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APRIL 2024

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Les Roches and Haut-Lac International Bilingual School pioneer the launch of hospitality specialisation track in high school

Les Roches and Haut-Lac School have launched the first ever International Baccalaureate Career-Related Programme (IBCP) in hospitality.

The partnership between Switzerland-based Haut-Lac School, one of the most prestigious bilingual schools internationally, and Les Roches, one of the top four academic institutions worldwide specialising in hotel management, marks a “turning point in global youth high school education” by enabling young people aged 16-18 to complete an international immersive experience in the world of hospitality management in their last two years of high school.

Previously, specialising in this field was only possible after high school, through a university degree. Typically, high school students specialise in one of four areas, namely social sciences and humanities, technology and science, art, or general education. However, this new hospitality track represents a milestone for hospitality and tourism, and the academic world.

Training in hospitality has experienced steady growth in recent years, leading to an improvement in the quality of tourism and employment in a sector that previously lacked specialised professionals. Now, through the IB high school programme, future hospitality leaders can begin to immerse themselves in this industry at an earlier stage and learn about the social value of professions linked to the industry.

The IBCP track offers participating students a wide range of opportunities that address their vocational aspirations and meet the needs of hospitality businesses. It combines academic experience with practical training, a hallmark of Les Roches, and provides students with an early introduction to the field of hotel management, as well as access to networking opportunities with key industry players, including travel agencies,

hotels, restaurants and other hospitality and tourism organisations globally.

In addition, students on the programme will acquire personal and communication skills and international analytical capabilities that are essential for pursuing university careers in tourism and hospitality management worldwide.

“It is crucial for the secondary education sector that students graduate well-prepared for pursuing their university careers,” said Carlos Díez de la Lastra, CEO of Les Roches. “Therefore, we believe it is very beneficial for this new high school specialisation track to exist so that, in a vocationally-driven profession like hospitality, students can start immersing themselves in it as soon as possible. Forming this alliance with HautLac will mark a turning point in global youth education, offering a wide range of opportunities that address their concerns and meet the needs of the industry.

“At Les Roches we have been pioneers in hospitality and luxury tourism education for seven decades, but the last ten years, during which enrollments have increased by 65%, have brought about a paradigm shift. Specialised

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training in hospitality is gaining the recognition it truly deserves, and it has been noticeable in the classrooms. It is time to continue advancing and creating benchmarks; so creating similar models to this new international high school programme in the Spanish and international educational framework could mean the assured generation of talent in one of our most important industries.”

During the two-year IBCP programme at Haut-Lac School, graduates will expand their knowledge and experience in hospitality by completing a research project during a 20week online study period with Les Roches. They may then also choose to follow a two-week hotel immersion period on the Summer Program at the Les Roches campus in CransMontana, Switzerland.

Rossella Cosso, Head of Secondary at Haut-Lac International Bilingual School, said: “Embark on a transformative journey with Haut-Lac International Bilingual School and Les Roches Hotel Management School, where the two-year IB CareerRelated Programme unfolds a world of opportunities for 16-year-old high school students. Beyond academics, we cultivate holistic development, preparing students for global success by seamlessly blending rigorous education with real-world skills in partnership with a renowned institution. Elevate your learning experience, foster bilingual proficiency, and embrace a pathway to excellence in both education and the thriving world of hotel management.”

Upon completion of the IB high school programme, students wishing to continue studying in this field at university level will have sufficient credits for direct access to the second year of Les Roches’ Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Global Hospitality Management.

At the forefront of the latest industry trends, Les Roches students enter the job market with a privileged position thanks to the global mindset, language and communication

skills, soft skills, and managerial abilities they have learned. Employment opportunities in hospitality management go beyond hotel chains and hospitality establishments, and many top companies seek to recruit leaders specialised in other fields, such as entrepreneurship, events, finance, real estate, banking, marketing, sports, sustainability, and digital transformation.

With a 98% employability rate and over 16,000 alumni working in 140 countries, Les Roches has established a unique and exclusive education model defined as a benchmark for quality, reference, and, above all, employability. Les Roches students have access to job and internship positions in over 200 leading companies in the hotel, tourism, and other luxury service-related sectors, such as Louis Vuitton, Accor Hotels, Hyatt Hotels, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, IHG, The Ritz-Carlton, Soho House & Co, Mandarin Oriental, Marriott International, Silversea, Qatar Airways, and Hublot.

The strategic alliance between Les Roches and Haut-Lac marks a significant milestone in high school education and the hospitality industry. By launching the first IB hospitality specialisation track for high school students, the partners provide young learners with an unprecedented opportunity to explore and engage with the dynamic world of hospitality management. This pioneering initiative will not only empower students to pursue their passions but also meet the evolving needs of the global hospitality sector. Together, both institutions are shaping the future of education and preparing the next generation of hospitality leaders for success.

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William Grant & Sons launches an expert-made, ready-to-serve cocktail range of the world’s leading liqueur distilleries, De Kuyper. A four-strong range will UK retailers this Spring, with two cocktail serves rolling out in Sainsbury’s from mid-March and four on Amazon from April (RRP* £13/50cl/12.5% ABV).

Made by the global market-leading producer of cocktail liqueurs, De Kuyper’s range includes four classic cocktails. Designed to cater to the demand for consumers to experience top-quality drinks at home, the range includes the De Kuyper Piña Colada Cocktail, De Kuyper Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail, De Kuyper Passionfruit Martini Cocktail, and De Kuyper Espresso Martini Cocktail.

De Kuyper’s ready-to-serve cocktails offer an unrivalled taste experience and are packaged in practical yet sophisticated glass bottles so consumers can do less to impress. The carefully selected ingredients and masterful craftsmanship that go into each bottle make these cocktails a must-have for cocktail connoisseurs. The four variants are great for hosting, gifting, or a simple and easy way to enjoy the highest quality expert-made cocktails at home.

Mark de Witte, CEO of De Kuyper Royal Distillers, said: “We are delighted to work with William Grant & Sons to bring our premium ready-to-serve cocktails to the UK. On a mission

to democratise cocktails and offer everybody the chance to enjoy their favourite cocktail any time, the new launch is part of our halo vision to ‘Own the Cocktail’”.

Many consumers know and appreciate an Espresso Martini cocktail out in a bar or a Pina Colada on holiday and usually know how to mix them, but many cocktail lovers don’t have the time or the equipment to prepare cocktails at home. De Kuyper ready-toserve cocktails offer the perfect solution, as they save time and are easy to prepare.

Every cocktail can be served and enjoyed in two ways: Shaking the cocktails first to create the perfect flavour and bar-like experience or simply pouring the chilled drink into a glass and enjoying the taste of the world’s most famous cocktails.

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range from one will debut with from

De Kuyper Piña Colada Cocktail is the beloved tropical cocktail blended with De Kuyper Coconut Liqueur, De Kuyper Pineapple

Liqueur and rum. Your ultimate holiday cocktail in a bottle is also vegan. Perfect serve: Fill a large glass with crushed ice and pour from the chilled bottle for the most delicious cocktail. Garnish with a pineapple slice, and enjoy!

50cl; ABV 14.5%

De Kuyper Passionfruit Martini

Cocktail is a tempting and sweet cocktail with tropical De Kuyper Passionfruit Liqueur, vodka, smooth vanilla syrup, and a zing of lime. Perfect serve: Shake with ice for a luscious foam layer, and strain in a chilled martini glass. Garnish with half a passionfruit. Or simply chill, pour, and enjoy!

50cl; ABV 12.0%

De Kuyper Strawberry Daiquiri

Cocktail is a fruity rum cocktail packed with sunshine. A blend of De Kuyper Wild Strawberry Liqueur, lime juice, and a pleasant rum punch. Perfect serve: Shake with ice and strain in a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with a lime wheel or a strawberry. Or simply chill, pour, and enjoy!

50cl; ABV 14.5%

De Kuyper Espresso Martini Cocktail is an exquisite mix of robust espresso, De Kuyper Crème de Café Liqueur, and a lively boost of vodka. Perfect serve: Shake with ice for a luscious foam layer and strain in a chilled martini glass. Garnish with three coffee beans. Or simply chill, pour, and enjoy!

50cl; ABV 14.5%

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Chestnut Chair shown


EDEN FURNITURE offer a wide range of outdoor patio, terrace and poolside furniture.

For 2024 we have launched a number of new ranges which are made from gas injected resin which is glass fiber reinforced for extra strength and durability.

Chairs, Armchairs, Stools and Lounge Sets in a range of colours.

Wobbly tables can be a thing of the past thanks to the patented StableTable technology.

STABLETABLE is a unique patented fully automated solution which is hidden with the pillar of the table base allowing the legs to adjust to uneven surfaces.

Available for both indoor and outdoor use in a range of heights, shapes and sizes. Can be supplied as base only or complete with a stylish OnTop 12mm Compact Laminate top.

Ash Spruce Primrose Cedar Alder Lounge Set

The fusion of style, technology & contemporary design. Romano

Beauty, we appreciate, is in the eye of the beholder.

Craftsmanship, we sense, is in the hand of the maker.

Perfection, we experience, is in the Fracino bespoke studio.

British pedigree in every detail – even to the choice of colour nish and trim.

0121 328 5757 R | |


Les Roches and Silversea have officially signed an agreement to pioneer a ground-breaking field of study, a new Postgraduate Diploma in Cruise Line Management.

The first of its kind, this innovative programme – offered at Les Roches’ campus in Marbella, Spain – provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to manage and oversee various onboard areas of cruise vessels, in addition to aspects of marketing, revenue management, and other commercial functions pertaining to the cruise industry. Students are guaranteed to benefit from a scholarship agreement between both entities, along with the opportunity to gain employment aboard Silversea’s esteemed fleet. Upon completion, graduates can secure positions at Silversea.

Les Roches Marbella campus

In a commitment to delivering a top-quality educational journey, Les Roches, ranked among the world’s top four hospitality management schools worldwide, brings its wealth of expertise in academia; while Silversea, renowned as the leading ultra-luxury cruise line and celebrated for its all-inclusive lifestyle and extensive portfolio of global destinations, contributes its invaluable insight into the cruise travel landscape.

This industry has undergone a significant resurgence in recent years. According to a 2023 report by the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), this sector was expected to generate approximately $155 billion in revenue and create 1.2 million jobs worldwide, and has emerged as one of the fastest-growing fields. As indicated by the CLIA study, every 1% increase translates to four million new cruisers.

Barbara Muckermann, President of Silversea, said:

Ship capacity is expected to grow globally by 19%, reaching nearly 750,000 berth ports by 2028. Furthermore, it is considered one of the tourism typologies with the greatest potential to evolve towards sustainability standards set by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

In response, this strategic alliance between Les Roches and Silversea opens up a broad spectrum of opportunities for those wishing to develop in an industry with a positive growth outlook. The Postgraduate Diploma in Cruise Line Management positions itself as a pioneer in this speciality among educational programmes, offering learning that is highly focused on practical and managerial aspects – a hallmark of Les Roches – along with immersion guided by Silversea. The academic institution, with 70 years’ history and campuses in Spain since 1995, has chosen its Marbella campus in close proximity to Malaga – a recognised hub for luxury cruise lines – as the ideal place to pursue this new programme, where the traffic of luxury cruise lines increases annually.

Carlos Díez de la Lastra, CEO of Les Roches, said:

“Partnering with the world’s leading ultra-luxury cruise brand is a source of pride for Les Roches. The dedication and ambition that Silversea imposes in its business model are in line with our educational methodology. The luxury cruise sector is an area yet to be fully explored academically, and promoting this diploma positions us at the forefront, once again, of a specialisation that continues to grow year after year.”

Spain attracts the second-highest number of cruise passengers in Europe, behind Italy. In 2023, a new record was set in the country, with a 46% increase compared to 2022, reaching over 12 million passengers, according to the latest data published by Ports of the State. The partnership between Silversea and Les Roches positions Marbella as a strategic hub for companies in the sector, supporting the urgent need to establish specialised teams in cruise travel.

“As part of our commitment to offering our guests the very best service at sea, Silversea places great importance on sourcing the industry’s most talented crew members. Education and training are key in this service-oriented industry, which is growing fast. Since becoming part of Royal Caribbean Group, Silversea has welcomed six ships to its fleet in just three years, making attracting talented professionals more important than ever. We are delighted to partner with Les Roches, a leading academic institution, to ensure our service remains the best in the industry.”

During the first semester, students will follow a curriculum focusing on cruise operations, developing luxury experiences for guests, learning about luxury accommodation and food and beverage management on board, sales and revenue, and maritime law. Within this period, Les Roches also offers a business trip to Monaco and Miami, home of the world’s largest passenger port. Upon completion of this first part of the programme, students can choose to further engage in the industry practically with an immersion period in the cruise industry with Silversea.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Cruise Line Management is open to UK-based students who are interested in developing the business and entrepreneurial mindset required for a successful career in the cruise industry. Beyond potential employment with Silversea following the diploma, the UK cruise industry is on the rise and so the programme opens up substantial job and career opportunities. Nearly 2.3 million sea cruises were taken by UK passengers in 2023, which is 14% above the level recorded pre-pandemic in 2019, and Les Roches is addressing the need for this market need for a skilled workforce and futureproofing the industry.

Heidi Wenger, Senior HR & Fleet Crew Director Silversea; Carlos Díez de la Lastra, CEO Les Roches Global; Birgit Vadlau, Vice President Hotel Operation Silversea; Mano Soler, Director Les Roches Marbella.


You’d be forgiven for thinking that chocolate, marshmallow, pecan pie, blueberry cheesecake or peanut butter were flavours more associated with desserts than beer, but in the United States craft brewers have been pushing the creative envelope once more by developing a whole new style of beer more akin to liquid dessert in a glass.

Termed pastry stouts, these typically sweet, lactose-heavy, usually high alcohol beers have been winning audiences worldwide. They make good additions to a restaurant menu, either to accompany desserts or as a dessert on their own!

What exactly is a pastry stout?

Pastry stouts are almost always strong, sweet beers made from a dark beer base that incorporate culinary ingredients to create a sweet, rich flavour profile that mimic flavours found in pastries or desserts. Subtle they are not! Pastry stouts are extreme in alcohol and flavour with a full-body and smooth, creamy mouthfeel due to residual sugars from a heavy malt bill. They can be barrel-aged and made with adjuncts, extracts, purees or with natural ingredients deconstructed from well-known desserts eg. a Snickers inspired beer may include cocoa nibs, vanilla, peanuts and almonds. Sometimes they may include oats to boost the body further or nitro to enhance the creamy mouthfeel. The end result is undoubtedly a delicious, decadent, show-stopping beer with undeniable ‘wow’ factor.

What makes a good pastry stout?

With so many ingredients and flavours combinations to choose from what makes a good pastry stout? A well-made, well balanced base beer is a good starting block on which to build the sweet flavour profile. High alcohol helps amplify and balance the flavours while adding to the intense, indulgent feel associated with these beers. Simply throwing a tonne of lactose and cookies into any beer is not going to cut it. Here, three American craft brewers give their expert opinions on the style:

Diego, CA, who won a silver medal for Modern Times Beer’s Mega Devil’s Teeth: Double Dutch S’mores Edition in the first ever pastry stout category at last year’s Great American Beer Festival, explains: “A good pastry stout needs to be sweet and high in alcohol, but not taste overwhelmingly alcoholic. It should lend itself well to adjuncts and be less acrid than its Imperial Stout counterparts. In my opinion, the best pastry stouts are barrel-aged to give a touch of oak and spirit character and provide more nuance overall.” This award-winning version of Mega Devil’s Teeth is a 14.4% Imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels with vanilla, cocoa nibs, and vegan stroopwaffles!

Where do you get your inspiration for pastry stouts?

Barry Homes, CEO of The Bruery, Placentia CA, who make a range of ever more innovative, creative and diverse pastry stouts, says: “We take inspiration from all things that have an interesting taste. We usually start with real ingredients including cookies, oreos, strawberries, etc and if flavourings will make the beer taste better we use those too.”

Who is drinking pastry stouts and are they a passing trend?

Jeremy Roberts, founder/brewer, 903 Brewers from Sherman, TX renowned for their fruit-forward slushies and adventurous pastry stouts, comments: “Pastry stouts are extremely popular. We’re releasing 2-4 pastry stouts a month even in the summer and they appeal to wide consumer profile from 35-55 years old, both male and female. While they’re popular now, consumers palates and preferences are constantly changing so we hope they stick around but you never know.”

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Barry Homes echoes these sentiments and says pastry stouts were not as popular as a few years ago but still fairly desirable. At The Bruery pastry stouts are popular among regular supporters who enjoy discovering how the brewers interpret a particular taste profile.

Craft ‘Ohana releases three different varietals of pastry stouts a month which are typically limited to 300-500 bottles each and they sell out most months. Kyle Fjalstad adds: “I think that the style will endure similarly to other styles that have come into the craft beer zeitgeist. I think that people are often surprised when they try a pastry stout for the first time. The appearance can be off-putting for some, but after the first sip they realise just how approachable the style is.”

What’s the future for pastry stouts?

Pastry stouts are ideally suited to sharing and sparking conversations but will they last?

Kyle Fjalstad comments: “Popularity will ebb and flow, but the breweries making the best versions of them will have drinkers to consume them” while Barry Holmes says “It’s a style that can fade if we don’t continue to innovate around it.” American craft brewers are renowned for their groundbreaking creativity, relentless innovation and unswerving commitment to quality and as such as well-placed to continue pushing the boundaries of flavour and creating excitement with new ingredients and new taste experiences.

The UK remains an important export market for American craft beer with 7.3% of all exports, the second largest individual market behind Canada. American craft beer is available from national wholesalers or on-line at Athletic Brewing Sierra Nevada shop

Free resources for chefs and restauranteurs are available on or

Embracing Diversity and

Being inclusive isn’t just a moral imperative anymore – by now, it’s also a smart business strategy. From the way we hire and train our staff to the design of our spaces and the experiences we offer; inclusivity needs to be at the heart of creating memorable and welcoming environments for both our employees as well as our guests. Diversity and inclusion can be tackled and promoted in a myriad of ways, but here are some of the core principles of accessible design and training, which can lay a strong foundation.

Cultivate a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

Hospitality thrives on the richness of its people. From front-of-house staff to chefs and management, a diverse workforce brings a variety of perspectives and talents to the table. By actively recruiting and retaining employees from different backgrounds, including race, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation, hospitality businesses can foster an inviting environment of creativity, empathy, and understanding. Moreover, promoting diversity in leadership positions not only reflects the values of inclusivity but also drives innovation and strengthens the brand’s reputation as an employer of choice

It’s about leading by example, too, especially for the leadership of our businesses. We set the tone within an organisation. By seeking feedback and diverse perspectives, and valuing contributions and participations, we can model inclusive behaviour. We should also

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Inclusion in Hospitality

challenge the status quo by proactively examining existing processes by consulting external auditing professionals, current systems, and informal subcultures. Only by addressing gaps in our recognition is it that we can grow and move past them.

Supporting LGBTQ+ Inclusivity

Inclusivity means more than just welcoming your guests; it’s about creating spaces where everyone feels safe, respected, and celebrated. For LGBTQ+ travellers, this can be particularly important, as they may face discrimination or discomfort in certain environments. Our Hospitality businesses can demonstrate their commitment to their inclusivity by implementing policies that prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, training staff to be sensitive to LGBTQ+ issues, and offering LGBTQ+-friendly amenities and services. Small gestures can already make a big difference in ensuring that all guests feel valued and affirmed during their stay – which can range all the way from displaying a little rainbow flag at the check-in desks, all the way to gender-neutral restrooms and inclusive marketing campaigns.

Design with Accessibility in Mind

Accessible design is essential for creating environments that are welcoming for guests of all abilities. Whether it’s the more obvious wheelchair ramps and elevators, offering Braille signage and tactile maps or creating an inclusive space for the deaf or hard-of-hearing community – ensuring that all digital platforms are compatible with screen readers and other assistive technologies. At the end of the day, we should strive to make every single aspect of our hospitality spaces be designed with accessibility in mind. By embracing the principles of universal design (designing for the widest possible range of abilities), we can not only comply with legal requirements but also show that we care – by enhancing the overall guest experience for everyone at the same time.

Diversity and Inclusion are no longer just buzzwords to be thrown around; they’re fundamental values that drive success and create meaningful connections - regardless of background or ability. It’s a practice that needs to become a mindset, for all of us.

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How A Restaurant

Sustainability Programme Became

A Remarkable Staff Performance, Recruitment and Retention Medium

An extraordinary and unexpected consequence resulted when The Alchemist restaurant and bar chain launched its customer focused sustainability programme. At times it has brought staff team members to tears of positive emotion, and as the hospitality group’s Talent and Culture Director, Hannah Plumb, says, it has had a profound effect on staff, and on a personal level she feels privileged to be part of it.

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The story started with The Alchemist looking to add another dimension to its already established sustainability programme, that had made substantial inroads in reducing waste and carbon emissions. It decided to adopt GiftTrees, which would create customer involvement in making significant additional improvement to existing environmental strategy, plus it would be an effective way of applying social good. No one imagined the impact it would turn out to have on the chain’s restaurant teams.

‘I’m so glad we did this. This has made such a difference, and it will make such a difference,’ says Plumb.

The way in which GiftTrees works is by diners agreeing to add a small amount to meal bills to pay for the planting of a fruit tree in a region of economic deprivation. This creates agroforestry to offset carbon emissions, lifts some of the world’s poorest communities from poverty, creates food, revitalises local economies, rejuvenates eroded soil and benefits wildlife. For 123 pence, a fruit tree is planted that can negate as much as a ton of carbon. More than 280,000 trees have so far been planted through the combined efforts of The Alchemist and its customers.

The introduction of GiftTrees quickly became popular with diners. Approximately only one per cent opt out of contributing. In fact, GiftTrees has become a sales asset by enhancing the dining experience to generate repeat bookings, and create customer recommendation through word of mouth and social media. One popular element is the use of a feature introduced via the GiftTrees app, that allows diners to track the planting of their own specific trees via geotagging on a mapping system. They can see their individual fruit tree orchards grow every time they make a contribution.

But the scale of the positive impact on staff has been what is most unexpected. This is partly due to an important ingredient in the GiftTrees package of rewarding participating restaurants with Tokens that enable restaurant employees to visit the agroforestry they help create. This has

altered the lives of staff members forever.

As Restaurant Trainer Kelsie Baxter says, ’It’s just changed the way I will look at life. This experience is one of the best things. I’m really grateful.’

This sentiment is reflected by Senior Front of House Trainer Paula Jackson-McDonald. ’Getting involved with GiftTrees was the best thing I’ve ever done, for sure.’

Kate Kowell, Duty Manager adds, ’Helping people that will never know you exist is an insane weird feeling that’s amazing. You’re giving them food, you’re giving them an income. This is just amazing.’

The knowledge that as restaurant employees, staff at The Alchemist are able to help make such a difference to the planet and the lives of some of the World’s poorest people is summed up by Isaac, who works front of house.

‘I’d like to look back in five years time, and think that was when I changed my life. I want to keep planting trees. I think it’s a genius idea. It’s solving two of the biggest issues at the same time, climate change and poverty. I just want to keep doing it.’

One of the key engagement and motivational aspects of the agroforestry programme is that employees know exactly where fruit trees are being planted in the Usambara Mountains in North Eastern Tanzania. This is due to the geotagging. Developments can be tracked accurately enabling employees to follow progress in detail, plus they fully understand the benefits they are helping create, including the good it is having on the local people, many of whom they know and recognise from video clips and personal visits.

One of the results is that staff bond over the joint sense of purpose that runs through the restaurant teams. It is something that Plumb identifies in the sense of belonging, purpose and togetherness that has been reinforced though the programme, and she recognises the great importance of the need to create something beyond picking up a monthly wage for doing a job well.

‘I’m very passionate about our partnership with GiftTrees,’ she says. ‘Young people want to feel a part of something bigger than just a job. You’re not going to work just for the sake of going to work. You’re part of something bigger. It’s like a sense of belonging to what you do.’

The returns from introducing robust social and sustainability strategy are becoming increasingly well recognised, particularly when it comes to younger demographics.

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Research by Randstad of 35,000 employees, found almost 50 per cent of Millennials and Gen Zs state they will not take a job unless a company matches their social and environmental values, and share their moral principles. A study by Talent Solutions found that the majority of individuals want to work for an organisation that reflects their beliefs, and the job they do should improve society in some way even if it is not the primary function. Also, a report by McKinsey discovered that the better the ESG programme, the more the best talent will want to work for an employer.

The research identifies that the younger the employee, the more concern they have for both planet and social challenges. For a sector like the hospitality industry so reliant on Millennials and GenZs, it is important to recognise the importance of ESG in recruiting, retaining and motivating staff.

However, having an effective ESG strategy is one thing, but creating employee interaction, and ensuring they are aware of the details of results, is another. Done correctly, The Alchemist demonstrates that it can become a powerful human resources tool as well as fulfilling environmental and social commitment goals. The influence it can have on employees should not be underestimated. At a basic level it successfully addresses the key challenges of productivity, recruitment, retention and absenteeism, but more than that, it also elicits positive emotion that feeds on itself.

The positive infectious engagement created inevitably permeates to being felt by all third parties that employees have contact with, including customers. For restaurants, and all other areas of the hospitality sector, staff interaction with ESG programmes should be recognised as an effective option for performance improvement.

To find out more, visit

BETHANY ENGLAND REWARDS WITH YEAR LONG SPA MEMBERSHIP biggest ever campaign Spa A Thought rewards those who have gone above and beyond with a year spa membership.

Campaign ambassador Bethany England awards prize to winner.

Fiona Lawrence from Surrey who raised £30,000 to support son’s cancer battle winner of the spa membership.

Today, ambassador Bethany England rewarded ‘Spa A Thought’ winner Fiona with a year-long spa membership at the UK’s largest spa Pennyhill Park. launched their biggest ever community-based campaign ‘Spa a Thought’ in order to give back to those most deserving and reward those who have gone above and beyond with a year-long spa membership. The handover took place at Pennyhill Park allowing winner Fiona to kickstart her spa membership over the Easter weekend.

The UK wide campaign is headlined by Lioness and Tottenham Hotspur WSL captain Bethany England, Britain’s most decorated female athlete Christine Ohuruogu and England and Surrey cricket player Jason Roy.

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Lioness, Bethany England, commented “I’m really excited to be part of the campaign with and delighted that we are going to be able to give back to those who truly deserve it. I regularly use the spa as part of my wellness and fitness routine – the benefits of the spa are huge for everyone, whether you’re an athlete or work in an office and need the time to unwind.”

Winner Fiona Lawrence’s son Angus was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2023 and is receiving ongoing treatment. Angus’s teachers wanted to show their support and so entered the Oxford half marathon and asked if his parents would join them. In a moment of madness they agreed, word spread and a group of 12 close friends ran, with only 8 weeks of training. The focus to train and get out and exercise was so good for the group’s mental health and the support they have had has been incredible. They started with a target of raising £600. As it stands, fundraising for the Royal Marsden Cancer charity, in support of Angus, is now at almost £30,000. The group and community have more events planned, continuing to raise awareness and funds for vital cancer research and equipment.

Fiona commented “I can’t believe Catherine nominated me and that have given me this membership, it really doesn’t feel real!

The support we have had from family and friends has been amazing and has really carried us all through. I can’t wait to use the spa and feel the physical & mental benefits of working out and relaxing in the amazing facilities.”

With Bethany’s family having been touched by cancer, Fiona’s story and the work that do to better the spa experience for those with cancer resonated with Bethany. Bethany has seen first-hand the impact cancer has had on her family and wanted to support the journey of making the spa an accessible place for those suffering.

Partnering with for the campaign and helping to give back to those most deserving this year is spa & hotel retreat part of Elysium Collection, Pennyhill Park.

Abi Selby, founder of Spabreaks. com commented “At we understand first-hand the positive impact that the spa can have for us both physically and mentally. I’m so glad that alongside the team at Pennyhill Park, we’ve been able to give back to people that are so deserving of reaping the benefits of the spa.”

“I can’t believe Catherine nominated me and that have given me this membership, it really doesn’t feel real! The support we have had from family and friends has been amazing and has really carried us all through. I can’t wait to use the spa and feel the physical & mental benefits of working out and relaxing in the amazing facilities.”
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Celebrity Judges Announced Chelsea Bun Awards,

This year’s bake-off will be judged by Lady Frederick Windsor, also known as the actress Sophie Winkleman, and the actress and cake expert Jane Asher, both patrons of The Children’s Surgery Foundation. Joining them as judges will be John Shepherd, the owner of Partridges Fine Foods, and Munther Haddad, the Chairman of The Children’s Surgery Foundation and a Senior Consultant Paediatric and Neonatal Surgeon.

The Awards include an Instagram competition and a live tasting event taking place at Partridges in Chelsea, in support of The Children’s Surgery Foundation. Entry to both competitions is free, but participants are encouraged to make a donation to the charity.

For the Instagram Competition, bakers are invited to craft ‘FloralThemed’ Chelsea Buns or Chelsea Bun Flowers, and post photographs of them on Instagram using the hashtag #worldchelseabunawards and tagging @ world.chelsea.bun.awards. Entries can also be submitted via the official website. Entries must be received by 5pm on Friday 17th May. Those who submit images by the ‘Early Entry’ Deadline of Sunday 21st April will be included in the ‘Floral Feasts’ display at Partridges, during Chelsea in Bloom week.

The ‘Live Tasting’ Competition takes place at Partridges, on Saturday 18th May, with entries needing to be delivered to the shop by 9:30am that morning.

Entrants can compete in one of three categories, Under 18s, Adult or Professional Bakers. The three winners of the Instagram competition will receive £100 each and winners of the live tasting competitions will receive bespoke Partridges Hampers and embroidered World Chelsea Bun Award aprons, kindly donated by Initially London. There will also be £250 for the Supreme World Chelsea Bun Awards Champion.

Chelsea Buns will be judged on their taste/ appearance, originality, creativity and presentation… and this year their floral twist to coincide with the Floral Feasts theme for Chelsea in Bloom taking place during the RHS Chelsea Flower Show week.

The winners of the ‘Live Tasting’ Competition will be announced at Partridges on Saturday 18th May at 3:30pm, with all results announced on Instagram and the official website on Monday 20th May.

For more information and to enter, visit

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Jane Asher John Shepherd Munther Haddad Lady Frederick Windsor Judges:

Announced for 6th World Hosted by Partridges

John Shepherd, Owner and Managing Directory of Partridges says… “The first Chelsea Bun was created around 1700 by Richard Hand close to Partridges in Duke of York Square, Chelsea. Richard, known as Captain Bun, ran The Old Chelsea Bun House which was famous for its Chelsea Buns and counted King George II, King George III and their families amongst its customers. We are delighted to hold the World Chelsea Bun Awards for the sixth year running and hope they will once again revive the baking of Chelsea Buns in the area, and around the world, as well as raise funds and awareness for The Children’s Surgery Foundation. To date, the World Chelsea Bun Awards has raised over £18,500 for the charity’s Beam Campaign.

As a judge of this year’s competition, I am very much looking forward to seeing the range and variety of ‘Floral Themed’ Chelsea Buns. We are hoping to receive entries from all over the country and all over the world and I expect that people will add popular local ingredients as well as ingredients which match their own dietary preferences and creative twists, resulting in a rich assortment of Chelsea Buns.”

Jane Asher says… “I’m so pleased that our important charity is going to benefit once more from the exciting World Chelsea Bun Awards. I have the honour of being a judge for this very special competition, and I would urge anyone who enjoys baking to join in and have a go with their version of the famous, delicious treat. Not only will it be fun, but at the same time you will be helping to relieve the potential pain and distress experienced by children undergoing surgery. I do hope you will join us.”

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