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Commencement 2006

Commencement Exercises

Table of Contents

MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT......................................................................................................... 2 ORDER OF EXERCISES University Commencement...................................................................................................................................... 3

BANNER BEARERS, SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL and OFFICERS OF THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION .................................................................................... 4 THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES, SENIOR OFFICERS OF ADMINISTRATION, AND DEANS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT ..................................................................... 5 BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES Speaker and Honorary Degree Recipients............................................................................................................. 6


College of Agriculture and Life Sciences................................................................................................................ 9 College of Arts and Sciences................................................................................................................................. 12 School of Business Administration........................................................................................................................ 19 College of Education and Social Services............................................................................................................. 21 College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences............................................................................................. 25 The Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources........................................................................ 28 College of Medicine............................................................................................................................................... 30 College of Nursing and Health Sciences.............................................................................................................. 32

UNIVERSITY AWARDS .................................................................................................................................. 34 HONORS GRADUATES    

Seniors graduating Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Cum Laude ................................................ 46 Phi Beta Kappa, Golden Key ............................................................................................................................... 47 Boulder Society, Mortar Board, Order of Omega, Towerr Society, Community Service Scholars, Green and Gold Scholars....................................................................................................................................... 48 Vermont Scholars.................................................................................................................................................... 49

GUEST INFORMATION................................................................................................................................ 49 HISTORICAL INFORMATION The Academic Costume, The Class of 1927 Memorial Mace, The University Seal, Banners of the Colleges and Schools .................................................................................................................. 50

SONGS Universitas V. Montis.............................................................................................................................................. 51 Gaudeamus igitur................................................................................................................................................... 51

COMMENCEMENT MAP ............................................................................................................................. 52 PLEASE NOTE that errors will occur in the listings of candidates for graduation. Because of the time required for printing the program, the listings may contain names of persons who will not receive a degree at this time and also may omit the names of a few persons who will receive degrees. These errors are unavoidable.

The University of Vermont is a 504 Title IX Affirmative Action Institution. Printed on 20% post-consumer recycled paper.

Commencement 2006

Message from the President Dear Graduates, Families, Friends, and Colleagues, We gather here today to celebrate the University of Vermont Class of 2006 and the many accomplishments of our graduates. Commencement is a time to look back on our shared experiences and to look ahead. Graduates, this is my “senior” year too; I came to UVM in the summer of 2002, and my first fall semester was the first for most of you. I hope your experience over the last four years matches mine in being rich with memories worth cherishing. So many moments come to mind—distinguished speakers such as Barack Obama, Antonin Scalia, and Nobel Peace Prize winner Bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa—remarkable art shows at the Fleming Museum such as the Andy Warhol show (punctuated by one of many great concerts, by Warhol’s old collaborator Lou Reed), the Rembrandt show, and this spring’s Goya show—the launch of the Honors College—the expansion of the University to include the Trinity Campus—not to mention many other memorable events that riveted UVM and Vermonters (the Red Sox World Series victory, the muddy farewell concert of Vermont’s own Phish, and that shining, unforgettable moment when the Catamounts upset mighty Syracuse in the NCAA tourney, to cite just a few highlights). The last four years have also seen the rapid growth and change of this campus. Your patience throughout these important construction projects will be rewarded, I hope, when you look back with pride on the enhanced value of your alma mater in the years to come. It is also a time to recognize the contributions of our extraordinary faculty, who in many respects simply are the University, and of our talented and dedicated staff, indispensable colleagues on whom we all depend. The University of Vermont is a rich and complex community. The UVM family includes more than 100,000 graduates, including nearly 90,000 living alumni whose ranks will swell today. The Alumni Association will keep you connected and informed through the Vermont Quarterly, alumni events, and more. Families and friends, thank you for the support and care you have provided the graduates throughout their time at the University. You share in their accomplishment and success. On behalf of all of my colleagues, please allow me to say that we feel deeply moved and privileged to share this moment of pride and achievement with you.

May 21, 2006

Daniel Mark Fogel President

Commencement 2006

The University of Vermont

Commencement Ceremony

Sunday, May 21, 2006

9:00 a.m.

University Green

Order of Exercises PRESIDING Justin M. Joffe, University Marshal and President of the Faculty Senate, Professor of Psychology PRELUDE MUSIC University Memorial Carillon David Neiweem, Professor of Music, University Carillonneur Field Drums Jeffrey Salisbury, Class of 1991, and Brian Johnson PROCESSIONAL MUSIC The University Brass Ensemble D. Thomas Toner, Associate Professor of Music, Conductor The University of Vermont Police Services Honor Guard The Pipes and Drums of St. Andrew’s Society of Vermont The National Anthem Timothy Blake Plante, Class of 2006 GREETINGS The Honorable Martha P. Heath Vice Chair of the University of Vermont Board of Trustees The Honorable James H. Douglas Governor of the State of Vermont and Trustee of the University of Vermont Katherine A. Kasarjian, President of the Senior Class Council Sarah May Poirier, President of the Student Government Association Kathleen A. Merchant, President of the Staff Council PRESIDENT’S REMARKS Daniel Mark Fogel, President of the University of Vermont ADDRESS Gustavo Esteva AWARDS Alumni Greetings and Presentation of the George V. Kidder Outstanding Faculty Award by Frank J. Cioffi, Class of 1977, President of the University of Vermont Alumni Association Recognition of Outstanding Student Leader Award Recipients by A. John Bramley, Senior Vice President and Provost CONFERRING OF DEGREES HONORIS CAUSA CONFERRING OF DEGREES IN COURSE Master’s Degrees • Doctor’s Degrees • Bachelor’s Degrees CLOSING REFLECTION Judith A. Cohen, Professor of Nursing Vice President of the Faculty Senate Universitas V. Montis Sonia L. Fleming, Class of 2006 RECESSIONAL 

Commencement 2006

University Marshal • Justin M. Joffe University Herald • Robert S. Tyzbir Faculty Marshals • Judy Cohen and David Hirth College and School Marshals • Jacques Bailly, Andrew Barnaby, Carolyn Bonifield, Heather A. Buchey, James Burgmeier, Leah Burke, Susan Crockenberg, Clare Ginger, Betsy Greene, Sally Huber, Kieran Killen, Jane Knodell, Larry Kost, Todd Pritchard, Tom Rodgers, Lisa Schnell, Allan Strong, Tom Visser Commencement Program Coordinator • Leslie Logan, Administrator of University Events, President’s Office Commencement Logistics Coordinator • Shane Cutler, Director of Conference and Event Services Commencement Producer • Jeff Modereger, Chair, Associate Professor & Scenic Designer, Department of Theatre Head Usher for University Commencement • Joseph C. Fischer, Assistant Athletic Director

Banner Bearers

College of Medicine Graduate College Honors College College of Agriculture and Life Sciences School of Business Administration College of Education and Social Services College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences The Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources College of Nursing and Health Sciences College of Arts and Sciences

Karalyn Church Rachel Weston Joseph Wright Alison Leigh Kearney Andrea Petronello Ashley Orenberg Lisa Hovey Christopher Anderberg Rebecca Bangs Jessica Lopez

Senior Class Council 2005-2006

Executive Board

President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Gift Chair Events Co-Chairs Folklore Chair Community Service Public Relations Chair

Katie Kasarjian Caroline Walsh Tiffany Martin Amy Schneider Heidi Treich Caitlin Barnes Emily Kueffner Jenn Paulding Liz Hall Emily Macomber

Senior Class Council Members Lauren Beall Rafael Baez Renee Barns Jennifer Bean Marina Byquist Summer Egan Eric Fries Rick Galante Marc Hartigan Kate Hudspeth

Cannon Jones Achier Mou Jenna Martellucci Alex Mumaw Marisa Nack Jessica Pomerleau Nick Messia de Prado Marc Weinman Ashley Wener Alissa Yerardi

Officers of the Alumni Association

President Vice President

Frank J. Cioffi, Class of 1977 Janet E. Terp, Class of 1980

Commencement 2006

The University of Vermont and State Agricultural College Board of Trustees

Carl H. Lisman, Chair of the Board Daniel Mark Fogel, President The Honorable James H. Douglas, Governor of the State of Vermont

The Hon. Edwin H. Amidon, Jr. The Hon. Claire D. Ayer James M. Betts The Hon. Bill Botzow Ian D. Boyce Frank J. Cioffi Robert F. Cioffi The Hon. Johannah Donovan The Hon. Martha P. Heath, Vice Chair John A. Hilton, Jr. Kathleen C. Hoyt

The Hon. Richard W. Hube, Jr. Susan Hudson-Wilson The Hon. James P. Leddy The Hon. Thomas A. Little, Secretary Deborah H. McAneny Kami M. Patrizio. Raymond C. Pecor, Jr. John R. Snow Stirling A. Winder The Hon. Mark S. Young Robert H. Young

Senior Officers of Administration

President of the University Senior Vice President and Provost Vice President for Legal Affairs and General Counsel Vice President for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations Vice President For Finance and Administration Vice President for Student and Campus Life Vice President for State and Federal Relations Vice President for Undergraduate Education Vice Provost for Multicultural Affairs Associate Provost Chief of Staff

Daniel Mark Fogel A. John Bramley Francine T. Bazluke Frances E. Carr William A. Neidt J. Michael Gower Thomas J. Gustafson Karen N. Meyer E. Lauck Parke Willi Coleman Jill Mattuck Tarule Gary L. Derr

Deans of the University

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Rachel K. Johnson College of Arts and Sciences Eleanor M. Miller School of Business Administration Rocki-Lee DeWitt College of Education and Social Services Fayneese S. Miller College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences Domenico Grasso The Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources Donald H. DeHayes College of Medicine John N. Evans College of Nursing and Health Sciences Betty A. Rambur Honors College Robert P. Taylor Enrollment Planning and Admissions Donald M. Honeman Libraries and Learning Resources Mara R. Saule Students David A. Nestor Continuing Education, Co-Director Cynthia L. Belliveau Continuing Education, Co-Director Carol M. Vallett Extension System, Director Douglas O. Lantagne

Commencement 2006

SPEAKER AND DEGREES HONORIS CAUSA Gustavo Esteva Doctor of Laws Commencement Speaker Gustavo Esteva is a prominent Mexican writer and social activist whose life has been a multi-faceted, courageous, and pioneering intellectual journey. Esteva is the author of 30 books and scores of articles that have made significant contributions to scholarly fields from economics to cultural anthropology, philosophy to education. A strong voice for indigenous people, campesinos, and urban migrants, the core of Esteva’s thought is a challenge to the validity of social systems that subordinate traditional community values and institutions to the priorities of the global marketplace. Intercultural communication, a discipline dedicated to the theory and practice of hospitable and rigorous cross-cultural encounters, is a major focus for Esteva and a field where he is regarded as an international authority. He is also among the intellectual founders of the field of post-development studies, an interdisciplinary study of alternatives to Western forms of development. The late philosopher and theologian Ivan Illich was influence, friend, and collaborator with Esteva. In one of most important books, Escaping his Education, Esteva expands upon Illich’s work by bringing a nonWestern cultural perspective to the analysis of modern education as a dehumanizing endeavor. Esteva, who now lives in a small Zapotec village outside the city of Oaxaca, began his career in a very different place. As a young man in the 1950s, he started work with international corporations such as IBM and Procter & Gamble, believing that capital progress was the best way to eliminate poverty and inequality in Mexico. In 1961, Es

teva moved to the public sector, convinced that the government was a more effective way to promote social change. His career in the Mexican government included work under the 1970s presidency of Luis Echeverria, where Esteva rose to become director of a national rural development agency. A pivotal moment in Esteva’s career and philosophy came with the earthquake that struck Mexico City in 1985. Where the government’s response fell short, Esteva found that those most affected by the crisis, the poor and the marginalized, organized quickly and effectively. Inspired by the examples of communities exercising their collective will, Esteva began to orient his life toward working to support the selfdetermination of peasant and indigenous communities. Gustavo Esteva’s connection to the University of Vermont began in the mid-1990s when several faculty members in the College of Education and Social Services read Escaping Education and began a correspondence with the author. That relationship would ultimately grow into many cross-disciplinary connections with UVM faculty and an innovative semester-long studyabroad program in Mexico. Esteva’s assistance in Oaxaca has been vital to creating opportunities for UVM faculty and students to learn firsthand how indigenous communities are organized and experience the ongoing political and cultural revitalization within those communities. Graham Stiles Newell Doctor of Humane Letters Bringing the classics to life for generations of Vermont students has been the work of a lifetime for Graham Stiles Newell, a teacher, historian, and scholar who inspires students with his passion for sharing the knowledge of the ancients even

in the age of the Xbox and iPod. A seventh-generation Vermonter born and raised in St. Johnsbury, Newell is a 1933 graduate of St. Johnsbury Academy, where he began teaching history and Latin in 1938 after completing his bachelor of arts in political science at the University of Chicago. He remained at the Academy until 1947, when he returned to Chicago for his master’s degree in Latin, resuming his teaching career in 1959 as a professor of history at Lyndon State College in Lyndonville, Vermont, where he remained for the next two decades. A professor emeritus at Lyndon State, he received the LSC Alumni Council Faculty Recognition Award in 2004, the same year the college established the Graham Newell Chair in Vermont History, its first named chair, in his honor. In addition to his life’s work as a teacher, Newell served a total of 26 years as a Vermont citizen legislator — in both the House and the Senate — and was chair of the Senate Education Committee for 20 years. Newell was also president of the Vermont Historical Society from 1964 to 1969. Newell returned to the classroom at St. Johnsbury Academy in 1982, where he continues today to inspire successive generations of students with his flair for teaching and obvious delight in students’ discovery of subjects animated by his insight and intellect. The recipient of numerous awards for his service to his state and his profession, Newell was selected in 1999 for the prestigious Vermont Citizen of the Year Award. Presented annually since 1964 by the Vermont Chamber of Commerce, the award elevates its recipient to the “short list” of Vermonters who represent the finest ideals of Vermont citizenship. The Vermont Humanities Council recognized Newell’s contributions to education in 2003 with its

Commencement 2006

first Victor R. Swenson Humanities Educator Award, given annually to a Vermont educator who exemplifies excellence in the teaching of the humanities. “All I can say about Graham is that he is the best Latin teacher anyone could ask for,” says William J. Baslock, a 2004 graduate of UVM and a former student of Newell’s at St. Johnsbury Academy. “Mr. Newell’s life and works, and especially his influence on his students, characterize the very meaning of studiis et rebus honestis.” Elizabeth Cushman Titus Putnam Doctor of Laws As a student at Vassar College, Elizabeth Cushman Titus Putnam learned about the crisis occurring in the national park system: not enough rangers were employed to take care of the parks and not enough money was assigned to hire more rangers. In 1955, Putnam’s senior thesis, “A Proposal for a Student Conservation Corps,” conceived of a program that would provide opportunities for young people to learn about environmental conservation and put their knowledge to work by volunteering in national parks. After two years of hard work with a broad coalition of supporters and allies, Putnam founded the Student Conservation Association (SCA), an organization based on those principles. Since then, the SCA has grown to become the largest conservation service program in America, placing volunteers in locations as diverse as Wyoming’s Grand Teton National Park to the Merck Forest and Farmland Center in Vermont. Eventually, the organization would place volunteers in all 50 states and internationally in Canada, Mexico, Germany, Brazil and several other countries as well. A pioneering force in the world of conservation, SCA helped win Congressional approval of the

Youth Conservation Corps in 1971 and served as the model for the National Park Service’s Volunteers in Parks program in 1972. By 1982, Putnam’s leadership in conservation and youth development won her national acclaim as recipient of the President’s Volunteer Action Award, presented by Ronald Reagan. SCA has been recognized for its achievements by the National Park Service, the U.S. Forest Service, the Wilderness Society, and the National Wildlife Federation, among others, and works with other land management agencies and service organizations including the Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and AmeriCorps. In the 1980s, Putnam was a member of the UVM President’s Council and has served as board member for numerous state and local organizations, including the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps, the Shaftsbury Historical Society, the Southern Vermont Conservation Society, the Vermont Nature Conservancy, and the Vermont Natural Resources Council. Today, her dedication to conservation continues as Ambassador-at-large for the SCA, a member of Merck Forest and Farmland Center’s Advisory Council and the National Board of Associates for the Garden Club of America. Putnam’s work has won her multiple awards and honors including the U.S. Department of the Interior Conservation Service Award, the National Park Service Honorary Park Ranger Award, the Sol Feinstone Environmental Award, the Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow, the Chevron Texaco Conservation Award, and the Margaret Douglas Medal from the Garden Club of America among others. Barbara W. Snelling Doctor of Laws Few Vermonters have contributed more to the advance of educa-

tion, business, and government in this state than Barbara W. Snelling. A two-term lieutenant governor and founder and president of an institutional advancement consulting firm, Snelling has been a leader in both the public and private sectors. Following the 1991 death of her husband, Richard A. Snelling, during his fifth term as governor, Barbara Snelling was elected lieutenant governor in 1993 and 1995. She ran for governor in 1996, but was forced to withdraw due to a life-threatening cerebral hemorrhage. Her recovery and courageous comeback to politics as a Vermont state senator from 1997 to 2002 has served as a source of inspiration and strength throughout the state. Snelling has been involved in public service all of her life with a particular affinity for public education. She was the first chair of the board of Champlain Valley Union High School and a member of the Shelburne School Board. She also served on the State Board of Education and as president of the Vermont School Board Association. A trustee of Radcliffe College, from which she graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa, Snelling has received honorary degrees from Norwich University and Middlebury College and was a trustee at Champlain College. In her professional life, Snelling provided outstanding leadership to the University of Vermont for eight years as vice president for development and external affairs. She later founded the institutional advancement consulting firm Snelling, Kolb & Kuhnle, Inc., an international company that specialized in helping nonprofit organizations with fundraising and public relations. She is an author of numerous books on fundraising and was a sought after public speaker at professional seminars on the subject. Snelling was founding chair of the Friends of the Vermont State 

Commencement 2006

House, an organization that restored the capital building to its 19th-century grandeur, and was a director of the Chittenden Bank for 26 years and chaired the board for eight years. She also served on the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce, and her honors include being named the Vermont Chamber of Commerce’s Citizen of the Year. Hubert “Hub” W. Vogelmann Doctor of Science Hubert “Hub” Vogelmann has made a profound impact on the people and landscapes of Vermont. Professor Emeritus of Botany, Vogelmann’s career at the University began as an instructor in 1955. His decades of scientific study and public service have been a marriage to protect nature’s handiwork and to build rich human communities. During 36 years as a member of the UVM faculty, Vogelmann’s achievements were numerous. Renowned for his pioneering research on acid rain, he started a tree survey on Camel’s Hump in 1965. By

the early 1980s, he was powerfully drawing lines between air pollution and declining forest health. Never a cloistered academic, he has strongly advocated for science in the public interest and worked diligently to bring accurate, useful information to the media and elected officials. Dr. Vogelmann marvels at plants, from towering white pines to bizarre carnivorous bladderworts. His sense of excitement and rigorous methods guided generations of students to follow their own sense of wonder and to pursue careers in science. From the summit of Camel’s Hump to the bottom of Shelburne Pond, he sought to understand the intricate ecology of plants and convey their importance to the world. He established UVM’s internationally regarded graduate-level Field Naturalist Program, chaired the botany department for more than 20 years, and selflessly promoted the accomplishments of his colleagues. Vogelmann was born and raised in Buffalo, NY, and graduated from Heidelberg College, Ohio, with a bachelor’s degree in biology. He received his master’s and doctorate

in plant ecology from the University of Michigan in 1955. He and his late wife, Marie, raised three sons at their home in Jericho, including Thomas who has followed his father’s path and now serves as chair of UVM’s botany department. As a conservation activist, Vogelmann helped identify and protect many of the state’s rare natural places and botanical treasures, from the Northeast Kingdom’s Victory Bog to unusual tree stands in the Green Mountains. As part of this commitment, Vogelmann has served on numerous environmental boards, including the Conservation Fund, Shelburne Farms, the Vermont Natural Resources Council, Audubon Society, and others. He was a founder of the Vermont chapter of the Nature Conservancy and a force behind the creation of Vermont’s Act 250, a landmark development and land use law. Vogelmann’s principled leadership has helped establish Vermont as an exemplar in balancing land conservation and responsible development.

Commencement 2006

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Sunday, May 21, 2006

11:45 a.m.

Multipurpose Facility

Rachel K. Johnson, Dean Thomas F. Patterson, Jr., College Marshal Josie H. Davis, Associate Dean, Faculty Marshal Michael E. Vayda, Associate Dean, Faculty Marshal Jean Harvey-Berino, Adrian J. Ivakhiv, David E. Kerr, Jane M. Kolodinsky, Thomas B. McFadden, Deborah A. Neher, Thomas C. Vogelmann, Susan S. Wallace Department Chairs, Program Directors and Representatives Order of Exercises PROCESSIONAL WELCOME, Dean Johnson GREETINGS AND REMARKS TO GRADUATES, Cynthia P. Danaher B.S., 1980, Biological Sciences, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, UVM M.B.A., 1984, Harvard University PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS RECESSIONAL

Kathleen Allison Ahalt, Catumet, MA Blake Farley Alspach, Milton** Allison Joy Azersky, Binghamton, NY Elizabeth Anne Baker, Suffern, NY Charles Sewell Baldwin, Belmont, MA** Renee Amelia Barnes, Newport, NH Natasha Andrea Bencivenga, Hamden, CT Elizabeth Jane Benton, Tempe, AZ Andrew George Berry, Barre Chol Kuer Bior, Winooski Travis Lee Bissonette, Colchester Michael Jeffrey Blackman, Needham, MA Shana Danielle Blackstone, Milton Alexis Anastasia Bogusky, Dartmouth, MA Denali Nichole Boon, Ft. Collins, CO** Rachel Charlotte Brayley, Greenville, RI Timothy Andrew Brenenstuhl, Saratoga Spring, NY* Lauren Ann Brennan, Lexington, MA Jeannette Biddle Brooks, Rowayton, CT** Sean Morgan Brown, Vergennes Kira Eileen Butera, Londonderry Liam Philip Caine, Bar Harbor, ME** Annie Sabina Canu, Eastham, MA Glenn Shaw Card, Billerica, MA Jason Michael Carey, Colchester Jacqueline Marie Carlson-Hulce, Brookfield, CT Patrick Clay Cassidy, Perkinsville Ashley Elizabeth Chagnon, Swanton Christopher Ryan Chagnon, Burlington** Jeffrey Chamberlin, Jr., Woodstock Seth Thomas Chapell, East Montpelier Sarah Ann Chenail, North Adams, MA Erin Amanda Chicoine, Weybridge Tracie Ann Clarke, Huntington** Jenna Russo Coffey, Bellows Falls Ransom Martin Conant, Richmond Whitney Todd Cook, Cohasset, MA Nicholas John Cooke, South Portland, ME**

Brandy Lee Couillard, Milton Kirsten Alexis Cremer, Portsmouth, NH Brian James Crosby, St. Albans Adam Thomas Cushman, Bennington Ria D’Aversa, Whitehouse Station, NJ Sarah Elizabeth Daigle, Centerville, MA Mackenzie Weseloh Dean, Annapolis, MD** Kathleen Palmer Dorr, Ilion, NY Benjamin James Driver, St. Albans Marc Jerome Druart, Roost-Warendin, France** Sara Marie Duggan, Scituate, MA** Heather M. Eaton, Williston Jonathan Seaver Edwards, Bedford, NH Lindsey Anne Epstein, Dighton, MA Paul Aaron Epstein, Waitsfield Lauren Alicia Evans, Tunkhannock, PA Leah Bohn Felis, Stowe** John Brian Fennessy, Manlius, NY Timothy Edward Ferdinand, Old Tappan, NJ Mark W. Finch, Northfield Lindsay Meredith Fletcher, St. Albans Mikkel Peter Forsthuber, Warren Jessica Lynn Fortier, West Berlin Ryan Andrew Foster, Weston Isaac Matthew Fournier, East Barre** Danielle Marie Fuoco, Lewistown, PA Heather L. Gardner, Stowe Amanda Constance Gates, Groton Colleen Marie Walsh Giansiracusa, Northboro, MA Kathryn Rose Gibbs, Clifton Park, NY Shanna Uyssa Grant, Canton, NY Dustin Everett Gregoire, Richford Sara Anne Guest, Fulton, NY** Spencer Theodore Halstead, Glastonbury, CT Cynthia Lynn Hartley, West Wareham, MA Brian J. Hathaway, Rutland Town Robert Andrew Hawke, Colchester** Michael Richard Huck, Belmont

Sarah Jean James, Portsmouth, NH Kristiana Inga Johnston, Woodstock* Kendall Benoit Kahl, Boulder, CO* Ladan Karimian, New Britain, CT David Donald Karl, Newton, MA Rebecca May Karlen, North Middlesex Alison Leigh Kearney, Essex Junction Brian Jeffrey Kellerman, Columbus, OH** Jamie Michelle Kingsbury, Waitsfield Whitney Ann Knauer, New Holland, PA Colleen Lin Knecht, Grand Blanc, MI** Gregory Peter Krantz, Tinmouth Rachael Anne Kuhnmunch, Ravena, NY Joey Michelle Kyle, Gilford, NH Robyn Ruth Lane, Hyde Park Allison Marie Lauze, Merrimack, NH Benjamin Stewart Lefebvre, Southport, CT Kyle Dickie Legnos, Mystic, CT Lindsay Elizabeth Lord, West Ossipee, NH Tiffany Marie Martin, Keene, NH Sairy Valencia Martocci, Seymour, TN Devin Ryan Mason, Barre Kerry Anne McCarthy, Montpelier John R. McGinn, III, Fairfax Megan Cathleen McGrath, Greensboro Bend Aaron Edward Menkin, Millwood, NY Ashley Elizabeth Miller, Gardiner, NY Emily Ann Milne, South Burlington Achier A. Mou Albino, South Burlington Alyssa Addie Nathanson, Montpelier Sarah Ntim, Bronx, NY Karla J. Nuissl, Montpelier Graham Spencer Ollard, Knoxville, TN Maegan Jessie Olsen, Ellicott City, MD Leah Mae Olson, Rutland Danielle Lauren Paradis, Enosburg Falls** *As of October, 2005 **As of February, 2006

Commencement 2006 Joseph R. Pare, St. Albans Brianna Natalya Parke, Ripton Dov Avram Pechenick, Burlington Bradley Michael Peduzzi, Stowe Seth Bishop Peichert, Towson, MD Joshua Scott Peimer, Bedford, NH Matthew Joseph Pescatore, Cohasett, MA** Omar Anjum Qazi, McLean, VA Janne Victoria Rand, Lake Placid, NY Nicole Suzanne Richard, Marlborough, MA Gina Marie Roberts, Hamilton, NJ Molly Westbrook Robinson, South Deerfield, MA Graham Ellis Rogers, Stowe Sheila R. Russell, Waterbury Lindsay Elizabeth Russo, Fayetteville, NY** Krista Margaret Sargent, Jay* Christopher Kent Savastio, Glendale, AZ Suzanne Nicole Scherping, Darnestown, MD Tobiah Stacy Schulman, Hinesburg Johannes Nicholas Seywerd, Manchester, ME Amanda Leah Shackford, Madison, NH

*As of October, 2005 **As of February, 2006


Brad Richard Shuker, Millis, MA James Thayer Sifers, Stratford, CT Sarah Bridget Simpson, Warren Jennifer Anne Slater, Rochester Michael John Smith, Concord, NH Anna Beth Snarski, Dummerston Adrienne Lee Snider, Essex Junction** Shelby Lynn Soares, Swansea, MA Rachel Carrie Sooter, Fayston** Robin Victoria Sorrell, Newfane Lila Gabrielle Spring, St. Johnsbury Dean Allan Stockwell, Westford Stephane Santina Stookey, Doyestow, PA* Sarah Jane Stowell, Thetford Center Sara Marie Surgen, Lake Elmore* Evelyn Ferne Sylvester, North Hero Leah Walsh Szafranski, Huntington, MA Matthew Aaron Taylor, Butler, MD Todd Edwin Taylor, Johnson Sarah Michelle Thomas, St. Albans Bradley Edward Thompson, Bristol

Matthew Grad Traister, West Newbury, MA Hung Van Truong, Burlington Carolina Nicole Turk, Chula Vista, CA Kelly Ann Verrill, Meredith, NH Peter John Videyko, Salisbury, MA Ashley Elizabeth Volker, Flemington, NJ Lisa Marie Weiss, Bellows Falls Emily Rose Welch, Concord, NH Ashley Ruth Wener, West Rutland Amanda Beth Werber, Warwick, RI Cara Emily Weymouth, Stockbridge Meaghan Elizabeth Wheeler, Plymouth, MA** Jason Scott Wiener, Maplewood, NJ Ashleigh Jean Wiesel, Underhill Benjamin David Wilson, Westport, CT** Jennifer Ann Wisman, Glenmore, PA

Commencement 2006

Graduate College MASTER OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Emily Christine Bibby, B.A. (Middlebury College) 1998; North Pomfret Daniel E. Bromberg, B.A. (State University of New York, Albany) 2001; Hillsdale, NJ Thesis: Corporate Social Responsibility: Sorting it Out Through the Tools of Government Adrienne Lynn Cohen, B.A. (University of Massachusetts at Boston) 1986; Shoreham** Thesis: Perceptions, Preferences and Values of Formal and Informal Supports to Rural Older Adults Forest B. Cohen, B.A. (Western State College of Colorado) 2000; East Haven Christopher Wallace Cummings, B.A. (The University of Vermont) 1999; Burlington Mary L. Deaett, B.A. (Union College) 1981; Brattleboro Craig Graham, B.A. (The University of Vermont) 1984; Montpelier** Molly Elizabeth Hooker, B.A. (The University of Vermont) 1999; Rutland Andrew Warner Jope, B.A. (Bucknell University) 1991; B.A. (Trinity College) 1999; Glastonbury, CT Kim E. McRae, B.A. (Johnson State College) 2001; Burlington Michael James Pluta, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 1983; Chittenden Matthew Adams Probasco, B.S. (Ohio State University) 1995; South Burlington Jonathan C. Reidel, B.A. (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) 1990; Vergennes Michele Cranwell Schmidt, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 1995; Parsippany, NJ Thesis: Microenterprise Development in Vermont: Program Success Theory Model and Perspectives on Self-Employment as a Way Out of Poverty Rachel Marie Weston, B.A. (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) 2003; Hampden, MA Julie G. Witherell, B.A. (Bradford College) 1995; Bartlett, NH MASTER OF SCIENCE Animal Sciences Laura Katherine Celia, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2003; Guilford, CT* Thesis: Characterization of a Streptococcus uberis Derived Bacteriophage Lysin Laura Lintault, B.S. (Cornell University) 2001; Massapequa, NY* Thesis: Effects of Hypergravity and Food Intake on Tissue Meta bolism, Gene Expression and Energy Balance in Periparturient Rats Botany Heather Elizabeth Driscoll, B.S. (University of Wisconsin, Madison) 1994; B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2002; Newton, MA Thesis: Origin of Hawaiian Polystichum (Dryopteridaceae): Evidence From rbcL and trnL-F Spacer Sequences Benjamin M. Osborne, B.A. (New York University) 2000; Norwood, MA* Thesis: An Upward Shift in the Deciduous-Boreal Ecotone During 40 Years of Warming in the Green Mountains Xiaowei Tang, B.S. (Sichuan University) 2003; Guangxi, P.R. China Thesis: A Cell Wall Structure Model Based On Observations of Split-Thickness Chara Cell Walls Botany-Field Naturalist Amanda Devine, B.S. (Bates College) 2003; Holmdel, NJ Charles Schafer Eiseman, B.S. (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) 2000; Burlington Sarah Labun Jordan, A. B. (Princeton University) 2002; Newbury** Thesis: Marketing Local Foods in a Conventional Setting Ryan Owens, B.A. (Dartmouth College) 2001; Syracuse, NY Lisa B. Passerello, B.S. (University of Michigan) 1999; Houghton, MI Community Development and Applied Economics Matias Javier Chiota, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2002; Berchem, Belgium Thesis: Middle Eastern Environmental Peacemaking: Reconciling Critical Conflict Resolution and Trans-Boundary Natural Resource Management Theories and Practice Amy Lynn Dillon, B.A. (Dartmouth College) 2001; Brighton, MA Thesis: Industrial Diversification and Its Potential Impacts On Local Economic Prosperity and Stability: An Examination of US Counties, 1979-2000 Jiajia Huang, B.A. (Wuhan University) 2001; P.R. China* Thesis: Employees’ Career Decisions in Vermont’s Tourism Industry

Michael G. Moser, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2002; Cambridge Thesis: Levels of Collaboration in Multi-Stakeholder International Development Projects: The Rio Negro, Honduras Case Study Colleen C. Shanahan, B.S. (Purdue University) 1993; M.S. (Saint Michael’s College) 2004; Rushville, IN* Thesis: A Diffusion of Innovation Approach to Web Presence Small Food Businesses Nutrition and Food Sciences Erin Jill Pacheco, B.S. (Boston University) 2000; Wyantskill, NY* Thesis: The Feasibility of Recruiting Research Subjects Over the Internet to Study the Effectiveness of A 5-A-Day Web Site Pallavi Rajbhandari, B.Tech. (Tribhuvan University) 2001; Nepal, India* Thesis: Calcium Lactate Crystallization on Smoked Cheddar Cheese and It’s Quantitative Measurement by Image Analysis Beth Helen Rice, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2003; Middle Island, NY* Thesis: Development of Oat Based Symbiotic Yogurt-Like Product Using Whey Protein Isolate As a Gelation Agent Jennifer Ann Sienkiewicz, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2003; Rutland* Thesis: Food Safety and Regulation: Evaluation of an Online Multimedia Course Using Bloom’s Taxonomy Bethany Ann Yon, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 1984; Rutland* Thesis: The Use of a Personal Digital Assistant for Dietary Self Monitoring As Part of a Weight Loss Program Plant and Soil Science Juan Pablo Alvez, B.D. (Universidade Federal De Santa Catarina) 1997; Colchester* Thesis: Irrigation, Nitrogen, and Soil Amendment Effects on Pasture Forage Yield and Quality Marlys E. Eddy, B.A. (The University of Vermont) 2001; Randolph Thesis: Performance of Cold Hardy Wine Grape Cultivars at Four Commercial Vineyards in the Champlain Valley of Vermont: Yield, Fruit Quality, and Bud Survival Christine Marie Manuck, B.S. (Wake Forest University) 2003; Farmington, CT Thesis: The Effects of Compost Banding on Lycopersicon Esculentum Mill. and Zea Mays L. Root Architecture and Yield Quality Felix Rafael Jiménez Serrano, B.S. (Rutgers University) 2001; San Sebastian, Puerto Rico* Thesis: The Relationship of Chronological Age, Temperature and Plant Phenology with Neutral and Acid Detergent Fiber of Cool-Season Grasses David Lawrence Weber, B.S. (University of Oregon) 1998; Chicago, IL Thesis: Alternative Phosphorus Filter Technology for Wastewater Treatment on Vermont Dairy Farms DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY Animal Science Bing Dong, B.S. (Jilin University) 1998; M.S. (University of Agriculture and Animal Science) 2001; Changchun, P.R. China** Dissertation: Regulation of ß -Casein Gene Expression by Octamer Factors Jiamao Zheng, B.S. (Hangzhou Normal College) 1997; M.S. (Zhejiang University) 2000; Hangzhou, China* Dissertation: Mammary Gene Expression in Mastitis Botany Julie A. Dragon, B.A. (University of Florida) 1991; M.S. (The University of Vermont) 2002; Chattanooga,TN Dissertation: Molecular Phylogeny and Systematics of the Carex Aquatilis Group Section Phacocystis (Cyperaceae) Plant and Soil Science Mohammed El Damir, B.S. (University of Aleppo) 1995; M.S. (University of Aleppo) 1999; Aleppo, Syria* Dissertation: Environmental Profile of Entomopathogenic Fungi for Management of Sunn Pest (Eurygaster integriceps Puton) Heidi C. Hales, B.A. (University of Pennsylvania) 1993; M.A. (University of Pennsylvania) 1994; Burlington* Dissertation: Using Stable Isotopes as a Tool to Study Streamwater And Soil Nitrate *As of October, 2005 **As of February, 2006


Commencement 2006

College of Arts and Sciences

Sunday, May 21, 2006

11:45 a.m. University Green Eleanor M. Miller, Dean James H. Overfield, College Marshal Huck T. Gutman, Faculty Marshal Mark A. Stoler, Stage Marshal F. Gregory Gause III, Procession Marshal Mark E. Bouton, Dona L. Brown, Kelvin Chu, Jennifer A. Dickinson, Kathryn J. Fox, Mary Lou Kete, Dennis F. Mahoney, Patrick A. Neal, Gretchen J. van Slyke Assistant Marshals Order of Exercises WELCOME & INTRODUCTION OF PLATFORM PARTY, Dean Eleanor M. Miller RECOGNITION OF EMERITI FACULTY PRESENTATION OF THE HANNAH HOWARD PRIZE COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS, Professor Mark A. Stoler PRESENTATION OF GRADUATE DIPLOMAS PRESENTATION OF UNDERGRADUATE DIPLOMAS CELEBRATORY SONG

Bachelor of Arts Nilima Michelle Abrams, South Burlington Courtney Daugherty Adams, Vero Beach, FL Sarah Rebecca Adler, Brighton, MA Akua Afriyie, Bronx, NY Daniel Akol Aguek, Shelburne** Kelsey Angela Alabiso, Plymouth, MA Brian Matthew Albert, Pittstown, NJ Elaine Gilford Alden, Ann Arbor, MI Megan Elizabeth Alderfer, Lansdale, PA Meghann Faye Allan, Colchester** Graham Hovey Allison, Concord, MA Douglas J. Anderson, Houlton, ME Zoe Sarah Anderson, Millbrook, NY Francesca Sara Andreani, Providence, RI Kelly Martel Aremburg, North Concord Jeff Michael Ares, Poestenkill, NY Daniel Herzfeld Arlein, Maplewood, NJ Elizabeth Rose Arrigo, Randolph, NJ Melanie C. Ashton, Waitsfield Nicola Rachel Astles, Essex Junction Kira Juda Phoebe Atwood-Youngstrom, Portland, OR Jacob H. Auger, Middlebury Matthew Nichols Austin, Kinnelon, NJ Tessa Auwarter, Saratoga Springs, NY** Connor Richard Avery, Cohasset, MA Abraham Awolich, South Burlington** Rachel Jean Axelson, Essex Junction Gillian P. Badot, Newburyport, MA John Michael Bagdonas, Scituate, MA* David Joseph Baillargeon, Putnam, CT Curtis Alexander Baker, Ithaca, NY Peter Alan Baker, Potsdam, NY Gillian Osborne Baker-McKnight, Burlington Gregory Maynard Baldwin, Sharon Caroline Claire Ballou, Shrewsbury, MA Elisha Wade Balsley, Burlington Lauren Mary Barnett, Amherst, NY Lakshmi Ranjit Barot, Burlington Elizabeth Hadley Barron, Haverhill, MA Michael Anthony Bartelloni, Norfolk, MA *As of October, 2005 **As of February, 2006


Alison Mabra Basdekis, Longmeadow, MA Michael James Bass, Richmond, VA Emily Robyn Bassin, Queensbury, NY David Wood Bates, Noank, CT Evan Thomas Beamer, Marlborough, MA Jennifer Helen Bean, Springfield Nicholas Schuyler Beardsworth, Stowe** Scott Evan Beckwith, Burlington** Matthew Ryan Beers, Monroe, CT Sean Patrick Behan, Newfane Sondra Elizabeth Behan, Newfane Paul Aladdin Bellamy, Marshfield** Amber Lynn Bennett, St. Johnsbury Andrew Michael Bennett, St. Johnsbury** Ryan Christopher Bennett, St. Johnsbury* Gregory Clyde Benson, Grand Isle Caitlin Drew Berberich, Ramsey, NJ Madeline Louise Berd, Brooklyn, NY Vincent Paul Bergamo, Bethel Lindsey Ann Bergen, Rutland* Elizabeth Anne Berger, Greenwich, CT** David Richard Berk, Rochester, NY Samuel Julian Berman, Florence, MA Robert Peter Bigelow, St. Johnsbury Steven Kagan Binns, Attleboro, MA Jill Elizabeth Bird, Littleton, NH Hillary deJong Black, Putney** Joseph T. Black, Jr., Westborough, MA Adriana Blacker, Wayland, MA Samuel Nation Blazar, Hudson, MA Hayley Safyan Block, Burlington Daniel Aaron Bloom, Fort Lee, NJ** Michael J. Blouin, Berlin Tyler Andrew Blouin, St. Albans Hannah Elizabeth Blum, Pittsburgh, PA Kristen Bocina, Fairhills, NJ Kaetlyn Elizabeth Bolton, South Burlington* Susan Marie Bonee, West Hartford, CT Hannah Lea Bonneau, North Troy** Hayden Jane Boska, Niskayuna, NY Hillary Boucher, Colchester Gabriela Bourne, Pelham, NY Chloe Louise Bouscaren, Brookline, MA

Briana Lynn Bove, Rutland Courtney Lyn Bowers, Fairfield, CT* Dylan Robert Boyd, Boothbay Harbor, ME Leigh Marie Branson, Hackettstown, NJ Theodore Alexander Bravakis, Worcester Amanda M. Bray, Duxbury, MA Joseph Grant Briggs, Shelburne Julian Ugo Brizzi, Montclair, NJ* Seth Michael Brody, Montclair, NJ** Christopher Peter Brown, Burlington Eric Matthew Brown, Ithaca, NY* Melissa Lee Brown, Rodman, NY* Anna Katherine Brox, Manchester, MA** Susan Elizabeth Brunelle, Williston** Kurtis Brian Bubeck, Delmar, NY** Graham Russell Budd, South Burlington Aaron E. Bull, Waterford Steven Christopher Burch, East Greenwich, RI** Sean-Patrick Burke, Killington* Heather Lynn Burnett, Williston Angela Briana Burro, Clarksburg, MA Marina Noelle Byquist, Upper Montclair, NJ Nicholas Michael Caccavo, Plainfield Colin Lyons Cady, South Burlington** Amie Lynn Cafarelli, Shelburne Krista Jean Calano, St. Albans Evan H. Calderara, Jericho Robert McGregor Calhoun, Jr., Brownsville* Douglas William Campbell, Glen Rock, NJ Joseph Trapp Campbell, Worthington, OH Patrick Pryser Candon, Norwich Jeremy A. Cantor, Florham Park, NJ Bent Gunnar Cardan, Mammoth Lakes, CA Alexandra Marie Carlson, Reading, MA Elizabeth Ann Carmer, Rye, NH** Chelsea Lara Carpenter, Ashley Falls, MA Christine Helen Carragee, Wayne, PA Allison Marie Carragher, Colchester, CT Jared P. Carrano, Cheshire, CT** Ryan A. Carrier, Hinesburg** Rachel Elizabeth Carter, Ludlow Raina Leah Carter, Brattleboro Marisa Delcia Castello, Bronx, NY

Commencement 2006 Hannah Elizabeth Caulfield, Burlington Julia Anne Cerbone, South Huntington, NY Alana Jean Chain, Guilford, CT Robert Christopher Champion, Milton Eliza Kelly Chard, Fairfield, CT Michael John Chartrand, Barre Elizabeth Joel Chazen, Chattanooga, TN Christina Helene Churchill, Bedford, NH Alyssa Jennifer Ciccotti, Upper Montclair, NJ** Ebony Sandra Cintron, Bronx, NY Michael Robert Cioffi, South Burlington Margaret Elizabeth Cleary, Stowe Andrew Joseph Clemmy, Mansfield, MA Emily Louisa Coderre, Newton, MA Eric A. Coffin, Winooski Dana Leigh Cohan, Gladwyne, PA Christopher Michael Cohen, Woodmere, NY Caroline E. Cole, Charlotte Caitlin June Coleman, Yorktown Heights, NY Leah Sarah Coleman, San Francisco, CA** Thomas James Colgan, Congers, NY Lauren Beth Collins, Elmira, NY Patrick Cornelius Collins, Dover, NH Meghan Leah Colten, Newburyport, MA Margaret Newlin Conant, Burlington Caitlin Marie Conner, North Creek, NY Brandon Conover, Fort Kent, ME Hayden Randall Coon, Burlington Alexander Michael Copping, Chester Lindsay Dawn Cordner, Colchester** Samantha Lynn Corey, Brattleboro Molly Frances Cosgrove, Newton, MA Anthony M. Costello, Lowell, MA** Lauren Rebecca Costello, Cumberland, RI Elizabeth Constance Cottrell, Wilmington, DE Natalie Anne Cowden, Marblehead, MA* Megan Elizabeth Coyne, Franklin, MA Thomas B. Cronin, Pittsford, NY Jaclyn Mary Crossen, West Roxbury, MA Hannah Heard Crowley, Hingham, MA Meghan Alise Cullen, Red Bank, NJ** Catherine Marie Currid, Boxford, MA Jennifer C. Currier, Bristol Christopher Lee Daige, San Marcos, CA* Chelsea Kayo Daigle, Wilmington Philip George Dalton, Milton, MA** Paul Darrell Damon, Manchester, CT** Jared William Danielian, North Providence, RI** Damaris Rose Darling, West Dover Laura Elizabeth Darling, Poolesville, MD Paul Loren Davison, Andover, MA** Brooke Dearborn Dawson, Hardwick, MA Anna Kristen DeAngelis, Beverly, MA** Nicholas Calder Dearnley, Monmouth, ME** Cedar Lynn Decarreau, South Burlington** Jake Edward Delmore, Milford, CT Danielle J. DeMarse-Welsh, Burlington Helen Anne Dembinski, Hamden, CT Ashley Woods Denton, South Hamilton, MA Anna Lisa Derrien, Jackson Heights, NY** Jay William Desautels, Colchester Vinay Devadanam, South Burlington** Elizabeth Lyn DiBlasi, Bronxville, NY Steven Anthony DiMillo, Portland, ME Robert Ernest Dockendorff, Hanover, MA Christopher John Doherty, Underhill** Ryan Kenneth Doil, Portland, ME Lauren Anne Dolaway, Blue Bell, PA James Pitkin Donahue, Windsor

Peter David Dotson-Westphalen, Taftsville Timothy Michael Dougherty, Jr., Massapequa Park, NY Jonathon Ainslie Douglas, East Orange Brendan Claire Downs-Dudley, Lexington, MA Ziven Ellen Drake, Burlington Kyla Suk Drew, Essex Junction** Alec D. Drown, Greensboro Alison Louise Duffy, Thetford Center Christopher James Dunham, Schenectady, NY Jessica Maryann Dunlop, Watertown, MA Brooke Channing Dunmore, Lake Zurich, IL Caroline Breck Dunmore, Lake Zurich, IL Kore Simone DuPlessis, Philadelphia, PA Jameson Coffey duPont, Centerbrook, CT Cara Angeline Dutra, Colchester Jessie D. Eastman, Burlington** Emily Rose Eden Athearn, Bellows Falls** Jeanne Elizabeth Eisenhaure, Hingham, MA Benjamin Baird Eldredge, Waterbury Clarissa Anne Elliott, South Ryegate Holly Shetland Elwell, Shelburne Falls, MA Evan Ashley Emmerich, Warwick, NY Kate Ashley Emmerich, North Chelmsford, MA Benjamin Watson Englund, Concord, MA Joshua James Faber-Hammond, Barrington, RI Amy L. Faith, Barrington, IL Megan Elizabeth Farrell, South Londonderry Adam Joseph Fastow, Bethesda, MD Jessica Lynn Fay, East Fairfield Tessa Faye-Foulds, Amherst, MA Alexander E. Feher, Trumbull, CT Margo Collins Fenner, Simsbury, CT Soledad Fernandez-Whitechurch, Greenwich, CT Stephanie Ann Ferraro, Salem, MA Daniel Arthur Fisher, Basking Ridge, NJ David Francis Fisher, Chantilly, VA Robyn Tamar Fishkin, Marblehead, MA Kristine Marie Fitzgerald, Salisbury Alison E. Fitzpatrick, Burlington Frederick Brady Fletcher, Loudonville, NY Katherine Lynn Folts, Broadalbin, NY Isaac Ralston Forman, Charleston, WV Celine Sullivan Foster, Bedford, NY Mitra Delise Fotouhi, Charlotte** Marina Patricia Frederick, South Portland, ME Peter M. Freeman, Westport, CT Amanda Beroza Friedman, Burlington Eric Williams Fries, Shelburne Emily Catherine Froehlich, Burlington** Caitlin Marie Fullerton, Greenwich, NY Darci Ann Fullerton, South Woodstock Sarah Gaboriault, Essex Junction Melinda Carol Gagnon, Huntington Station, NY* Nathan David Gagnon, South Berwick Katherine Yeates Gallagher, Newfane Erin Clare Gallaher, Versailles, KY Liza A. Gamelli, Burr Ridge, IL Jaclyn Noelle Gans, Grand Isle** Julie Ann Ganski, Lakeville, MA Ea Ganteaume-Richards, South Burlington Jaydeen Carmen Garcia, Burlington** Kathryn Lee Garneau, South Easton, MA** Aaron Maxwell Garovoy, Havana, FL** Joseph Paul Gasparini, Grand Forks, ND Christian Martin Gauderer, Salem, SC* Eitan Braier Gavish, Ossining, NY Sophie Joy Felicity Gazda, Burlington Peter John Geibel, Branford, CT

John Charles Gelini, Westport, CT Colleen Katherine Geraghty, Westfield, NJ Andrew Edward Gershman, Stratford, NJ** Mark C. Giannullo, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ** Jonathan Brian Gilman, Halifax, MA Hilary Ann Love Glass, Underhill Center Randall Benge Gleason, Marblehead, MA William Andrew Kidd Gochberg, Surry, ME Rachel Beth Golodetz, Katonah, NY Daniel Thomas Goodhue, Hooksett, NH Eric Paul Gordon, South Burlington Allison Patrice Gould, Shrewsbury Jenny Elsa Gould, Burlington Jeffrey Woodrow Goulette, Shelburne Emily Armstrong Gowen, Middlebury William Lawrence Grabow, Rutland** Nika Elizabeth Graci, Brookfield Brian Henry Grant, Mahopac, NY* Emily Marie Graves, Deephaven, MN Kyla Nicole Graves, Reading Mallory Ann Graves, Plainfield Adam Ledford Gray, Cedar Rapids, IA Molly Rose Gray, South Newbury Elizabeth Elena Greco, Wellesley, MA** Elizabeth May Green, Lexington, MA Nicholas John Grenier, Lewiston, ME Jacob Mathew Grieco, Rockingham Valentina Anna Griffin, Miami, FL Andrew L. Groff, Lee, MA Anne Ryder Groff, Peterborough, NH Peter Endicott Groff, North Andover, MA* Sebastian Keane Groskin, Stowe Rachel Glantz Grossberg, Lexington, MA David Matthew Grossman, Linwood, NJ Eric Steven Grove, Burlington Elizabeth Jane Guenard, Lunenburg, MA Lindsay Louise Guhman, Winooski Leah Rose Haas, West Hartford, CT Patrick John Hackett, Proctor Kathleen Lynn Haggerty, Coopersburg, PA Stephanie Theresa Hainley, Manville, RI Faith Nicole Hale, Annandale, NJ Elizabeth Ann Hall, Swarthmore, PA Sarah Dorman Hall, Post Mills Leisa Halligan, Shelburne* Hillary Ayn Hamilton, Pittsburgh, PA Kate T. Hamilton, Edgecomb, ME Michael Charles Hammond, Gwynedd Valley, PA Sean O. Hanlon, Nahant, MA Kyle William Hannon, Park Ridge, NJ Carl Frederick Hanson, Portland, ME Meghan Mary Harcar, Ewing, NJ Brendan Deegan Hare, Island Pond** Elizabeth Gleason Harlow, Clarendon Ashton James Harrewyn, South Burlington Marc Emile Hartigan, Randolph Center** Kelsy Lauren Hartley, Boothbay Harbor, ME Sharon Bennett Haseman, Cornish, NH Jennifer Hass, Syosset, NY James Peter Hasselbeck, Rowley, MA Natalie Ann Hawley, Boise, ID* Erin Whitney Hayes, Chalfont, PA Sara Morgan Henderson, Burlington Molly Allison Hennessy, Barrington, RI Holly Beth Heppner, Burlington Ana M. Hernandez, Bronx, NY Cynthia Marie Henry, Fairfield, CT** *As of October, 2005 **As of February, 2006


Commencement 2006 Steven Ira Heyligers, Woodbury, NY Lauren Amelia Hibbard, Ferrisburg Robert Forrest Hickey, Burlington Zachary Davidson Hicks, Port Jefferson, NY Joseph Watson Hillebrand, Northville, MI Emma Elizabeth Hitchcock, Chester Selene M. Hofer-Shall, Cornwall* Julianna Brett DeBord Hogan, West Newbury, MA Jennie Suzanne Holden, Williamstown Laura Ann Hollar, Barnet Serena Nicholls Hollmeyer, Salisbury, CT* Charles T. Holmes, Milton** Kate Erin Hood, Richmond* Nicholas Adon Hopkins, Newburyport, MA Sara K. Horn, Aspen, CO Stephanie Palmer Horn, Paoli, PA Ashley Brett Horton, Brunswick, ME** Kurt David Hostnik, Brielle, NJ Anne Rebecca Houston, Hyde Park Daniel S. Houston, Burlington David Andrew Houston, Anchorage, AK Brian Thomas Howe, Avalon, NJ Danielle Marie Hoyler, Barrington, IL Katelyn Elizabeth Hudspeth, Burlington Christina Francis Hughes, Plymoth Meeting, PA Melissa Rachel Hyman, Port Washington, NY Jason Victor Iannoni, East Walpole, MA Robert C.L.M. Ingraham, Charlotte Jenna Anne Iodice, Syracuse, NY Elijah Irving, Winchester, MA** James Lyman Irving, Springfield Center, NY** Jerald Griffin Irving, Bronxville, NY Kate Elizabeth Ittleman, Charlotte Kari Jana Iverson, Williston Lindsay Barbara Jaccom, Burlington Aubrey Corinne Jacobs, Euclid, OH Monica Ashley Jaferian, Basking Ridge, NJ Karl Justin Jagbandhansingh, Queens, NY** Allison Beth Jed, Burlington Michael Philip Jemison, Wyomissing, PA Andrew Thomas Jenkins, Andover, MA Colin Arthur Jensen, Oak Park, IL Kristofer James Jenson, Sudbury, MA Jonathan Mark Jenusaitis, Guilford, CT Bryan Joggerst, Vestal, NY Tyler Lee John, Lyndonville** Kerrie Lynn Johnson, South Ryegate Sarah Elizabeth Johnson, Beverly, MA Anja Lipinski Jokela, Burlington Benjamin Young Jones, Yarmouth, ME Heather Danielle Jones, North Chittenden Jennifer Lynn Jones, Winooski* Matthew Grant Jubelt, Fayetteville, NY Natalie Rochelle Karlin, Burlington Thomas Owen Kassan, Croton On Hudson, NY Rosa Elizabeth Keefe, Brattleboro Tatum Leigh Keenan, Wethersfield, CT Dana Lynn Keith, Deerfield, IL Meghan Marie Kelley, Milton Elizabeth Dewey Kellogg, Northborough, MA Robert Burriss Kelly, Boston, MA Kelli Elizabeth Keye, East Grand Rapids, MI Natasha Viktorivna Khrolenko, Brooklyn, NY* Megan Elizabeth Kiernan, Rutland April Diana Kiewit, Colchester Erin Elizabeth Kilrain, South Barre Rhiannon Marie Kim, Montpelier *As of October, 2005 **As of February, 2006


Christopher Kenneth King, Burlington Amie Jinah Kippert, Northport, NY William Welles Kirk, Woodstock Valley, CT Marissa Horowitz Kirshenbaum, West Hartford, CT Thomas Trull Klebart Jr., New Hartford, CT Heather Ruth Klein, Rochester** Kelly Marie Klempa, Medfield, MA John William Klingenstein, Purchase, NY** Devon Hayley Knowles, North Caldwell, NJ Jessica Mary Koch, Sioux Falls, SD Nathalie Ann Kocher, Wayland, MA Jamie Mac Koehnlein, Honeoye, NY Lauren Elizabeth Koenig, Oceanport, NJ Flora Kohane, New York, NY Alexandra Blaine Kolb, Fairfield, CT Gabriel Isaac Koss, Montpelier** Jessica Lynn Kostin, West Hartford, CT Jessica M. Kowalewski, Valley Stream, NY William Devin Kraman, Brooklyn, NY** Keely Min Kraus, Georgetown, MA Jason Adam Krebs, Glen Rock, NJ Laura Dawn Krusheski, Green Village, NJ Kemal M. Kucuk, West Bloomfield, MI Elliott Andrew Kueffner, Burlington Emily Thompson Kueffner, Southport, CT David Michael Kukla, Norwich, CT* Alaina Rachel Kunin, Rydal, PA Elizabeth Mary Kuttler, Burlington Sarah Helen Labbe, Scarborough, ME Jesse Aaron Labow, Rutland Rachel Lynn Lacy, Hadley, NY Ellyn Ladd, Milton* Meghan H. Lalor, Fresh Meadows, NY Andrew Denson LaMar, Tulsa, OK Kerri Marie Lamaster, Burlington Jason T. Lantagne, Newport James A. Lausier, St. Albans Angela Renee Lavalla, White River Junction Cameron D. Lawler, Burlington Jennifer Marie Leach, Fairfax** Melissa Erin Leach, Pawlet Brennan Patrick Leene, Waterbury Center Jane Stewart LeMasurier, Staunton, VA** Robert Charles Len, Pound Ridge, NY Richard Anthony Lendino, Cheshire, CT Kristen L. Leonard, Andover, MA Sarah Elizabeth Letteney, Burlington Rachel Anne Levine, Shelburne Deborah Florence Lewis, Nazareth, PA Nicole Lyn Lewis, Shelburne Mariah D. Lienau, Thetford Erin Katherine Linney, Charlotte, NC* Trevor M. Loew, Modesto, CA Julie M. Lokken, Norway, ME Mark Alexander Lomedico, Lexington, MA Jessica Lopez, Burlington** Samantha Karrie Lopez-Rose, Brooklyn, NY Brenda Cole Lovette, Katonah, NY Kristol Lee Loyer, Burlington Tu Tuan Ly, Washington, DC Anne Elizabeth Lyneis, Weston Noah Harris Lynn, Lexington, MA Amanda Delanie Lyons, Hartland Margaret Brew MacDonald, Burlington Natalie Anne MacFarland, Wellesley, MA Peter Bennett MacIntyre, Middlebury Angela Rosalia Mack, Naples, FL* Samantha J. Magazu, Burlington Gerard Thomas Magrini, Upper Montclair, NJ**

Kiel F. Mahar, Fayetteville, NY Brenna Frances Mahoney, Scituate, MA Kadina Malicbegovic, Burlington Brian John Maloney, Flemington, NJ Sarah Leppo Mandell, West Simsbury, CT S. Robert Mansfield, Pepperell, MA** Mackenzie Elizabeth Mapes, New Hope, PA Andrew Robert Marcellus, Marysville, WA Miriam Eva Markowitz, Cape Elizabeth, ME Michael Anthony Marolda Jr., Woburn, MA Jenna Marie Martellucci, Chelmsford, MA David Matthew Martin, Titusville, NJ Emmanuelle Alyse Martin, Calais** Katherine Anne Mast, Brookline, MA Seth Michael Matlick, New York, NY Abigail M. Maxwell, Newport Jana Durling Mayette, Middlesex* Merrie-Beth Maynard, Waterbury Center Marissa Lee Mazzucco, Randolph David Sweeney McCabe, South Burlington Alison Maureen McCarthy, Charlotte Aaron B. McCaslin, Burlington Malachi Giles McCaulley, Colchester** John Van Norden McClure Jr., Winnetka, IL* Christopher Ryan McConnell, Armonk, NY Brendan Burdett McCormick, Fayettville, NY Peter Runde McCourt, Wyckoff, NJ Finn Ryan McCoy, Hardwick Galen David McDonald, Boulder, CO* John Morris McGill, Barrington, RI Kerin Anne McGinness, Wellesley, MA Elizabeth Sarah McGraw, Syracuse, NY Kyle Elizabeth McGuigan, Rumson, NJ Alexandra Stanton McGuinness, Lloyd Harbor, NY Ben Alan McJunkin, Colchester Sarah Hilts McKelvey, Newbury Connor Ian McKenna, North Salem, NY* Tristan Frederick Paris McKnight, Barnet** Alyssa Crocker McKown, Burlington** Benjamin Blain McLeod, Hadley, MA Michael Palmer McMahan, Barre Carol Ann McNamara, Concord, MA Sarah E. McNeil, South Burlington Jenna Eve McRee, Norwich Kate Nolan McSheffrey, Duxbury, MA Catherine Bose Dobbin McSweeney, Burlington Ross Morgan McSweeney, Burlington Mary Medvedkov, Powell, OH Robert Thomas Melasky, Bristol, CT Ira Basil Menard, Winooski Kristen Leigh Menghetti, Linwood, NJ** Melissa Ann Mercer, Winooski* Kristen Michelle Merino, East Longmeadow, MA Jonathan Andrew Merrow, Arlington, VA* Nicholas Cay Messia de Prado, Wilmington Deirdre Leigh Meszkat, New Canaan, CT Elizabeth Faye Metzgar, Darien, CT** Erika Lee Metzger, Manchester* Robert Scott Mildrum, St. Albans Heidi Blinn Miller, Jeffersonville Ryan Fabbri Milliken, Santa Fe, NM Thomas Zeno Minehart IV, Reading, PA Alison Carroll Mirylees, Burlington Karen Alma Mitchell, Chevy Chase, MD Guy Anthony Mitrano, Stoneham, MA Sarah Allyn Miyashiro, North Windham, CT Laura Anne Molito, Bedford Hills, NY Branden Hart Moore, Beverly Hills, MI Franklin Daniel Mora, Queens Village, NY

Commencement 2006 Katharine Elizabeth Moran, Malvern, PA** Meghan L. Moroni, New City, NY Jennifer Cassidy Moulton, Hartland Four Corners Jessica Leigh Moyer, Gladwyne, PA** Emily Elizabeth Moylan, Greenland, NH Naweza Edith Muderhwa, South Burlington Shayani Mukherjee, East Brunswick, NJ Samuel James Mulligan, Lebanon, ME John William Murch, Stamford, CT Andrea Lynn Murphy, Norwich, CT Lauren Ansell Murphy, Bedford, NH* Michael K. Murphy, Beverly, MA Byron Thomas Murray, Lebanon, CT Angela Lynn Muzzey, Enfield, NH Tessa Jo Myers, Burlington** Aaron Brooke Myrick, Fairlee Marisa Eve Nack, Huntington, NY Matthew Allan Naimoli, Potomac, MD Thomas George Nanos, Southampton, NY Megan Marie-Katrine Naylor, Burlington Kierstin Lynne Newcombe, Manchester, NH Allison Fife Newcomer, Scotch Plains, NJ John N. Nguyen, South Burlington Christopher Carl Niendorff, Weston** Elizabeth Howard Nimick, Stowe** Thomas Donnelly Noel, South Berwick, ME Zachary James Nola, Charlotte Meaghan Lee Nooney, Boulder, CO* Jesse Tennien Norford, Westford** Lucille Obarzanek, Barton Arielle Miranda Ocasio, Boston, MA Sean Michael O’Donnell, Bridgeport, CT Brian Michael O’Donoghue, Randolph Center* Daniel Alan Olbrych, Colchester Elizabeth Rose O’Leary, Manlius, NY Rebecca Wright Oliver, Sewickley, PA** Stephanie Kane Ollila, Minneapolis, MN Eric Scarborough Olson, Southampton, NY* Jessie Wes Butterfield Olson, Williston Tyler James O’Meara, McLean, VA Jonathan Emanuel Orell, New Haven, CT William Patrick O’Rielly, Cleveland Heights, OH Daniel A. Osach, Woodbridge, CT Anders Karsten Osthus, Duluth, MN Travis Alton Owen, Morrisville** Elissa Bethany Owens, Clifton Park, NY Alexandra Bryant Padin, New Rochelle, NY Nicholas Paul Pain, Burlington Tanner David Palmer, Burlington Alida Pannill-Siersma, Williamsburg, MA Sunah Park, South Burlington Kathleen Victoria Parker, Timonium, MD Kaitlin Camille Parks, Mount Kisco, NY Hannah Rose Patenaude, Richmond Andrea Linda Patrikis, Maynard, MA Stephanie Lynn Peake, West Burke Caroline Penelope Peckenham, Orland, ME Kelly Elizabeth Peeples, Pine Plains, NY** Joshua Martin Pelkey, Milton Keith Carlton Pelletier, East Barre** Alicia Renee Peman-Dupier, Burlington Kimberly Rae Perrigo, Barre Brian Kevin Perrott, Troy, NY* Alison Frances Perry, West Bridgewater, MA Jessica Noel Pescosolido, Vernon, CT Nick Pestone, Scituate, MA** William Joseph Pettersen IV, Montpelier Brittany Noelle Philbin, Shelburne Jesse Cowan Phillips, Newton, MA

Joseph Anthony Piatt, Yellow Springs, OH Zoe Pickett, Stowe** Toni Marie Pignatelli, Lakeville, MA Albert H. Pingree, Washington, DC** Justin Creer Pinney, Summit, NJ* Lydia Carpenter Pitkin, Marshfield Timothy Blake Plante, Waterbury Center Sarah May Poirier, Portland, ME Rebecca Anne Poitras, Burlington Linden Honor Politi, Burlington Jessica Anne Pomerleau, Burlington Oliver Pascal Potier, Nassau, BAHAMAS* Yanique N. Powell, Bronx, NY Erin Elizabeth Primiano, Hancock, NH Dean Anthony Proestakes, Orange, CT Malcolm Forrest Purinton, Richmond Daniel Louis Puskar, Pittsburgh, PA Paran Daria Quigley, Rockville, MD Emily Catherine Quinn, Bedford, NH Heidi Sue Raatikainen, Falmouth, ME** David Michael Radcliffe, Yorktown Heights, NY Christopher Joseph Raimundo, Colchester Jennifer Cole Rand, Tilton, NH Jessica Judith Randall, Berkeley, CA Byron Oak Reburn, Portland, ME Caitlin deGanahl Reeves, Amherst, NH Emily Jean Rehmeyer, Liberty, ME Mary M. Reilly, Andover, MA Edward Francis Reimann, Albany, NY** Timmothy Michael Reimer, Green Harbor, MA Amy Elizabeth Reinisch, Lake Placid, NY** Paul Michael Reminga, Scarborough, ME** Danielle C. Restelli, Berlin Justin Paul Reynolds, Ridgefield, CT Ethan Aaron Rice, Irvine, CA** Joseph Lucas Richer, Tupper Lake, NY Adam Charles Riesenberg, Chappaqua, NY Erin Kathleen Riley, Sharon Jillian Meade Riley, Boxford, MA* Kerri Lyn Riveley, Colonia, NJ Molly Christine Roan, Valdosta, GA Dylan Timothy Roberts, Burlington Colin Michael Robinson, Putney Martha Susanne Robles, Westminster Station Kelly Ray Robson, Tulsa, OK Abigail Roche, Montpelier** Caitrin Cabaniss Roesler, Shelburne** Pamela Lee Roet, Brunswick, ME Jessica Alyse Rongo, Barrington, RI Ian Alden Root, Boston, MA Nathan James Root, Springfield Gregory Michael Rosewell, Warwick, RI Adam Spencer Rostler, Newton, MA Cody Thomas Rounds, Burlington Devin Rogers Rowland, Bay Village, OH Alexander Morgan Ruck, Pittsburgh, PA Cleveland Dodge Rueckert, Southport, CT Jesse Walker Rufenacht, Montpelier Sarah Catharine Rutherford, Norwood, MA Kaitlin Ryan, Ludlow** Megan Louise Rysinger, Goshen, NY Colin Thomas Sabatelli, Moosup, CT Rachael Elizabeth Sacco, Burlington Daniel Benjamin Sachs, Washington, DC Katherine Anne Sadis, Woodbury, NY Trina Marie Sams, Hollywood, FL Alexander James Sanders, Salt Lake City, UT Lydia Robinson Sanders, Burlington Emily Ann Sandor, Montclair, NJ

Renee C. Santana, Burlington Craig Steven Santenello, Waitsfield** John E. Sappo, Essex Junction Rachel M. Sargent, Montpelier** Ben Vaughan Sarle, Katonah, NY Robert Michael Savage, Chester Springs, PA** Amanda Diane Sawicki, Burlington Elizabeth Mackenzie Sayer, Fairfax, VA Margaret Lois Sayles, Colchester Emily Pelton Schelling, Portland, OR** Jesse M. Schenck, River Hills, WI Ryan Alan Schieb, Colchester Elizabeth Anne Schiffmann, Barnstable, MA Bryan Alexander Schluntz, Danbury, CT* Jon Marc Schmaling, Burlington Andrew Robert Schmidt, Milwaukee, WI** Nicole Kinney Madden Schneeberger, Watertown, NY Amy Beth Schneider, Stoughton, MA Brett Jason Schneider, Saratoga Springs, NY Samantha Lee Schoolcraft, Niskayuna, NY Derek William Schroeter, Saco, ME Jane Hallie Schuldiner, Waldwick, NJ Stephen Lee Schwarz, Charlotte Casandra Anne Scully, Burlington Max William Seeland, Beachwood, NJ Meghan Kelly Seitz, Easton, PA Meghan Ashley Sekera, Eddington, ME Casey E. Sexton, Haverhill, MA Rebecca Sarah Shakin, East Sandwich, MA** Livia Gillian Shapiro, Baltimore, MD Timothy Eric Shea, Far Hills, NJ Daniel T. Shearer, Shelburne Hannah Holbrook Shedrick, Gulfstream, FL** Katie Ann Sheeran, Staten Island, NY Adam Thompson Sherwin, Rochester** August Peter Shlimbaum, Glen Gardner, NJ Sharlene C. Shortt, Elmhurst Queens, NY Graham Marcus Shove, Glen Ridge, NJ Boris Shoykhet, Bronxville, NY Michael Ira Shubin, Wayland, MA Carl Turner Siebecker, Burlington Eric Mitchell Siegel, Bloomfield Hills, MI Jessica Cathryn Silver, Fort Lee, NJ** Matthew Daniel Silverman, Philadelphia, PA Kelly Joy Simon, Wendell, MA Brian Singh, Bronx, NY Mark Crawford Sinkinson Jr., Gloucester, MA Elma Skopljak, South Burlington Allison Beth Slater, West Hartford, CT Rachel Mira Slater, West Hartford, CT** David Lee Sleininger, Natick, MA Matthew Martin Small, Charlotte Kristina Ann Smalley, Portland, ME Stephen Matsunaga Smethers, Summit, NJ Christopher Thomas Smith, Burlington Dawn Marie Smith, Stowe Kathryn Linette Smith, Burlington** Julia Lindsay Snapp, Essex Junction Barbara A. Snelling, Royalton Andrew James Snow, Charlotte Jonathan C. Snyder, Waitsfield** Amy Elizabeth Sobel, Wayland, MA Daria Marta Socha, Middleton, MA Michelle Marie Sommerhalter, Southborough, MA Lauren Elizabeth Sparacino, Bethesda, MD Michael David Spies, Livingston, NJ Katelyn Stott Spiliotis, Boxford, MA *As of October, 2005 **As of February, 2006


Commencement 2006 Rory M. Stack, West Kingston, RI* Abigale P. Stannard, Benson Sean M. Starfighter, Elmsford, NY** Stephen Taylor Steinhardt, Springfield, NJ Natalie Steele Steverman, Needham, MA Molly E. Stone, Winooski** Laura Elizabeth Straub, Plattsburgh, NY Christina Rose Strong, Essex Junction Marisa Anne Strong, Jericho Ann Welles Strout, Falmouth, ME Charles Dane Supernaw, South Burlington Carly Ann Swanberg, New Canaan, CT** Matthew Edward Syroczynski, Hamburg, NY Theodore William Szadzinski, Oak Brook, IL Christopher Roy Tallman, Burlington Sarah Rani Tandan, Williston Emily Isabelle Taradash, Tiverton, RI Sarah Ellen Tarica, Port Washington, NY Marykate Taylor, South Burlington** Laura Jean Tefft, Hancock, NH Tanya Jean Tersillo, Winooski Meghan Marie Terwilliger, Medfield, MA Katherine Ann Thayer, Boston, MA Jeffrey M. Thibault, Barre Lindsay Rainer Thornburg, Jericho Carlie Nicole Tilghman, Southampton, PA Jonathan Brackett Tindal, Boothbay, ME Cheryl Lyn Titone, Salem, NH Gara Lynn Toback, New York, NY Lauren Tobia, Glen Cove, NY** William Paul Todisco, Huntington Alexander Flynn Toth, Lambertville, NJ Sarah Anne Tracy, Colchester* Khoang Ngoc Tran, Burlington Eric Travis Trombley, South Portland, ME James P. Trombley, Saint Albans Amanda Ashley Truhan, Rutland* Benjamin Joseph Tudor, Brattleboro Emily Fredricks Tully, Hendersonville, NC Benjamin Loran Tupper, Grand Rapids, MI Brandon James Ture, Saratoga Springs, NY** Anthony David Turi, Norfolk, MA** Jason Michael Turk, Bethel** Emily Elizabeth Turner, Williston Katherine Douglass Underwood, Lexington, KY Ryan Harrison Vahey, White River Junction** Amy Wilhemena Vaillancourt, Braintree, MA Kristen Astrid Marlies van Breen, Sunderland Laura E. Van Etten, Hampton, NJ Todd Schryver Van Etten, Lafayette, CA Kristin Van Fossen, South Royalton Matthew James Vanderbrook, Livonia, NY Jennifer Anne Vanderminden, Lake Luzerne, NY Phaichit Vankham, Springfield Serena Ann Vascik, Burlington Christopher Mills Vaughn, Bethesda, MD Patrick Joseph Venne, Portland, ME Laura Beth Viani, Concord, NH Peter Virchick, Boston, MA Emily Gallt Virden, South Orange, NJ Rachel M. Vitale, Grand Isle Lisa Anne Vitello, Watertown, MA Jennifer Vogler, River Vale, NJ Jennifer Irene Volz, Maplewood, NJ Genevieve Montagu Von Walstrom, Burlington** Brigid Anne Vorce, Boxborough, MA *As of October, 2005 **As of February, 2006


Roland Paul Voyer, Jr., South Burlington** Amber Kay Waery, Burlington Tyler Oden Wales, Burlington** Lindsey Paige Walker, Highland Park, NJ Robert Anselle Walker, Rockville, MD Renae A. Wallace, Brooklyn, NY Amy Louise Wallingford, South Paris, ME Caroline Kirby Walsh, South Weymouth, MA Patricia Mary-Claire Walsh, Burlington Emily Paige Walton, Portland, ME Kaitlin Donovan Ward, Glen Rock, NJ Andrew Culnane Waters, Stroudsburg, PA Sarah Victoria Watson, Ridgefield, CT** Stuart Kenneth Watson, Weston, MA Bari Michelle Weinberg, Plainview, NY Alexander Weisberg-Shelley, Burlington Carden Travis Welsh, Durham, NH Marisa Caroline Westheimer, Hancock, NH Sarah Kathryn Westney, Springfield Whitney West-Poss, Charlotte** Harrison Nesbitt Westwater, Gahanna, OH** Alicia Marie Wetherbee, Wethersfield, CT** Ryan M. Whalen, Branford, CT Elle Whitacre, Fort Jackson, SC* Henry William Whitbeck, Cobleskill, NY** Marie Claire Whiteford, Richmond David Powers Whiteside, Birmingham, AL* Gail Elizabeth Wiese, East Montpelier Benjamin Weston Williams, Burlington* David Kane Williams, Doylestown, PA** Jesse Edwards Williams, Moretown** Sarah Ann Williams, Milton Scott B. Wilson, Vernon** Timothy Edward Wilson, Hinesburg William O’Conor Wilson, Baltimore, MD Julie Catherine Winn, North Hampton, NH** Joseph Maxwell Winsby, Concord, MA Roxann Heather Wohl, Miami, FL Rebecca Naomi Wolf, Little Neck, NY Jonathan Bart Wolloch, New Rochelle, NY** Elizabeth Antoinette Wood, Pomfret Center, CT** Caitlin S. Woodbury, Windsor Catherine Elizabeth Woodford, Westford, MA Vanessa Ray Woodman, Essex, MA Alison Lee Wool, Charlotte Amanda C. Wormann, Budd Lake, NJ Eric Clifford Worth, Winchester, MA* Daniel Lee Wright-Lanpher, Morrisville Rachel Judith Yaffe, Newton, MA** Joanna Rachel Yagerman, New York, NY Tarik Yeasir, Burlington Alissa Lenore Yerardi, Tewksbury, MA Peter Leland York, Willimantic, CT Ashley Virginia Young, Westminster Station Philip Hayward Youngclaus, Methuen, MA Nora Ann Zagajeski, Natick, MA Tara Lani Zagoren, Cambridge, MA Scott J. Zelley, Stockton, NJ Rayna Geneva Zemel, Burlington** Hannah E. Zimpritch, Jericho** Andrea Toby Zubalsky, Montvale, NJ Bachelor of MUSIC Caroline E. Cole, Charlotte Jodi Marie Ethier, Burlington

Bachelor of Science Alek Belliveau Antczak, Jericho* Rachel Leigh Baines, Annapolis, MD Carrie Elizabeth Black, Wolcott** Benjamin Jacob Blumberg, Allenhurst, NJ Kirsten L. Bonson, Burlington Anastasia Jean Bradley, Colchester David John Brennan, South Burlington** Thomas Wallace Brooks III, Falmouth, MA** Amy Louise Cochran, Keene, NH Jennifer Lee Cookson, Rome, NY Jacob G. Davignon, Williston Christopher J. Dillon, Manchester, CT Andrew John Dole, Dover, MA Jeanne Elizabeth Eisenhaure, Hingham, MA Brandon Collin Field, Swan’s Island, ME Edward Michael Fitzgerald, Burlington Jed Greenberg, Natick, MA Regina Natalie Gruel, Sharon Shawna Susan Guillemette, Hooksett, NH Daniel Bryce Hall, Burlington Sara K. Horn, Aspen, CO Christina Francis Hughes, Plymoth Meeting, PA Cassandra Lynn Jacobs, South Burlington Hilary Anne Johnson, Arlington Heights, IL Kimberly Dianne Kaufhold, Jaffrey, NH Tyson C. Kerr, Hinesburg** Samantha Ashley King, Burlington** Dominick Joseph Lemas, Dutch Harbor, AK Nathan Bryce Mahany, Burlington Corey Tadhg Mallon, Burlington Paul R. Mark, Newtown, PA David Bradford McAndrew, Bradford, PA Rose Elizabeth McDonough, University Heights, OH Riley Tomas Murphy, Ottsville, PA Elise M. Piscitelli, East Greenville, PA Alexa Wahle Ritchie, East Dummerston Alexandra Victoria Roman, Key Largo, FL** Jessica Lynn Sanford, Holley, NY* Meghan Christin Saunders, Starksboro* Alon Sitzer, Burlington Zuzana Srostlik, Burlington Katrina Marie Stacey, Pembroke, NH Sean Michael Sullivan, Essex Junction Tatyana V. Svinkina, South Burlington Heidi Ann Treich, Harmony, NJ Thomas Trimarchi, Glenmont, NY Amy Lynn Vandale, Spencer, MA* Nathaniel Joseph Ward, Randolph Daniel Allard Wheeler, Lyndon Center Matthew Thomas Wolff, Burlington Sanjeev O. Yadav, Shelburne**

Commencement 2006

Graduate College MASTER OF SCIENCE Chemistry Kay E. Gebhardt, B.S. (Rutgers University) 2000; Berkeley Springs, WV Thesis: Synthesis and Characterization of Polypeptide-Based Block Copolymer Assemblies Vidya Krishnamurthy, B.S. (Stella Maris College) 1995; M.S. (University of Madras) 1998; South Burlington Thesis: Synthesis of Polyaromatic Supramolecular Building Blocks: Alkoxy Substituted Pentacenes and Anhydride Substituted Tribenzocyclynes Communication Sciences Mary B. Asper, B. G. S. (University of Kansas) 1978; Johnson Andrea Dupuis, B.A. (University of Ottawa) 2002; Callander, Ontario, Canada Lisa Durstin-Madigan, B.A. (University of Connecticut) 1984; Sharon Danra M. Kazenski, B.A. (Dartmouth College) 1999; Pittsburgh, PA Sondra Lee Laskey, B.S. (East Stroudsburg University) 1976; Tinmouth Barbara J. Miller, B.A. (Ithaca College) 1973; Buffalo, NY Rebecca Scott Taylor, B.S. (Longwood University) 2003; Cranford, NJ Geology Daniel S. King, B.S. (Brown University) 2003; Shoreview, MN** Thesis: Shear Zone Processes in the Mid to Lower Crust and the Structural Evolution of Central Fiordland, New Zealand Bethany Jane Zinni, B.A. (State University of New York, Geneseo) 2003; Batavia, NY Thesis: New Applications of Traditional End-Member Mixing Methods Stream Water Generation and the Effects of Ski Resort Expansion on Mt. Mansfield, Vermont Historic Preservation Elizabeth Mary André, B.A. (Michigan State University) 2002; Wilmette, IL** Thesis: Fire Escapes in Urban America: History and Preservation Devin Andrew Colman, B.A. (Colby College) 1998; Winooski Thesis: The Future Comes Home: Modernist Residential Architecture in Chittenden County, Vermont Alexis Marie Godat, B.A. (State University of New York, Geneseo) 2004; Pavilion, NY** Sara Kathryn Gredler, B.A. (Sweet Briar College) 2004; Culpeper, VA** Lindsay F. Hess, B.A. (Dickinson College) 1998; Burlington Sara Christine Jamison, B.A. (Smith College) 2001; Canton, CT Susanna Elizabeth Prull, B.A. (University of Rhode Island) 2003; Greenville, RI Physics Charles Alden Foell, III, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2004; Burlington Thesis: Vector Polaron Theory: Analytic Binding Energy and Effective Mass Expressions MASTER OF ARTS English William Joseph Alexander, B.A. (Oberlin College) 2000; Strafford, PA Thesis: Oral Texts and Aural Readings: Joyce and Tolkien’s Interfusional Literature Timothy J. Andrews, B.A. (Hampshire College) 2000; Middlebury Gregory Raymond Askew, B.A. (The University of Vermont) 2002; Burlington Thesis: The Appeal of Victimhood in the ‘Age of Anxiety’: A Lacanian Perspective Stephanie L. Ceraso, B.A. (Washington and Jefferson College) 2004; Ford City, PA Corey Lynne Christman, B.A. (Providence College) 2004; Richmond, VA Patricia Kathryn Connolly-Shaffer, B.A. (Saint Michael’s College) 2004; Burlington Thesis: Bringing the Body Back: Corporeal Intersubjectivity in the Works of Irigaray, Winterson, and Woolf Daniel L. DeSanto, B.A. (Saint Michael’s College) 2001; Georgia Thesis: Problems of Postmodernity: Authority and Autonomy in the Symbolic Lori Kate Gilman, B.A. (University of Massachusetts) 2003; Second B.A. (University of Massachusetts); Hatfield, MA Thesis: Cinemas of Ulysses: The Language of Enjoyment in James Joyce and Modernist Film

Diana Kuzminer, B.A. (State University of New York, Buffalo) 1998; Brooklyn, NY* Thesis: Covenantal Violence: Hebraic Discourse in John Milton and Margaret Fell Fox Kevin P. McAteer, B.A. (Seton Hall University) 1991; Bristol Thesis: I Looked Down the Line, and I Wondered: The Blues and Jazz Aesthetic in James Baldwin’s Fiction Peter Joseph McConville, B.A. (State University of New York, Geneseo) 1999; Pittsford, NY** Thesis: Navigating the Text: A Formal Analysis of Barry Lopez’s Arctic Dreams Catherine Uber Racek, B.A. (College of the Holy Cross) 1995; Stowe* Travis Thad Vogan, B.A. (Western Washington University) 2002; Kennewick, WA Thesis: Or Does IT Explode? Hoop Dreams and Documentary’s Deferential Historiography Elizabeth Sara Waysek, B.A. (Montclair State University) 2002; Lincoln Park, NJ Thesis: Sublime Transcendence: Finding The Matrix of British and German Romanticism

French Birdie MacLennan, B.A. (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) 1974; M.S. (Simmons Graduate School of Library & Information Science) 1988; Winooski* Thesis: The Library and It’s Place in Cultural Memory: Reflections on the Grande Bibliothéque Du Québec and Other Significant Libraries in the Construction of Social and Cultural Identity Geography Nathan L. Clough, B.A. (The University of Vermont) 2001; Brattleboro* Thesis: The Political Uses of a Hybrid Commercial/Public Space: The Geographies of Political Activism on Church Street Marketplace, Burlington, Vermont Jessica Suzanne Hayes-Conroy, B.A. (Bryn Mawr College) 2003; Riverton NJ* Thesis: Joining Logos and Ergon: Questions of Scale, Scope, and Success at the Institute for Social Ecology – A Case Study of Place History Ian S. Boyd, B.A. (Rutgers University) 2003; Kendall Park, NJ Thesis: Billy Sunday’s Message to New York Urban Evangelism in the Progressive Era Jeremy Sean Flaherty, B.A. (Lyndon State College) 2001; Macy, IN** Thesis: Community and Persistence in the Kingdom: A Multivariate Look at Migration From Vermont Hope A. Greenberg, B.A. (State University of New York, Stony Brook) 1988; Underhill Center Andre Maurice Hansard, B.A. (Providence College) 2003; Altoona, PA Thesis: Historians and the Development of Racial Laws in Seventeenth Century Virginia and New York James Stephen Heines, B.A. (Clark University) 1983; Pittsfield Thesis: J. William Fulbright and the Vietnam War, 1964-1965; A Period of Non-Dissent Clayton J. Trutor, B.A. (The University of Vermont) 2003; Burlington** Thesis: “There is a Great Country:” The Soviet Union in American Communist Children’s Literature, 1925-35 Jerrie L. Vane, B.A. (The University of Vermont) 1996; Charlotte** Leslie McCrorey Wells, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 1998; Burlington Thesis: Patriotism and Protest: The Role of the Black Press in Reconciling Dualism in Wartime African America Jack Edward Zeilenga, B.A. (Carleton University) 1999; Calais Thesis: Issues of the Hearth: The Impact of Women on Politics in Vermont, 1840 to 1940

MASTER OF ARTS IN TEACHING Geology John-Paul William Lavoie, B.A. (Earlham College) 1997; M.S. (Colorado State University) 2002; Reading, MA**

*As of October, 2005 **As of February, 2006


Commencement 2006 Greek and Latin Sara Jeanne Sprunk, B.A. (Franklin & Marshall College) 2004; Harrisburg, PA DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY Biology Stephen Philip Hudman, B.Sc. (West Virginia University) 1994; M.Sc. (Georgia Southern University) 1999; Galway, NY* Dissertation: Sexual Selection in the Fathead Minnow (Pimephales Promelas) Paul Rella-Hapeman, B.S. (University of Florida) 1994; M.S. (Westfield State College) 1999; Otis, MA Dissertation: The Population Genetics of Fishers (Martes Pennanti) Across Northeastern North America Chemistry Michael F. Calichman, B.A. (Dartmouth College) 1992; Littleton, MA** Dissertation: Computational Studies and their Application to the Kinetics and Reactions of Cyclophosphazenes and Related Compounds Lianhui Cong, B.S. (Tianjin University) 1996; Anshan, China* Dissertation: Multifunctional Cyclo-and Polyphosphazenes Rakesh R. Ganorkar, B.S. (Bombay University); Mumbai; M.S. (University of Pune); India** Dissertation: Synthesis of Conformationally Constrained Proline Lysine Analog and Studies Towards the Synthesis of Iboga Alkaloids Employing a Novel Diels-Alder Strategy Tao Jiang, B.S. (Jilin University) 1996; M.S. (Jilin University) 1999; Beijing, China Dissertation: Synthesis of Chiral Amines by Radical Cyclizations of Chiral Hydrazones and Application to Asymmetric Synthesis of L-Dauosamine Sean Michael McCarthy, B.S. (Worcester State College) 1999; Sterling, MA* Dissertation: Semi-Combinatorial Development of Iron and Manganese Based Oxidatively Robust, Environmentally Benign, Oxidation Catalysts Psychology Bartholomew D. Brigidi, B.S. (Saint Joseph’s University) 1997; M.S. (Saint Joseph’s University) 1999; Narbeth, PA* Dissertation: Initial Validation of the Older Adult Behavior Checklist with Individuals with Dementia

††As of August, 2005 *As of October, 2005 **As of February, 2006


Matthew Thomas Feldner, B.S. (University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point) 1998; Milwaukee, WI* Dissertation: Panic Prevention Among High Anxiety Sensitive Smokers: A Randomized Controlled Trial Michelle Montilea Force, B.A. (Brown University) 1996; Winooski** Dissertation: Assessing Service-Learning Quality and Its Effects on Social Responsibility and Problem Solving Mark J. Gorman, B.A. (Gettysburg College) 1998; Somerville, MA* Dissertation: Predictors and Efficacy of Weight Control Advice from Physicians to Overweight and Obese Primary Care Patients Cynthia Irene Grossman, B.A. (Earlham College) 1997; Indianapolis, IN* Dissertation: Mother-Daughter Communication About Breast Cancer Risk: The Moderating Effect of Communication on Daughters Cancer Beliefs, Knowledge and Health Behaviors David Scott Henehan, B.A. (Reed College) 1990; Portland, OR*†† Dissertation: Parenting, Sexual Orientation, and Gender: Demographics, Social Support, and Sexual Identity Among Lesbian, Gay and Heterosexual Adults Tabitha R. Holmes, B.A. (Hilbert College) 1997; M.A. (State University of New York, New Paltz) 2000; East Aurora, NY* Dissertation: The Relationship Between Mothers’ Beliefs About Knowledge and How Mothers and Adolescents Communicate, Interact, and Experience Conflict Lindsay Bennigson Jernigan, B.A. (Colby College) 1995; M.A. (Boston College) 1999; Duxbury Dissertation: Mutuality, Depression, Anxiety, and Self-Esteem in Female and Male College Students Vanitha Gopal Nair, B.S. (California Lutheran University) 1998; Malaysia* Dissertation: The Effects of Disease Stage and HIV/AIDS Stigma Perception on Behaviors that Risk the Transmission of HIV Jesse Courtney Suter, IV, B.A. (University of Virginia) 1996; M.A. (Arizona State University) 2000; Winooski Dissertation: The Wraparound Puzzle: Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Wraparound Fidelity Index Jelica Todosijevic, B.A. (Goddard College) 1997; M.A. (Lesley College) 1999; Belgrade, Yugoslavia* Dissertation: Relationship Satisfaction, Coping, and Stress in Same Sex Couples with Civil Unions Ryan G. Vandrey, B.A. (University of Delaware) 1998; M.A. (The University of Vermont) 2003; Baltimore, MD* Dissertation: The Clinical Significance of Cannabis Withdrawal: Comparison with Tobacco Withdrawal Contribution to Relapse, and a Novel Assessment of Simultaneous Cannabis and Tobacco Abstinence Effects

Commencement 2006

School of Business Administration

Sunday, May 21, 2006

2:00 p.m.

The Flynn Theatre

Rocki-Lee DeWitt, Dean William Averyt, School Marshal Order of Exercises PROCESSIONAL WELCOME, Rocki-Lee DeWitt, Dean ADDRESS, Kristina Saltzman, Owner, Native Sun PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS CONCLUDING COMMENTS, Rocki-Lee DeWitt, Dean RECESSIONAL

Jeffrey P. Aranjo, Milton Jeff Ares, Postenkill, NY Rafael Baez, Bronx, NY Steven Nicholas Balduino, Redding, CT Brian Lee Barkhorn, Chatham, NJ** Eric C. Barreveld, Cortlandt Manor, NY Edward Robert Basch, Hastings on Hudson, NY Bryant J. Battenfelder, Kirkwood, PA Michael A. Battillo, Newton, MA Lauren Renee Beall, North Salem, NY Baron Vaughn Becker, Waterford, MI Alison Benoit, Burlington Paulina A. Bentil, Essex Shannon Leigh Birtwell, Longmeadow, MA Kristin Leigh Bloomstran, Acton, MA Anthony J. Bond, Hamilton, MA Thomas J. Borys, Shelburne Meghan Bolt Bouchie, Chittenden Michael Robert Bozzello, Syosset, NY Katie Lynn Brennan, Colchester* Scott A. Brooks, Milton Elizabeth Houston Brown, Norwalk, CT Patrick R. Brown, Cranston, RI Hillary Lynn Burrows, Essex Junction Rebecca Ashley Campbell, Colchester Ryon Ricardo Campbell, Bronx, NY Justin White Chandler, Marlboro ** Christopher R. Chase, Colchester Sydney Drew Chatkin, Cortlandt Manor, NY Jeffrey Martine Childers, Normandy Beach, NJ Daniel Churchill, Summit, NJ Meghan Ashley Clough, Wolfeboro, NH Christopher M. Colucci, Shelburne** Carly Kline Companion, South Burlington Ryan Robert Coombs, North Ferrisburgh Jeffrey John Corey, Boothwyn, PA Matthew Andrew Coviello, Lynnfield, MA Dorothy Anne Craib, Walpole, ME Michael P. Daigle, Centerville, MA Mark Mitchell Delfanti, Milford, MA Emily Jen DeLonge, Saxtons River

Gregory DiPietro, Middleton, MA Emir Dobraca, Essex Junction Mariam Abdi Dodi, Burlington Stephanie M. Dolmetsch, Bennington Eva M. Duarte, Colchester Matthew Joseph Dunn, Manchester, NH Kelly Ann Fahner, Westminster Emily Sabine Fernandez, Essex Herman E. Fiess IV, Morrisville Rebecca S. Finifter, Hunt Valley, MD Edward Anthony Fionda, Northfield Michael G. Fitzpatrick, Andover, MA Emily Kate Flinkstrom, South Berwick, ME Andrew Folley, Colchester** Kurt Douglas Forcier, Barre William Patrick Foye, Beverly, MA Danilo Frias, New York, NY Heather Ann Funk, Chelsea Raymond S. Geary III, Lincroft, NJ * Christopher Upton Germain, West Newbury, MA Charissa O. Gillespie, Hopewell, NJ * Sarah B. Goldberg, South Burlington Christopher James Goldsbury, Colchester Scott A. Goldsmith, Staughton, MA Jamieson Comstock Goodwin, Williston Kari W. Graham, Milton Gina Theresa Guerino, Bennington Toby C. Haggerty, Stowe Justin Reese Halpern, Lower Merion, PA * Henry M. Hansen, Wilmington Matthew Robert Hanson, Peabody, MA Michael Wallace Harrington, Newington, NH Stephen L. Hart, Weston Sanita Kacanovska-Harvie, Riga, Latvia Ryan J. Heaslip, Williston Jocelyn Ployer Hickey, Hanover, MA Adam E. Higgins, Ripton* Samuel M. Hobbs, South Hero** Nicholas A. Horween, Barrington, IL Brian Thomas Howe, Avalon, NJ Carrie Furguson Howe, Canton, NY

Joshua Kevin Huggett, Hamilton, MA Jessica Lee Jensen, Londonderry ** Christopher Lee Johnson, Kinnelon, NJ Corey Edward Johnson, Otisfield, ME Matthew Michael Kaminski, Acton, MA Brenden Frazier Kane, Farmington, CT Kihwa Kang, Essex Junction Ivana Karavdic, Colchester Andrew Christian Kelly, Ridgewood, NJ Shaun Robert Kent, Milton Katie Marin Ketner, South Burlington* Rajesh Khemraj, New York, NY Stephen Philip Kinsley, Fairfield, CT ** Douglas James Lake, Huntington Nicholas Reid Lawes, Middlebury Christopher Paul LeGrand, Burlington Fei Li, Shanghai, China Scott Michael Littrell, Gaithersburg, MD Brian Patrick MacDonald, Hopkinton, MA James P. Malisos, Salem, NH Griffin Joseph Maloney, Westfield, NJ Michael J. Marchewka, Fairport, NY Christopher David Marsh, Bristol, CT Miranda Jane Martin, Wolcott,** Jessica A. McCutcheon-Schour, Orleans, MA Mark Edward McDonnell, Chelmsford, MA Michael K. McKenney, Manchester, CT** Alexander J. Meinhold, Miami, FL * Geoffrey E. Merritt, Holliston, MA Anne S. Meurs, Colchester** Darren Stephen Misar, Chester, NJ Ashwin U. Mistry, Brattleboro Allison Elizabeth Mitchell, Wallingford Andrea Erin Miz, Palos Park, IL Louis E. Moran, Wantagh, NY Andrew Kovacic Morehouse, East Lyme, CT Brandon Brown Morrocco, Bristol, CT Yashar Naghibi, Andover, MA *As of October, 2005 **As of February, 2006 †Pending completion of requirements


Commencement 2006 Whitney Paige Naumann, Hamden, CT Amy Elizabeth O’Brien, Plymouth, MA Matthew Brett Olian, Cherry Hill, NJ Margaret Ann O’Malley, Rutland Timothy Lee O’Rourke, Stony Brook, NY Aaron Kyle Overton, Swarthmore, PA/ Homewood, AL Alaina Christine Palombo, Williston Daniel Scott Parent, Hinesburg Lukas Philip Payette, St. Johnsbury Jeremiah Salsbury Pearson, York, ME Andrea Lynn Petronello, Portsmouth, RI Duy Khanh Pham, South Burlington Patrick Gene Phillips, Milton Jonathan William Phoenix, Tulsa, OK Lauren A. Piner, Richmond Ivana Popovac, South Burlington Timothy H. Pratt, Essex Sarah Beth Ptalis, Allentown, PA * Damian C. Quigley, Belmont, NH Zak Raffel, Dobbs Ferry, NY Sarah K. Ratcliffe, Simsbury, CT Timothy Rawding, Verona, NJ Britain Gray Redline, Newton, NJ Diana Carolina Regalado, Bronx, NY Joshua Pember Rhoades, Rochester Danielle Rae Riggs, Hartford

Jennifer Allison Roman, Marblehead, MA Jacob Benjamin Rosensky, Havertown, PA Brian C. Ross, Lynnfield, MA Zachary P. Rouleau, Barre Michael C. Ruppel, Redding, CT Travis Jacob Russell, Essex Junction Christopher Charles Salvitti, North Wales, PA ** Ekaterina E. Sausville-Marcias, Colchester ** Joseph John Sawczak, Manahawkin, NJ Brittany Ann Schubert, Manchester Alexander Gregory Semkow, Poughquag, NY ** Bretton Collins Seymour, Durham, NH Adam Matthew Shippee, Calais Roy Gregory Simpadian, Ridgewood, NJ** Tejram Khemraj Singh, Canal No. 2 Polder, Guyana Brent K. Sisco, Shelburne** Jeffrey M. Skoldberg, Long Valley, NJ Christopher E. Sloane, West Chester, PA Joseph C. Smecker, Barre Joseph Clifford Smith III, Plymouth, MA Julia Lindsay Snapp, Essex Jennifer Lynn Sommer, Farmington, NH * Bridget Marie Sparagna, Milton, MA Richard W. Spence, Scituate, MA Amanda L. Stasiowski, Warwick, RI Kirk Randall Stephens, Manhasset, NY

David G. Sweeney, Clarence, NY Samantha Lowell Talbot, Essex, MA John Wesley Tank-Day, Fairfax** Lindsay Suzan Tessier, Weathersfield Richard J. Thompson, Jr., Phillipsburg, NJ Matthew Joseph Tobin, Plymouth, MN ** Jonathan Walker Hills Todd, Brewster, MA Meshach J. Tourigny, Chester Benjamin Joseph Visich, Devon, PA Holly Natalae von Doering, Stowe Victoria Hebert Waine, Georgia Matthew O’Neill Waters, Doylestown, PA Donald Ramsay Watkins, Johnstown, PA Scott Edward Webb, Fairport, NY * David P. Weisbard, Stamford, CT Mark J. Weldon, Heuvelton, NY Carol Louise Wheel, South Burlington Adam Jack White, Essex Emily Elizabeth White, Montpelier Adam Scott Wigetman, Weston, MA Samantha F. Wilcomb, Bar Harbor, ME Benjamin J. Wildstein, Huntingdon Valley, PA ** John Franklin Wilson, Summit, NJ Zachary Daniel Wisniewski, Centennial, CO Natalia Sizintseva Yaryna, Moscow, Russia * William R. Yates, Caracas, Venezuela

Graduate College MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Indira P. Balasubramanian, B.E. (Bangalore University) 1999; Essex Junction** Jeffrey Scott Benson, B.S. (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) 2000; South Burlington Olivia D’Avanzo, B.S.A. (Villanova University) 1996; Burlington Anton V. Dan-Chin-Yu, B.S. (Yaroslavl State University-Russia) 2004; Haroslavl, Russia David Louis Deforge, B.S. (University of Delaware) 1999; Winooski** Timothy Adam George, B.S. (University of Pennsylvania) 1992; Burlington Kristy A. Hart, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 1999; Warren William M. P. King, B.A. (Colorado College) 1993; Stowe* Tiffany G. Lawrence, B.A. (The University of Vermont) 1996; Fairfield, CT*

*As of October, 2005 **As of February, 2006 † Pending completion of requirements


Vicci L. S. Letourneau, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 1989; Essex Junction Daniel N. Maynard, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 1987; M.S. (The University of Vermont) 1989; Greensboro** Sara L. Mellinger, B.S. (University of Rochester) 2000; Erie, PA Costa Pantazopoulos, B. Eng. (McGill University) 2001; Laval, Quebec, Canada** Veronique F. Petrucci, B.S. (University of Paris VI) 1991; Ph. D. (University of Paris XI) 1996; Essex Junction** Rebecca Rae Thibault, B.S. (St. Cloud State University) 2003; Foley, MN

Commencement 2006

College of Education and Social Services

Sunday, May 21, 2006

12:30 p.m.

Patrick Gymnasium

Fayneese Miller, Dean Wanda Heading-Grant, Associate Dean Judith Aiken, Associate Dean Jacqueline Weinstock, Susan Roche, Jane Okech, Marshals Order of Exercises PROCESSIONAL WELCOME GRADUATING STUDENT PRESENTATION, Gordana Pobric DEAN’S PRESENTATION, Fayneese Miller RECOGNITION OF RETIRING FACULTY PRESENTATION OF BACHELOR’S DIPLOMAS PRESENTATION OF POSTBACCALAUREATE’S CERTIFICATES PRESENTATION OF GRADUATE’S DIPLOMAS/CERTIFICATES RECESSIONAL Bachelor of Science in Art Education Suzanne M. Blain, Clifton Park, NY Kimberly Amelia Burke, Killingworth, CT Keri-Anne Hazel Chamberlin, Shelburne Sarah Slade Jacobs, Springfield* Sarah June Litty, Southbury, CT Sylvie Anne Manning, Winchester, MA Jennifer Nelson, Chatham, MA** Jennaway Pearson, Woodstock, CT Dana Marie Spencer, Cape Porpoise, ME Bachelor of Science in Music Education Sonia L. Fleming, Leicester Michael John Gorgone, Marlborough, MA John G. Rogone Jr., East Greenbush, NY Tyson Arey Valyou, Milton Carol Anne Wheel, Windsor* Bachelor of Science in Education Elementary Education Tiffany Anton, Hamden, CT Caitlin Barnes, Norwalk, CT Amanda M. Barone, Charlotte Ashley Ryan Bean, Cabot Brittany Collins Bell, Englewood, CO Sara Beth Brzezinski, Plantsville, CT William Herstad Clark, Rutland** Meredith Connors, Barrington, RI Alexis Croce-Reisman, Guilford, CT Kerri Ann Devin, Milton, MA Margaret Diaz, New York, NY Catherine Lauretta Hall Dillon, Amherst, MA Katherine Fenlon, Newton, MA Caitlin Fitzgerald, Hingham, MA Nikolas Austin Franks, Frederiksted, St. Croix, USVI Erin Elizabeth Hall, Montpelier Colette Jackson Irving, Southampton, NY** Abbey Jean Kaknes, Saint Charles, IL Elizabeth King, Duxbury**

Marie Korzenecki, Westfield, MA Kimberly Suzanne Little, Berlin Sarah Hollister Lyne, Newton, MA Phoebe Stewart Markle, Blue Hill, ME Jamie Jo McCune, Ithaca, NY Meaghan Theresa Milmoe, Dedham, MA Emily Mock, Hartland** Lynn Cannata Mondani, Cromwell, CT Margaret Louise Morgan, Brattleboro Emily Margaret North, Montpelier Jenilee Marie Palasik, Milton Jennifer Anne Paulding, White Plains, NY Jennifer Ann Pekarsky, Gillette, NJ Megan Ashlee Peters, Milton Gillian Faye Rappaport, New Hope, PA Lindsay J. Redman, Brighton, CO Christine Reed, Saxtons River Allyson Elizabeth Ricker, White River Junction Allison Roy, Winooski Sara Natalie Schultz, Troy, NY Jennifer Lauren Shainess, Cheshire, CT Leah Mae Starr, Enosburg Falls Erin Elizabeth Ferland Steciak, Burlington Amber Theriault, Shelburne Jane Anne Trivett, Leonardo, NJ Alicia Marie Wetherbee, Wethersfield, CT Kelly Anne Wilson, Groton, MA Andrea Christine Youngs, Delmar, NY Individually Designed Program Braden H. Leisenring, Stowe Lindsey Ann Tilbury, Rochester, MN Middle Level Education Laura Elizabeth Eichorn, Pittsburgh, PA Rebecca Anne Forgiano, Oneonta, NY Florangel Jimenez, Providence, RI** Mark Thomas Leporati, Ridgefield, CT Anthony Morse, Waterbury Brigitte “Vicky” Reithinger, Essex** Sullivan Silva, Somers, NY

Christopher Sullivan, Middlebury, CT Molly Dixon Theodorakos, Troy, PA** Mary Katherine Yankowski, Rutland * Physical Education Anthony Anderson, Belfast, Northern Ireland** Christina Battram, Parkhill, Ontario, Canada Matthew Paul Chew, Clifton Park, NY Ashleigh Cuncic, Carlisle, Ontario, Canada Eamon Michael Duane, East Montpelier** Emily Patricia Fitzgerald, Brewster, NY Michael W. Gabel, East Falmouth, MA** Sharla Nancy Hamilton, Chester, CT Anne Kinley, Brattleboro Jesse Mancinone, Waterbury, CT Danielle Sabourin, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada* Emily Alice Smith, Fairfield* Ashley Erin Stebbins, St. Albans** Allison L. Thomson, Hampden, MA Secondary Education Ted Gilbert Adatto, Northbrook, IL Theresa Linnea Akerley, Durham, CT* Bradley Albert Allen, Morrisville Gordon M. Bennett IV, Burlington Hannah L. Bonneau, Troy Alexander C. Borg, Huntington, NY** Elizabeth Bouchard, Essex Junction Keith D. Bouchard, Franklin Meaghan Curtis, Middleton, MA Ethan Matthew Dropkin, Goshen, NY Summer A. Egan, Carmel, NY Christen Faltermeier, Bainbridge Island, WA Drew Loren Gordon, Essex Junction Maria Elizabeth Guevara, Hinesburg** Martha E. Hermann, Waterville, ME Scott Hess, Cincinnati, OH Kathleen Jackson, Saco, ME Meghan Marie Kelley, Milton Ryan Sola King, Sandwich, MA *As of October, 2005 **As of February, 2006


Commencement 2006 Hannah Kinslow, Bourne, MA Sarah E. LaMothe, Georgia** Tiffany Phuong Le, South Burlington Anne Lepeltier, East Fairfield Colleen Marie Macaluso, Plainfield, NJ Erica Lynn Moore, Bradford Ian M. Nagel, Montville, NJ Elizabeth C. Patry, Minot, ME Almin Piric, Montpelier Gordana Pobric, Burlington** Jill M. Read, Winooski** Kristen Ann Rhodes, Hinesburg Patricia A. Shea, Fairfax Logan Christopher Stahler, Lyndonville** Sage Amber Steeneck, East Fairfield** Jonathan Swanson, Lakeland, MN Sarah Ann Terk, East Dover Shannon J. Warden, Ferrisburgh** Gretchen Daisy Amelia Rose Wilson, Maine Emily Ann Wolf, Danbury, CT Bachelor of Science Athletic Training Teia Christiansen, Plainfield* Ryan Decarreau, Winooski* Micum K. McIntire, Lincoln, NH John Linck VanZandt, Springfield Julie Kathryn Walsh, South Burlington Brent Wilson, Canandaigua, NY Bachelor of Science Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education Emily Heather Boehler, Mercer Island, WA Emily T. Carson, Belmont, MA Ashley Jeane Crowley, Williston Meredith Denihan, Garden City, NY Isabel Andree Epstein, Boston, MA Kate Shipley Hubbell, Martha’s Vineyard, MA Marie C. Hyde, Livonia, NY

Handley Menz Johnson, Greenwich, CT Meryl Gayle Keenan, Scarsdale, NY* Kate Clark Rabidoux, Winooski Jessica Helene Rosenblatt, Dartmouth, MA Julie M. Safran, Newton, MA Hester Hollyday Seifert, Pittsburgh, PA** Michele Stern, Stamford, CT Kelly M. Taylor, Boxford, MA** Julia Mara Wayne, St. Johnsbury** Honor Elizabeth Woodrow, Holliston, MA Bachelor of Science Human Development and Family Studies Katherine E. Bauer, Barrington, IL** Christian Latoy Berry, Tullahoma, TN Kristen M. Cioffi, Rutland Jamie L. Clarke, Huntington Katy Lynne Engstrom, Essex Junction Colleen Marie Farrow, Barnstable, MA Anna Rachel Feiner, New York, NY Brenna Margaret Griswold, Ferrisburgh Diana Makovec-House, Middletown Springs Shannon K. Maroney, Danville Lyndy J. Meister, Chatham, MA** Sharon L. Moran, Keene, NH Ashley Beth Orenberg, Marblehead, MA Patricia Paddon, Laguna Beach, CA** Gregg O’Neill Pauletti, Toms Brook, VA Ashley Elaine Shea, South Burlington** Andreea C. Simmel, Brookline, MA Heather L. Smith, Ripton Shannon Kelly Smith, Westford** Holly A. Young, Westminster Bachelor of Science Social Work Michael R. Calamari, Middletown, NJ Kate Mary Christiansen, West Brookfield, MA Malaika Marie DosRemedios, Warwick, RI Courtney Ryan Gray, Lunenburg

Alice Greenwood, Cape Elizabeth, ME* Catherine Kelly Griesdorn, Columbus, OH David J. Hevey, Burlington T. Abigail Jaffe, Norfolk, VA Cannon Reid Jones, Sandy Hook, CT Lauren Karwoski, Hollis, NH Katherine A. Kasarjian, Plymouth, MA Jenna Kidney, Montpelier Anne Marie Lavalette, Colchester Katelyn Miller, Brookfield Nancy J. Miller, Plainfield Mollie Moriarty, Waitsfield Andrew R. Morton, Bristol Kaoru Nakai, Kyoto, Japan Dorothy Rose Robinson, East Calais Sara Nicole Schnipper, Farmington, CT** Fifth Year Certificate in Education Tammara Baxter, Burlington Christie Ericson, Grand Isle Meghan Johnson, Burlington** Angela Macnowski, Colchester Eric Morris, Shelburne** Joshua Sinz, Burlington** Rebecca Tarling, Burlington** Certificate of Advanced Study Special Education Katherine Donahue, Burlington Garth Grennan, Springfield Certificate of Advanced Study Educational Leadership Douglas Huntley, Messena, NY Sally Martin, Burlington Diana Morris Raphael, Panton* Nathalie Sugarman, Bethel Certificate of Advanced Study Reading and Literacy Sara Smith Blake, Charlotte Mary Jane Wright, Waterbury*

Graduate College MASTER OF EDUCATION Curriculum and Instruction Karin Lee Ames, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 1987; South Hero Jean Richard Berthiaume, B.S. (Lyndon State College) 1994; Burlington Jessica Best, B.A. (Emmanuel College) 2004; Glimanton, NH* Sarah H. Brodbeck, B.A. (Miami University) 2003; Chicago, IL* Linda Brown, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 1974; Monkton* Michael Wheaton Burris, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 1994; Beverly, MA* Caroline P. Camara, B.S. (Saint Michael’s College) 1988; Starksboro* Dana Marie Collette, B.A. (University of Colorado) 2002; Burlington Katherine Leigh Contrada, B.A. (The University of Vermont) 2005; Toledo, OH Donna M. Cook, B.S. (Central Connecticut University) 1974; Moretown** Cynthia Marie Craft, B.S. (University of Washington) 2000; Richmond Melissa Anne Czaplicke, B.A. (Castleton State College) 2000; Fairfax* Cynthia E. Day, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 1984; Hartford* Chris George Dumouchel, B.A. (Clemson University) 1990; Colchester** David Arthur Ferch, B.A. (Johns Hopkins University) 1987; Montpelier** Christine Anna Fletcher, B.A. (Carleton College) 2000; Brooklin, ME* Richard Ben Gelles, B.A. (Stanford University) 1982; J. D. (Benjamin N. Cardoza School of Law) 1985; Essex Junction Eric R. Gross, B.S. (Champlain College) 1996; Barre* Elizabeth Andrews Jameson, B.A. (Ithaca College) 2000; B.S. (Johnson State College) 2002; Cliffside Park, NJ** Jeffrey R. Jeskie, B.A. (The University of Vermont) 1995; Burlington* Jennifer McKay Kennison, B.S. (Johnson State College) 1982; Montgomery** *As of October, 2005 **As of February, 2006 † Pending completion of requirements.


Wendy Dunham King, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 1985; South Burlington* Troy D. L. McAllister, B.A. (Marlboro College) 1998; Warren** Peter Joseph McConville, B.A. (State University of New York, Geneseo) 1999; Pittsford, NY** Erin B. McGraw, B.A. (Oberlin College) 2003; Berlin** Nathan Tredway McNaughton, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2000; Springfield* Kate E. Magner, B.A. (State University of New York Albany) 2003; Saratoga, NY** Kathryn Marie Zeleznock Malson, B.F.A. (California College of Art) 1999); York, PA** Melanie Campbell Menagh, B.A. (Middlebury College) 1981; M.A. (Bread Loaf School of English, Middlebury College) 1990; Calais Vasanthi Bharathan Meyette, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2001; Essex Junction Christopher Andrew Moes, B.F.A. (Emerson College) 1992; Berlin, Germany* Christopher James Moran, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 1995; Burlington Jill M. Myers, B.A. (The University of Vermont) 2001; Wilder** Dante Stephen Napolitano, B.A. (Saint Michael’s College) 1998; Burlington* Ryan D. Navin, B.A. (The University of Vermont) 1998; South Burlington* Karen Elizabeth Nazari, B.S. (University of California at Santa Cruz) 1999; Hinesburg* Christopher V. Owen, B.A. (Boston College) 1997; Boston** Heather Marie Parkhurst, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2004; Morrisville* Arthur W. Pellerin, B.A. (State University of New York College at Potsdam) 1989; Fairfax Charles William Petrics, B.A. (Rutgers University) 1973; J. D. (New England School of Law) 1976; Killington** Adam Popkin, B.A. (Middlebury College) 2000; Shrewsbury, MA* Sarah Beth Popowicz, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 1999; West Warwick, RI**

Commencement 2006 Kerstin Pritchard, B.A. (State University of New York, New Paltz) 1996; Burlington** Catherine Uber Racek, B.A. (College of the Holy Cross) 1995; Stowe** Ethan L. Richman, B.A. (Lyndon State College) 1995; South Burlington Abigail Rink, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2002; Woolwich, ME* Thesis: The Effects of Passively Elevated Core Body Temperature on Maximal Oxygen Consumption and Time to Exhaustion in Humans Sarah Jean Rogers, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2000; Essex Junction Kara Spangler Rosenberg, B.A. (Swarthmore College) 2001; Middlebury Robert L. Russell, B.A. (The University of Vermont) 2001; Colchester* Joseph Alanson Sabataso, B.A. (Castleton State College)1995; Rutland Carly Marie Scott, B.A. (The University of Vermont) 2001; Essex Junction Devon Marie Simpson, B.A. (The University of Vermont) 2005; Riverside, CT Annah Marie Sullivan, B.A. (Middlebury College) 2000; Essex Junction* Melissa A. Tesh, B.S. (Norwich University) 2000; Pleasant Valley, NY** Richard F. Tordé, B.S. (University of Florida) 1971; M.S. (University of Wisconsin) 1974; Richmond Dovid Yagoda, B.A. (Ithaca College) 1990; Burlington* Educational Leadership Carl Edward Backman, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 1989; Burlington Donna Naomi Bailey, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 1989; Lincoln Robert Paul Bohn, B.A. (Middlebury College) 1988; Worcester* Edward William Cook, II, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 1995; Monkton Heather Ann Duhamel, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2000; Saint Albans Donna A. Ebel, B.S. (State University of New York, Brockport) 1974; Vergennes* Kevin J. Hamilton, B.A. (State University of New York, Geneseo) 1989; South Burlington* Kim A. Hamilton, B.S. (State University of New York, Geneseo) 1989; South Burlington* Christopher Gordon Hindes, B.A. (Johnson State College) 1998; Morrisville Jennifer Konrad, B.S. (State University of New York, Brockport) 1994; Saint Albans Lindsay T. Pontius, B.A. (University of Richmond) 1985; Westport, NY Meagan Elizabeth Roy, B.A. (Simmons College) 2002; Waterboro, ME* Alison Emma Thompson, B.A. (Trinity College) 2000; Addison* Lee William Trumpore, B.A. (The University of Vermont) 2002; Burlington* Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration Adriana Alicea-Rodríguez, B.A. (Marquette University) 2004; Guaynabo, Puerto Rico Katherine Mary Bisang, B.S. (Champlain College) 2003; Manchester Jason Jaesae Cha, B.S. (North Carolina State University) 2002; Reisterstown, MD Amanda Louise Cook, B.A. (University of Washington) 2004; Ferndale, WA Michael Matthew DeBowes, B.A. (Millersville University) 2004; Red Lion, PA Aaron M. Ferguson, B.A. (University of Connecticut) 2003; Storrs, CT Kimberly Francine Herrera, B.A. (Stony Brook University) 2003; New York, NY Gina Marie Ippolito, B.A. (University of California, Santa Barbara) 2003; Stockton, CA Tamia Rashima Jordan, B.A. (University of Virginia) 2000; Hackensack, NJ Sabrina Tamara Kwist, B.A. (University of California, Santa Barbara) 2001; Long Beach, CA Heather A. Maginnis, B.A. (College of the Holy Cross) 2001; North Quincy, MA Nicholas Efren Negrete, B.A. (University of California, Santa Barbara) 2003; Rialto, CA Michael David Payne, B.S. (University of Kansas) 2004; Colorado Springs, CO Patricia Sophia Rascon, B.A. (University of California, Santa Barbara) 2004; Diamond Springs, CA Stephen Michael Sweet, B.A. (State University of New York, Plattsburgh) 2004; Penfield, NY Daphne René Wells, B.A. (California State University) 2004; Sacramento, CA Interdisciplinary Jane Pembroke Alsofrom, B.A. (Trinity College of Vermont) 2000; Burlington Thesis: Mattering, Mindfulness, and Moral Conversation: How One Radiation Therapist Uses these Transformative Tools in Teaching and Practice Andrew David Forlano, B.A. (The College of William and Mary) 1990; Elkton, MD Annie C. McMahon, B.S. (Salisbury State University) 2001; Towson, MD** Thesis: A Day in the Life: Insights into Student Affairs at the Secondary Level and Implications for Higher Education Learie Casper Nurse, B.A. (New England Culinary Institute) 2002; Essex Thesis: Father Absenteeism: Oh Father Where Art Thou: A Young Man’s Educational Journey on Becoming a Man Without His Father’s Love and Guidance in His Social and Moral Development Keri Brooks Ogrizovich, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2001; Fairfax Thesis: Pieces of Me

LuAnn Kay Rolley, B.A. (Johnson State College) 1996; Williamsport, PA Thesis: Dancing Identity: Alternative Ways of Learning Through Movement, Metaphor and Body Michael E. Schirling; B.A. (The University of Vermont) 1988; Burlington** Thesis: Institutionalizing Online Safety: A Call to Parents and Educators Katherine Calise Strotmeyer, B.A. (Bowdoin College) 2002; Burlington Reading and Language Arts Virginia Gregorie, B.A. (Marist College) 2002; Burlington Megan Johnson, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2003; Williston Amber Lynn Profitt, B.A. (University of Kentucky) 2000; Batavia, OH Pamela S. Toof, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 1987; South Burlington Special Education Lyndsy Wright Blais, B.A. (Muhlenberg College) 2000; South Burlington Justina K. Boyden, B.A. (The University of Vermont) 1997; Fayston Dianne Patricia Carlino-Desroches, B.A. (Johnson State College) 2003; Georgia Mary Catherine Donlon, B.A. (Johnson State College) 1977; Burlington Robin L. Cruz, B.A. (Hunter College) 1978; Essex Junction* Mark S. Ginsberg, B.A. (Norwich University) 1991; Essex Junction** Maria Lee Gray, B.S.C. (Charters Oak State College) 2004; Brownsville Catherine Mary Guare, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2004; Bennington Rya Hardee-Fauth, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2003; Norwich Christine Marie Holbrook, B.A. (University of Redlands) 1993; Brattleboro* Deidre A. Kelly, B.A. (Hobart & William Smith College) 1996; Sudbury* Samuel Benjamin Lurie, B.A. (University of California, Santa Cruz) 1987; Monkton Susan Kamus McCanna, B.A. (Johnson State College) 1993; Walpole, NH Robin Macy, B.A. (Wheelock College) 1991; Putney* Shenon Lynn Mager, B.A. (Lesley College) 1996; Westminster** Anne S. Mason, B.S. (State University of New York, Plattsburgh) 1974; Shelburne James Gerard Pape, B.A. (State University of New York, Albany) 1981; B.A. (Trinity College) 1989; South Burlington* Jessica L. Patch, B.A. (Trinity College of Vermont) 1999; Charlotte** Veronica May Sampson, B.A. (University of South Carolina) 1989; Greenville, SC** Jamie K. Saylor, B.A. (The University of Vermont) 1998; Williston** Faith Averill Scaramucci, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 1985; Middlebury Ann M. Stafford, B.A. (Johnson State College) 2004; Island Pond Margaret Mary Willis, B.A. (Florida Atlantic University) 1981; Woodstock Catharine G. Wolfe, B.F.A. (Alfred University) 1997; Cambridge MASTER OF SCIENCE Counseling Payton Brandyberry, B.A. (Colorado College) 1996; Simsbury, CT Kristin Sue Dickerson, B.S. (Ohio University) 1999; Lancaster, OH Thomas J. K. Fontana, B.A. (Saint Michael’s College) 1995; Scarsdale, NY Tammie Marie Johnson, B.A. (The University of Vermont) 1990; Hinesburg Kathryn M. Kennedy, B.A. (University of Pittsburgh) 2002; Kane, PA Todd H. Marshall, B.S. (Cornell University) 1993; North Rose, NY* Sara Harding Mason, B.A. (Wesleyan University) 2000; Lebanon, NH Andrea Lynn Meier, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2002; Essex Kyoko Mizote, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2001; Mihara, Hiroshima, Japan* Amanda Olds, B.A. (State University of New York, Geneseo) 1999; Hamburg, NY Julie D. Reville, B.A. (Middlebury College) 1979; M.S. (The University of Vermont) 1984; Springfield Emily Jean Scott, B.S. (James Madison University) 2004; Glastonbury, CT Sarah Elizabeth Sears, B.A. (Fordham University) 2001; Burlington Deborah Jean Wright, B.A. (Johnson State College) 2003; Essex Junction*

MASTER OF SCIENCE IN TEACHING Biology Mark R. Paul, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 1988; Starksboro* MASTER OF SOCIAL WORK James Beauchemin, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 1994; Colchester Louise Berube, B.S. (State University of New York, Brockport) 1992; Montreal, Canada Mary Kathryn Cappleman, B.A. (University of North Carolina) 2001; Charlotte, NC Amanda S. Churchill, B.A. (The University of Vermont) 2004; Cabot Tami Anne Gonyea, B.S.W. (Champlain College) 2004; Grand Isle Amy Lynn Gray, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2001; Berlin Deborah Ann Jordan, B.S. (Champlain College) 2004; Cornwall Laura Kadish, B.A. (University of California, Santa Cruz) 2002: Houston, TX Sarah Irene Louer, B.S.W. (Castleton State College) 1996; New Haven *As of October, 2005 **As of February, 2006


Commencement 2006 Suzanne McMaster, B.A. (University of California, Davis) 1990; Winooski Kelly Miller, B.A. (Arcadia University) 2000; Philadelphia, PA Patricia Ann Moccia, B.S. (Lyndon State College) 1997; Derby Scott W. Morrison, B.A. (University of Colorado) 2000; Burlington Michael Moser, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2001; Underhill Center Christine Neejer, B.A. (American University) 2004; Utica, NY Victoria M. Oliver, B.A. (Bishop’s University) 2004; Wheelock Michelle D. Pelkey, B.S. (Johnson State College) 2004; Highgate Springs Christine Leinwohl Pinello, B. M. (Wisconsin Conservatory of Music) 1978; Barre Margot Childs Prendergast, B.A. (The University of Vermont) 1987; North Middlesex* Cathy D. Rahill, B.S. (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) 1992; Burlington Christine L. Randall, B.A. (The University of Vermont) 2003; Colchester Elizabeth Relyea, B.S.W. (Trinity College) 1996; Burlington Anne Elizabeth Rich, B.A. (Ohio State University) 1996; Columbus, OH Mark Ridderhoff, B.A. (George Mason University) 1991; Burlington* Alice Tierney Dee Scannell, B.A. (Fairfield University) 1996; Shelburne DOCTOR OF EDUCATION Mary Frances Bisselle, B.A. (Boston College) 1991; M.A. (Wesleyan University) 1997; Westport, NY* Dissertation: Exploring Intersectoral Teacher Belief Systems E. Bryan Dague, B.S. (Syracuse University) 1983; M.S. (Syracuse University) 1989; Keeseville, NY Dissertation: Sheltered Employment, Sheltered Lives: Navigating the New Realities of Community Employment Marilyn U. Davis, B.A. (The University of Vermont) 1994; M. Ed. (The University of Vermont) 1999; Warwick, RI* Dissertation: Feminist Teachers: Influencing Equity in the Classroom Brit Maike Garland, B.A. (Stavanger Lærerhøgskole) 1981; M.A. (Goddard College) 1991; Montpelier* Dissertation: Queer Transracial Adoptive Motherhood: Talking Back

*As of October, 2005 **As of February, 2006


Kristin Marie Gehsmann, B.S. (Central Connecticut State University) 1992; M.S. (Central Connecticut State University) 1998; Essex** Dissertation: Becoming More Effective in the Age of Accountability: A High-Poverty School Narrows the Literacy Achievement Gap Wendy Baker Hovey, B.A. (The University of Vermont) 1991; M.A. (Dartmouth College) 1998; Victory Dissertation: Exploring Community Engagement in School District Consolidation: A Case Study of One Supervisory Union in Vermont Tammy G. Kolbe, B.A. (Kalamazoo College) 1992; M.S. (Pennsylvania State University) 1997; Annapolis, MD* Dissertation: Educating All Students: A Policy Implementation Study of Vermont Schools’ Efforts to Improve their Educational Capacity Sally R. Madeira, B.A.E. (Eastern Michigan) 1970; M.Ed. (The University of Vermont) 1979; Waterbury Center Dissertation: Reclaiming Ourselves as Educators: The Power of Reflection, Conversation, and Community Patricia L. Morgan, B.A. (Alfred University) 1974; M.Ed. (The University of Vermont) 1982; Marshfield Dissertation: Parent and Student Perspectives on Vermont’s School Choice Policy Judith Kathleen Newman, B.A. (University of Massachusetts) 1969; M.Ed. (The University of Vermont) 1977; Montpelier* Dissertation: Fostering Change: A Case Study of One District’s Comprehensive Local Assessment Development Catherine Frances Nicholas, B.S. (University of Bridgeport) 1973; M.S. (The University of Vermont) 1981; Burlington Dissertation: Making it Work: Lessons Learned from Women Ph.D.s Who Are Successful Educational Leaders in Medical School Shelley Vermilya, B.A. (Goddard College) 1979; M.A. (Goddard College) 1980; East Montpelier Dissertation: Writing for Our Lives: Constructing a Pedagogy of Liberation and Passion

Commencement 2006

College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences Sunday, May 21, 2006

2:00 p.m.

Emerald Ballroom, Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center

Domenico Grasso, Dean Robert Snapp, Marshal Clarke Hermance, Marshal Order of Exercises PROCESSIONAL The Pipes and Drums of St. Andrew’s Society of Vermont WELCOME, Darren Hitt, Professor of Mechanical Engineering COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER, Domenico Grasso, Ph.D. Dean, College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS NAME READER, Darren Hitt RECESSIONAL RECEPTION, Promenade, Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Majoring in Computer Science and Information Systems Shaun J. Chu, South Burlington David K. Guay, Orleans** Civil Engineering Silas Winfield Canavan, Shoreham** Russell W. Colvin, Jr., Shelburne* Katheryn Mae Douglas, Hampton, NH Chandler Stephen Engel, Johnson Jennifer Mary Fifield, Wilder Robert James Fliegel, Burlington Erin Elizabeth Flynn, Storrs, CT Edwin C. Fowler, Jr., Dover, NH** Brian James Friedler, Burlington Jennifer N. Gagnon, Newington, CT Robert M. Garofano, Rutland Christopher Frederick Gilman, Bradford Seth Daniel Goddard, Orwell* Brian W. Gomez, Waterbury Scott Douglas Hamshaw, Marlborough, NH Kathryn Mary Hewett, Dover, NH† Anthony Carlo Maidea Isgro, Waterville, ME† Joseph Robert Johnston, Chateaugay, NY Brendan H. Kennedy, Evanston, IL Lauren S. Klonsky, Pleasantville, NY Derek Latuch Lyman, Sharon Israel Steven Maynard, Bakersfield Hal W. Metzler, Jr., Rutland Angelo Onello III, Ramsey, NJ Tracy Elizabeth Owen, Kingsport, TN Alexei Pavlinov, New Providence, NJ David R. Peterson, Montpelier Phillip Mark Peterson, Minneapolis, MN Chelsea Aurora Ransom, Ann Arbor, MI** Brian M. Rapanotti, Springfield John P. Riley, Jr., Somerset, MA† Robert Steven Rivard, Harwinton, CT†

Gerald Wayne Rogers, Rochester, NY Garrett Christopher Sabourin, Lyndonville Stuart James Edward Sawyer, Sharon Amanda Catherine Stebbins, Hartford† Ryan Andrew Ward, Newport** Nicole H. Whitney, Shelburne Computer Science Lawford Linneans Campbell, Bronx, NY† Michael Orie Finnegan, Irasburg Timothy Joseph Forcier, Fairfield Stuart B. Heinrich, Hinesburg Matthew Wendell Humphrey, Jericho** Jeremy Walter King, Stafford, VA Daniel Montanye, St. Albans Christopher André Ruscio, North Troy Christina Strong, Essex Junction Alexander W. Tripp, Underhill Kyle Dewitt Williams, Colchester** Adam B. Wolfe, Burlington** Electrical Engineering Matthew Francis Bond, Watertown, NY Matthew Peter Bozek, Danvers, MA Elizabeth Anne Brosseau, Swanton Kyle T. Cram, Weathersfield Stephen Joseph DiStasi, Medford, NJ Jarett Evan Fernez, Cromwell, CT† Orin Campbell Flint, Braintree Darryl Robert Richard Hill, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Eamon Patrick Kerrigan, Quincy, MA** Justin Henry King, Burlington** David James Klebanoff, Burlington† Josiah Klingler, Cabot Hien The Lai, Burlington Celly Luyinduladio, Luozi Bas-Kongo, Zaire Emmet James McGuire, Northfield Wedney Morgan, Bridgeport, CT Patrick Vincent O’Neill, Hudson, OH

Marcia F. Peters, Bronx, NY Canh Pham, Burlington* Matthew E. Rauer, Mullica Hill, NJ Ashley L. Ringer, Vergennes Nicholas Allyn Rotker, Wayland, MA Adnan Seferagic, Colchester Casey D. Shea, Pittsford† Zohra Tridane, Burlington** Brian J. Wells, Essex Junction Matthew R. Whalen, Washington Aaron D. Willey, Springfield Paul B. Wood, Burlington Engineering Management Jesse B. Carswell, Leicester Patrick Moodey Clark, Putney** Alexandra Hoover Mumaw, University Heights, OH† Amy Lynn Nolin, Georgia† Jeffrey Ray Weston, Essex Jct. Environmental Engineering Ashley Nicole Dunn, Rutland Kiernyn Ross, Potsdam, NY† Mathematics Bo Akaogi, Putney Casey A. Corcoran, Wethersfield, CT Ariel M. Eber, Plainfield, NJ** Jamie Preston Kennedy, Burlington** Gregory Nathaniel Klein-Hertzel, Weston, CT William Casey Lamont, Burlington Daniel Montanye, St. Albans Johanne Rose Fabine Osias, Brooklyn, NY Eitan Pechenick, Burlington Darrick Eron Priester, Ravena, NY Luke Blackwell Clayton Purvis, Pennington, NJ Kelly O’Brien Russell, St. Albans *As of October, 2005 **As of February, 2006 † Pending completion of requirements.


Commencement 2006 Claire Schreiber, Chestertown, MD Laura Coulter Wolk, Castleton Mathematics Majoring in Statistics Rebecca Ruth Bitzenhofer, Apple Valley, MN Jae Seung Lee, Essex Junction** Seong Hoon Shin, Essex Jct. Mechanical Engineering Karmen Ann Anderson, N. Clarendon Alex K. Andors, Braintree** Adam M. Beraha, Providence, RI Isaac Paul Blanchard, St. Albans Ryan Charles Bradford, Franklin Shane Patrick Cahill, Barre**

*As of October, 2005 **As of February, 2006 † Pending completion of requirements.


Matthew Scot Christiano, Norwich Dana Paul Curtis, Rushville, NY Eric Richard Evans, Underhill Grant Alexander Gary, Woodbury, NY Conrad Hertz, East Burke Lisa M. Hovey, Brewster, NY Thomas J. Jablonski II, Richmond Brandon Mitchel Johnson, White River Junction† Gary Michael Knauf, Jr., Shelton, CT David Tetteh Korda, Colchester Benjamin Casey Lanza, Sheldon** Jacob Andrew Liss, York, PA Scott Greenwood Lundstedt, New Fairfield, CT** Stewart MacLean, Sudbury, MA

Joseph Jerome McDonough, Burlington** Joshua D. Mandell, Brookline, MA John B. Marking, Cambridge Justin McCabe, Manchester, MA Desmond Y. Ndzi, Bronx, NY† Jason C. Petrello, Ossining, NY** Ross Marcel Piette, South Burlington** Derek David Rabideau-Campbell, Burlington Derek Lamson Siegler, Brownsville Brittany L. Simons, Brattleboro** Ken C. Stratton, Williston Scott C. Teuscher, South Burlington Nicholas Mario Vachon, Newport† William D. Wooden, St. Albans

Commencement 2006

Graduate College MASTER OF SCIENCE Biomedical Engineering Amy Elizabeth Johnson, B.Eng. (McMaster University) 2004; Oakville, Ontario, Canada Thesis: Fatigue Behaviour of Cement Repair in synthetic Thoracic Vertebrae Debra Chenet Millon, B.S. (University of Miami) 1996; Richmond* Thesis: The Biomechanics of Selected Tai Chi Gait: A Comparison to Normal Gait in Young and Elderly Subjects David John Paller, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2000; Rutland** Thesis: An Accuracy Assessment of the UMRSA System and a Three Dimensional Comparison of Nailed Osteopenic Femurs with Supracondylar Fractures Aaron Dylan Powers, A.B. (Dartmouth College) 1993; B.E. (Dartmouth College) 1994; South Burlington Thesis: Evoked Potentials of Auditory Feedback During Vocalization In Stutterers

Bridget McMahon Zurn, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2003; Burlington Jane Brooks Zurn, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2003; East Fairfield Thesis: A Rodent Tracking System for Analysis of Behavior Under Near-Infrared and Visible Illumination

Biostatistics Turner Morison Osler, B.S. (Princeton University) 1973; M. D. (Medical College of Virginia) 1977; Honolulu, HI*

Mechanical Engineering Dylan Burns, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2003; Watertown, NY** Thesis: Aeroelastic Mechanics of Thin Film Membranes in Proximity Lithography Casey L. Korecki, B.S. (University of Notre Dame) 2003; Brooksville, FL* Thesis: Development of an Organ Culture System for Evaluating Damaging Compression Loading on Intervertebral Disc Explants Graham Thornton Spencer, B.S.M.E. (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology) 1993; Tipp City, OH** Thesis: Composite Drive Shaft Dynamic Response Optimization Kevin D. Stevenson, B.S. (Hobart College) 2003; B. E. (Dartmouth College) 2004; South Burlington Thesis: Electrochemical Synthesis and Mechanical Properties of Nickel Nanostructures Ryan M. Walker, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2003; Underhill**

Civil and Environmental Engineering Lance E. Besaw, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2004; Williston Thesis: Parameter Estimation and Conditional Simulation Using a Counterpropagation Artificial Neural Network Jessica Sands Clark, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2004; Boyertown, PA Thesis: Linking Stream Channel Geomorphology and Aquatic Habitat Quality Using Two-Dimensional Hydraulic Modeling Jeffrey Doris, B.S. (University of Kansas) 1996; Burlington** Thesis: Application of Counterpropagation Networks to Problems In Civil and Environmental Engineering John D. Grenier, B.S. (Worcester Polytech Institute) 1999; Waterbury Spencer A. P. Morse, B.S. (Saint Michael’s College) 1992; South Ryegate** Thesis: Using Case-Based Reasoning to Predict the Impact of Variable Message Sign Diversion Peter August Muñoz, B.S. (Michigan State University) 1999; Traverse City, MI** Thesis: Flow Patterns of Dairy Farm Wastewater Constructed Wetlands in a Cold Climate Computer Science Jeffrey O. Blaisdell, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 1996; Colchester** Thesis: Path Grammars: An Analysis Framework Jesse Ethan Craig, B.S. (University of Massachusetts at Amherst) 2000; South Burlington Thesis: Reduction of Redundancy in Directed Random Verification Through Checkpointing Dan He, B.S. (University of Science and Technology) 2004; Mianyang, China Mykhaylo Panarin, B.S. (Kiev National University) 1994; Montpelier David Alexander Van Horn, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2003; Houston, TX Thesis: Algorithmic Trace Effect Analysis Electrical and Computer Engineering Erik J. Breiland, B.S. (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) 1998; Colchester Timothy J. Campbell, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2003; Colchester* Thesis: FPGA-based Low-Cost Jitter Measurement Circuits for Mixed Signal Production Test Daniel J. Couture, B.S. (Clarkson) 2001; Grand Isle James Patrick Crimm, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 1998; Jackson, MS* Benjamin D. Fenster, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2005; Louisville, CO Christopher Ian Fitzhugh, B.S. E. E. (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) 2003; Northfield Thesis: Multipath Characterization of Enclosed Environments Jacob Galbreath, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2000; Essex Junction** Thesis: Channel Allocation Strategies for Wireless Sensors Statically Deployed in Multipath Environments Joshua Steven McCloy, B.S. (The George Washington University) 2001; Barrington, RI* Scott Thomas Vento, B.S. (Clarkson University) 2001; Rochester, NY Tao Wu, B.S. (Shandong University) Laiwu, Shandong, China

Materials Science Timothy F. Fennessey, B.S. (Georgia Institute of Technology) 2002; Charlton, MA Thesis: The Effect of Hydrogen Passivation on Heteroepitaxial Gallium Antimonide Grown on Silicon and Versulite™ Substrates Mathematics Jason B. Hill, B.S. (University of Michigan, Flint) 2004; Grand Blanc, MI Thesis: On Finding Totally Real Quintic Number Fields of Minimal Signature Group Rank Elizabeth Wilcox, B.A. (Carleton College) 2002; Schodack, NY Thesis: New Approaches to Suzuki’s CA-Proof

Statistics Brien Aronov, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2004; Wilder Michael Joseph DeSarno, B.S. (Cornell University) 1987; Essex Junction Kathryn E. Parlin, B.A. (Middlebury College) 1980; B.S. (The University of Vermont) 1986; Chelsea Thesis: Model Selection for the Impact Evaluation of Energy Efficiency Programs Julia Alexis Rampone, B.A. (Castleton State College) 2004; Castleton DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY Civil and Environmental Engineering Paula Janelle Mouser, B.S. (Utah State University) 1998; M.S. (The University of Vermont) 2003; Burlington Dissertation: Improving Detection and Long-Term Monitoring Strategies for Landfill Leachate Contaminated Groundwater with Molecular-Based Microbiological Data Using Geostatistics and Artificial Neural Networks Xinyu Wei, B.S. (Tsinghua University) 1999; Weinan, Shaanxi, China Dissertation: Long-Term Monitoring Network Design Evaluation Using an Intermediate-Scale Groundwater Facility Computer Science Like Gao, B.S. (Beijing Institute of Technology) 1992; M.S. (Beijing Institute of Technology) 1998; China* Dissertation: Optimizing Continuous Similarity-Based Queries on Streaming Time Series Mathematical Sciences Edward Kwasi Boamah, B.S. (University of Science and Technology) 1991; M.S. (The University of Vermont) 2002; Asiakwa, Ghana** Dissertation: Modeling the Dynamic Exchange of Solutes in a Prototype Hemodial Yzer Construct

*As of October, 2005 **As of February, 2006 † Pending completion of requirements.


Commencement 2006

The Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources Sunday, May 21, 2006

12:00 p.m.

Emerald Ballroom, Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center

Donald H. DeHayes, Dean Carlton M. Newton, Associate Dean Deane Wang, Associate Dean David H. Hirth, Marshal Order of Exercises PROCESSIONAL WELCOME, Professor Hirth OPENING REMARKS AND INTRODUCTION, Dean DeHayes ADDRESS TO GRADUATES Will Raap, Founder and Chair, America’s Gardening Resource, Gardener’s Supply Company PRESENTATION OF BACHELOR’S DIPLOMAS PRESENTATION OF MASTER’S DIPLOMAS PRESENTATION OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY DIPLOMAS CONCLUDING COMMENTS, Dean DeHayes RECESSIONAL Ben Alexander, Rydal, PA Christopher James Anderberg, Vienna, ME Ian B. M. Anderson, Hampton, TN Christopher John Andrews, Sudbury, MA Sara Elizabeth Armstrong, Lyndonville Mark K. Babson, Williston Richard Gardner Balouskus, Southbury, CT** Reuben D. Baris, Fairfield** Richard Joseph Barthel, Shaftsbury Sophie H. Bassin, Minnetonka, MN Kirsten Helena Beneke, South Woodstock Colby C. Benjamin, Middlebury Ryan Daniel Boylan, Elkton, MD** Ann K. Bradley, Fairfield, CT William Russell Brennan, Gaithersburg, MD Matthew Scott Bresler, Burlington Jaclyn Ann Bringuez, Rahway, NJ Peter Jake Brown, Williston** David K. Brownlow, Barrington, RI Jeffrey A. Cadorette, Berlin Heather A. Caulfield, Putney Jordan Peter Charney, Guilford, CT Kyle Herron Clark, Monkton Kristi Ann Cook, Burlington* Eammon Roland Coughlin, Barre Susan M. Cummings, Williamstown** Meredith Curling, Winston-Salem, NC Kathleen Marion-Helen Dosiek, Plattsburgh, NY Shannon Courtney Duke, Holly, MI Ashley Elvera Elliott, Camden, ME Kristin N. Elsmore, Andover, MA Lukas Emerson-Mason, Hyde Park Jean Nicole Epiphan, Ridgewood, NJ Dana T. Evans, South Burlington Daniel Ryan Evans, Monson, MA** Eric Fabbri, Litchfield, CT Natalia Fajardo, Moretown *As of October, 2005 **As of February, 2006


Kathleen C. Fitch, Belmont, MA** Caitlin Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, Middlebury Melisa Anne Forget, Woonsocket, RI Scot T. Foxx, Colchester Kaitlin Coleman Frantz, Woodford Kristin E. Geldert, Otis, MA Matthew Patrick Getz, Manchester, NH** Andrew Giunta, Danvers, MA Christina Marie Golkin, Brooklyn, NY John Roger Goudreau, North Andover, MA Stephanie E. Gould, Chelsea Benjamin James Graham, Williamsport, PA Caleb Robert Grant, Pinedale, WY Charles A. Hancock, Hingham, MA Rachel Ellen Hanish, Readfield, ME Marissa Ivy Harris, East Meadow, NY Elizabeth Scheper Harrison, Sheldon** Joanna Lynn Hatt, Wiscasset, ME Kelly Ann Hayes, Stoddard, NH Nathaniel Fitzpatrick Hoag, Vergennes Matthew Joseph Holveck, Burlington** Erik Paul Homstead, Easthampton, MA Austin Turner Humphries, Roanoke, VA Daniel Dunham Jenkins, Madbury, NH Keith S. Jennings, Burlington** Kyle Allen Jongerden, Portland, ME Andrew E. Kahora, Friendship, ME Hunter Kaltsas, Stratton Mountain April Dianna Kane, Brodhead, KY Allyson M. Keefe, West Harwich, MA Jordan R. Kemler, Avon, CT Ryan Kilborn, Newport** Owen Seth Kiley, Mount Desert, ME Nathaniel Hallgren Koeppel, Thetford Center Luke Andrew Krisch, Merrick, NY Kiryn E. Lanning, King Ferry, NY* Helena D. leRoux, Pittsford, NY** Caitlin K. Loerch, Bedford, NH Matthew Emerson Lovely, Bow, NH

Gwendolyn Wright Lyons, Weybridge Heidi Magario, Voluntown, CT* Andrew J. Mahon, West Hartford, CT Erin King Makowsky, Hampton, NH R. Pearson McCracken, Bedford, NY Elizabeth E. McDonald, Harbor Springs, MI** Jessica S. McKay, Barnet** Eric D. Merberg, Acton, MA Caleb Parker Merrill, Brunswick, ME Jason D. Mielcarek, Moscow** Harland Lamar Miller IV, Williston Adrienne Moretti, Montague, MA Adam Charles Morrison, Downingtown, PA Anne Taylor Morrison, Lyndonville** Shane Michael Murphy, Essex Jaclyn Lee O’Riley, Stoughton, MA Darrel M. Pendris, Milton Drew Davin Peterson, Lancaster, PA Blake Edward Rainville, Needham, MA Kristen Lynn Rigney, West Chester, PA** David John Rosa, Naugatuck, CT Joshua Douglas Rose, Ludlow Jonathan Michael Rosemyer, Fort Plain, NY Danielle Monique Roy, Waitsfield** Courtney M. Rysdon, Colchester David Christian Santucci II, New Fairfield, CT Matthew Louis Schofield, St. Albans Peregrine Sylvan Scofield, Burlington** Richard Patrick Serraro, Jr., Shaftsbury Adam Gerard Sieffert, Wilmington** Kristen Nicole Simard, Raymond, NH Melissa Lynn Siwinski, North Stonington, CT Christopher Richard Smith, Hunt Valley, MD Jacob Charles Smith, Orange Matthew C. Smith, Baldwinsville John Deane Southworth, Mendon Matthew Stemple, Flemington, NJ Ryan J. Sterling, Minot, ME Lynn Walker Steyaart, Richmond Hill, GA**

Commencement 2006 Stacey Johanna Thompson, Belmar, NJ Paul T. Velte, Londonderry Benjamin Albert Vinal, Chestnut Hill, MA** Justin A. Votos, North Ferrisburgh

Jeremy Seth Walker, Worcester Meghan Elizabeth Walker, Groton, MA Ernest Timothy Wells, Sutton Carter Westlund, Weston

William West Wilson III, West Chester, PA Rebecca Anna Witinok-Huber, Iowa City, IA

Graduate College MASTER OF SCIENCE Forestry Brett A. Huggett, B.M. (Temple University) 1994; Jim Thorpe, PA Thesis: Assessing the Influence of Long-Term Calcium and Aluminum Soil Fertilization on Crown Condition, Growth, and Wound Response Of Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) Trees Shane C. Lishawa, B.S. (The University of Michigan) 2001; Traverse City, MI* Thesis: Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Risk Assessment in Deer Wintering Areas of Southern Vermont Heather C. McKenny, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 1997; Colchester** Thesis: The Effects of Structural Complexity Enhancement on Eastern Red-Backed Salamander (Plethodon cinereus) Abundance in Northern Hardwood Forests Katherine W. Manaras, A.B. (Dartmouth College) 2000; Brookline, MA Thesis: Forest Structure at Multiple Scales: Structural Classification and Predicting Species Occurrence in Northern Hardwood-Conifer Ecosystems Timothy Fowler Schmalz, A.B. (Colgate University) 1991; Moretown Thesis: A Statistical Assessment of the Impact of Sirococcus Clavigignenti-Juglandacearum on Butternut Health Daniel Bartlett Wells, B.A. (Swarthmore College) 1996; Starksboro** Natural Resources Keri Kathleen Davis, B.A. (University of Kansas) 1996; Springfield, MO Thesis: Evaluating Economic Renewal and Environmental Performance Opportunities for Vermont’s Wood Products Industry Christopher Ryan Detwiller, B.A. (Skidmore College) 2000; Newton, MA Abigail E. Hood, B.A. (Mount Holyoke College) 1999; Cumberland, ME Jesse Mohr, B.S. (Evergreen State College) 2002; Berne, NY Geri Therese Vistein, B.A. (St. John’s College) 1969; M.A. (Kent State University) 1983; Bowdoinham, ME Thesis: The Controversy Over Hunting at Cape Cod National Seashore: Intergroup Conflict and the Potential for Consensus Natural Resource Planning Zakery Adams, B.S. (Rutgers University) 2002; Atco, NJ** Thesis: Understanding Biothermal Energy Ryan Crehan, B.A. (Prescott College) 1999; Ridgefield, CT* Thesis: Performance Analysis of a Duckweed Pool and Subsurface Flow Constructed Wetland to Treat Effluent From a Dairy Manure Anaerobic Digester John R. D’Agostino, B.S. (Rutgers University) 2003; Oceanport, NJ Thesis: The Functional Validation of Floodplain Valuation in Coastal New Jersey Stephanie DeLano, B.A. (St. Lawrence University) 2000; Carthage, NY** Thesis: Information Hubs and Communication Barriers in Acid Rain Policy: Moving Information Across Institutional and Disciplinary Boundaries Jacqueline Errecart, B.A. (Yale University) 2002; Shelburne* Thesis: Science in Acid Rain Decision Making: A Vermont Case Study Emilian Geczi, B.A. (Shimer College) 2002; Oradea, Romania* Thesis: From Timber to Tourism: Discourses of Place in Two Vermont Towns Bethany Claire Hanna, B.S. (Michigan State University) 2001; Stockbridge,MI* Sara Beth Lovitz, B.A. (Colby College) 2001; Fairfield, ME Thesis: Scales of Responsible Gold Mining: Overcoming Barriers to Cleaner Artisanal Mining in Southern Ecuador

Water Resources Carl Kurt Cappelletti, B.S. (Towson University) 2001; Baltimore, MD** Thesis: Photosynthesis and Respiration in an Arctic Tundra River: Modification and Application of the Whole-Stream Metabolism Method and the Influence of Physical, Biological, and Chemical Variables Meghan Allison Kreider, B.A. (Colby College) 2002; New Hope, PA Thesis: Toxic Cyanobacteria: Conditions Favoring Their Abundance in Lake Champlain and Potential Impacts On Larval Zebra Mussel Survival Kelly L. McCutcheon, B.S. (Cornell University) 2001; Ithaca, NY* Thesis: Large Wood Debris (LWD) Distribution and the Formation of Habitat Patches in Vermont Streams Wildlife and Fisheries Biology Jeremy Mason Clark, B.S. (Pennsylvania State University) 1998; Flemington, NJ Thesis: Conservation Reserve Design Using Ecological Land Units and Predicted Habitats of Forest Birds in the Northern Forest of New England Mischa Jeremy Hey, B.S. (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) 2000; Concord, MA Thesis: A Spatially Hierarchical Approach to Systematic Reserve Design in the Northern Forest of New England Stephen J. Smith, B.S. (Saint Michael’s College) 2000; Saint Albans Thesis: Fecundity of Lake Champlain Sea Lamprey (Petromyzon Marinus) and Factors Affecting Egg Survival In and Out of Nests in Lake Champlain Streams Jennifer L. Stritzel Thomson, B.S. (University of Wisconsin) 1998; Oshkosh, WI Thesis: Rainbow Smelt (Osmerus Mordax) in Lake Champlain: The Role of the Stinky Biter on Zooplankton Populations and How Large-Sized Prey Affects Growth Rates Kristen Schlansker Watrous, B.A. (Hartwick College) 2000; Rotterdam, NY** Thesis: Predicting Minimum Habitat Characteristics of the Indiana Bat (Myotis Sodalis) in the Champlain Valley of Vermont and New York Doctor of Philosophy Natural Resources Brendan Patrick Fisher, B.S. (Bucknell University) 1998; M.S. (Oxford University) 2001; Aston, PA Dissertation: Distribution and Development: Analyses of Global Poverty, Policy and Sustainability Caroline Hermans, B.A. (University of Massachusetts) 1990; Brookfield, CT** Dissertation: Methods in Collaborative Environmental Decision-Making: Managing Group Deliberative Processes in Watershed Communities Robert Armand Long, B.S. (Humboldt State University) 1991; M.S. (University of Maine, Orono) 1995; Huntington Beach, CA Dissertation: Developing Predictive Occurrence Models for Carnivores in Vermont Using Data Collected with Multiple Noninvasive Methods Kenneth Paul Mulder, B.A. (Kalamazoo College) 1992; M.S. (University of Oregon) 1993; Lowell, MI Dissertation: Stoichiometry and the Efficiency of Resource Utilization in Ecological and Economic Systems Richard Arthur Watts, B.A. (State University of New York, Cortland) 1985; M.A. (Syracuse University) 1989; Hinesburg** Dissertation: Planning for Power: Citizen Participation in the Siting of a High-Voltage Transmission Line in Vermont

*As of October, 2005 **As of February, 2006


Commencement 2006

College of Medicine

Sunday, May 21, 2006

2:30 p.m.

Ira Allen Chapel

PRESIDING John N. Evans, Ph.D., Dean William W. Pendlebury, M.D., Faculty Marshal Karalyn L. Church, M.D., Class Marshal Order of Exercises PROCESSIONAL HYMN WELCOME, John N. Evans, Ph.D., Dean ADDRESS The Honorable Patrick Leahy, United States Senator RECOGNITION OF RETIRING FACULTY RECOGNITION OF DEGREES, GRADUATE COLLEGE Russell P. Tracy, Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean for Research and Academic Affairs ANNOUNCEMENT OF AWARDS AND HONORS G. Scott Waterman, M.D., Associate Dean for Student Affairs PRESENTATION OF DEGREES John N. Evans, Ph.D., Dean ADMINISTRATION OF THE DECLARATION OF GENEVA RECESSIONAL Haroutun Vahe Abrahamian, B.A., Occidental College, M.S., Georgetown University, Glendale, CA Kerrie Lynn Adams, B.A., University of California, Santa Cruz, San Jose, CA Nathan Bradley Adams, B.S., M.S., Brigham Young University, University of Utah, Tempe, AZ Jason Miles Aines, B.A., Bucknell University, Topsham, ME Marli Amin, B.A., B.S., University of California, San Diego, San Diego, CA Michael Stevan Ashton, B.Sc., McGill University, Warwick, Bermuda Sheilla Marie Bachelder, B.S., Gordon College, Wilder Rebecca Jayne Bagley, B.A., Colby College, Patten, ME Sarah Anne Blair, B.A., Colorado College, Montpelier Amy Sue Blake, B.S., Colorado State University, Stillman Valley, IL Cortney Ray Bosworth, B.A., Middlebury College, Naples, ME Leslie Siriya Bradford, B.A., Harvard University, Bangor, ME Nicholas John Bremer, B.A., Rutgers University, Somerset, NJ Meghan Beth Brennan, B.A., Swarthmore College, Cambridgeport Daniel Richard Brooks, B.S., Brigham Young University, Provo, UT Jeffrey Gerard Brooks, B.S., Boston College, Arlington, MA Philip Andrew Chan, B.S., M.S., University of Vermont, Concord, NH Anya Jeanne Chandler, B.S., Boston College, Ashland, OR Wells M. Chandler, B.A., Middlebury College, Berlin Karalyn L. Church, B.S., University of Vermont, Guelph, Ontario, Canada Ashley Lin Clark, B.A., Stanford University, San Diego, CA Adam Kenneth Cloud, B.A., Johnson State College, Randolph Alexa Kanwit Craig, B.A., M.S., University of Vermont, Brunswick, ME Beth Cronin, B.A., Amherst College, Milton, MA Andrew Brinker Cummins, B.S., Syracuse University, M.S., University of Vermont, Elmira, NY Peter Dahl, B.A., State University of New York at Buffalo, Yarmouthport, ME Sarah Fall Denniston, B.S., Brown University, Kennebunk, ME Kohar Der Simonian, B.A., University of Vermont, Waterville, ME Cindy Louise Dion, B.S., University of Vermont, Berlin Abigail Alcock Donaldson, B.A., Harvard University, Lincoln, MA William Curtis Eward, B.S., Duke University, D.V.M., Auburn University, Indialantic, FL *As of October, 2005 **As of February, 2006 †Walker


Shereen Adel Ghali, B.S., M.S., McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Elizabeth Anne Green, B.A., Fort Lewis College, M.S., University of Colorado, Boulder, CO Alicia Theris Clark Guilford, B.S., University of San Francisco, Fullerton, CA Jason Daniel Heiner, B.S., Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA Talia Hoffstein, B.S., Toronto, Ontario, Canada Peter Andrew Holoch, B.A., Dartmouth College, Hinesburg Cindy Huang, B.S., University of California, Los Angeles, Arcadia, CA Gregory Ernest Idos, B.S., University of California, Los Angeles Eliesa Ann Ing, B.A., Bryn Mawr College, Eugene, OR Alison Elizabeth Jaquith, B.S., Rochester Institute of Technology, Dummerston Alisa Kathleen Johnson, B.F.A., University of Colorado, Lowville, NY Stanley Kang, B.A., Amherst College, Los Angeles, CA Sundip Sureshchandra Karsan, B.A., University of California, Berkeley, M.P.H., University of California, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, CA Anne Marie Taylor Kieryn, B.S., Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, Littleton, CO Erron Laskin Kinsler, B.A., Brown University, Chittenden Arash Koochek, B.A., University of California, Santa Barbara, M.P.H., Johns Hopkins University, Tehran, Iran Preetha Krishnan, B.A., University of California, Berkeley, Fremont, CA Erin Patrice Kurek, B.S., Hope College, M.P.H., University of Michigan, Bridgeman, MI Erin Elizabeth Lechner, B.A., Middlebury College, Orono, ME Giovanna Marro Leddy, B.S., The College of William and Mary, South Burlington John Hochung Lee, B.A., University of California, Berkeley, Glendale, CA Daniel Mark Letinsky, B.S., Westmont College, Thousand Oaks, CA Joyce Mary Libunao, B.A., University of San Francisco, M.A., Boston University, Hermosa Beach, CA Deede Yuan-Yi Liu, B.A., M.S., M.A., Stanford University, Piedmont, CA Webb Ellis Long, B.S., Stanford University, Jericho John Peter Macnowski III, B.S., University of Michigan, Saginaw, MI Michelle Eldon Madden, B.S., Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, Somis, CA Marc David Makhani, B.S., University of California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

Commencement 2006 Lauren Jane Massingham, B.A., Colgate University, Williamstown Laura Cecchi McCullough, B.S., Trinity College, Milford, MA Elisha Christine McLam, B.A., Colgate University, Williamstown Elizabeth Karen Melendy, B.S., Dickinson College, Brentwood, NH Michelle Jennifer Mertz, B.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison, Cherry Hill, NJ James Benson Metz, B.A., Hamilton College, M.P.H., George Washington University, Shelburne Sadie Elizabeth Mills, B.S., B.S., University of Vermont, Woodstock Arezou Minooee, B.S., University of California, San Diego, M.S., Georgetown University, San Diego, CA Logan Young Murray, B.S, University of Maine, Augusta, B.A., University of Southern Maine, Freeport, ME Khai Hoang Nguyen, B.S., University of California, Los Angeles, M.H.S., Johns Hopkins University, Irvine, CA Cory Michael Nohl, B.A., Williams College, East Burke Elizabeth Jane Padgett, B.A., Middlebury College, Casper, WY Jessica Ellen Panko, B.A., Harvard University, Hamilton, MA Elaine W.S. Parker, B.A., Duke University, Burlington Daniel Jacob Parsons, B.S., Brigham Young University Andrea Pereira, B.S., University of Maine, Gardiner, ME Dyanne Marcellina Phillippe, B.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Shelburne Aron Portnoy, B.A., Yeshiva University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Dyveke Patrice Pratt, B.A., University of California, Berkeley, Sacramento, CA

Allison Marie Quick, B.A., Taylor University, McMurray, PA Deborah Michelle Rabinowitz, B.S., Emory University, M.B.S., MCP Hahnemann University, Albuquerque, NM Jurat Singh Rajpal, B.A., Johns Hopkins University, Winnetka, IL Jeffrey Randazza, B.S., Boston College, M.P.H., Boston University, Everett, MA Andrew Jason Rice, B.S., M.S., University of California, San Diego, Ph.D., University of Southern California, Anaheim, CA Joann Romano-Keeler, B.A., M.S., University of California, San Diego, New Hyde Park, NY Jessica Rouse, A.B., Mount Holyoke College, Skowhegan, ME Azalea AJ Saemi, B.S., B.A., University of California, San Diego, M.B.A., San Diego State University, San Diego, CA Sandra Saldana, B.S., University of Arizona, Yuma, AZ Laura Meredith Schned, B.A., Yale University, Norwich Natalie Faye Sinclair, B.A., B.A., Wellesley College Amanda Jane Thompson, B.S., Boston College, Melrose, MA Andrew Tinsley, B.A., Houghton College, Fleetwood, England Mattie Elizabeth Towle, B.A., Bryn Mawr College, Ryegate Anupama Varma Vijay, B.A., Pomona College, Englewood, CO Katherine Jane Wagner, B.A., Middlebury College, Orinda, CA Ariana Wallack, B.A., Brandeis University, Denver, CO Myles David Webster, B.A., University of Vermont, Montpelier Ian Spencer Zenlea, B.A., Middlebury College, South Royalton

Graduate College MASTER OF SCIENCE Cell and Molecular Biology Nicholas R. Farley, B.S. (Worcester Polytechnical Institute) 2002, Keene, NH** Thesis: The Role of p38 MAPK in Fas-induced Apoptosis of CD8+ T Cells

Wenfang Wu, B.S. (University of Science and Technology of China) 1995; Anhui, China** Dissertation: c-FlipL Provokes T Helper 2 Immune Response and NFATc2 Degradation

Pathology Jamie E. Levis, B.S. (Tulane University) 1982; Ellenville, NY** Thesis: Systemic Administration of Bone Marrow-Derived Cells Ameliorates Lung Inflammation and Fibrosis after Asbestos Inhalation

Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Karen S. Champagne, B.S. (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) 1999; Essex Junction* Dissertation: Allosteric Control of the Hetero-Octameric ATP-Phosphoribosyl Transferase from Lactococcus Lactis Involves a Histidyl-tRNA Synthetase Paralog Joonhee Han, B.S. (Kon-Kuk University) 1990; M.S. (University of Mississippi: Medical Center) 1992; Seoul, Korea* Dissertation: Model for General Acid-Base Catalysis by the Hammerhead Ribozyme Dominic Lambert, B.Sc. (University of Montreal) 1999; M.Sc. (University of Montreal) 2001; Saguenax, Quebec, Canada* Dissertation: Structural Analysis of Small Ribozymes Using Crosslinking and Modeling Krishnan Venkataraman, B.Sc. (University of Pune) 1995; M.Sc. (University of Pune) 1997; Pune, Maharasatra, India* Dissertation: A Tri-Partite Mode of Poly(A) Site Recognition in Mammals Reveals a Possible Mechanism for Choice of Alternate Poly(A) Sites Ning Yang, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 1998; Tianjin, China Dissertation: Processing of Ionizing Radiation-Induced Multiply Damaged Sites by Base Excision Repair in Human Cells

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY Anatomy and Neurobiology Matthew D. Coates, A.B. (Princeton University) 1996; Montpelier ** Dissertation: Intestinal Serotonin Signaling in Health and Disease Biochemistry Jie Liu, B.S. (Wuhan University) 1999; Wuhan, China** Dissertation: A Dynamic View of T4 Presynaptic Filament Assembly Cell and Molecular Biology Matthew Dale Hogg, B.Sc. (University of Cincinnati) 1994; Kent, OH** Dissertation: Error Detection by the Replicative DNA Polymerase From Bacteriophage RB69 Joseph A. Hollenbaugh, B.S. ( State University of New York at Geneseo) 1995; M.S. (Albany Medical College) 2001; Holland, NY Dissertation: CD8 Cytolytic Mechanisms and EG7 Tumor Rejection Brian McElhinney, B.S. (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) 2000; Portland, ME* Dissertation: Eosinophil Induced c-Jun NH2-terminal Kinase Activation: A Potential Mechanism for the Induction of Airway Hyper Responsiveness Ravi Misra, B.S. (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) 2000; Belmont, MA Dissertation: A Role for Caspases in T Cell Activation Cristen Pantano, B.A. (Clark University) 1995; Philadelphia, PA** Dissertation: Inflammatory Induced Imbalance of the NF-KB and JNK Signaling Pathways in Lung Epithelium Robert L. Pinsonneault, B.S. (Fairfield University) 1999; Nashua, NH* Dissertation: The Effect of Genotoxic Exposures on Aberrant V(D)J Recombination Hsiang-Ming Wang, B.S. (National Taiwan University) 1998; Taipei, Taiwan* Dissertation: The Anti-Apoptotic Effect of UVC Irradiation: Role of Insulin Receptor Overexpression and Mitogen Activated Protein Kinases

Pharmacology Carolyn L. Ellenberger, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 1997; Essex Junction* Dissertation: Construction of Fret-based cGMP Indicators and Their Use to Reveal the Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of cGMP in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells

*As of October, 2005 **As of February, 2006


Commencement 2006

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Sunday, May 21, 2006

11:45 a.m.

Ira Allen Chapel

Betty Rambur, DNSc, RN, Dean Order of Exercises PROCESSIONAL OPENING, Louis M. Izzo, Associate Professor, Medical Laboratory and Radiation Sciences, Faculty Marshal GREETINGS, Betty Rambur, DNSc, RN, Dean STUDENT ADDRESS, Sean McCauley Fitzgerald, Class of 2006 PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS and RECOGNITION OF AWARDS Betty Rambur, DNSc, RN, Dean NAME READER, Brian Reed, PhD, PT, Associate Dean CLOSING RECESSIONAL RECEPTION, Billings Student Center Bachelor of Science Biomedical Technology David E. Hoyer, Brattleboro Michael James Kavouksorian, Rutland Michael F. Olival, Rochester, MA Medical Laboratory Science Aaron W. Doyle, Buxton, ME Meredith Christine Kocur, Pound Ridge, NY Mark Lakshman, San Fernando, Trinidad Michael T. Melander, Acton, MA Nuclear Medicine Technology Katie Elizabeth Collette, Wheelock Jessie Leigh Kendrick, Stratham, NH Megan Lee LaCount, Waterbury Melissa A. Morris, Bedford, NH Nursing Valerie Hannah Alexander, Vernon, CT Andrea King Andrus, Waterbury Center Michelle Atienza, Buxton, ME Holly Nicole Austin, Springfield Heather Marie Babcock, Northfield Rebecca Leigh Bangs, Highgate Springs Lindsay Ann Barnes, Bristol, CT Lauren N. Battista, Patterson, NY Jessica Lynn Beebe, Westminster Nancy Lynne Benson, Burlington Sally M. Bilodeau, Burlington Susan H. Bissonnette, Colchester Irene Ann Bonin, Georgia Sara Bouchard, Williston William Andrew Brooks, Shelburne Amy Halliday Buchanan, Colchester Holly Marie Burnham, Orwell Lindsey A. Burritt, Monkton Jessica Hannah Cary, White River Junction Mary Clairmont, Williston Meghan T. Clark, Burlington Courtney Elizabeth Collins, Rutland Molly Jean Constant, Waterbury

*As of October 2005 **As of February 2006


Megan Marie Cook, New Haven Kristin Marie Cootey, Burlington Alisha S. Cunha, South Burlington Ryan Joseph Cyr, Barre Laurette Lynn Daniel, South Burlington Elizabeth Ann DelSignore, Burlington Amela Dubo, South Burlington Stacy Lynn Dudley, Enosburg Falls Zara Kate Mary Eldridge, Bradford, MA Jessica Lyn Elwell, Arlington Kellie Marie Finch, Milford, CT Sarah Elizabeth Finney, White River Junction Emily Bundy Franco, Wakefield, RI Jamie Lee Garran, South Strafford Amy Garrison, Haverhill, MA Sarah Giardina, Hingham, MA Kristin Ann Gilmore, Glen, NH Wendy Ann Gilmore, Glen, NH Trista Lynn Harder, Rutland Laura Diane Izzo, Johnston, RI Allison Kimberly Jackson, Duxbury, MA Kelly Fridinger Keefe, Essex Brenda L. Kertis, New Haven Megan Michal LaBonte, South Burlington Sarah M. Laffaye, Chester Beth Ann Lavallee, Milton Christina Lane Lesperance, Milton Katie Lee Liberty, Underhill Kaitlyn Marie Lightbody, Guilford, ME Jennifer L. Lord, Bedford, NH Janet Jordan Machon, East Dennis, MA Erin Elizabeth Maher, Exeter, NH Kara Jean Mahoney, Burlington Colleen Marie Mannix, Burlington Megan Ann Marquardt, Pittsford, NY Melanie Sue Martin, Bradford Kate McCormick Merchant, Winooski Gabrielle Edith McCoy, Barrington, RI Mary Clark Miller, Bolton Erika L. Miner, Vergennes Jocelyn Emily Moore, Burlington

Ryan J. Morissette, Montpelier Julia D. Naiman, Chestnut Hill, MA Juliet Merrill Nicita, Brunswick, ME Emily Burgess Noor, South Londonderry Rebecca Ruth Norton, Colchester Danielle Marie O’Brien, Swanton Erin Denise O’Grady, Raymond, NH Jessica Nicole Page, Dracut, MA Roseanne K. Palmer, Washington* William R. Perron, South Burlington Kara Leigh Peters, Mattapoisett, MA Erica Leigh Peterson, Quincy, MA Julie Mae Robillard, Nashua, NH Jennifer E. Salter, St. Albans Maureen Dee Shackford, Shelburne Susan H. Snyder, Burlington Brittany Elizabeth Stead, Montpelier Theresa Lynn Stewart, Jericho Jody Lee Traverse, Castleton Elizabeth Ann Trudell, East Fairfield Claire Venman-Clay, Saxtons River Kristen E. Vinci, Shelburne Nathaniel Alan Waite, Essex Junction Natalie Brook Westvang, Waitsfield Tracy Christine Whitcomb, Burlington Melissa Ann Witkiewicz, Wappingers Falls, NY Elizabeth Wolf, South Burlington* Radiation Therapy Jessica Lynn Clarke, Buxton, ME Veronica Lynn Grimaldi, Brick, NJ Heather Anne Lessard, Berlin Jason Steven Norby, Rindge, NH Gisele Jenique Putier, Middletown, RI Jeanette Sonia Ruiz, Valrico, FL Joshua James Taylor, Manchester, NH Ashlee Elizabeth Waite, Essex Junction Post-Masters Certificate Nursing Iris McDonald, South Burlington** Ann S. Laramee, Westford

Commencement 2006

Graduate College Master of Physical Therapy Lillian Albert-Gardner, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2004; Northhampton, MA Aaron Daniel Altman, B.A. (Johnson State College) 2000; Kennebunk, ME Joseph Rene Charron, B.A. (Castleton State College) 2003; Middlebury Sean McCauley Fitzgerald, B.S. (Johnson State College) 1991; Saint Michael’s College) 2002; Essex Junction Kathleen Gallagher, B.A. (Saint Michael’s College) 2003; Saint Albans Nicole Elizabeth Gleason, B.S. (Notre Dame College) 2002; Union, ME Catherine Marion Hartley, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2004; Wareham, MA Chad Ingalls Howland, B.S. (Lyndon State College) 2004; Lyndonville David Minshall, B.Ed. (University of Alaska, Fairbanks) 1997; Essex Junction Jennifer L. O’Brien, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2004; New York, NY Rebecca H. Ouellette-Morton, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 1994; M.S. (The University of Vermont) 2000; Hinesburg Kathryn Marie Scott, B.A. (The University of Vermont) 2004; Marlborough, MA Betsy M. White, B A. (The University of Vermont) 2003; Pottsville, PA

MASTER OF SCIENCE Nursing Amy Louise Weston Black, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 1996; Fairfax Cathleen C. Donath, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 1976; Woodstock Elizabeth Ellis-Kempner, B.A. (Hampshire College) 1983; Burlington Thesis: A Phenomenological Study: An Audience’s Experience of Research Findings about a Woman with Breast Cancer Presented in the Form of Dance Kamie Jo Kittell, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2000; Essex Junction Rosemarie Spinelli-Drenth, B.S. (Excelsior College) 2004; Hawthorne, NJ Thesis: Screening for a Psychosocial Disorder in the Pediatric Primary Care Setting Shana Hurley Spitzman, B.S. (The University of Vermont) 2003; Burlington Deborah Wachtel, B.S. (Johnson State College) 1985; M.P.H. (Boston University) 1991; Essex**

* October 2005 Graduate ** February 2006Graduate ++ August 2005 Graduate


Commencement 2006

University Awards of the Year to Seniors and Graduate Students UNIVERSITY AWARDS THE F.T. KIDDER MEDAL, established in memory of Dr. F.T. Kidder, 1880, a trustee of the university, to be awarded to the senior man ranking first in character, leadership and scholarship: 2006: To be announced 2005: Romolo Marcucci THE MARY JEAN SIMPSON AWARD presented to the senior woman who best exemplifies the qualities of leadership, academic competence and character that Mary Jean Simpson strove to set before the women at the university during her tenure as Dean of Women: 2006: To be announced 2005: Ebony Booth THE CLASS OF 1967 AWARD presented to the senior who best exhibits leadership, academic competence and character, and who has earned the respect of faculty and fellow students: 2006: To be announced 2005: Nathaly Filión, Chong Kim THE KEITH M. MISER LEADERSHIP AWARD established in 1989 and presented in recognition of outstanding service to the University of Vermont: 2006: To be announced 2005: Ethan Fechter-Leggett THE ELMER NICHOLSON ACHEIVEMENT PRIZE recognizes the greatness of the student’s UVM experience, and based on this greatness of experience, there is an expectation that the student will make a major contribution in their field of interest: 2006: To be announced 2005: Wesley J. Rodriguez

AWARDS TO ATHLETES THE J. EDWARD DONNELLY AWARD established in 1992 and awarded annually to a senior female and male athlete whose athletic performance during their tenure at the university has distinguished them as one of the University of Vermont’s most outstanding athletes: Jaime Sifers (men’s ice hockey) Jamie Kingsbury (alpine skiing) THE HENRY SEAMANS TROPHY awarded annually to a senior female and male athlete who have earned the respect and regard of fellow students for leadership, loyalty and service to the university and for active participation in athletics: Kate Crawford (nordic skiing) Chris Marsh (baseball) THE RUSSELL O. SUNDERLAND MEMORIAL TROPHY awarded annually to a senior female and male athlete who, throughout their college days, have best exemplified the qualities of character, leadership and persistence in overcoming obstacles: Jay Iannoni (baseball) Nikkie Hessney (women’s soccer) THE WASSON ATHLETIC PRIZE awarded annually to a senior female and male athlete who have maintained the highest standards of academic scholarship and athletic attainment: Anja Jokela (nordic skiing) Matt Naimoli (baseball) THE JEFF STONE AWARD is presented to the male and female studentathlete in any class who, throughout their involvement in campus leadership and/or community service activities, has represented the highest ideals of educational sport and has had a significant and lasting impact upon the UVM Community: Jaime Sifers (men’s ice hockey) Rebecca Witinok-Huber (women’s swimming and diving)

COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE AND LIFE SCIENCES FOUNDATIONS: FIRST YEAR SEMINAR TEACHING ASSISTANT OF THE YEAR AWARD presented annually to recognize the student who most clearly demonstrates those special characteristics that are exemplary of the role of Beginnings First-Year Teaching Assistant: Robyn R. Lane John B. Fennessy COLLEGE HONORS: Kathleen P. Dorr, Food Insecurity & Overweight: Is There a Link? Kathryn R. Gibbs, Carcinogen-induced Cell Proliferation in the Porcine Mammary Gland Alison L. Kearney, Expression of Calreticulin in Entamoeba Histolytica Inhibits Activation of Complement and Confers Resistance to the Human Immune System Whitney A. Knauer, The Effects of Lactoferrin on the Appearance of Immunoglobulins in the Peripheral Blood of Holstein Calves Gregory P. Krantz, Construction, Purification, and Characterization of Escherichia coli Endonuclease III Variants Joseph R. Pare, Stimulation of Thousands of Sexes in Fungi; The Determination of Flexibility of Pheromone Recognition Dov A. Pechenick, The Biosynthesis of Selenocysteine Using E. Coli O-Acetylserine Sulfhydrylase (OASS) Anna B. Snarski, Enzymatic Digestion of Intervertebral Discs in a Rate Model Carolina N. Turk, Resolving the Mechanism of Progesterone-induced Downregulation of Insulin-like Growth Factor Binding Protein 5 in Human Breast Cancer Cells

DEPARTMENT OF ANIMAL SCIENCES BRIAN HAWLEY SCHOLARSHIP AWARD, in memory of Brian D. Hawley, an Animal Science graduate of UVM, is given to a deserving Vermont junior or senior in the Animal Science Department: John J. Fitzpatrick GEORGE H. WALKER AWARD presented annually by faculty vote to members of the graduating class of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences who have majored in Animal Sciences, who exhibit conspicuous merit in the studies pertaining to Dairy Science, and especially in those courses relating to the production and/or processing of market milk, and who furthermore exhibit high and noble traits of leadership and character: Whitney A. Knauer DONALD J. BALCH AWARD presented annually to that student making the greatest contribution to the equine or companion animal activities of the Department of Animal Sciences: Carolina N. Turk Ashley E. Volker AMERICAN SOCIETY OF ANIMAL SCIENCE AWARD presented annually to sophomores, juniors, and seniors whose academic record, scholastic efforts and character warrant recognition as the future leaders in the field of Animal Sciences. Graduating seniors named to the society are: Jacqueline Carlson-Hulce Ladan Karimian Kathryn R. Gibbs Whitney A. Knauer Sarah J. James Sarah B. Simpson BRETT KLEIN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP presented to the CREAM Student Herd Advisors for Fall 2005 and Spring 2006 for their dedication, responsible leadership, and the caring, friendly attitude that Brett exemplified as a 1990 CREAMER as well as for their excellence in teaching and advising the 04-05 Creamer’s and in passing on the CREAM tradition: Garth Cummings Whitney A. Knauer Ladan Karimian Molly W. Robinson


Commencement 2006 ELMER TOWNE AWARD presented annually by the Vermont Dairy Industry Association to that student whose work in the field of Dairy Science shows the greatest promise for providing the quality leadership exemplified by Elmer E. Towne in his life of service to the dairy industry: Megan G. Richmond ANIMAL SCIENCES FACULTY AWARD in recognition of scholastic performance, outstanding achievements in undergraduate research, and service to the Department of Animal Sciences: Ladan Karimian Sarah B. Simpson TRIONA WILDER MARNO-FERREE MEMORIAL AWARD presented to the student or students who possess a genuine love of horses and displays the energy and enthusiasm shown by Triona for UVM Horse Barn activities: Nicole R. Grainger

BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE PROGRAM SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENT AWARD presented to students who have earned the highest scholastic average in their respective classes starting in the second year: Anna B. Snarski

DEPARTMENT OF BOTANY AND AGRICULTURAL BIOCHEMISTRY AWARD FOR SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE IN BOTANY presented annually by the faculty to a senior(s) in the department with a superior academic record and investment in the research and teaching activities of the department: Lisa M. Weiss THE AL GERSHOY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP established in memory of the famed UVM botanist, Professor Gershoy, is for a deserving undergraduate student who demonstrates research excellence in the field of cell biology or genetics: Graham M. Burkart SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE IN RESEARCH is given in recognition of students who have excelled in research within the botany department, irrespective of their academic major: Michael B. Weadick

DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AND APPLIED ECONOMICS The following awards are presented to the graduating senior(s) with the highest scholastic grade point average in recognition of their continuous academic excellence and outstanding professional potential: AGRICULTURAL AND RESOURCE ENTREPRENUERSHIP Travis Bissonnette Aaron E. Menkin COMMUNITY AND INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT David D. Karl Lila G. Spring PUBLIC COMMUNICATION Christopher V. Arzoomanian Devon R. Mason SCHOLASTIC RECOGNITION of the top ten percent of seniors with a major in Community Development and Applied Economics based on cumulative grade point average: Travis L. Bissonnette Aaron E. Menkin David D. Karl Lila G. Spring Robyn R. Lane

ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAM OUTSTANDING GRADUATING SENIOR IN ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES presented by the program faculty to the graduating seniors who have demonstrated academic excellence, environmental leadership, campus and community activism and service: Spencer T. Halstead

DEPARTMENT OF MICROBIOLOGY AND MOLECULAR GENETICS WARREN R. STEINBRING OUTSTANDING SENIOR IN MICROBIOLOGY AWARD in recognition of academic excellence and professional growth: Dov A. Pechenick Janne V. Rand LUCILLE P. MARKEY OUTSTANDING SENIOR IN MOLECULAR GENETICS AWARD in recognition of academic excellence and professional growth: Alison L. Kearney

DEPARTMENT OF NUTRITION AND FOOD SCIENCES NUTRITION AND FOOD SCIENCE FACULTY AWARD presented annually by the department faculty to the graduating senior with the highest scholastic grade point average, in recognition of their continuous academic excellence and outstanding professional potential: Ashley E. Chagnon CORNELIA WHEELER IRISH MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP presented annually in the fall semester to a student majoring in dietetics or nutritional sciences whose continuous academic excellence, financial need, and demonstrated potential for success in a career in human nutrition has distinguished her or him from their peers: Alyssa A. Nathanson AGNES T. POWELL AWARD presented annually to graduating seniors majoring in dietetics who have demonstrated qualities indicating outstanding professional promise and potential: Lauren A. Brennan Evelyn F. Sylvester BLAIR WILLIAMS AWARD presented to the graduating senior who best exemplifies the qualities of Professor Williams’ excellence in the areas of human nutrition and foods and her deep concern for people: Kathleen P. Dorr OUTSTANDING DIETETICS STUDENT AWARD presented by the American Dietetics Association. Its purpose is to recognize the emerging leadership and achievement of students in Association-accredited dietetics education programs and encourage their participation in The American Dietetics Association. Leadership and professional potential are assessed through honors, student dietetic association activities, and community service activities: Lauren A. Evans REUBEN AND ROSE MATTUS SCHOLARSHIP, given in the name of Reuben and Rose Mattus, founders of the Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream Company, is presented to the Nutrition and Food Sciences major who demonstrates interest and enthusiasm for the study of food science, either in new product development or the improvement of existing products: Nicholas R. Battey

DEPARTMENT OF PLANT AND SOIL SCIENCE AGRONOMY, SOILS AND SUSTAINABLE AGRCULTURE SENIOR RECOGNITION AWARD presented by the Department of Plant and Soil Science to an outstanding student with an interest in agronomy, soils, or sustainable agriculture: Rebecca E. Snow AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR HORTICULTURE SCIENCE OUTSTANDING HORTICULTURE STUDENT AWARD recognizes an exceptional undergradu ate horticulture student. The award is based on academic achievement, leadership ability, participation in campus activities and service to their department: Alison M. Lauze Tobiah S. Schulman Robin V. Sorrell Travis J. Streeter JAMES E. LUDLOW ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP FUND established in memory of James Ludlow, Class of 1987, to provide scholarship awards to deserving students with preference given to those studying horticulture: Christopher K. Savastio Travis J. Streeter


Commencement 2006 BURLINGTON GARDEN CLUD MEMORIAL AWARD IN HORTICULTURE presented to a student demonstrating proficiency and sustained interest in Ornamental Horticulture. The award is given in memory of former members of the Burlington Garden Club: Robin V. Sorrell W.H. DARROW HORTICULTURE PRIZE presented to an outstanding junior or senior in recognition of superior performance in horticulture science: Michael R. Huck LEWIS RALPH JONES AWARD given to a student in recognition of academic excellence in the plant sciences. This decision is divided between Plant and Soil Sciences, Forestry, and Botany: Rebecca E. Snow SEYMOUR HORTICULTURAL PRIZE presented to a student who has conducted original horticultural research: Brian J. Crosby VERMONT ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL HORTICULTURISTS AWARD presented to an outstanding student planning to pursue a career in ornamental horticulture: Mark W. Finch VERMONT VEGETABLE AND BERRY GROWERS AWARD presented to a student in plant and soil sciences who has demonstrated excellence in studies in the field of small fruit and vegetable science: Kristen L. Gallagher ALPHA ZETA MEMBERS in the GREEN MOUNTAIN CHAPTER Jeffrey Chamberlin, Jr. Seth Peichert Brian J. Crosby Gina Roberts Jonathan Edwards Christopher Savastio Lauren Evans Suzanne Scherping Jessica Fortier Johannes Seywerd Jamie Halligan Amanda Shackford David Karl Robin Sorrell Alison Kearney Travis Streeter Whitney Knauer Evelyn Sylvester Robyn Lane Leah Szafranski Tiffany Martin Ashley Volker Bradley Peduzzi

COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES HANNAH HOWARD PRIZE FOR OUTSTANDING ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT IN THE COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES To be announced at Commencement JOHN DEWEY HONORS PROGRAM Nilima Abrams Aubrey Jacobs Sarah Adler Monica Jaferian Lauren Barnett Megan Kiernan Michael Blouin Lauren Koenig Hannah Blum Keely Kraus Hayden Boska Elizabeth Kuttler Graham Budd Nathan Mahany Emily Coderre Paran Quigley Benjamin Eldredge Colin Robinson Nathan Gagnon Sarah Rutherford William Gochberg Eric Siegel Nika Graci Zuzana Srostlik Elizabeth Guenard Jeffrey Thibault Sara Henderson Katherine Underwood Anne Houston Joseph Valentine Jenna Iodice Marissa Westheimer COLLEGE HONORS Nilima Abrams, School and Film in Contemporary India: From Oppression Toward Empowerment Sarah Adler, ‘Proved Certain Unforekown’: Free Will and Determinism in Paradise Lost and Contemporary Philosophical Inquiry Megan Alderfer, The Role of Intuition in Philosophy


Daniel Arlein, More Than One Lauren Barnett, But You’re White?: A Memoir on Race, Gender and Privilege Michael Blouin, Black Specters: Racial Monsters in the American Gothic Hannah Blum, Stephen King’s Dark Tower: The Culmination of a Writer’s Career Hayden Boska, Ecopsychology: Developing and Implementing a StudentTaught Course Graham Budd, Visions: A Photographic Journal of Student Life at UVM Christina Churchill, Unsere Geschichte (Our Story): A Multigenerational German-American Memoir Emily Coderre, A Brain fMRI Study of Language Processing in Native Japanese Speakers Caroline E. Cole, Arthur Pryor and the Revolution of the Solo Trombone Elizabeth DiBlasi, Income and Happiness: Does Money Buy Happiness? Christopher Dillon, The Effects of Early Exposure to Alcohol on Hippocampally-dependent Learning Benjamin Eldredge, Angelo Poliziano’s Latin Odes and Elegies Katherine Folts, A Walk through Time: Understanding the Adirondacks via an Interpretive Trail at Meacham Lake Campground Nathan Gagnon, The Justice of War William Gochberg, Controlling a Modern Frankenstein’s Monster: Congressional Oversight and the Department of Homeland Security Nika Graci, Law, Language and Ideology: A Linguistic Analysis of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948 Elizabeth Guenard, Performance and Ethnicity: Formation of Latino Identities in Burlington, Vermont Sara Henderson, A Collection of Poems Anne Houston, Children’s Tales by Italian Women Writers: Six Original Translations with Introductions and Commentaries Jenna Iodice, Framing Underdevelopment: The Republic of Mali in Developmental Crisis Aubrey Jacobs, Salted Bodies: A Memoir Monica Jaferian, Interpretation, Responsibility, and Jewish Scripture: A Look at Types of Traditional Textual Interpretation and Their Significance Today Megan Kiernan, ‘What Has Become of [French] Women?’: An Examination of the Socially and Self-Imposed Roles of Women in Simone de Beauvoir’s Le deuxième sexe and Annie Ernaux’s La Femme Gelée Lauren Koenig, Marcel Breuer in the United States: The Bauhaus and Domestic Space Keely Kraus, Latin Squares and Su Dokus Elizabeth Kuttler, Running Head: Sex Attitudes and Eating Behavior Examining Connections Among Parental Sex Attitudes, Late Adolescent Sexual Self-Perceptions and Eating Behavior Rachel Lacy, Changes in Troponin I Phosphorylation during the Progression to Heart Failure Brenda Lovette, The Effect of Group Communication Therapy on Quality of Life of Individuals, Post Stroke Margaret MacDonald, The Construction and Expression of Identity in Chinese Immigrant Women Samantha Magazu, ‘One Soul, One Flesh, One Love, One Heart, One All’: A Cross-cultural Study of Incest in the 17th and 20th Century Nathan Mahany, Analysis of Protein Core Packing Using Combinatorial Peptide Microarrays Finn McCoy, The Equitable Level of Payment for the Players of the National Hockey League Ben McJunkin, The Myth of the Mountain Rule: An Empirical Examination of Geographical Determinism Alison Mirylees, Reflections of Antiquity in Modernity: William Shakespeare’s The Tempest and W. H. Auden’s The Sea and the Mirror Elissa Owens, The Emerging Roles of Women During the Siege of Leningrad: The Changing Roles of the Female Laborer and the Woman Poet as Methods of Coping Alison Perry, Rejection and Recognition: Race, Colonialism, and Shakespeare Elise Piscitelli, Importance of the Motif II Loop to the Allostery of Adenosine Triphosphate Phosphoribosyltransferase Dean Proestakes, The Platonic Formula for Eugenics and the Inevitable Decline of the City-State: An Analysis of Plato’s ‘fatal number’ in Book 8 of the Republic Paran Quigley, Fostering a Positive Interpersonal Working Environment Kerri Riveley, The Writing of Zines: Using Psychoanalysis to Understand Zine Writing and Production Colin Robinson, Organizing at the Margins: Democracy, Culture and the Communities of the New Labor Movement

Commencement 2006 Sarah Rutherford, In Vivo / In Vitro Rachel Sargent, The Characterization of the Giraffe Mutant of Medicago Truncatula Eric Siegel, Nostalgia and the Problem of Authenticity in American Culture Kelly Simon, “We’re all here ‘cause we’re not all there’”: Exploring the Wendellite Identity Zuzana Srostlik, New Kinds of Polarons in Nanotubes: Vector Polarons on an Elastic Cylindrical Shell Jeffrey Thibault, Personal Identity and Survival Thomas Trimarchi, The Role of Granulocyte-Colony Stimulating Factor in Acute Lung Injury Katherine Underwood, The Pudding Club Guest Joseph Valentine, Time to the Turning Point: Chilean Economic Development in a Dynamic Structuralist CGE Model Kristen van Breen, Reading Visual Markers: A Comparative Study of the 1920’s Gender Conflict in France and Britain Jennifer Vanderminden, Mothers in Academia: Exploring Issues of Life Choices, Tenure Clock, and Work/Family Balance Lindsey Walker, Poetry for the People: Poetic Responses to Socio-Political Struggles in Five Hispanic Regions Robert Walker, Making Sense of Homeric Tense Caroline Walsh, Stories from the Troubles in Ireland: A Cross Cultural Analysis Patricia Walsh, Health and Elder Care Policies, Issues, and Practices at the Advent of an Aging Population: New England as a Case Study Marisa Westheimer, The Problem of Legitimating Female Teachers in Contemporary Thai Buddhist Tradition

DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGY BETA BETA BETA is the national honor society for students who study biology. The society has a three-part mission: stimulation of scholarship, dissemination of scientific knowledge, and promotion of biological research. It is primarily designed for undergraduates, with the goals of recognizing students with outstanding scholarly achievement in the life sciences and actively promoting undergraduate participation in research: Gordon Bennett Kimberly Kaufhold Benjamin Blumberg Timothy Plante Lauren Costello Genevieve von Walstrom Joshua Faber-Hammond Amy Wallingford Cassandra Jacobs LYMAN S. ROWELL AWARD IN BIOLOGY Daniel B. Hall PAUL A. MOODY AWARD IN BIOLOGY Rachel M. Sargent BERND HEINRICH AWARD IN PHYSIOLOGY OR EVOLUTION Rachel L. Lacy JOHN WHEELER AWARD IN CHEMICAL BIOLOGY Cassandra L. Jacobs GEORGE PERKINS MARSH AWARD IN ECOLOGY/EVOLUTION Daniel A. Wheeler

DEPARTMENT OF ANTHROPOLOGY GEORGE HENRY PERKINS AWARD FOR THE OUTSTANDING SENIOR Jenna A. Iodice Margaret B. MacDonald W. A. HAVILAND MEDAL FOR OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN ANTHROPOLOGY Abraham A. Awolich Colin M. Robinson LAMBDA ALPHA the national collegiate honors society for anthropology. The University of Vermont extends membership only to students who have at least a 3.5 grade point average: Kelsey A. Alabiso Margaret B. MacDonald Hillary D. Black Jana D. Mayette Daniel A. Bloom Samuel J. Mulligan Raina L. Carter Alida Pannill-Siersma Emily A. Gowen Colin M. Robinson Nika E. Graci Renee C. Santana Elizabeth E. Greco Nicole K. Schneeberger Elizabeth J. Guenard Casey E. Sexton Jenna A. Iodice Sarah K. Westney




DEPARTMENT OF CLASSICS ETA SIGMA PHI is an honorary society for students of Latin and/or Greek. Active membership is limited to undergraduates who are enrolled in classes in Latin and/or Greek in the original languages. A student must attain a grade of not less than B and complete at least one semester or two quarters: Megan Alderfer Allison McCarthy Benjamin Eldredge Aaron McCaslin Travis Galileo Dean Proestakes Zachary Hicks Roland Voyer Daniel Houston Robert Walker JOHN H. KENT MEMORIAL AWARD IN CLASSICS Daniel S. Houston Aaron B. McCaslin DR. FREDERICK ARNOLD VINTON AWARD IN LATIN AND GREEK Benjamin B. Eldredge Dean A. Proestakes Robert A. Walker




Commencement 2006 DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE Upsilon Pi Epsilon is a national honor society for students pursuing the study of Computer Science: Robert Champion Christina Strong Faried Ibrahim Christopher Tallman Emily Rehmeyer OUTSTANDING SENIOR IN COMPUTER SCIENCE Emily J. Rehmeyer

DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS Omicron Delta Epsilon, the international honor society for students majoring or minoring in economics. Students must have completed 18 credits in economic courses with a 3.33 grade point average: Jeff M. Ares Robert S. Mildrum Peter M. Freeman Pamela L. Roet Kathleen L. Haggerty Derek W. Schroeter Bryan Joggerst Stephen T. Steinhardt DEPARTMENTAL HONORS Kathleen L. Haggerty Joseph A. Valentine JOHN H. CONVERSE AWARD Evan B. Forward Robert S. Mildrum FREEMAN SALTUS AWARD Jeffrey M. Ares Stuart K. Watson PHILIPP H. LOHMAN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Danielle J. DeMarse-Welsh

DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH DEPARTMENTAL HONORS Sarah Adler Jessica Koch Megan Alderfer Alexandra Kolb Caroline Ballou Meghan Lalor Lauren M. Barnett Cameron Lawler Elizabeth Barron Samantha Lopez-Rose Sondra Behan Amanda Lyons Madeline Berd Samantha Magazu Michael J. Blouin Kiel Mahar Dylan Boyd Sarah McNeil Hailey Broderick Catherine McSweeney Shana Bryce Deirdre L. Meszkat Christina Churchill Alison Mirylees Margaret E. Cleary Laura Molito Christopher M. Cohen Jessie Norford Brandon Conover Stephanie Peake Brooke Dawson Alison Perry Helen Dembinski Jessica J. Randall Kate Emmerich Tim Reimer Amy Faith Kerri Riveley Megan Farrell August Shlimbaum Valentina Griffin Eric Siegel Hillary Hamilton Kelly Simon James Hasselbeck Allison Slater Sara Henderson Michael Spies Danielle M. Hoyler Amy Vaillancourt Aubrey Jacobs Patricia Walsh Jon Jenusaitis Gail Wiese Dana Keith William Wilson Elizabeth Kellogg Erin Kilrain SAMUEL N. BOGORAD AWARD Christina H. Churchill MARION BERRY ALLBEE AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN COMPOSITION Gail E. Wiese DOUGLAS A. PINTA AWARD Joseph L. Richer


WILLARD B. POPE AWARD Elias F. Altman Sarah D. Hall BENJAMIN WAINWRIGHT AWARD Sara M. Henderson Caroline P. Peckenham



DEPARTMENT OF GEOGRAPHY GAMMA THETA UPSILON, the international honor society for students who study geography, is limited to students who have completed at least three courses in geography, have at least a 3.25 grade point average, and rank in the upper 35 percent of their class: Amanda M. Barone Lauren E. Koenig Jeremy A. Cantor Christopher D. Marsh Molly F. Cosgrove Jennifer A. Pekarsky Andrew L. Groff Keith C. Pelletier Sarah D. Hall Emily J. Rehmeyer Stephen L. Hart Stuart K. Watson The James Wilson Globe Awards go to four students who have demonstrated academic excellence and geographic leadership through community service and activism. Named after James Wilson, the Vermont farmer and blacksmith who made and sold the first terrestrial and celestial globes in North America in 1808: Northern Award: Anna Fleishman Eastern Award: Sarah D. Hall Western Award: Lauren E. Koenig Southern Award: Stuart K. Watson OUTSTANDING SENIORS IN GEOGRAPHY Anna Fleishman Stuart K. Watson


DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY PHI ALPHA THETA, the national honor society for students who study history. Qualified students must have completed five courses in history, with at least a 3.4 grade point average: Henry Armitage Jenna Iodice Elisha Balsley Heather Jones Alison Basdekis Brennan Leene Scott Beckwith Michael Maciejewski Elisabeth Bradley Benjamin McLeod Molly Cosgrove Shayani Mukherjee Kirsten Cremer Ian Nagel Anna DeAngelis Erin Riley Kevin DeCausemacker Adam Rostler Jessica Fay Kristin Van Fossen Katherine Folts Caroline Walsh Erin Hayes Gail Wiese Danielle Hoyler

Commencement 2006 DEPARTMENTAL HONORS Emma Hitchcock PAUL D. EVANS AWARD Adam S. Rostler PHI ALPHA THETA AWARD David J. Baillargeon Daniel L. Puskar





DEWEY PHILOSOPHY PRIZE Sarah R. Adler Blake T. Leavitt Michael P. McMahan

DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS Sigma Pi Sigma, the National Physics Honor Society Carrie Black Paul Mark Kirsten Bonson Zuzana Srostlik Amy Cochran Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society Carrie Black Zuzana Srostlik ALBERT O. CROWELL AWARD Carrie E. Black Paul R. Mark DAVID W. JUENKER PHYSICS PRIZE Amy L. Cochran

DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENTAL HONORS Nilima Abrams Elizabeth Green Christine Carragee Marissa Kirshenbaum Allison Carragher Brennan Leene Hannah Caulfield Alison McCarthy Molly Cosgrove Elizabeth McGraw Meghan Cullen Ben McJunkin Anna DeAngelis Jennifer Moulton Christopher Dunham Matthew Silverman Jessica Fay Patrick Venne Geoffrey Frazier Caroline Walsh Nathan Gagnon Patricia Walsh William Gochberg Joseph Winsby

PI SIGMA ALPHA (Chi Nu Chapter) National Political Science Honor Society. The University of Vermont extends membership to students who have a cumulative grade point average of 3.25 or above, are ranked in the top 20 percent of graduating seniors in political science and have completed seven or more political science courses: Nilima Abrams Monica Jaferian Christine Carragee Kerrie Johnson Allison Carragher Marissa Kirshenbaum Hannah Caulfield Brennan Leene Molly Cosgrove Alison McCarthy Anna DeAngelis Elizabeth McGraw Christopher Dunham Ben McJunkin Jessica Fay Michael McMahan Isaac Forman Alison Perry Geoffrey Frazier Adam Rostler Nathan Gagnon Stephen Schwarz Randall Gleason Emily Turner William Gochberg Patrick Venne Daniel Goodhue Patricia Walsh Elizabeth Green Joseph Winsby Andrew Groff WARREN R. AND MILDRED AUSTIN PRIZE FOR INTERNATIONAL PEACE AND SECURITY Allison M. Carragher DEPARTMENTAL PRIZE IN AMERICAN POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT Ben A. McJunkin ELLIOTT A. BROWN AWARD FOR THE OUTSTANDING SENIOR IN POLITICAL SCIENCE Elizabeth M. Green DEPARTMENTAL PRIZE IN COMPARATIVE POLITICS Nilima M. Abrams

DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY PSI CHI is a national honor society for students pursuing the study of psychology. Qualified students must have an overall cumulative grade point average of 3.0, rank in the upper 35 percent of their class, and achieve a grade point average of greater than 3.0 in their psychology coursework: Rachel Baines Kelly Klempa Jennifer Bean Elizabeth Kuttler Scott Beckwith Kristen Leonard Tyler Blouin Anne Lyneis Krista Calano David Martin Marley Cloyes Carol McNamara Thomas Colgan Heather Mitchell Christopher Dillon Kierstin Newcombe Alison Duffy Lindsay Politi Jeanne Eisenhaure Meghan Seitz Emily Fenn Livia Shapiro Margo Fenner Alon Sitzer Eric Fries Laura Straub Rachel Golodetz Tanya Tersillo Jennie Holden Cheryl Titone Natalie Karlin Laura Van Etten Rhiannon Kim Alicia Wetherbee DONALD G. FORGAYS OUTSTANDING SENIOR AWARD Aya W. Inoue HEINZ L. ANSBACHER AWARD Elizabeth M. Kuttler JOHN DEWEY AWARD Christopher J. Dillon GEORGE W. ALBEE AWARD Livia G. Shapiro



DEPARTMENT OF ROMANCE LANGUAGES SIGMA DELTA PI is the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society. Chloe Bouscaren Natalie Karlin Margo Fenner Meghan Kelley Peter Freeman Kelly Simon Elizabeth Guenard Lindsay Walker Ana Hernandez Allison Wool OUTSTANDING SENIOR IN FRENCH Megan E. Kiernan OUTSTANDING SENIOR IN ITALIAN Benjamin B. Eldredge OUTSTANDING SENIOR IN SPANISH Timothy V. Calabro

DEPARTMENT OF SOCIOLOGY ALPHA KAPPA DELTA is the honor society for students majoring or minoring in sociology. Students must demonstrate superior undergraduate academic standing in sociology. Seniors must have greater than a 3.0 cumulative grade point average and greater than 3.25 grade point average in sociology courses: Stephanie Cava Chelsea Rector Molly Conant Erin Riley Kathryn Lynch Jane Schuldiner Miriam Markowitz Jonathan Tindal Megan Naylor OUTSTANDING SENIORS IN SOCIOLOGY Megan M. Naylor Anna R. Telensky JEANNETTE R. FOLTA MEMORIAL AWARD Scott E. Beckwith


WOMEN’S AND GENDER STUDIES PROGRAM Alpha Delta Chapter of Triota (Iota Iota Iota) is a national honor society for students majoring or minoring in Women’s and Gender Studies. Students must have completed six credits in Women’s and Gender Studies courses and maintain a 3.0 grade point average. Lauren Barnett Jessica Rongo Hailey Broderick Casandra Scully Christina Churchill Casey Sexton Marley Cloyes Laura Viani Jennifer Currier Jennifer Volz Jessica Kowalewski OUTSTANDING SENIOR IN WOMEN’S AND GENDER STUDIES Lauren M. Barnett ELLEN HAMILTON AND LIDA MASON AWARD FOR ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE Christina H. Churchill


SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BETA GAMMA SIGMA is the national honor society for students in business and management. Membership is the highest national recognition a student can receive in an undergraduate or masters program in business or management: Jeffrey M. Ares Greg P. Lombardi Hillary L. Burrows Sara Mellinger Rebecca Campbell Darren S. Misar Mark M. Delfanti Allison E. Mitchell Emily K. Flinkstrom Alaina C. Palombo James French Costa Pantazopoulos Timothy George Andrea L. Petronello Sarah Goldberg Sarah Ratcliffe Jamieson Goodwin Britain G. Redline Tina Homicki Forrest Shinners Brian T. Howe Adam Shippee Martin Klimes Donald R. Watkins Fei Li Zachary D. Wisniewski JOHN MEKKELSEN, JR. MEMORIAL AWARD for excellence of achievement in the area of management: Jeff Ares THE MAJOR JUNIUS M. ADAIR FINANCE AWARD for excellence in the field of finance: Brian Howe THE MALCOLM F. SEVERANCE FINANCE AWARD for outstanding performance in the field of finance: Mark Delfanti THE EDWIN C. GREIF MARKETING AWARD for achievement and promise in marketing: Emily Flinkstrom THE JOHN L. BECKLEY AWARD for promise of future success in the field of marketing: Sarah Ratcliffe COMPETITIVE COMPUTING SENIOR AWARD for academic excellence in the field of management information systems: James French GALLAGHER FLYNN ACCOUNTING AWARD for scholarship, leadership and potential in the profession of public accounting: Tina Homicki VERMONT SOCIETY OF CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS for high scholastic performance in the field of accounting: Hillary Burrows THE WALL STREET JOURNAL STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for academic excellence in the overall program: Emily Flinkstrom THE UNDERGRADUATE EXCELLENCE AWARD, the top senior award for excellence in academics, service and leadership: Mark Delfanti THE MBA EXCELLENCE AWARD for demonstrated excellence in overall graduate management studies and in positive leadership values: Tim George

COLLEGE OF EDUCATION AND SOCIAL SERVICES DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Outstanding Senior in Art Education honoring students who demonstrate ability in making and knowing about art, who demonstrate through their writing a knowledge of art education, and who exhibit an outstanding ability in teaching children: Dana Marie Spencer

Commencement 2006 Outstanding Senior in Music Education based on excellent achievement in academics, performance, student teaching and service throughout the degree program: Sonia Fleming Tyson Valyou Outstanding Senior in Physical Education to students who demonstrate scholarship, teaching or professional potential, physical education activity skills, participation in and contributions to university programs and campus activities related to physical education and contributions to professionally related community programs: Teacher Licensure: Chrissy Battram Athletic Trainer: Sharla Hamilton THE CHRIS STEVENSON AWARD FOR COMMITMENT TO YOUNG ADOLESCENTS Sullivan Silva The America Reads* Counts Award presented to a volunteer whose participation and leadership have significantly contributed to the early literacy learning of children in our community: Andrea Youngs The John Dewey Award honoring the outstanding senior in elementary education whose academic performance and public school practice best exemplify the philosophy of Vermont’s most well known philosopher/ educator: Rebecca Tarling THE ELEMENTARY EDUCATION AWARD Margaret Diaz THE ELEMENTARY EDUCATION DIVERSITY AWARD Jennifer Pekarsky THE LYMAN C. HUNT JR. READING AWARD Nikolas Franks Erin Hall Outstanding Senior in Secondary Education presented by the secondary education program faculty to the individual who has demonstrated clear promise as a teacher who can teach for understanding. Recipient of the award should have demonstrated a strong academic background in the area of licensure; a commitment to work with young people in the classroom and in extracurricular activities; and the ability to design and implement instruction to meet the needs of all learners: Maria Guevara KAPPA DELTA PI, an international honor society in education, was founded to recognize excellence in education. Kappa Delta Pi elects those to membership who exhibit the ideals of scholarship, high personal standards and promise in teaching and allied professions. Ashley Jeane Crowley Kaoru Nakai Rebecca Anne Forgiano Emily Margaret North Chelsie Amelia Henderson Ashley Beth Orenberg Scott Hess Christine Reed Kate Shipley Hubbell Brigitte “Vicky” Reithinger Marie C. Hyde Kristin Ann Rhodes Kathleen Jackson Jessica Helene Rosenblatt Abbey Jean Kaknes Jessica Lynn Rovero Margaret Mary Kilcourse Susannah Roy Marie Korzenecki Sarah Ann Terk Laura Beth Lewis Molly Dixon Theodorakos Meghan Patricia Loehning Michelle L.Torrey Diana Makovec-House Julia Mara Wayne Nancy J. Miller


Social Work Outstanding Community Service Award for significant contributions to the quality of life of people or the community through participation in important community services: Katherine Kasarjian

MARGARET B. WHITTLESEY AWARD for outstanding academic performance and potential for significant contributions to the Social Work profession: Kaoru Nakai Social Work Student Leadership Award for exceptional leadership among students while at the University: Anne Lavalette PHI ALPHA HONOR SOCIETY (University of Vermont’s Mu Eta Chapter of the national Phi Alpha Honor Society for social work students): Catherine K. Griesdorn Jenna L. Kidney Tracy Abigail Jaffe Nancy J. Miller Cannon R. Jones Kaoru Nakai Katherine A. Kasarjian Dorothy R. Robinson

COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL AND ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING THE DOUGLAS P. FAY AWARD was established in 1973 in honor of a faculty member who long served the department and is made to that student who has made the greatest contribution to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering during the past year: Gerald W. Rogers EDWARDS H. PHELPS (SENIOR) PRIZE was established in 1884 by his father, the Honorable E.J. Phelps of Burlington. It is awarded by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering faculty to a student in the department “who shall have exhibited conspicuous merit in professional studies, and high and noble traits of character if such can be found:” Scott D. Hamshaw AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS AWARD for meritorious work in the student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers: Chandler S. Engel

DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE SENIOR AWARD for excellence of judgment and understanding of the principles of computer science: Christina R. Strong

DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING ATWATER-KENT (SENIOR) AWARD for excellence of judgment and understanding of the principles of electrical engineering: Elizabeth A. Brosseau

DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS AND STATISTICS JOHN F. KENNEY (GRADUATE) AWARD for excellence in mathematics. Established by John F. Kenney, Class of 1920, in memory of his parents Mary Ryan Kenney and Patrick J. Kenney: Elizabeth M. Wilcox NAM SANG KIL SCHOLARSHIP IN MATHEMATICS in recognition of the value of education as a path toward the betterment of mankind, the Nam Sang Kil scholarship is presented to an outstanding student in honor of Chairman Nam: Eitan Pechenick UNDERGRADUATE ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for outstanding scholarship and commitment to statistical science: Rebecca R. Bitzenhofer


Commencement 2006 GRADUATE AWARD IN STATISTICS for achievement of excellence in statistics: Michael J. DeSarno NAM SANG KIL SCHOLARSHIP IN STATISTICS in recognition of the value of education as a path toward the betterment of mankind, the Nam Sang Kil scholarship is presented to an outstanding student in honor of Chairman Nam: Brien O. Aronov

DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING EDMUND F. LITTLE (SENIOR) AWARD for meritorious work in the mechanic arts: Grant A. Gary OUTSTANDING SENIOR AWARDS for excellence in the fields of Biomedical Engineering: David T. Korda Energy Engineering: Justin W. McCabe AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS (ASME) AWARD for meritorious work in the student chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers: Lisa M. Hovey

HONORARY AND PROFESSIONAL SOCIETY AWARDS TAU BETA PI/JOHN O. OUTWATER PRIZE to the outgoing president of the Tau Beta Pi who, by virtue of the office, has demonstrated skill, tact and initiative: Grant A. Gary

SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARDS UNIVERSITY OF VERMONT STUDENT ENGINEER OF THE YEAR NOMINEES for outstanding scholastic achievement and participation in Universityrelated activities: Stephen J. DiStasi, ECE Nominee Gerald W. Rogers, CEE Nominee THE BRETT VINCENT GORKY- DEAN’S RECOGNITION AWARD for an undergraduate student who has demonstrated extraordinary qualities of integrity and commitment to others through outstanding service to the faculty, staff and students of the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences: Kyle T. Cram VOLNEY GILES BARBOUR ESSAY COMPETITION PRIZE First Place: Grant A. Gary Second Place: Stuart Heinrich

CHI EPSILON, National Civil Engineering Honor Society: Current members: Chandler S. Engel Gerald W. Rogers Scott D. Hamshaw Nicole H. Whitney Lauren S. Klonsky New initiate: Israel S. Maynard MU SIGMA RHO, a national honorary society for undergraduate and graduate students studying statistics: New initiate: Rebecca R. Bitzenhofer SIGMA XI, the scientific research society, Sigma Xi, is the global honor society of scientists and engineers that recognizes scientific achievement. Its mission is to enhance the health of the research enterprise, foster integrity in science, and promote the public’s understanding of science for the purpose of improving the human condition: Current Members: Jennifer N. Gagnon Brendan H. Kennedy Tracy E. Owen DEAN’S LIST for those full-time students who stood in the top 20 percent of their class in the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences during the preceding semester: Elizabeth Brosseau Lauren S. Klonsky Stephen J. DiStasi David T. Korda Chandler S. Engel Israel S. Maynard Jennifer M. Fifield Justin McCabe Erin E. Flynn Eitan A. Pechenick Jennifer N. Gagnon Chelsea A. Ransom Robert M. Garofano Adam Wolfe Scott D. Hamshaw Laura C. Wolk Stuart B. Heinrich William D. Wooden Josia Klingler URECA PROGRAM, administered through the dean of the Honors College and the Faculty Senate Research, Scholarship and Graduate Education Committee, is designed to stimulate undergraduate research with faculty mentoring, to incorporate research experience more fully into undergraduate education, and to provide incentives for students and faculty to engage in meaningful research collaboration: Kyle T. Cram and Aaron D. Willey (Electrical Engineering) Inductive Heating Application as Treatment for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) Scott C. Teuscher (Mechanical Engineering) Hovercraft as Platform for Autonomous Robotics

HONORS THESES David T. Korda, Biomedical Investigation of Rat Lumbar and Caudal Spine Eitan S. Pechenick, Cyclotomic Fields and Reciprocity Laws

MEMBERS OF HONOR SOCIETIES TAU BETA PI, national engineering honor society: Current members: Matthew P. Bozek Lauren S. Klonsky Elizabeth A. Brosseau David T. Korda Kyle T. Cram John B. Marking Stephen J. DiStasi Justin W. McCabe Chandler S. Engel Patrick V. O’Neill Orin C. Flint Gerald W. Rogers Grant A. Gary Nicholas A. Rotker Scott D. Hamshaw Kenneth C. Stratton Thomas J. Jablonski, II William D. Wooden Josiah Klinger Invitees: Alexi Pavlinov Matthew Whalen




The Ellsworth Amidon Award for outstanding proficiency in Internal Medicine: Andrew Tinsley


The David M. Babbott, M.D. “Caring and Seeing” Award: Andrew Tinsley


ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Caleb Parker Merrill Nathaniel Hallgren Koeppel






COLLEGE OF MEDICINE ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA students elected to this honor society, in the opinion of their classmates and the faculty, have given promise of becoming leaders in their profession: Daniel R. Brooks Peter A. Holoch Anya J. Chandler Giovanna M. Leddy Wells M. Chandler Michelle E. Madden Karalyn L. Church Laura C. McCullough Beth Cronin Jessica E. Panko Kohar DerSimonian Andrew Tinsley William C. Eward Ian S. Zenlea Jason D. Heiner

*The Dean William Eustis Brown Award for broad cultural interests, and loyalty to the College of Medicine: Anupama Varma Vijay The Carbee Award for excellence in Obstetrics/Gynecology: Michelle E. Madden The James E. Demeules Surgical Research Prize: First place: Peter A. Holoch Second place: William C. Eward Third place: John H. Lee The Edward E. Friedman Award for promise of excellence in the practice of Family Medicine: Daniel M. Letinsky The Howe Senior Student Award for excellence in Surgery: Karalyn L. Church The Howe Outstanding Teacher Award for excellence in Surgery: Bruce A. Crookes, M.D. The Kerzner Family Prize for service to the community: Joann Romano-Keeler *The Lamb Fellowship Award for best exemplifying concern and care for the total patient: Rebecca J. Bagley The Jerold Lucey Award for contribution to Pediatric research: Laura C. McCullough The Maine Medical Surgery Clerkship Award: Anne Keiryn The Herbert Martin, Sr. Award for excellence in Neurology: Amanda J. Thompson The American Academy of Neurology Medical Student Prize: Allison M. Quick The H. Gordon Page Award for excellence in Surgery: Alisha C. McLam The New England Pediatric Society Prize for best exemplifying those qualities one looks for in a Pediatrician: Joann Romano-Keeler The Radiology Achievement Award for excellence in Radiology: Alisa K. Johnson The Charles T. Schechtman, M.D., ’26 Award for Clinical Excellence: First place: Jason D. Heiner Second place: William C. Eward, Anupama V. Vijay The Durwood Smith Award for excellence in Pharmacology: Jason D. Heiner The Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Award for excellence in Emergency Medicine: Jason D. Heiner The Ralph D. Sussman/Medical Alumni Award for excellence in Pediatrics: Alexa K. Craig James B. Metz The Willliam Sweetser Award for excellence in Psychiatry: Erin E. Lechner


Commencement 2006 The David M. Tormey Award for perseverance in the pursuit of medical education: Alicia T. Guilford The Henry & Phyllis Wasserman Phorplus Scholarship Prize for excellence in the Basic Sciences: Daniel R. Brooks Karalyn L. Church Jessica E. Panko The Laura Weed, M.D. Award for qualities of excellence, service, and commitment in Internal Medicine: Sadie E. Mills The Ephraim Woll Award for the highest average in the Pathology 301 course: Daniel R. Brooks The Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Awards presented by The Arnold P. Gold Foundation for excellence in both compassionate patient care and scientific achievement: Student Award: Jason D. Heiner Faculty Award: Robert C. Macauley, M.D. The Phi Beta Kappa Award TBA * Class Awards Basic Science Teachers of the Year: Gerald C. Silverstein, Ph.D. Basic Science Department of the Year: Pathology Golden Apple Award: Bruce J. Fonda, M.S. American Medical Women’s Association Gender Equity Award: Basic Science: Sharon L. Mount, M.D. Clinical Science: Janice M. Gallant, M.D. Colette Award inspired by Colette Ozarowski for significant contribution to the quality of student life: Nini Anger Dignity in Medicine Award: Virginia A. Eddy, M.D. Clinical Teacher of the Year: Robert L. Trowbridge, M.D. Clinical Department of the Year: Internal Medicine, FAHC Resident of the Year: Joanna W. Hatfield, M.D. * Awarded by vote of the class.

COLLEGE OF NURSING AND HEALTH SCIENCES DEPARTMENT OF MEDICAL LABORATORY AND RADIATION SCIENCES DEPARTMENTAL HONORS Emily Crook Stell Patadji Julie Fredette Brett Porter Melissa Moroso Joshua Sharpe F.W. VAN BUSKIRK AWARD in recognition of the senior student with the highest grade point average in the Nuclear Medicine Technology program: Jillian Turner F.W. VAN BUSKIRK AWARD in recognition of the senior student with the highest grade point average in the Radiation Therapy program: Ashlee Waite KAY BARRON AWARD in recognition of outstanding qualities of professional attitude and cooperation in the clinical and didactic components of the Medical Laboratory Science curriculum: Aaron Doyle CLINICAL ACHIEVEMENT IN NUCLEAR MEDICINE TECHNOLOGY AWARD in recognition of outstanding qualities of professional attitude and cooperation in the patient care setting: Jessie Kendrick


CLINICAL ACHIEVEMENT IN RADIATION THERAPY AWARD in recognition of outstanding qualities of professional attitude and cooperation in the patient care setting: Heather Lessard SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENT IN BIOMEDICAL TECHNOLOGY in recognition of the senior student with the highest grade point average in the Biomedical Technology program: Michael Olival SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENT IN MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENCE AWARD given by Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Fletcher Allen Health Care, and awarded to the senior student with the highest grade point average in the Medical Laboratory Science Program: Michael Melander YOUNG INVESTIGATOR AWARD in recognition of outstanding performance in the research components of the Biomedical Technology curriculum: Michael Olival

DEPARTMENT OF NURSING ARMY NURSE CORPS “SPIRIT OF NURSING AWARD in cooperation with the NSNA awarded to a senior nursing student who demonstrates a commitment to excellence through his or her community, professional and academic achievements Sarah Finney CLARISSA PETERS ALLEN AWARD to an outstanding graduating undergraduate student who exemplifies the conscientious, motivated character of Clarissa Peters Allen Tracy Whitcomb FAYE CRABBE AWARD established to honor the memory of the founder of the School of Nursing at UVM, a leader who valued nursing scholarship and service. Awarded to the senior majoring in Professional Nursing who excels in scholarship, nursing ability and service to the university: Beth Lavallee FLETCHER ALLEN HEALTH CARE AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN CLINICAL NURSING PRACTICE established in 1998 by the nurse administrators at FAHC to recognize a graduating baccalaureate student who demonstrates excellence in clinical practice in any setting: Stacy Dudley FLETCHER ALLEN HEALTH CARE AWARD FOR INNOVATION IN NURSING PRACTICE established in 1998 by nurse administrators at FAHC to recognize a Master’s level student who demonstrates innovation in practice in any setting, breakthrough initiatives in patient care or patient education, or care coordination across the continuum: Rosemarie Spinelli-Drenth KAPPA TAU CHAPTER, SIGMA THETA TAU INTERNATIONAL AWARDS, NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OF NURSING, chartered in 1988, The Society recognizes nursing students for scholarship, nursing ability and potential leadership as well as outstanding community leaders: Baccalaureate Student Award 2006: Brenda Kertis Graduate Student Award 2006: Kamie Kittell Graduate Project Award 2005: Susan Albertini White Graduate Project Award 2006: Shana Spitzman Graduate Thesis Award 2006: Suzanne Leavitt NEW ENGLAND FEDERAL CREDIT UNION SCHOLARSHIP awarded to an undergraduate Nursing student who is a member of the New England Federal Credit Union, has demonstrated scholastic excellence and is advancing their education: Rebecca Norton VERMONT STATE NURSES’ ASSOCIATION AWARDS to a graduating student in each program who, in the opinion of the faculty, best demonstrates outstanding clinical practice: Bachelor’s program award: Irene Bonin Master’s program award: Elizabeth Ellis-Kempner

Commencement 2006 VISITING NURSE ASSOCIATION ANN K. TWITCHELL COMMUNITY HEALTH SERVICES AWARD to a senior in the baccalaureate program who has shown scholarship and excellence in community health services: Lindsay Barnes FREEMAN NURSE SCHOLARS to encourage Vermont’s top nursing students to remain and practice in Vermont. Rebecca Bangs Erika Miner Nancy Benson Jocelyn Moore Stacy Dudley Danielle O’Brien Jessica Elwell Susan Snyder Sarah Finney Theresa Stewart Elizabeth Ellis-Kempner Nathaniel Waite Brenda Kertis Tracy Whitcomb

DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL THERAPY ISOLA BRAUN AWARD to the third-year physical therapy student who has demonstrated the greatest potential for development of professional competency and leadership: Lily Albert-Gardner David Minshall MARGARET B. CORBIN AWARD to the third-year physical therapy student who has demonstrated high quality academic and clinical performance throughout the professional curriculum: Kathryn Scott

THE ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES PROGRAM FACULTY AWARDS FOR OUTSTANDING SENIOR THESIS RESEARCH AND PRESENTATIONS in recognition of excellence in scholarship: Christopher J. Andrews, Conservation of Altered Landscapes: The Role of Anthropogenic Antiquity in the Contemporary Montane Cloud Forest Ecology of the Mazar Wildlife Reserve in the Southeastern Ecuadorian Andes William R. Brennan, Framing Forest Policy: An Analysis of Political Transition and the “Roadless Rule” Hayden Boska, “Teaching Ecopsychology” – a Student Teaching Student Course Katherine L. Folts, A Walk Through Time: Understanding the Adirondacks via an Interpretive Trail at Meacham Lake Campground Caitlin K. Loerch, Ecoliteracy in Academia: An Empircal Study of Institutional Support for an Environmental Literacy Requirement at the University of Vermont Caleb P. Merrill, The Development and Implementation of a Curriculum on Living Sustainably Paran D. Quigley, Fostering a Positive Interpersonal Working Environment: Meshing Group-Cohesion Activities with Outdoor Learning Opportunities Gregory M. Rosewell, The View From Here: One Thru-Hiker’s Meditations on the Long Trail

MILITARY AWARDS DEPARTMENT OF MILITARY STUDIES SECOND LIEUTENANTS COMMISSIONED INTO THE UNITED STATES ARMY December 2005: Florangel Jimenez, Adjutant General, Vermont National Guard May 2006: Aaron E. Bull, Quartermaster Corps, United States Army Katherine A. Kasarjian, Medical Specialist Corps, United States Army Bradley M. Peduzzi, Signal Corps, United States Army Sunah A. Park, Military Police Corps, United States Army Byron O. Reburn, Transportation Corps, United States Army Dustin E. Sigler, Medical Service Corps, Vermont National Guard Christopher T. Smith, Chemical Corps, United States Army Reserve Tanya J. Tersillo, Medical Service Corps, Vermont National Guard Jody L. Traverse, Nurse Corps, United States Army Daniel L. Wright, Armor, United States Army DISTINGUISHED MILITARY GRADUATES honoring academic, physical fitness, and leadership traits scoring overall in the top 25% of all cadets nationwide: Katherine A. Kasarjian Bradley M. Peduzzi Tanya J. Tersillo Wadsworth Ramsey Smith Award honoring outstanding achievement and leadership qualities: Bradley M. Peduzzi Douglas MacArthur Award honoring scholastic excellence and campus leadership: Katherine A. Kasarjian Lieutenant Bailey Goldberg Award honoring scholarship, perseverance, and commitment to military values: Daniel L. Wright

WOMEN’S CENTER MARIAFRANCA MORSELLI LEADERSHIP AWARD to the undergraduate senior woman who has demonstrated leadership qualities and academic excellence in science, and who has contributed significantly to the awareness of the rights of women on campus: Sarah Simpson (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences) EDITH D. HENDLEY AWARD to a woman pursuing graduate studies who has demonstrated excellence in research, scholarship and teaching (if applicable), and who has performed dedicated service to women: Michele Cranwell Schmidt (Graduate College)


Commencement 2006

2005 Honor Graduates Those graduating summa cum laude are within the top one percent of their college or school. Magna cum laude signifies the next three percent, and cum laude the next six percent. Honors calculations are based on all the courses taken at UVM, and in order to be eligible, each student must have taken a minimum of sixty hours in which a letter grade has been awarded. COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE AND LIFE SCIENCES Summa Cum Laude Katie Leigh Buss, Bachelor of Science Emily Therese Keller, Bachelor of Science Anna Sarah Liberatore, Bachelor of Science Jennifer Louise Ohler, Bachelor of Science Magna Cum Laude Alicia Shepley Holmes, Bachelor of Science Deborah Dubow Press, Bachelor of Science Tiffany Nichole Sequoia, Bachelor of Science Kaitlin Rachel Strauss, Bachelor of Science Cum Laude Janet G. Estelle, Bachelor of Science Ethan Daniel Fechter-Leggett, Bachelor of Science Jill K. Fraga, Bachelor of Science Ashley Ann Heintz, Bachelor of Science Thomas Kevin O’Dowd, Bachelor of Science John Hamilton Pigott, Bachelor of Science Brooke Remson Ray, Bachelor of Science Jessica Catherine Scillieri, Bachelor of Science Lauren Ashley Solomon, Bachelor of Science Amy Josephine Starinski, Bachelor of Science Stanley Frank Yazwinski, Bachelor of Science

Loriann Marie Nardacci, Bachelor of Arts Elizabeth Amanda Nixon, Bachelor of Arts Daniel Aherne Norford, Bachelor of Arts John Hamilton Pigott, Bachelor of Arts Stephen Lewis Redman, Bachelor of Science Lucie Srostlik, Bachelor of Arts Kayla Beth Tatro, Bachelor of Arts Katherine Anna Van Wagner, Bachelor of Arts Victoria Lynn Whitehill, Bachelor of Arts Cum Laude Christopher Carson Armstrong, Bachelor of Arts Kerri E. Aveni, Bachelor of Arts Samuel Sage Bacon, Bachelor of Arts Lowell Conrad Bailey, Bachelor of Arts Darlene Paige Barone, Bachelor of Arts Jonathan Thomas Bessette, Bachelor of Science Adam Robert Bolio, Bachelor of Arts Laura Anne Bonazinga, Bachelor of Arts Jenny Lynn Bruell, Bachelor of Arts Erin Elizabeth Burke, Bachelor of Arts Allison Michelle Buza, Bachelor of Science Chris Joseph Castanza, Bachelor of Arts Genevieve Cattanea, Bachelor of Arts Jay Groverman Cooke, Bachelor of Arts William Edward Damsky, Bachelor of Science Heather Lynn Deal, Bachelor of Arts Eric William Gentino, Bachelor of Arts Kelly Ann Glasheen, Bachelor of Arts Gates Kelley Gooding, Bachelor of Arts Misako Goto, Bachelor of Arts John T. Graham, Bachelor of Arts Laurie Elizabeth Heckman, Bachelor of Arts Kira Sarai Hegeman, Bachelor of Arts Hanna Jenkins, Bachelor of Arts Neily Ann Jennings, Bachelor of Arts Myles David Jewell, Bachelor of Arts Kimberly Morgan LeMay, Bachelor of Arts Kevyn Jonas Lenfest, Bachelor of Arts Heather Ann Lesage, Bachelor of Arts James Daniel Lovinsky, Bachelor of Arts A.J. Charles Markham, Bachelor of Arts Rhapsody Fearn Mason, Bachelor of Arts Ryan Richard McKown, Bachelor of Arts Natalie May McWilliams, Bachelor of Arts Ryan Keith Mullady, Bachelor of Arts Andrew David Murphy, Bachelor of Arts Eylin Marie Palamaro, Bachelor of Arts Theodore J. Patton, Bachelor of Arts Alison Nan Pelkey, Bachelor of Arts Kelly Ann Perry, Bachelor of Science Jason Joseph Ramirez, Bachelor of Science Amy Lynn Richardson, Bachelor of Arts Talia Schechter, Bachelor of Arts Lauren Blair Servin, Bachelor of Arts Danielle Maria Sokol, Bachelor of Arts Andrew John Terry, Bachelor of Arts Jonathan W. Trutor, Bachelor of Arts Brittany Lynn Wagner-Friel, Bachelor of Arts Jessica Lynn Waite, Bachelor of Science Melody Lynn Walker, Bachelor of Arts Anne Cecilia Elizabeth Waring, Bachelor of Arts Karen Lynn Willard, Bachelor of Arts Heather Renae Wood, Bachelor of Arts Jessica Solomon Wood, Bachelor of Arts


RUBENSTEIN SCHOOL OF ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCES Summa Cum Laude Kathryn Anna Crawford, Bachelor of Science Nathaniel Burr Morse, Bachelor of Science Magna Cum Laude Christopher Jens Jager, Bachelor of Science Stephen Russell Midway, Bachelor of Science Alicia Jennea Turner, Bachelor of Science Cum Laude Jennifer Louise Plourde, Bachelor of Science Alison Frances Ray, Bachelor of Science Emily Louise Schelley, Bachelor of Science Lindsey Ruth Scholl, Bachelor of Science Scott Burton Shove, Bachelor of Science Teruaki Yuta, Bachelor of Science COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Summa Cum Laude Brandi Maxine DiPasquale, Bachelor of Arts Melissa Ann Donovan, Bachelor of Arts Lisa Marie Henry, Bachelor of Arts Bethany Tamara Heywood, Bachelor of Arts Lori Ellen Kort, Bachelor of Arts Jamie Ann McCuin, Bachelor of Arts Rebecca Lyn Ryan, Bachelor of Arts Lindsay Patricia Stallings, Bachelor of Arts Stephanie Lynn Waite, Bachelor of Arts Magna Cum Laude Jessica Leigh Barrett, Bachelor of Arts Nicholas Conger Bewley, Bachelor of Arts Eboni Naima Booth, Bachelor of Arts Molly Angela Cameron, Bachelor of Arts Allison Marquette Card, Bachelor of Arts Jordan Drori, Bachelor of Arts Danielle Nicole Dupuis, Bachelor of Arts Coburn Ellingwood III, Bachelor of Arts Kevin Kendall Elmer, Bachelor of Arts Olivia Siegel Flynn, Bachelor of Arts Erika Jean Foley, Bachelor of Arts Sarah Jaroch Hagerman, Bachelor of Arts Justin A. Kasprisin, Bachelor of Arts Rebekah Elisabeth Liscio, Bachelor of Arts Heidi Beth Lowe, Bachelor of Arts Sadie Putnam MacKillop, Bachelor of Arts Romolo Andrew Marcucci, Bachelor of Arts Ryan Thomas McClure, Bachelor of Arts Rose Mary Hart McGovern, Bachelor of Arts Kathryn Leah McMahon, Bachelor of Science


SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Summa Cum Laude Peter Alexander Chaloux, B.S. Business Administration Jessica Lynn Cole, B.S. Business Administration Magna Cum Laude Adam J. Boscarino, B.S. Business Administration Patrick Whitcomb McDonald, B.S. Business Administration Katrina Ingrid Noren, B.S. Business Administration

Patrick Michael Kennedy O’Neil, B.S. Business Administration Ashley Courtney Sager, B.S. Business Administration Andrew John Terry, B.S. Business Administration Cum Laude Kristina Michelle Bennett, B.S. Business Administration Lillie Kathleen Bleau, B.S. Business Administration William Harold Bleau Jr., B.S. Business Administration Ryan Edmund Crawford, B.S. Business Administration Marie D. Johnson, B.S. Business Administration Emil Erick Lopez, B.S. Business Administration James Alexander Manly, B.S. Business Administration Justin Robert Moreland, B.S. Business Administration Ryan Donald Schroeder, B.S. Business Administration Ethan Charles Swain, B.S. Business Administration Tyler B. Tilton, B.S. Business Administration COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND MATHEMATICS Summa Cum Laude Jonathan David Carter, B.S. Computer Science Benjamin D. Fenster, Bachelor of Science Magna Cum Laude Alexander Todd Landvater, B.S. Mechanical Engineering Ian Spiro, B.S. Computer Science Ian Spiro, B.S. Mathematics Ryan Patrick Toole, B.S. Civil Engineering Cum Laude Kevin Holm-Hansen, B.S. Electrical Engineering Nathan James Maille, B.S. Civil Engineering Ashley Courtney Sager, B.S. Mathematics Peter Brian Smiar, B.S. Civil Engineering Aaron Lee Vallett, B.S. Electrical Engineering COLLEGE OF EDUCATION AND SOCIAL SERVICES Summa Cum Laude Emily Hunt Fuller, Bachelor of Science Jessica Diane Shaknis, B.S. Education Magna Cum Laude Melissa Lynn Belrose-West, Bachelor of Science Margo Hazel Bryce, Bachelor of Science Tristan Elizabeth Kennedy, B.S. Education Shaun Eric Langevin, B.S. Education Maria Cecilia Miga, B.S. Education Susan L. Pinto, Bachelor of Science Megan H. Quigley, B.S. Education Cum Laude Amanda Rose Bathalon, B.S. Education Ingrid Eloise Sarah Bevz, B.S. Education Lindsey Ann Blumenfeld, B.S. Education Kendra Anne Boymer, B.S. Education Stephanie Anne Cole, Bachelor of Science Corey Charles Coutu, B.S. Education Stephanie Jean Gergely, B.S. Education Alexandra Pringle Hare, Bachelor of Science Sylvia Pratt McLean, B.S. Education Rebecca Ann Suntheimer, B.S. Education Carly Jane Zimmerman, Bachelor of Science COLLEGE OF NURSING AND HEALTH SCIENCES Summa Cum Laude Linda Hattis Johnson, Bachelor of Science Amy Elizabeth Young, Bachelor of Science Magna Cum Laude Kelly Ray Cueman, Bachelor of Science Janet Robotti Ely, Bachelor of Science Robert Howard Opel, Bachelor of Science Cum Laude Katherine Anne Fiegel, Bachelor of Science Maria Caroline Kenenski, Bachelor of Science Erica Marie Quintal, Bachelor of Science Pol-Andre Senecal, Bachelor of Science Laura Elizabeth Slason, Bachelor of Science Kenneth W. Spencer, Bachelor of Science

Commencement 2006

PHI BETA KAPPA Phi Beta Kappa, a national honor society dedicated to honoring high academic achievement for liberal arts students, was founded at the College of William and Mary in 1776. It is the nation’s first Greek-letter society and is the oldest and most respected academic honorary society. UVM’s chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, the Alpha of Vermont, was established in 1848; it is the eleventh oldest chapter on the national rolls of Phi Beta Kappa. Undergraduate members in course: Georgia Caitlin Anderson Christopher Carson Armstrong Kerri E. Aveni Jonathan Thomas Bessette Anna Kathryn Boardman Eboni Naima Booth Erin Elizabeth Burke Molly Angela Cameron Allison Marquette Card Oliver Samuel Carling (UVM 1992) Christopher Joseph Castanza Rachel Katherine Cundy Brandi Maxine DiPasquale Melissa Ann Donovan Jordan Drori Coburn Ellingwood III Kevin Kendall Elmer Alexis Walkey Ford Melissa Jane Garrow Eric William Gentino Stephanie Jean Gergely Kelly Ann Glasheen Misako Goto Anna Elizabeth Greist Bryant Delard Hazelton Kira Sarai Hegeman Lisa Marie Henry Laurie Elizabeth Heckman Bethany Tamara Heywood Zachary Kirk Holz David Michael Honeman Keith S. Jennings Neily Ann Jennings Justin A. Kasprisin Ksenia Kolesnikov Kimberly Morgan LeMay Heather Ann Lesage Rebeckah Elisabeth Liscio James Daniel Lovinsky Romolo Andrew Marcucci A. J. Charles Markham Rhapsody Fearn Mason Rose Mary Hart McGovern Michael P. McMahan Kathryn Leah McMahon Natalie May McWilliams Cassandra Leigh Miller Nathaniel Burr Morse Ryan Keith Mullady Andrew David Murphy Loriann Marie Nardacci Courtenay Marie O’Connor Alison Nan Pelkey Chelsea Anne Pemberton Kelly Ann Perry Keith David Peterson John Hamilton Pigott Laura Ann Salmon

Lindsay Patricia Stallings Grace Jennifer Sullivan Kayla Beth Tatro Jonathan W. Trutor Katherine Vincent-Roller Alexander Everett Vorce Brttany Lynn Wagner-Friel Jessica Lynn Waite Stephanie Lynn Waite Leslie Gardiner Wallick Patricia Rachel Weeks Karen Lynn Willard Jessica Solomon Wood Anastaja Snow Zoecklein


GOLDEN KEY INTERNATIONAL HONOUR SOCIETY An international academic honor society founded in 1977 by a group of undergraduate students at Georgia State University; the UVM chapter was chartered in 1993. It is interdisciplinary, honoring the top 15 percent junior and senior students in each college/school. Graduating seniors are: Sarah R. Adler Jeff M. Ares Lindsay A. Barnes Matthew M. Beam Gordon M. Bennett IV Nancy L. Benson Hillary D. Black Daniel A. Bloom William R. Brennan Sara B. Brzezinski Jacqueline Carlson-Hulce Caroline E. Cole Lindsay Cordner Laurette L. Daniel Anna K. DeAngelis Mark M. Delfanti Danielle DeMarse-Welsh Nicole Di Stasio Edward Drapp Jessica M. Dunlop Audrey Ells-Payne Christen L. Faltermeier Jessica L. Fortier Geoffrey G. Frazier Eric W. Fries Sarah Gaboriault Nathan D. Gagnon Andrew D. Giunta Michael J. Gorgone Valentina Griffin Elizabeth J. Guenard Daniel B. Hall Joanna L. Hatt Jennie S. Holden Anne R. Houston Brian T. Howe Jenna A. Iodice Kate E. Ittleman Keith A. Jackson Aubrey C. Jacobs Ladan Karimian Natalie R. Karlin Allyson Keefe Megan E. Kiernan Margaret M. Kilcourse Marissa H. Kirshenbaum Whitney A. Knauer David T. Korda Marie C. Korzenecki Jessica M. Kowalewski Douglas J. Lake Jason T. Lantagne Brennan P. Leene Kristen L. Leonard Sarah H. Lyne Anne E. Lyneis John B. Marking Alison M. McCarthy Allison C. McCarthy

Kerry A. McCarthy Elizabeth S. McGraw Michael P. McMahan Allison E. Mitchell Angela L. Muzzey Kaoru Nakai Juliet M. Nicita Jesse T. Norford Elise M. Piscitelli Linden H. Politi Dean A. Proestakes Janne V. Rand Amy E. Reinisch Kristen A. Rhodes Allyson E. Ricker Jessica H. Rosenblatt Ekaterina Sausville-Macias Nicole K. Schneeberger Caitlin T. Scholl Kristen N. Simard Sarah B. Simpson Rachel M. Slater Lila G. Spring Laura E. Straub Sarah E. Tarica Todd E. Taylor Sarah A. Terk Molly D. Theodorakos Jeffrey M. Thibault Lauren Tobia Elizabeth A. Trudell Patrick J. Venne Kristen E. Vinci Brigid A. Vorce Ashlee E. Waite Patricia M.Walsh Donald R. Watkins Liron Weiss Reuben K. Westmaas Sarah K. Westney Tracy C. Whitcomb Gail E.Wiese Benjamin D. Wilson Zachary D. Wisniewski Laura C. Wolk Andrea T. Zubalsky


Commencement 2006

BOULDER SOCIETY The Boulder Society is celebrating its 100th year at the University of Vermont. Founded in 1905 as an organization to promote college spirit and positive relations among students, the Boulder Society continues to strive for a well rounded university experience for all: Dan Churchill John Orell Eric Fries Tim Plante Rick Galante Colin Robinson Grant Gary Dave Santucci Ashwin Mistry Joe Valentine


Mortar Board is a national society for senior men and women. Although membership comes as a high honor for UVM students in recognition of outstanding service, scholarship and leadership, it is also a challenge for continued, unselfish service in the best interests of the college campus: Kelly Aremburg Martin Klimes Suzanne Blain Lauren Koenig Mike Blouin Rachel Lacy Kristen van Breen David McAndrew Molly Cosgrove Alison McCarthy Emily Flinkstrom Alison Perry Andrew Giunta Elise Piscitelli Lynn Hendrickson Tim Plante Monica Jaferian Emily Quinn-Kelly Sarah James Amanda Shackford Heather Jones Adam Sherwin Megan Kiernan Amy Vaillancourt

ORDER OF OMEGA Order of Omega is a national Greek leadership honor society. The goal of this organization is to recognize those students who have attained a high standard of leadership in the inter-Greek activities, to encourage them to continue along this line, and to inspire others to strive for similar attainment. Membership to the Theta Psi Chapter of Order of Omega is limited to 3 percent of the UVM Greek community. Graduating seniors are: Angie Baxter Hallie Benjamin Daniel Churchill Elizabeth DiBlasi Ryan Doil Lauren Dolaway Swati Ganmukhi Richard Gordon Aaron Hartmann Katherine Kasarjian Coleen McCann Christopher McConnell Meaghan Milmoe Marisa Nack Jennifer Paulding Jessica Pomerleau Brett Porter Lauren Rich Amy Schneider Adam Sherwin Jane Trivett  Joseph Winsby


TOWERR SOCIETY Established at the university in 1981, TOWERR Society members are nominated by faculty and administrators based on excellence in leadership, community service and academics. Its members are chosen to perpetuate the main goal for which TOWERR (The Organization of Women Exemplifying Reason and Responsibility) was founded — to promote and foster women’s leadership and community service at the university. These women will be wearing White Honor Cords, distinguishing them as members of TOWERR. Lauren Mary Barnett Elizabeth Ann Hall Hayley Safyan Block Emily Thompson Kueffner Christen Lynn Faltermeier Julie Meryl Safran Katherine Lynn Folts


The Community Service Scholars program, established in 1998, recognizes Vermont high school graduates for their proven dedication to community service and leadership. During their undergraduate years at UVM, they have demonstrated an outgoing commitment to doing community service in both their hometown and university communities in various leadership and service capacities. Graduating Community Service Scholars will be wearing a medallion with black and red ribbon. Kelly Aremburg Nina LaRosa Elizabeth Bouchard Sarah Macy Elizabeth Bowser Michael Phillips Christopher Brown Chelsea Rector Bess Conroy Theresa Stewart Lindsay Cordner Justin Tougas Audrey Ells-Payne Jeremy Walker Courtney Gray Kayleigh Walsh Sarah Hall Kristen van Breen Christine Hertz


The Green and Gold Scholarship rewards the strongest student from each Vermont high school with a merit scholarship that covers full tuition at the University of Vermont. Students must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA while at the university. Graduating Green and Gold Scholars are: Kelly M. Aremburg Holly Nicole Austin Ryan Charles Bradford Rachel Elizabeth Carter Jessica Hannah Cary Erin Amanda Chicoine Samantha Lynn Corey Jessica Lyn Elwell Stephanie Elsbeth Gould Sarah Dorman Hall Jennie Suzanne Holden Anne Rebecca Houston Megan Elizabeth Kiernan Beth Ann Lavallee Michael P. McMahan Erika Lee Miner Emily Burgess Noor Stephanie Lynn Peake Danielle C. Restelli Jennifer Anne Slater Christina Rose Strong Caitlin S. Woodbury

Commencement 2006


The Vermont Scholars Program rewards outstanding high school graduates. Students must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA while at the university: Bo Akaogi Sarah Gaboriault Finn Ryan McCoy Kelly M. Aremburg Robert Michael Garofano Aaron Brooke Myrick Gordon Morse Bennett IV Jeffrey Woodrow Goulette Sunah Park Travis Lee Bissonette Emily Armstrong Gowen Dov Avram Pechenick Shana D. Blackstone Nika Elizabeth Graci Eitan Adam Pechenick Michael J. Blouin Brenna Margaret Griswold Allyson Elizabeth Ricker Kirsten Lee Bonson Gina Theresa Guerino Ashley Lynn Ringer Elizabeth Suzanne Bouchard Sarah Dorman Hall Colin Michael Robinson Briana Lynn Bove Stuart Benjamin Heinrich Martha Susanne Robles Joseph Grant Briggs Anne Rebecca Houston Kelly O’Brien Russell Sean M. Brown Katelyn Elizabeth Hudspeth Jennifer Elizabeth Salter Graham Russell Budd Anja Lipinski Jokela Tobiah Stacy Schulman Krista Jean Calano Michael James Kavouksorian Stephen Lee Schwarz Ashley E. Chagnon Alison Leigh Kearney Sarah Bridget Simpson Margaret Newlin Conant Rosa Elizabeth Keefe Anna Beth Snarski Kristin Marie Cootey April Diana Kiewit Zuzana Srostlik Alexander Michael Copping Josiah Klingler Evelyn Ferne Sylvester Brandy Lee Couillard Gregory Peter Krantz Christopher Roy Tallman Kyle Thomas Cram Keely Min Kraus Jeffrey M. Thibault Alec D. Drown Jesse Aaron Labow Elizabeth Ann Trudell Amela Dubo Robyn R. Lane Nathaniel Joseph Ward Lukas Emerson-Mason Brennan Patrick Leene Laura Coulter Wolk Jennifer Mary Fifield Kimberly Suzanne Little Daniel Lee Wright-Lanpher Michael Orie Finnegan Amanda Delanie Lyons Nicole M. Yandow Ryan A. Foster Margaret Brew MacDonald Ashley Virginia Young Eric Williams Fries Melanie Sue Martin Heather Ann Funk Kerry Anne McCarthy

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at $19.99 plus 5.99 shipping and handling (allow 4 weeks for delivery). The Bookstore may be reached by phone: (802) 6563290 or toll free (800) 331-7305, email: UVM.Bookstore@uvm. edu, or on the web at

Sodexho Food Service. Snacks and refreshments are available for purchase Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Waterman Café in the lower level of the Waterman Building, at the Sodexho tents on the University Green across from College Street and north of the Waterman building, and in front of Patrick Gymnasium.

Lost and Found for people and property is located at the Information Center at the UVM Bookstore Plaza and at the Information Center on the University Green, north of the Waterman Building. After 1:00 p.m. contact UVM Police Services at 284 East Ave.

Restrooms. Portable restrooms are located at the north side of the Waterman Building parking lot, and at the Visitor/Reserved parking lot on College Street. Handicapped accessible restrooms are available in the Waterman Building via the south entrance. Flower Sales. The Golden Key International Honour Society is selling flowers on the UVM Bookstore Plaza, and on the University Green, north of the Waterman Building. UVM Bookstore. The UVM Bookstore is open from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 22, 2005. It offers a complete supply of UVM clothing, gifts, diploma frames, and other merchandise. Commencement DVDs may also be ordered at the Bookstore. Commencement DVD. A 90-minute video of the 202nd Commencement Ceremony is available from the UVM Bookstore

Shuttle Bus Service. Bus routes are as follows: Royall Tyler Theatre to Patrick Gymnasium or Sheraton Conference Center, Allen House to Flynn Theatre and Wyndham Hotel, north end of the University Green to Trinity Campus. First Aid. First aid facilities are available during the main commencement ceremony. If the ceremony is outdoors, the UVM Rescue Squad and Rescue ambulance will be located in front of the UHC facility on South Prospect Street just north of the Waterman Building. People seeking first aid services should look for the UVM Rescue ambulance. If the ceremony is indoors, the UVM Rescue Squad will be located at the northwest entrance doors of the Multipurpose Facility. Emergencies. In the event of a true emergency, dial 9802) 6564000 from a cell phone to reach the UVM Police Services or use one of the “Blue Light” emergency phones located throughout the campus. In either case you will be connected immediately with the emergency dispatcher. 49

Commencement 2006

ACADEMIC REGALIA The Academic Costume worn today in U.S. colleges and universities is a survivor of the Middle Ages. The University of Vermont was among the first in this country to experiment with the use of academic gowns, requiring their wearing at the graduation of 1806. The experiment was not repeated until mid-century when UVM and other colleges began wholeheartedly to use the medieval scholar’s clothing for ceremonial occasions. The code regulating academic costume is adminis­tered by an intercollegiate commission that establishes uniform standards. BACHELORS’ gowns have closed fronts and long, pointed sleeves. MASTERS’ gowns may be worn open or closed and have oblong sleeves open at the wrist, the lower portion hanging down with an arc near the bottom. DOCTORS’ gowns may be open or closed and have velvet facings and three velvet bars on the round, open sleeves. The facings and bars may be of black or of the official colors of the wearer’s department of learning. Hoods are usually black. All are lined in silk in the academic color or colors of the institution conferring the degree, with a chevron for additional colors. A University of Vermont hood is lined with green, with a gold chevron, the official school colors. The color of the hood border indicates the degree earned. Agriculture....................................................................Maize Arts, Letters and Humanities...................................... White Commerce and Business.............................................. Drab Dentistry.........................................................................Lilac Economics.................................................................Copper Education............................................................. Light Blue Engineering...............................................................Orange Forestry........................................................................Russet Journalism............................................................... Crimson Law............................................................................. Purple Medicine......................................................................Green Music..............................................................................Pink Nursing...................................................................... Apricot Philosophy........................................................... Dark Blue Public Administration.....................................Peacock Blue Science......................................................... Golden Yellow Theology.................................................................... Scarlet Veterinary Science........................................................ Gray The Black Mortarboard is worn for all degrees. Only Doctors’ caps may be made of velvet and only Doctors or Presidents of institutions may wear a gold tassel on the cap.

The Class of 1927 Memorial Mace is carried by the University Marshal at formal university occasions and is displayed on the platform during these ceremonies. The Mace, a gift from the Class of 1927, is forty-seven inches long, cast bronze, plated in silver, with a black ebony handle. The sculpture on one of the four sides depicts the center section of Old Mill with Mt. Mansfield in the background, symbolizing the founding of the University. Other sides display three students reaching upwards to a lamp, symbolic of learning; the Ira Al­len Chapel, symbolizing spiritual guidance; and a group of four persons, symbolizing friendship. It is crowned by the seal of the University. The Mace was designed and the model sculpted by Richard Simpson, son of Carl G. and Doris Griffith Simp­son, both members of the Class of 1927. Banners of the Colleges and Schools Maize White and Yellow Drab Light Blue and Citron Yellow Orange Green/Gold Green Russet and Yellow Seafoam and Apricot

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences College of Arts and Sciences School of Business Administration College of Education and Social Services College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences Graduate College College of Medicine The Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources College of Nursing and Health Sciences

The University Seal or Medallion was adopted in 1807 and used until 1871 when it was replaced by a round seal incorporating the name of the College of Agriculture. In 1975 the Board of Trustees voted to restore the original seal to official use, modified to incorporate the Latin name of the College of Agriculture. The motto on the seal is from Horace, Epistles 1.2.36. Literally, it means “For virtuous studies and matters.” In the allusion to Horace’s poem it reflects UVM’s continuing belief in the utility and practicality of all liberal studies.

Printed on recycled paper.


Commencement 2006




Plumbing & Electrical Shop







Ira Allen School







Jeanne Mance Hall


John Dewey Hall

Outing Club

FAHC Parking Only


Billings Student Center

Votey Hall (Engineering)


438 College Street

86 South 70 South Williams St Williams St Booth House

440 College Street


34 South Williams St

425 Pearl St Student & Women's Health Clinic

Waterman Building



146 South Williams St

Wheeler House

To Downtown Burlington, Rubenstein Laboratory and Lake Champlain

Englesby House

109 South Prospect St Annex


Morrill Hall

UVM Bookstore

Marsh Life Sciences Building

Benedict Auditorium N



601 Main St Adams Building 589 Main St Nolin House


184 South Prospect St Admissions Welcome Center 194 South Prospect St Admissions Office 178 South Prospect St



To Flynn Theatre Only

To Flynn Theatre

Grasse Mount


153 South Prospect Street Bittersweet House







University Heights North 2

Austin Hall

Marsh Hall









128 Military Studies

Redstone Lodge

Blundell House

Redstone Campus Robinson Hall

Coolidge Hall

GardnerCollins Cage



Handicapped Parking


Commencement Main Ceremony

First Aid

Hamilton Hall




Wilks Hall




Redstone Apartments (Privately Owned)


Davis Hall

Wing Hall


466 448 460 474 TH P ROS PEC T S


Softball Field

Future Track & Field Facility


Ira Allen Chapel John Dewey Hall Morrill Hall Multipurpose Facility Music Recital Hall Nicholson House Old Mill/Lafayette Patrick Gymnasium Police Services Royall Tyler Theatre Simpson Hall University Green FAHC (UHC Campus) UVM Bookstore Waterman Williams Hall

Patterson Hall Christie Hall Wright Hall

Mason Hall

Simpson Hall

Parking in Zone 1 is reserved for special parking pass holders only

Commencement Parking


Athletic Campus

MoultonWinder Field

Slade Hall Redstone Lodge

Recreation & Fitness Center

Gutterson Field House

Music Building Southwick Redstone Hall Hall



Patrick Gymnasium




LOT A Level 1


& Gutterson tterson Lot Level 2Level 2 GuLot & Garage Garage Level 3 3 Level

Level 1


Resea To Miller

B6 A6 C5 F4 F5 B6 C6 F4 D2 C5 G5 B6 B7 C5 B6 B6


search Co . See page 49 for Shuttle Bus Service and Bio Re lex information rch Comp

D6 Admissions C4 Aiken Center C6 Allen House C5 Bailey/Howe Library B6 Billings Student Center C6 Bittersweet B6 Campus Center Theatre E5 Catholic Center C5 CBW Green C7 Englesby House B5 Fleming Museum C4 Health Science Research Facility, HSRF F4 Gutterson Fieldhouse F4 Gymnastics Facility CE EAST TERRA E4 Harris/Millis Hall

Commencement Shuttle Bus Pickup (see Schedule at right)

308 South Prospect St

322 South Prospect St


Location Index

Catholic Center Water (Newman Center, Christ Church Tower St. Augustine’s) Presbyterian


Future Site of Univ. Heights South (2006)


Harris-Millis Harris Millis Commons Hall Hall






Tupper Hall


Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center


See Inset


Living/Learning Complex


IV E Johnson House R S IT 617 Main Street Y

622 Main St


v 461 Main St Allen House

475-479 Main St

481Main St

Pomeroy Hall



Agricultural Engineering Building (CTR)


284 East Avenue Police Services & Physical Plant

UVM Rescue

282 East Avenue Library Research Annex

280 East Avenue IMF/Library Storage



Future Site of Terrill Building Davis Center (2007)

Aiken Center



Water Tower

Stafford Hall

Health Science Research Facility

Hills Agricultural Science

109 South Prospect St


FAHC Parking Only

Centennial Court Faculty & Staff Apartments (Privately Owned)



Bailey/ Howe Library

Royall Tyler Theatre


Old Mill

Lafayette Hall

University Green


Williams Hall

Angell Lecture Center

Cook Physical Sciences

CBW Green

Central Campus Kalkin Hall

Rowell Hall

Given Medical Building

Wills Hall

Converse Hall


FAHC Parking Only


Medical Education Center Medical Library

FAHC Parking Garage


SOUTH PROSPECT STREET 31 South Nicholson Prospect St House

To Trinity Campus Only

Ira Allen Chapel

Torrey Hall

Perkins Hall


Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center

Chittenden Hall Buckham Hall

H Fleming Museum

Fletcher Allen Health Care (FAHC) (UHC Campus)



Fletcher Allen Health Care (FAHC) (MCHV Campus)



Mansfield House Campus Center Theatre



12 Colchester Ave

16 Colchester Ave


FAHC Parking Garage







Delehanty Hall

Mann Hall


Centennial Field Grounds Complex



Sheraton Inset

Centennial Field Parking

State Health Department

Centennial Campus

To UVM Green Only

The Villa

Farrell Hall

McAuley Hall


Soccer Field

Centennial Field



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RE ST N AI Rim 370.25



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C To

ter hes










Commencement 2006

202nd Commencement Ceremony  

The University of Vermont's 202nd Commencement Proceedings.

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