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I had many young women contact me, saying they want to be models but when I ask which category of modeling are they interested the most I found out that they don’t even know any type of modeling, that is just dawn out risky, as an aspiring model you must do your research, I would advise every model to try out every category you may think you are good and one type only to find that you are better in another, you will never know until you try. Safety, Safety, Safety. Before you go anywhere do your research. I see a lot of aspiring models giving their numbers to strangers on social media, someone posts I am looking for models and models reply with their whatsapp number most of these accounts when I check them, the is 5 or less pictures of the person, a little info about the person being a model. Upcoming Mag models had their own share of some of these people with false promises and no jobs; instead it is a horny guy wanting to masturbate to fresh nudes.

The guy will pretend to be a woman so you can feel at ease, he will tell you that he works for Mercedes Benz fashion week or some big well-known modeling company he will promise you great payment and work you up a yes ladder, starting with a picture of your face, then your shoulders, your thighs, he will want you to send him pictures in lingerie and eventually he will ask you for pictures of your vagina. A agency or a photographer can take you their own professional nudes, why would they want your private parts selfies?

In this edition we featured aspiring models and models that are making waves; we also have a lot of modeling info that will come in handy.

Knowledge is power.

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