high data traffic volumes and extending the reach of wireless networks. By strategically placing antennas throughout the premises, DAS overcomes the limitations posed by thick walls and structural obstacles, ensuring strong, consistent and costeffective 4G or 5G indoor connectivity for guests.

With stiff competition within the sector, it’s vital that hospitality and hotel buildings are futureproofed for the demands of emerging tech, as well as the expectations of consumers. Find out more by visiting: technology/in-building-solutions


Thinking Outside the Box

Border Biscuits features in 90 million occasions per year, and 40 million of those take place in OOH. As the UK’s No.1 premium biscuit brand in the OOH channel, Border is the go-to brand for the hospitality sector.

It’s true that the in-room offering can enhance the overall hotel stay experience, but that’s not where the opportunity to delight your guests with a snack offering stops.

Whilst the majority of hotel-goers in the UK (91%) say that complimentary items in their room make their stay more memorable, there is a much wider opportunity outside of the bedroom where offering snack items, like biscuits, can make a lasting impression.

Biscuits are viewed as a value-added item from a hotel that can make guests feel cared for. There are numerous touchpoints throughout a guest’s stay where hoteliers can engage with their guests in a tasty way.

Warm Welcome

More than half of people (57%) say they enjoy complimentary refreshments upon arrival during the check-in process. This is just one way hoteliers can differentiate themselves from competitors and build a positive first impression with guests that not only can increase repeat stays, but also encourage recommendations. Stocking a trusted and well-known brand such as Border Biscuits can give guests that feeling of being at a home away from home and help create a comfortable environment.

Coffee & Biscuits

Afternoon is the most popular time of day for eating biscuits and 60% of all biscuits are consumed alongside tea or coffee, so there is considerable scope for hoteliers to upsell consumers if they have an on-site café or lounge. To cater to this, Border offers a range of chocolate coated biscuit bars in three flavours: Dark Chocolate Ginger Bar, Dark Chocolate Orange Bar, and Milk Chocolate Ginger Bar – there’s something for everyone.

Alternative Spaces

There is an additional opportunity to enhance what your hotel has to offer when booking meeting/event spaces. Border’s pre-packaged biscuits provide a convenient and hygienic snacking option for corporate functions and serve as a great added value to hot drinks packages.

If you would like to find out more information about our range and stockists, please visit

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Here are the main opportunities to share Border Biscuits with your guests beyond the in-room snack tray.
“ “
At Border Biscuits, we know how special biscuit moments can be, and our variety of mouth-watering flavours including Butterscotch Crunch, Divinely Chocolatey Cookies, Light & Buttery Viennese Whirl, Golden Oat Crunch, and Light & Buttery Shortbread Rings, means there is a flavour for everyone.


A rainbow of bars to help you find a new favourite

Britain’s Greatest Little Chocolate company, Montezuma’s is vastly known for its exquisite creations and delectable line-up of chocolate bars that truly capture the essence of summer. With an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and quality, once you try their extraordinary chocolate it’s hard to go back to ordinary!

Montezuma’s Chocolate has long been celebrated for its dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients, creating unique flavour combinations, and crafting chocolates that are both visually stunning and utterly delicious. With summer well under way, why not make this season even brighter and find your new favourite treat?

With that in mind, what bar best suits you this summer? If you enjoy walks in the forest to cool down from the heat, then you may be partial to  Black Forest. With its delicious blend of dark chocolate and rich cherries, this bar is sure to make your day that little bit more indulgent.

If summer for you means being by the sea, then one bite of Montezuma’s  Sea Dog bar will instantly transport you to the beach! A combination of juicy, zesty lime with the subtle tang of sea salt, a true taste of the summer.

If you aren’t a fan of sea salt and sand but are an avid ice-cream lover – why not give  Minted a try. There’s nothing quite like a refreshing mint chocolate ice cream in the sun so treat yourself to this chocolate bar filled with crunchy peppermint. Trust us, it’s mint to be!

For all of those seeking a fun-filled summer,  Happy Hippy is one that will put a smile on your face! This chocolate perfectly blends citrus and floral flavours into a powerful dark chocolate orange – there’s a reason this bar is a best-seller.

For those looking to add a bit of spice to their summer and take some risks, the ultimate  Spice It Up chocolate bar is a treat worth trying. The fiery ginger and chocolate combination is sure to kickstart your summer of adventures.

With each Montezuma’s bar handcrafted to perfection, we invite chocolate enthusiasts to embark on a sensory journey and experience the taste of summer like never before. Check out their full range of extraordinary treats:

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Debra chair shown below with solid ash tabletop


EDEN FURNITURE offer a wide range of upholstered chairs, armchairs, sofas and footstools for lounge, dining and bedroom areas.

Traditional made furniture with solid beech frames finished in a choice of frame colours and any fabric for upholstery.

Wobbly tables can be a thing of the past thanks to the patented StableTable technology.

STABLETABLE is a unique patented fully automated solution which is hidden with the pillar of the table base allowing the legs to adjust to uneven surfaces.

Available for both indoor and outdoor use in a range of heights, shapes and sizes. Can be supplied as base only or complete with a stylish OnTop 12mm Compact Laminate top.

Clipsham Stowmarket Bohemia Plaza Malmo Lotti



Whether you work in a pub, bar, nightclub, restaurant or hotel, this exhibition will deliver the insights, information and network relevant to your business.

• CONNECT with suppliers, meet peers and make valuable contacts as the whole industry comes together under one roof

• LEARN the latest trends at Bar & Drinks Live, Chefs Live and Restaurant Live and leave with actionable insights

• SAMPLE and savour a whole range of innovative food and drink

• SOURCE the latest products and services to give you the competitive edge

This is a trade event. No under 18s will be admitted. IN PARTNERSHIP WITH FEATURING:
REGISTER FREE AT: @RestaurantShow #TRS2023
connecting and inspiring hospitality

Desi Daru Wins World’s Best Flavoured Vodka Title

Launched just seven months ago, Indian-inspired and British-made ultra-premium vodka, Desi Daru has already been named World’s Best Flavoured Vodka in the prestigious, World Vodka Awards.

The vodka brand is owned by Britishborn Indians, who celebrate the best of the two countries they call home through the flavour-led spirits, using the highest quality ingredients from the Himalayan mountains to the jungles of Maharashtra and the lush English countryside.

Desi Daru’s Alphonso Mango-flavoured vodka has been making waves in the drinks world since its launch last July. And it impressed the global panel of judges so much, it claimed the top spot in the UK Flavoured Vodka category and then competed against the best from each country to win the coveted title of World’s Best Flavoured Vodka.

Desi Daru co-founder, Mohit Singh says: “It is the perfect marriage of East and West and we are thrilled the judges agree and have honoured us with such a prestigious accolade.

“The World’s Best title reflects the quality of the finest alphonso mangoes, prized for their sweetness that we sourced from India’s Ratnagiri, which are distilled rather than infused for a fuller, smooth flavour. All of our vodkas are distilled seven times from creamy, English winter wheat, grown in Oxfordshire.”

Commending excellence in the vodka industry, the awards (part of the World Drink Awards) judges spirits in four categories: Pure Neutral, Infused and Botanical, Varietal and Flavoured.

The Alphonso Mango Spirit is Crowned Global Leader at World Vodka Awards

This is the second award for the mango vodka, which has won a Spirits Business Global Vodka Masters Award and been scored 96 points by the International Drinks Specialists.

The spirit is distilled seven times to make a vodka that is smooth enough to sip as well as providing the perfect foundation for bold and memorable cocktails, which can be enjoyed at some of the UK’s top bars and restaurants, from Mayfair’s Michelin-star Benares and Fitzrovia’s Pahli Hill to the glitzy Farzi and Holborn’s luxury Colonel Saab.

The brand also produces the Desi Daru Original, distilled using English winter wheat and the purest water from the snow-capped Himalayas. This has won a Spirits Business Global Vodka Masters Gold Award and been scored 90 points by the International Drinks Specialists.

This year, the brand has ambitious expansion plans, with the recent addition of drinks industry pioneer, Ben Reed as consultant for brand strategy and activation, a new design team and PR agency Cult Media Collective to its team and plans to launch a fully bespoke bottle design this year.

There’s Something #Bangin hitting UK supermarket shelves.

These mouth-watering marvels are also part of Boots and Asda meal deals, bringing you a one-way ticket to flavour town! Lunches couldn’t get better than this. Jake & Nayns’, fuelled by their treasured family recipe, their unwavering passion has struck a chord with the UK’s palate, creating a niche range of snacks in the bustling food-to-go market.

An impressive 94% of customers are returning for more, a testament to the unbeatable quality and taste of Jake & Nayns’ products. Every bite of their tantalizing Naansters, savoury burritos, and delightful samosas promises an unforgettable

adventure that keeps patrons craving for more!

Two brothers Jake & Nayns, Leicester’s rising star in the foodto-go industry, is shaking up the scene with their sensational #Bangin street food launches. Their captivating #Bangin range of Naansters, burritos, and samosas are already available in Sainsburys, Co-op & Nisa and now adding to that they are on the shelves of Tesco, Boots, and Asda making it available in 1000+ additional stores across U.K!!

Things don’t stop here, Jake & Nayns gears up to redefine innovation! The excitement mounts for their upcoming one touch solution, Hot Food-to-Go Range, featuring an array of #Bangin toasties and subs. Get ready to savour tempting choices like the 4 Cheese Toastie, Ham & Cheese, Bombay Sandwich, Kansas City BBQ, Creamy Chicken & Bacon, Truffle Mushroom & Emmental, The Cuban, and a line-up that promises a fusion of flavours that are nothing like what’s out there currently! Jake & Nayns’ commitment to reinventing the food-to-go experience continues to captivate the nation. With their irresistible offerings now adorning the shelves of Tesco, Boots, and Asda, Sainsbury, Co-op, Budgens, Nisa, Spar the journey continues. From a cherished family recipe that has blossomed into an enthralling culinary adventure – go try for yourself and embark on a gastronomic journey with the #Bangin street food range by Jake & Nayns’.

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20 EAT. DRINK. SLEEP September 2023


Bringing the Passion of Peru to the World with the New COYA Macerado

COYA, the immersive Latin American luxury lifestyle group, has today launched the world’s first bottled Passion Fruit Pisco infusion, COYA Macerado. Now available to buy in the UK from Amathus, priced at £41.50, the blend is laced with fruity, floral notes, infused with an authentic passion fruit pulp to offer an honest Pisco full of fragrant flavour.

Crafted in collaboration with Pisco 1615 – the brand’s long term distillery partner - the COYA Macerado offers a new and unique take on the original Pisco. Delivering a delicate freshness, this global first is an exciting addition to COYA’s already diverse selection of cocktails and infused Pisco blends, allowing bartenders to re-think classics and for fans of COYA to re-create their favourite cocktail experience at home.

EAT. DRINK. SLEEP September 2023
22 EAT. DRINK. SLEEP September 2023

After clebrating its 10th anniversary last year, COYA has grown to become synonymous with unique, handcrafted pisco infusions and creative cocktails. While some cocktails have been carefully curated for each COYA location around the globe, their passion fruit pisco sour continues to remain the most popular on the menu. It was this discovery along with Peru being the world’s top exporter of maracuya - or passion fruit - that prompted COYA to collaborate with their lifelong partners Pisco 1615 to produce a first-of-its kind pisco infusion in a passion fruit flavor.

After a trip to Peru, COYA’s Corporate Bar Manager, Sany Bacsi and Bar Managers from each COYA venue worked alongside the 1615 Pisco team to take part in several taste tests during the yearly harvest - the Vendimia, where ripe grapes are picked for Pisco production. Sany Bacsi comments “we’re so proud to have created the world’s first bottled infused Pisco, celebrating our signature and most popular homemade infusion – passion fruit. Working alongside 1615’s master distiller we have brought a new level of attention to the entire pisco category and the COYA 1615 Macerado is something that no other pisco brand has achieved – a perfectly balanced macerado, bottled and available to purchase globally”

Raul Otero Roose of 1615 Distillery adds “the COYA 1615 Macerado not only marks a world first, but also celebrates our 10 year partnership with COYA. The launch of the Macerado flawlessly encompasses what we both stand for - innovation, quality and surprise and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

A first for the industry, the new product allows fans of COYA and the Pisco category itself, to re-create the legendary Pisco Sour or a Chilcano at home, bringing a slice of the famous COYA Pisco Bar experience to their dining rooms. Bartenders around the world can also purchase the innovative product, allowing them to re-think their classics and create high quality, passion fruit cocktails without the need for purees or sugary liqueurs.

“Creating a Macerado seemed like a natural next step for COYA” says Yannis Stanisere, COYA Global COO “after launching COYA MUSIC, our in-house record label and the recent launch of our ultra-lounge ‘chanca by COYA’ the Macerado reaffirms our positioning as a luxury lifestyle brand”

The new COYA 1615 Macerado is available for guests to try at all Coya venues including COYA Mayfair and COYA City as well as restaurants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Marbella, Barcelona, Monaco, Paris, and Mykonos. The new blend is available to purchase now from Amathus.

The Pisco Infusion is available to buy from Amathus, priced at £41.50 To learn more about COYA, visit

23 EAT. DRINK. SLEEP September 2023


It was the word on everyone’s lips last summer, and the drink in everyone’s hands, but it seems that the Pornstar Martini trend may just be over, with a new icon emerging - the Spritz.

Online searches for the infamous cocktail have been dwindling and, as temperatures surged earlier in the year, a light and refreshing cocktail emerged, taking inspiration from the long-held tradition of Mediterranean aperitivo.

Spritz cocktails have been coming to the forefront since Aperol burst back into public consciousness a few years ago, and since then it’s been the drink to post across Instagram feeds.

Celebrated for its refreshing taste, bright colour and low alcohol content, it’s now commonly seen as the must-have drink when socialising.

What is a spritz and the history behind it

A spritz is a drink consisting of sparkling wine, such as prosecco, mixed with a bitter-tasting liqueur or spirit and topped with sparkling water.

The spritz is thought to have originated in Italy in the 1800s, when Austrian soldiers and visitors from surrounding countries diluted wine with a splash of water, after finding the Italian wine a little too strong for their tastes.

Today, the very ritual of enjoying a spritz comes from the long-held tradition of the Mediterranean Aperitivo.

An aperitivo is a pre-meal drink and the experience of aperitivo is a cultural ritual. The word itself is derived from the Latin aperire, which means ‘to open’, with the custom meant to ‘open the stomach’ before dinner, particularly as bitter flavours are said to stimulate the appetite.

For centuries, this practice has been commonplace in Italy with people coming together over drinks and appetisers in the early evening, after work, and born from a desire to separate their working day from their free time, and it seems more and more countries are now adopting their own version of the ritual.

Why is the spritz so popular?

The UK Bartenders Guild (UKBG) is one of the leading professional associations for the bar and hospitality sector.

President of the UK Bartenders Guild, Claudia Carrozzi, explained why this European practice has now been adopted by bartenders and venues across the UK, and beyond.

She said: “The end-of-the-day ritual of meeting up with friends and enjoying an aperitivo has long been favoured across the Mediterranean.

An age-old tradition that has seen younger consumers firmly take hold

24 EAT. DRINK. SLEEP September 2023


of the trend due to its accessibility; it’s a low-alcohol, light refreshment enjoyed over light snacks, good company… and most importantly, plenty of sunshine!

We’re seeing the ritual of the aperitivo grow in popularity each year, not least because consumers now are drinking less, but drinking better.

The spritz is a hugely versatile drink that can be made lighter, in both calories and alcohol content, and we’re seeing bartenders play around with exciting and unique flavour variations, and styles, all of which work to create highly Instagrammable spritz cocktails… perfect for truly showcasing Mediterranean culture and la dolce vita!”

Online searches for spritz are on the rise

With younger consumers seemingly on board with the ritual of aperitivoand the spritz - there’s also been a huge increase in the number of online searches looking for cocktail and recipe inspiration.

In fact, online searches for spritz-based cocktails have been steadily on the rise - with the likes of ‘Aperol Spritz’ and ‘Limoncello Spritz’ being most popular.

Richard Glover from Molinari Italia S.p.A, owners of Limoncello di Capri, said: “We have seen a huge change in consumer behaviour since lockdown with drinkers wanting to know more about how to make the perfect cocktail at home and to understand more about their favourite drinks.”

“The days of Limoncello being enjoyed as a digestif alone, are far gone. We have developed a number of signature serves; mixed simply as a spritz with prosecco or with tonic water, provides a refreshingly fruity drink that’s as delicious at Christmas, as it is in summer.

Limoncello spritz recipe

For those looking to recreate their very own aperitivo moment at home, Richard outlines Molinari’s suggested serve for creating the ultimate Limoncello Spritz


• 75 ml Prosecco

• 50 ml Limoncello Di Capri

• 25 ml Soda

• Sprig of mint

• Lemon twist


• In a stemmed glass filled with ice, pour 75 ml of Prosecco.

• Next, add 50 ml of Limoncello Di Capri.

• Add 25 ml of soda water.

• Garnish with a sprig of mint and a lemon twist.

• Gently stir, allowing the flavours to mingle.

• Finally, simply serve up and enjoy the essence of La Dolce Vita!

The top spots in Europe for a spritz

For those looking to make the most of the last drops of summer sun, Claudia outlines some of the most Instagrammable locations across Europe to enjoy a spritz…

Jordaan District, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The postcard perfect canals and streets of trendy Jordaan are flanked by indie boutiques, cosy pubs and hip eateries, a perfect spot to enjoy your aperitivo ritualand ideal for an Instagram snap (or two).

Trastevere, Rome, Italy

A charming and picturesque district in Rome known for its narrow streets, cobblestone alleys, lively nightlife and authentic traditional charm. Drinking and dining opportunities are aplenty and many bars and cafes offer aperitivo specials, perfect for the early evening hours.

Old Town Square, Prague, Czech Republic

With its ancient buildings and magnificent churches, this is one of the most beautiful historical sights in Europe. Crowned as one of Eastern Europe’s most popular destinations, the colourful buildings of the Old Town Square make the perfect setting to enjoy the cultural ritual of aperitivo.

Le Marais, Paris, France

Le Marais is one of the most popular quartiers of Paris. And it’s not hard to see why - it’s full of old-world charm, narrow cobblestone streets, hidden courtyards & gardens, and a multitude of grand and historic mansions. This historic district in the ‘City of Love’ is full of trendy cafes and bars where you can enjoy a pre-dinner drink and experience the innate Parisian sense of style.

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