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INFLATABLE DIY COOKBOOK Do-It-Youself BOOKLET AbOUT building up INSTANT, simple but effective INFLATABLEs

ISBN 978-1-4461-6014-5


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URBAN FIELDS is an open network of artists and creatives from different discipline based in Rome, Italy. The main activity of the group is to explore the physical and social controversial condition of the contemporary metropolitan realm through spontaneous, instant and temporary appropriations of neglected public space. Urban Installations, performances, workshops, various experiments of communication and relational design are documented on-line at:

Inflatable DIY Cookbook by Daniele Mancini Art Direction Daniele Mancini Graphic Design Giulio Frittaion, Bromelles Photo Shooting & Video editing Various people among the Urban Fields crew Project Management Margherita Cardoso & Benedetto Turcano Media Design Stella Passerini Web Design Andrea Cattabriga Web First Edition September 2010 Copyright Š 2010 Exhibition Design Lab - Daniele Mancini Publisher and Print ISBN 978-1-4461-6014-5

INFLATING DIY COOKBOOK A manual to built up quickly and easily your personal and effective inflatable space.

This booklet is divided into two parts. The first one is a Do It Yourself manual about building up simple inflatable structures. The second one is a collection of images about our last workshops and performances. The inflatable technology is really complex and it’s applied in many fields of science and engineering. Nevertheless, as designers we are interested in inflatables because they could be a cheap, fast and easy way to moke up real scale prototype of livable spaces. According to the deepest ethos of Urban Fields we left also parametric like sofistication to others: our endless source of inspiration in our inflating activity, in fact, is the work of Ant Farm to whom this booklet is dedicated. They used to say: Architecture isn’t just building, it is media, it is performance, it is graphic presentation, and with inflatables these elements can be equals. In 1970 they’ve printed a very little numbers of copies of a fresh and radical magazine called Inflatecookbook about their experiences in DIY designig super POP inflatable structures with the intention of sharing their experience. We want do the same with this small and not exhaustive book. In Inflatable we Trust!

Daniele Mancini // Urban Fields


Plastic Sheets Extractor fans


Fishing wire

Bulb Lights

Neon Lights multi socket





Video Camera

Sound System

Torus like shape as an house like myself workshop. Exploring a nomadic minimum space of existence (or a space of minimum existence?) we demostrate a resourceless 1:1 prototype is much much better than a computer based rendering: it tooks 25 people for 16 hours cutting and tapering about 1000 sqm of plastic sheets.




Self made inflatable based experiments for a light, instant and floating urban scenario. Performing with the wind and some thin sheets of plastic, metropolitan poetry emerges...


Urban Fields curated the just one night workshop “MySpace.IED� for Tutto in una notte 2009 at IED Istituto Europeo di Design in Rome, from 7.00 pm 15th to 7.00 am 16th May 2009

from each according to ability, to each according to need

Workshops for children and inflatable interactive installations. Experiment of partecipatory design and relational architecture. Civita Castellana, 29th May 2009 / Project by Urban Fields + Katia Millozzi


A workshop as an introduction to inflatable structures. Simple, economic, with consistently impressive effects. Urban Fields has been invited at Workshop at Compasso di Latta [Tin Compasses], organized by NABA + Triennale di Milano presented during the Milan International Furniture Fair – Salone del Mobile di Milano 2010 – Milano Bovisa, 13th of Aprile from 2pm to 6pm


All the Projects and Performances presented on this booklet+DVD are intended as an Open Source Urban Appropriation Operating System. This means you can freely copy, distribute, display, perform, reuse, adapt and hopefully improve what we have already done! If you like, we can connect your name to the URBANFIELDS network. Just let us know at Please, for more, refer to the Attribution Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share Alike licence.

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