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Construction Update

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Bournemouth builder hails benefits of West Fraser panels

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Construction Update

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Schöck choreographs bespoke canopy at Sadler’s Wells East


The World’s First Work Trousers With Built-in, certified Kneepads.


Bournemouth builder hails benefits of West Fraser panels


Property And Construction Businesses Have Some Of The WorstPerforming Websites, New Research Shows

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Frontage of Sadler’s Wells East showing the canopy. Courtesy of Sadler’s Wells

Schöck choreographs bespoke canopy at Sadler’s Wells East Sadler’s Wells East will join the rich cultural heritage of the East Bank development at Stratford, when it opens in 2024 at London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The design has many distinctive features, but externally a major focal point is the cantilevered canopy which runs the length of the frontage. Designed to carry a precast green roof, there were a number of design challenges, including the very high support loadings carried by the end profile of the in-situ RC cantilever beams 4

Construction Update

Enhanced by the saw-tooth roof design, which reflects the industrial heritage of the site, the new theatre building has an auditorium that will present midscale work; with 550 foldaway seats to create a more flexible, flat floor area, which will suit a range of dance formats. Six studios are working spaces with natural light and most of these have direct access to terrace spaces with views over the park. The L-shaped public ‘living room’ foyer will wrap around the building, opening out onto Stratford Walk and the public realm, where there is also outside performance space. It is a resource for the whole of the UK, offering a destination venue for dance companies around Britain and hosting the best work from international choreographers. Running the length of the frontage is a cantilevered canopy, designed to carry a precast green roof – and this presented a number of design and structural challenges.

Isometric viewed from above. Courtesy of Architect: O’Donnell + Tuomey

A bespoke solution from Schöck The full length of the canopy is around 51m and it involves very high support loadings, which have to be carried by the end profile of the in-situ RC cantilever beams – each 500mm wide x 950mm deep, with an overall cantilever of 4.6m. The span between the beams is 4.2m with a total of 12 beams making up the full length of the canopy. In the normal permanent condition the moment and shear loads were 900kNm and 360kN respectively. Due to the complexity of the loads and arrangement of the bespoke Schöck Isokorb elements required to transfer such high forces into a relatively small concrete section of beam, the main supporting Isokorb rods were designed using Finite Element Software. The cantilever beams are aligned with internal supporting beams which allow the internal sections of the Isokorb rods to penetrate far enough into the structure to distribute the demanding loads. In addition, it was necessary to consider bomb blast loading which introduced uplift forces. So the design had to accommodate loads in both positive and negative directions for both moment and shear.

Isometric viewed from below (cantilever beam highlighted in red). Courtesy of Architect: O’Donnell + Tuomey.

A typical beam section. Courtesy of Architect: O’Donnell + Tuomey.

Construction Update


One of the deformation plots completed to show expected deflection to a given load combination – this is for dead load only

Deflection and natural fequency Very tight deflection requirements and natural frequency had to be overcome too. The Isokorb detailing was once again calculated using Finite Element Software, with the contractor and design teams providing values for both longterm deflection and dead load deflection only – which determined the amount of pre-camber required during the construction of the beams. This was a challenging section to model and calculate, due to the additional support factor of the raked end which sits on a rigid wall. Conventional Schöck Isokorb structural thermal breaks were also incorporated into the project at level two, for a much less technically demanding smaller canopy. Expansion and issues as well


The length of the main canopy and size of the rods required to transfer the main forces, meant that consideration also had to be given to the thermal stresses that would be caused by the expansion and contraction of the external concrete. Expansion joints therefore had to be introduced at every third beam (approximately


Construction Update

8.4m centres) which carry the load from one set of precast canopy sections onto the supporting beam, with the other canopy sections resting onto the beam directly. Schöck incorporated its newly introduced heavy-duty Stacon shear force dowel type SLD for the expansion joint requirements. This new dowel is a uniquely compact product and as the anchoring bodies have been reduced in size, it has the advantage of enabling higher loads to be installed in thinner slabs and walls. On-site reinforcement is optimised and Stacon provides a reliable and economical alternative to other expansion

Typical view of Stacon type SLD dowels in position

joint constructions.

Totally verifiable performance The dependable and fully compliant range of Schöck Isokorb structural thermal break solutions helps projects meet full compliance with the necessary UK Building Regulations. There are solutions for concrete-to concrete, concrete-to-steel, steel-to-steel, renovation projects – and even a maintenance free alternative to wrapped parapets. All products have the security of independent BBA Certification, which provides NHBC approval. Also, the newly introduced Stacon dowel product has been awarded United Kingdom Technical Assessment (UKTA) along with fire protection classification R 120. Contact Schöck on 01865 290 890; or for full details of the Isokorb and Stacon products visit the solutions page on the website at





55-6725 Cut level


55-3725 Cut level


55-1725 Cut level

See us on stand 3 E/40 25-27 April 2023, NEC Birmingham UK

Tilsatec | +44 (0)1924 375742 | | TILSATEC LIMITED, Flanshaw Lane, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF2 9ND, ENGLAND


The World’s First Work Trousers With Built-in, Certified Kneepads. Unique, Tested and Certified to Exacting International Standards1 Snickers Workwear has been inventing and reinventing Work Trousers with Kneepads since 1975. Renowned for continual innovation, the process continues with the launch of the world’s first built-in, certified kneepads which are completely integrated into a pair of Snickers Workwear’s premium stretch Work Trousers. The unique AllroundWork, Stretch Trousers with Capsulized™ Kneepads and Holster Pockets deliver low-profile, comfortable impact protection. They’re an innovative combination of cutting-edge sportswear technology coupled with Snickers Workwear’s worldrenowned comfort, functionality and sustainable fabric design technology. These street-smart hard-working slim-fit Trousers combine enhanced flexibility and comfort with a 2-way stretch fabric plus additional 4-way stretch panels at key stress points. There’s also CORDURA® reinforced holster, ruler, and cargo, pockets. And, as is typical of all Snickers Workwear clothing, these durable and comfortable Work Trousers with the lightweight Capsulized™ kneepads provide in-place ergonomic protection all day, every day. Getting more information on the Snickers Workwear AllroundWork, Stretch Trousers with Capsulized™ Kneepads and Holster Pockets is easy. You call the Helpline on 01484 854788; check out; or you can email


Construction Update

1 Tested and Certified according to EN 14404 for Level 1 Knee Protection,

Construction Update


CHAS and Towergate unite to launch ‘industry first’ insurance service that rewards careful contractors and tradespeople CHAS has joined forces with Towergate to introduce CHAS Protect, an innovative insurance service designed specifically for contractors and tradespeople, that rewards careful contractors. Applying CHAS’s experience in supply chain risk management and Towergate’s proficiency as a specialist business insurance broker, this collaboration aims to provide CHAS members with a bespoke insurance offering that recognises their commitment to operating responsibly. The lower risk profile associated with holding CHAS accreditation grants CHAS members access to contractor-friendly insurance premiums and customised policy enhancements under the CHAS Protect policy. This comprehensive coverage spans business, tools, equipment, and vehicles and features exclusive additional perks for CHAS members. These include extended ‘new for old’ replacement for stolen or damaged equipment, complimentary tax advice, and 24-hour legal support as well as mental health support for both business owners and their employees. At a time when the economic climate is extremely challenging and the cost of claims is soaring due to rising labour and material costs, CHAS Protect is designed to help CHAS contractors to safeguard their business, tools, vehicles and livelihood. Commenting on the launch of CHAS Protect, Alex Minett, Head of New Global Markets at CHAS, says: “This partnership between CHAS and Towergate marks true innovation in the industry, offering insurance


Construction Update

products tailored to reward our CHAS members’ lower risk profiles. The contractor-friendly premiums and personalised policy enhancements showcase one of the many ways CHAS adds value to its members as part of their accreditation.” Towergate’s Managing Director of Affinity Partnerships, Paul Buckle adds, “It’s not every day you get the chance to support a leading risk management company in delivering real industry innovation. We have worked closely with CHAS to deliver an insurance service which recognises the lower risk profile of CHAS members and is tailored to them.” To find out more about the benefits of becoming a CHAS member, call CHAS now on 0345 521 9111 or visit


Tucked away in Sutton Bonington in Nottinghamshire sits a beautiful Grade II-listed home which was carefully brought back to life with a stunning renovation. Andrew Hindes Interiors was tasked with renovating two small rooms and turning them into one large bathroom. Preserving the history of the building was a key aspect of this renovation which came with several challenges due to its age. Working with Schlüter-Systems products for over three years, Andrew and his team knew just what they needed when selecting a reliable solution to protect their client’s bathroom. The existing plumbing and pipework were removed and replaced with new pipework. New electrics and plastering were followed by the installation of a selection of Schlüter-Systems products, all with the aim of maximising the lifespan of the new room. Starting in the shower area, the Schlüter-KERDI-TS complete set was adhered to the shower tray to create a sound waterproof connection between the tray, made of stone resin and the adjoining wall. This solution was particularly important as the two different components could potentially create a weak spot which would allow water ingress. Further products from the Schlüter-KERDI waterproofing range were used, including the KERDI-200 membrane, Schlüter-KERDI-KEBA sealing band and Schlüter-KERDI-COLL sealing adhesive, supporting the overall protection of the bathroom. For functional and aesthetic purposes, a prefabricated Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD-N niche was installed. This was perfect for the client as they needed storage that was convenient whilst remaining stylish. In terms of installation, it was far from challenging as it was easily integrated into the Schlüter-KERDI waterproofing system as a bonded waterproofing assembly. Click here to read the full story >>> Construction Update


Bournemouth builder hails benefits of West Fraser panels An experienced carpenter and builder based near Bournemouth, who has been involved in the construction of bespoke homes for two local developers, has taken to social media to demonstrate the speed and efficiency of installing West Fraser’s CaberDek, as well as the manufacturer’s SterlingOSB Zero. Steve Mayes, who took a carpentry course in his late teens, has spent the last 15 years working on new-build and refurbishment projects, here and in New Zealand, and has now become a self-employed member of the erection team for the Glass Harbour Group and Ashhaus Construction. Amongst the properties currently under construction are two mirror-image, threebedroom detached houses where the stickbuild frames are being sheathed with 11mm SterlingOSB Zero to provide racking strength. Then at first floor level, Steve and his fellow chippies are laying 22mm CaberDek across the floor joists prior to installing the wall plates: as illustrated at


Construction Update

Steve commented: “These new homes conform to high standards including energy performance and quality of finish. The SterlingOSB Zero is being used to conform to the structural engineer’s requirements. Then to install the CaberDek across the joists, we are using the CaberFix glue and 50mm ring shank nails to make sure there are no squeaks; the adhesive is applied to the tongue and groove joints as well. We particularly like the ruggedness of the boards which means you don’t get any damage to the edges when you are pulling them up over the scaffolding, like you do with some makes, slowing things up. And once you get the first row fixed down, the consistent size avoids the misalignment that creeps in with other decking, which can take a lot of work to correct. We were laying the

first-floor decks for these homes in two to three days and getting a nice tight floor at the finish.” Supplied in this instance through the local branch of Travis Perkins, CaberDek panels measure 600mm wide by 2400mm long. CaberDek is available in an easy to install and familiar T&G format, making it the ideal choice for housebuilders or sub-contractors to ensure rapid installation, ready to face the toughest of conditions on site. All West Fraser panel products produced in the UK are net carbon negative and manufactured in mills that have obtained the coveted environmental ISO 14001 accreditation. Responsibly sourced, the panels are FSC certified and created from locally grown timber, cutting embodied carbon from transportation.

For further information, call 01786 812 921 or visit

Construction Update



Bohl Crane has installed a series of overhead cranes and hoists from R&M Materials Handling at a facility in Decatur, Indiana where Formula Boats are manufactured from raw materials. A family-owned company, Thunderbird Products,

inside. The pools are used to

produces the world-renowned lines of Formula

test the motors in the boats;

Boats. With a long-established philosophy of

they use the cranes to lift

uncompromising quality in every detail, Formula

the boats in and out of these

is recognized as the world’s premier powerboat

pools,” he says.

manufacturer, producing fiberglass boats from 24’ to 50’ in length.




needs of Formula Boats had Bohl Crane, which has been an R&M Materials

changed over time. Most

Handling Master Distributor for over 20 years, was

of the previously existing

called upon to find a solution when the boat maker

cranes were removed, as

wanted to respond to demand to make larger and

they had mismatched hoists

heavier vessels.

and speeds, making way for similar but updated cranes.


Below-the-hook equipment, such as nylon slings and

It was a tight headroom application given that the

spreader bars, was retained.

existing building had 20’-10 ½” truss height and 18’2” crane rail height.

Click here to read the full article >>>

Thomas Velker, Project Engineer at Bohl Crane, set the scene: “There is a pond out front and pool bays


Construction Update


Buying a property is a major undertaking, and a majorly expensive one to boot. It is no wonder that the property-buying process is so long and multi-faceted, between the legal issues that may or may not need resolving, the liaison of multiple lenders and legal professionals, and the logistics of moving physically from one place to another. Given the excitement and stress of the move, and given the haste with which you will want to get going with the process, it can be easy to overlook some red flags in the course of buying property. In order to increase your chances of a successful and stressfree purchase, you should keep a mental note to check the following things – if only for your peace of mind… Click here to read the full article >>> Construction Update


Surface Design Show Announces Furnishing Futures as Charity Partner for 2024 Edition Innovation in surface materials is the focus of the Surface Design Show 2024, with this year’s theme focusing on Mindful Living. Our charity partner for this year goes above and beyond with Mindful Living at the centre of what they do. We are proud to announce our partnership with Furnishing Futures, an innovative charity founded by interior stylist, writer, and social worker Emily Wheeler. Furnishing Futures focuses on creating beautifully designed, fully furnished healing homes for women and children who have suffered from Domestic Abuse. After escaping domestic abuse these individuals often find themselves in social housing without basic amenities, such as flooring or white goods. The charity addresses this critical gap by partnering with the interiors industry to repurpose good quality ex-display items, returns, props, or donated furnishings. Through this sustainable approach, the charity transforms empty spaces with these items into beautiful, fully furnished homes that help people heal. Based in Leyton in East London, Furnishing Futures works closely with specialist domestic abuse services and grassroots organizations, taking referrals to ensure their support reaches those who need it the most. Furnishing Futures is the only furnishing project in the UK to create trauma-informed healing homes, fully furnishing and decorating homes at no cost to


Construction Update

their beneficiaries. This includes flooring, painting and white goods. Trauma-informed design is used to create healing, restorative spaces that nurture and uplift women and children who have experienced domestic abuse or the impact of poverty. Biophilic, evidence-based design principles are also used to harness the healing power of natural light, shapes and materials to create healthy, healing homes, centred on beneficiaries’ needs. The charity work in partnership with the beneficiaries to give them choices about the furniture they have and the way their home is decorated. Having a beautifully furnished home raises self-esteem, alleviates stress and can help break the cycle of poverty for the most vulnerable women and children as well as increasing their safety.

Emily Wheeler has stated “Through our partnership with Surface Design Show we hope to strengthen our industry partnerships, enabling us to support more families with comfortable homes, while protecting the environment. We’re really looking forward to seeing how our partnership develops.” As part of the partnership with Surface Design Show, renowned UK street artist Olivier Roubieu will create two live murals across this year’s events. These unique artworks will be auctioned, with all proceeds contributing to Furnishing Futures’ mission of creating safe and welcoming homes for survivors of domestic abuse. Emily Wheeler, continues “Furnishing Futures is absolutely delighted to be chosen as Surface Design Show’s charity partner, and we want to say a huge thank you to all the exhibitors for supporting us.” The interiors industry work closely together with this charity partner, with many organisations in the interiors industry donating high quality products such as returns, seconds or ex-showroom stock that might otherwise end up in landfill. Furnishing Futures operates from donations alone, any donations of the following items can help support this amazing charity. Architects and designers come together at the Surface Design Show 6-8 February 2024 to view, source, and specify the newest and most creative exterior and interior surface materials from more than 180 exhibitors. This wide reach of industry professionals coming together will also help to increase awareness of this amazing charity to over 5000 architecture and design professionals.

For more information about Surface Design Show, visit; For further information please contact Cora Kemp; Email: Phone: 07903481131

For more information about Furnishing Future please contact Emily Wheeler; Email: Phone: 07415779190 Website:

Construction Update


CONSTRUCTION SITES AND COMMUNITIES: BALANCING PROGRESS WITH COMMUNITY WELLBEING Construction is, needless to say, a fundamental and interstitial aspect of building and maintaining our country’s infrastructure. Putting aside the obvious points supporting this fact, construction has recently been especially instrumental in expanding the UK’s neighbourhoods, with high housing demand finally met by increases in house building. However, the presence of construction projects and sites in existing locations is not always welcomed. A friction can come to exist between residential or otherwise local communities and


Construction Update

roads and the negative aesthetic impacts caused by improperly-stored or disposed-of waste. The latter grievance expands into a wider issue of its own, relating to the environmental impact of building works on local ecosystems and habitats – particularly where non-recyclable and non-biodegradable construction waste is in high supply. Communication Communication is the single most important part of the equation when it comes to meeting community concerns equitably. Many solutions to grievances are, as we will find, already baked into UK law; as such, the conversation is more about listening and moderating expectations than anything else. This can be a two-way street though, where conversations about noise disruption and road interruptions can bear fruit. Mitigating Disruption Road closures may be necessary to enable the delivery of building materials and equipment, but advance notice of these closures can often be enough to minimise disruption. Setting delivery times for before the morning rush hour can also be helpful. For noise pollution, council bylaws set noise limits and curfews – but if you are being conscientious, you might limit power tool usage to between a set period of hours. Enhancing Safety Safety should be a paramount concern for any construction business or active working environment, regardless its proximity to local communities or presence in a given site, particularly

riskier outdoor environments. The workers on the ground for a given construction

if the site is seen to be

project are exposed to innumerable hazards on a day-to-day basis, all of which

directly disruptive in one

should already be met with comprehensive health and safety planning, processes

form or another. How

and protection measures. Without these, the risk of personal injury claims by injured

can a contractor manage

workers against the firm increases exponentially.

this delicate relationship effectively?

This is before we consider the indelible impact that an active construction site could have on safety for the local community, with or without existing protections in place.

Residential and

There are regulatory requirements that describe a firm’s duty of care to passers-by,

Community Concerns

and that provide solutions for reducing risk; one such requirement is the creation of

First, it is key to understand

barriers to prevent unauthorised entry, create distance between walking paths and

which core issues

workers at height, and ensure pedestrian safety with regard to entering and exiting

communities and residents

vehicles or machinery.

tend to bring to the table when butting up against

In Conclusion

a given project. Common

Managing relationships between a construction crew and the local community around

grievances include noise

them is not the easiest of tasks. However, it is one that can be met handily by a solid

pollution and out-of-hours

approach, a serious plan of action and a commitment to do right by the people whose

disruption, as well as

community you have entered – safety absolutely included. With a genial tone and an

physical disruption caused

inclination to compromise, your projects should go safely and smoothly.

by narrowed or closed Construction Update


NEW ZERO EMISSIONS MIXER TRUCK THING OF ELECTRIC DREAMS Aggregate Industries has expanded its vehicle fleet after welcoming another electric readymix concrete truck as part of its continued journey to net zero.

The leading building materials suppliers, which has its UK group headquarters in Leicestershire, launched the latest EV addition at its Coleshill Readymix Plant in Birmingham. It will serve the West Midlands and will help supply the ongoing HS2 operations at both Coleshill and Kingsbury Road. Putzmeister, as one of the leading manufacturers of concrete equipment, offers the fully electric eMixer under the brand name iONTRON. The electrically

second Putzmeister iONTRON

powered truck with a 350kWh battery is provided by the parent company SANY.

eMixer will join the Birmingham

This cooperation ensures zero emissions and significantly reduced noise during

fleet in the coming months.

transport and on site. The iONTRON eMixer holds a drum capacity of 9 m³ and provides up to eight hours running time in urban areas.

Gary Brennand, Managing Director of Aggregate Industries’

EV fleet and battery storage specialist Zenobē provided the charging

Readymix division, said: “We’re

infrastructure for the e-Mixer with a 120KW/h charger sited at the Coleshill base.

delighted to welcome our

Zenobē also integrated the EV charging software to monitor the charging profile

latest electric mixer truck in

of the e-mixer and provide valuable insight into the operational performance

partnership with Putzmeister

of the batteries on the vehicle. This data will be used to develop and roll out

and Sany.

Aggregate Industries’ long-term strategy to electrify its heavy fleet. It is the second e-mixer truck Aggregate Industries has on its fleet after the first

“Our mission is to be the

was introduced in London in May – the very first to operate in the capital. A

UK leader in innovative and

20 Construction Update

sustainable building materials and to decarbonise the construction industry. “Electrification of our fleet, machinery and plant is a vital component of that and of helping us achieve our net zero ambitions. This is our second electric mixer truck and it will be operating across the West Midlands and serving the construction of HS2 in the region with our low carbon products. “Traditional mixer trucks use diesel fuel so to be able to have vehicles with zero emissions on the roads is a hugely positive step change in our operations. Construction Update


“We are at the start of our journey but this will gather

We’re excited to bring our charging infrastructure and

pace as the technology continues to evolve along with

data expertise and proven track record in facilitating the

the infrastructure.”

electrification of large-scale electric bus fleets to enable the integration of a second e-mixer into Aggregate

Kevin Eichele, Head of Business Development SANY eTrucks: “In urban areas electric trucks are a real alternative. Drivers will particularly like the power delivery and the low noise level. We are very excited to start this revolutionising journey together with Aggregate Industries.” Steven Meersman, Co-Founder Director of Zenobē, said: “This demonstrates that with cross industry collaboration, solutions to heavy-duty fleet electrification are readily available.


Construction Update

Industries’ electric fleet.”


Tucked away in Sutton Bonington in Nottinghamshire sits a beautiful Grade II-listed home which was carefully brought back to life with a stunning renovation. Andrew Hindes Interiors was tasked with renovating two small rooms and turning them into one large bathroom. Preserving the history of the building was a key aspect of this renovation which came with several challenges due to its age. Working with Schlüter-Systems products for over three years, Andrew and his team knew just what they needed when selecting a reliable solution to protect their client’s bathroom. The existing plumbing and pipework were removed and replaced with new pipework. New electrics and plastering were followed by the installation of a selection of Schlüter-Systems products, all with the aim of maximising the lifespan of the new room. Starting in the shower area, the Schlüter-KERDI-TS complete set was adhered to the shower tray to create a sound waterproof connection between the tray, made of stone resin and the adjoining wall. This solution was particularly important as the two different components could potentially create a weak spot which would allow water ingress. Further products from the Schlüter-KERDI waterproofing range were used, including the KERDI-200 membrane, Schlüter-KERDI-KEBA sealing band and Schlüter-KERDI-COLL sealing adhesive, supporting the overall protection of the bathroom. For functional and aesthetic purposes, a prefabricated Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD-N niche was installed. This was perfect for the client as they needed storage that was convenient whilst remaining stylish. In terms of installation, it was far from challenging as it was easily integrated into the Schlüter-KERDI waterproofing system as a bonded waterproofing assembly. Continue reading this article online >>> Construction Update



Global flood defence specialist, Flood Control International, based in Tavistock, has played a key role in the Donald C. Tillman Water Reclamation Plant Berm Improvements project, undertaken by the City of Los Angeles, California Department of Public Works Bureau of Engineering. Flood Control International provided a cutting-edge steel sliding floodgate, measuring an impressive 8.5m in length and 1.5 metres in height, showcasing its exceptional design capabilities. Speaking about the contract, Tim Collingwood, Managing Director of Flood Control International, said: “Yet again, we’re able to co-ordinate the design, manufacture and shipping of one of our floodgates from the South West of the United Kingdom to the United States, in this case the West Coast. This exemplifies Flood Control International’s global reach and

Collaborating closely with their local supply chain manufacturing sector in

commitment to delivering high-

Plymouth, supporting local jobs and the regional economy in the process,

quality flood control solutions

this partnership underscores Flood Control International’s dedication to both


excellence in flood control technology and commitment to strengthening local communities.

For more information about Flood Control International, visit:

One of the standout features of this project for Flood Control, is the acceptance by the client of an alternative gate specification, meticulously engineered to meet project requirements, while utilising significantly less steel. This innovative design not only makes the gate lighter but also streamlines the installation process, resulting in remarkable cost savings for the client, the City of Los Angeles.

24 Construction Update or email:


Chelmsford-based roofing contractor, RTB Roofing has committed to supporting its local community by extending its associate partnership with the Iconic London Stadium. As part of the multi-year deal, RTB’s branding is showcased across digital platforms around the London Stadium on every Premier League matchday throughout the season. This gives RTB opportunity to connect with over 60,000 people in attendance, along with the global Premier League television audience watching remotely. The associate partnership enhances brand visibility through LED platforms while offering networking opportunities at events hosted by sports rights specialist, Eleven Sports Media. RTB believes that the prestige that comes with being associated with this landmark venue contributes to the company’s creditability and status as an industry leader. Director, Robert Beeson comments: “We are thrilled to announce the renewal of our associate partnership with the London Stadium – a venue that holds a special place in our hearts.

“The London Stadium partnership has provided a beacon of visibility for the brand, great networking opportunities



connections. We look forward to building upon this commitment.” Established in 2015, RTB Roofing has worked from the ground up to boast an impressive portfolio of clients within Essex and its surrounding



through to Central London. With a combined total of 60+ years roofing experience, RTB Roofing ensures quality is at the heart of every project it completes. Click here to read the full article >

“The partnership is more than just a business association; it’s a connection to our roots and a testament to the journey we’ve travelled. As RTB Roofing celebrates its eighth anniversary in December, we’re not just celebrating another year. We’re celebrating growth, strength, and the privilege of being in a remarkable position. Construction Update


PROPERTY AND CONSTRUCTION BUSINESSES HAVE SOME OF THE WORST-PERFORMING WEBSITES, NEW RESEARCH SHOWS The property and construction sector is falling behind most other industries in website performance, with no improvement in comparison to rankings from last year, according to new research from web experts, Zengenti. Zengenti, creators of CMS, Contensis, rolled out its annual ‘Big Players, Slow Web Pages’ campaign, analysing all FTSE 100 and 250 homepages to determine which industries and organisations have the best online presence and which currently lag behind. With an average performance score of 73, an average accessibility score of 85 and an average speed of 410 ms, the property and construction industry came in eleventh place out of a total of 17 industries. Morgan Sindall, a leading British While the property and construction industry saw no change in

Construction and Regeneration

ranking, other industries saw a larger shift.

group, achieved the best results among its FTSE 100 and 250

The utilities sector was crowned as the industry with the best overall

counterparts in the sector, with

website performance in 2023, climbing up 12 places from 2022’s

an average performance score


of 95, an average accessibility score of 97 and an average

Meanwhile, last year’s winner, the media and publishing industry, fell

speed of 78ms.

14 places to the bottom three in this year’s ranking. The findings come at a time To create the research, Zengenti’s team collated the performance,

when the housing market is fluc-

accessibility and speed scores for each FTSE 100 and 250 company

tuating, with news of increas-

before calculating and comparing averages for each sector.

ing numbers of ‘ghost listings’ popping up on online platforms,

A full list of findings can be found by clicking here.

26 Construction Update

containing almost no

information whatsoever for online consumers viewing

We work closely with the Digital Accessibility Centre

the content.

(DAC) to ensure our clients’ sites meet and go beyond accessibility requirements.

Richard Chivers, co-founder of Contensis and chief executive officer of Zengenti, commented:

“Unfortunately, as this research shows, many industries still have significant room for improvement here

“This research shows how important it is to pay atten-

– with the travel, hospitality and leisure industries, in

tion to and maintain your business’ website perfor-

particular, falling short. With the DAC revealing that

mance. Last year, media and publishing topped the

90% of disabled users click away from a website rather

list, yet the industry has fallen a staggering 14 places

than report accessibility issues in 2023, there is no

to the bottom three in this year’s ranking.

excuse not to improve.

“If your business’ website doesn’t load quickly or is

“As leaders in their sectors, FTSE 100 and 250 compa-

inaccessible, you will inevitably lose engagement and

nies have a real opportunity to lead the conversation

sales and can risk damaging your reputation in the

and ensure online accessibility becomes an integral

process. For FTSE 100 and 250 companies, the impact

part of website performance in every industry.”

of this could be critical. To read more about the importance of online acces“Yet, getting things right is not just important for a

sibility and view the top five FTSE 100 and FTSE 250

business’s performance. At Zengenti, we’ve always

performers in each sector listed above, visit

been a big advocate for improving online accessibility. Construction Update



Wilotekt-Plus, manufactured by Axter Ltd, has receive Information (CCPI) verification, the first second gener system to be verified. As the construction industry adapts to a

verification represents a real commitment

new and improved building safety regime

to the enhancement of transparency and

set out in the Building Safety Act, the CCPI is

confidence across construction, providing

playing a pivotal role in driving change and

clients and stakeholders with a tangible

setting the highest standards in how product

assurance that product manufacturers are

information is managed and communicated.

committed to higher standards in building

Axter is proud to be working proactively

safety, with greater clarity around product

with the CCPI to verify that its Wilotekt-

information and product claims.

Plus product information is clear, accurate, accessible, up-to-date and unambiguous.

Wilotekt-Plus’s verification under the CCPI code followed a rigorous five-

Wilotekt-Plus is a hot melt waterproofing

stage assessment and certification

application featuring a polymer-modified

process. This requires manufacturers to

bitumen compound, reinforcement mesh,

undertake an organisational assessment

and high-strength protection membrane

looking at safety-related culture and

for a durable, seamless, and self-healing

leadership and demonstrate clear product

waterproofed roof. The CCPI verification

information management systems. Once

applies to the whole product set including

the organisation standards have been

Wilotekt Surface Conditioning Primer,

passed, there is a product-specific review,

Wilotekt Reinforcement Mesh, Wilotekt

with evidence submitted for the eleven

Compound and Wilotekt Protection

clauses that make up the CCPI code. This


includes demonstrating clear information creation and update processes; providing

This voluntary two-year, renewable

28 Construction Update

proof of compliance, accreditation and


ed the Code for Construction Product ration hot melt structural waterproofing product performance claims; offering accessible

new benchmark in the construction sector.

online guidance from installation to disposal, with transparent guarantees and warranties; and

“We are working with CCPI because we believe it is vital

verifying that visible online technical helpline details

to champion a culture of trust and reliability beyond

are available and that there is training in product

our own door in the wider industry. It reinforces

information conveyance.

our position as a leader in offering sustainable, high-quality roofing solutions that are rooted in a

Wilotekt-Plus adheres to British and European

commitment to safety.

standards and is accredited for zero fall applications. It’s a versatile system used across roofing thanks to

“For our customers, this means enhanced confidence

its direct bonding to the deck, ensuring gap-free and

in our Wilotekt-Plus product and the assurance that

seamless waterproofing.

they are making informed decisions at every stage from design and specification to installation, use,

Phillip Wilcox-Moore, Axter MD, comments:

maintenance and disposal, based on independently verified information.”

“We’re delighted that Wilotekt-Plus has become one of the first hot melt systems on the UK market to carry the CCPI mark. “This is a significant milestone for the Axter team, representing our dedication to leading the industry towards greater transparency and responsibility in product information. This achievement stresses our commitment to transparency and innovation, setting a Construction Update



Haverhill-based cleanroom design & build experts sleigh it at home and overseas after delivering a 2023 of great gifts for clients THE GUARDTECH GROUP are basking in the glow of another fantastic year of cleanroom

For the third consecutive year, the Group have

construction projects at home and abroad

racked up more projects than ever before in

– racking up a record combined footprint of

their history.

7,085sqm across almost 30 different projects. What’s more, they also moved into a stunning After opening the year by completing a string

new premises a stone’s throw from their

of major Medical Device projects in Mildenhall

previous Haverhill base.

(300sqm ISO7), Cambridge (550sqm ISO8) and Keele (300sqm ISO7), the Haverhill firm flexed

“What a year it’s been,” says Commercial

their design muscles with a neat 400sqm ISO8

Director Mark Wheeler. “The growth we’ve

build on a mezzanine for Research & Product

experienced in every facet of the business has

Development, again in Cambridge.

been remarkable – and that’s no more evident than the healthy streams of projects we’ve

These were just some of the highlights of

secured at home and overseas.”

a fantastic opening six months of 2023, which also included a 140sqm ISO8 Optical

Among those projects overseas, the Guardtech

Manufacturing cleanroom in Kent, 100sqm

Group provided an ISO7 CleanCube Maxi

ISO8 Magnetic Strip manufacturing project

Mobile Cleanroom for Research & Development

in Essex, 60sqm ISO8 Medical Device project

work in Uppsala, Sweden, ISO7 Electronics

in Lancashire and a 200sqm ISO7 Micro-

Isopods for technology innovators in Denmark,

electronics modular in Cambridgeshire.

a 60sqm ISO6 & 7 Electronics Testing modular

30 Construction Update

in Dublin and a 130sqm ISO8 modular cleanroom for

ISO7 mobile airlock Softwall Isopods for medical

Electronics manufacturing specialists in Zurich.

moulding in Burton-on-Trent, a 20sqm bespoke ISO8 Isopod for Automotive Engineering in Morocco plus

That’s alongside a 300sqm ISO5, 6 & 7 modular

bespoke 20 & 10sqm CNC Isopods for Defence.

cleanroom in Germany, which is due to be completed in the new year.

All of this alongside a 125sqm ISO5 & 8 modular in Devon for Research & Development, a 100sqm

And of all the amazing projects listed so far, that

ISO7 & 8 Research & Development cleanroom in

doesn’t include the three biggest footprints – all

Surrey, another ISO5 & 7 Research & Development

currently in construction – an 850sqm ISO5 & 7

laboratory in Staffordshire for a previous client, a

cleanroom laundry in Cheshire, a 1650sqm ISO8

20sqm ISO7 Defence modular in Essex, a 20sqm ISO7

Aerospace Manufacturing facility in the South of

Electronics modular in Cambridgeshire and a 30sqm

England and a 1500sqm CNC Battery Manufacturing

Containment Level 3 (CL3) CleanCube Midi laboratory

controlled environment in Suffolk.

in Cambridgeshire.

“2023 has been a fantastic year – and 2024 is set

Clearly then, the Guardtech Group have good reason

to be even better,” continues Wheeler. “From our

to enjoy their Christmas break this year – but Wheeler

turnkey Cleanroom Solutions projects to Guardtech

insists they’ll be back at it when the new year arrives.

Cleanrooms modulars, CleanCube containers to Isopod Rapid Cleanrooms, we’re providing solutions,

“We’ve already got some excellent projects lined up

solving problems and delivering high-performance

for next year in the UK and we’re excited to see the

platforms for leading lights in Life Sciences to achieve

impact that our new focus on the Nordics and Baltics

greatness all over the world.”

territories will have, so watch this space – it’s going to be really exciting.”

Isopod did indeed continue to establish itself as a go-to quick-assembly cleanroom option, with projects

For more information on the Guardtech Group, visit

including a 12sqm bespoke ISO7 Injection Moulding, email

Isopod in Gloucestershire, a 12sqm ISO7 Critical or call 0330 113 0303.

Systems Engineering Isopod in Manchester, two 3sqm Construction Update


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