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Cover Up For Shade This Summer

LiteWork Summerwear for comfort, safety and verifiable sustainability

Peter Dumigan, managing director of the Hultafors Group UK which owns Snickers Workwear, Solid Gear and Toe Guard Safety Footwear writes:

Professional tradesmen and women know that working on site can be a hazardous business. Minor injuries are commonplace and more serious, long term injuries can often happen.

There’s a host of training, PPE products and information services available to keep us safety-aware and protected. But it isn’t just physical hazards in the working environment you should be conscious of, you need to be very aware of how the summer weather can affect your performance and wellbeing on site – so that means dressing right.

We’re all looking forward to sunny weather this year, but warmer working conditions can also compound the health and safety issues by creating an extra UV hazard for personal wellbeing.1

1 Health and Safety Executive, Skin at Work: Outdoor Workers and Sun Exposure,, Accessed 26th April 2023 2 Snickers Workwear, LiteWork, , Accessed 26th April 2023.

Dressing right for the working environment you’re in is therefore very important – not only for working efficiency, but also for personal comfort and safety. Hard work in hot and humid conditions can not only be uncomfortable, but dangerous. So when temperatures rise, it’s important that we take the necessary precautions to stay cool, dry, and well-covered. That’s where Snickers Workwear’s LiteWork moisturewicking, and UV-protective workwear can play an important role.2

When choosing the right working clothes up for a hard day’s work in the sun, there are three important factors that we all need to think about.

August 2023

Garment Fabric Technology

Lightweight fabrics deliver better ventilation and dry faster once they’re wet from perspiration. And even though cotton is thought to be a lightweight fabric, its high absorbency makes it dry very slowly. LiteWork workwear is sustainably designed for working in warmer weather, using specially selected durable, lightweight fabrics for your comfort and safety.

Your Body temperature

In warm, sunny working conditions, you need clothes with exceptional breathability and ventilation. With that in mind, LiteWork workwear uses stretchable fabrics with 37.5® Fabric Technology. Patented particles in the fabric help your body maintain an ideal core temperature – thermoregulate - by removing perspiration vapours before they can turn into liquid sweat. That means you can stay both cool and dry no matter how hot it gets.3

Sweat is the cooling mechanism of the body. The vapour needs to be released and ventilated away from your body or you will end up soaking wet. Which probably is your experience if you have worked in non-breathable materials during hot days.


In sunny conditions, protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays is vital. A number of garments in the LiteWork collection use lightweight, densely woven fabrics that provide an excellent Ultraviolet Protection Factor rating of 40+.

Choosing the right types of clothing.

For summer working, choose workwear that is designed to create a kind of climate control system for your body. Designed to help you stay cool, they should also have added UPV40+ protection to make getting the job done as comfortable and safe as possible.

Your Legs

Shorts are fine in really warm weather and some working environments, but they won’t provide protection for your knees and lower legs. Work Trousers made from heavy fabrics will get really uncomfortable and impractical, so think about getting yourself a pair of LiteWork trousers or shorts made with 37.5® Fabric Technology or stretchable fabrics that combine comfort with durability.

Your Upper Body

The last thing you need is for your clothes to get really wet through sweat, leaving you feeling uncomfortable and getting cold when the temperature drops. Keeping comfortable and dry will keep you working efficiently. Get yourself LiteWork topwear with its bio-based, anti-odour finish that works for you by pulling sweat away from your skin to keep you dry, your body temperature regulated and protected from the sun’s rays.

3 Cocona Labs, Dynamic Thermoregulation Technology,, Accessed 26th April 2023. 4
to boost craftsmen performance, , Accessed 26th April 2023.
volcanic sand

Sustainable Summer Workwear That’s Great For Leisure Too!

Just as the effects of plastic waste on the environment has been brought to the centre of consumer consciousness in recent years, so the problems caused by the disposal of clothing are also coming to the fore.

Snickers Workwear’s design and development has always been driven by continual research into user needs and experiences in a variety of working environments and weather conditions, but nowadays carbon footprint impact is a key part of that evaluation. It’s not just the physical demands on the body when working hard on site or in sports and leisure activities which are drivers in Snickers Workwear’s research and development, it’s the physical demands that product manufacturing and disposal place on the environment that matter too.

So, if you’re thinking about what’s most practical and beneficial to wear this summer - for work or leisure - some of Snickers Workwear’s LiteWork clothing is both dual purpose and works hard in reducing our collective carbon footprints.

If it’s performance you need, check out the upgraded lightweight and breathable 37.5® fabric in Snicker’s Workwear’s shirts and baselayer clothes. With superb cooling technology, they’re great for demanding tasks on site as well as high intensity gym work, circuit training, jogging, hill walking and mountain-biking.



fabric technology with Verifiable Sustainability

But if you want to be more than just cool and comfortable at work this summer – and do your for bit for saving the planet - the ‘Verifiable Sustainability’ in Snickers Workwear new T- and Polo-shirts will suit you down to the ground.4 The brand aims to be at the forefront of sustainability in Workwear which is why the new lightweight Polo and T-shirts are made of 100% recycled polyester with a bio-based, anti-odour finish plus a smooth texture and efficient moisture transport for great working comfort.

While style, comfort and functionality have been key drivers in Snickers Workwear clothing development over the years, fabric performance and sustainability is now central to the technical design of the garments just as it is in performance sports and leisurewear.

The result is environmentally-friendly, ergonomically designed dual-purpose working clothes that are not only designed to meet the physical demands that tradesmen and women face at work but are also ideal for some sports and leisure activities – and reducing your carbon footprint too!

Getting more information

You can call the Helpline on 01484 854788; check out or email

on the Snickers Workwear clothing range is easy.

BVC IV62 Cordless Industrial Vacuum

Eliminate Trailing Cables

A cordless or battery powered Industrial Vacuum Cleaner has usually meant either a low-powered hand held or back-pack unit or a heavy and clumsy machine with several heavy on-board “leisure” batteries, that take a long time to charge, and may not have enough performance to be wholly satisfactory.

Quirepace have re-invented the battery powered Industrial Vacuum Cleaner by combining the well proven mid-range BVC IV60 with Honda’s revolutionary new eGX battery powered engine. The BVC IV60 is usually a 1-2kW electrically powered unit utilising the extremely robust BVC YP series multistage exhauster unit.

The Honda eGX electric engine is designed to replace petrol engines in the 2.5hp class and provides more than adequate power to run the BVC YP3 exhauster unit at full design speed. This new machine is designated BVC IV62 eGX.

The Honda eGX variable speed drive allows the operator to set the run-speed for the optimum performance for the job in hand. At full power the IV62 eGX has a runtime of 30 minutes, and at slower speed this can be extended to over 2 hours. The eGX fast charger provides 80% charge in 1 hour and 100% charge in 1.5 hours, making continuous running possible with spare batteries.

The BVC IV62, as standard, is provided with the 3-stage filtration dry product tank consisting of a paper sack collection, microfibre main filter and 3rd stage HEPA filter. This configuration is suitable for most dry-product collection applications, and the unit may be configured as both M-Class and H-Class rated units.

Optionally, alternative collection tanks can be specified for applications that require, for example, a wet collection tank, or are better suited to a drop-tank rather than paper-sack collection. As is usual with BVC Industrial Vacuum Cleaners there are a wide range of tool and hose options. IV62 is configured to use either 51mm or 38mm hose and tool sets depending on the application and the nature of the product to be cleaned.

The BVC IV62 eGX makes it possible to clean up the industrial workplace without the hassle and hazard of trailing cables and appropriate power outlets. Instantly available power combined with a large collection volume means that it has never been easier to maintain the cleanliness of the workplace, and of course, enhance the health and safety of the environment for the benefit of all.

The BVC IV62 eGX is also ideally suited for use with high-level cleaning equipment. To coincide with the introduction of the BVC IV62 eGX, Quirepace are simultaneously introducing a range of carbon fibre high level cleaning poles configured for use with BVC Industrial Vacuum Cleaners. The pole sets and tools allow high-level cleaning up to 13m from the ground. Again, the ability to carry out cleaning operations without the risks associated with trailing power cables is a significant benefit to safe operation in the busy industrial environment.

BVC equipment (the original British Vacuum Cleaners) are manufactured by Quirepace in Fareham, Hampshire. UK Manufacture means that spares and support are readily available, and, as usual, BVC UK manufactured machines and components have a 5-year parts warranty. The IV62 eGX has been tested and approved by Honda. The eGX engine and battery, whilst not directly covered by the BVC extended guarantee are directly warrantied by Honda under their global warranty and service-centre scheme. In the UK this provides a 3-year warranty on engines and 2 year warranty on batteries and chargers.

For more information or to book a demonstration of this revolutionary unit contact Quirepace on: 023 9260 3700 or

August 2023
TO SPEAK TO A MEMBER OF THE TEAM, PLEASE CALL 020 805 09659 OR EMAIL HELLO@CONSTRUCTION-UPDATE.CO.UK Dealing with waste water onsite? We provide CONCRETE WASHOUT AND WATER TREATMENT SOLUTIONS so that you can easily re-use or safely discharge your onsite wastewater Featured This Month: @ConstructionUpd Construction Update 12 Deltek’s Clarity research When a smaller wastewater pumping system is needed due to space restrictions! 19 Think Dune eVo, say Aruba 22 Makita Strengthens Its Concrete Collection 14

Air Power Group - Three Companies One Goal

The Air Power Group consists of Air Power Products (Compressed Air Specialist) and Procut Engineering (CNC Precision Engineering) and APP Site Services (Site Supplies and Tool Hire). The group benefits from a fullservice department with a wealth of air and hydraulic tool knowledge. We provide an excellent service, not only with the range of products but with the level of care each order is given and the speed with which we can deliver.

The main focus of the business is the hire department for construction tools. The hire fleet has been built up over a long period of time and the tools are always fully serviced and inspected before every hire.

We have a range of tools available to hire which include Rebar Cutters, Rebar Benders, Hydraulic Splitters, and Pneumatic Picks.

Rebar Cutters

We have a range of hydraulic rebar cutters that can cut up to 40mm Rebar. Designed for professionals that need to cut high tensile rebar.

Rebar Benders

We have a range of hydraulic rebar benders that can bend up to 40mm Rebar. Designed for professionals that need to bend rebar in all environments.

Concrete Splitters

Splitters are handheld demolition devices which controllably split material with the use of hydraulic pressure. They are used when larger conventional demolition devices are ruled out due to their excessive dust, vibration, and flying debris.

Concrete Combi Shears

The combi shears are the ultimate in handheld demolition. The interchangeable jaw sets mean that this machine is incredibly versatile and can cut and crush a wide range of materials.

Pneumatic Picks

We don’t just sell & hire the H11, we have a full range of medium duty demolition picks.

Above are just a few machines we have to offer. For our full range give the office a call on 01909 519 519. Most tools are available for same day or next day delivery.

Site Spillage

As well as the hire fleet APP Site Services offer a range of site spillage solutions including the mobile spill kit. If you need further information on the range of spillage solutions please visit our website.

PPE Solutions

As part of the full package, we stock a range of PPE equipment and workwear for our customers.

Main base of operation is near Sheffield. We also have a sales team based in Kent servicing the South of England and London. Do you have a special requirement! then don’t hesitate to call us, 01909 519 519

August 2023 06

Air & Hydraulic Tool Hire

We have a wide range of construction tools for hire 01909 519 519 APP SITE SERVICES Unit 1,2,and 8 Abbey Way │ North Anston Trading Estate Dinnington │ Sheffield │ S25 4JL UK 01909 519 519 │ PART OF THE



Located in a secluded cul-de-sac in the heart of Notting Hill, the Clanricarde Gardens project is a striking two-bedroom apartment that combines period charm and contemporary functionality, with stunning flooring by leading wood specialists, Havwoods.

The design brief was to renovate and modernise the property with highquality materials, whilst enhancing the original period features, such as the high ceilings and beautiful bay windows.

Designer Furniche London has used the incredible amount of natural light to their advantage by introducing a neutral colour palette of off-whites, greys and soft earthy tones, which as a result, provides a larger sense of space.


Championing sustainable flooring solutions across their portfolio, Havwoods’ contemporary and textured Fendi 13 Prime engineered boards from the Venture Plank were chosen and used throughout the home. A key design decision was to lay the flooring diagonally across the room in order to add width and length. This technique was continued throughout, giving the sense of a much larger property. The boards are particularly appealing due to their variation of dark and light tones, which not only add a design element to the space, but also a contemporary aesthetic.

In the open-plan kitchen and living space, a midcentury modern style has been incorporated, consisting of curved accent pieces, abstract artwork, layered materials and dark-stained wood, all of which contrast beautifully against the Fendi Prime boards.

The same flooring continues on the first floor in the corridors and into the modern farmhouse-style bedrooms, showcasing how versatile and beautiful the planks truly are, no matter whether it’s a contemporary or traditional home. With an array of flooring to perfectly complement any home, Havwoods’ varied collection combines the best of style and functionality, offering both traditional and contemporary designs in a range of colours and patterns.

HAVWOODS +44 (0)1524 737000

Gilberts leads the way in creating the right hospitality environment

Gilberts Blackpool is continuing its pioneering reputation at the original outlet for one of the UK’s fastest-growing coffee brands.

Black Sheep Coffee, with its strapline of ‘leaving the herd behind’, it is leading the field in expansion, opening 30 stores in 2022, with a focus on speciality coffee and customer service. Founded less than a decade ago, the brand already has 40 outlets across the UK, including at the iconic, once-derelict Grade II* Battersea Power Station.

The chain’s owner Group Metropolitan has turned to Gilberts to create a discreet means of balancing adequate ventilation for the Battersea outlet’s kitchen without impacting on customers’ ability to relax and enjoy a coffee al fresco in the outside seating area.

A floor-mounted screen of 12no. AP50 acoustic panels enclosed behind a bank of 12 no. WGF38 factory-built flanged louvres minimises noise whilst directing the extract air (and associated odours from the kitchen) upwards away from guests and surrounding residents.

To accommodate the architecture of the external façade, the compact bank graduates from 1.5m to 2m along its 10.4m length, providing 50% free ventilation with noise modulation.

Group Metropolitan Contracts Manager Karolis Vigelis commented, “The design of the Battersea Power Station outlet’s exterior meant that although the concept was comparatively simple, getting the design right, to make it effective yet as discreet as possible, was more complex. The end result shows how it pays to think outside the box, not follow the herd!”

The WG38 is the smallest profile available in Gilberts’ louvre

product range, developed over the years to provide a comprehensive package to keep pace with the evolution of building design and structural interfaces. It includes standard, high performance, site assembled and acoustic louvres, available in a range of ratings for weight, ventilation, weather, insects and even bird ingress. Even fixings can often be tailored to individual site preferences.

Innovatively, with its in-house design expertise, Gilberts has the capability to create bespoke configurations which can be both CFD modelled, and tested within its own laboratory to give customers complete ‘fit for purpose’ peace of mind.

Gilberts also offers a comprehensive range of PPC,PVF and PVF2 coatings across its louvres, available in any RAL colour, applied to louvres of almost any size.

Founded six decades ago, and still family-owned, Gilberts is the UK’s leading independent air movement engineer. It is unique in its ability to design, manufacture and test all products- including bespoke fabrications- in-house, to the extent it even designs and manufactures its own tools at its 140,000 sq ft head office and production facility.

August 2023

Pump Technology Ltd Newbury Race Evening

Aldermaston based Pump Technology Ltd are one of the largest suppliers of wastewater and sewage pumping systems in the UK.

As part of their 30th Anniversary Celebrations, and to mark the birthdays of two of their longest serving staff team, Jonathan Barker MD and Amanda Taplin, Technical Sales Account Manager, the company recently sponsored the evening’s racing at Newbury Racecourse.

Advertising, logos and brands, ensuring that all of the racegoers were aware of the sponsorship.

Staff, friends and family (and special guest Sebastian Kropp from leading supplier Jung Pumpen GmbH in Germany) were all invited to the company’s box for the event.

The programme, large screens and racecourse signage and banners all featured Pump Technology Ltd

Jeremy Brownlee, Chairman, comments “We are sure that the level of brand awareness created by this event will once again result in some worthwhile orders for Pump Technology”.

More Information:

0118 9821 555 :

August 2023

The Jung Pumpen Hebefix Plus, available from Pump Technology Ltd, based in Berkshire, is suitable for commercial buildings and can be fitted neatly in all pre-walled systems or cavities due to its small tank depth of 183mm. The tank is “pressure tight” to assure the pumping system never floods even in the unlikely event of a breakdown. Additionally, it will easily fit perfectly under washbasins and counters.

The tank is manufactured from high quality ABS plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) which is rigid in design and will provide long life. ABS plastics are also fully recyclable.

The Hebefix Plus utilises the Jung Pumpen U3 submersible pump and can pump up to 6m head making it suitable for wastewater applications. The pump has a small flushing devise that prevents deposits build up within the tank.

A maximum of three appliances such as sinks or washing machines can be connected and because the bottom inlet is just 75mm centre to floor, the unit can also be used for a shower tray waste application.

The Hebefix Plus also comes with its own runtime monitor and high-level acoustic alarm with a potential volt free contact for connection of a remote alarm or BMS.

August 2023
When a smaller wastewater pumping system is needed due to space restrictions!

With its integrated ventilation and non-return valve the Hebefix Plus is ready-to-install straight out of the box.

Pump Technology Ltd, are authorised by Jung Pumpen GmbH and are now the largest supplier of Jung Pumpen equipment in the UK. These include systems with duty standby pumping configurations, pumps rated for continuous operation at high fluid temperatures of up to 90°C and versions for light chemical applications, typically laboratories, hairdressers, janitor sinks or similar.

In their warehouse in Berkshire they hold large stocks of Jung Pumpen equipment, which means that orders placed before 3pm qualify for next day UK mainland

delivery. It is also possible to collect goods from their warehouse.

With over 30 years’ experience customers can rely on the team at PumpTechnology Ltd to assist with the correct wastewater pumping system for every application.

Pump Technology Ltd also has a dedicated Jung Pumpen department which means that their knowledge of applications and products will always ensure the best technical and commercial solution.

The company also supports contractors and end users with commissioning and maintenance services nationwide.

August 2023 13

Deltek’s Clarity research: A&E firms navigating DE&I, technology and automation for success in 2023

Given the dynamic macroeconomic landscape, characterised by recession, inflation, and increasing interest rates, industries across the board have faced challenging market conditions in 2022. This includes architecture and engineering (A&E) firms, which must carefully choose their projects to navigate these global demands. However, despite these obstacles, there is a prevailing sense of optimism among business leaders. In fact, 71% of A&E and consulting firms say that, compared to 2022, they are expecting to increase profits in 2023.

The 4th Annual Deltek Clarity EMEA and APAC Industry Study revealed that business leaders are placing a significant emphasis on digital transformation as a crucial driver for growth. In fact, almost three out of four (74%) respondents expressed concerns about losing market share within two years if substantial progress in digital transformation is not made. Alongside digital transformation, firms in 2023 are continuing to prioritise finding essential talent and developing robust environmental, social, and governance commitments.

Although faced with challenges, firms that adopt a strategic approach to the projects they undertake can better navigate this uncertain time. By considering

certain criteria, they can more accurately assess the viability of new projects. This includes evaluating whether they have sufficient staff with the appropriate skills to manage the projects they win, as well as determining if shortlisted opportunities will be profitable and aligned with the firm’s goals. However, this must be done as a holistic exercise, as addressing these considerations individually will not provide a comprehensive understanding of where time and resources should be invested to foster growth.

To gain insights into emerging trends and market challenges, Deltek conducted its 4th Annual Deltek Clarity EMEA and APAC Industry Study. This study seeks input from architecture, engineering and consulting industry leaders to understand their perspectives, challenges and opportunities.

The struggle to adopt automation

Digital transformation has provided architecture and engineering (A&E) firms with an opportunity to take a more strategic approach to technology across the business. However, despite the potential for cost and time savings, investing in technology can be challenging for businesses with limited resources, especially when there are multiple infrastructure priorities to address simultaneously.

August 2023

For instance, more than half of companies (51%) in this year’s Deltek Clarity report stated that their ability to adopt artificial intelligence is a top challenge for project management in 2023. And while firms are looking for ways to take advantage of emerging technologies, there are still many areas of the business that are ripe for automation and improved workflows. A large percentage of firms (86%) are reliant on manual data entry for a project’s financial data.

In light of the fact that a majority of firms (74%) acknowledge that failing to make progress in digital transformation will result in a loss of market share within two years, 79% are planning to increase their investments in emerging technologies in 2023. The research reveals that data science (87%) is the emerging technology deemed most crucial for their success, closely followed by other technologies such as big data (83%), artificial intelligence (AI) (83%), and robotic process automation (82%). The latter, in particular, has the potential to enhance profitability by streamlining manual tasks and enabling staff to focus on more critical responsibilities. Therefore, it is essential for companies to invest in education on these technologies to address knowledge gaps within their teams.

At present, the research reveals that most firms feel prepared to some extent to implement their top prioritises for digital transformation (92%), with a further 40% saying they are ‘very’ well-prepared. As such, the first step towards implementing those technology investments should be to critically evaluate existing business processes to identify inefficiencies. Firms can then pinpoint opportunities to automate and streamline workflows using technology. A key aspect of this process is ensuring that the people involved understand the value of transitioning from outdated processes and systems to more time and cost-saving approaches.

Tackling the talent crisis

While employee turnover is steadying, almost every firm is grappling with multiple challenges when it comes to finding and retaining talent. Moreover, the cost of hiring new employees is increasing, making it difficult for firms to strike a balance between attracting new talent and meeting the needs of existing staff.

In the midst of intense competition for talent, companies must adopt a more strategic approach to attracting fresh recruits. While competitive compensation packages remain crucial, they merely serve as a foundation. As 67% of firms intend to expand their workforce this year, understanding the wants and needs of a modern workforce is essential. Given the obstacles of achieving work/life balance and ensuring engagement, business leaders must go above and beyond to establish a thriving company culture that is focused on the employee.

To engage a diverse pool of candidates and employees, firms are shifting to focus more on employee engagement and retention. This includes offering opportunities for upskilling, training and career development. Additionally, firms should leverage

operational tools that facilitate project and workforce success. Forward-thinking businesses have already begun implementing visible career development plans to engage talented employees and retain staff members seeking long-term professional growth opportunities. This approach has proven effective in mitigating the negative effects of attrition, staffing shortages, and unfilled positions on a firm’s overall well-being.

Firms investing in DE&I

Business leaders continue to prioritise enhancing the employee experience and that goes beyond simply the type of projects employees work on, but their perception of the company as a whole. The report revealed a growing interest in establishing and nurturing internal diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) programs within architecture and engineering (A&E) firms, although there are hurdles to overcome for successful implementation.

A significant proportion of architecture, engineering and consulting firms – approximately 39% - have implemented diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives that include specific goals. Additionally, a further 36% are actively developing practices and policies related to DE&I, albeit without a formal strategy in place. A small percentage (4%), have not implemented any DE&I initiatives and do not have plans to introduce changes within the next two years.

It is worth noting that positive advancements in diversity hiring and pay equity not only serve as effective tools for attracting and recruiting candidates, but also have a measurable impact on financial performance. According to McKinsey, businesses in the top quartile for gender diversity on executive teams were 25% more likely to achieve above-average profitability compared to companies in the bottom quartile.

For the second half of 2023, the focus is on accomplishing more with fewer resources. As the competition for talent intensifies, firms must not only differentiate themselves as excellent places for career advancement, but also prioritise investment in meaningful DE&I improvements. There continues to be optimism and opportunities for digital maturity and investment while improving processes to better position firms for the road ahead.

August 2023 15

Your best heat pump solution – just got better

Introducing the new Versatile Cylinder Range

The versatile cylinder range comes ready to plumb, featuring all of the advanced controls you would expect from Mitsubishi Electric.

■ Compact cylinder dimensions with slimline and standard options, allows versatile product placement

■ Designed to work with Mitsubishi Electric control systems for complete peace-of-mind

■ High capacity coil heat exchanger provides fast and efficient domestic hot water heat up

■ Diverter valve accessory supplied for simplified heating and hot water system installation

■ Remote control, monitoring, maintenance and technical support with MELCloud

There’s an Ecodan cylinder for every home.

VERSATILE SLIMLINE ECODAN VERSATILE STANDARD PACKAGED PRE-PLUMBED STANDARD LARGE PRE-PLUMBED STANDARD SMALL PRE-PLUMBED SLIMLINE MANUFACTURED IN THE UK NEW 180L, 210L NEW 210L, 250L, 300L Renewable Heating Technology Tel: +44 (0)1993 826050 KM 662534 BS EN 352 *DMC and the DMC logos are registered trademarks of Cardo Systems Ltd and its affiliates. FIND OUT MORE HERE Sonis® Comms is a powerful communication tool, providing group intercom and active hearing protection for safe teamwork in high-noise environments. Embedded *DMC® (Dynamic Mesh Communication) technology creates an autonomous private network for seamless team communication. WELL CONNECTED PROTECTION

Roann Limited brings award-winning worktops to consumers with new brand, Roann at Home

Granite and quartz kitchen worktop supplier, Roann Limited, has launched a brand-new consumer brand, Roann at Home, to offer their award-winning kitchen worktops, at the best price, to homes across the UK.

Roann Limited has experienced significant growth in recent years and in 2022, reported recordbreaking revenue and an annual sales figure totalling over £8.3 million.

This business growth, partnered with increased demand and consumer interest, created an opening in the market, thus the launch of Roann at Home.

This new brand will allow Roann Limited’s commercial sales team to focus strictly on high volume projects with developers and housebuilders, whilst passing the B2C enquiries over to a dedicated team at Roann at Home.

Roann at Home will benefit from Roann Limited’s 30 plus years’

experience in manufacturing, supplying, and installing highquality granite and quartz worktops.

With plans in place to grow the product offering, Roann at Home is starting by offering a range of products, which offers a wide range of colours and price points, to suit every budget. The range is categorised into Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, to allow options for everyone.

For the first six months, Roann at Home is projected to turnover £30k per month in sales and after this initial period, turnover will be revisited, and new goals set.

Scott Wharton, Operations & Technical Director, comments “This has been a long time coming and we’re thrilled to launch Roann

at Home. We have had a lot of consumer interest and enquiries, especially over the past year, as Roann Limited continued to growso we’re delighted to finally see the brand come together. We’re excited for the future.”

More information on Roann at Home and its products is available at

More information on Roann Limited and its products is available at

August 2023

Think Dune eVo, say Aruba

Zentia celebrates in style as popular Dune eVo family is renamed Aruba.

Leading UK ceilings manufacturer Zentia has refreshed one of its most popular ranges of ceiling tiles with a new name, including a new high humidity variant.

As part of the company’s transition from Armstrong to Zentia, Dune eVo will now be known as Aruba, a name inspired by the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean and the finely sanded finish of the tile’s surface.

The new high humidity variation is being introduced to support the product family’s flexibility. Aruba hH offers stability at humidity levels of up to 99% RH, making it particularly ideal for high humidity areas such as changing rooms. It also offers Class C sound absorption and good sound attenuation for excellent acoustic performance.

This new addition sits alongside Aruba, Aruba Max and Aruba dB, each bringing their own performance capabilities. Together, they deliver a complete acoustic

ceiling solution with the benefits of a continuous face pattern across entire projects.

As a product family, Aruba offers a tile for any environment including education and healthcare through to commercial, leisure, retail, and transportation – for either newbuild or refurbishment.

Graham Taylor, Sales and Marketing Director at Zentia, has been with the company for over 30 years and has been witness to the evolution of the original Dune product family as well as the journey from Armstrong to Zentia.

He comments: “The Dune range has been a stalwart of the ceiling tile industry for even longer than I have been around. With its fresh bright surface finish it was a game changer when first launched to market in the early 1980s. Now, we are ready to unveil the first Zentia version, taking the opportunity to reflect our transition from A to Z by renaming Dune to Aruba. Think

Dune eVo, say Aruba.

‘It’s a product that has been trusted by generations of architects and installers alike and today, it’s still the reliable and versatile product it’s always been, but with a new name and some exciting family additions, many of which will be released over the coming months.”

This product range is a favourite with specifiers due to its optimum mix of acoustic and aesthetic performance, sustainability credentials and cost-effectiveness. The range gives architects three levels of acoustic performance, high levels of recycled content and 100% recyclability.

To celebrate the launch of the Aruba range, Zentia is running a competition to win £5,000 worth of holiday vouchers. Please see the Zentia website for full T&Cs and details on how to enter.

August 2023

The role of surface preparation in durable flooring

Did you ever watch the Earl Scheib ads on television? “I’m Earl Scheib, I’ll paint any car for just $99.95!” There was a rumour that if you did some work yourself, like clean the car, remove the trim, hubcaps, and car logo letters, you got a better paint job. Flooring is the same, says Dave Bigham, global director of training at surface preparation expert National Flooring Equipment, if you want a finish that lasts, invest time in properly preparing your surface.

Whether your coating is a $50 gallon of household paint or a $200 can of industrial grade epoxy, good surface preparation is what makes a durable floor.

Even tough floor coverings, like engineered hardwood, cove base vinyl, and terrazzo, need a solid foundation to maximise their lifespan.


Before starting any work, get to know as much as possible about the site and the condition of the concrete. There are many things out of a contractor’s control but discovering them early on helps the entire project go more smoothly.

Though sometimes overlooked, what lies beneath the concrete influences the floor’s final success. Establishing this involves knowledge of the site’s history, which can be complemented by running industry standard tests that assess its condition. Developments on former landfill sites, for instance, must test for methane emitted by decomposing waste. Methane can seep through the concrete and cause flooring to fail, so remediation such as a

gas-resistant membrane might be necessary.

Contractors should also test the concrete for moisture using a calcium chloride or ASTM F1869-22 test, which many manufacturers of epoxy and urethane floor coatings consider the standard measure of concrete dryness. Moisture in the concrete causes many floor coverings to bubble, get damp, or fail, including laminate, carpet, and wood. Where necessary, contractors can install moisture barriers to protect flooring from future issues.

Where possible, it’s helpful to establish what’s been on the concrete’s surface in the past. For example, previous oil, chemical or organic material spills could have soaked deep into the pores and may be impossible to remove. Contractors who discover stains should immediately discuss them with the customer to manage their expectations, and ensure the customer opts for a coating able

August 2023
Good surface preparation is the key to a lasting floor

to tolerate the site’s level of contamination. If a polished concrete floor is planned, the stain will be visible, so the client should be made aware. Depending on the customer’s requirements, they may still be happy to proceed — after all, polishing concrete is a celebration of its inconsistencies.

Good housekeeping

After fully investigating the site, contractors can gather the required machinery and tooling. The desired finish dictates which equipment is appropriate, and a combination may be best — if necessary, contractors can augment their arsenals with rental equipment.

Polished concrete, for example, might require a walk-behind scraper to remove the old covering, a scarifier to profile the concrete and a grinder to polish it to a shine. Shot blasters, on the other hand, are ideal for quickly preparing a surface for a new covering in one step because they simultaneously clean and profile the concrete.

A clean surface is critical to the adhesion of the new covering, there should be no white dust on a hand run over the prepared surface. A scrubber machine can remove dust left after grinding or scarifying, but the surface must be allowed to dry properly afterwards, rushing could cause a new floor to fail.


Finally, once work is complete, the contractor can help the customer understand how best to care for and clean the finished floor. Typically, this involves sharing the manufacturer’s guidelines and suggesting chemicals and cleaning practices to avoid, helping prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

So, whether you’re revitalising a car or transforming a floor, the effort put into preparation paves the way for results that stand the test of time. A reputation for installing durable flooring will have you just as busy as Scheib was, without the TV ads.

National Flooring Equipment

August 2023


Leading power tool manufacturer Makita has added four new cordless vibrating concrete pokers to its line-up. Powered by Makita’s backpack battery units, the new VR001C, VR002C, VR003C and VR004C are flexible solutions to enable effective levelling and aeriation of concrete over wide areas.

Offering long run times and 12,000 vibrations per minute for strengthening concrete in a wide variety of applications such as floors, columns, walls and stairs, the new concrete vibrators with flexible pokers are driven by a 36V high power motor housed in a lightweight body. Makita has developed each highly durable model with the motor located in the vibrator head to significantly reduce power loss, while also reducing the vibration that is transferred to the user to allow for more comfortable, continuous use.

Professionals can choose the model to suit their compaction performance preference: The VR001C features a 1.5m poker that is 43mm in diameter; the VR002C features a 3m poker that is 43mm in diameter; the VR003C offers a 1.5m poker, 52mm in diameter; and the VR004C is designed with a 52mm diameter, 3m poker.

The new products join Makita’s ‘Direct Connection’ range which utilises backpack power as an enhanced runtime and power solution for commercial applications. Each model is powered by ‘Direct Connection’

to either the PDC1200 portable power backpack with built-in 36V (33.5Ah) battery, or the PDC01 portable power backpack which uses up to four 18V LXT batteries, therefore transferring the weight of the tool body to the backpack harness for comfortable operation and less user fatigue.

Users can rely on these tools for excellent run times enabling continuous work over a wide area. For example, when operated with the PDC1200 portable power supply, the VR001C and VR002C will provide up to 300-minutes of runtime on a single charge, and the VR003C and VR004C will provide up to 200-minutes of runtime on a single charge.

To find out more about Makita’s Direct Connection range, visit direct-connection, or for more information about Makita’s cordless range, visit

August 2023

Wheeled excavator customised for Kent drainage board

Gem Plant Sales has supplied a specialist Wacker Neuson EW65 wheeled excavator to the Upper Medway Internal Drainage Board (IDB).

The customised EW65 will be involved in some pioneering works on watercourses this summer.

Upper Medway IDB is a statutory body set out under the Land Drainage Act to ensure adequate drainage and water management within its river catchments. The board, comprising elected landowners and appointed councillors, is tasked with the oversight and control of ordinary watercourses that lead to the main rivers, which are then controlled on their behalf by the Environment Agency.

While conventional tooling is used for maintenance work across its network, a specialist machine is required by Upper Medway IDB to carry out tasks such as weed clearance and desilting operations, while also being suitable for both on and off-road use, given that travelling can be involved as well as roadside working operations.

Typically, a large tracked machine would be used for these tasks but they lack the flexibility to get themselves from site to site, which is why a roadable wheeled excavator was chosen instead.

The requirement was for smaller profile machine with large reach and a double-jointed boom section.

After discussions with Gem Plant Sales about what Wacker Neuson could offer, the board decided on the 6.5-tonne wheeled excavator with a double boom, extended dipper, and additional Steelwrist omni-hitch.

The board also bought some specialist tools for the machine from West Country attachment specialist Exac-One, including a tree shear and a mulcher head.

Completing the order was a twometre Bradshaw type bucket from Flails Direct for weed and reed clearance. Due to the system requirements of the bucket, however, additional low flow circuits had to be installed, requiring multiple settings, hookups and limiters.

Oliver Pantrey, clerk to the board, said: “The machine will see its first outing on the watercourses this summer and the board would like to thank John, Graham, the staff at Gem Plant Sales, Wacker Neuson, Andrew and Doug at Exac-One, Flails Direct and the team at Steelwrist for their expertise, patience, and quality service to deliver this incredibly diverse product.”

August 2023
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