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{v.} Hitting the road for the purpose of having an adventure


FIRST COAST FORCE-FREE TRAINERS A Division of Central Florida Force-Free Veterinary Behavior & Trainers Network

WHO ARE WE? First Coast Force Free Trainers was created to help veterinarians and pet owners in the Northeast Florida region choose credentialed and skilled training professionals that are committed to never using fear, force or pain to teach or modify behavior.


WHAT CAN WE OFFER YOU? We offer private in-home training and group classes for everything from puppy skills, home manners and obedience, Canine Good Citizen, therapy dog training, as well as behavior help for fear, anxiety, and aggression.





(904) 930-0331

Private In-home — Obedience, All Behavior Modification, Canine Good Citizen

(904) 236-3780

Private In-home Obedience, All Behavior Modification



(904) 327-2173

(301) 906-6349

JACKSONVILLE PAWSITIVE TRAINING, INC. 12 years Experience — Group Classes

Obedience, Canine Good Citizen, ABC Mentor Trainer

FOUR PAWS TRAINING Private In-home Obedience, Mild Behavior Modification


We do not use shock collars (e-collars), prong collars, choke collars, nor any other type of coercion, fear, intimidation, or pain to “educate” an animal. Pain and coercion do not accelerate learning, but rather delay it, nor do they truly change behavior. Our training approach is positive, family-friendly, and rewards-based. This means that we reward the dog for performing the correct behavior, which clearly helps the dog see what is expected, and we redirect unwanted behavior. Positive does not mean permissive. It does mean that we teach, not threaten, with a fair approach so that dogs truly will enjoy learning and form a trusting bond with their owners.


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Trippin’ Issue THE


Greetings Earthlings. And happiest fall season to you!

Welcome to TRIPPIN’! I’m going to have to come clean right off the bat here—I’m having to live vicariously through the get-out-and-gowith-your-dog goodness in this issue. I don’t actually get to do these things myself any more. Back when I only had one dog—one who was easy and enjoyed being around other bodies and beings—he went everywhere with me like an appendage. I car-traveled all the time just so that I could bring my Coopie-coop. Now I’ve upped the ante to three dogs, and two out of the three are pretty needy—in ways that don’t make traveling with them any kind of a pleasure. And I can’t just bring the “good” one, that would give me that dogmom guilt (those of you with more than one dog know the guilt of which I speak). So now I either don’t go, or I make sure Aunt Ashley can take care of them all. But I do miss the days of yore—jumping in the car, clicking my only child to his seat belt, adjusting the rear view mirror so I could make goo-goo eyes at him, and stepping on the gas to see what we could see. Cheers to the parents who do take their willing and able pups on day trips, adventure, and new experiences! I’ll be over here, basking in envy over guilt during this phase of my life. But I hope you enjoy TRIPPIN’ and maybe get some new ideas about how to experience our beautiful world with your pup(s).

Have a great week! With love and admiration, Amy

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Love Letter

Jack + Max

Dear Unleash, I just wanted to thank you for setting up a tent at the Brewhound event this summer where you let kids adopt “pets” from Secret Life of Pets. My three year old adopted “Max,” and has really been treating him like his real dog! He made him a bed, gives him breakfast in a little bowl each morning, made a leash out of pipe cleaners to take him for a walk, and brings him on our trips so “he won’t get lonely.” It has encouraged us to consider adopting a dog since he has shown such caring and responsibility (once our baby is a bit older). - Lindsay Robinson


—behind the scenes—

Cover Photoshoot Adoptable Models: Grayson, Dakota, and Clyde the Shoplifter Rescue: The London Sanctuary Photographer: Woof Creative Photography Location: Atlantic Beach Car: 1964 Morgan +4, on loan from Brian Moody



Clyde the Shoplifter

To adopt any of these beautiful models, contact The London Sanctuary! Adopt Grayson

Happy, friendly, engaging and playful—that’s Grayson. He’s ready for an active family that will love him, challenge him, and cherish him as a family member for the rest of his life! Grayson is good with dogs and adults. He likes to play with toys, is affectionate, intelligent, eventempered, and goofy! Thank you to Brian Moody for letting the hounds take over his 1964 Morgan +4

6 | Trippin’

Adopt Dakota

Dakota is magical! This social butterfly is two years old, loves people and dogs, but hasn’t been cat tested. She’s high energy, so probably kids 10 and up would be fantastic for her. A 6-foot privacy fence is a must for her (she can jump a 4-foot like it’s her job.) Dakota loved being in front of the camera and inside the convertible, but that’s not a requirement for her new family to have. :)

Adopt Clyde the Shoplifter

How did this 3ish-year-old resourceful and handsome boy get his name you ask? When he was a stray hungry hound, he was smart enough to wander through an open door at a country grocery store and start fixing his own lunch! Clyde is just a sweet, happy, goofy, and playful boy who LOVES people and to play play play with other dogs!

8 | Trippin’

Unleash Jacksonville | 9



the right way / Kate Godfrey, ABCDT With cooler weather on the way and the holiday season approaching, you may be planning to include your dog in your travel itinerary. My dog, Saxon, and I will be taking two road trips together in the coming month, and you’d better believe I’ve planned ahead. Here are some tips you may find useful to help you and your dog enjoy your time away together. TRAVEL SAFE: Let’s start with safety while you are en route. An unrestrained dog in a car can easily become a dangerous projectile. There are various ways you can keep your dog safe while in the car from a dog harness and seat belt combo, a barrier, or a dog carrier secured in the car. Find and test what is going to work best for you and your dog. LODGING: Be sure your dog is welcome wherever you will be staying and plan ahead. Some hotels and rentals have a weight limit, but you’d be surprised how accommodating they can be if you call ahead. Saxon is about 90 pounds, and both places we’ll be staying list a weight limit on their sites. But a quick call to the management made this a nonissue! Some rentals require you to bring a kennel if your dog will be left unattended. You’ll also likely pay a pet fee, but this is a small price to pay for bringing your dog along on vacation. The pet fee, when compared to the fee you’d face for bringing a dog without permission, is minute. Know and understand the policies of the place you will be staying. DOG GEAR: Be sure your dog has a collar and ID 10 | Trippin’

with up-to-date information. Check that your leash clasps are functioning properly and that there is no chance of your pup wriggling out of its collar or harness. The last thing you want is your dog running free in an unfamiliar place. If you want your dog to have some freedom, take a long line to let them roam while still under your control. You may even consider getting a collar with a GPS tracker, depending on your dog and the activities you’ll be doing. If you’ll be hitting trails, make sure your pup is current on any necessary vaccinations and flea/tick preventives. Even the most well-trained dog can get spooked and run off, or decide that the scent they are tracking is far more important than responding to you. We must be realistic! COMFORTS OF HOME: Bring along the food your dog is used to eating, along with their dish. Nothing spoils a fantastic getaway like a dog with an upset stomach. If possible, bring your dog’s bedding—it smells like home and is a place they’re likely used to relaxing. If your dog is usually in a kennel when left alone, bring the kennel! It can also be a good idea to bring some of your dog’s favorite toys, food puzzles, and appropriate chews. You’ll likely not bring your dog on every outing of your vacation. Having a frozen Kong, interactive toy, or awesome bone can help keep them busy while you’re out and about, and can help you both relax. PLAN AHEAD: Plan your route with the intent of making stops so that your dog can relieve itself in a

safe area and also rehydrate. This can be a good time to burn some energy so that your dog can better relax for the duration of your trip. If your dog is on medication, be sure you have enough to get through the trip. Email yourself a copy of your dog’s vaccination records and look up emergency vets in the area for the “what ifs” ahead of time. BASIC TRAINING: A little training really can go a long way. Having a dog that responds to basic obedience cues not only makes your dog more pleasant to travel with, it can help keep them safe! A dog that knows its name, comes when called, and has impulse control with the cues of “wait”, “stay,” and “leave it” will be far easier to manage in a new setting. You may benefit from bringing some treats along on your outing to reward your dog for making the right choices and responding to you. A WORD ON POTTY TRAINING: Just because your dog or puppy is housetrained at home doesn’t mean the behavior will generalize to a new place. Act as if your dog is not house-trained until you are certain you can trust them. This is especially the case for puppies. A few extra potty breaks and the utilization of a kennel or X-pen can save a lot of headache. KNOW THE RISKS: If you’ll be hitting the trails or doing a lot of outdoor activity, do some research to find out about the local wildlife. You don’t want to be surprised to find it is snake season, mating season for wild boars or moose, if coyotes are plentiful in the area, or anything along those lines. Depending on where you go and what activities you’ll be doing with your dog, it’s always wise to know the risks. New smells can be tempting for dogs, so please think twice about letting them off-leash. I hope you’ll be able to enjoy time away from home with your dog with the peace of mind that you’ve checked these items off your list ahead of time! It’s easy to forget something important, so don’t wait until the last minute to get things in order. Now—go have yourself an adventure of a lifetime with your furry friend! • Kate Godfrey, ABCDT, owner of Comprehensive Canine Training, LLC, is an honors graduate of the Dog Obedience Instructor Program of Animal Behavior College. / Unleash Jacksonville | 11

Editor’s note: We recently received a message from a proud mama that thrilled us: Dear Unleash, Beatrice is a reader of your magazine, and we recently ordered four back issues for her to dive into. She always has at least one Unleash Magazine with her for reading at restaurants, in the car, or wherever there might be a quiet moment. For years she has collected photos of animals in need of adoption, and she is so proud to now be the mommy to her first ever rescue pet! Acorn came from a hoarder home with 50 cats and 30 dogs, we are working to socialize him to his new life where everything is brand new to him ... I wanted to share with you the appreciation my daughter has for your magazine.


The day we met Acorn!

WOW! What an amazing kiddo! We greatly appreciate Beatrice’s love for animals, commitment to adoption, and affinity for Unleash! We had to hear more about her newly adopted dog ...

Adopting Acorn / Beatrice, Age 10 Acorn is our newly adopted dog, we got him from S.A.F.E Animal Rescue in St. Augustine on July 10. He is a Jack Russellmix that is around one year old. We adopted him because he was the only dog at the shelter that would let us pet him, and he was playing with the other dogs in his run instead of barking at us. He seemed happy and calm, so we brought him home as a foster and then a few days later we decided to adopt him. Acorn is surprisingly mellow for a Jack Russell Terrier. Among his favorite things are sleeping, playing, and bone chewing. I enjoy training Acorn, walking him, playing and cuddling with him. In The day we brought Acorn home-so happy! just two months, he has learned sit, lay down, wait, sit pretty, crawl, and roll over! Together we play fetch and frisbee, one time I was playing fetch with him and he was trying to go after the ball at the same time he had another ball in his mouth. We are still working on him catching the frisbee in his mouth. When we first brought him home from the shelter, he was afraid of the slightest things, like a grocery bag, blinds suddenly opening, palm fronds swaying in the yard, trash cans on trash day, his own shadow and reflection, and some new people. Since bringing him home, almost all of these fears have diminished. When he first meets new people I have to ask them not to reach down and pet him at first because he is handshy. Once he has the chance to sniff feet and feel secure he is much more willing to be petted. This has taught me that some dogs are shy when they first meet new people and not to go straight down and pet them and to always ask before petting a dog.

Beatrice’s Artwork

Recently, we took Acorn to North Carolina and he loved it. He was climbing on the rocks like a mountain goat. He enjoyed hiking and if we tried to turn around on a hike Acorn would just stand there and look at us like, please let me keep hiking. It was so cute! Acorn was so good during the car ride to North Carolina—he didn’t whine, whimper, or bark on any of the long car rides. Having Acorn in my life has made everything better by a vigintillion. I think if Acorn could talk he would say the same. • 12 | Trippin’

Unleash Jacksonville | 13


Loading of the HSUS rescue flight

Transport van en route to VA

Jacksonville adoptables head north / Becky Rosa, ACPS Volunteer What a dramatic and scary end of summer we had weather-wise! As Dorian carved her path of unparalleled destruction over the Bahamas, preparations got underway in Jacksonville to help get some our First Coast animals out of the danger zone. As the catastrophic storm appeared to be on her way to making a major hit to Florida’s east coast, Jacksonville Animal Care & Protective Services (ACPS) went into overdrive in an attempt to secure some evacuation plans for our babies! On August 31, two dedicated staff members from ACPS, drove day and night in the ACPS transport vehicle to deliver 22 dogs to Virginia! Once arrived, Loudoun County Animal Services took 12, and Animal Welfare League of Arlington took 10. The next morning, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) had coordinated the evacuation of approximately 80 animals from three different Northeast Florida shelters— Jacksonville ACPS being one of them. Thanks to the fast and efficient work from shelter staff to get so many animals ready for transport, we had lift off! The rescue flight departed Jacksonville on September 1 with 19 dogs from ACPS among the animals on board, and delivered them directly to Michigan. The Michigan Humane Society was awaiting on the plane’s arrival, and unloaded all animals safely and efficiently, where they were then distributed to local Michigan shelter partners. Team work makes the dream work! This was an enormous undertaking, and we are so grateful to our northern rescue partners and the HSUS! All of the evacuated dogs from ACPS are now available at their new shelters, and many have already been adopted into forever loving homes! •

YOU can be part of an awesome team that helps animals every day!

Volunteer at Animal Care and Protective Services >>> 14 | Trippin’


Travelling with

Simba /Ashley Potter

Blue Ridge Mts in Ellijay, GA Amicalola Falls

St.marys River, Macclenny, Fl

Simba has been my traveling companion for just over two years now. Despite everything he’s been through, he loves people, dogs, and cats. I adopted Simba through my job as an veterinary technician with San Juan Animal Hospital. He was brought in as an emergency, as he had been attacked by five other dogs and suffered brutal injuries to his neck, ears, feet, and back. When he was wheeled in on the crash cart, he was still wagging his tail and happy to see everyone. DVM Carl Guill performed surgical repair on his most extensive wounds. Ultimately, he was surrendered post surgery, after his wounds became infected and he was diagnosed with heartworm disease. He underwent heartworm treatment, another surgery due to the infection, and lots of cold laser therapy to heal. Months later, after recovering, I adopted my best friend. Simba loves travelling, food, and posing for my incessant photography ideas. We visited the Blue Ridge Mountains this past Winter, where we hiked Amicalola Falls, and we have our next trip in the works for Tennessee. I love sharing him and his success story. Sometimes people are hesitant due to his breed and the scars that they see on his body, however, to me, he’s the ultimate proof that breed does not matter. Rescue dogs are the best “breed,” as they tend to have the sweetest souls. Adopt, Rescue, Foster, Volunteer—there’s a “Simba” out there waiting for you! •

Ocmulgee Mounds National Park, GA

Blue Ridge Mts in Ellijay, GA.

St. Marys River, Bryceville FL 16 | Trippin’

Hanna Park, Atlantic Beach

Photos by Woof Creative Photography See Alan + Zeppelin’s full gallery:

Unleash Jacksonville | 17

4 Things not to say to someone who’s


FOSTERING an animal

/ Karen Carmerlengo

Fostering means caring for a cat or dog—or parrot, horse, pig, or any other homeless pet— with the goal of nurturing them for a while until a permanent home can be found. Foster parents are an amazing and integral part of a system that saves lives. Sometimes people unwittingly say things that aren’t supportive to the end goal of fostering. Here are a couple of things I (and other foster parents) routinely hear that are just not helpful: You can’t give him up, he LOVES you! Of course he does. I’m totally awesome. But you know what? He’s gonna love the person who adopts him even more. There are other homeless pets that need me, too.


2 She thinks she is HOME. Yup. She does. And yes she looks happy. Considering where she just came from, she thinks she’s in heaven. But she’s not home—yet. We’re working on it. You HAVE to keep him! No I don’t. Listen, every single animal that comes in my house is in danger of being kept by me; the lucky ones get adopted out. Truly, anyone who fosters is aware that they are going to fall in love, but we don’t take them in to keep them—we take them to help the transition to a better life. No amount of pressure from friends can make us want to keep an animal that doesn’t fit into the family or the plan. Pet ownership and increasing the numbers is a serious consideration, and one we don’t take lightly. If I were to make a foster a permanent family member, that would mean


18 | Trippin’

one less foster family in the system—because I can have only so many dogs in my home.


They LOVE each other! (Said in reference to seeing the foster animal and resident dog/cat playing together or snuggling). Ummmm—maybe? Or someitmes yeah not so much. I took this picture so you would find my foster totally adorable. I can’t tell you about the baby gates or the crates or the infighting in my own animals because you would think it’s the foster dog causing the problem. My dogs are being jerks but I can’t tell you any of it because the foster dog is super sweet and that’s what you need to know. SUPPORTIVE THINGS YOU CAN SAY: • She’s adorable—tell me more about her so I can share! • Oh I have a friend looking for a dog, let me share! • I’ll share! • Thank you for fostering. A note about social media Foster parents post their furry temporary house guests on social media because we need your help finding them a forever home. We also want to show them off because, let’s face it, they are the cutest animals ever—but we really are hoping you will be so moved that you will share. Because sharing a homeless pet’s photo has saved so. many. lives. It’s amaging! Foster animals are some of the best animals to share, as potential adopters can learn how they are with other animals, kids, etc. They can learn about the quirks and the skills. Foster dogs are so awesome—I hope you will feel inspired to share—or foster! •

Bella (smaller dog) will be available through Fur Sisters soon! And Remi, our most recent foster failure, is the big spoon. Jessica C.

My little foster, Shadow. He’s such a sweet and gentle boy. Karen N.

Our newest foster Prince was a fearful and shy boy when We fostered our Halo this time three we first brought him years ago from Clay County. The home. He is doing a lot better now. Still a hurricane was on the way so we wanted to help clear the shelters. Well we lot of work to do, but decided to keep him and he is part of our he’s slowly coming ever growing fur family. Christina K. out of his shell. Tania M.

I am alive today because someone FOSTERED ME. Submitted via Facebook We fostered this beautiful girl for ACPS and found her a home but they mistreated her so we took her back ... forever. Tiffani S.

We fostered Brad and his siblings. The others found great forever homes ... Brad decided we are his. Heather S.

We fostered Hope from Florida Urgent Rescue, Inc. Jamie P.

Foster #6 for us! Beautiful and perfectly behaved Ruby from The London Sanctuary! Page T. Our dynamic duo Hart and April—Looking April for their furever family. Adopt from Cavalier Rescue of Florida! Eileen C.

CJ was a nightmare when it came to kennel presentation. He’s soooo different at home, and he gets into less and less mischief the more loved he feels. Kelby UnleashS.Jacksonville | 19

20 | Heart

Unleash Jacksonville | 21


My Epic Trip:

To Florida Retirement / Leo DeLancey

(translated + typed by Olivia DeLancy)

Leaving Nebraska When Mom and Dad asked if I “wanted to go for a ride," I barked my approval and followed them out the door and across the frosty morning grass as it crunched under my paws. My younger brothers, Rufus and Fenway, leapt into the car as fast as they could. My paws tingled on the numbing December sidewalk, and I could smell the vehicle exhaust wafting through the frigid air while I waited for Dad's help. At age 12, my legs just don't do what they used to. Mom and Dad had been talking about my “retirement” for months. I didn't know what that meant, but I knew they seemed happy when they said it. Mom kept saying that soon I would get to go to the beach and relax, and that my arthritis wouldn't hurt so much. I think “arthritis" is when my hips give me trouble when I try to I stand up or try to go down the stairs in the cold months. I had been on enough “want-to-gofor-a-rides" to know that when I stopped 22 | Trippin’

seeing buildings and humans, we were going somewhere farther than normal. My brothers were still excited and didn't understand. They were just happy to be going anywhere. They kept bumping into me, running back and forth to look out windows on both sides of the car. It was crowded and I couldn't stop panting. We stopped a lot. My brothers and I went potty in really interesting places—ones with big trucks and new smells. When we stopped, Mom would pour me a small bowl of water, but I was never really in the mood to take a drink. There was too much going on and I was anxious wondering what we were up to. A couple of times, we stopped to sleep at some other good boy's house. We were always alone, but I could smell that others had used the furniture and rolled on the carpet. Mom and Dad were really tired but I couldn't sleep. I didn't have my bed or my things. Things smelled different. My brothers walked around a lot all night, and sometimes Rufus cried

so I would lay by him. Mom and Dad wouldn't let us in the human bed. They said it was somebody else's and we had to be respectful. We never stayed anywhere long, and soon my brothers and I didn’t want to get back in the car. They would pull their leashes, but Dad would pick them up and put them inside. My stomach felt hungry but I didn't want to eat my food. Mom and Dad would give us extra treats since we wouldn't eat our food. Mom seemed worried about us. I felt worse knowing she was worried. I lost track of how many bedtimes passed since we left home. I wondered if I would ever be in our backyard again. I wondered if the man next door would ever scratch my ears through the fence again. I wondered if Rufus would get to chase squirrels and if Fenway would get to run through the hydrangeas again. I mostly wondered if Mom and Dad would be OK.

Our new home—Jacksonville I've been at my new home for six months and I think I finally understand “retirement." It means I get to do what I want all day while Mom and Dad are at work and my brothers are in their crates. It means that my hips don't hurt as much as they used to. I keep waiting, but the cold white stuff doesn't fall from the sky in “retirement.” It was fun to roll in, but it really made my paws hurt. There is new white stuff to roll in here called sand. I like to roll in it then run into the water, then come back and roll in it again. Mom seems mad when I do this but then she always laughs. I think that means it's OK. My brothers and I go a lot of places with Mom and Dad now. Everyone here likes to see good boys like us. I have met and smelled so many new friends. We go to the park and on lots of walks. Mom says walks are more fun when you aren't cold. I am happy when she is happy.

Sometimes I go with Mom and Dad when they drink coffee or eat food. These places smell so interesting. The humans are One day when we Me & my bros, Rufus (standard always happy to see me and stopped, I could schnauzer) & Fenway (mystery mutt) scratch my head. They tell back in Nebraska tell Mom and Dad me I am handsome and ask felt different. They how old I am. Mom and Dad tell them I am in seemed relieved and calm. Mom kept talking “retirement.” about the sunshine and smiling. This made me feel good, too. Mom and Dad started saying that word, “retirement,” to me again when they scratched my head.

When we stopped at a house this time, it was different. The sidewalk was warm and the air smelled like rain and flowers. These funny little creatures scattered every direction in the yard. There was a tree that looked like it was growing green balls to throw for fetch. I had never seen a place like this. There was nothing inside the house and it didn't smell like other good boys. The floors were slick but my brothers were so excited they ran around anyway, sliding into the walls. I was pretty excited, too, so I paced around as fast as I could. It felt really nice to be somewhere Mom and Dad seemed at ease.

When we go on walks there are water bowls for me on the sidewalk. Sometimes humans come outside to say hello to me. It is so nice of them to leave water out for me. I don't know how they always know I am coming. Sometimes if I show them I can sit they give me a treat. I think about my old home sometimes and the long “want-to-go-for-a-ride" we took to get here. I am old and I have seen and smelled a lot of things, but nothing quite like “retirement." I hope it lasts forever. • Leo is a 12-year-old golden retriever who looks after Sean and Olivia DeLancey, life-long Nebraskans who relocated to Jacksonville in December 2018. Leo has two, threeyear-old brothers—Rufus and Fenway. Leo's favorite past times are swimming, napping, and begging for broccoli florets from the table. Unleash Jacksonville | 23


Doggy day trip:

Saint Augustine / Michelle Trainor

The dog days of summer may have come to an end, but cooler fall days are perfect for planning awesome adventures with your pup. If you’re looking for a great dog-friendly day trip, look no further than St. Augustine! Did you know that the nation’s oldest city is also one of the most dog-friendly cities? It’s true! From dog-friendly beaches and attractions to shopping and dining, St. Augustine is a fantastic fall destination for your pup! BEACH FUR DON’T CURRRR Fall days make for great beach trips to enjoy a game of fetch, frisbee, or a romp in the waves. Dogs are welcome on-leash at all of St. Augustine’s beaches year-round (excluding the Beach at Anastasia Island State Park). Four-wheel drive vehicles are allowed to drive on Vilano Beach, St. Augustine Beach, and Crescent Beach. Beach access is free in the off-season. WALK IT OUT Want to spend quality time with your sidekick while exploring St. Augustine on foot? Join City Walks on a FREE Pet Walk Pup Crawl the second Saturday of each month. On this one-hour guided walking tour, you’ll hear about the city’s rich history with your dog right by your side. Next tour dates are November 9 and December 14. Visit for details. 24 | Trippin’

WHICH WAY TO THE TREATS? Fall is in the air … or is that the smell of Yappy Hour @ maple bacon? Auggie’s Draft If you’re trying Room to sniff out a good place to eat, four-legged friends are welcome guests at most St. Augustine bars, restaurants, and cafes that offer outdoor patio seating (check out for some additional suggestions). A favorite location for dog-friendly dining is St. George Street. No doggie day trip would be complete without a trip to Auggie’s Draft Room for Yappy Hour. Bring your pup on Wednesdays from 4-7 PM for half off beer taps! Pro tip: many places will allow you to order of the kid’s menu for your dog. Junior cheeseburgers make a drool-worthy treat after a long day of adventuring. Looking for a light snack? Stop by our Puppy perks @ City Perks favorite dog-friendly coffee shop, City Perks Coffee Co. for a puppuccino. FURRR-IGHT NIGHT It’s spooky season and the perfect time of year to explore the darker side of St, Augustine, one of the most haunted cities in the country. Exploring the haunted history of the nation’s

oldest city with your dog is bound to be a spooktacular adventure! If you’re looking for a pet-friendly walking ghost tour, we highly recommend Ghostly Encounter by Ancient City Tours. I’M JUST HERE FOR THE BOOS Raise some spirits at City Gate, St. Augustine’s newest Distillery. Stop in for a free tasting of their handcrafted spirits in the new dog-friendly tasting room.

Ghostly Encounter Tour

that has attracted both locals and visitors to the downtown area for the past 25 years. The 2019 celebration begins November 23 and continues until January 31, 2020. There’s no admission fee for enjoying the Nights of Lights. On-street parking is free after 5 PM nightly.

In taking a kick-ass doggie day trip with your pup to St. Augustine, you’ll have new experiences and make such fantastic memories. And! If you love it so much that you want to stay forever, give local Pet Friendly Realtor, Kim Devlin a call. Kim specializes in real estate in St. Augustine and St. Johns County. Not only does she provide pet-friendly resources for home buyers, she also donates a portion of every transaction to a local rescue! •

Picking out treats @ Faux Paws

THE MOST MAGICAL DOG WALK Beginning November 23, you can bring your pooch to stroll the streets of the historic district, marvelling at more than three million white Christmas lights. Many of the stores are dog-friendly and will welcome your pooch inside. Don’t forget to stop by Faux Paws Dogs on St. George Street, a store dedicated entirely to—dogs! Your pooch can sample from their cookie tray and fill up a bag to take home at the self-serve cookie bar. The Nights of Lights is a magnificent city-wide holiday display

Follow Michelle’s instagram @adventurepets.staug and her husband’s @drinkstaugustine to find all the coolest “insider” places to hang out in St. Augustine!

Unleash Jacksonville | 25

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The funnest, fittest, coolest new business is coming to the First Coast! We just had to find out a little bit more about K9 Fit Club, so we asked owner, Michelle Trainor, to give us some deets. What is K9 Fit Club? Thank you for asking! K9 Fit Club offers classes where you and your dog can work out together! We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between working out or spending time with your dog. Dogs can be the best workout partners—they’ll never cancel on you and will always beg to go to class. Now that’s muttivation! Why Choose K9 Fit Club? We offer fitness classes that are fun and safe. Sometimes people are intimidated by fitness classes (we totally get it!), but dogs make it a much better experience. We’re so proud that our science-based programs are covered by wellness programs: Aetna, Cigna, and Medicare.

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Who can participate in a K9 Fit Club class? K9 Fit Club is for people and dogs of all fitness levels! As a nurse and health coach, I firmly believe that everyone deserves to be healthy. Even if you haven’t worked out in years, we’ll show you that working out isn’t so ruff! Our individualized human and canine assessments allow us to find the perfect class for you and your dog. We also offer programs for seniors and people with certain disabilities. Where can I find a class? K9 Fit Club will be coming soon to St. Augustine. We will begin offering group classes starting in December. Visit our website: to learn more and follow us on Instagram and facebook @k9fitclubsta to stay up to date on class locations and scheduling. •

Dogs • Cats • Birds • Turtles • Fish • Rabbits Jaki is the absolute best pet sitter I’ve ever had. My 3 dogs love with her so much they even sleep with her! I truly don’t know what I’d do without Jaki.

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You’re Leaving ... without me? / Central Bark Jacksonville

Planning a vacation and worried about leaving your dog home? Will they be sad? Will they be lonely? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way! We’re sharing our top four suggestions for helping your dog feel calm and comfortable while you’re away. Dogs thrive with routine and familiarity. In fact, studies show that structured routines can help increase healthy sleep patterns, decrease the likelihood of developing depression, and can reduce overall stress in daily life. With this in mind, we encourage you to schedule “practice stays” if you know that your dog will need pet sitting or boarding in the future. Those practice stays will give your pup the chance to experience a shorter version of the real-life care they might need in the future. Short practice stays can mean the difference between a fun “staycation” for your dog, or your pup feeling overwhelmed when you leave them somewhere new for the first time, with people and dogs they’ve never met before. That would be hard for anyone. At Central Bark Jacksonville, our one-of-a-kind Day Care program requires a weekly commitment because we know that it’s healthier and safer for your dog to maintain a routine. The weekly routine will allow them to form stronger positive relationships with the people and other dogs they’ll be seeing while you’re away. Those strong connections that we build upon weekly will provide comfort for your dog, increasing the likelihood that they find their time without you fun, 28 | Trippin’

instead of stressful. Practice stays and weekly day care visits mean that you get to know us too. This means YOU can rest easy and feel like family is taking care of your dog, not strangers. A little enrichment can go a long way. Keeping your dog’s brain engaged with simple activities, like working on food puzzles or meaty chews, can help them relax. In particular, frozen food items like stuffed Kongs will allow your dog to practice self-soothing behaviors like licking and chewing. This self-soothing and food consumption will lead to a lower heart rate and greater levels of serotonin in their digestive tract, allowing them to be more settled in their environment. A stuffed Kong can be filled with anything that’s safe for your dog to eat, with the most common filler being peanut butter (always make sure the peanut butter doesn’t contain xylitol, which is very toxic to dogs). Offering your dog a stuffed Kong after exercise, training or playtime is also a great way to encourage healthy rest. At Central Bark you don’t have to worry about packing multiple Kongs with a jar of peanut butter—we’ll do the work for you. We have frozen peanut butter Kongs available to add on as a part of our Stay & Play, Sleepover, and Day Care services to help keep your dog happy and relaxed while they’re away from home! Send them with comforts from home. When your dog is away from home, be sure they still have the things they know and love. Send them with their favorite toys, a cozy blanket, and extra treats

you know they go crazy for. These items should be familiar and smell like home! New toys are fun and clean blankets are nice, but old toys and gently used bedding are like security blankets for your dog. Remember Linus van Pelt from Peanuts? Linus is Charlie Brown’s best friend who’s seen carrying his security blanket with him everywhere he goes. That blanket provided him with a sense of safety when he felt like he was in a strange environment. Even though your dog may be familiar with the space, the extra ounce of comfort can really help increase relaxation and make their stay even better. Consider additional support with calming aids. There are hundreds of treats and supplements on the market today that can help your dog feel calm during stressful transitions or events. Talk to your veterinarian and do some research if you believe your dog would benefit from some additional support. From probiotics and pheromones, to essential oils and herbal supplements, there are many different options available. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, talk to your vet about more options, then consider contacting a reward-based dog trainer to discuss a behavior modification plan for your dog. Have a fantastic trip while we love on your pup! We’re here to help when you need us. At Central Bark, we work hard to provide a comfortable, loving, and familiar place, so you can both feel more

relaxed while you are away. Our Sleepover Program isn’t like other dog boarding; that’s why we are known as the “Un-Kennel.” A full day of day care is complimentary with your dog’s sleepover stay! To schedule a sleepover, dogs must be currently enrolled in our doggy day care program, but we also offer a Stay-n-Play sleepovers to dogs not enrolled in our day care program. Stay-n-Play guests sleep and play in their own areas to help keep all our furry friends safe and comfortable. We create an environment where each overnight guest can get a restful night’s sleep followed by a day of play, exercise and plenty of TLC from our staff. For frequent or long-term stays, we highly suggest you consider becoming a regular day care client so your dog can benefit from our Enrichment Day Care activities and the personal relationship they develop with our staff. When preparing for your next trip, keep these things in mind and do a little planning for your dog. A bit of daily enrichment, some healthy routines, and a few comforts from home will go a long way towards helping you and your dog feel relaxed the next time you are leaving town without them. Enjoy your travels! • Central Bark Jacksonville 5614 San Jose Blvd., Jacksonville (904) 730-1200 /

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The gift of a

Beautiful good-bye / Doryan Cawyer, owner, Jade Paws

I arrived for Sophie’s last session with a heavy heart. While I was happy to see her and baby sister Bella, I knew this would be the last time we’d all be together. Her family and I had scheduled this Reiki session with the purpose of helping Sophie pass away peacefully, surrounded by the beautiful love she’d known her whole life. I’d been sharing Reiki and TTouch with Sophie twice a month for the last year to help relieve the discomfort of degenerative arthritis and hip dysplasia. Sophie’s family had tried many things to ease her pain, including laser therapy and Adequan injections from her veterinarian, various joint supplements, and massage and Reiki. Despite all this wonderful effort, her condition continued to deteriorate. Eventually, Sophie stopped meeting me at the front door for our sessions. Her family bought her a hip harness so they could help her up and down on rough days. One day, her back legs slipped on the tile floor and she fell down so hard that she couldn’t get up at all. Her family

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contacted me and asked for an emergency Reiki session. They had also contacted Lap of Love for an in-home consultation after our Reiki session to see if it was time to let Sophie go. Her family adored her, but they didn’t want her to be in any more pain. But Sophie had other plans. She had a miraculous semi-recovery the night before Lap of Love arrived, and she was able to walk and move around again. We all agreed she wasn’t quite ready to go that day, but we also knew that she would be ready soon. I believe Sophie felt that her family just needed a little more time with her. Sophie’s human dad had just retired and could be with her 24/7 to help her get around. We increased the frequency of her Reiki sessions to keep her comfortable, and after each session we talked about how Sophie would let us know when she was ready. The decision to let a pet go is a heavy burden for any parent, and Sophie’s family wanted to be sure they were doing what was best for her. We also started including younger dog, Bella, in the Reiki sessions to help her prepare for Sophie’s passing. One night, Sophie’s dad awoke in the middle of the night to find Sophie sitting next to his bed, just staring at him. She’d never done this before. Her dad felt that Sophie was saying, “Ok Dad, now I’m ready.” We scheduled one last Reiki session with the purpose of helping Sophie pass away surrounded by love and in a state of peace. Lap of Love was asked to help Sophie cross over after our session. So I arrived that day with a heavy heart. Although Sophie had long since ceased to meet me at the door, on that day, even Bella didn’t give me her

Bella, supporting her sister’s transition

usual boisterous greeting. Sophie was lying in the kitchen, sternal-looking out the window and panting. I prepared our space as usual with healing frequency music and a veterinarianapproved calming blend of essential oils in the diffuser. Upon allowing Reiki to flow, Sophie immediately relaxed. Her breathing became slower and calmer, she laid her head down, and her panting stopped. Over the last year, we’d come to laugh about how silly Bella would nonchalantly sneak away from her mom’s lap to lie next to Sophie or lick my face to soak up her share of the energy. However, today Bella chose to lie down a few feet away as her family and I surrounded Sophie with love and Reiki. Bella knew that today was different, and that it was all about Sophie. I paused the flow of Reiki a few times to check in with Sophie and her family, and each time we paused, Sophie would become alert and her panting would begin again. I decided to allow

Reiki to flow for her uninterrupted until the veterinarian from Lap of Love arrived. At this point, Bella came over to lie next to Sophie, but without interfering in the session. Then she moved to lie as close to me as possible, again without trying to take my attention away from Sophie. Dr. Jessica McAlpin with Lap of Love arrived and gently prepared us for the next phase of Sophie’s passing. We all lovingly placed our hands on Sophie and told her how much we loved her. We thanked her for all the love and lessons she’d shared with us. I continued to allow Reiki to flow as Dr. McAlpin administered a sedative to help Sophie relax followed by the euthanasia solution. Sophie passed away peacefully and quietly, surrounded by immense love. She was no longer in pain. Many tears were (and continue to be) shed, as Sophie is greatly missed. I was honored and thankful to be part of the love that surrounded Sophie when she most needed it, and I’d like to thank Dr. McAlpin for the beautiful service that she and all the wonderful doctors at Lap of Love provide. Her kind and loving manner helped to make Sophie’s transition peaceful. Of course, we’re sad to let our beloved pets go. But the experience doesn’t have to be filled with fear and anxiety—for our pets or us. Calmly helping our pets pass in peace is one of the greatest final acts of love we can give them. • Doryan Cawyer, owner of Jade Paws, is a Certified Canine Massage Therapist and Reiki practitioner in Jacksonville. /

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Davi Does Charleston

/ Davi (featuring spell check by mom, Rebecca Miller) Occasionally, when we’re feeling especially adventurous, my mom and I will plan a lastminute trip the very same week we plan to leave. And this Charleston trip was one of those times. We narrowed down our options to three dogfriendly attractions we wanted to visit, packed our bags, and jumped in the car. As soon as we arrived, we booked a historic walking tour that led us through beautiful streets and hidden alleyways. Our guide gave his spiel about the city, but I was too busy sniffing every inch of the ground to pay him much attention. We made our way past colorful homes and the waterfront to White Point Garden, a dogfriendly park located on the Battery. The park is not enclosed by a fence, so a reliable recall is important for any dogs playing sans leash. After a romp in the park, I was ready for a nap. The next stop on our list was Charles Towne Landing. But first, breakfast. We grabbed a hearty meal at Poogan’s Porch before heading to the earliest English settlement. Leashed dogs are welcome on these historic grounds. However, dogs are not allowed in the zoo. I know, ironic! The site dates back to 1670 and provides historical trails, as well as acres of gardens, and we explored it all, including a restored village that once housed colonial pets. No visit to a city would be complete without a visit to a local pet shop, or two. Hollywood 34 | Trippin’

Feed is a well-known favorite when it comes to shopping for your pet, as is Dolittle’s. Both give free treats, and free belly rubs. On our last day in Charleston, we wanted to visit Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. We spent the entire morning in the gardens, walking the trails and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. I absolutely loved the shady trees and Spanish Moss, but peacocks ... not so much. Every part of the plantation, including all the tours, is dog-friendly—except for the alligators. But don’t worry, there are plenty of places far from swampy waters to walkabout. I did spot a gator while riding the nature train, but he just winked and nodded. I knew I was perfectly safe watching from my mom’s lap, so I didn’t even flinch. Heading back downtown, we flipped a coin to decide where to go for lunch. It landed tails up, so we chowed at Fuel Cantina, a repurposed gas station that serves up pub grub with a Caribbean twist. It was the perfect place to fill my belly and end the day. Charleston has oodles of dog-friendly options for a quick bite after a long day of sightseeing. We may only have had a few days in Charleston, but we packed a lot into our road trip. Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen. But one thing holds true—as we wandered the streets, marking every corner, I couldn’t help but feel that Charleston is a beautiful dog-loving town with limitless opportunities to make lifelong memories. •

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Fall In Love Sidekick Adopt your “FREE bestie today! AGENTS”

Looking for an adventure buddy? Or someone to help you rake leaves? Here ya go! Adopt one of these free-agent sidekicks today! Adoption fees vary and sidekicks are worth every penny penny.

H LOV e otheES DOG r S!


✓ Dogs ✓ Cats ✓ Kids

AGE: 18 months | ENERGY: Med/High ABOUT: Finn is a gorgeous chocolate lab mix. He’s such a foodie, and waiting for a fellow foodie to adopt and enjoy food together every day! He loves people, kids, and dogs. Potty trained, leash trained, and crate trained. He’s had formal training as well. He really cares about other dogs! POOCHIES PET RESCUE

He S LOVE the ! ER WAT


✓ Dogs ? Cats ✓ Kids AGE: 5 yrs | ENERGY: Low-Med ABOUT: On Oct 6, Rocket reached 1000 days at SAFE Pet Rescue. He’s learned about basic life manners and obedience skills, riding in a car, greeting people calmly in small and large groups, busy environments, in town and on the beach, at the vet, on golf carts and alongside shopping carts, in stores and events and so many other life experiences! Rocket has his favorite playtime—water! On the beach, in kiddie pools, sprinklers, and kayaking! He even loves baths! He loves everyone he meets. He is happiest just being with his person, being part of their activities and their hearts.

Rocket needs his adventure buddy!

Please help us find his special person(s)! Rocket is about 5 years old, neutered, and his food has been sponsored by Jax Pet Wants, helping his skin allergies to heal—he’s looking better than he has in a long time. Rocket will need someone who wants to share their life and adventures with him forever!



✓ Dogs ? Cats ✓ Kids


✓ Dogs ✗ Cats ✓ Older Kids

AGE: 7 yrs | ENERGY: Low-Med ABOUT: Adelaide is a quiet, wellbehaved sweetheart. She doesn’t bark! She is shy when first meeting people but will warm up. She gets along with other dogs, likes to go for walks, and enjoys rope toys.

AGE: 9 yrs | ENERGY: Low ABOUT: Phoebe enjoys her evening walks, she talks to her dish of kibbles, and loves her nighttime crate. She’s a great couch potato tv companion and backseat driver extraordinaire.






✓ Dogs ? Cats ✓ Older Kids

I’m on Facebook! Follow @ Julian’s Journey to Find his Forever Home AGE: 5 yrs ENERGY: Med-High ABOUT: Julian is a long-time foster who really needs his forever home! He’s a sweet big boy who just craves attention. He’s very loving, loves to cuddle, and soaks up attention. Julian doesn’t realize he’s over 70 pounds ... he thinks he is a lap dog, so he’d be best with older kids who he can’t knock over. CONTACT FOSTER MOM SHANNA FOR MORE INFO ON THIS HAPPY BOY!



✓ Dogs ✓ Cats ✓ Kids

AGE: 3 yrs | ENERGY: Med ABOUT: Sweeney is goofy, sweet and loving. He loves to give nice dry kisses and to play with his toys and snuggle his kitties. He’s house broken, loves cats and loves to run with the other dogs. He can’t sit well and his one leg is one inch shorter then his others so he’s no super jumper. That’s does not stop this boy he’s got a big heart and loves to play. THE LONDON SANCTUARY


✓ Dogs ? Cats ✓ Kids

✓ Dogs ? Cats ✓ ? Kids

AGE: 2-3 yrs ENERGY: Med ABOUT: Boomer is an adorable Hound/Bulldog mix. He’s sweet, loving and cuddly! He is good on leash and loves to go for walks. Boomer is housebroken and crate trained but doesn’t need to be crated when left alone.

AGE: 2 yrs | ENERGY: High ABOUT: What a great dog! Energy and love in one package! Has great behavior but gets excited to play. Quickly adapted to our environment at Central Bark, where he is boarded and is doing great! Jeepers is high energy and loves to play and please. He loves tennis balls and is always happy! Jeepers can’t wait to be part of your family.


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