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Hospitality sector bounce with salaries increasing 7. New research from Reed has revealed that salaries in the hospitality sector are bouncing back from previous years, with a 7.3% increase, after experiencing a drop in salaries the previous year (-3.5%). From an analysis of six million jobs posted on over the last three years, as part of Reed’s suite of annual salary guides, it’s clear that the hospitality sector is showing some resistance to the financial challenges it has experienced over the past few years. The data from Reed’s salary guides also reveals that the hospitality sector has seen the biggest pay increase in the past year amongst other industries, compared with the IT and cyber security sector, which has the least salary increase, an average of 2.4%. Sam Baldwinson, Hospitality Recruitment Expert at Reed, commented: “In recent years, the hospitality sector has undergone significant transformation, driven by technological advancements, changing consumer behaviours and global events. “It’s been a tough period for many businesses in the sector. Supply chain disruptions and rising costs have put pressure on profit margins, leading to tough decisions for business owners – with many still reeling from losing good staff. With predictions suggesting the industry’s recovery will continue beyond 2024, recruiting and retaining skilled staff looks set to challenge many employers. “Employers in the sector should take time to invest in tech, updating their knowledge and systems and focus on attracting workers who show a willingness to learn relevant skills. Entry-level positions are likely to see a boost, while experienced professionals can expect incremental raises. “By providing continuous learning opportunities, employers can empower employees to adapt to evolving industry trends, ensuring their expertise remains relevant and valued.” Reed’s hospitality salary guide also gives insights into the performance of all regions in the UK within the hospitality industry. The areas in the UK that have had the biggest salary increases in the sector are the West Midlands (13.5%) and London (10.5%). Reed has produced a suite of 16 sector-specific salary guides, which include an in-depth analysis of a survey with 5,000 UK workers, assessing their current and preferred salaries and benefits, their organisation’s performance and priorities, how they rated their job security and the future of their sector, and the key recruitment and skills trends they’re witnessing. You can download the hospitality salary guide here.

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es back, .3%

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NEW FOR 24! TERRACE FURNITURE EDEN FURNITURE offer a wide range of outdoor patio, terrace and poolside furniture. Primrose

Alder Lounge Set




For 2024 we have launched a number of new ranges which are made from gas injected resin which is glass fiber reinforced for extra strength and durability. Chairs, Armchairs, Stools and Lounge Sets in a range of colours.

Wobbly tables can be a thing of the past thanks to the patented StableTable technology. STABLETABLE is a unique patented fully automated solution which is hidden with the pillar of the table base allowing the legs to adjust to uneven surfaces. Available for both indoor and outdoor use in a range of heights, shapes and sizes. Can be supplied as base only or complete with a stylish OnTop 12mm Compact Laminate top.

LE GAVROCHE MARKS CLOSURE WITH EVENTS FOR HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY AND CHARITIES Le Gavroche ran its last service on January 13th, 2024, after 57 years of trading, marking the closure of the restaurant with three hospitality industry-linked dinners held over the following week and an open day sale of branded goodies at the end of January. The first of the special dinners took place on January 16th when catering students from Westminster Kingsway College, College of Food University College Birmingham, and University of West London were the guests of Michel Roux. Each college was represented by 21 students and three lecturers who were selected by their colleges to enjoy the full Le Gavroche dining experience. “It was in the Rouxs’ DNA to empower the next generation. By giving this opportunity to these students, they carried a bit of Le Gavroche in their culinary future,” said Michel Roux. On January 17th, Michel hosted a dinner for Le Gavroche’s long-standing suppliers to say a huge thank you for their excellent and valued service over the years as part of the Roux extended family. Michel Roux said: “It was thanks to them that Le Gavroche stayed at the top over the decades; they never failed to deliver the best.”

A charity dinner and auction took place on January 18th, which had sold out within minutes of being announced on Le Gavroche’s newsletter. All the money from the evening was donated equally to three charities which had been supported by Michel over many years; VICTA, Hospitality Action, and BIGKID Foundation. The uptake was instant, adding to the enormous waiting list for tables which had grown to 25,000 since the announcement of the closure was made in August the previous year. The restaurant also invited guests on January 27th for an open day when cookbooks, house wine, branded T-shirts and aprons, chairs, sofas, glassware, silverware, kitchen equipment, and crockery were on sale. “It was incredibly important to me that we closed the restaurant on a high as a fitting tribute to everyone who had ever worked with us, dined with us, or been inspired by what we created at Le Gavroche. This was not ‘farewell’ but ‘au revoir’ as the ‘Le Gavroche’ name would continue to be a familiar presence in pop-ups both in the UK and overseas, as well as in our other ventures,” said Michel. 43 Upper Brook St, Mayfair, London W1K 7QR @le_gavroche_restaurant @michel_roux_jr

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GRAB A PIZZA TH WITH AMERICAN With National Pizza Day approaching on 9th February what better strategy to attract customers into your venue than with a creative American craft beer and pizza pairing night? Imagine the irresistible combination of a a delicious, gooey, thin or thick crust pizza harmoniously paired with a top-quality American craft beer, creating a flavour explosion! The variety of pizza toppings opens up exciting possibilities for various beer styles to interact uniquely with each component. While one style complements the prominent ingredients of the topping, another may echo the toast of the crust. This dynamic interplay promises an unforgettable culinary experience for your patrons.

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Here’s a guide to pairing beer with pizza: 1. Margherita + pilsner or lager. A crisp, clean Helles or pilsner lager with a high level of carbonation will scrub the palate clean of the rich greasy cheese and cut through the fat content. Alternatively, a Dunkel-style with a lightly toasted malt backbone will enhance the flavours of the pizza crust. 2. Vegetarian + pale ale. From earthy mushrooms, salty cheese, and tangy onions to bitter spinach, vegetarian toppings offer a diverse platform for pairing. Consider opting for a pale ale that is versatile enough to resonate with each flavour but not be overshadowed by the acidity of the tomato base. 3. Pepperoni + IPA. The hop bitterness in a robust, big-hitting, IPA can elevate the spiciness of pepperoni and effectively cut through its grease. When dealing with strongly flavoured and spicy toppings, it’s essential to match them with an equally robust and flavoursome beer. Choosing a beer with a pronounced character will ensure a harmonious and complementary experience, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the bold and spicy pizza toppings. 4. Hawaiian: + gose. The combination of ham and tropical pineapple pair well with the fruity notes of gose. The gentle tartness inherent to the style balances the sweetness of the pineapple, while its salty undertones bring out the natural salinity of the ham. 5. Spicy Meat Feast + stout. The sweet malty notes of a stout resonates with the intense, meaty flavours of the topping, providing a harmonious counterpoint that also tempers the heat of the spice. The savoury or umami flavours of the pizza will be balanced by the chocolatey, roasted, richness of a fullbodied stout. This beer choice not only complements the overall savoury profile but also introduces a layer of depth and richness, enhancing the overall culinary experience of the pizza. American craft beer is widely perceived to be bigger, bolder and more complex in flavour than many other nation’s making it sought out the world over. Why? American craft beer benefits from the use of highquality raw materials, technical brewing expertise, relentless innovation and an unswerving commitment to quality from grain to glass to ensure it reaches the beer drinker exactly as the brewer intended. What’s more, American craft beer regularly wins top honours at international beer competitions judged by some of the best palates in the industry. American craft beer is available through national wholesalers or on line Athletic Brewing, or Sierra Nevada UK Free resources for chefs and restauranteurs are available on or

THE BEST WAYS TO PREPARE YOUR STAFF THAT YOUR BUSINESS IS READY FOR ANYTHING Event planning is both exciting and challenging. To help you plan any corporate event, remember to think SMART – that means using specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals you want to achieve. But what else do you need to know before throwing an event? Here are some of the most important things to consider when you’re planning a corporate event, whether you’re preparing to host for under ten or over one hundred attendees. We all want our events to succeed, so make sure you’re prepared for anything coming your way.

Don’t underestimate the importance of budgeting There’s no doubt that establishing a budget plan is one of the most important elements of event management. You can start by making a list of all expected expenses, including everything from licensing to space rental costs. The crucial step is sticking to these figures. To help you budget for your event, you can think about the difference between fixed and variable expenses. Variable costs change depending on how many people to plan you invite, while fixed costs are the same no matter what. This might also affect any revenue you can make, such as concession fees. Budgeting is an ongoing process. Remember to make note of everything before, during, and even after your event has taken place. This means that you can stay within your means, evaluate any loss or profit, and use this as guidance when throwing other corporate events.

Choosing the perfect venue The next step is choosing the perfect venue. Of course, the location will vary depending on the type of event you want to throw and how many people you intend to invite. But there are some things to keep in mind, such as building noise levels, accessibility, and parking. Considering this, you’ll need to have a solid understanding of the goals and outcomes you want to achieve before you book a venue. Although, you might want to book your desired location at least 8 months in advance. This will give you enough time to iron out the details.

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Remember to perform health and safety checks

Organising food and refreshments for your attendees

Once you have a location in mind, you should prioritise the health and safety of your guests. This incorporates a number of things, from electrical hazards and proximity to hospitals or fire stations. You might also want to consider the dangers of overcapacity.

Now you have your licence to serve scrumptious food and drinks, you can choose which treats with which to delight your guests. One thing to keep in mind here is the various kinds of allergies, intolerances, and religious or personal dietary requirements people have.

If you’re planning an event with a substantial number of people, you may also wish to utilise structural design software. This uses MassMotion technologies to understand the impact of human movement within a space, identifying hot spots and emergency egresses.

Whether you choose easily consumable snacks or sophisticated flutes of bubbly, remember to consult your budgeting plan. You want to leave a positive impression on your guests, but make sure it aligns with any spending forecasts and entrance fees you choose.

To make sure all attendees are safe, you can hire security personnel to patrol the location. It’s always prudent to check that your security team is licensed to work at your venue. They might need an SIA licence, for example, when the location is open to the public.

Promote, promote, promote

Obtaining any relevant event licences

In order to effectively promote your event, you need to understand your target audience. If your event is aimed internally at the employees of a company, you might want to focus your time on sending out email marketing material rather than producing press releases.

Whether your event is a seminar for business leadership or a festive party, you should always consider obtaining any relevant licences. This includes any entertainment you might want to book and any food, alcohol, or soft drinks you might want to sell or serve. This isn’t a complicated process. Luckily for any up-and-coming planner, you can easily apply for a Temporary Events Notice as long as your event will host fewer than 500 people for a maximum of 7 days. Although, you might be limited to the number of licences you can apply for.

Finally, promotion is the last step on our list. The importance of marketing cannot be overstated. After all, who will find out about your event if you haven’t spread the news far and wide? This includes social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook.

These are some of the most important things to remember when you’re planning an event. To be sure you’re doing everything you can, make a note of every decision you make, such as the date you choose. This way, you’ll be prepared for anything that comes your way.

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From left to right – Shahab Shafieehanjani (CEO & Product Developer at Versible) & Shahrzad Shafieehanjani (CMO & UI Designer at Versible)

Hospitality and luxury business education provider Glion Institute of Higher Education has announced the successful culmination of “The Glion Alumni Association Accelerator”, a ground-breaking start-up competition and pitch battle that has played a pivotal role in nurturing creativity and entrepreneurship within its esteemed student and alumni community. The Accelerator, which welcomed both current Glion students and graduates, served as a launchpad for innovative business ideas spanning from concept to earlystage start-ups. It provided participants with an exclusive platform to showcase their visionary ideas, particularly in the hospitality, luxury and events industries, fostering exposure, networking and potential financial support for their initiatives. Beyond the chance to display their entrepreneurial prowess, participants enjoyed access to mentorship and guidance from seasoned industry professionals, all of whom are experienced entrepreneur Glion alumni, and supported additionally by the program director of the MSc in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Mariam Megally.

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This assistance proved instrumental in refining ideas and developing viable business strategies. Throughout the competition, participants received critical feedback and insights from a distinguished panel of judges comprised of experienced entrepreneurs and investors. The accelerator journey reached its conclusion at the pitch battle held last Thursday (11th January) on the Glion campus in Switzerland. Versible, a dynamic brother and sister duo, emerged as the undisputed winner of the Glion Alumni Association Accelerator, claiming first place with their groundbreaking pitch introducing a cutting-edge Private Equity Management Software as a Service (SaaS)

OCIATION NDING SUCCESS IN EURSHIP solution, meticulously designed to navigate and optimise the entire fundraising cycle for Venture Capital firms, Limited Partners and Founders. In addressing a critical industry pain point, Versible highlighted that over 70% of venture capital firms encountered operational challenges when using non-specialised tools for Private Equity management. Their solution, an end-to-end Private Equity operational software, offered a comprehensive dashboard that empowered VCs and LPs to manage the entire fund operation lifecycle efficiently. For founders, the platform facilitated capital raising, KPI tracking, and streamlined investor reporting. With a global total addressable market estimated at Є3 billion, Versible’s serviceable obtainable market in the EU is Є60 million, presenting substantial growth opportunities. Its competitive advantage lies in its precisiondriven, data-centric approach, offering a solution that is 10 times more economical and three times faster than existing technologies. The platform caters to the entire team, not just General Partners and Founders, and ensures high-level data security. Versible’s tailored solutions, seamless user interaction, and custom-built features for unique customer needs position them as a formidable force in the evolving landscape of Private Equity management.. Fabst Wines and One Hundred Sports Group emerged as the standout competitors, securing the coveted second and third places respectively. Fabst Wines addressed the challenge faced by consumers and winemakers

From left to right – Frédéric Picard (Managing Director of Glion Institute of Higher Education), Shahab Shafieehanjani (CEO & Product Developer at Versible) Christopher Jones (President of Alumni Association Gilon)

in the intricate world of wine selection. Leveraging AI, AR and datadriven technologies, it connects consumers with their perfect wine based on personalised taste profiles, weather, location and mood. This innovative solution not only enhances the consumer experience but also empowers winemakers with valuable insights, contributing to increased profitability and reduced waste. Meanwhile, One Hundred Sports Group is revolutionising endurance trail and virtual running through technology-driven solutions. With a focus on merging endurance sports with advanced tech, they offer marquee events like the Endurance Trail World Championship and introduce Meta Race AI for an immersive virtual running experience. The company’s commitment to technological integration and software tools demonstrates its dedication to transforming the landscape of endurance sports. Christopher Jones, President of Alumni Association Glion (AAG), emphasised its significance: “Empowering the next generation through collaboration, our accelerator program – a synergy between alumni excellence and academic innovation – fosters boundless possibilities for students and alumni alike, propelling them towards a future of unparalleled success.” Click here to read the full article >>>

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The Reindeer, Hoveringham, Secures Coveted Bib Gourmand in Michelin Guide 2024

The Reindeer, Hoveringham, has become the first pub in Nottinghamshire to be awarded the prestigious Bib Gourmand accolade from the Michelin Guide for Great Britain & Ireland 2024, and one of only 20 restaurants to receive a Bib in 2024. Announced ahead of the presentation next week. Bib Gourmands are awarded to establishments which offer particularly good quality, good value cooking. The Reindeer was acquired by Nottingham-based local entrepreneur Sean Reddington at the end of 2022 before undergoing a £100,000 refurbishment. The pub’s transformation kept the tradition of the old country inn, blending rustic warmth with modern comforts and contemporary flair, creating a look and feel which makes The Reindeer a cornerstone of the local community. At the same time, Sean worked with Head Chef Andy Goodbourn and the kitchen team to create a menu which elevates classic pub grub, complemented by a selection of real ales, and themed evenings like our beloved pie nights. Working with local producers and suppliers, The Reindeer gives diners a true taste of Nottinghamshire and the surrounding areas.

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Sean Reddington, owner of The Reindeer and Old Vol as well as CEO and Co-Founder of Thrive Learning, comments on the award: “What an achievement. Since getting involved with The Reindeer, my ambition has been to create a pub which our community is proud of. We’ve focused on great food, great drinks, and great service to bring people together and make a space where everyone feels welcome and you can get your pub classics fix. Being awarded a Bib Gourmand – especially being the only pub in Nottingham to receive the accolade – really is a honour and a complete testament to every member of the team. I’m so proud, and can’t wait to celebrate (over a Guinness) with the team and our regulars who have supported us throughout this journey.” W: | Instagram: reindeerhoveringham

The UK’s Best Supplier of Quality Tableware



ILIV is proud to have been selected for the interior design scheme for Gordon Ramsay’s first major restaurant venture in Manchester the Lucky Cat. Located a 100 King Street in the iconic Art Deco Grade II listed building designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens and built in 1935; originally the Midland Bank, this castle-like building is sometimes known as the ‘King of King Street’. London based design agency Russell Sage Studio, specialists in commercial and hospitality interior design, were the creative brains behind this unique project. The restaurant spans three floors and includes distinctive and quirky elements such as offering private dining in the underground bank vault, there are two additional private dining rooms, a bar and mezzanine for drinks plus the main restaurant on the ground floor. Leading British fabric manufacturer, ILIV were the ideal

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partner for this project. For this latest restaurant in the Gordon Ramsay Restaurants group the designers wanted to recreate the atmospheric and intimate style of Tokyo’s 1930’s drinking dens and “Kissa” jazz bars. For this they chose luxurious velvet fabrics from ILIV’s Hampton collection for the dining chairs, booths, and back seating in the main restaurant in the rich Blackberry colourway. The design blends the building’s Art Deco architectural

heritage with 1930s Japanese styling. Diners can enjoy Asian-inspired cuisine in luxuriously eclectic surroundings. The buildings soaring arched windows are echoed in the intricate Art Deco detailing and lighting of the bar and dining areas. In contrast to the high ceilings and airy feel of the interior, the use of lavish textiles and contemporary lighting bring a cosy, intimate feel to the banquettes, drinking areas and opulent dining vaults. Unveiled in June 2023, the stunning interior is the fusion of grand Art Deco style with intimate lighting and splendour that ensures an exciting experience for the diner. To view the fabric collections mentioned in the press release, please visit the ILIV Interior Textiles website:

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18 Hotelier & Hospitality Design

RESTAURANTS AND BARS ATE RESILIENCE AVERAGING 7.2% SALES URING CHALLENGING YEAR NEW RESEARCH REVEALS HOW NORTHERN CITIES OF NEWCASTLE, CHESTER & LIVERPOOL LEAD RESILIENCE IN HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY AMID HUGE CHALLENGES: In a year marked by the cost of living crisis and escalating business rates, hospitality vendors in the North have demonstrated growth and resilience over the past year, averaging 7.2% sales growth. New research conducted by Northern Restaurant & Bar in partnership with CGA by NielsenIQ reveals all northern England cities saw a growth in sales in managed pubs, bars and restaurants, with an average of 7.2% growth. Newcastle (12.7%) and York (9.2%) lead the uptrend, followed by Sheffield (7.1%), Liverpool (6.8%), Chester (5.6%), Manchester (4.8%), and Leeds (4.4%). Despite a 2.5% decline in total venue numbers across the British pub, bar, and restaurant sector in the latest year to October, the industry remains dynamic, witnessing an average of 48 new openings per week. This ongoing activity signals a significant level of renewal. Business leaders are also generally optimistic about the prospects of their own business in the next 12 months. This sentiment is stronger in the north, where 59% of leaders expressed confidence in the sector, compared to 51% in the south. Notably, northern cities such as Liverpool (-0.8%), Newcastle (-1.2%), and Chester (-1.0%) have proven more resilient than London (-2.2%) and the national average, in terms of the number of outlets. With over a quarter (26%) of new openings in the North, this resilience is particularly noteworthy against a backdrop of rising energy prices, food and drink inflation, and increased National Living Wages. Consumer sentiment across the country is also positive, with 4 in 5 stating that they are satisfied with the quality of the overall experience during recent visits to pubs, bars and restaurants. A higher percentage of customers in the north are ‘very satisfied’ with the quality of food, service, drinks and overall experience, than the south. This is a likely contributing factor to the ongoing resilience in the North – a content and satisfied customer base.

businesses like Mission Mars, Roxy Leisure and Graffiti Spirits Group are not only shaping a dynamic hospitality landscape in the north but also rapidly expanding to other regions. Their success underscores a broader trend within the industry, where unique and immersive experiences are becoming key drivers of customer engagement and business expansion. Siobhan Thompson, Event Manager for NRB24, commented: “The results underscore the strength, resilience, and ambition of Northern hospitality establishments. Despite shared challenges in the sector, operators in cities like Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, and Newcastle have demonstrated innovation and optimism in the face of issues such as rising utility prices, food inflation, and staffing concerns. While challenges persist, it’s heartening to witness the industry’s adaptability and positivity. The surge in new concepts, site launches, and the enthusiastic influx of customers through the doors offer a much-needed burst of positivity,” “NRB plays a crucial role as the first opportunity of the year for the industry to unite, offering support and a platform to celebrate Northern hospitality. It serves as an invaluable space for forward-thinking operators to share stories, exchange advice, and connect with suppliers, fostering innovation and inspiration. With brilliant operators, hopefully fuelled by ideas and inspiration from NRB, I know Northern hospitality can continue to thrive.” Northern Restaurant & Bar, the first major hospitality event of the year, returns to Manchester Central on 12th-13th March 2024. An unmissable date in the diary for everyone in the northern hospitality industry, NRB24 will bring together over 8,500 visitors and 300+ exhibitors for two days of business, networking, and education. For more information on NRB and to secure tickets, click here

The research also found how experience-led concepts are well positioned to thrive in the next 12 months. Northern

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DOUBLE DUTCH LAUNCHES FOURTH ANNUAL FEMALE BARTENDING SCHOLARSHIP Applications are now open for twelve female bartenders to join industry trailblazing mentors on scholarship programme aimed at empowering women in hospitality, amidst growing Gender Pay Gap in the sector Double Dutch, the producers of award-winning premium mixers and tonics, has launched its Female Bartending Scholarship Programme for the fourth consecutive year, as part of its ongoing commitment to foster upcoming female talent in the hospitality industry. As a company led by women, Joyce and Raissa de Haas, the twin co-founders of Double Dutch, hold a special mission to celebrate women in the drinks and hospitality sector. Despite small progress being made, with women going from making up a mere 5% of CEO positions to just over 6%*, there is still a lot of work needed to overcome gender disparity in the industry. A recent Gender Pay Gap Report by Women in Hospitality, Travel & Leisure and PwC UK also showed a rise from 4.2% to 5.2%**, further cementing the need to create change and tackle underrepresentation in hospitality. The UK Female Bartender Scholarship Programme is designed to empower aspiring female bartenders and mixologists in the UK. Open to women aged 18 and over, and for those already working in the industry or aspiring to enter bartending, the programme encompasses professional training and personalised mentoring. Double Dutch’s trailblazing mentors, themselves accomplished in the industry, are set to provide expert oneon-one training, sharing knowledge, insights, and advice. The 8-week mentoring scheme encompasses a wide range of topics, including drinks education, personal growth and in-

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person experiences such as distillery visits and learning how to craft gin. The deadline for applications is February 16, 2024, with the final 12 scholars announced on International Women’s Day. Applicants who don’t make it onto the main programme will be invited to wider virtual sessions to benefit from the expertise of the trailblazers. Last year’s Double Dutch mentors included Anna Sebastian, founder of Celebrate Her, an initiative to showcase female bartenders and offer networking opportunities, Laura Willoughby, founder of Club Soda, a global movement committed to help people drink mindfully and live well, and Kelly Harrison, Head of Bars for New World Trading Company, an award winning gin producer. The scholarship has proven its value and success, leaving a tangible impact on individuals in the industry, with success stories emerging not only across the UK, but also internationally. Cléa Iqbal secured a position at Salmon Guru in Dubai after completing last year’s programme, commenting: “Being a part of Double Dutch’s Female Bartending Scholarship was career changing. Being in a room of people on a similar journey to myself, looking to find their feet in this industry gave me a community. Read the full article here >>>

IHG Hotels & Resorts and Six Nations Rugby join forces to offer fans unmissable experiences • IHG Hotels & Resorts has become the first Official Hotel Partner of Six Nations Rugby • The new partnership will offer IHG One Rewards members unforgettable experiences across the men’s and women’s Six Nations Championships

IHG Hotels & Resorts and Six Nations Rugby, the organisation responsible for rugby’s biggest annual international rugby tournaments; namely the Guinness Men’s and Women’s Six Nations, have joined forces through a new long-term partnership that will put fans at the heart of the action, by offering once-in-a-lifetime fan experiences throughout the upcoming Championships.

With matches taking place in England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales, IHG Hotels & Resorts will help rugby fans get closer to the action. Thanks to the new partnership, IHG One Rewards members will be able to bid their loyalty points for unique Six Nations experiences via the IHG One Rewards Access platform. On offer to fans will be:

As the first Official Hotel Partner of Six Nations Rugby, IHG Hotels & Resorts will show up on and off the pitch ahead of the 2024 Guinness Men’s Six Nations, which starts on 2nd February, and will span the Guinness Women’s Six Nations which follows in March.

Behind the scenes stadium tours and pitch side experiences Match tickets and hotel packages A chance to watch teams train Continue reading this article by clicking here >>>

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École Ducasse Paris Studio u A unique culinary immersion

École Ducasse Paris Studio has launched its new courses for 2024, offering an exceptional culinary experience for all gastronomy enthusiasts. Located near the centre of Paris, this celebrated institution has become a must-visit discovery centre for the culinary arts, and École Ducasse welcomes a diverse clientele throughout the year with its specialised culinary workshops that attract passionate beginners to the most experienced gourmets. With a heritage built on culinary excellence, its 2024 course program is designed to inspire, educate and elevate the skills of each participant. Delegates can immerse themselves in the world of haute cuisine and exceptional pastry, learn alongside industry-leading chefs, and be guided through an unparalleled gastronomic journey. Courses tailored to all levels and passions Whether you are a cooking novice or an experienced enthusiast, this diverse offering caters to all skill levels, from basic lessons for beginners to advanced techniques for aspiring chefs.

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COOKING 3* Cuisine: Alain Ducasse Across the World (4h or 8h) Benoit, Blue, Esterre…delve into the world of haute gastronomy through iconic recipes from chef Alain Ducasse’s international fine-dining establishments. Globally-inspired dishes await you, tailored to your preferred format. First lesson: Vegetarian Batch Cooking (4h) Learn the art of vegetarian batch cooking for an entire week in a single session. The chef will guide you through organisation and share technical tips. Tastings will be exclusively on-site. Spotlight on: Meat (2h) Stew, roast, braise…master the perfect cooking of your meats with this course inspired by the cuisine of Alain Ducasse’s restaurants. Spotlight on: Festive Cocktail Party! (2h) Learn to concoct a high-quality cocktail and a trio of tapas for enjoyable moments during upcoming festivities: coming soon online.

PASTRY 3* Pastry: Plated Dessert (4h) Compose, balance and plate iconic desserts from Alain Ducasse’s

unveils its new 2024 courses: n gastronomic restaurants. All About Croissants (4h) From kneading to glazing, discover the secrets of croissants and unique fillings for exceptional breakfasts. Spotlight on: Flan (2h) Rediscover the taste of childhood with the traditional “flan pâtissier” and learn all its secrets. Spotlight on: Opera Cake (2h) From Joconde biscuit to buttercream, learn all the steps of the iconic cake, including a tasting. Alan Geam

Spotlight on: Caramel (2h) Caramel enthusiasts will discover a unique recipe from the pastry chef, blending classic and bold flavours.

UNFORGETTABLE ENCOUNTERS WITH STAR CHEFS École Ducasse Paris Studio welcomes renowned guest chefs throughout the year. Meet Georgiana Viou, chef of the “Rouge” restaurant in Nîmes, in an exclusive class on 14th June, exploring cuisine from Marseille to Cotonou. On 5th July, dive into the sweet world with Luc Debove, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Glacier and World Ice Cream Champion, who will share his unparalleled skills in a special class.

Dina Nikolaou

Other prestigious chefs, such as Dina Nikolaou, Alan Geam, and Fumiko Kono, are also scheduled for classes promising an exceptional culinary experience.

Register now for an unforgettable culinary adventure Registrations are now open for all courses at École Ducasse Paris Studio via Whether you are passionate about cooking, pastry, or simply want to broaden your gastronomic horizons, École Ducasse Paris Studio invites you to join this exceptional culinary adventure. Explore the pinnacle of culinary art by participating in these exclusive courses, offering an unforgettable gastronomic adventure. Alexandra Legrand, Director of École Ducasse Paris Studio, said: “École Ducasse Paris Studio is above all a lively place accessible to all because cooking is about sharing. We open our doors to all culinary enthusiasts, regardless of their tastes, levels, and for both young and old.” Georgiana Viou

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Intelligent food & drink sourcing br cost savings for Truffle Burger chain Industry leading provider in logistics and procurement for the hospitality sector, Sorsco, has helped reduce a popular London burger chain’s costs by over £140,000, after implementing a new and improved supply chain model. With 8 locations across London, Truffle Burger is a group of ‘finer diner’ burger restaurants aiming to elevate the burger into something much more than just a “quick fix” – without compromising on quality. With continued growth firmly in sight, Sorsco was brought in to assess Truffle Burger’s complex pricing and supply chain model which had been in place since the business started trading in 2019. Boasting an in-depth understanding of suppliers in this sector, Sorsco reviewed its complex combination of wholesalers and direct deals and was able to apply its strategic sourcing model, mapping out the exact route for products to be delivered directly to store, whilst organising the spend into packages to maximise efficiency and cost savings. As a result, the revised supply chain delivered £146,000 in savings – the equivalent to 13% – across the board. The establishment of a new network of specialist non-food, food, dairy and drink wholesalers is now being utilised for the direct sourcing from manufacturers, instead of using the restaurant’s basement as a warehouse. This has meant a reduction in the number of stock items into the business, alongside improved product quality across multiple categories. In addition, the new supply chain has led to closer relationships with key supply partners and greater integration with partners where there is obvious brand synergy, as well as access to very significant commercial support from brand owners. With roots in street food, and inspired by dishes from around the world, Truffle Burger now has ambitious plans to double its turnover within the next two years. Tom Bickers, Founder of Truffle Burger, commented: “Since we started working with Sorsco, they have reviewed our entire food, drink and non-food categories. In less than 3 months, they have delivered an annualised saving on our current spend of 14%. The Sorsco team are highly professional and have over-delivered given where I thought our pricing was. Their expertise and experience has allowed us to focus on other areas of the business and build a supply chain that will support our future growth.” Nigel Draper, Founder and Managing Director of Sorsco, added: “At Sorsco, our goal is to find ways to strategically

improve the profitability of hospitality establishments and restaurants such as Truffle Burger, helping them build a resilient supply chain which they can scale and grow. Working with Tom and his team has been extremely rewarding – especially in terms of the cost savings we have helped them achieve – and we can’t wait to see how the business grows in the coming months and years.” Originally established in 2012, Sorsco prides itself on a fresh and results-driven approach for the food service and wider hospitality sector, with a growing client portfolio of wellknown high street restaurant chains including Dishoom and Turtle Bay. A game-changer in the procurement industry, the Sorsco team tailors its services to match its clients’ specific needs whilst providing proactive support to ensure long-term success.

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Millennium Hotels and Resorts Achieves Prestigious Green Tourism Accreditation Across the UK Millennium Hotels and Resorts (MHR), a leading name in global hospitality, is delighted to announce a major sustainability milestone with the Green Tourism accreditation for all of its owned and managed properties in the United Kingdom. This certification, by the globally recognised authority in sustainable tourism, Green Tourism, marks a significant achievement in MHR’s ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable practices.

Of these properties, nine, including prominent names such as The Chelsea Harbour Hotel & Spa and Millennium Gloucester Hotel London Kensington, have been bestowed with the esteemed silver accreditation. The remaining nine properties have proudly earned the bronze accreditation.

This initiative also promotes carbon budgeting for events and utilizes features such as LED lighting and advanced temperature control in meeting spaces to reduce carbon footprint. A Symbol of Excellence in Environmental Responsibility

This accomplishment is a testament to MHR’s dedication to its groundbreaking “Millennium Green Path” initiative. This program encapsulates an array of eco-friendly practices and amenities, offering guests and stakeholders a sustainable experience that aligns with the highest industry standards for environmental stewardship.

The Green Tourism award is more than a certification; it’s a symbol of MHR’s deep-rooted commitment to environmental and social responsibility. This includes a focus on energy efficiency, waste reduction, and comprehensive CSR initiatives that encompass staff wellbeing and community engagement.

Innovations in Sustainable Hospitality Accolades and Future Directions MHR’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond accreditation. The group’s “Millennium Green Meetings” initiative is a pioneering effort in sustainable conferencing, emphasizing the elimination of single-use plastics, paperless events, digital signage, and the use of glass or reusable, plant-based water bottles for filtered water.

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The Silver and Bronze awards received by MHR properties are not just accolades but a driving force for continued innovation in green practices and sustainable development within the hospitality industry. Click here to read the full article >>>

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