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Welcome to the Edmonton Clinic Health Academy We’re very excited to welcome you to this special building. From concept to opening day, ECHA is the result of a unique vision of how the Health Sciences at the University of Alberta can work together to improve health outcomes for Albertans and for all Canadians. Embedded in every aspect of this building is a commitment to collaborative research and study, to teaching and education, to community and to wellness. From environmental stewardship to simulated learning, from communities of research to knowledge translation, ECHA is purpose-built to support new ways of approaching safe, accessible, patientcentered health care. We hope your transition to your new workspace is as smooth as possible. And we know you’ll have questions. The ECHA administration team’s role is to advocate for you, broker arrangements with key suppliers of goods and services, and work with your faculty, department or school to ensure your needs are met.

How to find information “The Edmonton Clinic Health Academy is a critical building block in this university’s plan to stand among the world’s greatest universities within the next 20 years. This outstanding facility will be a jewel at the heart of the UofA campus, bringing the best people together in a space and with a spirit that lets them explore faster, see further, and uncover opportunities for innovation that lie at the intersection of disciplines.” Indira V. Samarasekera President, University of Alberta

You will find FAQs on the ECHA website under Information for ECHA Occupants. Your first point of contact is your ECHA APO. You can find the list here. Send questions to Find us on Facebook and ‘like’ our page to get Facebook messages. Join the mailing list for the ECHA newsletter: click on “join our mailing list” in any issue, or send an email to with ‘sign me up’ in the subject line! Find us on foursquare!

Your workspace Your workspace has been furnished with new furniture from Business Interiors. All spaces have multiple locking cabinets, drawers and/or overheads. Only pre-approved furnishings have been moved from your previous space. Furniture may need to be adjusted or, in some cases, you may need or want to have pieces moved. The Project Management Office (PMO) is responsible for space planning. PMO has a process in place to ensure all requests for furniture adjustments are handled on a priority basis. Please note that all moves and adjustments must be done by the furniture installers. Any other moves, even if the movers are professionals, will void the warranty on the furniture. Please contact your ECHA APO to request changes or adjustments. Please do not take furniture from other workspaces or common areas.

Right-to-Light ECHA uses right-to-light design. Glass walls (interior glazing) allow natural light into as many spaces as possible. Light wells and atria funnel natural light into interior areas of the building. Opaque ‘frosting’ on glass panels provides privacy.

Lights in ECHA are on motion detectors. Lights in enclosed workspaces can be turned off and on manually as well. The Zone Controller is a three-zone lighting controller that provides “ON/OFF” switching for up to three light zones. These are typically found in meeting rooms. The LED display indicates status – yellow is ON and blue is OFF. Alternately flashing blue and yellow mean the schedule is about to time out. Reactivate the zone by pressing the button. The personal lighting controller, found in enclosed spaces, provides ON (upper) and OFF (lower) buttons. Whether or not you use this control, all lighting is controlled by an occupancy sensor, and lights will go off after prolonged inactivity in your space.

Heat and cooling systems will be adjusted frequently as offices are occupied. All new buildings require a six-month ‘break-in’ period during which various building systems are adjusted. Blinds on windows should be used to control heat from the sun. Thermostat: the bottom two buttons are 'down' and 'up' arrows used to adjust the temperature set point. The top two buttons are OFF and ON. All Thermostats in ECHA have a default set point of 22.5C. A snowflake or flame icon indicates that the system is already in cooling or heating mode. As thermostats control space beyond the room in which they are located, please do not adjust the temperature. If you have difficulties with temperature levels, please call 780-492-4833. Your telephone Online tutorials for phones are available on the AICT website.

Hanging items in your space Most of the walls on floors 3, 4 and 5 are ‘demountable’. These walls require careful handling; please do not use standard hangers, nails or screws for pictures, framed certificates diplomas etc. 3M Command Brand damage-free hanging hardware can be used on these walls. These are widely available. Damage to the walls caused by nails, screws, hooks, anchors, or any other hangers will be charged to your department or faculty. Thumbtacks or pushpins can be used on the fabric covered workstation screens. Magnets can be used on metal surfaces. Walls in common spaces are reserved for future installation of artworks and identity items.

Ergonomics Ergonomic furniture, including chairs and keyboard trays, must be supported by an ergonomic assessment. Information can be found here:

Recycling Most nutrition nooks are equipped with bins for organic matter (compost), beverage containers, light metals, plastics and landfill (anything that cannot be recycled).

Your work space has a blue bin for paper, and a smaller black bin for landfill only. For more information visit the Facilities and Operations web site.

Building maintenance Building maintenance is managed by Facilities and Operations. For maintenance issues such as lamp replacement, icy sidewalk concerns, an overflowing sink or reporting a downed tree, please contact the Facilities and Operations Maintenance Desk:


Nutrition nooks Nutrition nooks are equipped with fridges and microwaves, sinks and storage spaces. They are supplied with coffees, teas and hot chocolate; milk, cream, sugar and sweeteners are provided for use in hot drinks. Milk is not provided for ‘drinking’ or breakfast cereal please. Dish detergent, hand soap and paper towels are also provided. These supplies are monitored and refreshed by occupant representatives in each area. Fridges are for short-term food storage only. Cleaning staff will clean all items from fridges and microwaves on Fridays. You are responsible for cleaning up all spaces after catered events. Please do not help yourself to others’ catering! Use a small note to indicate if ‘leftovers’ are for sharing.

Posters and promotions Bulletin boards are installed in shared spaces. Please use these for posters and promotions. Items on all other surfaces, demountable walls, drywall, wood or glass will be removed.

Water The water in ECHA meets or exceeds the City of Edmonton’s guidelines for drinking water. The domestic water supply (drinking water) was flushed and tested according to standard practice and regulations for new buildings. The cloudy appearance is due to aeration of the water and disappears when the water has settled.

Workrooms Your shared workroom has a multifunctional device (MFD) that is a printer, scanner, photocopier, and fax machine. If you need a tutorial on how to use these devices, please contact your ECHA APO. Paper and other supplies for University of Alberta MFDs in ECHA copy/work rooms are provided through the joint funding model for ECHA. Supplies are kept in a common storage area; your faculty or department has designated a contact person who is responsible for monitoring and refreshing these supplies and reporting problems with equipment. Supplies and equipment should not be removed from these areas. Please keep these areas neat and tidy.

Booking rooms Meeting rooms and boardrooms can be booked online by building occupants only. Classrooms can be booked through the Registrar’s office. We are currently exploring the use of atria for events, and how to ensure minimum disruption to work in surrounding spaces. Please ensure rooms are left clean and tidy.

Roof top terraces On the third floor you will find roof top terraces. These spaces will be accessible when weather permits and it is safe to have them open. Smoking is absolutely not permitted on the terraces at any time.

Food and food services

ECHA is pleased to have Engrained Cafeteria on the 2nd floor, and Starbucks on the 1st floor. Vending machines are located throughout the building.

Pedways ECHA is linked to the Medical Sciences Building via a pedway on the 2nd floor at the North end of the building. MSB can be accessed via this pedway from 7a.m. to 6p.m., Monday to Friday. Construction is underway on a pedway that will connect ECHA with the Walter MacKenzie Building to the east, and the Edmonton Clinic to the south. This new pedway will be located on the second floor and will provide access to the LRT platform. Access to MSB via the pedway is from 7a.m. to 6p.m. on weekdays. Access to MSB is not under the purview of ECHA administration.

Opening Hours ECHA floors L1, 1 and 2 will be open to the public as follows: Monday to Friday: 7 a.m.–10 p.m. Saturday: 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Sunday: closed ECHA Levels 3, 4 and 5 will be open to the public as follows: Monday to Friday: 7 a.m.–6 p.m.* Saturday and Sunday: closed During open hours, a proximity card will not be required for access to the building. Outside of these hours, a proximity card with access control privileges will be required to enter ECHA. *From 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., the doors off main street into the administrative areas will be open and a proximity card will not be required for access. A proximity card will only be required for access to these areas outside of these hours.

Security University of Alberta Protective Services provides a number of services to the University including emergency response, complaint investigation, accident investigation, lost & found services, general patrol, alarm response, special duty services, information, and advice on safety, security and crime prevention, traffic safety enforcement, and public education services. They can be contacted by phone at 780 492-5050 or by email at To report an emergency or crimes in progress please call 911.

During normal open hours, anyone can access most areas of ECHA. It’s important to adopt a ‘neighbourhood watch’ approach.       

Keep your eyes open for people who you don’t recognize. Challenge strangers with a polite but firm “Can I help you?” Ask visitors who they are looking for or meeting with. Your workspace has multiple locking drawers and cabinets. Sensitive, confidential and private documents and valuables should be locked out of view when you are not at your desk. After hours, be extra vigilant. Watch out for ‘tailgaters’, people who follow you through a door you’ve opened using your access card. Never lend anyone your access card! Never give access to someone you don’t know. There are no student study spaces on floors 3, 4 or 5. Students should use appropriate spaces on L1, 1 and 2.

Edmonton Clinic Health Academy Welcome Document  

We’re very excited to welcome you to this special building. From concept to opening day, ECHA is the result of a unique vision of how the He...

Edmonton Clinic Health Academy Welcome Document  

We’re very excited to welcome you to this special building. From concept to opening day, ECHA is the result of a unique vision of how the He...