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Editor’s note...

Welcome to the July edition of YOUR Gazette!

Summer ‘proper’ is finally here, and July brings us tons of entertainment, including both Swanage and Wareham Carnivals! We’ve had some good visitor numbers in Purbeck throughout June, and so can expect a busy July and August, which is just what we need!

We have another packed edition for you this month, and I’d like to take the opportunity to reiterate a special thank you to all of our writers and regular contributors, to our proofers, our diary editor, our advertisers and our readers. The Gazette is a true community affair, and without all of you, we wouldn’t be here - so thank you!

This month we have details of both Swanage and Wareham Carnivals, Swanage Jazz Festival, Purbeck Folk Festival, the PYF’s Big Weekender (with the Wurzels - not to be missed!) and much more.

We’ve been discussing the ‘Out of the Blue’ PACT police column with our local police team in recent weeks, and I think you’ll be much happier with the content this month - all relevent, with some interesting facts and figures on recent local crime. Have a read on page 26, and thanks to Serg. Jon McCarthy for taking on board our comments and ensuring that the copy is relevent AND interesting! We also bring you details of the highly-exciting and brand new ‘Swanage Fight Night’, featuring some well-known, blue collar non-fighters stepping into the ring for your entertainment! Details on page 65. Let’s make this a great summer for everyone - locals and visitors alike!

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Scaling Heights For heroes Message From Chug

Hello Andy,

Re: RSPCA Take Issue With Chug, Letters, June edition

Regarding your letter to the Gazette about the Heythrop case, which you will pleased to know Nico published in June, I should mention that the original article was not editorial content but a column I write for the Gazette every month under the pseudonym of ‘The Chug’.

I apologise for any inaccuracies in the piece; I gathered the material from articles written elsewhere in the national press and on the internet. I tried to make it clear in the article that I very much support the work of the RSPCA at grass roots level and have myself taken on rescue animals. I must point out, though, that your letter did not refute the fact that to pursue the case represented a very serious error of judgement for which, apparently, no heads have rolled nor apologies been forthcoming to the taxpayer who footed the bill... and the buck stops at Mr Grant’s desk.

The Heythrop case - a textbook Pyrrhic victory - is seen by myself and many others as a foray into the political arena wherein your fingers (and those of the taxpayer) were severely burnt.

The message we would like you to carry upstairs is very simple: stay out of politics, stick to what you do very well indeed and we will continue to support you.

Kind regards, David (aka Sidekick of Chug), Swanage

Town Twinning Tales

Dear Nico,

We had six days of glorious weather for the Town Twinning visit from Rudesheim to Swanage.

Our members have developed wonderful friendships, some of which have lasted over twenty years, and there was plenty of time to socialise when we had meals at the Rising Sun in Poole and at the Bull and Boat and Swanage Football Club.

The official welcome at All Saints Church Hall was one of Alison Patrick’s first engagements. Both she and her predecessor Bill Trite gave excellent speeches, with Bill telling the Germans that his job had been taken over by a woman.

The simulated rescue from a burning cargo ship off the coast of Dover at the RNLI headquarters was so good that I felt I was at sea. Two of the German ladies took the helm.

In addition to the organised events, I took my guests to Brownsea Island, for a trip on the Wessex Belle Bistro, to the model village and the castle at Corfe Castle and to Durslton Castle. They were impressed with the Quayside restaurant. Others took their guests to Lulworth Cove or Worbarrow Bay.

I would like to thank the Swanage Town Twinning Association for compiling an excellent programme.

Yours sincerely, Robin Brasher

Dear Readers,

After last year’s expedition cancellation, in Sept-Oct this year I will make an attempt on the world’s 6th highest peak. Lying on the Tibet-Nepal border, Cho Oyu (Tibetan for ‘Goddess of Turquoise’) is part of the great spine of the Himalayan range and about 20 miles west of Mount Everest. It is 8201m high (26907 feet) and, I think, a challenge worthy of charity fundraising. It is just 600m or 2000 feet below the altitude of Everest. The 2013 Everest season will have finished by the time I climb, should I achieve the summit, with the addition of my own height (6’5” or 1.95m), I will probably be, for a short while at least, the highest person on earth! Whatever you think about the wars which the UK has been - or is - involved with, the servicemen and women have no choice but to go and many, in the face of great adversity and mortal danger, have shown remarkable courage and resilience. Of course, many have also made a huge sacrifice. Given the high altitude, length of time ‘up high’ and the possibility of fickle weather on this big hill, success is not guaranteed, but I hope that any monies pledged will be honoured for this worthy charity – Help For Heroes.

I have been above 6000m four times and reached 7150m in 2011, so feel I have a realistic chance of success and will give my best.

Please pledge a few quid and sponsor my chosen charity ‘Help For Heroes’, which supports these remarkable people - your admirable compatriots. “A man who is good enough to shed his blood for his country is good enough to be given a square deal afterwards. More than that no man is entitled, and less than that no man shall have.” T. Roosevelt (quoted on the H4H website). Please donate at: http://www.bmycharity. com/ChoOyu2013

Pictures: One of me on past trip (below) and a pic of Cho Oyu (above), my goal this autumn.

Regards & thanks, Chris Holland

4 The Purbeck Gazette

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The Fossil Fayre

Baker Berates Bailiffs

Dear Gazette,

Last October I was working in my shop, Corfe Castle Village Bakery, when ten bailiffs/porters and four policemen entered.

The bailiffs took my goods, which I need to run my business, smashed and took my business car, arrested one of my staff and called my husband a paedophile.

When I complained, in court, about one of the bailiffs, the judge said that she didn’t believe that it was my business and I ended up paying £10,000 costs and there are more to come. I don’t yet know how much.

My crime? My husband pays, yearly, for a parking space in Station Road car park, Corfe Castle. The payment is paid up front, in full, at the end of March. The permit had slipped off the car windscreen and he was issued with a ticket. He did not pay the fine as a matter of principal. The same car was parked in the same space everyday, with the permit showing, so the traffic warden must have known this on the one day that it had slipped off.

I did speak to someone at Dorset County Council and I thought that he was going to help sort the matter out but still Dorset County Council sent in the bailiffs.

I am, obviously very upset and worried. British justice?!

Yours sincerely, Joan Dragon.

Prize For Primary

Dear Nico,

I thought you would be interested to hear that Swanage Primary School not only won the local Fairtrade schools’ competition, as reported in the May edition of the Gazette, but also won first prize in the national competition organised by the Fairtrade Foundation.

Fairtrade South West, Purbeck Fairtrade and Swanage Fairtrade all congratulate the children. We were proud of the standard of all the models made from Fairtrade wrappers and would like to thank the children and teachers of St Mary’s and St Mark’s, as well as Swanage Primary, for working so hard on the project. Many of the models were on display at the recent Big Brew, which was great fun. The URC Ukelele group played for us, the Fairtrade cakes were delicious and we raised £240 for development charities. Thank you to everyone who came.

Best wishes, Anne Squires, Secretary to Swanage Fairtrade

New Bikes For Nursery

Dear Editor,

Stoborough Nursery is reliant on charity donations. The hard working, caring staff are continually thinking of new ways to give the pre-school children a greater understanding of their world. They have recently been focusing on promoting good health by supporting children’s physical development and helping them to understand the importance of physical activity and the role it plays in being healthy.

This has included encouraging children to be active and develop their co-ordination, control and movement.

The Co-operative Membership Community Fund has very kindly donated

£677.69 to the Nursery for new bikes to support their work. We would like to say how very grateful we are to the Co-operative Membership Community Fund for giving the children who attend Stoborough Nursery this gift. I am sure the bikes will be enjoyed for many years to come. Kate Babington, Treasurer of Stoborough Nursery Committee

Rip-Off Slipway

Dear Gazette,

My SCUBA diving club travel all over the south and west of the UK every summer, exploring the wonderful underwater world we enjoy in this country. Last weekend we went to Swanage. It is always a popular destination, and well-supported. The diving is good and there are lots of nice pubs in the area for us in the evenings.

We tow our own boat from the Midlands to the coast for our trips and this is where it all went wrong. We were charged £25 a day to use the slipway, plus another £8 to park the car towing it.

You might be interested to know that the only place that has charged us more is Abersoch in north Wales, where we had to buy a season ticket for a single weekend.

There are lots of great diving locations around the UK, like Plymouth and Exmouth where the slipways are free, other places generally charge up to £10. The Swanage rate of £25 is unacceptable to us.

The only conclusion I can draw is that Swanage is doing so well that you don’t need the money we spend in your pubs, campsites and shops and that we are really not welcome.

Sadly I don’t think Swanage will be on the Dive Plan for next year unless something dramatic happens to the slipway fees. Oh, and we won’t be going to Abersoch either.

Ian Johnston, by email.

OF 21 South Street, Wareham, Dorset, BH20 4LR, 01929 554207 Jewellers & Silversmiths Jewellers & Silversmiths
Swedish Pendant by Gustav Dahlgren, Malmo 1946
The Purbeck Gazette 5

Arts Club Funds Loan Scheme Tea Party Helps Funds

Dear Nico,

Having read with pleasure the small item at the top of page 16 of the May issue of the Gazette, can we please add that the Purbeck Instrument Loan Scheme (PILS) is part of our local charity, The Isle of Purbeck Arts’ Club.

Founded in 1947, the Club has over the years, also created, funded and administered several educational bursaries that today continue to benefit our schools, children and young adults, thanks, for the most part, to the generosity and altruism of past members’ bequests.

Further information about the Arts’ Club can be found on the website

Yours sincerely, The Arts’ Club Committee, 17A Commercial Road, Swanage.

Youth Brass Band To Play

Dear Nico,

Through your informative local paper, I would like to tell your readers that Swanage has been lucky enough to have the very talented Lions fortypiece Youth Brass Band paying us a visit once more.

So if any readers would like to hear some great brass band music, come and join us by the hard-standing area near the TIC on Swanage seafront between 2.30pm and 4.30pm on Sunday 21st July.

There will be a few stalls to enjoy as well. Let’s hope for a sunny day to match the music!

Yours sincerely, David Dean, Swanage Lions Club.

Town Twinning Barbeque

Dear Readers,

A Summer Barbecue

Swanage Town Twinning Association, ( has its annual summer barbecue coming up on Saturday July 20th at The Manor Barn, opposite The Ship Inn, Langton Matravers. Tickets are £8, available from Ruth on Swanage on 422785 and other committee members. The event opens at 4pm, and we’ll be eating at 5pm.

All the marvellous meats are supplied (and cooked) by Mr Paul Lauden from Wilkswood Farm, Harman’s Cross, with plenty of salad dishes and desserts also available. This event has proved to be very popular each year. There will also be a tombola stall and a raffle, plus the ever-popular ‘Whisky Galore’.

This is a lovely occasion with plenty of seating available, a time to sit and chat with friends in the beautiful garden of one of our members. There will also be space for parking, so do come along and join in the fun.

By the time you are reading this, we will have welcomed twinning members from Rudesheim am Rhein to Swanage for a five day visit at the beginning of June.

Events include a Civic Welcome by Mayor Alison Patrick, a cream tea, a fish and chip supper and a visit to the R.N.L.I. Headquarters at Poole. With a large group such as ours, our visit took place with two tours; one group in the morning and one in the afternoon, combining for lunch at a nearby pub.

Again, the numbers proved a challenge, but our brilliant duo of Bob and Janice Ratcliffe proved invaluable by overcoming all problems.

More news next month. Don’t forget, we now have a web site so you can keep up with our activities on line!

Enoch, Vice Chairman and Publicity Officer.

Dear Nico,

The Weldmar Hospicecare Fundraising Committee would like to thank all those who braved the showers and came to support us at our Annual Garden Tea Party in Studland.

Many visitors thanked everyone involved for a lovely afternoon and departed laden with homemade cakes, plants, tombola prizes and other goodies. Tea was served under a variety of gazebos from which you could relax, dream and gaze out over the peaceful spring garden, illuminated by colourful rhododendrons, camellias and wild bluebells. What more could you ask for?!

So we would like to thank you all for your generosity, which enabled us to raise £1,036 for our local hospice.

Hospices like Weldmar only receive 33% of their costs direct from government funds, the rest has to be raised voluntarily to keep services free and available to those in need. This is a huge undertaking, so every penny counts!

Later in the year we are again holding ‘The Taste of Dorset’ on 24th October at Harmans Cross Village Hall. Make sure you don’t miss out!

Thank you again!

Paddy Rideal (Weldmar Hospicecare Fundraising Committee)

Dear Gazette Readers,

A children’s nursery has been forced to close in Wareham due to the refurbishment of the Purbeck Sports Centre, where they have been for the last seven- and-a-half years.

This is a very popular, solvent nursery with full books and a waiting list. They offered swimming, sports, plus indoor and outdoor lessons, but because of OFSTED rules, no other premises could be made ready for the new term.

I and other parents and grandparents, with the help of the nursery staff (who are wonderful), have had to find new schools for our kids. It seems it’s more important in this day and age to have a pretty Sports Centre than to care for our children.

I also understand that the works could have been done in the summer. If this was the case we would still have our excellent nursery and the four staff working there would still have a job.

Who to blame? – Purbeck Sports Centre Management.

Name and address supplied, withheld on request.

Since receiving this letter we have contacted the Communications Department of Purbeck District Council and have received the response below from Terry Peterson, the Manager of Purbeck Sports Centre:

“Councillors and officers (including the Sports’ Centre Management team) made a concerted effort to find a temporary home for the nursery whilst this essential electrical rewiring and refurbishment work was being carried out. With the cooperation of Wareham Middle School, an alternative location was found, but this option was not taken up by the proprietor of the nursery. Assuming a suitable new operator can be found, the intention is to re-open the nursery as soon as possible. Any parents who wish to be kept informed of future childcare arrangements should contact the Sports’ Centre on 01929 500 000.”

RAILWAY SLEEPERS LARGE STOCK OF NEW & RECLAIMED SLEEPERSALWAYS AVAILABLE RIDGE FARM 01929 556222 Hardwood&TreatedSoftwoodTimber, ideal for garden&landscapingprojects MATT HILLAN Building Alterations & Maintenance All TradeAspects Undertaken Free Estimates Fully Insured 01929 427296 07971 690817 Happy to help and advise
Popular Nursery In Jeopardy
6 The Purbeck Gazette

Dear Nico,

If DCC do decide to levy a charge on The Carnival Committee for the loss of income from the seafront parking meters, how would this be quantified?

1. Vehicles with disabled stickers have managed to completely fill the summer seafront for many years now and there seems little reason for this to change.

2. In their wisdom, Dorset County Council have allowed disabled concessions for these meters.

3. Therefore the charge to the Carnival should be S.F.A. Kind Regards, David Drury, Ballard Estate, Swanage.

Dear Nico,

Having read the letter about 28-day camping in last month’s Gazette, I would just like to make it clear to anyone who may be jumping to the wrong conclusion that the Swanage Bijou Camp site at Kirkwood Park is not the site mentioned as we have been, and intend to, operate our campsite within the 28-day law.

I would like to add, however, that the person keeping such close track on their neighbour’s camping days is perhaps not considering some of the realities of life.

While I am sure it is indeed better to be looking over uninterrupted views of green fields, the owner of those fields is only attempting to make ends meet in very tough financial times.

Should they be unable to achieve this then alternatives have to be sought, and the very real risk is, with pressure on the Council to place 200 houses in or near Swanage and the big supermarkets looking this way, no land is completely safe from development, not even school playing fields.

Tourism is a fact of life in Swanage and there will be impacts, whether they be traffic queues, no parking spaces, empty supermarket shelves, packed beaches, litter, noisy revellers walking home at night, explosions on the sea front or being able to see a tent.

Without tourism however, we would be presented with a high street full of whitewashed windows, one struggling pub and having to drive to Poole for the post office.

So before ‘running to teacher’, next time maybe try spending a little time trying to consider, and perhaps show a little more empathy for, the efforts of those who are working hard to promote tourism, thereby helping to protect the green spaces you love to look at and keeping your town a living, thriving, commercial centre.

Andy Kirkwood. Swanage, via Email

For personal use, furniture, boxed goods, etc. Please call Jason on 07516 950079 SWANAGE STORAGE SWANAGE STORAGE Colin Lander Memorials supplied in Granite, Marble & Purbeck Stone 01929 423787 / 07593166867 Memorial Renovation undertaken and Inscriptions added I will make a home visit at a time to suit you Tourism -
Empathy 01929 423787 / 07593166867 Empty Levy For Carnival? Square & Compass Worth Matravers. 01929 439229 EXTRA SUMMER EVENTS Sat 27th - Sun 28th July The Fossil Fayre Thurs 18th July 7pm The Miracle Theatre Company presents: Waiting For Godot Sat 3rd August Stone Carving Festival Mon 29th July - Sun 11th Aug Tues 30th July Eva Abraham Band Wed 31st July Bartoune Square Fayre
The Purbeck Gazette 7

Milk Theft ‘Not A Crime’!

Dear David Hollister,

I have just read your column re lights off /vandalism and the need to report to Police rather than Facebook, totally agree.

When my milk was stolen off the doorstep, as were a few others on that morning, I went down to our ‘Police Station’ (open 10am) and reported the theft. I was rewarded with the reply: "Well, it`s not really theft is it?"

So I am assuming smacking the little scrote in the mouth, if caught, will elicit the same lethargic uninterested reply?

No I thought not!

Regards, keep up the good work. Peter Wakefield, Swanage, by email.

To two special people,

I cannot let this time go by without saying my most utmost thanks for the help given to me over last Bank Holiday weekend.

Having reached an impass in helping my husband stop choking, I phoned to get help.

Many times as would be expected, I was given to wait my turn, and, after each occasion was told to ring 999 if needed. At length I did so.

After having given my details, name address, phone etc. it was an almost instant response. Two medics, Tammy and a great guy support (I wish I had asked his name) were on my doorstep with all the equipment one could hope for.

There then followed a painstaking round of efforts to help. The severity of the time was lifted completely by their positive reactions and care, together with an ambulance being ordered and everything in place for further help. However, with the efforts of those two paramedics, no hospital was needed.

This has brought home to me the sheer value of the care in our community of Swanage. Please may it continue.

There are no words to express, I can only hug them in my heart. God bless you both.

Jean (and Bob!)

Keeping Theatre Alive

Dear Nico,

The Purbeck Players would like to say a very big thank you to the people of Swanage for supporting their recent show ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’ at the Mowlem Theatre.

The play was a huge success and much enjoyed by cast and audience alike, especially the surprise ending on Friday night!

Due to your generosity we raised £150 for The Margaret Green Foundation through the raffle and a sale of books so, on behalf of all the animals, thank you.

Through attending our show (and others), you are helping to keep theatre in Swanage alive. Weymouth societies no longer have a theatre to perform in. Thank you to all concerned for your help with the production, it was much appreciated.

Gail Green, director. By email.

On page 43 of this issue, Trading Standards have issued advice on scams such as the one our regular correspondent, Mr Bittner of Wareham, has written to us about this month in the letter below.

Dear Sir,

This is the kind of mail I get from Clonshaugh Dublin Ireland. It is addressed to Mr Bittmer instead of Bittner and I will not be able to cash any cheque in that name unless I change my name by deed-poll to Bittmer and open an account in that name.

I also get letters from Anderlecht (Belgium) and Holland. I once opened the lower one of two envelopes stuck together and, believe it or not, that lady had the same guarantee. She was the only winner etc. Surely this kind of thing should be stopped? Mine go straight in the recycling bin.

I am sir, yours truly, H Bittner, Wareham.

Dear Nico,

I would like to thank all the kind and generous people who sponsored and supported me for the London Marathon.

The amount raised was £1,857 for the charity Sonus.

My time was four hours fifty nine minutes, which was twenty three minutes faster than my time last year.

Due to my knee injury this was going to be my last Marathon, but due to my time and age, I have automatic entry for next year’s marathon.

However, this next marathon does not require sponsorship, which is a big sigh of relief to all those who have dug deep into their pockets over the years.

My many, many thanks to them all.

Charlie. The Londonderry Hare.

Charlie Keeps On Running In Praise Of Paramedics Not Fooled By Scam Lizzy Dressmaker Unit 5,The Parade, Dorchester Rd, Wool 01929 460062 / 07922 802710 Dress making Ladies & mens alterations Loose covers Antique upholstery Boat & caravan upholstery Selling costume jewellery Medal mounting & framing WPM Residential Lettings If you need to Let or want to Rent, contact WPM. We offer a personal service to Landlords & Tenants 23b Commercial Road, Swanage, Dorset BH19 1DF.Tel: 01929 426200 Web: Email: Esme James Contemporary Artist Originals, Limited Edition Prints and Commissions
8 The Purbeck Gazette

Charity Pop-Up Shop!

Dear Nico,

May we thank everyone who’s helped to set up and volunteered in the POP up Shop for ‘Save the Children’ in Swanage.

We’ve had wonderful support and help from so many people, firstly Richard at Miles & Sons who contacted the owner of Daisy May’s shopping mall, Mr Dave Lucas, asking if we could ‘pop-up’ in one of his units. Mr Lucas generously donated the unit to us for two weeks in June. We had many donations of goods to sell and many volunteers to staff our opening hours in two hour shifts.

We hope we will make as much money as we did two years ago at Purbeck Press (courtesy of Corbens)- the magnificent sum of £3500! Everyone has been amazing - living in Swanage is absolutely brilliant - we are so fortunate to be part of this community - thank you to all of you!

Facebook - Fact To Fiction

Dear Editor,

I am not sure how many of your readers use social media sites, in particular those that relate to the goings-on in and around Swanage. Those that do might be forgiven for thinking that the town, and its youth in particular, are en route to hell in a handcart!

As someone who has lived the greater part of my life , and has brought up children, here - I would like to say that, in my opinion, Swanage is no worse, and in many respects is a whole lot better, than it has always been.

Since the mid sixties, (and probably much earlier) there have always been small groupings of anti-social youth, the bulk of whom have subsequently matured to become sensible respectable members of the local community. There have also been a few petty thieves, an assortment of drug dealers and a handful of violent thugs. However, in the past, unless these people directly impacted our lives, or we read details of a court case in the local paper - we had no knowledge of their misdeeds. We could get on with our day-to-day lives without worrying what MIGHT happen.

My parents slept peacefully in their beds, blissfully unaware of the massive fights that regularly broke out in the pubs in the lower High Street where their offspring and most of their friends drank most weekends. And incidentally - I do not recall any large police presence on those occasions - rumour had it that if and when the police were called, they generally turned up long after the incident had been resolved (usually by the trusty bar staff). Let me be clear - I am not condoning bad behaviour - either past or present - I am merely suggesting that it is important to keep things in perspective.

Our ability to get instant information/gossip - in some cases unfounded - on Facebook does not mean that Swanage life is deteriorating.

On the contrary, we should consider ourselves lucky to live here and remember the old saying: ‘A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!’

Yours sincerely, Angry Old Bird, Swanage, by email

Hi Nico

I don’t know if this is of interest to you, but I feel it’s worth letting you know (if you don’t already).

Some time ago, if my memory serves me correctly, you did an article regarding Sixth Formers having to pay to be transported to The Purbeck School.

As you know, when the school was built, there was an unwritten agreement that parents would not be charged whatever the age of their children. At some point, in the 90s I believe, charging was brought in for Sixth Formers, under a change of leadership at DCC stating that post-16 education was not compulsory.

I have contacted Dorset for You to see if this policy has been amended, now that the school leaving age has been increased to 17. Lo and behold it hasn’t. Here is the link for your info:

I suspect their ‘get out’ clause is that it is either education or an apprenticeship that is compulsory, so you do not necessarily have to go to The Purbeck School.

Kind regards, Judy Senior, via email.

Clarification From GPs

Dear Nico,

Thank you for publishing my open letter in your April edition. The Practice has received some appreciative feedback. There are, however, two issues I wish to clarify.

Firstly, my comments regarding our trial of using an experienced Nurse Practitioner were open to misinterpretation. Prior to the trial, we were unsure whether to appoint new GP partners or invest in Nurse Practitioners.

We employed a very experienced Nurse Practitioner who trains nurses to be independent practitioners. (She, herself, works independently elsewhere).

After analysing the cases she dealt with, we were delighted with the quality of her work, but, after much thought, decided that our community would best be served by appointing more GPs. This in no way reflects on the nurse concerned. She is a well-liked and extremely competent colleague. We have now appointed two part-time GPs, Claire Lehman and Sandeep Gwinnett.

Secondly, among the suggestions we received, was that patients should be able to telephone to obtain the results of tests undertaken at the Practice. As hundreds of tests are carried out every day, it would be impossible to report the result of every test, many of which are routine. But, if a test shows either the need for a change of treatment, or that further discussion is required, then we will, of course, contact the patient.

Yours sincerely,

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Of Double Standards

David Hollister writes...

Acouple of people from Swanage have contacted me regarding their efforts to have three signs put up at the entrance to the Isle of Purbeck saying “Welcome to the Isle of Purbeck, and the Jurassic Coast” with the official Purbeck crest on the top (I bet you didn’t even know we had one, did you?). They are negotiating exact locations, and are arranging sponsorship so that no cost falls on the Council.

The County Highways Department has written “I can confirm that the sign stating ‘Welcome to the Isle of Purbeck’ is acceptable to the County Council. But they then go on to state that the reference to ‘The Jurassic Coast’ is not acceptable because it ‘duplicates existing signage elsewhere’. And ‘there cannot be any reference to sponsors on the sign since advertising on the highway is illegal except for the official sponsorship of roundabouts’. To add further signage “adds to the clutter which the County is committed to reducing. It may also confuse drivers….”

Roadside signage is governed by a document entitled “The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions”, an extract of which I have seen. It clearly states “A phrase denoting an item of local geographical or historical interest may be added”. If the Council is committed to reducing ‘clutter’ may I first of all suggest that the roundabout sponsorship scheme is withdrawn. In an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty the last thing we want to see on our roundabouts is advertising. It serves to cheapen the look of the area and to distract the drivers.

If you examine the signage on the way into Purbeck you will see lots of ‘brown signs’ clearly pointing the way to (advertising?) such Tourist Attractions as the Blue Pool, the Tank Museum, The New Inn, etc. Look for a sign pointing you to ‘Purbeck’ and you won’t find any. There are many pointing to Wareham, fewer to Swanage, but none for ‘Purbeck’.

Inasmuch as these two gentlemen who have done most of the work, are asking the Council for no money, are providing much-needed ‘Purbeck’ location signs, and have already had the principle accepted, I can only surmise that someone in the County Highways department is being paid a huge salary to sit there and put objects in the way of this excellent scheme. I would be interested to know why these signs rank as ‘clutter’ when the advertising signs don’t.

Probably the same reason that Shore Road, clearly unsafe for parking in the Holiday Season as denoted by the double yellow lines and the strenuous enforcement efforts of the Traffic Wardens, now suddenly becomes perfectly safe to park on now that the Council can charge. Double standards in yet another unseemly grab for money.

Elsewhere in this magazine we publish a letter from a disgruntled Scuba Diving Club pointing out that the slipway charges (£25 to launch a boat from a slipway with hardly any facilities and an £8 charge for the tow-car on top) are higher than anywhere else in the country. I have sent a copy to Swanage Town Council and formally asked them to put this item on their agenda. And whilst they’re at it, to reconsider the effect that the Main Car Park charges are having on the Town’s Tourist Trade. It’s a pity they can’t Scuba dive in Wareham where the parking’s half the price…

I’ve got a really good idea that the County Council would probably love. Let’s put a gate across the A351 at Norden and charge everyone £10 to come through. Then visitors are directed all the way round the roundabout

and sent back where they came from, minus a tenner a head. That’ll teach them not to come here cluttering up our roads and parking spaces! No, unfortunately as already demonstrated by the County Highways and their meters, the Town Council and its ridiculous parking charges, we don’t want holidaymakers here, we just want their money.

Do you remember the Mowlem Meeting on the subject of Swanage Hospital, so overcrowded that there were 300 people outside wanting to get in? Do you remember assurances made to those crowds that another public meeting would be held “shortly” in a venue with sufficient capacity? Still waiting.

In an excellent letter to Another Publication, Jan Turnbull (Chair, Friends of Swanage Hospital) explains that a firm of Consultants has been appointed to oversee a new process looking at Healthcare Provision in Purbeck. They have “assembled a team of professionals”… When I read ‘consultants’ and ‘professionals’ I see more money disappearing in fees and wonder if by the time they’re finished ‘consulting’ there will be any money left for the project itself.

Wikipedia defines ‘consultation’ as “a process by which the public’s input on matters affecting them is sought”. Let’s hope that “the Professionals” remember that definition and consult more than just the Medical Professionals whose views so far have proven some way wide of the views of their patients.

Jan goes on to say ‘it’s very important that we all support Swanage Hospital by choosing to go there for outpatients appointments, day surgery, or minor injuries. Well said, Jan, we’re right behind you.

The new Swanage Seafront Development, with a budget of some £1.6m, will have to go to tender Europe-wide. They are legally bound to accept the lowest tender. So let’s hope all you local builders and contractors can compete with European prices and still manage to pay your workers the minimum wage demanded in this country.

Fascinating response to my piece about switching the street lights off in Swanage. For everyone who wants the lights left on all night for security, someone else is glad to have them switched off so they can get to sleep in the dark! I wonder if the fear of crime is greater than the probability of the crime itself? What do you think? There must be a compromise here – such as leaving one in four lights on, and ensuring that there are no pitch dark areas between them.

Police Commissioner Martyn Underhill has told Swanage Town Council that it has not yet been demonstrated that the switch-off has caused a problem…and reading Martyn Underhill’s biography, it’s clear to me that he’s seen some of the worst crimes in recent years, so do give him the benefit of knowing what he’s talking about. But if you know different – as opposed to just feeling apprehensive - then write to him and tell him what you think are the facts. Don’t put up with crime. Report it.

Planning Enforcement of the illegal encampment at Harmans Cross – I am still in communication with Purbeck District Council and hope to be in a position to report some progress in this matter very shortly. A sincere thank you to the PDC Media Relations department for keeping us fully briefed.

Right. That’s me done for this month. Where’s the suitcase….

10 The Purbeck Gazette

Garage Owner Freed

Business owners, Thavaraja (59) and Jalaja (55), known locally as the owners of Triangle Garage in Victoria Avenue, Swanage, were recently rescued from a kidnapping plot in a joint action carried out by agencies in the UK and the Chennai Police in Sri Lanka.

Husband and wife, Thavaraja and Jalaja, were visiting Sri Lanka for nine days for a wedding, when they were abducted on May 29th at Colombo airport by two men masquerading as taxi drivers, holding placards detailing the couple's names and the destination hotel. Their phones were taken, and a ransom call was placed by the kidnappers to their daughter, Dharshini, a doctor in London, demanding £300,000 for their release. Threats were made against the couple if the ransom was not met.

Thanks to the quick thinking of Dharshini, and a joint operation between the UK Specially Organised Crime Unit (SOCA), the British Deputy High Commission and Chennai Police, the couple were traced and rescued.

A reported eight individuals have thus far been arrested in connection with the kidnapping. It has been alleged that the kidnapping was arranged by Ajanthan, an employee of Thavaraja's London supermarket, who was working with a contact in Sri Lanka.

A 22 year old man was arrested in Swanage on June 3rd after local police, working with the Met Police, cordoned off the area around Triangle Garage in Victoria Avenue, owned by Thavaraja and Jalaja. Details of the arrest have not yet been released, although it is thought that the arrest occurred in connection with the kidnapping plot.

If interested, please call: 01929 421321 or 07904 495933 SWANAGE TYRES Car Servicing From £25 Brand New Tyres from £19.95 1a VictoriaAvenue Industrial Estate, Swanage. BH19 1BJ Open: Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm (lunch 1pm - 2pm), Sat 9am - 1pm 01929 421398 TICKETED Institute Road Loading Bay, Swanage. Vehicle was obviously LOADING at the time of being ticketed, as the picture VERY clearly shows. SORT IT OUT, Dorset County Council - NOW!
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UKIP If You Want To, The Chug’s Not For Sleeping... CHUG SAYS...

Chug and I are most grateful to David, the other person who reads our column apart from the RSPCA press officer, for bringing to our attention a pamphlet called ‘Christian Soldiers – UKIP’ which was thrust into some of our letterboxes around the time of the last local elections.

Now Chug and I usually steer clear of local politics because we realised long ago that nothing ever changes no matter who you vote for because politicians do not run the country. We employ idiots for that. Like, for example, the one who spent thousands of my hard-earned tax pounds on erecting an electronic sign in Holes Bay Road, just before the roundabout where I turn off for B&Q. On approach, the sign lights up and tells me ‘Slow Down!’; I ask you, what the hell else am I going to do?

But Chug, however, was rather impressed with the performance that UKIP put up, knocking the Labs and Libs into third and fourth places locally, and making a huge impact nationally; a fact that appears to have been studiously ignored in our local press, probably because nobody wants to be tainted by even mention of something that might be just a little bit right-wing. But Chug and I are used to sticking our necks out with unfashionable opinions, so we don’t much care. We reckon the appeal of the party lies in the very fact they are rubbished by the mainstream who dismiss as unworkable their seductively sensible manifesto which includes, locals please note, total opposition to wind farms.

UKIP represents a huge and ever-so-slightly anarchic backlash against the madness of political correctness, the madness of the EU, and the sadness of the same old predictable parties who are in need of a serious wakeup call. So having formed this favourable opinion of them, Chug and I were rather taken aback by the contents of ‘Christian soldiers – UKIP’, subtitled ‘The Christian Fellowship of the UK Independence Party fighting through Christ for deliverance from EU tyranny’, which came across as part Jehovah Witless tract and part happy-clapper rambling.

For example, we have “allowed our country to pursue an ungodly libertarian pathway that has led us into sin and moral degradation” and this is the fault of all us old sixties hippies who “cast aside the old restraints of acceptable behaviour in an orgy of drink, drugs and pop music, encouraged by many libertarians of the left.” The country is now run by “Sodom and Gomorrah city councils….where the abomination of abortion is still ongoing…..on a scale certainly far worse than in those ancient sodomite cities.” David Cameron is branded the antichrist for ‘indoctrinating’ schoolkids with Evolutionism, and they have a really, really big downer on the ‘abomination’ of gay marriage which we find deeply disturbing in its un-Christian and uncompromising condemnation. Chug is curious so, unless you have recently relocated to Purbeck from Mississippi and can therefore be forgiven for knowing no better, does anyone really believe the world was created in seven days? If so please drop me a line c/o the Gazette. But I digress: there are fifteen pages of this nonsense, courtesy of Elizabeth Jane Biddulph of Bottom Lane Farm in Staffordshire, and Chug and I were most concerned that this might prove a stitch-up of UKIP by detractors intent on making a laughingstock of them.

But Alan Smith, a local UKIP candidate, assured me that I was wrong in this assumption and that many UKIP supporters are staunch Christians who are fed up with the ‘EU anti-Christian communist dictatorship’, to which all the other parties apparently subscribe. Chug and I, who are neither communists nor staunch Christians, were puzzled by this and could find no evidence for it, until we discovered a transcript of the speech Nigel Farage made in the European Parliament following the theft of funds from Cypriot bank accounts by the EU, in which he likens the EU to a communist dictatorship in the sense that it will tolerate no curtailment of its powers.

This is not quite the same thing as a plot to undermine the old C of E to which Chug and I, despite being of an atheistic inclination, still hold a lingering affection. The sad truth is that the C of E has brought about its own undermining by its policy of multi-denominational tolerance. It’s axiomatic that if you love your enemy and invite them into your camp they will turn you out of your tents, slaughter your children, sleep with your wives, erect temples to their own gods, and you will become history. If UKIP can do anything to reverse this then perhaps they should be given every support, but first they should sever, with immediate effect, any connection with Ms Bidduph - who will most surely tarnish their image by association.

Chug and his disciple.

Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clear to the bone.
Arnie’s Ode to Life
A must is a definite Only if you try Don’t be weak my friend Stand up and be proud Don’t let time go by You are worth what he gave you Then stand up with pride Then you will see the precious In your life
12 The Purbeck Gazette


The Sun Brings A Flurry Of Shouts For Swanage!

After what had seemed to be a never ending winter and an unusually quiet Easter and May Day bank holiday weekend, the arrival of the sun over the late May bank holiday signalled the arrival of a flurry of callouts for the Swanage lifeboats.

Over the course of eleven days the Swanage lifeboats were launched six times. The volunteer crew assisted a jet ski, a group of kayakers who had been thrown into the water in strong tides and choppy sea, two yachts, a sailing dinghy dragged over the Peveril ledges and a diver suffering from suspected bends. Fortunately all casualties were recovered safely.

Due to the unseasonably cold weather the sea temperature has remained below average. This can lead to difficulty to even experienced water goers, as the kayakers we rescued found out. Despite being in the water for less than twenty minutes with full sea going kit, their strength and manoeuvrability was vastly reduced due to the sub 10 degree water and they found it difficult to re-board their kayaks.

This flurry of rescues came in daylight hours, with most of the shouts calling the volunteers from their daytime jobs. We are lucky in Swanage to have a portion of the crew that are able to provide daytime cover thanks to understanding employers, and our self employed volunteer crew being willing and able run to the sound of the pager.

Key facts about the RNLI

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution is the charity that saves lives at sea. Our volunteers provide a 24-hour search and rescue service in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland from 236 lifeboat stations, including four along the River Thames and inland lifeboat stations at Loch Ness, Lough Derg, Enniskillen and Lough Ree. Additionally the RNLI has more than 1,000 lifeguards on over 180 beaches around the UK and operates a specialist flood rescue team, which can respond anywhere across the UK and Ireland when inland flooding puts lives at risk.

The RNLI relies on public donations and legacies to maintain its rescue service. As a charity it is separate from, but works alongside, governmentcontrolled and funded coastguard services. Since the RNLI was founded in 1824 our lifeboat crews and lifeguards have saved at least 140,000 lives. Volunteers make up 95% of the charity, including 4,600 volunteer lifeboat crew members and 3,000 volunteer shore crew. Additionally, tens of thousands of other dedicated volunteers raise funds and awareness, give safety advice, and help in our museums, shops and offices.

Picture Caption - Diver being assessed and prepared for transfer by Swanage lifeboat crew following rapid ascent.

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Quality Signs

News From Wareham Town Council

Town Clerk Rod Curtis reports…

The following presentations took place before the 21st May meeting:

Past Mayor’s Badge – Rev Colin Hodge

The Rev Colin Hodge was presented by the Town Mayor with a Past Mayor’s badge (pictured below) . He expressed his thanks to the Town Council, adding that he had served as a Councillor for twenty one years, been Leader of Dorset County Council for eight of those years and was proud to have been the youngest Mayor in the country at the time he became Mayor of the town’s Borough Council in 1967.


It was followed by the unveiling of the inscription on the Honoured Townsman Board in the Council Chamber. Reference was made to Councillor Budd’s combined total of eighty six years of service at County, District and Town Councils.

Councillor Budd expressed his thanks, stating that he was immensely proud, both to receive the honour and to be joining the list of those who had previously received it.

Councillor Budd (pictured

as County Councillor for Wareham

replaced by Councillor Beryl Ezzard at the May elections, who was present at the meeting to present her County Council report. The Mayor also welcomed Mrs Lydia Farrow of Stoborough, who designed and executed the superb scroll. “I believe you know Councillor Budd?” asked the Mayor. “Know him? I was his teacher!” came the response, to much amusement.

During the normal business of Council that followed, an update on the forthcoming Coronation Anniversary Big Lunch Party on 2nd June was given.

County and District Council Reports - verbal reports from County and District Councillors were received. County Councillor Beryl Ezzard stated that she would try and attend Town Council meetings if possible, subject to her County Council commitments, and a written report would be sent if she could not attend.

Appointment of Standing Committees/Representatives on Other Bodies

The Council appointed the following standing committees, plus chairman and Vice Chairmen: Policy, Resources and Finance Committee, Planning and Transport Committee and Amenities Committee. Wareham in Bloom appointees were made together with appointees for the Museum Committee, representatives on outside bodies, various working parties and the Human Resources Panel.

Full details of all reports and committee memberships/appointments plus outside body representatives are on the Council’s website: (at various annexes to the 21st May 2013 minutes).

The next Town Council meeting is scheduled for 25th June, and another will be held on 30th July. All members of the public are welcome to attend (agendas available on the Council website or telephone 01929 553006).

Pic, left: Presentation to Rev Colin Hodge, ex-Mayor of Wareham

Pic, above: New Honoured Townsman, Councillor David Budd

01929 481215 Traditional and Modern methods and styles. Lunches, Afternoon Teas and Suppers Tel: 01929 439368 By the duck pond at Worth Fully licenced NEW EXTENDED SUMMER OPENING HOURS! Please call us for details Please call to reserve tables. Well behaved dogs welcome.
Honoured Townsman of Wareham – Councillor David Budd Councillor David Budd, who was presented by the Town Mayor with a commemorative framed scroll to mark his election as an Townsman of Wareham, it being the highest accolade which could be bestowed upon a resident by the Council. above left) recently stood down Ward, to be
14 The Purbeck Gazette


Annual Wareham Town Crier’s Competition

Join the good folk of Wareham on Saturday, 13th July for the annual Wareham Town Crier’s Competition, on the south bank of the River Frome, opposite Wareham Quay.

The day kicks off at 10.30am, when a procession will be leaving the town centre, and heading to the south back of the River Frome. Join in the fun, and follow the procession for what will be the beginnings of a great day out for all the family!

At 11am, on the south bank, you’ll be able to witness the ‘Home Town Cry’, and from 3pm onwards, there is the ‘Afternoon Cry’ and the Awards ceremony.

The event is entirely free, so take along a picnic or book in for a meal at a local eatery (don’t forget your vouchers from last month’s Gazette for some special offers!), and enjoy a day of traditional entertainment, hopefully in the sunshine!

In aid of

(follow signs on the day)

Sunday 7th July at 2pm

Cream Teas by Haymans of Swanage

Swanage Town Band

Classic Cars

Kelp! (Sea Shanty Group)

Stalls & Attractions

Children’s Rides

For details, call 01929 481663

Come and be amazed! PURBECK ELECTRICAL 61 High Street, Swanage. (next to the Red Lion) 01929 424177 They always have such a selection at Purbeck Electrical.... Lovely Kettles, Lights, White Goods, Radios, Hairdryers, Toasters..... ....and tasty purses too! I’ve got my eye on this Roberts Radio The Purbeck Gazette 15
Picture, right, Wareham Town Crier, Jacquie Hall

Back and Raring to Go

Wareham In Bloom Kingston Country Courtyard Events

Wareham in Bloom is back! After stepping out of the regional South/South East in Bloom Competition in 2012, for a well earned break after eighteen years continuous involvement, a total of 136 baskets, planters and stands were delivered and installed in just two days.

Following the abysmal spring weather, which affected plant suppliers all over the UK, this was achieved by 7th June, some two weeks later than normal.

The town centre is now returning to its usual summer splendour as the blooms develop into a myriad of colour, delighting residents and tourists alike.

Judging Day is Thursday 25th July. Volunteers and plant waterers are always needed – if you would like to help Wareham ‘Go for Gold’ in any way please let Councillor Eric Osmond know - telephone 01929 551000.

Pic, below: Wareham’s plants – the first batch:

Pic, right: Sorting the flower stands:

Kingston Country Courtyard, Kingston, Wareham, Dorset. BH20 5LR. Tel: 01929 481066 DEAN FRIEDMAN Sunday 1st September Tickets now available - £20 70s Folk Legend, UK no.1 hit‘You can thank your lucky stars’ 16 The Purbeck Gazette

National Coastwatch

From St Albans Head Station, National Coastwatch Institution

The National Coastwatch Institution (NCI) watchkeepers at St Albans Head have mounted three new information boards on the wall of their lookout building, in an effort to improve the experience for those visiting the lonely and windswept headland south of Worth Matravers.

‘We’ve wanted for some time to put up a board explaining the work of NCI,’ said a spokesman for the station. ‘Then it occurred to us that the South West Coast Path people might like to mount a board giving more general information about the Head and about the Coast Path.’

‘As that was going through, we were approached by the Purbeck Radar Museum Trust to ask if they might put up their own information about the work on radar that went on in the area during the war.’

‘We acted as co-ordinators, ensuring that the boards complemented each other in content and design. It doesn’t take long to read all three, but they give a lot of interesting and valuable information about what visitors to the Head can see around them.’

Ivamy Est. 1981 Quality design & installation in the Isle of Purbeck for overyears 30 Design, Supply, Install, Refurbishment Showroom: 60 High Street, Swanage. BH19 2NX FREE QUOTATIONSANDADVICE 01929 475 793 Updated Basement Tile Showroom PlumbingWork & Central Heating servicing MemberofTrading Standards‘Buy with Confidence’Scheme Full Project Management forTraditional & Modern Bathrooms and Kitchens
The Purbeck Gazette 17

Wareham Coronation Anniversary Wareham Celebrates with a Big Lunch!

Children’s Fancy Dress

There was a strange light in the sky – yes, the SUN - on 2nd June as a delighted crowd of over three hundred Wareham residents turned out in force for the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation. With entertainment laid on by Wareham Town Council, a sea of red, white and blue appeared at the Howard’s Lane car park site as neighbours and friends got together in the spirit of the national ‘Big Lunch’ campaign.

DJ/MC Pete Robins of Stoborough masterminded the proceedings and there was something for all age groups: children’s donkey rides, maypole dancing, morris dancers, the Wareham Whalers sea shanty band, Arish Mel folk group, local poet John Barclay, talented teenage vocalist Melissa

The organising team - congratulations on a superb day!

Syms, a hilarious musical chairs competition, and a children’s fancy dress competition.

All topped off with a community ‘singalong’ and the national anthem. A speech by Mayor Malcolm Russell recalled Wareham’s 1953 celebrations and the event raised £311.00 in donations for Wareham and Purbeck branch MS.

Sincere thanks to Sainsbury’s, Wareham, for free teas/coffees/cakes - and all our volunteer helpers on the day. Well done, Wareham!

The Mayor’s game of Musical Chairs, above, Locals enjoying the day, below Everyone enjoys the Maypole, above, relaxing during the day, below
18 The Purbeck Gazette

My War-time Memories.

Here then is the real horror of war. This is not nice to read. But I’ve been there.

Falaise. Blood soaked Falaise. For here was carnage! Bloody carnage.

This is war at its most evil, this is where all the press reports and tales of courage in war are stripped naked of any kind of veneer of patriotism, or humanity. For this was the real horror of war, at its bloodiest.

Field Marshall Montgomery’s genius as a strategic General now came to the fore. The British and American armoured columns had broken out and driven south from Normandy and the Cherbourg peninsula. Then turned east and northwards, then looped up, and circled, to enclose the enemy armies in a gigantic pocket. The Falaise pocket . Where now whole German armies were trapped and surrounded by the allied forces.

Now the campaign started to come together in a master plan. The enemy was captured inside this area, and were now going to be obliterated in a steady and dreadful baptism of fire. A huge drenching curtain of fire descended on those inside this mighty trap, and steadily spread across the whole battle front, leaving nothing but the dead, and the bodies of flame-consumed enemy soldiers and equipment. I never wish to see such scenes ever again.

Destruction, utter and complete destruction. It is very hard to describe the scene in words. The roads blocked with dead horses, still harnessed to the carts they were pulling, swollen with feet stuck up in the air. German soldiers dead, sometimes one on top of the other, further on, groups of German dead lying in twisted and grotesque positions. Tanks that finished tilted in crazy angles against the side of buildings, mobile guns and armoured troop carriers destroyed. Artillery twisted and abandoned. The whole paraphernalia of war turned into a massive mangled mess, and covered with fine, grey Normandy dust. Many soldiers burned to death as their vehicles caught fire. The stench of death so severe that pilots complained about overflying the area.

Every Norman village had a shrine, or grotto, with a statue of the Madonna or of Christ where they prayed, and put flowers daily. A great many religious statues were destroyed as the battle spread over them. One very poignant sight was that of a life-size statue of Christ, with his hands spread wide in supplication. But, with both hands blown off. This went on for miles, as we chased the fleeing enemy towards the hell that awaited them at the neck of the Falaise gap. The Germans used any method to try and escape. In some areas it was not possible to cross the road for German dead. The mighty Tiger tanks blown to smithereens and scattered in every direction. Wall to wall death, smashed houses and buildings with the roads between with so many dead it was difficult to walk over the bodies.

Men half out of tanks and cars, burned alive before they could escape. Blackened figures fixed in the position of trying to get out their vehicles, some even had one leg out the car, hand on the car door handle and fixed in that position as the flames overtook them. Leaving him as a rigid blackened reminder of a curtain of fire that had raged through, leaving only death.

In one instance, in the middle of a road stood a German Panzer. The commander still stood upright in the tank cupola, directing the direction of advance, with his hand on the side. Blackened with fire and rigid in death, still in charge of his tank, a tall rigid blackened lifelike figure. The stench of death hung over everything like a sickening pall, the sun had

already begun to cause early decay. An inferno beyond comprehension! Covering everything was a thick layer of grey dust, almost as though the scene had been sprayed with grey emulsion.

I remember very clearly, a young dead German, sat on the road with his back to a grassy bank, just as though he was taking a rest and a short sleep, feet spread, hands in lap, head on chest covered in this thick grey dust, he looked as though he, and his uniform were fashioned from grey clay. But, his sleep would last for all eternity. All this, as a complete German army had been caught in the terrible trap of the Falaise pocket. As the noose closed round the top of the bag, the way out narrowed. The German army desperate to escape streamed through the neck of the bag, only to be fired on by our guns over ‘open sights’, sometimes at point blank range.

Meanwhile, the rocket firing Typhoons had a turkey shoot. The enemy was subjected to continuous air attack with no help or protection, and caught in the open, the carnage was complete. For me personally, there was no satisfaction, “There but for the grace of God go I.” Carnage on this scale was something we had not expected. I do not wish to see anything like that again.

The fact that the German army was able to retreat, reorganize and reform in Holland pays great tribute to their discipline and organization. Even so, the Germans did not give in easily, some of the fire fights that took place at the rear of the bag were bitter and hard fought. It was in one of these fierce rearguard fights that my late best friend Richard Harris was badly wounded, with shrapnel wounds to his legs, and the loss of half of one hand. When they took him back to the dressing station they tried to clean him up a bit. He was filthy with dried mud, when they tried to comb his hair they broke the comb. Then a male nurse suggested it was best to give him a violin to go with the rest of his appearance!

Much fierce fighting took place as we later pressed forward down the Tinchbray Road. All of a sudden it was over, and the great chase began. Glad to leave Falaise and Bloody Normandy behind. The company packed everything into their vehicles and started north, A headlong chase all the way to Belgium, only short stops, one had to use a German helmet for a toilet. Waving crowds, cigarette for Papa? Exciting in its way, but being out of action has its drawback; it’s that much more difficult to get back into it again.

After Falaise, the chase was almost none stop, all of our vehicles plus the German staff car Spud and myself had captured, set off heading towards northern France and Belgium. Cheering crowds and pleasant green countryside made a wonderful change from the death and destruction of Normandy. Just to see normal people walking about and the undamaged villages was heartening indeed. Girls in summer dresses after the desolation of Normandy. What a pleasant change! All the way the French made us very welcome, genuinely pleased to see us, it was a shame that we could only stop for short periods, the pressure to followup the German retreat kept us going all through France.

On the way, we were ambushed by a rear guard, we had been caught between a high stone wall on one side and stone buildings on the other. From some woods in front of us, the enemy opened fire as we came through this narrow road, my very good friend Jock, and myself were travelling in our half track. Jock Mathers, a Scot, was killed alongside me and tumbled out of the door. Rather than run over his body two of us jumped out and sat his body against the wall, before taking violent evasive action. We just could not mangle him under the tracks of our vehicle, even under fire. I believe he is now buried in Belgium.

Now the chase began in earnest, as we headed towards Nijmegen and Arnhem in Operation Market Garden.

Later to read here: how we got cut off as the enemy got in behind us in our mad dash to get to Arnhem. Being as we were now completely cut off, we had to live on captured German army rations. Heaven forbid, we had no cigarettes and just tins of herring. Big, round tins, the size of anti-tank mines.

By August, Normandy was taken by Monty, ten days to a fortnight ahead of schedule. To be continued.

Our feature, next month.... ‘Wish you were here’ The summer delights of Purbeck, including eating out, entertainment, fun for the kids, local seasonal food, places to relax, activities, places to visit and much more! For your businesses to be included, call Joy on 01929 424293 before July 7th!! The Purbeck Gazette 19
20 The Purbeck Gazette

Swanage Christian Centre (The Old Stable) is celebrating its 35th birthday by holding a


at All Saint’s Church, Ulwell, Swanage, on Sat 31st August from 11.30am to 3.30pm

Bouncy Castle Barbecue Cream Teas Ice Creams

Bottle Stall Cakes & Jams

Fun & Games and other Stalls

Donations of items (bottles, raffle prizes, etc.) can be left at Swanage Christian Centre in Commercial Road or can be collected by Tim Silk on 01929 423931

Got Any Bright Ideas?

The new Community Café in Wareham is alive and buzzing. Cakes and coffees are flying out the door, but that is not enough! The vision that inspired the project is to provide a place of welcome for all, with a focus towards, but not exclusively for, young people.

A safe space where the community can enjoy more than just good food and where all who enter are blessed. We now would like the community to let us know what types of events and activities they would like to see run in the space? How can interests be shared and new relationships be formed? Could you offer anything to help us to organise them?

Already we have a jigsaw club, parents coffee morning, knitting group and an after school games club, but we need more! A variety of activities for all sorts of ages would be most welcomed, so give us your ideas!

On a Friday night the space will be used as a youth drop in for those aged 15+. A place to relax, chill out and listen to some music with mates, anytime between 8pm to 10.30pm, from Friday 21st June onwards. Contact us via our facebook page (Not just sundaes Community Café), by phone (01929 553223) or pop in for a coffee and a chat about your ideas to help us serve up great community! You’ll find us at the old Purbeck TIC in South Street, Wareham, just opposite the Quay.

The Purbeck Gazette 21

Wareham Modern/ Middle School Reunion

At the end of the Summer term, and after over 70 years, Wareham Middle School,(previously Wareham Modern School) will finally close it doors, to re-open after refurbishment as ‘The Studio’ for the enlarged Purbeck School.

If you have had a connection with the school at any point since it first opened in 1939 they why not join us for an informal reunion on Sunday 21 July from mid day to 3 p.m.

The event will be held on the Wareham Middle School Playing Field, (weather permitting) and this is your chance to come along and share your memories and your old photos with other ex pupils.

We are hoping that everyone will bring their own picnic/drink/rug/chair as well as their family, to make this a really special day.

Sadly there will be no access to the school buildings – but there will be limited parking available in the school playground.

For further information contact Beryl (nee Ford) Telephone 550138


Sheepskin slippers

Sheepskin mitts

Sheepskin hats

Lambskin gloves

Leather gloves

& Gents Pure Wool Lined Moccasin Slippers

Leather bags

Leather purses & wallets

Leather belts

Suede bush hats

Chamois leather

Through The Keyhole Swanage Town Council

Our Gazette correspondent details the goings on in recent council meetings.....

Council Meetings. May/June 2013.

n a sunny Bank Holiday

Monday, Swanage children and a gratifyingly large crowd of visitors waited outside the Con Club watching as a vast net was filled with more than 1700 numbered plastic ducks. Each yellow, red or blue duck represented a £1 gift to ‘Julia’s House’ our local hospice for children across

At 4.30pm the ducks were ceremoniously dropped into the waters and soon disappeared into the stream that runs under Station Road. Parents and nippers raced down Station Road to get a vantage point to see the ducks emerging a quarter of an hour later – to the glee of a now massive crowd – into the sea at the Mowlem.

The jubilant owners of the three leading ducks received cash prizes and went home happy. Even happier was ‘Julia’s House,’ badly hit in the wreckage left by the Icelandic Banks.This, of course, was the 2013 Swanage Rotary Duck Race. Rotary volunteers had been out for days selling tickets all over town to make this the success it proved. They are a cheerful and determined lot these Rotarians.

Many will remember their response to the appalling floods that hit the mountain people of Pakistan a while ago. Following news of the disaster, Rotarians were on the streets of Swanage raising money to send blankets, water purification kits, tents and so on, so that these practical items could be distributed by their fellow Rotarians in Pakistan. This is the kind of the Big Society Rotarians have been part of for years been.

This I hope will give some context to an important presentation made at the Council’s monthly meeting – the Rotary’s annual Paul Harris Fellowship award. (Harris was the founder of Rotary, long since an international movement, more than a century ago). The Fellowship is awarded to a local figure who has, in the words of presenting Rotarian, Maggie Hardy, ‘gone the extra mile.’

This year the surprised, though proud and happy, recipient was Cllr Mrs Cherry Bartlett who received her gong from current President, Neil Hardy. Cherry was warmly congratulated by two previous recipients of the award (for their own outstanding service to the community), Cllr Mrs Gloria Marsh and Cllr Ian Brown, who both proudly wear the lapel badge that comes with the award.

Following last month’s high attendance of the public concerned at reduced street lighting, County Cllr Bill Trite had put suggestions to Dorchester viz for a more equable distribution of the available street lighting. However he had been informed that the County Council will ONLY act on representations from the police and NOT from either the public or their elected representatives. (An interesting interpretation of democracy!).

Cllr Trite was also informed that only Swanage had experienced problems when the lights were turned off. Cllr Marsh felt strongly that the matter could not be allowed to rest there. She reported that on darkened streets many householders were leaving their own lights on all night to provide auxiliary street lighting and that such residents should not be obliged to do so. These decisions, she insisted, had to be revisited. ‘People are frightened!’

Two interesting contributions recently from regular attendees during the Public Participation Time which precedes each Council meeting. Mr John James brought news and photos of recent traffic chaos on Shore Road following the introduction of paid parking by DCC.

Mr James predicted that such chaos would continue to occur on Shore Road with serious consequences for emergency vehicles attempting to exit the town. In order to facilitate the paid parking scheme along the north half of Shore Road, a DCC Workforce arrived and painted a continuous white line two metres from the kerb on the seafront side of the road.

Point 1.- the line makers took no notice of two kerbside wheelchair access ramps and included these in the parking area. As a result as soon as the white paint was dry, cars immediately parked in the spaces needed by wheelchair users to cross the road. So far, so brilliant. (and it took several days for a workforce to arrive to make good that error).

Point 2. - a few days later with a solid line of cars now occupying the seafront parking places, a Dorset and Wilts Breezer and a standard width lorry travelling in opposite directions attempted to pass each other in what remained of the road. Using all the space that was left to them by DCC’s white line, they could not do so. Mr James’ point is that Shore Road simply isn’t wide enough to accommodate a parked car (worse, a wide camper), and a bus and a lorry passing each other.

Mr Ian Saunders keeps a vigilant eye on how local services deal with seafront rubbish collection, a matter of crucial importance to a ‘blue flag’ resort like Swanage.

He noted that on recent fine weekends bins were overflowing. (Rubbish collection locally is complex but, broadly speaking, STC is responsible for the beach plus the town’s numerous green spaces; the Dorset Waste Partnership for the remainder).

STC’s bins are not deployed on the beaches until the school holidays, putting pressure on the promenade bins. Significant problems are therefore inevitable when Swanage experiences significant fine weather, (and with it many welcome visitors) outside the high season.

No blame can attach to the Waste Partnership’s indomitable operative, (local hero, Mr Kellogg) and his ancient rubbish collection lorry. He works like a Trojan to battle the tide. Visitors to Swanage are generally brilliant in bringing their rubbish to collection points – but the volume on such fine weekends simply overwhelms one man and his lorry.

SHEEPSKIN • LEATHERGOODS • BASKETWARE SKINMATES 48a High Street • Swanage • 01929 424432
22 The Purbeck Gazette

What’s On At Corfe Castle?

This summer at Corfe Castle there will be lots of brilliant events for everyone. The annual Food and Drink Festival is back on Saturday 6th – Sunday 7th July. Sample the best food and drink from a wide range of local producers. Some of the finest locally produced food and drink in the area will be showcased at Corfe Castle. There will also be cookery demonstrations, new for 2013.

This is followed by the Medieval Banquet on Saturday 20th July, a unique opportunity to enjoy an evening feast in the dramatic ruins of Corfe Castle, with authentic food and live entertainment.

There will be living history displays and hands-on activities for The Festival of British Archaeology on Saturday 13th – Sunday 14th, Saturday 20th –21st and Thursday 25th – Sunday 28th July.

The first Open Air Theatre of the year will be ‘As You Like It’ by William Shakespeare on Thursday 4th July.

Two further performances of Open Air Theatre take place in August, ‘The Mikado’ by Gilbert & Sullivan on Thursday 1st and ‘Babe the Sheep-Pig’ by Dick King-Smith adapted by David Wood on Thursday 29th.

There’s also open Air Cinema over the August bank holiday weekend, ‘The Woman in Black ‘(starring Daniel Radcliffe) on Friday 23rd, ‘Brave’ on Saturday 24th and ‘Skyfall’ (Bond with Daniel Craig as 007) on Sunday 25th

Every day in August the popular Medieval Village with Knight & Damsel Academy is back. An action packed, family fun day out, with interactive activities for budding knights and damsels, including new displays for 2013. For more details call 01929 481294 or visit

Hemsbach Update

Many of the members of the Wareham-Hemsbach Society made a special effort to attend the Open Evening on Monday 3rd June. It is difficult to get a good selection of German wine in Purbeck, but we did buy some white wine from the Mosel area and some rose wine. In addition to the wine we had some snacks.

On display were numerous photographs of visits to Hemsbach and Wareham, and a book written jointly by members of the twin towns. We have found it difficult to recruit new members, but once they have visited Hemsbach and found out what town twinning involves they stay members for the rest of their lives.

Yougeteverythingyouwant withyournewbed... CAN Carpets :Vinyls:Karndean: Beds: Curtains: Recliners We tickalltheboxes,soyoucanbuywithconfidence OnallourDivans,Mattresses, ElectricBedsandFrames WE'LLB£ATANYPRICE* Tel:01929422703 61KingsRoadWest,Swanage,BH191HQ *Ona likeforlikewrittenquotefroma highstreetretailer FREE Delivery FREE Set-up FREE Disposalof youroldbed FREE Honestadvice
The Purbeck Gazette 23
YOUR Pictures This Month Send your pictures (as they come straight off the camera with no alterations) attached to an email to:
Gateway to the bay. By Gareth James St Oswold’s Bay (landslide). By Leslie Weekes Chains of Purbeck, Studland Chain Ferry. By Robin Boultwood
24 The Purbeck Gazette
Worth Matravers Village Fete. By Ben Buxton

The Old Forge The Lady In The Bath Reclamation

If you haven’t been to the Old Forge lately, it may well be worth a revisit.

With over 1000 square footage of sales area, we have re-stocked with some fantastic new lines, including mirrors, storage boxes, furniture and decorative items at amazing prices.

We still stock many collectables, antiques and curios, along with many clearance lines, bric a brac and a vast array of‘junk’!

There is always something worth seeing at the Old Forge, such as the latest classic car being restored by the Historic Engine Company.

We are open seven days a week, throughout the year. Free parking within yards.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

1000 sq ft of sales area, packed with curios, reclamation, mirrors, collectables, antiques and more!

273 High Street, Swanage. 07876 086544

Raglan Starts Affordable Housing At Steppes

Raglan Housing continues its long-term commitment to delivering rural affordable homes for local people most in need with the start of construction on eight new homes for affordable rent in Steppes, Langton Matravers on the Isle of Purbeck.

The new development is being delivered in partnership with Purbeck District Council and regional contractors C.G Fry, and is being made possible with just over £220,000 of grant funding from the Homes and Communities Agency.

Langton Matravers Parish Council has proposed the name ‘Nine Barrow View’ for the new development, thanks to the stunning views from the site. The scheme will provide a mix of four two-bedroom flats and two two-bedroom houses, each accommodating up to four people; and two three-bedroom houses for up to five people. The homes will be selfcontained with their own gardens. The north side of the development will also provide an open space and children’s play area for residents.

“We have worked closely with our partners, Purbeck District Council, to gain planning consent and we’re delighted to be starting construction. With house prices out of most local people’s reach, there is a real demand

for high quality rented accommodation in the community,” said Richard Stevenson, Raglan Housing Business Development Director.

“These much needed affordable rental homes will enable local people to stay within the community close to their families and friends. The development will also provide employment opportunities for local suppliers and trades people, which is also good for the local rural economy.”

The new homes will be built to Level 3 of the Code for Sustainable Homes standard. Each property will have gas central heating equipped with gas savers, helping to make these properties even more affordable by reducing residents’ overall energy bills.

The Steppes phase two development is being constructed on a greenfield exception site on land directly behind eight existing Raglan Housing properties built during the first phase of the development in 1993. As part of the project, residents in the older properties are having their homes upgraded and made more energy efficient. The improvements include the installation of new thermally-efficient windows which was completed in March, new kitchens and the installation of high performance central heating systems later this year.

“We welcome the arrival of new families and we are pleased that our homes were also considered as part of such a large project. We hope to continue to work with Raglan to ensure that Steppes is a safe, clean and harmonious place to live and bring up children.” said resident Jo Shuttle. Councillor Mike Lovell, Housing and Development spokesperson for Purbeck District Council, said: “Meeting the housing needs of local people is a priority of Purbeck District Council and this development helps by providing eight homes for local families. Working together is crucial in the development of housing. The delivery of this site has been possible through the partnership working of Purbeck District Council and Raglan Housing and the funding from the Homes and Communities Agency.”

Raglan Housing has other housing developments in nearby Harman’s Cross, Worth Matravers, Studland and Swanage.

Image: (from l – r): Councillor Mike Lovell, Housing and Development spokesperson for Purbeck District Council and Richard Stevenson, Raglan Housing Business Development Director, officially mark the start of works on new affordable homes in Steppes.

The Purbeck Gazette 25


his year’s Swanage Diesel and associated beer festival, thanks to the planning and hard work of its dedicated volunteers, has been the most successful yet. Enthusiasts from across the country flocked to this annual event which ran from Thursday 9th May until Sunday 12th May 2013. The event saw eight classic visiting main line diesel locomotives in action along with three resident Swanage Railway locomotives. Eleven locomotives carried over 3000 passengers in an intensive train service from Norden Park & Ride to Corfe Castle, Harman’s Cross and Swanage between 8:00am and 12 midnight on Friday and Saturday and from 8:00am to 7:00pm on the Sunday.

One of the starring locomotives No. 55019 “Royal Highland Fusilier”, an iconic “Deltic” dating from the early 1960s named after the Scottish army regiment, carried a poignant wreath throughout the Diesel Gala in memory of three soldiers from the Royal Regiment of Scotland killed in Afghanistan.

The Diesel Gala’s associated Dorset Beer Festival was staged at the Bankes Arms pub in the centre of Corfe Castle which offered grandstand views of passing trains and the historic castle ruins.

Purbeck Railway Circle - June 2013

On Friday 12th July, Charles Clark will present a slide show entitled “The Rebirth of a Railway - The story of the Restoration of the Welsh Highland Railway”. The Circle meets in Harman Cross Village Hall, Hayscroft Lane, Harmans Cross at 7:00 for 7:30pm. All welcome. For further information regarding the slide show and/or the PRC please contact the General Secretary on 01929 554765

On Sunday 14th July the Circle will be holding their Annual Summer Coach Outing and the destination this year is Amberley Museum 7 heritage Centre in West Sussex. Everybody is welcome to attend subject to space being available on the coach. For further information and to book please contact Mike Walshaw on 01929 421913

Out Of The Blue

Our officers have been busy in Purbeck. During May we dealt with 874 incidents, 168 crimes and handled over 40 offenders. Interesting are the 132 calls reporting suspicious incidents, which is great and exactly what we wanted and asked for. Thank you, who knows what we may have prevented?

Purbeck has been subject to an unusually high number of thefts from cars, vans and sheds. At this time of writing (covering the period1 May - 6 June), 43 cars across Purbeck have had items stolen from them and 31 thefts have occurred from outbuildings.

About 90% of the vehicle owners left their cars unlocked, and of the other 10% there was no sign of any forced entry, indicating they were left unlocked. These thefts took place over a number of evenings across Purbeck, but there were concentrated in the areas of Swanage, Corfe and Kingston.

No arrests have been made at this time. Chief Inspector Parkin, who is responsible for Poole and Purbeck said: “It is no surprise that stealing valuable items from cars is on the increase when we make it so easy. I am staggered by the amount of cars that are left unlocked with valuable items inside. These items have included house keys, sat navs, mobile phones and even cash.”

“Don’t underestimate the number of opportunist thieves who are being provided with rich pickings due to our lax security. No car should be left unlocked or should have any valuables left inside, whether hidden or not.”

In relation to crime in Swanage, I know that residents are worried about increases in crime and the street lights being switched off at night. From the analysis we have done, it is impossible to draw any link between the

street lights being switched off and the recent increase in thefts. We believe these crimes were opportunist, committed by people who were not from the local area. Other areas have seen similar crime increases, such as an unusual set of burglaries to commercial premises in the Wool area. These and other increases have had nothing to do with street lighting.

To put things in perspective, the total average crime for the month of May over the last 5 years in Purbeck is 160. We recorded 168 crimes for May 2013, this is only 8 over the average.

We are not in a crime wave and Purbeck is still a very safe place to live. Being a low crime area we are often vulnerable to spikes in certain crimes over short periods and this is exactly what has happened.

Update – remember the horrible defacement of Swanage by graffiti at the beginning of the year? Well, thanks to public support, a young local man was charged and was found guilty at court. He was given a referral order and ordered to pay over £670 in costs and compensation. We understand payment has been made.

Summer always kick starts our drink drive campaign. If you suspect a drink driver, call 999. If you have intelligence that someone does this regularly, call 101 or alternatively, call the free and anonymous Crimestoppers line on 0800 555 111 (mobile phone tariffs may apply).

Safer Neighbourhood Sergeant, Jon McCarthy

26 The Purbeck Gazette

PURBECK For Your Golden Years

Purbeck - the glorious isle, deep in the heart of Dorset.

The ideal place to retire and enjoy later life, surrounded by stunning scenery, a vibrant, supportive community, and fantastic services.

Over the following pages we bring you local businesses and services who exist to make your retirement even better!

Purbeck W.I. Branches

The Women’s Institute (WI) is a fantastic way of getting involved in your local community. Whether you’re local, or have just retired here, why not get in touch with your local branch and go along for a meeting?

Wool WI meet at St. Mary’s School Hall, Folly Lane, Wool on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7pm.

Stoborough WI meet at Stoborough Village Hall, West Lane, Stoborough on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 2pm.

Studland WI meet at Studland Village Hall, Heathgreen Road, Studland, Swanage BH19 3BU on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm.

Swanage Evening WI meet at the Mowlem Community Room, Mowlem Theatre, Shore Road, Swanage, BH19 1DD on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm.

Upton WI meet at Upton Community Hall, Poole Road, Upton, Poole, Bh16 5JA on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7.15pm.

Ulwell WI meet at All Saints Church Hall, 26 Ulwell Road, Swanage, BH19 1LL on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 2pm.

Dorchester WI meet at Weymouth Avenue Recreation Ground Pavilion (Casterbridge), DT1 2RY, on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 10am.

Durlston WI meet at Community Room, Mowlem Theatre BH19 1DD on the 2nd Monday of the month at 2pm.

West Lulworth WI meet at West Lulworth Village Hall, Church Road, West Lulworth, BH20 5SG on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm.

East Burton WI meet at Village Hall, BH20 6EY on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7.15pm.

Clubs For Seniors

Herston Senior Citizens Club

Meets on Wednesday from 2.00pm – 4.30pm at Herston Hall, 12 Jubilee Road Swanage.

There is an annual fee of £5.00 plus 50p for tea and biscuits. They have a subsidised outing once a year, plus guest speakers and film shows, Bring and Buy events on the first Wednesday of every month for members only.

West Lulworth over 60’s Club

Meets every 3rd Thursday of the month between 2.30pm – 4.00pm at Village Hall, West Lulworth

There is a joining fee of £2.50 and light refreshments and tea and biscuits are available.

Guest speakers attend and they also have bingo and other activities. They also organize at least two outings annually.

For further information telephone 01929 400361

Sunshine Club Wareham Meets every Monday at 1.00 pm. at the Masonic Hall. There is an annual fee of £2.50 plus £1.00 per week for light refreshments.

Outings, holidays and a variety of activities are organised. For further information. telephone 01929 553943

The Purbeck Gazette 27

Swanage Area Senior Forum

Summer’s here, so it seems, but hopefully not like last year.

We now take a break for a couple of months, BUT please put September 11th in your diary NOW.

Neil Duncan-Jordan will be coming to Swanage and talking about Care Reform and the State Pension, plus anything else we want him to cover. Neil has a nationwide responsibility for the Pensioners’ Convention with over a million members. He talks a lot of sense, explains things clearly, and has inside knowledge that we’ve never experienced elsewhere. With access to the new Victoria Avenue centre, with state of the art video and audio, including hearing loops, we should expect a large audience.

We will schedule a Q and A session at the end to make sure we get the best out of his time with us. It’s even possible the car park might be finished by then!

We’ve had our AGM and the committee were all willing to carry on and were duly voted in. Great news and a huge ‘thank you’ to them all. We expect to start work on our computer training for seniors and a new computer club in September.

We know the need is there, but STILL need help from those that are comfortable with PC’s.

Please contact us to help and let us know of those in need.

We celebrated our 5th birthday as a forum in June, and were lucky enough to welcome Thelma Barlow, of TV fame, to help us celebrate on the day.

A wonderful cake was baked for the occasion, and our picture (left) shows Thelma doing the honours!

Trevor Ayling.

Could you be a Purbeck Good Neighbour?

Are you new to the Purbeck area and able to do occasional simple tasks for a neighbour?

After six months running Purbeck Good Neighbours, we have found it so rewarding how the good people of Purbeck have been so receptive to the idea. We already have a number of volunteers in our area giving up their time to be a ‘Good Neighbour’. This doesn’t mean we don’t need more volunteers, especially in Wareham and the more rural areas of Purbeck.

At our last volunteer meeting, we were lucky enough to be awarded funding from the Co-operative Stores to enable us to provide a volunteer co-ordinator with expenses and a laptop computer, so we are currently looking for someone to share this task with us.

If you live anywhere in the Purbeck area and can spare some time to help a neighbour who lives nearby with a small task - we’d love to hear from you! We do not do heavy work or continuing care. We only do small one-off tasks.

To find out more about becoming a Purbeck Good Neighbour or Volunteer Co-ordinator, contact our central number - 01929 424363.

Purbeck Good Neighbours is a volunteer group who can help older people over 50 with small or difficult one-off tasks in their home. We are here to help you! Helpline 01929 424 363 PURBECK GOOD NEIGHBOURS All we ask of you is you give the volunteer a minimum donation of £2 to cover expenses Why call us? For Example Read a letter Reach a high cupboard Change a light bulb Move some furniture Take some rubbish away Change some batteries
DATE FOR YOUR DIARY Care Reform & State Pension by Neil Duncan-Jordan September 11th 2013 Emmanual Church Victoria Ave, Swanage ALL WELCOME COME ALONG - WHATEVER YOUR AGE!
28 The Purbeck Gazette

Golden Girl For Golden Moments In Golden Years...

Whether you’re a golden girl or a golden oldie, you’ll find something to suit at Golden Girl in Swanage.

Age is just a number and there’s no need to be buttonholed by numbers, either age or size, as to the fashions you can wear.

We have a great selection for everyone from teenagers to centenarians and our principle is if it looks good and fits well, you will always feel great.

A visit to Golden Girl in either our Station Road or High Street shops may surprise you when you discover the wide and varied range of clothes, shoes and accessories we carry in stock.

In addition to a large selection of coats, cardigans, dresses, skirts, trousers, jeans, t-shirts and blouses we have footwear, handbags, hats and a vast range of jewellery and scarves. In fact, something for every conceivable occasion, from the grand to the casual. So have no fear - if you receive an invitation to the Buckingham Palace Garden Party or simply a request to join the next door neighbours for a barbeque, we can help you look your best.

We also have the services of an experienced dressmaker, so any necessary alterations can be easily made.

Mary and her friendly and professional staff are always on hand to help and advise – so pop in and see us soon – you will be most welcome.

The Purbeck Gazette 29

Curtis Butchers Bringing The Bacon Home

Your Shopping - Delivered

Derrek Curtis’s family have been butchers for three generations. In the past fifty eight years, the family have provided quality meat to the people of Wareham and Purbeck. When Basil (Reg) Curtis started the business back in 1951, he insisted on selling only the finest quality produce he could buy. This still holds true today, where Curtis’s policy is to only sell the best.

Curtis source Scotch Beef direct from Aberdeenshire, Dorset Down Lamb and Local Dorset Free Range Pork from local Dorset Farms. Likewise, the poultry is the best money can buy. Where possible, only Farm Poultry that is Free Range and Drug Free is sold. The rest, where possible, is also free from any antibiotic growth promoters.

With this wealth of experience, Curtis also produces many home made products, including Sausages (only using the finest natural skins), Dry home cured bacon ( all cured on the premises), Pies, Pates, Faggots, Black Pudding and Liver Sausage, to name but a few. The high quality meats and the attention to detail have formed the key to Curtis’s success, from local trade to nationwide accolades.

Curtis also offers an extensive range of local and continental cheeses, including local Dorset Blue Vinny and Denhay Farmhouse Cheddar, to mention a couple. You are welcome to come in and try before you buy! Curtis also offers locally produced Farmhouse Butter and Free Range Eggs to complement your weekly shopping basket.

Boasting their very own ‘Bake House’, also in stock are some of the finest pies in Purbeck. Using only the very best ingredients, Curtis make mouthwatering pie delights. These range from family size Chuck Steak Pies, Chuck Steak and Kidney Pies to Chicken and Bacon Pies, Turkey and Cranberry Pies, Sausage Rolls (only home-made sausagemeat is used) and Purbeck

Other Clubs In The Area

Melodies for Memories -Dorchester Age UK

A fortnightly music session for people with memory loss and their friends is held at: Swanage United Reform Church, 112, High Street, Swanage BH19 2NY. For more details please contact Yvonne Cable: 07747 533252

The Purbeck Flower Club

The Purbeck Flower Club meet at 2.15pm on the third Thursday of every month at the committee room of the Mowlem Theatre in Shore Road, Swanage.

The Club has a current membership of approximately fifty and any new members would be made very welcome. There is an annual subscription of £20.00 or a visitor’s fee of £5.00 per session.

Each month they have a demonstration by an area or national demonstrator, followed by tea, and once a year an open demonstration in the Mowlem Theatre.

The Club has always taken part in all aspects of the area, including

Pasties (using beefskirt). Also available are large Pork Pies, medium Pork Pies, small Steak and Kidney Pies, small Chicken and Mushroom Pies, Meat and Vegetable Pasties, Corned Beef and Potato Pasties, small Steak and Ale Pies, small Steak and Stilton Pies, Gala Pork and Egg Pie and many more. Curtis also provides a ‘bake to order’ service, so if you would like any pies making for special functions etc. this can be done to order.

Every month, Curtis offers an excellent range of ‘Freezer Offers’, enabling you to pre-order for the week or month ahead and get your freezer stocked with all the meat you need, either for special occasions, or for your regular daily meals. Pop in, give Curtis a ring, or check the website at for the current offers for this month.

Many customers cannot get around so easily, so Curtis provides a trusted home delivery service, enabling you to order from home and have your meat delivery packed, labelled and brought straight to your door. If you’d like to discuss your requirements, or arrange an order for delivery, please do call the store where you will find the staff friendly, professional, and able to offer advice on the products stocked.

competitions. In July we have a coach trip to such places of interest as Wisley, Hilliers Arboretum or Rosemoor and in December we hold our Christmas lunch, which is always a very convivial occasion. For any further information, contact Pat Cherrett - 01929 552087. Area Secretary Sheila Bendall Tel: 01929 462077 Email: sheila.bendall@

The Purbeck Chess Club.

The Purbeck Chess Club meets between September and April on Monday evenings at 7.30pm at Mortons House Hotel in Corfe Castle. For further information, telephone Brian Beard on 01929 425988.

Swanage Bridge Club

Swanage Bridge Club is a small friendly bridge club which meets in the Mowlem Community Room on Tuesdays and Fridays at 6.30pm. Tuesdays they play duplicate and Fridays are teams or duplicate. New members and/or occasional visitors are very welcome. For more information contact Neville Cullerne-Bown on 01929 421840 or John Howitt on 01929 423497. For beginners who wish to learn they run classes throughout the winter.

High Class Family Butchers 19West St,Wareham. 01929 552478 B.CURTIS LTD HOME DELIVERIES Phone your order in from the comfort of home and we will deliver to you! Email: Website: Friendly, reliable, local service Pay by card on the phone, or with cash on delivery
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Enid Blyton wrote in the gardens of the Grand Hotel whilst enjoyingAfternoonTea. D-DayVeteran, Wes Mullins, also retraced his war-time footsteps in Swanage, and spent an enjoyable afternoon with us at the Grand last summer.

An invitation to dine in the gardens with spectacular views across the bay, is extended to you all.The perfect place to relax and enjoy eitherlunch ordinner, as food is served all day.

We would like to introduce our‘Traditional High Tea’; now that’s what we call a‘Golden Memory’!

Coming soon!!

Lunch with the Chef!Achance for ourHead Chef to invite you to his table, with talks and demonstrations - and the great thing is, you get to eat it! Glass of Prosecco, anyone?

The Tree Of Life

The Wareham Senior Forum hosted the unveiling of the beautiful Ceramic Tree, positioned in the Wareham Library Garden, with refreshments served afterwards at the new Wareham Community Hub. Over 50 people, young and old, attended the unveiling. Many had been directly involved in creating this beautiful piece of art that will be a permanent structure for the whole community to enjoy.

John Barclay wrote a special poem to commemorate the event and thanks were given to all who had donated including: The Synergy Housing Neighbourhood Panel, Radio Solent, The Cooperative Bank, Wareham Senior Forum, plus the time and support from Purbeck School, Stoborough First School, Wareham Middle School and Wareham Art Club.

This was definitely a Community Project bringing generations together from 8 to 90 years of age and due to its success, we are able to offer future ceramic workshops, which will be happening on Fridays at the Purbeck School. For more information contact Romany 01929 553199.

Wareham Youth Centre and Wareham Senior Forum continue to get together. Future events to include a trip on 26th September for ten Pin Bowling and on Tuesday 12th November, they will have another session sharing memories of what older people did as teenagers for leisure and play, and swapping notes with today’s teenagers.

“Longevity is a public health achievement, not a social or economic liability. On this International Day of Older Persons, let us pledge to ensure the wellbeing of older persons and to enlist their meaningful participation in society so we can all benefit from their knowledge and ability.”

Secretary-General United Nations Ban Ki-moon

Did you know that The United Nations’ (UN) International Day of Older Persons is celebrated annually on October 1 to recognize the contributions of older persons and to examine issues that affect their lives?

It was observed for the first time throughout the world on October 1st 1991.

Traditional HighTea now available Burlington Road, Swanage, BH19 1LU 01929 423353.
Coming Soon! Lunch with the Chef! Don’t forget ourwell-equipped Gym! You’re nevertoo old to keep fit.... ...or, relax in oursauna orjacuzzi, ortake a dip in ourpool
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Mobility For All!

PFor both visitors and residents alike, scooter, wheelchair and equipment hire service has been operating for nearly ten years from the Purbeck Mobility Ltd base in St Johns Hill, Wareham.

Workshop facilities, including on-the-spot battery, testing are available for visitors and locals with scooter or wheelchair issues.

Whatever your needs and whatever your stage of life, do either give us a call, or drop in to see how we can help you change your life and gain access to lost mobility. We have a wide range of equipment available, and we have the experience to help you decide on the right kit to help you move forward and keep your independence.

Careline Is There For YOU!

Careline is run by Bournemouth Borough Council’s Housing Landlord Services and has been in operation since 1989, having been subsequently modernized.

Our Careline is staffed, 24 hours every day, 365 days per year, and is available for all BH postcodes. Our professional, trained and helpful staff will answer your call.

Bournemouth Careline’s service is designed to increase the independence and safety of users within their home environment and it also provides reassurance to relatives/carers that loved ones are safe and can call for help should it be required. The Careline service can be used to summon help or just provide reassurance in a time of need.

Bournemouth Careline services are available to all residents within the area, regardless of whether they are in private housing or council owned property. It can be used by anyone who feels that they might benefit from the service. There is no barrier due to age, disability or health.

Installing a Bournemouth Careline connection can make a significant contribution towards remaining independent when living in your own home. It is a simple process that takes only a few minutes. All you need is an available 3-pin electric socket and an active phone line socket preferably on the same wall.

We can install your alarm, demonstrate its use and leave you with a working system within a matter of minutes by simply plugging it in. Your existing phone will not be affected by the alarm unit.

Please contact us on 01202 452795 for further information or to arrange a free demonstration. Alternatively you can email us at

Forty is the old age of youth, fifty is the youth of old age.
Hosea Ballou
urbeck Mobility Limited will be known around the UK and beyond as sponsors of the Accessible Purbeck Guide, which is available to all visitors and locals downloadable from the visit-Dorset website http:// .
66 page guide outlines locations of car parking, toilets and other useful information for the
and lists campsites and accommodation for those with
and mobility
along with details of a myriad
of things
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Let Us Make Life A Little Easier!

Founded over 80 years ago, Sherborne Upholstery is the leading manufacturer of Electric Lift & Rise Recliners in the UK.

Manufactured entirely in England, their chairs are designed specifically for those who have difficulty getting in and out of conventional chairs, and along with their new range of adjustable beds, they can really help make life easier.

At M&J Furnishing in Wareham we have been working closely with Sherborne for many years, and our showroom offers the widest range of Care Recliners in Purbeck. With many different chairs on display, and a range of over 150 fabrics & leathers to choose from (including contract fabrics suitable for nursing homes and hospitals,) we’re sure we can find the chair that’s just right for you.

Worried that your new Recliner may look out of place against the old suite? We also offer sofas and chairs to match the model and fabric of nearly all Lift & Rise Chairs.

All Lift & Rise Recliners come with the Sherborne five Year Guarantee and, in the unlikely event of something going wrong, their engineers are on hand to fix the problem promptly and efficiently. This coupled with M&J Furnishing’s usual free delivery and installation will take the weight off your feet and the stress off your mind.

Come and visit us at 15 West Street in Wareham and see if we can make life easier for you.

How Your Vision Changes As You Get Older

As we age, we naturally lose some of the visual abilities we had when we were younger.

The following are common age-related vision changes:

• Problems with reading and doing close work may be evident

• As you age, the need for more light will become apparent

• Changes in the eye’s lens tend to dissipate light entering the eye

• The irritation and dryness you might feel in your eyes at this time is due to diminished tear production as you age.

Many people put off wearing glasses either because they fear their eyes will become completely dependent upon them or more often because they hate the idea of ‘getting old’! If eye-strain is present, neglect can only make matters worse, so the sooner you visit your local opticians, the better.

At I J Brown, we will test your eyesight and check the health of your eyes and advise and support you on how to cope with these changes. We will recommend the type of correction to suit you, be it reading glasses, varifocals, bifocals or contact lenses

From the age of 60, there is an increased risk of developing serious eye problems like cataracts, glaucoma or macular degeneration. As these conditions can cause sight loss it is important that you have a full examination every two years, the sooner they are detected the greater the chance of successful treatment.

And don’t forget if you are 60 or over, you are entitled to a free NHS eye test.

Dorset Partnership For Older People

Dorset POPP is a partnership between Dorset County Council, NHS Dorset, the Third Sector and older people. However, it has developed working partnerships which includes a range of other service providers, including Dorset Fire and Rescue, Dorset Police, libraries, community matrons, community pharmacies and many more.

Champions - Helping and supporting activity & help groups for the over 50s. Start up funding is available.

Contact - Mo Andrews - Swanage Champion, Tel: 07825 206055, email or Sue McWilliams - Corfe & Wareham Champion Tel: 07825 264353 email susan.mcwilliams@

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‘A Helping Hand And A Friendly Face Can Make Life Easier’

At Altogether Care we base our work around your needs; we care about the extra things that make a difference in your life. We embrace the needs of our clients to deliver a balance between independent living and professional care. It’s the extra things like days out at the beach and art classes that make a difference to our client’s quality of life.

Alongside our care homes, we also offer care services to help you remain independent in your own home, with our experienced and highly trained

York House - A Warm, Caring Home

It is the aim of York House to provide a warm and caring environment ensuring at all times that the needs of residents are met with cheerfulness and affection.

Owners Mr & Mrs Wylie have set out to create an atmosphere of comfort and friendliness, where residents can retain their own individual levels of privacy and independence.

York House has been tastefully furnished to provide accommodation for thirty four residents. All rooms are decorated to a high standard and the majority have en-suite facilities. Each room is fitted with a 24 hour call system, and a four person passenger lift serves all three floor levels.

The spacious ground floor lounge and dining room face south overlooking the interesting pleasure gardens, and the large front conservatory with

carers on hand to offer support with a compassionate and personal approach.

A helping hand and a friendly face can make life much easier.

Speak to our friendly, professional staff on 01305 300161 to find out more about our Care Match options which are designed for your future, so no matter how your needs change, you can switch to the most appropriate care service for you.

YorkHouseRestHome,situatedina pleasantpositionopposite thepleasuregardens,anda levelwalktoseafrontandtown. 24hourcareandattention.Permanentorrespitecare.



PleasecontactManageressforcolouredbrochureon 01929425588


(RegisteredDorsetCountyCouncilLevel3 Care)

wheelchair access are warm and bright throughout the day.

The day-to-day care of residents and the smooth running of the home are personally supervised by the Manageress. The excellent cook provides a varied selection of food to suit all tastes.

Morning coffee, afternoon tea and late night drinks are provided and daily newspapers delivered. A chiropodist and hairdresser visit by appointment and relatives and friends of residents are always welcome for lunch or dinner by prior arrangement.

There is one advantage to being 102. There’s no peer pressure. Dennis Wolfburg
I truly believe that age - if you’re healthy - age is just a number. Hugh Hefner
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Nightingales Home Care Service

For many people, living an active retirement in Purbeck is a happy experience and much enjoyed. But there are times when, through illness or disability, help is needed and Nightingales are committed


We have provided personal care to the people of Purbeck for more than 10 years. We offer assistance in your own homes, tailored to your individual needs.

For further information, please ring: 01929 480822 or 481625

Registered office: 2The Sidings, VictoriaAvenue Industrial Estate, Swanage, Dorset. BH19 1AU

to providing personalised care in your own home. We aim to help our clients maintain independence and well being at difficult times. Nightingales has been helping the people of Swanage and the surrounding area for over ten years and is run by Caroline Rainsford and Alison Frater, together with their team of fifteen carers.

If you feel you would like to discuss any needs you may have, please do not hesitate to contact us.

“In one thing you have not changed, dear friend,” said Aragorn: “you still speak in riddles.”

“What? In riddles??” said Gandalf.

“No! For I was talking aloud to myself. A habit of the old: they choose the wisest person present to speak to; the long explanations needed by the young are wearying.”

J.R.R.Tolkien, The Two Towers
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Clifftop Care Home - A Room With A View!

Clifftop - Christine Harrison, Owner, Trish Pride, Manager. Words by owner, Christine.

Itook over Clifftop with my husband David in 1995. Along with Trish Pride (who was then a carer) we have grown together to make a remarkable team with the rest of our amazing stable staff. I had always cared for members of my family and buying a care home seemed a natural progression having had hotels previously. In fact not long after taking over Clifftop the local vicar commented that he thought “I had found my vocation in life”.

We have 30 to 32 residents; all our rooms are well designed, en suite and many have full sea views.

We have endeavoured to keep common rooms homely and cheerful. The conservatory is a special place to relax and take in the beautiful views of Swanage Bay. Stepping out into the garden from the conservatory you can see all the way to Peveril Point.

On sunny days, many residents take their supper in the garden and sometimes lunch too. I enjoy cooking and I like taking influence from our travels to distant lands.

Swanage Mowlem Elder’s Circle

It is with regret, that owing to lack of interest, we have reluctantly decided to discontinue the above local amenity, which has been held at the Mowlem for the past fifty plus years. This was started with an aim to provide local elderly people with a room where they could enjoy meeting their friends.

The Community room, which the Elder’s have always used, was left by the late Mr John Mowlem for the use of the older people of Swanage, free of charge. We have however, always made an annual donation to the Mowlem Trust. This is a very sad moment in the history of Swanage. Chairman – Mrs Pam Wright, Treasurer - Mrs Margaret Brown.

This love of food reflects in our menus and the quality of the meals served. We always consult residents as to what the menus are going to be and try to accommodate favourite dishes. We source locally meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. My husband and I regularly take our meals at Clifftop. The dining room is light and airy and reflects a Mediterranean feel. Entertainment is very special at Clifftop; I was a professional actress when I was younger and know how a great show can lift the spirits. We have pantos and shows from London as well as local talent.

Buffets, wine and sherry are served at show times. There is always something going on at Clifftop, weekly piano, motivation sessions, karaoke, scrabble, quizzes, bingo, painting and even Wi games to name but a few. As well as travelling, cooking and theatre, I also reading and walking in the beautiful Swanage countryside. I love what I do because I feel we make a difference to people’s lives; there is a preconception about care homes and we dispel that.

It truly is a HOME where everyone is cared for in their own right. That is what makes my job so special - I get to have lots of mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles and friends all under one happy roof.

And now the end is near And so I face the final curtain, I’ll state my case of which I’m certain. I’ve lived a life that’s full, I travelled each and ev’ry highway, And more, much more than this. I did it my way.

My Way (lyrics by Paul Anka)

The Purbeck Gazette 37

for clients. Andy, who is the tax manager, is another of the seven family members working in the business.

If you are retired or approaching retirement, there are a number of issues relating to taxation that you may be relevant:

Careful planning can minimise your liabilities on the sale of any business assets to ensure that you qualify for entrepreneur’s relief at the lower 10% rate

If you own a letting property and you are married, have you considered if changing the legal ownership of the property would reduce your tax liability

If you have more than one property have you considered the potential capital gains tax should you sell it later, can this be reduced?

Phone: 01929 425552

web: email:

Your Local Accountants

Mike Lyons founded the business in 1980, assisted part time by his wife, Heather. Some of the original clients are still with us to this day. The first member of staff was employed the next year, since when we have steadily grown to today’s compliment of 19. Kevin joined in 1987 and after qualifying became a partner, is now the main contact

Your Local Solicitors

There is a very important question that most people would rather avoid having to consider but is easy to answer. The question is:

“Who is able to deal with my financial, property and other affairs if I am unable to deal with them myself through ill health?”

It is not a question that most people want to think about because they would rather avoid visualising the circumstances that might bring about such a problem. However, the circumstances can occur at any age, whether temporarily or permanently, and become more likely as we get older.

The simple answer, at least as far as finances and property are concerned, is that no–one is able to deal with your financial affairs. A bank or financial institution will not allow anyone, not even your children or spouse, to access your finances.

It is irrelevant whether access is for your benefit or not, unless a person is authorised they are stuck.

The only way to be properly authorised (without a lengthy and usually costly court application) is under a Lasting Power of Attorney (‘LPA’). Without putting in place an LPA whilst you are well, you risk having nobody available to help you when you need it the most.

By putting LPA’s in place you can ensure that a huge amount of inconvenience and possibly heartache is avoided should you need to call on one of your friends or relatives to look after you when you are at your most vulnerable.

The state pension is taxable income but no tax is taken directly from it. We see many occasions where the wrong amount of tax is then taken from other pensions, do not assume that HM Revenue & Customs get it right when you receive a coding notice

Sometimes a difficult subject to discuss, but planning for inheritance tax can save your family in the long term. An individual’s threshold is £325,000 (£650,000 for a married couple) after which 40% tax is taken. If your estate is likely to exceed this figure then consider if any assets can be transferred to your beneficiaries.

For friendly and professional advice on taxation matters, please contact The MKL Partnership on 01929 425552. Email us at to be added to our free and informative monthly electronic tips and advice guide.

SDuncan Macpherson – Solicitor and Head of the Private Client Department

Ellis Jones Solicitors LLP, 55 High Street Swanage

Tel: 01929 422233


your ‘local’ bank with its call-centre in Newcastle or India, we buck that technological trend, offering a friendly and helpful service, here in Swanage. We are experienced, knowledgeable and deal with major insurers and specialists.

We earn commission from insurers and only add a small policy fee (currently £5 or £10).

Fed up of choosing options whilst hanging on the end of the phone, listening to mindless music, only to end up with an unhelpful, incoherent call-centre operative?

Then call us or pop in…..simple.

SWANAGE INSURANCE BROKERS Ltd Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Services Authority OVER 50? SHOCKED BY YOUR INSURANCE RENEWAL? 01929 424228 Email: For ALTERNATIVE QUOTES AND FRIENDLY SERVICE, JUST POP IN (opposite the Station), or CALL US
wanage Insurance Brokers Ltd, is an independent intermediary, serving Purbeck for over forty years. We concentrate on what we do well; insuring your Home, Business, Vehicle, Liabilities and Holidays. Not being in the pocket of any one insurer means we give impartial advice and act on your behalf should an insurer become difficult. Aware of the age profile of the population, we champion the reassuring, personal touch. Unlike the government, the utilities and even
Insurance Brokers
Your friendly, Face-ToFace
The MKLPartnership, Chartered CertifiedAccountants Herston Cross House,
St, Swanage, BH19 2PQ
230 High
Reaching Retirement? Here
help and advise 38 The Purbeck Gazette

The Perfect Send-Off

One aspect of life which we all share is the inevitable end. For those of us who are lucky, this comes after a long, fulfilled life. However it happens, death is something that we will all experience, and it will be left to those we leave behind to arrange our last goodbyes, and to send us off in style.

At this time, it is vitally important to be able to enlist the help of local businesses who are professional, sensitive and understanding, and who are able to offer the right services, at the right time. When we lose a close member of the family or a dear friend, details such as funeral flowers are of such importance to those left to make the arrangements. These small touches are an important part of showing our love, grief and remembrance of those who have left us behind.

Bloom Floristry in Swanage offers an expert, professional and highly understanding service when it comes to providing the perfect flowers for a funeral. Victoria or a member of staff will come and visit you at home to discuss which flowers would be perfect for you, from a traditional design right through to something more personal and individual. The staff at Bloom not only excel at creating elegant, beautiful tributes, they also excel at creating unique and personal arrangements. If you have something specific, quirky or unusual in mind, please don’t hesitate to talk to the understanding staff.

Sympathy gifts such as bouquets and arrangements

James Smith

Funeral Directors

James Smith Funeral Directors have been serving the community of Swanage and the Isle of Purbeck for over 100 years. James Smith has always been a family run business which, until the late 1960s, was owned by the Smith family from Swanage.

When Ken Smith retired and with no other family member to hand the baton to, the business was sold to Jack Douch of Wimborne. The Douch family still own the business and it is now overseen by Jack’s son Peter, daughter Judy, grandson Nick, and Peter’s wife, Josephine.

James Smith is now managed by Malcolm Green, who took over from Lew Fletcher after his retirement in March 2012. Malcolm has lived in Swanage

are also available for those who have lost a loved one.

Bloom has an excellent in-house portfolio, so if you have nothing specific in mind, you will be able to look through some beautiful images that may inspire you towards the right choice.

Being a local business, Bloom also has an unbeatable knowledge of local venues, and can assist you in arranging flowers to suit the chosen venue, if appropriate. When you need sensitive assistance after losing a loved one, let Victoria and her staff at Bloom help you in making sure the flowers are beautiful, appropriate and tailored to your individual requirements.

since moving here with his family in 1972. James Smith are proud to be members of the National Association of Funeral Directors, an organisation which has a Code of Practice that its members must comply with, and which provides industry recognised qualifications.

Malcolm began studying for the Diploma in Funeral Directing in January 2011 and after successfully completing the course, he passed the exams with credit. He recently received his diploma at the NAFD annual conference in Southampton.

As well as providing a comprehensive funeral service, arranging traditional, modern, religious, non-religious, cremations and burials, James Smith (as part of the Douch Family Funeral Directors) offer the Dorset Funeral Plan; an affordable range of funeral plans.

A modern innovation is for natural burials in woodland or meadowland, with no traditional stone memorials, only natural planting. Until recently, the nearest available was nearly twenty miles away, but recently Swanage Town Council have established the Godlingston Meadowland Burial Ground and James Smith are pleased to be able to offer this facility to clients, should they wish.

We are here to professionally help and advise you on this sensitive subject, whether you wish to prearrange and plan your own funeral, or whether you need our services to lay a loved one to rest, please call us to discuss your requirements.

Offering a sympathetic and professional funeral service Arrangements can be made for home visits
Mead, 1 Commercial Rd, Swanage.
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Friends of Swanage Hospital

Supporting the health needs of patients in and around Swanage

Chairman’s News

Making Purbeck Healthcare Fit for the Future 2013

This is a crucial year for determining the fate of Swanage Hospital and as I write, we are waiting for news of the proposed options. Dr Verrinder (the lead GP for Purbeck) has said they needed to pause, review all the feedback from last year and reconsider the options.

To this end a firm of consultants - the Folio Partnership – have been appointed to ensure that the process is followed correctly this time round. They have assembled a team of clinical professionals who have produced a “Better Model of Healthcare” for Purbeck, to be implemented in the following three phases.


A shortlist of the options was agreed at the end of May.


These shortlisted options will be reviewed by independent NHS professionals and the preferred option and plans for implementation will then be formulated.


This is when we in the community will all have a chance to make our feelings known on the proposals.

Last year the Friends contributed strong options for the retention of Swanage Hospital which were widely supported by the community as people realised the real possibility that we could lose this vital local facility. At our AGM last October the Friends gave a mandate to the

Committee to continue the fight against the threat of closure. So we commissioned Dr Helen Tucker (Healthcare consultant and Vice President of the Community Hospitals Association) to help us develop a “Vision for Swanage Hospital.”

We have sent copies to the NHS commissioners and providers in the hope they will take note of how we think Swanage Hospital can play a crucial role in the provision of quality care for Purbeck patients. There’s a copy in Swanage Library or it can be downloaded:

We developed a Statement of Purpose:

“Swanage Community Hospital offers care of exceptional quality in a safe environment. The long tradition of healing and care is highly valued by local people, and the hospital is considered to be part of the social fabric of the community. Each patient is treated as an individual with respect and dignity by friendly and professional staff.

This small local hospital is vibrant, innovative and forward-thinking, offering a wide range of services through its many partnerships across health and social care.”

We also stressed that the integration of our community hospital with other services, staff and sectors was an important feature of the way that the hospital services are provided.

Despite not being able to contribute directly to the process of planning the future Healthcare options, the aim of the Friends is to do everything in our power to show the commissioners how fundamental our hospital is to the health and wellbeing of our community.

Registered charity No. 273058

I/We would like to join the
Please send me

FULL NAME (block capitals)


Postcode: .....................................................................

Telephone number: ....................................................

Please post or take this completed form to: The membership Secretary, Swanage Hospital, Queens Rd, Swanage. BH19 2ES

We will need your support in the autumn – let’s make sure our voices are heard.

Membership Report

We are in URGENT need of new members. It is not just funds that are needed – it’s really important that the Friends represent as many of you as possible. Please join us or, if you are already a member, try to find others to boost our numbers and give us ‘people power’.

Application forms are available at the Hospital and the Health Centre or you can ring Mike Ranger, Membership Secretary on (01929) 422040. Alternatively, please fill in the form on the left and send it to us!


We were blessed with wonderful weather on 8th June and the hospital grounds were full of brightly coloured stalls with wonderful cakes, produce, books and raffle prizes galore. The tombola stall sold out, the cakes vanished in an hour and we have never sold so many cups of tea!

A carnival atmosphere prevailed as hundreds of residents and holidaymakers, old and young alike, supported our very special hospital. Thank you for coming!

an application form.
40 The Purbeck Gazette

Annual Newsletter 2013

Message from Matron

Swanage Hospital has enjoyed yet another busy and successful year since the last newsletter.

Working at the hospital continues to be a huge privilege and I constantly come into contact with such great people; be they patients, relatives, staff, volunteers or friends.

We continue to be regularly inspected and this year was no exception.

During November the Day Surgery Unit was assessed with particular reference to our endoscopy service, one of the assessor’s comments was that “the service has a dedicated and experienced workforce who have developed high quality competency based assessments. Staff clearly work as a team and have opportunities for development and feedback. They are valued by the organisation.”

In May we had our annual government Patient Led Assessment of the Care Environment (PLACE), the team stated that they were “overwhelmed by the standard of cleanliness” and their concluding statement was: “The hospital is a mixture of old and new buildings unified by excellent decoration and a high standard of cleanliness.”

The catering department deserves a special mention for its high quality and presentation of food.” We regularly receive wonderful compliments and some of you have posted feedback onto the NHS Choices website as well.

Obviously we are thrilled to get such positive feedback, but we know that we must not rest on our laurels. We will continually look for ways to develop and therefore we welcome constructive criticism. Please continue to let us know if you think we could make improvements to any of our services.

As always we are amazed at the level of support we receive from the Friends of Swanage Hospital.

On behalf of Dorset HealthCare, the staff and patients at the hospital – thank you very much, we appreciate your support and look forward to working with you all during 2013/14 in order to continue our vision of providing care all of us would recommend to our family and friends.


Another excellent year financially for the Friends and we were even able to spend more than we received thanks to surpluses from previous years. We received a big legacy thanks to the generosity of the late William Farley- Hills. We also received generous gifts in memory of deceased loved ones.

This allowed us to spend £55,000 replacing the Theatre computer stack which we had originally given some years ago now and which is necessary for certain endoscopy work.

We also spent £38,000 on an echo-cardiograph machine to support the work of our Cardiology consultant, Dr Blakemore. She tells me it is invaluable!

We have been particularly pleased to invest in the fabric of the Hospital by providing new bath and shower facilities for the ward at a cost of £35,000. This is a sign that both the Trust and ourselves think it worth investing in the future of our hospital.

Chairs for patients to sit out in and for visitors have been purchased at a cost of over £5000, as well as new garden furniture if it is nice enough for sitting outside at a cost of £1,000. A new £2,800 Pachymeter is now in frequent use in the outpatient eye clinic.

As you can see a busy and productive year for the Friends as well as fighting the plans which would have meant closure for our hospital as we know it. We have had to spend over £10,000 to commission reports which quite categorically show the need for our hospital to remain and flourish.

Please keep supporting us so we can continue to provide the things needed to keep our hospital a centre of excellence and a benefit to us all.

Swanage Hospital Tombola Stall at the recent Afternoon Tea
the Mowlem
See you there! AUTUMN
Saturday 16 November at Swanage Hospital 10.00am – 12.00 noon Cakes, pickles, seasonal produce and other goods to buy Enjoy a coffee and home-made cake!
Come and hear Dr Helen Tucker, our Heathcare Counsultant and Vice President of the Community Hospitals Association for England and Wales, talking about ‘The Role of Community Hospitals’ at our AGM at
7 October 2013, starting at 7.00pm.
The Purbeck Gazette 41

Bond Bubbles?

A‘bubble’ does not have an exact definition and what to some may seem like a bubble building, may just seem an expensive asset class at that point in time for others. The real measure of a bubble is only properly realised when it actually bursts. One definition that I have recently read by Cliff Asness of AQR Capital Management probably sums it up quite well and he says that a bubble occurs when there is ‘no plausible defence for a security’s price’.

There have been a number of bubbles in history, notably the South Sea Bubble which burst in 1720, the Dutch Tulip Bubble which had built up during the late 1600’s and finally burst in 1737, the railway boom of the 1840’s and more recently, the dotcom bubble which burst in 2001.

We are currently going through a phase when many people think that there are a number of global bond bubbles forming and in the UK this is perceived notably in corporate bonds and UK Government stock and particularly in index-linked Treasury Stock.

The low base rate and concerns about the economy and the stockmarket originally meant that money started to flow into corporate bonds as investors sought income, whilst trying to maintain a reasonable level of security. That is all well and good when investors are buying good quality, reasonably priced assets, but we start to run into problems when investors start buying lower quality or even junk bonds and/or start paying over the odds for bonds.

Index-linked Treasury Stock has been favoured by investors for a couple of years as a good alternative to conventional gilts. This is because it offered inflation proofing and also because with base/interest rates low, yields on conventional gilts had fallen and prices had risen to the extent that many were trading well above par and a number were providing negative returns. With interest/base rates low, they also offered a good alternative to cash, especially when inflation rates were high. However, over time their prices have gradually risen to the point that a number of them are trading above their theoretical redemption price and are therefore producing a negative yield. For example, 2½% Index-linked Treasury Stock 2020 currently stand at £379.61 yet based on current inflation assumptions are due to redeem at £368.50 in April 2020. The yield at 1.97% gross is not enough to compensate for the loss in value and based on an assumed inflation rate of 3% the estimated return is currently showing at -1.406%. A lot of holders are therefore standing in at a good profit, but, if you sell, where else can you put the monies for the same sort of security? Gilts had always been seen as a secure investment for many and therefore putting the monies in an equity based investment can increase the overall risk profile of a portfolio. All in all, quite a difficult conundrum and it is easy to see why investors have remained in this sort of investment.

Whether the above are going to be classed as ‘bubbles’ which will burst or are simply higher than they should be and will simply drift back a bit to more reasonable levels remains to be seen.

Kate Spurling is a stockbroker in the Dorchester office of Charles Stanley (01305) 217404 Charles Stanley & Co Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and is a member of the London Stock Exchange.


Inheritance Tax Loan Changes

Achange in the way loans are treated for inheritance tax (IHT) purposes could increase the taxable value of your estate on death, and the amount of IHTpayable.This change will affect IHTcalculated on deaths occurring after the FinanceAct 2013 is passed (expected mid-July 2013) but applies to loans which are already in place.

At present any debts owed by the estate are deducted from the net estate after reliefs, such as business property relief (BPR), have been given. Broadly, BPR provides 100% or 50% relief from IHTof the value of your business assets and unquoted shares.

After the FinanceAct 2013 is passed,

the value of a loan must be deducted from the asset it was used to acquire.

Remember, IHTis payable at 40% on the taxable value of your estate that exceeds £325,000.Alower rate may be payable if you leave at least 10% of your net estate to charity. There are other ways of mitigating IHT, so speak to us about your individual circumstances to formulate a plan.

SHREDDING SERVICE COVERING SWANAGE Material is shredded, turned into pulp, and then formed into eco-friendly paper bricks, which in turn, are burnt. £7.50 per box, boxes provided, full boxes collected. Call 01929 424239 Follow The Purbeck Gazette Daily News on
The MKLPartnership, Chartered CertifiedAccountants Herston Cross House, 230 High St Swanage, BH19 2PQ
01929 425552 web: email:
42 The Purbeck Gazette

Lucia Couse Tax And Accountancy

Lucia Couse Tax and Accountancy Services is now offering 20% off your existing accountancy fees for all new clients; all you need to do is show Lucia your last accountant or bookkeeper’s invoice, and Lucia will fix her fee at 20% less than your last invoice.

Lucia is a chartered management accountant with a Master’s degree in Management, and has over 14 years’ experience with a diverse client base from various business types and industries, as well as clients requiring a personal tax return. Lucia’s accountancy and tax service is always tailored to your needs, such as the flexibility to meet with you in the daytime, evening or weekends.

Working from a home office means that a high quality service is affordable, with self assessment tax returns costing from just £120.

Are you self employed? Lucia can be on hand to do your bookkeeping, invoicing, tax returns or all three. From keeping track of your finances on a regular basis, to ensuring the VAT and annual tax deadlines are met, as well as ensuring any available tax relief or deductions are utilised, you can be assured support when it is needed.

For limited companies, Lucia can also provide a service which most suits

Purbeck CAB

Ipaid the fees for a plumbing training course over 3 months ago but I haven’t received course materials or been able to get in touch with the company to book my practical training. It looks like the company has closed down.

This is clearly a very frustrating situation. If you can’t get in touch with the company it could mean that it has moved to another office, closed down or that it’s a fake company and the course was a con.

You can check with Companies House to see if it is registered firm www. If the course was accredited by a body, check with accreditation body to see if it was legitimate. If you find that the company was fake you should report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040. If you’ve paid for the course by credit or debit card you may be able to get some money back from your bank.

The Citizens Advice adviceguide website and

DCC Trading Standards

It is estimated that nearly half of people in the UK have been targeted by a scam and that £3.5 billion is lost to scams every year.

Scams are schemes to con people out of their money. Other names for scams include, hoax, con, fraud, swindle or cheat. Scams con in a variety of ways such as by phone, email, post, online and sometimes they will come and knock at the door.

There are hundreds of scams including fake lotteries and prize draws, bogus health cures, dodgy investments schemes, pyramid selling, phishing – to name just a few. These may change as people become aware of them and as scammers attempt to keep one step ahead.

People from all walks of life get conned because scammers are clever and are always on the lookout for dubious new activities.

Spot Scams - It could be a scam if: The call, or letter, e-mail or text has come out of the blue, you’ve never heard of the lottery or competition they are talking about and didn’t buy a ticket. They are asking you to send money in advance. They are telling you that you have to respond quickly so you don’t get time to think about it or talk to family and friends before you decide, or if they are telling you to keep it a secret.

Stop Scams - Report it. If you have been scammed, or if you think someone has tried to scam you, report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or visit Get advice - the Citizens Advice Consumer Service 08454 04 05 06 can provide advice and pass details of rogue traders to Trading Standards. Tell someone. Tip

your needs, from annual company accounts, monthly management accounts and corporate tax returns, whether you need just a little help or more comprehensive assistance, support will be tailored to your requirements. For more information please go to to read client testimonials, services offered and much more.

consumer service 08454 04 05 06 can tell you more about how to find out if a trader has stopped trading and about extra protection if you buy on credit or debit card.

Opening times and contact details:

Wareham, Mon, Tue & Thurs, 10.00 – 2.00

Swanage, Wed & Fri, 10.15 – 2.00

Bovington, Tue, 9.30 – 1.00

Upton, Thurs, 9.00 – 12.30

Lytchett Matravers, 2nd and 4th Tue, 10.00 – 12.30

Swanage Children’s Centre, Wed, 9.30 – 12.30

Age UK Adviser:

Swanage, Alternate Mondays, 10.00 – 2.00

Wareham, Alternate Fridays, 10.00 – 2.00 Home Visits, By arrangement. Homelessness, By arrangement Prevention Adviser: Email

Advice Line 0844 245 1291

off a friend, neighbour or relative about the scams you become aware of. Look out for the Buy With Confidence logo - trading standards check traders so you don’t have to. Visit the website or call The Citizens Advice Consumer Service 08454 04 05 06.

The Purbeck Gazette 43

The Silly Season’s Here

Last month, we looked at the amazing but apparently legal way in which unscrupulous loan companies will offer to lend you money against the value of your car at APR rates of up to 1000%. A reader has pointed out that this would appear to suggest that you then have to keep your car – presumably taxed, insured, and in good condition – throughout the 3 year term of the loan. Hmm.

This month let’s look at ‘selling your car’. There are several ways to do it. Clearly, you can stick it in Another Publication for a very reasonable fee (sorry – we don’t have a ‘used car’ section in the Gazette) or you can sell it to a local dealer. Or of course there’s ‘We Buy Any Car Dot Com’. My lovely Mazda MX5 2.0i cost me £19,079.51, is now 42 months old, has 12000 miles on it, and is in beautiful condition with a manufacturer’s full service history. So I contacted the Mazda dealers, Magna Motors in Canford Cliffs, who offered me approximately £10,650 for it as a ‘buy in’ and approximately £12,000 as a px. ‘Approximately’, as clearly a firm offer couldn’t be made until they’d seen the car.

I then emailed ‘WBAC Dot Com’ who offered £9700 and followed this up with (several) emails to that effect. Clearly the dealer’s offer is significantly better – but there’s another sting in the tail. I have been told – and this is from a good source – that the next step is to accept the £9700 and make an appointment to take the car to Bournemouth, where their representative will check it over, suck air in through her teeth, and say ‘you didn’t mention it had a stone chip in the bonnet’ or something similar and then offer £500 less. At which – having travelled to Bournemouth along with someone else to drive you home, you are supposed to say “oh dear” and accept their lower offer. The agent – so it is alleged – receives half of the ‘knock down’ as a commission. Of course, this allegation could be completely untrue but ……. anyone got any experiences of WBAC Dot Com?

So unless you want to take your chance on retailing it out through the small ads, the best place seems to be the dealer ! And no – this was research – she’s NOT for sale. Unless of course……….

There are strange white marks on the A351 as I write, suggesting that they’re about to patch the worst potholes and broken surfaces. Dorset County Council are obviously too strapped for cash to make our roads safe to drive on but somehow they seem to be able to afford a cycleway from Wareham to Sandford, a stretch of road on which – and please correct me if I’m wrong – no cyclist has yet been hurt.

So now, as if the Police had nothing better to do, they’ll be handing out fixed penalty tickets for people who ‘hog the middle lane’ on motorways, or drive ‘too close’ to the car in front, all of which are subjective decisions in the eyes of the officer involved. I wonder how many of these officers joined the force to fight real crime and how many joined to become mobile tax collectors?

And as it’s the silly season once again, I suppose it’s time to do the annual ‘keep Purbeck’s roads safe’ thing. Stop me if you’ve heard these before…….

PEDESTRIANS - When crossing a road, the trick is - look left, look right, look left again then walk (not amble) straight across the road (at right angles, it’s quicker than diagonally). Better still, use a crossing. Don’t just walk into the road if the pavement is a bit crowded. Be patient. Be aware. You’re out with the family enjoying a walk along one of our numerous beautiful narrow lanes and a car is coming towards you. Don’t just split up and stand gawping on both sides of the lane. All stand on ONE SIDE. It makes it easier for the driver to negotiate past you and makes it much safer for you and your family.

CAR DRIVERS - Especially in Corfe Castle……. As you go round the sharp corner between the Bankes Arms and the Greyhound. You can almost guarantee that some idiot pedestrian will be trying to cross the road right on the corner, even though there’s a perfectly good pedestrian crossing ten yards up the road. Watching from the shop across the road, we’ve seen this happen a hundred times a day. And they push their prams out in front of them! Yet if you knock one over, it will be you the driver who is to blame. You’re following close behind a big lorry and want to overtake. But remember, if you’re so close that you can’t see his mirrors ….. he can’t see YOU.

MOTOR CYCLISTS - I hate to be the bringer of bad news but the normal traffic regulations actually apply to you too. Like speed limits. Like double white lines. Like dangerous driving. For every bad car driver, there’s a bad biker too.

TRACTION ENGINE L-DRIVER - Avoid the Bankes Arms ! Have a safe end to your summer season !

Wanted CashBuyerSeeksMotorVehicles. £100- £10,000promptcollection &settlement.Maturepolitebuyer. Nopressureorobligation.Often betterthanpartexchangeoffer. DVLApaperworkcompleted. Classic& lefthanddrivemotors especiallywanted.Bestpricespaid. 01202743476/ 07967245172 IFYOU'RE LOOKING FORA : NOTTOO BIG, NOTTOO SMALLJUSTCALL VAN, PICK-UP, 4X4, BUS, LORRYORTRIPPER J.T COMMERCIALS VAN & TRUCK CENTRE 01202 624770/632122 07900 895909 QUALITYUSED COMMERCIALVEHICLES. WAREHAM ROAD, HOLTON HEATH, POOLE, BH16 6JW P/EXC, FINANCE AVAILABLE
44 The Purbeck Gazette



2010(10)VauxhallCorsa1.2Design5 doorhatch.

Metsilver Abs,Airbags,Aircon,Electricwindows&mirrors.Remotelocking Alloys,Radio/CD.ServiceHistory28kmiles

2007(07)BMW3353.0AutoTiptronicM Sport,4drsaloon.

Metblue,Abs,Airbags,ClimateControl,Esp,ElectricWindows &mirrors,CruiseControl,RemoteLocking,Alloys,Alcantar Sportsblacktrim,Servicehistory,fsh,84kmiles.

Metgrey,Airbags,Abs,Aircon,Electricwindows& mirrors,Alloys Radio/CD,Remotecentrallocking,ServiceHistory,30kmiles


MetBlue,Aircon,Airbags,Abs,ElectricWindows& mirrors,Alloys, Remotelocking,Radio/CD,Servicehistory,31kmiles

2002(02)MazdaMX5 1.82

Metlightgreen, Airbags,Abs,Electricwindows,Alloys,Radio/CDandcassette Servicehistory,73kmiles


Highspecification.The latestgreatmodelfromFord.Callforatestdrive .Moondustsilver. Ourowncar.Verylowmileage.FordWarrantyuntilApril2015

12(12)FORD1.6TDCiNewFocusEstate 12(12)FORDNewFocus1.0'Titanium'5dr

10(60)FORDFiesta1.2“Zetec”5dr. 10(10)FORDFiesta1.4"Zetec"5dr



.LatestTurboTechnology,zerotax. Onelocalownerfromnew Excellentcondition,airconditioning,electricwindows. .Sold&maintainedbyus.Full servicehistory.17,000miles.FordwarrantytilJune2013. Onelocalownerfrom new.FSH.14,000milesonly,longMOT. Supplied&maintainedfrom newbyus.22,000miles.FSH.LongMOT.





TDCI"Titanium"AWDSupplied&Maintained byus.29000Miles.FittedSatnav.Climatecontrol "Titanium"FullServicveHistory 58000milesFullLeather.ClimateControlGlassScenicRoof LocallyOwned&Maintained. FullyServiced.NewMOT.TowBar.AirConElectricMirrors ClassicLocallyOwned&Maintained.

STMICHAELSGARAGE "THEPURBECKFORDCENTRE" ValleyRoad,Swanage tel:01929480221 “MotoringLocallysincethe60s”
ExcellentCondition.Only25500MilesfromNew "FittedwithEngineoftheYear" Seeallourstockat £14,995 £7,995 £8,995 £6,895 £14,995 £16,995 £6,395 £16,995 £7,995 £3,295 £2,395
doorConvertible £2,995
doorhatch £2,995
Purbeck’s RealAlternativetoFranchiseDealerServicing *FREEcollect&delivery*FREECourtesyCar * *Complimentarywashwitheveryservice* We alsofixpunctures,fitnewtyres& wheelbalancing service.Allatcompetitiveprices. (subjecttoavailability) ValleyRoad,HarmansCross,Swanage SERVICING MoTs Tel:01929480215
TO US forallyourparts,samedaydelivery. We alsomakenumberplateswhileyouwait The Purbeck Gazette 45


Nature or Nurture?

Standing at markets you get to watch an awful lot of people, and they do come in all shapes and sizes. Quite often I see a child who is, shall we say, a little plumper than they might be; could that be nature? And then you see mum who is, um… distinctly cuddly, so could it be nurture?

When dad appears, and he shares a similar figure, you think it must be nurture, they all share the same diet and it is probably a bit heavy on the fats and carbs. But it might not be.

I have known for a long time that the genetic alteration that enables adults to digest milk started in the Middle East about 10,000 years ago. One or two of us still find it difficult, the gene hasn’t reached everyone yet, but there is clearly an advantage in being able to consume a high protein source of food. I have also been told that some proprietary brands are different in other cultures, Ritz crackers are, allegedly, sweeter in the Middle East.

Now recent research along the silk road has shown that there are genetic differences which dictate our taste in food. With the advent of shipping routes from the east carrying the merchandise which once flowed along this road, the communities have became isolated, and where there was once a constant exchange of genes, for several hundred years there has been none.

These isolated communities tend to eat different things and by analysing their DNA it has been possible to find genes that show preferences for lamb or turnips, sweetness and even alcohol, vodka and white wine in particular, and in one Italian village, ice-cream!

A conclusion that may be drawn from this is that although many foods are recommended as being good for us, if we are genetically programmed not to like them then our chances of sticking to a diet containing them are not good. That’s the nature. Alas nurture is a bigger problem because if the multi-national food companies get to children young enough, baby formula will do it, then they will be trained to like what they are fed, and there isn’t a lot mum can do about it.


I often write about cooking, picking up bits from here and there, and in my reading I recently came across something that made me think. I’ve tried putting little recipes in my adverts, a simple something that takes three or four lines, no quantities given other than a handful of this and a pinch of that. The article I read actually pointed out that whilst cookery books used to be like that, partly because not everyone had kitchen scales, with the introduction of the metric system things have become steadily more precise.

HL has always complained about recipes which are given in cups, ‘how big is a cup?’ is her usual question, and the answer is that it doesn’t matter, it’s the proportions that count. I cook almost every day and I sympathise with anyone else who has to do it. It isn’t easy to think of different things to do all the time, and having to cope with people who, when asked, reply that they don’t mind. ‘Damned well mind’, is my rejoinder.

Sometimes, at the end of a long day, getting a meal is done at a fair pace lubricated by a glass of red wine. The other day I had only a chicken breast in the fridge.

Try this:

• Slice an onion and fry it in a little oil, then throw in the thinly sliced chicken breast, stir for a minute or two and then add chopped tomatoes.

• Put a lid on and let it cook for ten minutes then reduce the liquid if there is too much.

• Add a good squirt of hot chilli dipping sauce – use a mild one if you don’t like it too hot, the sweetness will counteract the sourness of the tomatoes, and then add a choice of spinach or chopped coriander.

• Heat up a ready-made nan bread or chop off a chunk of good wholemeal bread to eat with it.

• You would have had time to make garlic bread too, and with busy hands they’d stray to the red wine less often.

There you are, it’s quick, largely fresh and you’ve made one chicken breast do for two. You will now ask how many tomatoes and how much coriander. The answer is - it doesn’t matter, whatever you have.

Going back to weighing things, it doesn’t matter how precise you are, and most electronic scales will measure by the gram nowadays. What also matters are the ingredients; are yours the same as the ones the recipe writer used? Flour is a typical example, the better the quality, usually decided by price, the better the finished product will be.

My daughter, who is a cake maker, will testify to that. But we came across something else the other day. HL found a recipe for sausages and lentils which seemed worth a try. We used top quality sausages and it simply didn’t work. With supermarket ones it would have been different I’m sure. Here’s my way. Chop a couple of onions and fry them in a little oil, olive or sunflower. Put the sausages in an ovenproof dish and cook them for about fifteen minutes, just beginning to brown. Add a packet of puy lentils and mix with the juices and the onions. Keeping the sausages on top, pour over a mix of one tablespoon of wholegrain or Dijon mustard and one tablespoon of honey. Return it to the oven for another ten minutes. We served this with some curly kale and other bits of greens from the garden. The flavours were very good, but the original was a bit dry; I’ve created a bit more juice.


Well, it’s reasonably warm as I write this, and we’ve already had some thunder so it must be summer. We have a big project in prospect and I’ll tell you more about that next month.

46 The Purbeck Gazette


Kaffee und Kuchen


69 High Street Swanage 01929 288729

2 Minutes FromThe Beach

Traditional Pub Food

Sunday Roasts

Large Beer Garden

EnsuiteAccommodation with Parking


TV and PoolTable

Children & Dogs Welcome

Best Beer Guide Pub CAMRASelected

Summer Breakfasts Are Here! Served from 08.30 weekends & throughout the summer holidays Regular garden BBQs

Flatscreen Outdoor TV

‘Joker’Lucky Draw every week

31 High Street, Swanage, BH19 2LT Tel: 01929 423804
Great food, cooked to order Live music every summer Sunday!
Kaffee und Sehr guter Deutscher Kuchen
Herzlich Willkommen
Wir heissen Sie
in unserem Kaffee
& Claudia Wilson
The Globe Inn 3 Bell Street, Swanage. BH19 2RY 01929 423515 UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Steve and Annie welcome you to enjoy real ales at a friendly local. Car Parking Large Beer Garden Dogs Welcome Follow us on Facebook! We look forward to seeing you soon! The Purbeck Gazette 47

Purbeck Products

Revisiting Godlingston exactly a year on from our last interview, I was excited to see how things had changed. Then, Swiss born Regi was still establishing the plot and preparing for her first Purbeck Products market. Now the land is bountiful, lush and teeming with organically grown vegetables. I am pleasantly surprised, given the apocalyptic weather we’ve suffered.

“Oh it wasn’t so bad” Regi shrugs, “last year was dreadful for rain of course, but this year hasn’t been too bad. The winter has been long but normal really, just cold”.

With a bit of sunshine finally thawing out the soil, Regi is up against it. “I’d say things have been three/four weeks behind, but they’re really going to catch up now. It’s flat out, you have to cut back, weed, sow, plant and harvest”.

Glancing at Regi’s weather-worn hands, it’s clear she has been working sun-up to sun-down getting it all done. There’s a strong work ethic behind the beauty of the garden Regi has created, where success is measured in output and the health of her vegetables.

Using a rotation system - planting every variety of vegetable on each strip, one after another - the soil is not depleted of nutrients. “I believe you have to look after the soil. I could rake it in just growing salad leaves for a few months at a time but that’s not what I’m aiming at” she says, “I’m going for a whole picture, growing what’s right for the time of year and the soil”. The trouble is, we customers are used to having what we want, when we want it, so Regi sometimes feels she isn’t meeting demand. “The markets have been great, the feedback from people and the keenness to support local produce is definitely good” she tells me. “But as soon as the sun comes out people want salad things and maybe I’m still waiting for the soil to warm up, or when it’s lovely and warm in autumn after all the summer I might have loads, but then the days get shorter and suddenly - it’s stew weather!”

What can she do? Keep supplying the markets and the Salt Pig, both of whom sell-out regularly, and spread the word that while convenience markets charge on, nature continues to work slowly.

Regi has all the patience in the world, “It’s getting people to understand how things are, rather than how we’d like them to be” she smiles.

We source our fresh fish and shellfish direct from local fishermen out of Swanage Bay. Dover Sole, Skate, Bream, Red & Grey Mullet, Bass, Pollack & Huss, Line-Caught Mackerel. Shellfish, lobster & crab also available.

Senior citizen

Saturday 13th
High Street, Swanage. Tel: 422288 Get Healthy with local, fresh fish!
15% discount on Tuesdays. Swanage Bay Fish 48
Kimmeridge (Nr Wareham). Tel: 01929 480701 CAFÉ AND LICENSED RESTAURANT SPECIAL OFFER! BUY 2 COURSES FOR £12* Available Sunday - Wednesday 5.30pm - 7.30pm *2 courses for £12 relates to one main and one starter, or one main and one dessert. Offer only valid with this voucher. 1 voucher per 2 guests, must include a purchased drink for each person. Valid 1st July 2013 to 31st July 2013 inc. JULY OPENING HOURS Mon - Fri, 9.30am - late, Sat - Sun 9am - late For Breakfasts, Lunches, Cream Teas & Dinners Thursday Night FISH & CHIPS Eat in or take-away, 5.30pm - 8pm Open every evening throughout July Sunday to Wednesday, 5.30pm - 7.30pm 2 courses for £12 (see voucher, below) Visit our‘Larder Room’for a selection of Farm Meats and Preserves Fridays & Saturdays, Evening Menu served from 7pm till late 48 The Purbeck Gazette

Purbeck Marine Reserve Explore The Seashore With Marine Activities For The Summer Holidays

Swanage Garden Society Our Show

Through the year....

Start your summer holiday adventures by helping us celebrate the Dorset Wildlife Trust Marine Week! We have lots of fun events starting on the 27th July until 11th August and we are inviting families to get involved and learn about local wildlife whilst spending some time in the sunshine at our Fine Foundation Marine Centre at Kimmeridge.

Marine Week is a chance for us to really focus on the amazing wildlife in our seas. One of the great things about living in Dorset is that we are close to beautiful countryside and just a stone’s-throw away from the coast!

Other Marine Week activities at Kimmeridge include:

• Guided snorkel trail; Friday 2nd August

• Arty crafty event; Sunday 4th August

• Eco-crabbing and crafty crab making; Wednesday 7th August

• Rockpool rambles; Friday August 9th and Sunday 11th August

• Meet marine mini beasts; Saturday 10th August

Dorset Wildlife Trust has lots of events and activities lined up over the summer on the coast. On Saturday 29th June, our ‘Wild About Wareham’ event will include the ‘climate change challenge’, wildlife walks and entertainment from the eco-friendly ‘Wheelbarrow disco’, which has appeared in some of the UK’s biggest festivals! The event is suitable for all ages, and it a great way to learn about local wildlife.

Melinda Fisher, Marine Warden at the Kimmeridge Centre said: “Our Marine Week events all fall in the school holidays and this is not only a great way to keep the kids entertained, but also a chance to get stuck into some family activities together. This is an amazing way for children to experience the wonderful marine life which can be found at Kimmeridge.”

The Marine Centre is open every day except Mondays (open bank holiday Mondays). There are lots of fun children’s activities as well as a small aquarium. Entry to the centre is free.

For more information about the events or centre call 01929 481044 or email All Dorset Wildlife Events can be found at:

We’ll be publishing shots of our plots throughout the growing year to inspire and encourage you to get growing yourself! Green Shoots are growing strongly!!
The Purbeck Gazette 49
Photo: Euan and Jamie rockpooling, by Emma Godden

The Wild Side of Purbeck

From the 6th – 28th July, the Fine Foundation Gallery will be hosting a new exhibition, featuring landscape photographs by award-winning photographer Andy Farrer, alongside the amazing close-up wildlife photos of Julian Sawyer.

Together they will be using photography to explore some of Purbeck’s most iconic places, along with some hidden gems. The exhibition is open daily from 11am – 5pm and all work is for sale.

Outdoor Theatre with the Rude Mechanical Theatre Company

We are delighted to be welcoming back the Rude Mechanical Theatre Company with their new outdoor show ‘Harlequin

Goes to the Moon’. The Rudes have been delighting audiences at Durlston for many years now, with their unique blend of magical storytelling, music and slapstick comedy.

They will be performing near the Learning Centre on Saturday 13th July at 7.30pm (gates open at 7 for picnics) and tickets are £12/£11/£9 (parking included with advance sales).

‘Two Nations’ – Folk Music and Performance

More live performance at Durlston on the 27th July at 7.30pm in the Fine Foundation Gallery, when Time and Tide Theatre Company present ‘Two Nations’. The show draws on traditional folk songs and the work of William Blake, Thomas Hardy and William Barnes to tell the story of the journey from village to town.

Tickets are £6 in advance or £7 on the door and parking is included on advance sales.

Durlston Bus

The bus service from Swanage to Durlston continues this month and will be running every day to the end September. The route has been extended to include Swanage Hospital as well as the Railway, Victoria Road car park and the Pier. Please use this service if you can, as the more people on the bus the more likely it is to continue in future years. Buses run approximately every half-hour.

More Events

There are lots of other events at Durlston this month including wildflower walks, moth-trapping, green woodwork demonstrations and children’s events, so if you haven’t been up for a while, this is the perfect time to visit.

New Kiosk

Feisty, But Good-Hearted Redhead Needs Love!

Hello, my name is Aimee and I am nine years old. I am very loving, and being young at heart, I love to play, although I can be a feisty girl when the mood takes me!

I would like a home where I am the only pet and I could live with older children. Staff here adore me and they say I would make a great addition to a family.

I am currently at the Church Knowle Animal Sanctuary and Visitor Centre, but I would love to go to my forever home soon.

Please call 01929 480 474 for more information about me or visit to see a lovely video of me!

Turn Mobile Signal Detective This Summer!

The Countryside Alliance is asking people in rural areas to become phone detectives this summer and help us map real phone reception rates across the UK. We all pay the same to run our mobile phones, regardless of where we live. But rural businesses and individuals tell the Countryside Alliance they have a far poorer service.

Now we are searching for evidence to ensure people living in the countryside are not forgotten by mobile phone companies and that they benefit from the Government’s £150m mobile phone infrastructure project. Alison Hawes and her husband John Walters-Symons supply organic vegetables and lamb from Borough Farm in Holbeton, near Plymouth, but have virtually no mobile phone signal, which Alison says

Thank to the popularity of the new café menu on offer at seventhwave, we are delighted that a new kiosk is now open at weekends and on sunny days this month, to help meet demand.

The kiosk, just outside the Castle will offer drinks, ice-creams, sandwiches and cakes at busy times, while seventhwave will continue to offer great value light lunches from £6, or delicious treats, including local meat and seafood. They are also open on Friday & Saturday evenings.

For more information on any of these events, visit www. or call 01929 424443

is difficult for their business. Alison has joined the Countryside Alliance campaign to lobby for better rural reception.

Countryside Alliance executive chairman Barney White-Spunner, said: “The rates of phone coverage quoted by phone companies are a best case scenario. We all know how much phone reception can vary in the countryside and we feel households and businesses based there at a disadvantage.”

The Countryside Alliance is asking people to download the free RootMetrics app onto their smartphone or tablet and use it while they are at home as well as while they are out and about. The app tests the strength of their signal and automatically records the result. You can also use it to check which company provides the best service in your area. The information will be used to lobby phone companies and the government to improve rural reception.

For further information on how to use the app and to see results so far, visit

50 The Purbeck Gazette

Gazette Gardening - with Simon Goldsack

How to get bigger apples.

Last year was a poor year for apples. This year may well turn out to be a bumper crop because the trees flowered late and the weather was good for pollinating insects.

In fact it has probably been a little too good and may result in a large crop of medium sized fruit. In a good year, apple trees often shed quite a lot of fruitlets during June when the fruit is about the size of a marble. This is quite normal and is known as ‘June Drop’.

However, even after the June Drop the tree may still be carrying too many fruits, so it is a good idea in early July to thin the fruit down to one or two apples per truss. Ideally you should end up with one fruit every four inches along the branch. These will then grow on to form good sized fruit by harvest time.

Prune Wisteria now for a wonderful display next year.

By now your Wisteria will have finished flowering and should be growing like crazy. If you have a new section of wall, fence or pergola that you want it to cover, simply tie in some handily placed shoots.

All other unwanted growth should be pruned now if you want good flowering next year. Simply trace back the new shoot to about four inches from where it started growing this year and cut it back to this point.

This year’s shoot will be green and last year’s wood will be grey brown, so cut back leaving about 4 inches of green shoot.

This will then either form flower bud or start growing another shoot. If it starts to grow again repeat the pruning process in August.

Softwood Cuttings

Now is a great time to take soft wood and semi ripe cuttings from many shrubs and perennials. Make sure you remove any flower buds as this will inhibit rooting (left).

The Purbeck Gazette 51
Rose Cecile Brunner, beautiful at this time of year.

Small Ironies Of The Outdoor Life

Not daft, un-ironic outdoor ironies that aren’t even ironic, like those voiced by the likes of whiney singers harping on about chardonnay, weddings and flies, for example, but real ironies of the outdoors.....

Surfers against sewage is a national charity that has done some excellent work in bringing awareness and improving the cleanliness of our waters around the British Isles. They are by no means the only charity to do this or similar, but as a surfer who’s against sewage in the water, they seemed the natural fit for me and short of putting my name in their title, it’s right on the money in terms of deserving causes close to my ethos. Actually, forget the word ethos as it’s much too grand a word to describe my occasional concern and occasional action.

That said, it is still a source of constant amazement to me that huge amounts of raw sewage are pumped into the waters around here on a regular basis. I understand it has to go somewhere, but in my mind it goes somewhere else. And this is one of the nation’s cleaner coastlines. That said, I rarely take any notice when there is a chance of waves despite the fact that a friend of mine was once hospitalised for five days after a session surfing by an overflow pipe in Highcliffe. The previously noted organisation was doing a free text service to let those who wish to enjoy the ocean know when sewage was being discharged. I didn’t sign up. Decent swells occur so rarely round here that it’s best not to know as it might mean you miss one of the infrequent chances to surf that occur this far up the channel. I’d rather bury my head in the…Oh. Well best not to dwell on that I reckon. But really we should not ignore this particular issue as we shouldn’t ignore any potential environmentally divisive activities. What I do know is that there is an awful lot of ‘other’ debris in the water all year round. Mainly plastic bottles. At a fairly recent Kimmeridge beach clean, I would estimate that about three quarters of the stuff liberated from the beach was plastic. Identifiable bottles are sent back to the manufacturers. The rest are recycled. Plastic never degrades. It is public enemy number one environmentally and we should all be more careful about its use and recycling.

Well, oil is probably public enemy number one, but you get the general idea about plastic, I hope.

About 40% of the marine litter comes from the public. I’m not going to lecture anyone. The facts can be seen on and the arguments make compelling reading. I just urge you to do your bit, especially when it comes down to plastic which doesn’t ever really break

down at all. At a fairly recent environmental event sponsored by a leading supermarket, it seemed that whilst the legions of willing people were cleaning up the plastic on the beach, 5,000 un-biodegradable bottles of water were supplied to refresh their efforts. Ironic or unthinking. You can judge for yourself.

I have seen plenty more unpleasant things in the water. I distinctly remember wondering what was in a popular hair product that advertised the merits of surfers’ hair as a style enhancing treatment.

I dread to think what ends up in my hair after a session in the sea on certain days. I certainly wouldn’t pay for it and smear it on my freshly rinsed noddle after a shower. Not unless I was intent on spending a great deal of time on my own and you rarely spend valuable time smearing hair treatments all over your head if you’re intent on being on your own.

But then I did find myself showering the other day with sea salt and kelp body wash, which seemed to carry a certain irony with it as I’d recently emerged from the murky waters of the Jurassic coast thirty or so minutes earlier, and was pretty much dripping in a mixture of those very ingredients .

I sometimes get struck by other ironies of the outdoor life. The other day I fired up the strimmer and scythed my way through hundreds of feet of vegetation which all ended up on the compost heap. I then went out and bought wild garlic and nettle soup from a farmers’ market for three quid and scarcely noted the detachment from the everyday and the food we eat.

On local walks I’m always amazed by the levels of litter I see. I’ve never seen an actual kestrel on any of my walks except on the side of a semi crushed rusty can. There are many cows in our immediate vicinity, but I see just as many adorning various packaging in the hedgerows, happily advertising milk and cheese as I do those grazing in the fields.

The clean, healthy, fresh air that whistles through the leaves sometimes throws up a cigarette packet or two or the green and yellow plastic wrapper of a tobacco pouch. Fresh and not so fresh air.

I also often drive for miles to go for an energetic and bracing walk. Energetic and bracing walk opportunities are abundant round here so I’m just as much at fault of fitting my green credentials in when it most suits me, so to complete this article, I will end with something of a lecture, hopefully to shame myself into being more responsible environmentally.

So returning to the sea as it is the most imposing element round here in my opinion.

The sea is an amazing thing and probably incredibly resilient as are the creatures that inhabit it.

If we want to carry on enjoying it in all its facets we should do what we can. I don’t think this column will drastically change anyone’s views. In fact I suspect I am writing to an already convinced audience. But we could probably all start by drinking more water from the tap and thinking about where the plastic bottles might end up.

That would be as good a place to start as any.

52 The Purbeck Gazette

The Square and Compass welcomed ‘Woody Pines’ to Worth Matravers in mid-May. Woody Pines hail from Nashville, Tennessee, and are currently on a UK tour, before heading back to the US to tour Texas, Colorado, Utah and Tennessee.

Having recently gigged in London with a ticket price of £22, the Square and Compass continued its ethos of providing quality free music for its punters, and the ticket price was a big fat zero to those lucky enough to catch the show.

I missed what was surely a stomping, rip-roaring performance on the Saturday night, and caught Woody Pines performing on the Sunday afternoon, to a very appreciative audience.

Fusing a mix of swampy, Louisiana Blues with street corner skiffle, ragtime, country blues and viper jazz, Woody Pines offered-up a professional, foot-stomping, revitalised old school, authentic experience – justification of the £22 London ticket price on every level.

Weaving new life and soul into almost-lost country blues classics and jazzy street skiffle, Woody Pines shone with confident talent and the ease of musicians who know the very soul of their craft, delivering it perfectly to the audience at hand.

Fronting the ‘Pines’, Woody Pine himself is an enigma; a young man who radiates a deep understanding of the old time craft he peddles, a rarity indeed. Woody Pines as a group ‘hang’ together perfectly, playing with a joy that only comes from jamming with those who meld together with ease, perfectly meshed in the very music itself.

live music available, for free. Pulling in top quality, international acts is no mean feat, but finding top quality acts queuing to perform at your venue is absolute gold dust.

Purbeck has its fair share of quality acts making their way down to our isolated part of the kingdom, and despite the rough economic times sweeping the land, the Square and Compass holds fast to its belief that customers should be rewarded for their loyalty with the very best of

The Square continues to retain its outstanding national (and international) reputation as a venue with a difference, and the line of top-of-their-field artists wanting to join the awesome list of Square performers goes on.

What’s on this month at the Square? See adverts on pages 5 & 7

WOODY PINES - LIVE AT THE SQUARE & COMPASS Sat 13th July - Sun 18th Aug, 11am - 4.30pm PURBECK ARTISTS & STALLHOLDERS Worth Matravers Village Hall Tea, Coffee, Cakes and Purbeck Ice Cream Crafts, Arts, Cakes, Jellies, Jams & Chutneys, Veg and Flowers Come & Join us! SWANAGE CONSERVATIVE CLUB Open to members, guests and affiliated members Telephone: 423600-422310 for further enquiries. Whist & Summer League Darts every Monday Bingoevery Tuesday Line Dancing every Thursday 8pm 8pm 7.30pm Sunday Roasts only £6.20. Booking advisable! EVENTS FOR JULY Wed Sat Wed Sat Sun Wed Sat Wed Sat Sun Wed - POKER - John De Barra entertains - POKER - That’s Us 2 (duo) entertain - FUN QUIZ - POKER - Spencer (duo) entertain - POKER - Steve Whale entertains - Karaoke withAlexis - FUN QUIZ 3 6 10 13 14 17 20 24 27 28 31 Function room for hire! To members & non-members. Please call or see staff for details The Purbeck Gazette 53

24th Swanage Jazz Festival

12, 13, 14 July

After two decades, Swanage Jazz Festival has established itself as a major event in the national jazz calendar, and gives Purbeck and south Dorset a chance to hear a selection of the best in jazz today. Over fifty bands will play over the weekend, in styles ranging from New Orleans to contemporary fusions.

Triple Act Ranger Productions

Ranger Productions with the Ranger School of Dance are delighted to present a magnificent three act performance, featuring a cast of one hundred and eighty, ranging in age from four to over forty!

The three acts are as follows:-

Act One – A day on the farm

Act Two – Divertissement with classical, contemporary ballet and national dance.

Act Three – ‘Putting it Together’ a show within a show.

The performances will be at the Mowlem Theatre, Shore Road, Swanage and run from Wednesday 24th July through to Saturday 27th July.

The show starts at 7.30pm each evening (curtain down by approximately 10.00pm) and on Saturday July 27th there will also be an afternoon matinee starting at 2.30pm.

As with all Ranger Productions, tickets will be highly sought after, so don’t delay, book yours today!

Swanage has a unique asset in the form of the Ranger School of Dancelong may it continue!

On the Friday afternoon, the Festival kicks off with a steam train ride to a jazz dance at Harman’s Cross village hall, with Dave Brennan’s Jubilee Jazz Band. The programme features a selection of the leading names in British jazz, including some great vocalists, headed by Britain’s best jazz entertainer, Liane Carroll. There is a substantial modern jazz programme, with bands playing styles all the way from swing to jazz-rock. Traditional jazz also features strongly, headlined by Britain’s leading Twenties/Thirties big band, Keith Nichols Blue Devils with American singer Joan Viskant, and the young star of Chris Barber band, Amy Roberts, leading her Classic Jazz All Stars.

Saturday morning sees the annual brass band parade through the town centre, led by the Grand Marshall and the Heritage Brass Band. There will be prizes for the best decorated umbrella for adults and children.

There are lots of free gigs around the centre of town, in pubs and openair performance areas, all adding to the festival atmosphere. A leaflet giving details of the fringe programme will be available from the Tourist Information Centre.

Tickets for the jazz dance and for the festival and further information are available from the Festival Office (01929 422215) and from the web site –, or can be picked up from the TIC in Shore Road.

The Crows Nest Inn 11 Ulwell Road, Swanage. 01929 422651 Children’s play area - Pool Table - Darts - Jukebox Thurs 11 July - Mon 14 July - ART EXHIBITION Original paintings & photography by Geoff Francis Friday 12 July 9pm - Dave Brennan’s Small Group Sat 13 July 8.30pm - Dave Brennan’s Jubilee Jazz Band It’s All JAZZ To Us! Join us!
RANGER PRODUCTIONS 2013 MOWLEM THEATRE, SWANAGE. Wed 24th to Fri 26th July at 7.30pm & Sat 27th July 2.30pm & 7.30pm 54 The Purbeck Gazette

Purbeck Folk Festival

Back again for August Bank Holiday, one of the nation’s best music events, Purbeck Folk Festival, features the best music acts from UK’s vibrant folk scene. The Long Barn Stage hosts top concert performers while the High Barn provides dance from all parts.

Audiences will enjoy headline concerts by BBC Folk Award winning songwriter trios Karine Polwart and Show of Hands on the Long Barn Stage. For the festive jigging, rapping folk artist Dizraeli, Cajun stars Sarah Savoy and Mama Rosin, Anglo-Spanish celts The Urban Folk Quartet and a couple of young ceilidh bands provide the music.

One special addition to the concert programme is festival favourite EMILY MAGUIRE (pictured, above) who comes back to Purbeck - this time with her seven piece band with string quartet. Best-known for her strong, thought-provoking lyrics and ‘supremely expressive vocals’ (Rock’n’Reel), Emily’s songs have been played regularly on Radio 2 and have won her fans across the globe. After spending four years living in a shack out in the Australian bush where she made her first two albums, Emily returned to the UK touring extensively. Her eagerly awaited fourth album ‘Bird Inside A Cage’ has been financed by her fanbase and is produced by Nigel Butler (producer on X Factor).

Bluegrass music is always a special feature of the festival. Inspired by Appalachian traditions, bluegrass is livewire music with fiddle, banjo, guitar and stand-up bass. The Carrivick Sisters duo - and their full band The Great Western Revellers - play music directly influenced by bluegrass tradition while the Catherine Burke Band plays ‘britgrass’ (bluegrass with an English voice!)

Tickets are available from Ticket South (023-8071-1818) or on line; More information about the festival: www.

The Purbeck Gazette 55

The Hound Of The Baskervilles

How on earth do you transfer the wilds of Conan Doyle’s Dartmoor in the Hound of the Baskervilles to the Mowlem stage? By transferring the action to the sitting room of Baskerville Hall and using atmospheric lighting and sound effects! This the Purbeck Players did to great effect during their run of the play during half term week in late May.

The attention to detail on the set, costumes and special effects enabled one to suspend belief and be transported back in time to the sitting room of a baronial Baskerville Hall, full of mystery and secrets.

Ably directed by Gail Green, a fine ensemble cast played it to the hilt with each character nicely observed, producing some lovely performances from the leading characters, right through to the smaller roles.

There was no weak link in this chain. With moments of high tension alleviated by moments of comedy, the play took us on a roller coaster of a ride until the very end.

Even then, there was a big surprise on the last night when a proposal was made and I’m happy to report, accepted!

Actor James Chelton popped the question in style to Hannah Foster after the performance had concluded, with a little help from friends and family who were scattered throughout the audience. Hannah finally realised what was going on when she was presented with a box, which upon opening, revealed a balloon with the question ‘Will you marry me’ printed upon it. A fine evening’s entertainment indeed.

The Big Weekender!

Wareham and Purbeck Young Farmers (pictured above, with the Wurzels) are hosting the ‘Big Weekender’, a two day music extravaganza on 26th-27th July.

This two evening music event will feature the monsters of folk rock, ‘The Wurzels’ on the 26th and the ‘Counterfeit Stones’ on the Saturday (the premier Rolling Stones’ tribute act).

Support acts will include local bands such as Where’s Clive and Devil’s Rejects on the Friday, and Social Affair and Voodoo Chilli supporting on the Saturday. The club ran a similar event last year raising over £2500 and supporting local charities including Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance and Langton Pre-school.

Wareham and Purbeck Young Farmers are the local branch of the County and Nationwide Federation of Young Farmers. The Federation is open to young people between 10 and 26 years old with an interest in agriculture and horticulture.

With an emphasis on ‘Fun, Learning and Achievement’, education and charity work are key influences for the packed programme.

The club meets weekly on Thursdays and members do not have to be from a farming background.

The ticket line for the ‘Big Weekender’ can be contacted on 07918999223 with tickets retailing at £17.50 per night or £30 for both nights.

56 The Purbeck Gazette

Medieval Falconry and Jousting Show

Corfe Castle played host throughout June to Jonathan Marshall’s Medieval Falconry and Jousting Show. Jonathan, a leading name in falconry and horsemanship, is famed worldwide for his unique talents, having also provided trained horses for TV and film, recently for the highly-popular BBC series, ‘Merlin’.

Invited to watch the show by the National Trust’s Lawrence Roots, I attended one of the Saturday evening performances that were on throughout June. Jonathan wowed the crowds with his in-depth knowledge of horse training, working with his Andalusian horse during the show and giving tips and information throughout on how the horses are trained, offering an insight into the complex relationship between horse and rider. He also flew several birds of prey, including a Peregrine, and invited audience members to join in with the flying, to the delight of the children. Audience participation was key throughout, especially during the grand finale, when a jousting show brought a thrill to those watching, and gave the team a chance to show off their skills in a real medieval scenaro, befitting of the castle setting. A fantastic show, so keep your eyes peeled for next year!

NEW WORKSHOPS FOR THE SUMMER 10% OFF WITH THIS ADVERT As well as the usual workshops on offer: Printmaking, Papermaking, Drawing, Painting, etc THE STUDIO WILL BE OFFERING: CALL: 01929 425050 71-73 HIGH STREET, SWANAGE iPad Classes - Children & Adults Portfolio Tutorials Maximise your‘Online Presence’ Facebook for Artists/ Small Businesses How to write an Artist’s Statement How to start a Blog Presentation/Framing Advice CALL TO BOOK NOW!
The Purbeck Gazette 57

The Purbeck Village Quire Perform

Music with a serpent on a summer evening to ‘Raise the Roof’

When the Purbeck Village Quire present their latest programme of church and village music and traditions that were familiar to those living in our Purbeck villages one hundred and fifty years ago, the band will include a serpent – an old wind instrument of long wooden tube with several bends, giving a powerful deep note.

The singers and band, in their period costumes will portray its characters, presenting tales and anecdotes and village band, church and folk music from the time.

This nostalgic event is on Friday 5th July at 7.30pm in Swanage High Street Methodist Church and admission is free. Refreshments will be available and a retiring collection will be taken in aid of the church hall roof repair fund.


at Swanage, High St Methodist Church

Friday 5th July 7.30pm

FREE Admission

Refreshments available

For info, tel: 421331

St Mary’s Church Grand Fete

A fete with a difference!

As newcomers to Swanage, we’ve been amazed at the number of village fetes that seem to be an integral part of Swanage life. I guess we could go to a fete somewhere in the Purbeck area every weekend until the autumn. This is new to us coming from Hertfordshire, and we think an excellent aspect of village life. Fetes provide an opportunity for folk to meet socially, enjoy wandering around the stalls looking for bargains – and meanwhile the kids are happy on the bouncy castle.

The Anglian churches in Swanage – St Mary’s, All Saints & St Marks – have combined for a number of years to present a parish fete in the grounds of St Mary’s Church, the oldest and most splendid of the three buildings. We will offer those items common to most fetes – a bric-a-brac stall, a massive book stall, a bouncy castle, lots of tasty sandwiches and cakes, ice-cream, tombola and a raffle, and a chance to ‘Soak the Vicar’, Andrew Corke. The town band will play twice, there will be an organ recital and visits to the tower.

But this is a different fete, in that we regard it as a unique opportunity for the church to open its windows to those who may not be used to going to church.

There will be a short drama ‘The Church That Jack Built’ - and also a quiet tent where experienced counsellors will be on hand to share your questions and listen to you.

The event will be opened by Richard Drax MP and the Mayor has agreed to come.

So come to a fete with a difference on July 6th, from 12 noon to 4pm


Sat 6 July 12 noon - 4pm

St Mary’s Church Lawns, Kings Rd, Swanage

Tombola, ice cream, cakes, BBQ, raffle, gifts, toys, books

The Insect Theatre, by Tim Edgar

Tim Edgar is a Senior Lecturer in Photography at the Arts University in Bournemouth. He has also recently published ‘Insect Theatre’, a collection of stark and moving images he took in his outside toilet in Swanage between 2009 and 2012. Combined with text written by Hugh Raffles, Insect Theatre is definitely a book with a difference!

The images within the book capture in glorious detail the intense struggle and demise of the insect life Tim observed over three years in his outside loo. Atmospheric, dark and other worldy, this is a perspective that many of us glance at occasionally, before adjusting our eyes and moving on - never stopping for long to take in the detail of that dusty, cobwebbed corner and the inhabitants thereof.

Laid bare in Insect Theatre, Tim’s collection of images offers a stark glimpse into the intense struggle for life, often ending in failure and eventual demise, faced by the inhabitants of his outside privvy. Add to the images four short essays on the subjects of death, change, vibration and beauty by Anthropologist, Hugh Raffles, and this is a coffee table delight with a difference.

Published by Black Dog Publishing, priced at £14.99, ISBN 978-1-90896611-7. Perfect for nature lovers, photographers and science lovers alike!

58 The Purbeck Gazette

Wareham Carnival & Events

WAREHAM CARNIVAL 2013 8th – 14th July

Here we are once again at Carnival Time! As always, this year we have tried to come up with some interesting and fun events for everyone to join in.

We’ve done Hollywood, celebrated the Olympics and the great Fire of Wareham and this year we are going all steamy with this year’s theme of VICTORIANA!

So get your dress-up box out and your goggles on as this year we REALLY want you to dress up and get in the spirit – whether it’s in old Victorian style or Steampunk – Teadance to Airship captain – we want to see you there!

There is something on most days of the week, culminating in the weekend with the traditional Carnival Procession, which promises to be even better this year!!

The week’s events are:


This year we are showing Jules Verne’s classic movie – 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, - Cert U, so lots of period and weird goings on there! From 7pm – usual Rex prices


Has your pet got that extra spark!! Bring your pet – dog, cat, elephant, whatever you have to the RED LION COURTYARD – 7pm for 7.30pm judging – entry 20p per pet. Humans can dress up too – there will be a prize!!


Meet in the Red Lion at 8.30pm after Petx Factor for a spooky Ghost Walk around the town and meet the residents who won’t go away!! We will go whatever the weather and a suggested donation of £1 would cover it. WARNING – you may be scared!!


answers to questions and having a four course meal as you go! A different course in different places! There will be entry forms around town so enter a team or go solo. All meet up in the Red Lion at the end for the results.


Well as we all know that the weather is going to be BRILLIANT during the Carnival Week, on the Friday bring yourselves, and family to the Sika Trail in Wareham Forest for some cycling fun! Trails to tackle, time trials, or just ride around – having fun is the key! Bike hire and repairs, refreshments and more will be there so get peddling. Starts around 7pm at the Sika Trail, Bere Road.


This will be our third year with this event and it goes from strength to strength! We, the people of Wareham and visitors alike, take the opportunity to honour the local businesses, attractions, celebrities and characters in the area and invite the nominees to the celebrated Awards which this year will be an OLDE TYME MUSIC HALL SHOW. Acts, some from as far away as Corfe (!), will entertain and astound with a show of diverse entertainment. Licenced bar with cocktails, prawns, mad professors and dancing elephants (not sure about the last one) will be there. Dressing up is extremely encouraged and all are welcome. Entry is free but it is also by moustache or fan – if you have one (ladies!) good, if not we have plenty!! Starts at 7pm in the Parish Hall on the Town Quay.


The procession keeps getting bigger and bigger and afterwards on the Quay, there will be more entertainment with Duck, Shark and Dog Races, live music, stalls and food, bar, candy and more attractions. A flambouyant and fitting end to the week’s festivities.

Procession starts at 3pm from Sandford Lane, and the Quay from 2pm. Details of all these events can be found on our website www. or call 01929 550818 for further details. WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU THERE!!

This involves getting around the local pubs and restaurants, collecting

The Purbeck Gazette 59


‘Swanage Goes Hollywood’

Eight days of razzamatazz - live music, games, competitions and enjoyment for all the family. With over 100 events, there’s something for everyone and all ages to enjoy!

The line-up includes three awardwinning Firework Displays over Swanage Bay, Titan the Robot – his presence cannot be missed, our Talent Contest, Children’s Fancy Dress, Dog Show, Masquerade Night, Car Boot Sale, Wheelbarrow Race and many, many more events, not forgetting one of the UK’s most fantastic Carnival Processions!


The iconic Diamond 9 formation is back in the skies and will perform a stunning display over Swanage Bay after the Procession on Sunday 28 July 2013. What a day to look forward to!

As well as putting on a great week, the Carnival Committee would like to donate thousands of pounds to good causes ~ with your support and generosity, the members hope to achieve this!

Want to find out more? Programmes are available throughout Swanage - all proceeds from programme sales help to fund the Carnival.


The biggest Carnival on the South Coast, in media partnership with the biggest radio station in the South - Wave 105!

60 The Purbeck Gazette
27 July -
HIGH STREET CAFÉ Great Local Food, Just How You Like It! 3 High Street, Swanage. BH19 2LN Tel: 01929 427542 Join us for a superb full breakfast, or lunch during Swanage Carnival! Opening hours: from 7.00am Travis Perkins, Unit 3 Industrial Estate, VictoriaAvenue, Swanage. BH19 1BJ Tel: 01929 425411 Fax: 01929 426348 More than 120,000 product lines supplied to the UK building & construction industry General Building Materials - Timber - Plumbing & Heating - Kitchens - Bathrooms Landscaping materials - Tool Hire Happy to support Swanage Carnival! Happy to support Swanage Carnival! J.J.Moore Family & Catering Butcher 34 High Street, Swanage.Tel: 01929 424891 Proud to support Swanage Carnival 2013! THE RED ARROWS 5.30pm Sunday 28 July Thanks to the support and generosity of local businesses, we are able to welcome back this world famous aerobatic team to perform their spectacular display over Swanage Bay. GRAND PROCESSION 2.00 pm Sunday 28 July FIREWORKS 9.45pm Saturday 27 July, Wednesday 31 July, Saturday 3 August Other Events for Everyone to Enjoy It’s A Knockout – Saturday Swanage Bay Swim – Monday Bingo – Monday and Tuesday Children’s Fancy Dress Disco –Thursday Masquerade Night – Thursday Vintage & Classic Car Show - Friday Wheelbarrow Race – Friday
Skills Freestyle Mountain Bike Stunt Team - Saturday Our sincere thanks go to all our sponsors for their continued support to enable us to make Swanage Carnival 2013 the biggest and best carnival on the south coast! Carnival Events 3 Daisy May’s Arcade, Swanage 01929 421717 Records, Cds, DVDs, New and Used CENTAUR FINANCIALSERVICES LTD Let us help you through the financial maze Agents forYorkshire Building Society Your home is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or any other loan secured on it. Regulated by the Financial ServicesAuthority 49 Station Rd, Swanage, Dorset. BH19 1AD Tel: 01929 425818 Fax: 01929 421389 Email: Join us forthe BESTCarnival on the coast! Join us forthe BESTCarnival on the coast! The Emporium Over 200 different traditional sweets in jars Find us in Daisy May’s Shopping Arcade 2 Kings Rd East, Swanage Wishing Swanage Carnival all the best! CARNIVAL 3 August The Purbeck Gazette 61

You Heard Of


Sandy Partridge is one of the more recent practitioners to join the Swanage Therapy Centre. Besides being a qualified homeopath with a background in nursing, she is also a Bio resonance practitioner. She is aware that this is something that a lot of people have not heard of and is offering you the opportunity to have a half hour taster session for just £10, so that you can find out how it works and how it can benefit you. An increasing number of people these days are experiencing repeated coughs and colds, lacking in energy or just feeling slightly under par.

The Bio resonance machine has been designed to read the electrical impulses that run through our bodies which a trained practitioner is then able to interpret so as to identify food sensitivities, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, toxins, organ function, presence of viruses and bacteria and much, much more.

Any of these problems can prevent you from improving your health even though you may be doing your best to take care of yourself. With homeopathic remedies and some nutritional advice, Sandy helps people to reach their potential.

If you are curious and would like to know more about this 21st century treatment, phone Swanage Therapy Centre on 01929 426506 or call in at 5 Court Road, Swanage and book your half hour taster session on Wednesday 17th July between 2pm- 6.30pm.

Virginia Claridge Chiropodist M.Inst. ChP, D.Ch.M Registered with the Health Professions Council Home visits in Swanage and surrounding areas Telephone - 01929 423056 Qualified Bowen Practitioner Indian Head & Neck Massage Gift vouchers available Telephone: 01929 424956 or07967 978 695 fordetails Edith Mason-Hubacher I.T.E.C. M.I.P.T.I B.A.U.K. Kate Smith, ITEC RubyTuesdays Kate Smith is available at: HOLISTIC MASSAGE THERAPY, MANICURE, PEDICURE, FULL WAXING SERVICE Tilly Mews, Swanage Call Ka te for details on 07505 313179 T: 01929 426506 For more information Bioresonance Bioresonance 30 minute taster sessions available on Wednesday 17 July from 2pm - 6.30pm Please contact Swanage Therapy Centre Swanage Therapy Centre
Would you like to find out more?
62 The Purbeck Gazette

Sufferingfrom Backpain,Sciatica? Neckacheor shoulderproblems?

Pleasecall01929766008foranappointment. WorkingfromtwonewpremisesinSwanage&Wareham.

Mon/Thurs:31bWestWalls,Wareham,Dorset. Tues/Fri:TheBay,TillyMead,CommercialRd,Swanage.

Are You In Pain?

Do you suffer from any of the following……

Back pain, Neck pain, Leg pain including Sciatica, Arthritic pain, Headaches, Fibromyalgia, Sports injuries, Tension and Stress, Postural problems?

Osteopathy may be able to help you. Osteopaths have been treating patients with these symptoms for many years and are able to offer a wide range of treatments tailored to each individual, which can help to ease some of your pain.

Osteopaths are trained for over five years and use a system of diagnosis, taking of a thorough case history and examination process to detect damaged or injured parts of the body such as muscles, ligaments nerves and joints.

Osteopathic treatment will use palpation to find sensitive areas and use physical manipulation, stretching and massage to increase joint mobility, relieve muscle tension, enhance blood supply and nerve innervations. All

Swanage Medical Practice News

New Doctors:

We are delighted to announce that Dr Claire Lehman and Dr Sandeep Gwinnett joined the surgery as new partners during May and June 2013. They will be here on a part-time basis and we are confident that they will be a great asset to the surgery and our patients. Dr Baker dropped a session from 3rd June 2013 and therefore we are in the process of transferring some of his patients to Dr Gwinnet’s list. Those patients will have already been sent a letter advising them of the change.

Change of Practice Manager:

Our manager of fourteen years, Phil Dowding, has decided to retire and the Partners are pleased to announce the appointment of Miss Natasha Ritchie to the position of Practice Manager from 15th April 2013.

Nat joined the practice in 1997 as a part-time receptionist and has subsequently worked in all aspects of Practice administration and management. Nat obtained her Diplomas in Business Management and Primary Care Health Management in 2009 and has been our assistant manager in recent years.

Nat will be pleased to discuss any non-medical problems that you have, and is also happy to receive any suggestions for improving the services offered.

Staff Retirements:

Three members of long-serving staff have recently retired from the Practice. Pat Blanchard, Carol Fletcher and Margaret Dando had all given in excess of 25 years’ service to Swanage Medical Practice and their hard work, dedication and enthusiasm has been very much appreciated by their colleagues and patients alike. We wish them all the very best of luck and a long and happy retirement.

Appointments System:

In response to a recent survey, we have been offering a sit and wait surgery Monday – Friday 09:00 – 10:30am and 15:00 – 16:30. This is to give patients more choice in addition to the telephone consultations and routine appointments we offer.

We are a particularly busy practice and it is not unusual for our GPs to see 60+ patients in the morning sit-and-wait surgery, and 50+ in the afternoon sit and wait surgery. That is not including the other GPs working on their own clinics morning and afternoon. Therefore we would be grateful if patients could have a clear idea of what the main problems are that need dealing with when attending this urgent service. This will help reduce the

of which help your body’s own healing mechanism.

Advice may also be provided on posture and exercise to help aid recovery, promote health and reduce the risk of symptoms returning.


Come and visit me at The Bay Skin and Body Centre, Tilly Whim Mews, Commercial Road on 12 JULY FROM 1PM TIL 5PM where I will be available to answer any queries you may have.


wait times for everyone. It might not always be possible for you to see your registered GP due to annual/study leave. However, you will always be offered an alternative if you need to be seen, which will include the sit-and-wait surgery.

New Computer System:

Our new system has now been installed and is working well, although we are all still getting to know our way around it. We would like to thank our patients for their consideration and patience during the installation of this new system. A small number of patients experienced difficulty booking appointments during the transition period as we were not physically able to book appointments on to the new system. However, we did our best to ensure there was minimal disruption and offer the patients alternative choices.

Going abroad?

Please allow at least 6-8 weeks before travel dates to enable vaccination cover.

Please note the following changes:

When you phone or call in for an appointment, we will ask you to collect a travel form and fill in as much detail as possible.

When complete, hand-in to reception, they will then give it to one of our Travel nurses who will decide which vaccination may be needed. We will phone you to make an appointment (you will only be given an appointment after completion and return of the travel form).

There will be a charge for some non-NHS travel vaccinations.

Improving Patients Online Access:

We would like to make our patients aware that we offer the facility to book appointments and order repeat prescriptions online. Please note you will need to obtain an Access ID from reception before you can use this service. The facility is available on our website

The Purbeck Gazette 63

Hello again from Swanage and Wareham Hospitals!

Idon’t usually watch morning television, but recently I made an exception. I’ve had a great morning at one of our community hospitals and thought you might like to hear all about it. At Wareham Hospital I have spent just a few moments with each patient, enjoying a programme about the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation and listening to all the memories it has evoked.

“Small 14 inch black and white televisions with snowy screens which were truly amazing at the time and lots of them had been bought just in time to watch the live broadcast of the Queen’s Coronation.”

Amidst the conversations, one lady had only found out yesterday that she has untreatable cancer and so we talked about her hopes and fears for the future. Another lady was awaiting a procedure and was quite nervous about it, I was able to explain exactly what to expect and reassure her.

A gentleman was trying to come to terms with giving up his home and moving into residential care. The implications of moving for himself was proving difficult enough to come to terms with, but what concerned him most was his dog - we had a chat about how much this pet meant to him, the pet will need to be re-homed, but he will be involved with this process.

I also sat with a husband and wife. She is unable to feed herself and so he comes in at mealtimes to feed her. This time the conversation was all about how he was going to manage when she went home and what support he would need. Just a few examples of what we talked about.

I am back in the office now having just gone through our compliments and thank you letters for last month, reading words like; wonderful, caring staff, nothing too much trouble, fantastic team, there is nothing better than being treated like a human being. I know I am speaking on behalf of the whole team when I reply – THANK YOU, it’s a privilege!

Until next time, take care, Matron Jane

Swanage Hospital Minor Injuries Unit - Open 7 days a week from 8am - 10pm

If you have an injury, we’re here to treat it! Call us on 01929 421329. We’re here for YOU, so use our services!

We have a team of five Hair Stylists with over 130 years experience between them!

Whether it’s just a new style you fancy, or a complete change of colour, our team of experts are here to help you. So why not book in for your FREE consultation TODAY?

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With the right hair products, this can be reduced considerably. Pop into the salon for any hair advice you need and one of our team will be pleased to advise you. We carry a wide selection of TIGI or WELLA products for both men and ladies, available to purchase in the salon, to look after and maintain your style at home or on holiday

We also have a large range of TANGLE TEEZERS suitable for all agesperfect for after that holiday swim!

We also carry a full range of GHD brushes and the latest Limited Edition GHDs, with a £20 trade in offer for a limited period - just bring in ANY old electrical hair styling product, working or not, to receive £20 off any new pair of Limited Edition GHDs.

But if you just want longer hair, then our quality, real hair, clip in extensions are for you. Fully re-useable, so they can be worn again and again! Why not pop in for a free consultation and fitting, with no obligation to purchase, and see what you look like with long hair?

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Local Hospitals’ Monthly Column
Round Our
Why Not Treat Yourself To A Make-Over at Innovation? Unisex Hair and Beauty Salon Wella and GHD Stockists Tel: 01929 423294 63 Kings Road, Swanage Open from 8.30am Monday - Friday Open from 8am Saturday Late night Friday till 8pm £20 trade-in discount on any new pair of Limited Edition GHDs* *trade-in with ANY old electrical hair-stylers
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Sport The First Rule Of Fight Club Is...

Swanage Fight Night July 20th

An evening of Blue Collar boxing is coming to Swanage Football Club on Saturday 20th July and it is sure to be a knockout! Contenders from all corners of the community are coming together in the name of entertainment and all of Swanage is invited to enjoy it.

The event is being organised and promoted by Callum Lovett, a local boy who has grown up in Swanage and is very excited at the prospect of putting something special together for the whole town to enjoy.

Callum says “Some people may carry a stigma when it comes to boxing, but I implore those people to check out what we are putting together. They will quickly learn that the event is being built on the premise that if you combine the appropriate safety measures with solid presentation, there is no reason to feel anything but excitement for what will be a memorable night for Swanage… in a good way!”

One of the most exciting aspects of the event is that all competitors must not have had any boxing experience prior to signing up, so you will be witnessing people outside of their comfort zones stepping in the ring to put on a show and to enjoy themselves.

“It’s not often you get the chance to walk out in front of 400 people to one of your favourite songs and have your name chanted or maybe even booed, you will remember that forever.” said Callum.

The event has received strong support from the community since its inception, which has helped to cement the event as the number one topic of conversation within the town.

“Obviously for myself, this is primarily a business venture, but it wasn’t long before I began to realise that this event could far exceed my initial expectations as to its impact. As soon as the town began to support the project I realised that if I enlisted the right people to compete and it was promoted in a light-hearted way, people could truly emotionally invest in it.”

The contest that first captured people’s imagination was the ‘Battle of the Gyms’ between Joe Shepherd (proprietor of Joe’s Gym Swanage) and Daniel Lockwood (club manager at the Springfield Hotel & Leisure Club).

Within minutes of this bout being announced on the Swanage Fight Night Facebook page, people were discussing the potential outcomes, as well as speculating

as to who else would be competing.

“I cannot help but smile whenever I talk about that one (Joe V Dan) as they epitomise what this event is about. They talk to each other now and then to discuss training or to try and wind the other up; it’s a great blend of competition and respect and makes for very exciting viewing for everyone else, especially considering they are both 6’5”!” laughs Callum. With a close personal connection to Cancer Research UK, Callum Lovett is very proud to announce that a donation will be made to the charity, with the exact amount to be announced during the evening. “I strongly believe that whenever you can create public interest, it is important to share that spotlight with a charitable organisation to raise awareness and there was only ever one choice for me.”

So, come fight lovers, come sceptics, come all and bear witness to an evening of entertainment and excitement at Swanage Fight Night! Over 100 tickets have been sold since their release on Saturday 1st June. Tickets are available from: or from

EVENT CARD - correct at the time of printing

Joe Shepherd v Dan Lockwood

Adam Roberts V Steve O’Sullivan

OSteve Wright V Julian Wood

Dan Beeston V Shane DiMarco

Liam Currell V Charlie Rowberry

Ricky King V Jack Adamo

Skip Graham V Luke Read

Arthur Condie V Ollie Oyabayo

Swanage Bowls Club

at the Pavilion, Beach Gardens, Northbrook Road

ur season is now underway and the sun has finally put in an appearance. We remember the joys of playing our game particularly on warm summer evenings in a beautiful setting. Our two open mornings brought us thirteen new bowlers, including a new junior bowler.

We continue to be pleased to hear from any other Clubs or individuals wishing to try the game, Club nights - Fridays at 5pm - are normally available. Our Bursary fund is available to assist new and existing junior members, both for equipment and bowls dress, and special coaching is also available.

We are hoping to welcome a party of Scouts this month to show them how the game is played and what good fun it is. We have now had our second

evening run by visiting County coaches, which was enjoyed tremendously by established and new bowlers alike.

For our league matches, the Men’s Captain has reported mixed results for the month, including a resounding win against Branksome Park B.C. on 1st June, earning us maximum points. The Ladies have won two out of our three games so far this season in the Dorset Womens Bowling League and we are at present tying for top place in the Edna Paisley League. Well done the Ladies! The next social event on our calendar is the Charity Day on Sunday 20th July which will be a game of Target Bowls followed by a buffet meal. Those attending on the day are to decide which of three local charities to support.

Please telephone Jean Thomas on 426795 with any enquiries.

The Purbeck Gazette 65

Construction Starts On New Boathouse

After a complicated and challenging campaign to achieve the new Club boathouse, we are all relieved that the construction phase is starting at the beginning of June, and by the time this copy arrives on your doormat we hope that there will be progress on the building in Eldon Road.

The contractors’ bids all came in at a higher price than the estimates and so the Club has had to make adjustments to the anticipated fitting out of the project, but we are confident we can still end with what we need to make this the real benefit to the club that we have worked hard to bring about.

The members and committee have continued to develop the club’s activities with our latest training gig, Tilly Whim, being launched on May Bank Holiday Monday; she will extend our capacity to train new members, and has been named following a competition that included names being put forward by the public.

She brings the Club’s roster of boats to five, and our current polytunnel can only hold three, so we are eagerly anticipating the new facilities which should be completed in September.

The season of club events has continued, with Swanage taking part in a large regatta at Weymouth in May with twelve other clubs from across the southwest; the crews put in another set of excellent performances, coming second overall and only one point behind the winners, Weymouth.

The summer does seem to have arrived as the regatta in Bideford, Devon, on the following weekend, was also held in bright

Wareham Rangers

Wareham Rangers play in French Football Tournament at Wareham’s twinned town, Conches-en-Ouche

In May, Wareham Rangers U10 Football Team took part in a football tournament in Wareham’s twinned town of Conches-en Ouche in Normandy, France. Wareham has been twinned with Conches since 1978 and it has become a tradition that Wareham Rangers take part in the town’s annual football tournament, contested by teams from all over the region. The team was accompanied by families and former players, some of whom have been visiting Conches for many years, in some cases since they took part in the tournament as young players themselves. On Saturday 4 May, the team took part in a parade through Conches before going to the Town Hall to hear welcome speeches, and to present gifts from Wareham. The event was rounded off by a champagne reception. The tournament took place on the Sunday 5 May with 23 teams taking part. Wareham Rangers played very well and finished 11th, a significant achievement as the majority of the opposing players were a year older. The team were delighted to be presented with a huge Cup which has since made an appearance in local schools’ assemblies. Manager Gary White commented “We wish to thank the people of Conches for their warm hospitality. Next season, the team will expand to nine aside. We are looking for additional players and if you are interested in being part of this team, please contact Darren on 07970 269576. We will be holding trials in the summer, and we look forward to welcoming new players to our team”.

sunshine. Launching off the beach, the gigs from eight clubs rowed to the start line before completing the fifteen minute course and arriving back at the beach.

A special mention has to be given to Don Hardy, who at 76 - and who now has only limited vision - rowed with the Men’s B crew to an excellent third place in a competitive race. There is a lot to look forward to this summer – don’t forget that you can enter a crew for the Carnival Row – experience isn’t necessary as we’ll give you tuition and training rows –just find 4-6 willing entrants to make up a crew to complete a short race with lots of fun! See the website or call 01929 424144. Report by Barnaby Quaddy

1, left) a picture of Don Hardy after coming third in his race 2, below) the gig being recovered at the end of the day at Bideford.

Swanage Cricket Club


Swanage’s Saturday 1st XI have gotoff to a steady start in their firstever Premier Division campaign, winning two of their first five matches. The highlight of the batting was two halfcenturies by inspirational captain, Ian Booth. Ricky King, Ben Baczala and Lewis Kirby have also registered half-centuries. With regards to the bowling, the highlight was Ryan Norman’s five wicket haul, and Ricky King’s hat-trick. There has also been some fantastic bowling by Dorset Under-16 ‘leg-spin’ sensation, Jem Warner.

The Saturday 2nd XI have had an amazing start to their Division 5 campaign by winning all of their five games. The two main highlights of the batting were centuries by Paul Norman and Dan Salmon.

There have also been half-centuries for Mike Hernandez, Liam Blake and Elliott Baczala, as well as that, there have been five wicket hauls for both Pete Barker and Steve Ramsey.

On Sunday, the 1st XI have won three out of their four games in Dorset Division 1. The batting highlight was Ian Booth’s century, there have also been half-centuries for Matt Thomas (2) and Booth.

The 2nd XI have won two out of their four matches in Division 5. The batting highlights were from Pete Dyer, Mike Wells and Roger Wilcox. The bowling highlights were from Binoy Devasia, Ryan and Terry White. With regards to the Youth Section - which is flourishing. The Saturday mornings (from 09:30) have been a spectacular success right through from the KWIK cricketers (Under-11’s) to the Under-15’s.

For a ll the latest results/news, please visit our website:- www.

66 The Purbeck Gazette

Get Set For Sport Fun!

Get set for a summer of fun at Purbeck Sports Centre

Purbeck Sports Centre in Wareham has been undergoing some intensive refurbishment works so that customers can enjoy some fantastic new surroundings this summer. In addition to the improvements, an action-packed programme of activities is also promised.

There are activities for all ages. Children can enjoy golf taster sessions; a Cricket Factory; swimming; Flicks and Tricks football; gymnastics; trampolining; climbing; a tennis academy; dancing; clay target shooting and much, much more – they’ll be spoilt for choice!

Adults can also join in the fun, whether it’s a family swim in the indoor pool, mums and tots gymnastics or a family bounce on the trampoline, there are sure to be lots of laughs!

Get ready for your family holiday with some intensive swimming lessons for your children or a swimming stroke workshop. 10-years+ can also get an introduction to scuba or those over six could try some snorkelling. Kool 4 Kidz returns for the summer holidays. Running from 8.30 until 5.30 five days a week, children can enjoy loads of different sports. Every Friday has a special theme with wacky games, action-packed fun and sports day activities - will they win a medal?

There’s a lot for the adults too, including tennis, modern gym, exercise classes, swimming, sauna, badminton and squash to name but a few.

Phew! After all that excitement, why not relax in the onsite AllStars Sports Bar and Café or watch the summer’s sports on Sky TV?!

Jill Webber wins the Craig Salver in the elusive sunshine at the Isle of Purbeck Golf Club.

At last, the arrival of May and some really sunny days for ladies golf at the Isle of Purbeck. On the 16th, with 15 ladies playing, Jill Webber excelled, winning the Craig Salver which was presented to the ladies Section in 1978 by Mrs Maureen Craig, closely run second place was Pat Daler.

Other competitions played this month were the England Golf Medal on the 23rd, the Silver winner was Philippa Ryder, & the Bronze winner Jill Webber, on the 29th it was the Jackson Trophy, presented to the Club by Mrs D Jackson as a match-play Cup for ladies over 60, now played as a Stableford for veterans which was won by Pam Roddick.

The Purbeck Gazette 67

SSwanage Football Club

wans have received national recognition for our matchday programme after it was entered into the 20th Soccer Club Swap Shop Programme Awards. The competition is the only one of its kind for Non-League sides to enter their programmes and Swans excelled, finishing 23rd out of over 600 entries. Now for those of you that aren’t familiar with how the divisions are structured in Non-League football, they are referred to as steps. With Step One being the Conference Premier, down to Swans in the Dorset Premier League which is Step Seven. Swans programme was voted better than nineteen of the Clubs in Step One, with only Grimsby Town, Stockport County and Gateshead finishing higher. In Dorset, only Poole Town bettered our effort with some of our illustrious rivals like Wimborne Town, Weymouth and Dorchester Town finishing below Swans.

Obviously, I was extremely proud on a personal level that the programme did so well, as in the four years that I have edited and designed the programme, it has improved year on year to the level it is at now, but obviously it wouldn’t be what it is without the tremendous support that I received from the many contributors and advertisers. Too many to name them all, but Steve Norman from Born Offside and Geoff Hunt from our printers GHPM have been fantastic and have helped me out no end. On the back of the programme’s success, I will be helping AFC Bournemouth with their programme next season, thus relinquishing most of my roles at Day’s Park. As an avid Cherries fan, being offered the chance to do something I enjoy for the Club I support was an offer

too good to turn down. As well as the matchday programme receiving National acclaim, Swans have featured in the top ten Non-League pictures taken by freelance photographer Stuart Tree, who posts his work on the website Stuart travelled to Swans FA Vase defeat at the hands of Newport Isle Of Wight back in October and has commented that the photos he took were some of his favourites from the season. As one of his top ten from 2012-13, he chose a picture of Swans Mark Bryant heading the ball clear from a Newport attacker.

The Club are delighted to announce that the Arthur Marsh Sports Hall at Day’s Park will be hosting Swanage Fight Night on Saturday 20th July. The event sees a number of local Purbeck people go head to head in what promises to be a fun and entertaining night of white collar boxing. Current Swans Liam Currell and Dan Beeston are both on the card, whilst ex-Swan Ricky King will also feature in one of eight bouts. The highlight being Joe Shepherd from Joe’s Gym going head to head with Springfield’s Dan Lockwood; this fight tops the bill. Tickets are available from and they are selling fast, with all Gold packages nearly sold out already, with less than one month left before the event date.

Back to football matters, and two of Swans DPL rivals are leaving the Division, with Wincanton Town up a level to the Toolstation Western League One and Chickerell United down to the Senior League.

Chickerell Secretary Tony Elliott confirmed to the DPL in late May that his side were leaving the DPL due to the costs associated with playing at Weymouth College. The Chickens hope to return to their Stalls base and play in the Dorset Senior League next season.

Wincanton Town had applied for promotion to Step 6 for the second time and after being turned down for 2012/13, this time they have been successful. With Mere Town applying for promotion to the DPL, it would seem that the League may go back to 17 sides, with Poole Borough receiving a reprieve after finishing bottom and Chickerell and Wincanton plying their trades elsewhere.

The Purbeck Gazette - Proudly Supporting The Swans

Swanage Tennis Club Match Report

Swanage Ladies Tennis

Tuesday 28th May. The partnership of Diana Dyer and Sue Tindale against local club Purbeck gave them victories in both their matches, winning 7-6, 6-2 and 6-4, 6-2.

Wendy Clarke and Bridget Burtwell had a mammoth first match of over 1 ¾ hours when, with one set all, they finally lost the tie breaker by only two points. Putting on a brave face, but with energy levels fading, they struggled in their second match to lose 3-6 and 2-6, but they won enough games to give Swanage a win by five games.

Sunday 2nd June, a beautiful day for tennis with no wind, when Swanage Ladies maintained their unbeaten record this summer with a victory over Ferndown.

Meg Mutter and Diana Dyer won both their matches, giving away only nine games overall. Wendy Clarke and Patti Sandham won their first match 7-5 and 6-0, but lost their second match against the strongest couple 4-6 and 4-6. Swanage won six sets to four sets.

Swanage Mens Tennis

On Wednesday 21st May Swanage Tennis Club Men’s first team hosted Virgin Active at Beach Gardens for an exciting and intriguing home match. Swanage knew it was going to be a tough match as Virgin Active is a large private sports club in Poole with a lot of members. The match did not get off to a good start, with both Swanage pairs losing their first sets 6-2 and 6-1. It was obvious that the team would need to

dig deep. In the second sets both the number one pairing of Mike Angell and Andy Moore and the number two pairing of Jeff Veale and Michael Muir pulled the stops out and won their sets 6-2 and 6-4.

This took us into the deciding third sets, which both Swanage pairs lost narrowly. In the second set of matches, both Swanage pairs played well, only losing in third set tie breaks, again to Virgin Active. The matches were very competitive and a real battle and came down in the end to third set tie break deciders, which Virgin Active sneaked.

Result Virgin Active win eight sets to four.

Swanage Mixed 2 Tennis

The 19th of May was a good day for tennis in Swanage! Despite the fact that the Mixed 2 lost their matches against Winton and regardless of the less than ideal weather, the experience was one that the whole team enjoyed. When faced with a forecast of rain, drizzle and more rain, most people would opt not to play a couple of matches of tennis. However the all new Mixed 2 team consisting of Matt Piper, Sam Christmas, Jamie McDonald and Ann Hughes faced the elements at home to take on a very good Winton side.

The match was slightly delayed as the Winton team had headed for the Channel ferry rather than the Sandbanks ferry! However it was soon clear that their tennis was better than their geography as they took the first two rubbers 6-2, 6-3 and 6-2, 6-3. Winton fielded a strong team, particularly their first pairing, but Swanage battled through the second round of matches. Matt Piper and Sam Christmas lost the first set 6-2 but won the second set in a tiebreak.

This left them facing a match tiebreak, which they led until the end before eventually losing it at 8-10. Ann and Jamie fought well against the Winton first pair but also lost their rubber 6-1, 6-1.

The score line is one thing, but it sometimes doesn’t reflect the reality of the many hard-fought games. One Swanage service game clocking up ten deuces! It also tends to detract from the fun, nerves, excitement and camaraderie of playing in competitive matches. Swanage tennis club are keen for others to join them and ‘have a go’ at taking on local teams. The club sessions take place on Monday and Friday from 6 – 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 10 – 11am at Beach Gardens. Picture l-r Bridget Burtwell, Sue Tindale, Wendy Clarke, Diana Dyer

68 The Purbeck Gazette

Spotlight Event Diary

Diary Entries are FREE if your event is FREE. If you charge, then it’s £5 plus VAT per entry, per month. DEADLINE for AUG is noon, 10th JULY

KEY: * = Start time not known or n/a; Ffi = for further information; Sw = Swanage; Wm = Wareham; VH = Village Hall, Telephone code 01929 unless otherwise stated.

JULY 2013

Mon 1st

19:30 Wareham-Hemsbach Society Crepes with music and folk dance. Carey Hall, Mistover Road, Wareham. Contact Robin Brasher 427015.

Wed 3rd

10:00 Swanage Walking Group Meet at Church Lane, Osmington for a walk to picturesque Sutton Poyntz and up to White Horse Hill. Ffi 01929 450164.

Thu 4th

19:30 Edinburgh Festival Previews at The Legion Swanage Tom Binns has his character absolutely nailed, and mines the comic seam ruthlessly to create top-quality entertainment with practically universal appeal. Full details at Tickets are available now from The Legion, Swanage T.I.C, Replayed Records or on-line from Email:

19:30 Open Air Theatre at Corfe Castle ‘As You Like It by William Shakespeare’ 7.30pm Adult £15, child £8 No other touring open-air theatre company has performed so many different Shakespeare titles to so many people, winning so many awards, as Illyria. As You Like It is Shakespeare’s ultimate romantic comedy. For authenticity the production is performed on a stage based on those used by 16th-century touring companies. Booking Essential, call 0844 249 1895 or visit

Fri 5th

18:30 Isle of Purbeck Model Railway Group Furzebrook Village Hall, Furzebrook Road, Wareham, BH20 5AR Entrance £2, children 50p. For further information contact Terry Jenkins - 07960 691479

19:30 The Purbeck Village Quire At the Methodist Church, High Street, Swanage. FREE admission. Refreshments available. Ffi: 421331.

20:30 Lander Mason At The Square & Compass Inn, Worth Matravers. Ffi: 01929 439229.

Sat 6th

* Food & Drink Festival at Corfe Castle Come and sample the best food and drink from a wide range of local producers. Some of the finest locally produced food and drink in the area will be showcased at Corfe Castle. There will also be cookery demonstrations, new for 2013. For more information, or to arrange media access to event please contact: Jon Bish, Communications Officer, 01929 452309 / 07748650131

08:15 Swanage Walking Group An all day trip to the Isle of Wight by public transport, leaving on the 08:20 No.50 bus to Bournemouth. The day will include a cliff walk from Tennyson Down to Freshwater Bay then riverside walk back to Yarmouth. Ffi 01929 427015.

10:00 Family Fun Day The Swanage School and The Swanage Sea Rowing Club are holding a fun day on Sandpit Field. Volleyball Tug-o-war & Beat the goalie competitions. Food & stalls & much more. Email: amanda@rowleyswanage.

12:00 Grand Fete, St Mary’s Church, Swanage Tombola, ice cream, cakes, BBQ, raffle, gifts, toys, books.

20:30 Mellow Peaches At The Square & Compass Inn, Worth Matravers. Ffi: 01929 439229.

Sun 7th

* Food & Drink Festival at Corfe Castle Come and sample the best food and drink from a wide range of local producers. Some of the finest locally produced food and drink in the area will be showcased at Corfe Castle. There will also be cookery demonstrations, new for 2013. For more information, or to arrange media access to event please contact: Jon Bish, Communications Officer, 01929 452309 / 07748650131

13:30 Mal Webb At The Square & Compass Inn, Worth Matravers. Ffi: 01929 439229.

14:00 Kingston Fete At Kingston (follow signs on the day). Cream teas, Swanage Town Band, Classic Cars, Kelp! (Sea Shanty Band), Stalls & Attractions, Childrens’ Rides. Ffi: 01929 481663.

Tue 9th

10:00 Cottees Antiques and Collectables & General Sale Antiques, Collectables and General Auction. Viewing on Saturday prior to sale 10am - 12 midday and Monday prior to sale 9.30am - 5pm or Morning of Sale from 9am. Catalogue online For further information contact 01929 552 826

18:00 Poole Grammar School Open Evening Talk to pupils and staff whilst viewing the new performing arts centre and library. Ffi: 01202 692132 / www.

Wed 10th

14:00 Stoborough W.I. Meeting at Stoborough Village Hall. Escape from Uganda. Vera De Meneze’s brush with the Idi Amin regime.

19:30 Studland WI Meeting in Studland Village Hall. A talk by Frances Burrows “The Wonderful World of Glass” Competition: Unusual Piece of Glassware.

19:30 Swanage Evening WI Meets at the Mowlem Community Room on the 2nd Wednesday of every month, at 7.30pm. Derek Radley, ‘Green Island Holiday Trust’. Guests welcome.

Thu 11th

* Art Exhibition At The Crows Nest Inn, Ulwell rd, Swanage. Original paintings & photography by Geoff Francis. Ffi: 01929 422651

Fri 12th

* Art Exhibition At The Crows Nest Inn, Ulwell rd, Swanage. Original paintings & photography by Geoff Francis. Ffi: 01929 422651

* Swanage Jazz Festival Fifty plus bands - established stars and some of the most exciting young bands on the jazz scene. Special event - steam train ride and Jazz Dance at Harmans Cross village hall on Friday 12th July, 2pm from the station, tickets £15. Ffi and tickets: 01929 422215 or uk

13:00 Guy Ryder Osteopath at The Bay Skin & Body Centre At Tilly Whim Mews, Commercial rd, Swanage. Available to answer any queries you may have. Free Prize Draw for one complimentary consultant and treatment.

19:30 Purbeck Railway Circle Meets at Harman’s Cross VH for a talk/slide show entitled ‘The Rebirth of a Railway - The Story of the Restoration of the Welsh Highland Railway’, by Charles Clark. Doors open 7pm. VISITORS WELCOME. No admission charge; donations welcome. Ffi 554765.

20:30 Andy Broad At The Square & Compass Inn, Worth Matravers. Ffi: 01929 439229.

Sat 13th

* Festival of British Archaeology at Corfe Castle. Join us as we take part in The Festival of British Archaeology. Family trail every day, with our main living history displays and hands on activities, including new additions for 2013. Ffi: Jon Bish, Communications Officer, 01929 452309 / 07748 650131 jon.bish@

* Freebay at the URC Church, Swanage. Free table, free entry. Refreshments. Ffi or to book a table call Elizabeth on 01929 422406.

09:45 Swanage Walking Group Meet at Corfe NT Visitor Centre for a challenging but interesting and lovely walk via Corfe Common, Kingston, Puddle Mill & Church Knowle & back to Corfe. Ffi 01929 422578

10:00 Isle of Purbeck Arts Club ART EXHIBITION At the Catholic Church Hall, Rempstone Road, Swanage. Paintings and cards by LOCAL ARTISTS. ADMISSION FREE.

11:00 Purbeck Artists & Stallholders At Worth Matravers Village Hall. Crafts, Cakes, Jellies, Jams & Chutneys, Veg & Flowers.

12:00 St George’s Summer Fete, Langton Matravers 12pm – 4pm Come Rain or Shine Traditional Village Fete French Theme, stalls, games, music by Karl Lattimer & Swanage Town Band refreshments, children’s entertainer, fun for all the family.

Sun 14th

10:00 Weymouth Farmers Market At Westham Bridge, next to the marina. Ffi: 01258 881274

Wed 17th

11:00 Purbeck Artists & Stallholders At Worth Matravers Village Hall. Crafts, Cakes, Jellies, Jams & Chutneys, Veg & Flowers.

14:30 Studland History Group Meets at 2.30pm in the Village Hall. The speaker will be David Smith, “Footsteps in the Sands of Time”, about the Bankes’ Kingston Lacy Estate. All welcome. Ffi the Secretary 439245.

17:00 Swanage Walking Group Meet by the Mowlem theatre for an evening walk on the Victorian Trail to Durlston Castle, past Tilly Whim caves, Round Down. Returning via Townsend Road and Mill Pond. Ffi 01929 427015.

Thu 18th

11:00 Purbeck Artists & Stallholders At Worth Matravers Village Hall. Crafts, Cakes, Jellies, Jams & Chutneys, Veg & Flowers.

20:30 Miracle Theatre Company perform At The Square & Compass Inn, Worth Matravers. Ffi: 01929 439229.

Fri 19th

11:00 Purbeck Artists & Stallholders At Worth Matravers Village Hall. Crafts, Cakes, Jellies, Jams & Chutneys, Veg & Flowers.

10:30 Summer Festival of Arts, Crafts, Music and Flowers At St. Edward’s Parish Church Corfe Castle. 10.30am to 5pm (Sunday 12noon to 5pm) Coffee. Lunches. Teas served on the Church lawn throughout the Event.

20:30 HighTown Crows At The Square & Compass Inn, Worth Matravers. Ffi: 01929 439229.

Sat 20th

09:45 Swanage Walking Group Meet at the Knoll Beach car park (NT) for a circular walk, hopefully to include a circumnavigation of Little Sea . Ffi 01929 425165.

10:30 Summer Festival of Arts, Crafts, Music and Flowers at St. Edward’s Parish Church Corfe Castle. 10.30am to 5pm (Sunday 12noon to 5pm) Coffee.

Purbeck Gazette 69

Lunches. Teas served on the Church lawn throughout the Event.

10:00 Rainbows Coffee Morning & Swanage Bazaar At The Mowlem Community Centre in Swanage. Lots of stalls including beautiful crafts, books, toys, photography, cakes, jewellery, tombola and great coffee! Cakes and biscuits too! Come and join us... bring your friends for a chat and bring the kids to be entertained in the Kids Korner! Tables £5. Call Marjorie on 07717 682323 for more info

19.00 Swanage Fight Night At Swanage Football Club. An evening of Blue Collar Boxing is sure to be a knockout! Tickets available from www.swanagefightnight. or

19:30 Medieval Banquet at Corfe Castle £50 per person. A unique opportunity to enjoy an evening feast in the dramatic ruins of Corfe Castle, with authentic food and live entertainment. This will be an occasion not to be missed. Booking essential, call 0844 249 1895 or visit

20:00 Swanage Comedy at the Legion Rock-a-Hula Club and The Legion presents, Sally Anne Hayward, Joe Wells, Tom Toal & Ian Cognito. Tickets £13 in advance, £15 on the door.

20:30 Elephant Talk At The Square & Compass Inn, Worth Matravers. Ffi: 01929 439229.

Sun 21st

10:30 Summer Festival of Arts, Crafts, Music and Flowers at St. Edward’s Parish Church Corfe Castle. 10.30am to 5pm (Sunday 12noon to 5pm) Coffee. Lunches. Teas served on the Church lawn throughout the Event.

12:00 Wareham Modern/Middle School Reunion If you have any connection with the school since it first opened in 1939, join us for an informal reunion on the Wareham Middle School Playing Field (weather permitting). Ffi Contact Beryl (nee Ford) on: 01929 550138.

13:30 Swanage Walking Group Meet at Scotland Farm, near Corfe Castle for a circular walk through flower meadows and along the Hartland Trail. Ffi 01929 425165.

Mon 22nd

10:30 Summer Festival of Arts, Crafts, Music and Flowers at St. Edward’s Parish Church Corfe Castle. 10.30am to 5pm (Sunday 12noon to 5pm) Coffee. Lunches. Teas served on the Church lawn throughout the Event.

Tue 23rd

10:00 Cottees Antiques and Collectables & General Sale Antiques, Collectables and General Auction. Viewing on Saturday prior to sale 10am - 12 midday and Monday prior to sale 9.30am - 5pm or Morning of Sale from 9am. Catalogue online For further information contact 01929 552 826

Wed 24th

18:00 Swanage Walking Group Meet outside the railway station for an evening walk through New Swanage and along the chalk ridge to Corfe Castle. Return to Swanage by bus or train. Ffi 01929 422795.

19:30 Triple Act Ranger Productions At The Mowlem Theatre, Shore Road, Swanage. There will also be a matinee performance on Saturday 27th July at 2.30pm. Early booking essential!!

Thu 25th

19:30 Triple Act Ranger Productions At The Mowlem Theatre, Shore Road, Swanage. There will also be a matinee performance on Saturday 27th July at 2.30pm. Early booking essential!!

Fri 26th

19.00 The Big Weekender at Purbeck Valley Farm, Corfe Castle. Friday - The Wurzels & support bands. Saturday - Counterfeit Stones & support bands. Tickets £17.50 per NIGHT or £30 for both. Ticket line 07918999223.

19:00 Disco for Adults with Learning Disabilities at United Reformed Church Hall, Church Street, Wareham (behind Sainsbury’s car park). £5 per adult, no charge for carers. Soft drinks bar and snacks available. Held on the last Friday of every month. Ffi call: 405991 or 07974 073591 or

19:30 Triple Act Ranger Productions At The Mowlem Theatre, Shore Road, Swanage. There will also be a matinee performance on Saturday 27th July at 2.30pm. Early booking essential!!

Sat 27th

* Dorset Wildlife Trust Marine Week Events at Kimmeridge include : Guided Snorkel Trail - Fri 2nd August, Arty Crafty Event - Sun 4th August, Eco-crabbing & Crafty Crab Making - Weds 7th August, Rockpool Rambles - Fri 9th & Sun 11th August, Meet Marine Mini Beasts - Sat 10th August. Ffi: 01929 481044

* The Fossil Fayre At The Square & Compass Inn, Worth Matravers. Ffi: 01929 439229.

19:30 Triple Act Ranger Productions At The Mowlem Theatre, Shore Road, Swanage. There will also be a matinee performance on Saturday 27th July at 2.30pm. Early booking essential!!

10:30 Swanage Walking Group Meet at Strangways Hall, Abbotsbury for a scenic coastal walk with fine views over Chesil Beach, downland and Abbotsbury. Ffi 01929 400792

19:30 The Occasional Singers At St James Church, Kingston. Conductor Richard Hall will take the audience on a musical journey from Tudor times to the present day. No charge for admission. Retiring collection to help preserve this Grade I listed church. Interval refreshments.

20.00 The Big Weekender At Purbeck Valley Farm, Corfe Castle. Friday - The Wurzels & support bands. Saturday - Counterfeit Stones & support bands. Tickets £17.50 per NIGHT or £30 for both. Ticket line 07918999223.

Sun 28th

* Dorset Wildlife Trust Marine Week Events at Kimmeridge include : Guided Snorkel Trail - Fri 2nd August, Arty Crafty Event - Sun 4th August, Eco-crabbing & Crafty Crab Making - Weds 7th August, Rockpool Rambles - Fri 9th & Sun 11th August, Meet Marine Mini Beasts - Sat 10th August. Ffi: 01929 481044

* The Fossil Fayre At The Square & Compass Inn, Worth Matravers. Ffi: 01929 439229.

Mon 29th

* Stone Carving Festival At The Square & Compass Inn, Worth Matravers. Ffi: 01929 439229.

Tue 30th

* Stone Carving Festival At The Square & Compass Inn, Worth Matravers. Ffi: 01929 439229.

* Medieval Village at Corfe Castle Medieval Village with Knight & Damsel Academy. Step back in time to the 14th and 15th centuries, and immerse yourself in the Hundred Years War. An action packed family day out with interactive activities for budding knights and damsels, including new displays for 2013. Ffi: Jon Bish, Communications Officer, 01929 452309 / 07748 650131

11:00 Purbeck Artists & Stallholders At Worth Matravers Village Hall. Crafts, Cakes, Jellies, Jams & Chutneys, Veg & Flowers.

Wed 31st

* Dorset Wildlife Trust Marine Week Events at Kimmeridge include : Guided Snorkel Trail - Fri 2nd August, Arty Crafty Event - Sun 4th August, Eco-crabbing & Crafty Crab Making - Weds 7th August, Rockpool Rambles - Fri 9th & Sun 11th August, Meet Marine Mini Beasts - Sat 10th August. Ffi: 01929 481044

* Stone Carving Festival At The Square & Compass Inn, Worth Matravers. Ffi: 01929 439229.

09:45 Swanage Walking Group Meet at the NT Visitor Centre for a walk via coast path to Old Harry Rocks and over Ballard Down to Whitecliff Farm and Swanage Seafront. Ffi 01929 421039.

11:00 Purbeck Artists & Stallholders At Worth Matravers Village Hall. Crafts, Cakes, Jellies, Jams & Chutneys, Veg & Flowers.



09.00 U3A Table Tennis Group meet at Harmans Cross VH.

09.30 Notelets Music Group for under 5s at Parish Hall, Wm.

09.45 Toddler Club URC, Sw. Till 11.15

10.00 Mowlem Indoor Market at the Mowlem. Home grown/made produce – cakes, pies, veg plants etc. Quality clothing, jewellery, per products and lots more. Open until 16.00

10.00 Table Tennis Club Sw FC All ages/abilities £2.50 Till noon. 425175

10.30 Extend Exercise Class to improve strength, balance & flexibility. At Furzebrook VH. Donations welcome. Ffi: 471490

13.30 First Steps Group for early walkers up to 2 years old at Wareham’s Children’s Centre, Streche Rd, Wm. Till 3pm Ffi: 552864

14.00 Pins and Needles at Harmans Cross VH.

14.00 Swanage Disabled Club meet until 4pm. Meeting place alternates between Catholic Hall & Queensmead Hall, Sw. Transport available. Call Mrs Daphne Saville on 01929 425241 ffi.

16.45 Soccer Skills Sw FC First Sch chldn £1 Till 5.45. 425175

18.00 Sw Youth Centre Club 12-13 (Yr 7-9) Till 8

18.00 Sw Tennis Club Snr Club Session. 426312

19.00 Wareham Choral Society meet URC Meeting House, Chch St, Wm. Till 9. New singers always welcome. 554229/553460

19.00 Whist. Come & join us at the Reading Room, Church Hill, Swanage. Ffi, call 07984 968733

19.00 Purbeck Chess Club. Mortons House Hotel, Corfe Castle. Ffi, call Brian Beard 425988

19.30 Purbeck Quire rehearse at Wm Methodist Church. New/visiting singers (no audition necessary). String & wind players also welcome. Ffi: 423505 or 480737.

19.30 Wareham Art Club Workshop at Wareham Parish Hall. Ffi: 553718.

19:30 Badminton & Table Tennis Club, Adults, Swanage Methodist Church Hall. Small friendly club. All levels welcome. Til 10pm. 07917 473390

19.30 Wm Folk Dance Club Stoboro’ VH. All welcome. 553519/422730

20.00 BINGO at R.B.L. Club, High St. Sw. All welcome.

20.00 DARTS at the RBL Club, Sw.

20.00 Sw Youth Centre Club Night (Yr 9+) Till 10.30

20.00 Sw Conservative Club WHIST & DARTS. Sw. All welcome

20.00 Herston Hall Management C’ttee Bingo


09.30 Kiddies Corner Mother & Toddler Group (term time only) No fee - donations welcome. Purbeck Gateway Church. 551415

09.30 Wareham Art Club Workshop at Wareham Parish Hall. Ffi: 553718.

10.00 First Steps Toddler’s Group. Swanage Methodist Church till 11.30am. Ffi: Tom Bullock on 421767, office hours.


Sw Tennis Club Associate Club Session. Till 11. 426312
70 The Purbeck Gazette

10.00 Short Tennis at Sw FC All ages & abilities £1.50 Till noon. 425175

10.30 Twins Group - for Mums with Twins run by mums with twins at Wareham’s Children’s Centre, Streche Rd, Wm. Till 12 noon. Ante-natal mums expecting twins welcome. Ffi: 552864

11.00 Guided Church Tour at Bere Regis Parish Church. Volunteer-lead tour of this wonderful medieval church. No charge, but donations gratefully received.

13.00 Baby and Toddler Group at Harmans Cross VH.

14.00 Harman’s Cross Village Hall Art Group Till 5

14.00 Wareham Short Mat Bowls. Furzebrook VH. Roll-up session, all standards welcome. Ffi 401799

17.00 Sw Tennis Club Junior Session till 6pm. 426312

18.00 Sw Youth Centre Girls’ Night (Yr 8+) Till 10

18.00 Yoga - gentle at Swanage Arts Centre, Commercial Rd, Sw. £6 for 70 mins or £20 per month. Private lessons also available. Ffi call Johanna (certified Yoga teacher): 07892 680360

18.15 Sw Bridge Club Mowlem Comm’ty Room. 423497

18.15 Sw Cricket Club Practice till 8.30pm

18.15 Sw Bridge Club Mowlem Community Room. 423497

19.00 The Mayday Singers rehearse at The Old Malthouse, Langton. New members very welcome, contact Paul Baird 07802431012

19.30 Swanage Group of Alcoholics Anonymous meets at Swanage Day Centre, High Street, Swanage. If you want help to stop drinking, you are welcome. Or call 01202 296000 for more details.

19.30 Sw & Langton Folk Dance Club Langton VH. Ffi: 424252

19.30 Belvedere Singers rehearsal at All Saints Ch, Ulwell, Sw. All singers welcome! 423350

20.00 Sw Regatta & Carnival Assoc Bingo Herston Leisure, Herston Yards Farm, Sw.

20.00 DARTS at the RBL Club, Sw.

20.00 Sw Conservative Club Bingo, Pool & Snooker

20.00 Carey Hall, Wm Bingo


09.00 St Mark’s Toddlers Group, St Mark’s Church, Swanage. Herston, Sw Till 11am

09.45 Corfe Wool Workshop Corfe VH, East St. Members £1.50; non-members £2.50. Till12.00. 427067

10.00 Short tennis for adults at Swanage Football Club. All welcome. Equipment supplied. Till noon.

10.00 Breast Feeding Group at Wareham’s Children Centre, Streche Rd, Wm. Offering peer support and breastfeeding counsellor advice. Till 12 noon. Ffi: 552864

11.00 Volunteer Centre Drop-In at Swanage Library till 1pm. Find our about volunteering to support community groups & charities

12.30 Young Parent’s Group at Wareham Children’s Centre, Streche Road, Wm. Ffi: 552864. Till 2pm. Transport Available.

13.15 EBC TOTS meet Emmanuel Baptist Ch, Victoria Ave, Sw. Til 2.45. £1 per child.

14.00 Herston Senior Citizens meet Herston Hall, Jubilee Rd, Sw. All welcome

14.00 Health Qigong: Fitness and relaxation. Till 3pm. With Penny at the Mowlem Community Room, Sw. Ffi 07969925502

16.15 Swanage Football Club U-7s Training til 5.15pm. £1. Ffi: 426346

17.15 Swanage Football Club U-9s Training til 6.15pm. £1. Ffi: 426346

18.00 Sw Youth Centre Club 12-13 (Yr 7-9) Till 8

18.45 Sw Hockey Club Training Wm Sports Centre. Till 8. 424442

19.00 Sw Town Band rehearsals. Town Hall Council Chamber. Till 8.30. 426926

19.00 Wm Bridge Club at the Library, South St. 552257

19.00 Wareham Short Mat Bowls Club Roll-up evening Furzebrook VH. 401799

19.30 Swanage Musical Theatre meet Swanage Bay View Complex Rehearsal Room. All welcome. Ffi: 426161

19.45 Badminton Group meet at the Purbeck Sports Centre until 9.15pm for games of mixed doubles. Ffi, please call Kate on 01929 421806 or email katespurling@

20.00 Sw Youth Centre Club Night (Yr 9+) Till 10

20.00 Sw Royal British Legion BINGO & POKER. High St, Sw

20.15 Dorset Buttons Morris Practice. URC Hall, Wm. 423234/421130

20.30 The Ship Inn Quiz Night at The Ship Inn, Langton Matravers.

20.30 Wm Swimming Club Adults. All standards + stroke improvement. Till 10

22.00 Sw Youth Centre Club Night (16+) Till 11.59


08.30 Wm Home Producers Veg, cakes, plants, flowers, handicrafts. URC. New producers/helpers welcome. Till 11. 553798

09.00 Swanage Painting Club. Catholic Church Hall, Rempstone Rd, Sw. Friendly group. New members including beginners welcome. Till 1pm. Ffi: Jan on 01929 480471

09.30 Pottery Classes held in Wareham. Till 11.30am. For details contact Rachel 01929 480455 to book 15pw.

10.00 PEEP for 2 year olds at Wareham’s Children’s Centre, Streche Rd, Wm. A six week course in early childhood learning. Please call to book a place on 552864. Till 11.30am

10.00 Wm Parent & Toddler Group During term Parish Hall, Quay Till 11.45. 556806

10.30 Isle of Purbeck Arts Club Drop In Coffee Morning. Arts Centre, Commercial Rd, Sw. Til 12 noon. Come see find out what the Arts Club does.

10.00 Wool Country Market D’Urbeville Hall. Cakes, preserves, plants, crafts, vegetables. Coffee & biscuits available.

10.00 Sw Tennis Club Associate Club Session. Til 11am. 426312

10.00 Tea, Coffee, Biscuits at Queensmead Hall, Sw. Til 11am. Adm 50p

10.00 Volunteer Centre Drop-In at Wareham Library till 12pm. Find our about volunteering to support community groups & charities.

10.30 Harman’s Cross Village Hall Chinese Art Group

10.30 Mid-Week Market Morning Service URC, Church St, Wm. Prayer requests to Revd. Simon Franklin 556976

13.30 Under 1 year olds at Wareham’s Children’s Centre, Streche Rd, Wm. Anti-natal mums welcome. Till 3pm. Ffi: 552864.

13.30 Sw Badminton & Table Tennis Club Afternoon Club at Swanage Methodist’s Church. Till 3. 423429.

13.30 Toddler Group. All Saints’ Church, Sw. 423937. Till 3pm (Term times)

14.15 Sw Over-60s Meet in the URC Hall, High Street, Sw. All Welcome.

15.00 Guided Church Tour at Bere Regis Parish Church. Volunteer-lead tour of this wonderful medieval church. No charge, but donations gratefully received.

18.15 Sw Cricket Club Practice till 9pm

18.00 Five High Singers, United Reformed Church Hall, Swanage. 11 - 18 years. Till 7pm

18.30 Swanage Sea Rowing Club Circuit Training at Swanage Middle School. Ffi: 07776 201455

19.00 Health Qigong: Fitness and relaxation. Till 8pm. With Penny at Furzebrook VH, Wm. Ffi 07969925502

19.00 Purbeck Gateway Club meets at Wareham Youth Centre until 9pm. Purbeck Gateway is a club for adults with learning difficulties. We meet during term time and have fun! All welcome. Ffi: Lew on 552173. Email:

19.15 Wm Town Band Brass & Woodwind players welcome. 551478/01202 242147

19.30 Short Mat Bowls in the Durbeville Hall, Wool. All standards welcome, till 9.30pm. Ffi: 552682

19.30 Sw Youth Centre Club Night (Yr 9+) Till 10

19.30 Sw Conservative Club Line Dancing

19.30 IoP Arts Club Choir meets till 9.30pm at Swanage First School (NOT Dec 14, 21, 28, Jan 4, Feb 22, Apr 5,12) till May 10

20.00 Swanage Conservative Club Shove Ha’penny

20.00 Herston Hall OAP Committee Bingo Sw


09.00 Stay & Play at Wareham’s Children’s Centre, Streche Rd, Wm. Till 10.30am. Ffi 552864.

09.30 Health Qigong: Fitness and relaxation. Till 10.30pm. With Penny at Furzebrook VH, Wm. Ffi 07969925502

10.00 Sw Country Market at Community Room, The Mowlem, Sw. Till 11.30 Free. New producers / growers always welcome.

10.00 Table Tennis Club Sw FC All ages/abilities £2.50 Till noon. 425175

11.00 Toddler Time For Under 5s And Carers. Wareham Library. Stories, songs and crafts. Every Friday, including school holidays. Ffi: 01929 556146

14.00 Pottery Classes held in Corfe Castle. 2 - 5pm. Call Rachel 01929 480455 to book. £10pw

14.30 Short Mat Bowls at Durbeville Hall, Wool. Till 4.30pm. All standards welcome. Ffi: 552682.

18.00 Purbeck War-Game & Model Club. Lower Salvation Army Hall, Kings Rd East, Sw. 426096 (shop hours)

18.00 Sw Youth Centre Club 12-13 (Yr 7-9) Till 8

18.00 Sw Tennis Club Senior Club Session. 426312

18.15 Sw Bridge Club Mowlem Community Room. 423497

19.00 Swanage Scouts meet during term time at the URC Church Hall, Sw. Open to boys & girls aged 10-14 years. Ffi:

19.30 Air Training Corps meet at ATC HQ, Court Rd, Sw. Till 9.30pm.

19.30 Short tennis for adults at Swanage Football Club. All welcome. Equipment supplied. Till 9.30pm. £3.

20.00 Sw Youth Centre Club Night (Yr 9+) Till 10pm.

20.00 Sw Youth Centre Live Bands (as advertised) Till 10pm.

22.00 Sw Youth Centre Late Session (Yr 9+) till 11.59pm (members free)


09.00 Sw CC U11 - U15 Practice till 10.30

09.30 Sw CC U9 & U10 Practice & Kwik Cricket till 10.30

10.00 Men Behaving Dadly - Group for Dads/Grandads/Male Carers & their children at both Wareham and Swanage Children’s Centres till noon. Bacon sandwiches available! Call 552864 to find out what’s happening where this week and to book a space.

10.00 Tea, coffee and home-made cakes in the Parish Hall on Wareham Quay during the Community Market. Til 2pm. Bric-a-Brac stall weekly. Christian bookstall .most weeks. All welcome for a warm-up and a friendly chat.

20.00 Herston OAP Committee Bingo at Herston Hall, Sw


* Gay Women’s Walking Group meet most Sundays for a walk around Swanage and beyond. We’re a friendly, supportive group for gay or bisexual women. Ffi: 07964 659100 or email

10.00 Arts and Crafts Market at the Mowlem in Swanage. A wide range of local art for sale, including pottery, glass, cards, fabric and much more! To book your table, or for more information, call Tony on 01929 421321.

10.30 Stoborough Emmanuel Baptist Church meet at Stoborough First School, Stoborough. All very welcome.

13.00 Sw Royal British Legion BINGO. High St, Sw.

13.15 Sw Conservative Club Members Draw

The Purbeck Gazette 71
DORSET - SOMERSET - WILTSHIRE - ISLE OF WIGHT - 0845 2600515 Trade Adverts Sponsored by Tel: 01929 401095 PLUMBING & HEATING LTD BLUEFISH 24 HR CALLOUT J W Matthews Tel: 01929 426839 Mob: 07974 689009 Fax: 01929 426839 email: website: 31269 519426 Complete bathroom design and installation service Wetrooms Boiler repairs and installation J.A. Specialist in Purbeck Stone Walling Construction General Building, Extensions, Renovations, Roofing, New Builds and all types of Ground Work. Also available for Plumbing, Electrics & Carpentr y. Tel: 01929 425038 Fax: 01929 423181 Mobile: 07973 388190 Email: (Dorset) Ltd. Contractors Ltd HERO All building works undertaken by an experienced, local builder Extensions - Loft Conversions Under Pinning - Property Maintenance Roofing Works All insurance works and FREE quotations 0800 783 4896 07774 328721 07813 346993 72 The Purbeck Gazette
LOCAL TRADE ADVERTISING Brickcraft Building Contractors Insurance & General Building Work Undertaken Call Charlie on 07973 834175 or 01929 405075 Construction Extensions Patio/Paving Fireplaces Garden Walls Landscaping W.F.SNOOK & SON LTD Established in Purbeck since 1952 PVC-U,Aluminium & Timber Framed Windows Doors Patio Doors Bi-Folding Doors Window Repairs Misted Unit repairs Sectional Garage Doors ‘Kestrel’PVC-U Fascia, Soffit, Mouldings, etc Conservatories We are the‘Coastal’Approved Installers for the Purbeck area and local Neighbourhood Watch recommended. Tel: 01929 481 581 FENSA All work guaranteed for 10 years David Chalmers Experienced male House Cleaner and Interior Painting Carpet Cleaning undertaken Fully Insured Tel: 01929 424009 Mob: 07961 727724 Email: All your property needs, inside and out 01929 477267 07889 133727 Alterations, Refurbishment, Plumbing, Painting & Decorating, Kitchen & Bathroom fitting Property Maintenance NO JOB TOO SMALL- FREE ESTIMATES R.J.WOOLFORD R.J.WOOLFORD Swanage Aerial Services Fr eesat KEVIN DIMARCO Tel: 01929 426366 Mobile: 07816 084683 Digital Freeview LCD Installations Isle of Purbeck BUILDING SERVICES Yourfriendly and reliable local craftsmen Loft conversions, Extensions, Conservatories, you name it, we build it! Fora quotation orjust some informal advice, call: Full planning & design service now available 01929 477233 or07964 472791 L. LANDER PROPERTYMAINTENANCE Interior Painting & Decorating General Building & Repairs Kitchens fitted. Glazing & D/G repairs Wall & Floor Tiling Windows & Doors supplied & fitted Tel: 01929 481496 Mobile: 07796 237351 Email: FENSA Johnson Plastering Commercial & Domestic 27 years experience locally Fully qualified Call Tyke on 07814 959940 Decoration Design All Aspects of Interior and Exterior Decoration Fully Insured Friendly, Reliable Service Please call Russell 01929 480045 / 07810 800622 A.P.P. CONSTRUCTION Patios, Garden Walls, Fencing, Garden Clearance All aspects of building TelAllan on: 07530 983210 01929 424437 FREE estimates, Fast, friendly service. The Purbeck Gazette 73
LOCAL TRADE ADVERTISING SWANAGE & DORSET SCAFFOLDING All aspects of Residential & Commercial Scaffolding Emergency Call Outs - Free Quotations & Estimates Temporary Roof Coverings - Fully Insured OUR PRICE WON’T BE BEATEN 01929 424553 01258 858214 07813 346993 Boiler Service & Repair Specialist All Types of Work Undertaken: Gas Certificates & Installations Plumbing, Electrical, Kitchen, Bathrooms & General Maintenance Tel no: 07774 132154 (mobile) Swanage-based Reg. No: 510565 JIM BAGGLEY BUILDING SERVICES Ltd Renovations, Alterations, Extensions, New Cut Roofs, Upvc Windows & Doors, Carpentry & Joinery Loft Conversions, Tel: 01305 852311 07879 817662 or Email: STEEDEN CARPENTRY LTD From cut roof to replacement locks Loft conversions to fitted kitchens All aspects of carpentry trade Office: 01929 425468, Martyn: 07768 790506 Gavin: 07900 981714 Ring any of the above for advice and quotes Established since 1980 Roy Osmond Ltd Traditional Forge Works Light Fabrication, Security Grills, Hand & Balcony Rails, Fire Escapes & Bespoke Work To Your Specification Contact Roy Osmond on: 01929 400520 or mobile: 0779 6044859 ARCHITECTURAL SURVEYORS (established 15 years) Specialists in PlanningApplications for Extensions and Loft Conversions. We have an excellent reputation, giving a professional, quality service, with a wealth of knowledge, and a high success rate. FREE initial no-obligation 1st consultation (no follow-up unless requested) Tel: 07963 252513 PEARCE WRIXON ASSOCIATES LTD The Premier Trade Organisation High Performance Flat Roofing Specialists Re-Roofing - Slating & Tiling Roof Repairs - UPVC Facias & Gutters Chimneys Removed or Repointed 01929 421156 07974 077885 NO JOB TOO SMALL ROOFING SPECIALIST SPARROW’S Over 30 years Membership Federation of Master Builders Home Selection Service No Job too Small or Big Supply & Fitting or Fitting Only M: 0775 4263885 T: 01929 450617 DORSET FLOORING Carpets, Vinyls, Laminate Wood JezAstells owner/fitter Garden Landscaping *Patios *Fencing *Paths *Lighting *Drives *Stone *Decking *Borders *Walls *Concrete Bases *Sheds *Gravel Gardens *MiniTractor Digger I’LLBETTER THAT QUOTE! 01929 553705 * 07976 222887 OAPDiscount R Harvey Est 1986 SINGER / PIANIST / KEYBOARDS EASYLISTENING FORALLOCCASIONS VOCALS / PIANO ANDREW CANNON 01929 421401 SWANAGE & DORSET ROOFING Flat roofing Re-roofs, Slate orTile All repair works Free Quotations 01929 424553 07813 346993 ALLASPECTS OF ROOFING WORK 74 The Purbeck Gazette
SANDIE’S BARBERSHOP 191 HIGH STREET, SWANAGE 01929 426364 Open 7 days a week Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Highest standards guaranteed Fully certified & insured No hidden charges & no VAT Call Steve aton 01929 553861 or 07974 529017 Pile-Up LOCAL TRADE ADVERTISING LYTCHETT MINSTER JOINERYLTD Specialising in purpose-made hard & soft wood joinery Staircases, Windows, Doors, Conservatories, Gates,Traditional Skirtings & Mouldings Over 25 years experience Call Steve Rawlings: 01202 622441 or email: PURBECK PLUMBING, HEATING & DRAINAGE 31269 Central Heating Installation, Cylinder Replacement, Solar Panels, Power Flushing of Heating System. Boiler Services/LGSC. Bathrooms. Drain Jetting. All areas covered - Free Estimates Contact Stephen Iles 01929 550858/07831 312740 Freestyle Flooring Carpets Vinyl Tiles Wood ManyYears Experience Ian Campbell 01929 554292 or 07802 667250 Coastal Plumbing & Tiling For a friendly, reliable service, call Steve on: 07951 249299 / 01929 475632 City & Guilds qualified 23 years experience Brian&PennyArmstrong 01929552483/ 07743019590 Decorators Insured&guaranteed Established 1968 Felts in High Performance or GRP ALLWITH 20YEAR GUARANTEE 01305 268248 or 07909 441084 Long Established Family Firm CARPETS AND UPHOLSTERY BEAUTIFULLY CLEANED Call Gerald Clow 01929 472267 0771 2489760 No VAT No Hidden Charges Ultimate Finish (Sthrn) Ltd Oil heating, plumbing, repair & service installation 01929 555141 / 07889984186 Chris Barton Also property maintenance and bathroom & kitchen refurbishment LIQUID DISPOSAL LTD For yourand emptying requirements, septic tank cesspit call a local person for a personal and reliable service on: 01929 550928 or 07719 382720 NOT advertising is like winking at a beautiful lady in the dark, and expecting her to notice... TRADE ADVERTISING WITH THE PURBECK GAZETTE IS YOUR BEST OPTION FOR LOCAL ADVERTISING From only £120 plus VAT for SIX MONTHS, you’ll be hard-pushed to find a better deal Call Joy on 01929 424293 to book NJA Specialist Tree Care All aspects of Tree Surgery & Hedgework undertaken Fully insured and NPTC Qualified Free Quotations and advice 07703 210647 or 01929 481600 The Purbeck Gazette 75
Rubbish Cleared! Tel: 01929 288085 07767 479438 Fully licensed & insured Half the price of a skipand we do all the work!
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