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JULY 2024


Helford based, family run Artisan distillery, Rosemullion, are delighted to announce further awards this year – 4 category winners at World Rum and 3 winners at the Gin Guide Awards, these following their multiple awards at SIP (California) in 2022. This now brings their award tally to 80, making Rosemullion one of the most awarded distilleries in the country. Their winning cycle, which began in 2019, is all the more remarkable for this small but dedicated distillery as it has continually outperformed bigger or more long established brands in doing so well for so long.

The Gin Guide Awards are the world’s largest independent Gin Awards and they lead the Industry with the most rigorous judging process, the most extensive feedback, and with categories that are the most relevant and in touch with industry trends. Widely recognized and highly respected by the trade and consumers across the world, The Gin Guide Awards celebrate and give global recognition to the exceptional products, distilleries and people within the gin industry.

The World Drinks Awards are similarly prestigious – these are global awards selecting the very best in all internationally recognised styles of drinks. Presented by TheDrinksReport. com, the world’s no.1 online resource for drinks professionals, the World Drinks Awards select, reward and promote the world’s best drinks to consumers and trade across the globe.

Rosemullion’s continuing success story owes a lot to the background of its founders Liz and Andy Bradbury – both are chemists with years of past experience in product development and improvement processes such as Kaizen, 6-sigma and TQM. Speaking today, Andy explains why, in his opinion, Rosemullion spirits have been so successful:

“utilizing our experience, we make classic spirits, not sugar flavoured, additive laden spirits, so our Gins purely taste of gin, not ‘fruit shoots’. Similarly, we want our rums to taste of rum and not be hidden by sugars and vanilla etc. To achieve good gin, rum and whisky the foundation is in the fermentation, which provides a firm footing for creating great spirits. We also draw upon our unique surroundings to underscore our provenance – Helford rainwater is used in the fermentation and distillation process, complemented by local Cornish ingredients plus seasonal fruit from our own orchard and vines. We only produce small batches to ensure optimum quality control. We aim always to be the protectors and perfecters of the distillery craft, constantly looking to improve even category winners”.

In addition to the previous factors, Rosemullion also strives to maintain ethical, responsible and sustainable practices. Rosemullion are registered with Cornwall Council’s ‘Made in Cornwall’ scheme – hence they are audited in terms of what they say they do, covering the fermentation, distilling and aging processes carried out on their site. In terms of minimizing their environmental impact they have a rainwater catchment system and minimize their water consumption by recycling their cooling water for use in the fermenters. They also minimize the use of plastic from suppliers and all their own plastic and cardboard waste is sent to recyclers. Finally they pay more for their distribution boxes so they can reuse them.

Special offer available for all trade orders until 31 August 2024.

Please use this code when ordering:

Great customer service in successful restaurants

In the restaurant industry, customer service is integral. The way customers are treated and their overall experience can make or break a business, as happy customers often come back and recommend restaurants to family and friends.

When it comes to the success of a restaurant, however, customer service may be overlooked in the face of more tangible factors such as menu options and ambiance –but delivering customer excellence is just as important, if not more so. Poor customer service can lead to negative reviews and a drop in customers, while customer service quality creates loyal regulars and valuable word-of-mouth marketing.

Creating positive experiences for customers starts with understanding their needs and providing them with exceptional service. This means demonstrating hospitality, courtesy and respect, as well as being attentive to customers and being proactive in helping them with their questions and requests to establish that all-important positive customer relationship.

The importance of communication in the hospitality industry cannot be overstated. Excellent communication skills are essential for restaurant customer service and management. Good communication involves active listening, understanding customer needs, and responding in a polite, efficient manner. Paying attention to the small details can contribute to a positive customer experience. This includes proper table settings, serving food promptly, and using appropriate language when conversing with customers.

Providing excellent customer service in the hospitality industry can be challenging, especially during busy periods, and there are three challenges that restaurant professionals need to navigate efficiently to deliver exceptional customer service:

1. Dealing with difficult customers and managing complaints

Customers can be a challenge, especially when they are not happy. Restaurant customer service professionals need to remain calm and professional when handling complaints and feedback while also working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. This will involve listening to customers, understanding the issues, and taking the necessary steps to resolve it. While customer satisfaction is important, restaurant managers need to ensure that they are also achieving business objectives. This may involve finding the right balance between providing great service and running a profitable business. However, reputation management is ultimately key here, as negative customer experiences can easily be shared online.

2. Enhancing restaurant customer service with technology

Technology in hospitality is fast evolving and may involve investing in software that can track orders, manage reservations or even provide feedback to customers. By taking advantage of technology, restaurant managers can ensure operations are smooth and efficient. Some of the benefits of investing in technology solutions include automation of processes – technology can automate functions such as order taking or reservation management, freeing up staff to focus on more important tasks; increased efficiency – by streamlining processes with technology, restaurants can become more efficient and reduce costs, and improved customer satisfaction – technology can help provide customers with a better experience, from faster order processing to creating more personalised experiences.

3. Using data and analytics to further boost engagement

Restaurant customer service teams can take advantage of data and analytics to make informed decisions and boost

service and its role restaurants

customer engagement in hospitality through better branding and marketing. Data analysis can help restaurants identify customer preferences and ensure that they are meeting customers’ needs. This information can be used to create targeted promotions, adjust menus or even improve the overall guest experience. For example, restaurants can use customer data to identify the most popular dishes or drinks and then promote them accordingly. They could also use customer feedback to identify areas for improvement and make relevant change.

As good as a restaurant may be at delivering excellent customer service, though, there will always be times when customers are dissatisfied. Restaurant managers need to hone their skills in dealing with customer complaints, as this could make or break a restaurant’s reputation. So what, practically, can restaurateurs do?

Techniques for resolving issues

When resolving customer complaints, restaurant managers should strive to make their dining experience as positive as possible, and could do so by:

Apologising and acknowledging the issue: it is important to apologise for any mistakes or dissatisfaction that may have been caused by your business. Showing understanding and owning up to mistakes can help to diffuse the situation.

Providing a solution: this could be a discount for a meal that was not satisfactory, or offering to re-cook a dish that was incorrectly prepared. Showing customers that you are willing to put in the effort to make things right is a great way of building trust and ensuring customer satisfaction. Click here to read the full article >>>


Poppy Range shown


EDEN FURNITURE offer a wide range of outdoor patio, terrace and poolside furniture.

For Summer 2024 we have launched a number of new ranges which are made from gas injected resin which is glass fiber reinforced for extra strength and durability.

Chairs, Armchairs, Stools and Lounge Sets in a range of colours.

In Stock for Immediate Delivery!

Wobbly tables can be a thing of the past thanks to the patented StableTable technology.

STABLETABLE is a unique patented fully automated solution which is hidden with the pillar of the table base allowing the legs to adjust to uneven surfaces.

Available for both indoor and outdoor use in a range of heights, shapes and sizes. Can be supplied as base only or complete with a stylish OnTop 12mm Compact Laminate top.

Chestnut Chair
Chestnut Armchair
Alder Lounge Set

Reconnect With Nature And Rediscover Wellbeing At Blissful Baros Maldives

In today’s fast-paced world, there’s a growing desire to reconnect with nature and embrace wellbeing through tranquil holidays. A gem in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Baros offers the perfect sanctuary for those seeking to rejuvenate their mind, body and soul amidst pristine, powder-white sands, lush jungle canopies and the brilliant blue of a glittering lagoon.

At Baros, guests are invited to embark on a journey of wellbeing, profoundly reconnecting with nature. The warm soul of Baros welcomes guests with gentle, unobtrusive, yet exemplary hospitality, providing a genuine, caring and restful experience.


For a small island, Baros boasts three exemplary restaurants: The Lime Restaurant, Cayenne Grill and The Lighthouse Restaurant. Helmed by exceptional chefs, the culinary artistry here satisfies not only the palate but all of the senses. Indulge in fresh seafood such as tuna, Mahi Mahi and lobster, sustainably sourced from local waters and perfectly complemented by local ingredients including coconut, chilli and fresh produce. With extensive menus offering authentic Maldivian dishes and diverse vegan and vegetarian options, every meal at Baros becomes an extraordinary memory under a twinkling canopy of stars or beside the vast lagoon.


Life on the luxury private island of Baros soothes and calls for both gentle introspection and adventurous exploration.

Follow a meandering path to the jungle heart of the island and discover The Serenity Spa. Here, therapists attuned to guests’ needs offer spa experiences designed to transport them to another realm. Enjoy the Serenity Healing experience, beginning with a 45-minute immersive water therapy session in the Baros lagoon, followed by a 90-minute tranquil healing massage incorporating natural ingredients sourced from the island’s lush botanical garden. Reflect in quiet meditation with Trataka, a candle meditation technique, with the soothing sounds of nature as a backdrop.

Click here to read the full article >>>

Visit Baros, the Icon of the Maldives, and experience wellbeing like never before.

Visit or contact us directly at or call +960 664 26 72.


The UK continues to embrace Americana – the rich and varied culture of the United States - in its many guises including its eclectic cuisine and pioneering independent craft beer scene.

American Independence Day takes place on 4th July presenting an ideal opportunity for a US themed beer and food menu culminating in National Burger Day on 22 July (yes, there is such a day!).

Ideas include a whole week of specials such as ribs, burgers, steak, fried chicken and hot dogs with different seasonings or sauces to ring the changes. Potato salad, coleslaw and mac n’ cheese are typical side dishes while dessert calls out for creativity – red, white and blue fruit salad with strawberries, blueberries and lychees or brownies/cake decorated with red, white and blue sprinkles.

American craft beer is an essential accompaniment to American themed cuisine. Meat based dishes are the perfect backdrop for porters and stouts because the rich, robust malt flavours of these beers enhance the intense, strong flavours of meat. American pilsners are ideal with fried chicken because their high carbonation acts as a palate cleanser, scrubbing away any fatty residue and refreshing your taste buds and sour beer provide an interesting contrast to sweet dishes and desserts. The versatile and ever popular IPA style with its hop bitterness and range of hop-forward flavours can counteract a sweet barbecue sauce or calm the heat of a spicy marinade.

Aim for balance in the pairings you offer – neither the food nor the beer should overpower the other and you should be able to taste every element of both. Similarly, match intensity of flavour and body together, a light Helles lager works best with a salad, a big bold, barrel-aged stout will stand up to a rich, decadent, chocolate dessert or a hearty meat casserole.


Iconic American craft brewery, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co is expanding its UK presence with a new partnership through distributor Cave Direct to bring its acclaimed brews to an even broader UK audience.

From July the core range will comprise:

• Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, California IPA and Crisp Little Thing permanently available on draught

• Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, California IPA, Torpedo, Trail Pass Golden Non-Alcoholic and Trail Pass IPA Non-Alcoholic permanently available in packaged format

• A wide range of Sierra Nevada specials will be available on a pre-sale basis to ensure freshness

American craft beer stands out and is worth stocking due to the use of top-notch raw materials combined with advanced brewing techniques, a proactive approach, and a steadfast commitment to quality from grain to glass.

The UK remains an important export market for American craft beer with 7.9% of all exports, the third biggest market outside Canada and the Caribbean. In the UK, American craft beer is available from on-line retailers such as Athletic Brewing or selected national wholesalers.

Date for your Diary

Trade day of London Craft Beer Festival takes place on Friday 9th August providing an opportunity to sample a range of style-diverse, high quality, innovative American craft beers and meet the brewers/ brewery owners who will be flying over from the States to support the activation. A series of talks and tastings will take place throughout the day offering a unique opportunity to discover how stocking American craft beer may benefit your venue.

Chefs and restauranteurs are invited to make use of the free resources available on or

Hilton Curio Rhodes

Lindian Village Beach Resort Rhodes Case Study –

Curio Collection by Hilton is a global portfolio of remarkable hotels hand-picked to immerse guests in one-of-a-kind moments in the world’s most sought-after destinations. Each hotel in the Curio Collection evokes a bespoke story through distinctive architecture and design, world-class food and beverage and curated experiences.

Lindian Village Beach Resort Rhodes is a breath-taking addition to the growing Greek portfolio of Curio Collection by Hilton hotels. Set on a private beach overlooking the glistening Aegean Sea, this is the perfect secluded destination for curious travellers looking to relax, unwind and enjoy the best of what the Greek island has to offer.

Mr Anestis Daneos Michaloudis, General Manager, Lindian Village Beach Resort Rhodes said,

“At Lindian Village, our philosophy revolves around providing an exceptional and holistic guest experience, where comfort and luxury are paramount. We have chosen to invest in premium Hypnos mattresses because we believe that a restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep is the cornerstone of a memorable stay. Hypnos is renowned for its dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability, mirroring our commitment to excellence. By offering our guests the unparalleled comfort and support of Hypnos mattresses, we ensure they wake up refreshed and revitalized, ready to enjoy the serene beauty and hospitality of Lindian Village. This investment not only enhances our brand’s value but also elevates the overall prestige of our resort, reaffirming our dedication to the highest standards of guest satisfaction.”

The 188 spacious rooms and suites have an inviting minimal ‘boho’ design, exuding refined elegance. Earthy tones and natural textures create a harmonious flow between the stunning surrounding nature with views of the Aegean Sea, and the relaxed indoor atmosphere.

Each suite comes with either a private pool, veranda, or Jacuzzi, for an added touch of luxury. Every detail to enhance the guest experience has been considered, including elevating this tranquil escape with a sumptuous Hypnos bed in every room and suite.

The hotel’s Calli Spa celebrates the rejuvenating benefits of local herbs, essential oils and minerals with a variety of healing and results-oriented treatments. Guests can also participate in “Eudaimonia” spirituality sessions, meaning ‘happiness’ in Greek, which is an exclusive experience for body, mind, and soul, specially curated to achieve the “soul’s glory”.

Guests also have access to a private beach, freshwater swimming pools, eight restaurants and bars, spa, gym, tennis court, numerous experiences, and a kids club for the ultimate getaway for both couples and families.

David Baldry, Group Managing Director at Hypnos said, “Sleep is integral to achieving a positive guest experience, and we work closely with hospitality brands all over the world to ensure their guests have the ultimate nights’ sleep. As a luxury British bedmaker, Hypnos has been handcrafting mattresses and beds for over 120 years, perfecting the art of sleep for the wellbeing of people and the planet.

For us, comfort and sustainability are intrinsically linked, having invested in trusted international licensees and supply chain networks to reduce our environmental impact and meet the global demand for Hypnos beds both effectively and sustainably.”


Turnstyle Designs returns to Decorex to debut a new collection of Brutalist-inspiredhardware, shown with a brand new finish. Introducing the Plinth collection, available inbeautiful, high-quality Italian bridal leather.

Designed collaboratively by Turnstyle Design’s late founder, Steve Roberts, and his son Oscar, current Managing Director, this range represents a natural evolution in design style. The Plinth collection joins the brand’s wide variety of door, cabinet and window hardware for the design-conscious in residential, commercial and hospitality sectors. The Plinth launches as a full range, offering door levers, pulls and cabinet handles, each available to customise with solid or hand-hammered brass, the brand’s own material creation, Amalfine™, or using beautiful hand-stitched Italian saddle leather. Six natural, vegetable-dyed bridal leathers launch to market for the Plinth collection from October, presented for the first time at Decorex.

The design of the Plinth collection is a testament to the bold style of blocky architectural forms. Inspired by the monolithic shapes of Denys Lasdun’s work, the clean, square silhouette of the base provides the perfect backdrop for two new AmalfineTM finishes, Mosaic and Diamond, exclusively available on the new Plinth range. Over 240+ finish combinations in total allows clients to build entirely bespoke designs to accompany and complement the wider scheme of each unique project décor.

Designed collaboratively by Turnstyle Design’s late founder, Steve Roberts, and his son Oscar, current Managing Director, this range represents a natural evolution in design style The Plinth collection joins the brand’s wide variety of door, cabinet and window hardware for the design-conscious in residential, commercial and hospitality sectors. The Plinth launches as a full range, offering door levers, pulls and cabinet handles, each available to customise with solid or hand-hammered brass, the brand’s own material creation, Amalfine™, or using beautiful hand-stitched Italian saddle leather Six natural, vegetable-dyed bridal leathers launch to market for the Plinth collection from October, presented for the first time at Decorex

Visit stand B35 at Decorex, 6th – 9th October 2024, to experience the new collection and meet the Turnstyle Designs team.

About Turnstyle Designs

The design of the Plinth collection is a testament to the bold style of blocky architectural forms. Inspired by the monolithic shapes of Denys Lasdun's work, the clean, square silhouette of the base provides the perfect backdrop for two new Amalfine™ finishes, Mosaic and Diamond, exclusively available on the new Plinth range Over 240+ finish combinations in total allows clients to build entirely bespoke designs to accompany and complement the wider scheme of each unique project décor

Founded in 1992 by Steve Roberts in the heart of North Devon, Turnstyle Designs is a global leader in the creation of bespoke hardware. The business is now managed by Steve’s son Oscar, and run from a purpose-built factory, with a newly acquired site next door now providing room for further expansion. The brand makes each individual piece by hand, with skilled craftspeople using sustainably-sourced materials and traditional techniques. An ever-growing collection includes interior door, cabinet and window hardware.

Visit stand B35 at Decorex, 6th - 9th October 2024, to experience the new collection and meet the Turnstyle Designs team.

About Turnstyle Designs:

Founded in 1992 by Steve Roberts in the heart of North Devon, Turnstyle Designs is a global leader in the creation of bespoke hardware The business is now managed by Steve’s son Oscar, and run from a purpose-built factory, with a newly acquired site next door now providing room for further expansion. The brand makes each individual piece by hand, with skilled craftspeople using sustainably-sourced materials and traditional techniques An ever-growing collection includes interior door, cabinet and window hardware

Turnstyle Designs trades globally via their website and dedicated network of dealerships, with an experienced sales team on hand to answer any questions.

Please visit for further information.

Retail, Hospitality And Leisure Businesses Hungry To Switch To An Ev Future Despite Regulatory ‘Potholes’

Retail, hospitality and leisure businesses are charging ahead to install on-site electric vehicle (EV) charge points to decarbonise their commercial fleets and offer charging facilities to the wider public, according to new research, but are battling complex regulations, an inaccessible national grid, and unhelpful planning laws.

Some six million commercial vehicles travel up and down Britain’s roads each year, but today, only 1% of vans, 8% of company cars, and less than 1% of HGVs are electric. Increasing this proportion is a vital part of achieving the Government’s net zero ambition by 2050. Businesses are keen to make the switch and are making significant progress.

A major piece of new research by charge point operator (CPO) Believ finds that almost all (88%) businesses are already installing EV charging infrastructure. Many (57%) plan to double charging capacity by 2028, driven by a desire to electrify company vehicles, reduce CO2 emissions and fulfil their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.

Most businesses, especially retail, hospitality and leisure businesses, understand the advantage of having their own charging facilities to attract new customers (69%) or use charging revenues to offset any upfront installation costs (72%). But despite this strong motivation they are facing significant hurdles.

Seven out of ten respondents (70%) say projects are delayed by the slow pace, high cost and complexity of working with electricity companies to upgrade the local power supply, and 11% find it a significant barrier. Similarly, for 70% of businesses, navigating inconsistent planning laws across the country is complex and confusing. Over a quarter (27%) struggle to get sufficient support from local councils to overcome these issues, and nearly three-quarters (74%) of businesses say they need specialist help.

If businesses can accelerate the installation of their on-site charge points they would reduce their partial (58%) or total (14%) reliance on the national public infrastructure. Some respondents say sales and delivery vehicles now spend more time charging or travelling to charge points than being used productively and almost one-fifth (17%) were concerned about missing deliveries or meeting deadlines. The additional fuel consumption, vehicle wear and tear and planning to optimise travel routes are also increasing operational costs.

Full Speed Ahead?

Overcoming the Obstacles to Businesses Transitioning to an Electric Future

Believ’s CEO, Guy Bartlett, says greater collaboration between the public and private sectors is needed:

“Businesses are being thwarted by factors where greater collaboration with CPOs would help accelerate the rollout of EV charging infrastructure.

“The best CPOs have the knowledge and expertise many businesses seek about installing charge points and navigating the complexities of planning laws across the country. National and local governments can also help solve many issues that businesses face, such as easing access to the national grid and better targeted funding for national public charging infrastructure to areas that are not commercially viable.

“The national Government’s promises, such as the £70m investment at COP28, however, and the national rapid charging network are yet to be delivered and are needed urgently. It is vital for British businesses, the UK economy and the country’s global competitiveness. We must act now to facilitate sustainable transport and deliver cleaner air for all.”

Full Speed Ahead?

Overcoming the Obstacles to Businesses Transitioning to an Electric Future. Business Insight Report 2024

Summary: What is delaying the UK’s switch to electric vehicles?

All respondents have plans to install EV charge points on site,

struggle with inconsistent planning laws. 31% have completed their plans and 57% are currently installing EV charging infrastructure; most aim to double their charge point numbers by 2028.

Because 14% of businesses are totally reliant and 58% partly reliant on public charging infrastructure.

Distances between charge points are reducing profits for 70% of businesses.

Accessing the power grid frustrates 70% of businesses.

Some 74% of respondents need specialist help to assess power needs and navigate regulations. 1 2 3 88%


67% lack the expertise to calculate ROI.

Kärcher UK announces exciting offer ahead of busy summer season

As the hospitality, public service and wholesale industries head towards a busy summer season, Kärcher UK, the leading provider of cleaning solutions, is thrilled to unveil an extraordinary offer designed to provide industry professionals with the means to level up their cleaning services.

From now all the way through to the end of August, businesses can capitalise on Kärcher’s Suck Up The Deals offer. The “Suck Up The Deals” promotion offers customers a free manual cleaning bundle (valued up to £65.00) with the purchase of any qualifying vacuum or spray extractor, including Kärcher’s tub vacuums, wet and dry vacuums and handheld vacuums.

Included in the manual cleaning bundle is the Uni Junior Kit, the Clean Glass PRO Kit and the Allice Light Cloth.

The Suck Up The Deals offer was created by Kärcher with the awareness of the vital role manual cleaning plays in the hospitality, public sector, and wholesale industries. In hospitality, meticulous manual cleaning ensures that guests experience spotless and inviting environments, directly impacting customer satisfaction and repeat business. In the public sector, such as schools and hospitals, manual cleaning is vital for preventing the spread of germs and maintaining sanitary conditions. In wholesale, thorough manual cleaning helps preserve product integrity and safety, ensuring compliance with health regulations and safeguarding the health of employees and customers. Across these sectors, the precision

and attention to detail that manual cleaning provides are indispensable for maintaining a clean, safe, and welcoming environment.

James Gordon, Marketing Director at Kärcher Professional UK, expressed his enthusiasm for this unique promotion: “We are excited to launch the ‘Suck Up The Deals’ campaign, offering our customers exceptional value with a free manual cleaning bundle on the purchase of our high-quality vacuums and spray extractors. Manual cleaning remains a cornerstone in maintaining impeccable hygiene standards, especially in the hospitality, public sector, and wholesale industries. It provides the precision and attention to detail necessary to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness and safety. At Kärcher, we are committed to supporting our customers with innovative solutions that enhance their cleaning processes and help them achieve superior results.”

Don’t miss out on this limited-time opportunity to elevate your cleaning experience. Visit here to learn more about this offer and how you can claim your free manual cleaning bundle:

Necta’s Latest Opera Can Offer a Wide Variety Drinks and Deliver Them

Necta, a brand of the Evoca Group, has announced the arrival of Opera Touch; machine that combines the best in electronic technology with an optimised effect of simplifying both maintenance and usage.

Every facet of Opera Touch revolves around its extraordinary 13.3” screen that not only allows the drinks menu to be dramatically expanded, but also enables the consumer to access, for example, nutrition and allergen information. With enhanced search options and a high degree of drink customisation, Opera Touch offers consumers an improved purchase experience.

Opera Touch is designed to be easily managed by operators. Thanks to its proven electronics, it’s quick and easy to programme operations and personalise the functions of the machine. Evoca’s standardised programming software results in familiarity across the entire range, as well as a reduction in operating costs thanks to speedy machine set up, easy fault diagnosis and simple maintenance.

It’s equally straightforward to customise the user interface. For instance, video content can be added to accompany the progress of the process, from stand-by to dispensing. The screen’s ability to host multimedia content also gives operators the possibility to communicate an extensive commercial offer and customise the selections with brands and logos.

Thanks to embedded Wi-Fi or optional 4G module, Opera Touch will be compatible with the soon-to-be-launched AmiClo and Televend Smart Start telemetry services – enabling data to be downloaded from and content to be transferred to the machine, remotely by operators.

Opera Touch offers the option of a new model which was specifically designed to offer fresh-brew tea, alongside instant coffee and soup. Opera Touch’s drinks menu is ideally suited to UK tastes and will be a natural fit in locations such as offices, factories and warehouses.

Invitations to tender for vending contracts often stipulate the installation of a machine that offers a wide variety of drinks and delivers them quickly. Opera Touch delivers all of that, and more.

Touch Variety of Them Fast!

Touch; a new, hot drinks vending optimised mechanical layout - with the


How Can We Achieve Genuine

Sommet Education Foundation, set up to offer scholarships for hospitality education to talented individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds and advocate for careers and professions in hospitality, has published new research on the attractiveness of hotel, restaurant and customer experience professions. Here the UK findings are revealed in an article by the Foundation’s Executive Vice-President Anouck Weiss.

The announcement that the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Hospitality and Tourism launched an inquiry into recruitment and retention of staff in hospitality was a welcome development for everyone involved in the UK sector.

Currently there are over 100,000 vacancies in the industry and staff turnover in many hospitality businesses is higher than is sustainable for profitable trading, so the inquiry was set up to explore the reasons behind high vacancy rates, ask what more the sector can do, and then make a series of recommendations to government.

The inquiry, which we can hope will be picked up post-4th July following the General Election, will undoubtedly be supported by other UK industry bodies which have invested much activity in understanding the issues behind the ongoing employment challenge.

HOSPA has a long-running ‘Why I love hospitality’ campaign to support the industry during recruitment challenges and staff retention, and sharing the roles and progression available to those starting out or switching career paths. Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, the Institute of Hospitality recently published a white paper on How can hospitality employers make their workplaces appeal to older workers?

We have also undertaken important work to support understanding around at least one of the questions being asked by the APPG (with UK Hospitality as the Secretariat) in its inquiry: What are the barriers businesses are facing when it comes to recruitment and finding the staff they need?

From my perspective, however, it is important to first recognise that hospitality covers many sectors. It offers inspirational careers in hotel management, culinary and pastry arts, travel, tourism, events and entertainment, luxury and finance.

Yet we wanted to better understand the employment challenges facing hotels, restaurants, travel, tourism, independent, medium-sized and large hotel groups, and high-end retail. So the newly-launched Sommet Education Foundation engaged OpinionWay, a pioneering market research institute, to conduct a comprehensive European survey to identify the key factors that attract and retain talents across these audiences in the hospitality industry. 1,300 young professionals and hospitality HR managers across Europe were interviewed, along with 20 key industry leaders encompassing the broader spectrum of the hospitality sector.

The full findings, which we published in April, can be found here, but the UK-specific data is particularly interesting within the overall global picture and provides valuable insight that may help to inform a response to the employment challenge.

Young professionals in the UK speak out on attractiveness of the professions

Among 200 young professionals aged 18-34 in the UK, 84% said that service professions were attractive (16% not attractive). For the high-end hotel, restaurant and retail sector, 81% reported this was was attractive (19% not attractive) when compared to other sectors in general. Career opportunities, and creativity and innovation (both 45%), and the importance of product, service and knowhow (44%) are the main aspects of this sector they find attractive, the last two higher than any other European country.

When asked what would make them want to join the hotel, catering or high-end retail sector, learning and growth opportunities (38%) brought the greatest response, even more than in other countries, followed by training and professional development opportunities (31%). What seems


more important to them in their work in comparison with respondents from France, Germany, Italy and Spain are career development prospects, and to have the opportunity to learn a lot and to benefit from training (both 58%).

However, half (49%) of UK young professionals who believe the high-end hotel, restaurant and retail sector is attractive report that hierarchical management styles are an issue. 45% would prefer a collaborative management method, and 37% a consultative approach.

Hospitality HR managers outline their recruitment and retention strategies

60 HR managers, and wider managers responsible for people, based in the UK also shared their perspectives in the research – 60% said they are currently experiencing recruitment difficulties within their company, with the main issues being a lack of sufficiently motivated candidates (61%) and a shortage of qualified talent (58%).

However, 80% rated the high-end hotel, catering and retail sector specifically as attractive (20% not attractive) – and to support retention professional development focused on training is the main practice put in place to keep employees (50%). Both this, and development of the customer service culture (37%), feature more than any other European country surveyed. Organisational managers also attach primary

importance to the personal qualities of candidates before even considering technical skills. They recognise the need for high standards in the high-end sector and therefore strive to create suitable and pleasant working conditions to attract and retain candidates.

75% reported that opening professions to diversity/inclusiveness constitutes a response to recruitment and retention issues – and 93% believe that their establishment already promotes this approach, including to refugees, disadvantaged people or those in vulnerable situations.

Opening the door to new talents

Sommet Education Foundation, which includes Accor as its Founding Patron, will now concentrate on tackling the sector’s employment challenges by focusing on two levers of action: advocating for careers and professions in hospitality, and offering scholarships for hospitality education to talented individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds.

By offering scholarships leading to employment, we aim at providing genuinely life-changing opportunities to a new generation of talents and empowering them with the necessary skills to join the thriving hospitality industry.

These are gamechanging times for the Foundation, and our UK-based institution Glion Institute of Higher Education London which is supporting our important mission. Within this collaborative effort, Glion’s Managing Director Frédéric Picard said: “Distinguishing hospitality as a career of choice, and opening minds to growing opportunities in the industry and related sectors, is close to my heart. As part of the Sommet Education group we are looking forward to developing initiatives around the Foundation. We welcome UK hospitality providers to join us on our journey.”

Executive Vice-President Anouck Weiss

Rockwater and AFC Bournemouth unveil new partnership

Vitality Stadium announces introduction of the “Rockwater Lounge”

Rockwater and AFC Bournemouth (AFCB) have announced a new three-year partnership for matchday experiences at the Vitality Stadium. The “Rockwater Lounge” will open ahead of the 2024/2025 season as part of AFCB’s elevated hospitality offering.

Rockwater will be the first hospitality brand that has a dedicated space at AFCB fixtures. The partnership is a first of its kind for the club building on the success of the 2023/2024 season, during which match attendance proved immensely popular with Rockwater’s Open Water subscribers.

Luke Davis, CEO of Rockwater, said: “We are thrilled to partner with AFC Bournemouth. The club is a pillar of our local community and a growing force in the Premier League. Witnessing the club’s meteoric rise and their most successful season to date has been nothing short of inspiring. I’m looking forward to seeing how our collaboration creates unforgettable experiences right on Rockwater’s doorstep. We can’t wait to welcome more Cherries fans to Rockwater.

The Rockwater Lounge will have the capacity to host 20 match-goers, who will all be able to watch each game in premium seating at Vitality Stadium. Open Water subscribers will have exclusive access to the lounge on matchdays, where buffet-style dining will be available as part of the experience. The design of the space will reflect Rockwater’s signature interior and will showcase artwork curated by the Brighton based, Helm Gallery.

Rob Mitchell, AFCB’s Commercial Director, echoed Luke’s sentiment, and said: “We are delighted to bring Rockwater into our family of partners.

Both venues are united by a commitment to growth and excellence within the community. Together, we can provide new opportunities locally while facilitating unmissable entertainment. Providing an outstanding experience for all match-goers is our priority, and the Rockwater Lounge will enrich AFCB matchdays for new and existing fans.”

As part of the partnership, Rockwater and AFCB will host several community-led initiatives. The activities will start with a beach clean event later this year in collaboration with AFCB’s Junior Cherries member group.

Rockwater and AFC Bournemouth anticipate a long and fruitful partnership that enriches sport, hospitality, and community engagement in Dorset.

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Spa travel company welcomes Marc-Andre as new Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer

Leading spa travel company announces the appointment of Marc-Andre Hade as their new Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer. His arrival highlights the market leader’s commitment to promoting the wellness industry and all its constituent parts, delivering crucial and strategic investment in its foundation values as well as building on its success to date by accelerating growth and championing spa businesses.

In 2008, was founded by Abi Selby with the purpose of marketing spas dynamically and with integrity, showing the wide variety of experiences spas have to offer for everybody. Since then, the company has grown from a team of three to more than 60 members of staff, 500 spa partners, over 2,300,000 bookings travelled and continues to grow year on year. Founder, Abi Selby, says: “I am delighted that Marc-Andre has joined us. His attitude and outlook brings a new perspective to the organisation, while his engaged and willing approach makes him a wonderful addition to the team. I am very much looking forward to seeing how he can work with us all to take the business and the talents of all our individuals to the next level for the benefit of ourselves and our impact on the spa sector as a whole.”

Joining the team with extensive experience as Director of Marketing at eBay and Tripadvisor businesses, and with a working knowledge of a variety of global territories including the UK and Europe, Canada and the USA, Hade has more than 15 years’ experience in fast-growth marketplaces. He also has a proven track record in developing high-performing teams, building differentiated and distinctive brands, and implementing growth strategies to scale customer acquisition sustainably.

Marc-Andre says: “It’s a great pleasure to join the team at and to be part of building on the company’s already significant success. They are an inspired and energised group of people, who have built a great brand in an interesting and growing sector. It’s a privilege to be part of their journey, and I am excited to help shape their next steps and accelerate their growth rate.”

Marc-Andre appointed as new Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer.

With more than 11 million website visits in 2023, Spabreaks. com’s marketing reach has been instrumental in helping spas to attract customers since the pandemic, restoring trade and driving new business as well. Hade’s appointment signals the next generation of growth for the company and its spa partners, as well as’s intentions for promoting the value of the spa industry as a whole.


Australian Vintage has launched Tempus One, a vibrant new sub-brand of wine spritzers available in can format. Launching in June 2024 exclusively at Asda, Tempus One is the newest addition to Australian Vintage’s extensive portfolio of alcoholic beverages. Responding to the continued growth of the RTD category, Australian Vintage hopes that the RTD format of its new wine spritzer will resonate with a younger generation of drinkers. Tempus One is crafted from Sauvignon Blanc, delivering a refreshing, easy-drinking experience in a convenient 250ml can format. An approachable RTD with an ABV of 4%, these spritzers deliver a lighter, refreshing drink with just 38 calories per 100ml.

The range, priced at £2.00 per can, includes three on-trend, vegan-friendly flavours: Watermelon, Passionfruit, and Berry, each providing a crisp, vibrant taste that aligns with today’s consumer preferences.

Oliver Hoey, Senior Brand Manager, Australian Vintage, commented on the launch: “Tempus One is not just a new drink, it’s a new way to enjoy wine. We’ve taken the essence of Sauvignon Blanc and transformed it into a vibrant, refreshing spritzer that’s perfect for the next generation of wine drinkers. Our research shows that younger consumers are promiscuous drinkers, looking for social experiences and visually appealing products, and Tempus One delivers just that. With on-the-go convenience and irresistible flavours, Tempus One is set to redefine how young adults experience wine.”

Tempus One aims to further drive the wine “spritzer” category by delivering a refreshing alternative to other drinks on the market. Among total wine and RTD category buyers, Tempus One has achieved impressive trial scores, with 72% of respondents considering it a great alternative to other beverages and 77% praising its flavours.

As part of its launch, Tempus One will be poured at ‘Between the Bridges’, a pop up entertainment area on London’s South

Australian Vintage launches Tempus One wine spritzers

Bank. Emily Waterston, Brand Manager, Australian Vintage commented on the activation: “Between the Bridges is the perfect platform to support the launch of Tempus One as we target our key audience of Gen Z and Millennial drinkers. The approachable RTD can format makes Tempus One the ideal accompaniment for an afternoon and evening enjoyed in the sun.”

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Be the first to taste the award-winning Chang Espresso Lager at London’s Thailand Showcase

For a limited time only, Chang Espresso Lager will be available exclusively at Thailand Showcase (28th – 30th June) in London this summer. Following the event, it will be accessible to purchase on Amazon and online, RRP £29.99 x 12 490ml cans.

Experience the fusion of beer and coffee with the Chang Espresso Lager, a delightful blend of premium lager beer infused with rich coffee flavours. Previously only available in Asia, the lager offers intense coffee aromas, gentle bitterness, and a subtle roasted finish. This award-winning brew boasts 11 international gold medals in just 4 years, including the 2023, 2022 and 2021 World Beer Awards.

The Chang Espresso Lager is crafted with the finest malt, hops, and water, then infused with a heavenly blend of roasted Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. These beans are sourced exclusively and sustainably from the coffee regions of Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam, giving the beer its rich, smooth and authentic profile. Brew-tifully crafted, it’s an easily enjoyable coffee-infused lager, perfect for both beer enthusiasts and coffee lovers alike or for those who love a little buzz in their brew. Available in a 490ml can and at a 4.8% ABV.

Don’t miss the UK debut of this coffee-infused lager, available for the first time outside of Asia. Visit Thailand Showcase from the 28th – 30th of June at Coal Drops Yard, London for a complimentary taste of this limited-edition brew with your friends.

From the 28th of June, Chang Espresso Lager will be available to purchase on Amazon and online, RRP £29.99 x 12 cans until stocks last:

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