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It was LaRocco who became inspired at a

conference to build an online class for his MBA

application process.

students, igniting a fire at the academic level.

With Doppke’s support, and assistance from

first contact with the admissions office, to

McCune and Kickul, the project moved forward.

academic advising, to their major advisor,

students always have someone they can go to

“Jeff helped me cobble together the

The support doesn’t end there. From their

framework for an online environment with a

with questions or concerns. Sloka says that

bulletin board, email feature, and tool to upload

adults have many of the same questions that

papers. After that, Jerry set up the actual

traditional students have—how long it takes and

learning space, and we did a dry run with one of

how much it costs. However, they are also

my graduate marketing classes,” said LaRocco.

concerned about how the coursework and

“The students who took the online classes really Dr. John Orr (left) and Dr. Jim Doppke

additional students during the registration and

degree will help them in their current positions

enjoyed them.”

and with career advancement.

Overall, the benefits then were the same

“I would absolutely love to make more

then as they are now. Ease. Flexibility.

money,” Cornstubble says, “but after graduating

through the 1990s, in John Orr’s presidency

Convenience. Sixteen-year USF veteran Sandee

I mostly hope to find meaningful employment,

and then in my own, USF had upgraded

Sloka, who has served as director of graduate

where I can successfully apply the knowledge

computer equipment, created and expanded

admissions for 13 of those years, has seen

and wisdom gained from my education to

student computer labs and classrooms, and

firsthand how important online learning is to

improve the conditions for those in need.”

helped faculty and students develop computer

today’s adult audience.

skills,” remarked Doppke, under whose

potential students to get started as soon as

“Beginning in the late 1980s and continuing

leadership online learning was launched. “Developing classes and programs taught online

“Helping them figure out how to fit school

into their very busy lives is key,” said Sloka. “The typical profile of an adult student is an

Sloka urges interested students and

possible to make the most of their learning experience.

thus was a natural development for a campus

individual who is juggling home, work, school

community committed to using computers

and many other responsibilities. Many of them

‘right now,’ but every semester you wait puts

appropriately and effectively to improve

have been out of school for a while, so they are

you that much further away from that end

students’ educational experiences. In addition,

apprehensive about starting back.”

campus-based students were trending older,

becoming more diverse, often working full- or

four graduate admissions counselors are

started and take one or two classes. It will get

part-time, and having family or other responsi-

cross-trained to work with all populations,

much easier to keep plugging along.”

bilities. Study of both these student populations

with each counselor having expertise in a

made it clear that they had similar needs:

specialty area. The graduate staff enrolls

and USF’s graduate programs, visit

both needed access to high-quality education

approximately 900 new students each year, on


offered in ways that were flexible and conve-

six different start dates. They work with many

To ease that worry, she and her team of

“There’s always an excuse not to get started

goal of getting your degree,” she advised. “Sometimes the best thing to do is jump in, get

For more information about online studies

nient and met their complex schedules.”

Another factor that influenced Doppke’s

thinking was the opportunity for curricular improvement. Integrating a new delivery system, identifying its strengths and limitations, and evaluating its effects on student learning would allow faculty to rethink individual courses and even entire programs, and thus lead to the strengthening of the overall quality of USF education, he explained.

“That of course was related to what was

arguably the most important element in the decision to start an online education program: USF’s continuing commitment to identifying and meeting the changing needs of students for effective, high-quality education,” said Doppke. USF’s Canvas System

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