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2019-2020 Annual Report Issue

TOGETHER, IN OUR SECOND CENTURY! Dear Members of the USF Family, We hope that this issue finds you safe and healthy, even in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. I would like to begin by thanking our students, faculty, staff and partners for everything they have done to ensure that our return to on-campus learning has been as safe and successful as it has been. As “Saints United,” we’re wearing masks, maintaining physical distancing, practicing good hand hygiene, and self-screening daily… and the compassion that we’re showing for each other through these actions is working! Although this has not been the centennial year for which any of us wished or prepared, we have continued to celebrate and mark this milestone utilizing virtual formats when possible. We’ve also had to shift some events to 2021. (In an extended Centennial format, I’m calling next year “2020.1!”) More information on those will be forthcoming, but one upcoming centennial event in which all of you can participate is the virtual Caritas Scholarship Ball on January 30, 2021. This event will officially close our originally-planned centennial year with an opportunity to come together (albeit, virtually) as Saints United, in support of our most important scholarship fundraiser. See the inner back cover for details. Since you received the last issue of Engaging Mind & Spirit, we have... • dedicated the Centennial Gateway on Main Campus, which recognizes the 100 alumni and friends who made it possible and features a one-of-a-kind statue of St. Francis of Assisi; • opened the “Benoit Commons” as a new entrance to our Quad, which offers a peaceful setting in which students, alumni, and friends can gather, study or share a meal; • held several virtual “Saints Across the States” gatherings for our alumni in various parts of the country, with more such gatherings to come; and • made substantial progress on the Centennial Campaign to raise funds for student scholarships. This issue lists our “Honor Roll of Donors” as of the end of last fiscal year (May 31, 2020), but there is still time to add or increase your support to the Centennial Campaign! Before you enjoy this issue of Engaging Mind & Spirit, I wanted to share how thrilled I was to see the statue of St. Francis featured on this issue’s cover. You see, to me, this statue captures so much about where we’ve been and how we’ve made it to where we are... while at the same time, looking to our future. The sculpture was created by the same artist who sculpted the Mother Alfred Moes statue in front of Tower Hall, and incorporates many of the elements (the nose, long fingers and toes, patchwork habit) associated with the work of one of our Sisters, the late Sr. Kay Francis Berger, OSF. In that sense, it celebrates our founders and sponsors. At the same time, it is a youthful St. Francis—perhaps at the start of his ministry and at the age of many of our students—who is enjoying a moment of joyful interaction with a Saint Bernard, which represents our athletics mascot. And of course, he is looking outward… forward. I would say he is looking to the future as he offers his hand in greeting and welcome. That’s a great encapsulation of the University of St. Francis… at least to me! I hope you can stop to see it if you haven't already. As I noted in the last issue, throughout its first 100 years, USF has maintained its focus on offering a Catholic, comprehensive educational experience—rooted in the liberal arts and challenged by our Franciscan values and charism—to each and every student. This focus, this commitment is as strong, alive and well today, as at any other time in our history!

Arvid C. Johnson, Ph.D. University of St. Francis President

Keep six feet between you and others.

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Our Mission As a Catholic university rooted in the liberal arts, we are a welcoming community of learners challenged by Franciscan values and charism, engaged in a continuous pursuit of knowledge, faith, wisdom, and justice, and ever mindful of a tradition that emphasizes reverence for

University of St. Francis 500 Wilcox Street, Joliet, Illinois 60435 800-735-7500 | stfrancis.edu

_21SS_COVID_DontForgetBerniePhysicalDistance_Flyer_8.5x11_6.8.20 creation, compassion, and peace-making. We strive for academic excellence in all programs, preparing women and men to contribute to the world through service and leadership.

JOLIET'S U FROM THE 80s TO THE PRESENT by David Veenstra, USF Associate Professor of History

The cultural, political, and educational revolutions of the 1960s and 70s brought dramatic changes to the College of St. Francis (CSF) by the 1980s. Enrollment for only women had given way to co-education. More lay faculty were hired. The college, which began as an extension of the congregation, was now incorporated as an independent institution. Courses and degree offerings multiplied. Student life changed, as well. Many commuted to and from campus. Dress codes gave way to the latest popular fashions. And athletics became a visible part of campus life.

Joliet changed, too. The city's steel industry and many of the manufacturers vanished, forcing unemployment rates as high as 20 percent. Numerous downtown businesses shuttered. Population and housing patterns shifted with urban sprawl and the city’s annexation of adjoining regions causing increases in both diversity and numbers. During the mid-1980s, Dr. John C. Orr, who had become CSF’s president a decade earlier, spearheaded a three-pronged campaign to remodel Tower Hall, increase scholarships, and build a gymnasium.


Initially, monies poured in, allowing the college to reach the first two goals. But a reluctance to borrow the additional funds needed threatened to stall building the new gym. Only after several late-night phone calls did the president and trustees decide to press forward. Construction of the Recreation Center in 1986 (later renamed the “Pat Sullivan Center” to honor the longtime coach and athletic director) proved pivotal for the college. CSF’s athletics teams, most of which had been practicing and competing off-campus, came home. Men’s

football was also added, fulfilling a goal established since becoming coeducational. This gave Joliet high school players the opportunity to continue competing locally. It also allowed for more recruitment nationally. The new facility quickly became the de facto campus center. Sports teams practiced and competed in and around the three-story complex, with intramural games taking place between scrimmages. Community events such as political debates, guest speakers, and a 2006 town hall

HISTORICAL TIMELINE 1975 | CSF’s athletes became “The Fighting Saints.” 1976 | Women’s sports resurrected. Women’s basketball, tennis and volleyball started at CSF along with men’s tennis. Cheerleading began as a student activity in 1976 with seven cheerleaders who cheered for the men’s basketball team, forming the CSF Spiritline. 1979 | Men’s golf and softball were added to CSF’s growing list of sports. 1980 | CSF gained graduate degree-granting authority and a master’s program in health services administration was offered. In the 1960s, a master’s degree in Franciscan Studies was offered. CSF pushed to grow Black student representation, as reflected in the demographics of the local community. 1982 | The Computer Science program began. CSF men’s soccer and women’s cross-country began competing. 1986 | A recreation center was constructed for the athletic program and the men’s football program was created. The deed for Tower Hall was transferred from the Sisters of St Francis of Mary Immaculate to CSF. 1987 | The School of Nursing approved to award a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing (BSN) and changed its name to Saint Joseph College of Nursing (SJCN), with Lois Benich serving as its first president. Since 1920, 1,860 students graduated from the SJCN diploma program. Cheerleading became another CSF intercollegiate sport. 1993 | The Moser Performing Arts Center was built as an addition to Tower Hall. CSF’s baseball team claims the school’s first-ever NAIA National Championship. Head coach Gordie Gillespie becomes college baseball’s all-time winningest coach. 1995 | Dr. James Doppke was named the college’s seventh president. The athletic department adds women’s soccer. 1997 | Saint Joseph College of Nursing’s affiliation with CSF began effective January 1, 1997. The Board of Trustees of the College of St. Francis voted in May to move to university status, effective January 1, 1998. 1998 | The College of St. Francis gained university status and adopted a new name: the University of St. Francis. Colleges within the university were created: College of Arts & Sciences, College of Business & Professional Studies, Saint Joseph College of Nursing & Allied Health, College of Health Arts, and College of Graduate Studies. USF, a pioneer in online learning, offered its first online courses and degree programs.


Engaging Mind & Spirit Magazine

At an open house, Professor Lisle Hicks, who served in a variety of capacities including chair of the Recreation & Sport Management department and head tennis coach, talked about innovative recreation programs at USF.

by then-Senator Barack Obama brought new guests to campus. The space also accommodated commencement exercises, which often provided the only on-campus experience for distance leaners. In fact, many of the improvements were fueled by growth in distance programs, with on-campus enrollment remaining steady as Joliet grappled with job losses and demographic changes. CSF had long offered various degree completion programs, including courses on evenings and weekends. When Illinois and other states began requiring school nurses to have a bachelor's degree, students in Rockford asked CSF to provide the coursework, and requested they do so locally. Sr. Vincent Kirk, OSF, who taught as a biology professor for 41 years, developed a curriculum in Health Arts for R.N.s to fulfill the requirements—the only such Bachelor in Science program in the nation. Demand for these distance courses exploded—first regionally, then across the country. Dr. Arnold Good, a professor in the mathematics department, took over administrating the program. Utilizing the relatively inexpensive air travel from Chicago, he and his team traveled nationwide setting up sites in classroom space leased from hospitals and supervising instructors. Courses for the Health Services master's degree often followed, with the program ultimately being offered at 100 sites in 19 states. The heightened enrollment and exposure provided CSF unique opportunities, such as a radiation therapy program affiliation with Swedish American Health System in Rockford.

It also allowed forays into technology on campus. CSF had long been an early adopter of education technology dating back to the launch of its electronic foreign language lab in the 1950s, then timesharing computer mainframes with regional school districts for registration during the 1970s. In the 80s, leasing gave way to owning, growing both the computer science program and on-campus technology. By the 1990s, the college’s name and reputation were well established nationally. Over two dozen majors and minors were offered along with a similar number of clubs and honors societies. CSF athletics teams had won national and regional championships, and graduates dotted the map. The college added the Moser Performing Arts Center, attached to Tower Hall, in 1993, providing increased space for the music department and theater productions. In 1995, Dr. James A. Doppke was inaugurated as the seventh president of CSF, having previously served as the academic dean. Almost immediately, the college began a process of tremendous change. CSF and the Saint Joseph College of Nursing, which had also been founded in 1920 and had at times affiliated with the college, decided to merge in 1996. With the added programs, the new faculty body voted to change to university status. After approval by the board of trustees, the college officially became the University of St. Francis (USF) on January 1, 1998. Soon thereafter, the university restructured, creating separate colleges, which eventually became the

HISTORICAL TIMELINE 1999 – VP of Mission Sr. Rosemary Small, OSF and a broad committee identified USF’s four core values of respect, integrity, compassion and service.

Employees and representatives of the Sisters of St. Francis honor Sr. Margaret Duffy, OSF, on "Sr. Margaret Duffy Day" in 1996. CSF's registrar from 1963-1996, Sr. Margaret saw record-keeping change from typed notes to punch-cards to computers, and her memory was legendary—she could recall student names even 10-20 years after they graduated.

present College of Arts & Sciences, College of Business & Health Administration, College of Education and the Leach College of Nursing. With the new status came added pressure to expand course offerings. Dr. Michael LaRocco, who had taught business since 1978 and later served as the college’s dean, approached USF’s so-called “whiz kids,” including members of the computer science program and the information technology department, to discuss putting his MBA class online. After piloting the class in 1997, the business college moved the entire MBA program online—the first of its kind in Illinois and an early pioneer on the national level for online learning. Other programs followed quickly, offering online courses of their own, creating an educational and enrollment niche at USF mirroring what the Health Arts degree had provided earlier. At the dawn of the new millennium, USF’s “High Tech-Broad Reach”

online program reached students in 19 states. The university also opened a physical campus in Albuquerque, New Mexico for a newly created Physician Assistant program, and purchased additional land in Joliet on Ridge Road for potential expansion. Joliet also boomed into the early 2000s. New casinos attracted thousands of visitors a month, making Joliet and Will County one of the fastest growing regions in the country. Hotels sprang up along the interstate highways. Developers constructed homes in the city’s recently acquired subdivisions. And a new minor league baseball stadium was built, along with a NASCAR racetrack nearby. Amidst the changes, questions about USF’s goals surfaced. Since the 1980s, Saint Francis seemingly had aims in two directions: national and local. Sr. Rosemary Small, OSF, who served in various education and administrative capacities, became USF’s first vice president for mission integration—an office that linked the university with the Sisters. Sr. Rosemary initiated a task force of students, staff, faculty and board members to focus the mission. They made a deliberate decision to promote the principles of a Catholic Franciscan university and identified USF’s core values: respect, compassion, service and integrity. Shortly thereafter, the board also adopted a new mission statement for the Harold & Margaret Moser, generous donors of the Harold & Margaret university. Moser Performing Arts Center, with then-CSF President Dr. John Orr.

2000 – USF pushed to grow Latino/a student representation, as reflected in the demographics of the local community. Teacher education programs are separated from the College of Arts & Sciences to establish a College of Education, and restructuring creates this college with the College of Health Arts, Graduate & Professional Studies, College of Nursing & Allied Health, and College of Undergraduate Programs. A physical campus and programs were added in Albuquerque, New Mexico for a newly created Physician Assistant program, and 40 acres were purchased in Joliet on Ridge Road for possible future expansion. Graduate nursing education program begins for advanced practice nurses with tracks as clinical nurse specialist or nurse practitioner. Women’s golf and track & field programs started. 2002 – Dr. Michael J. Vinciguerra becomes eighth president. The historic Motherhouse building and adjacent land was acquired by the university from the Sisters of St. Francis of Mary Immaculate. A new mission statement was adopted by the Board of Trustees. 2004 – USF purchased 17 acres on Wilcox and Taylor streets. 2005 – The Joliet Symphony Orchestra at USF was established. 2007 – The City of Joliet erected the Mother Alfred Moes statue in the roundabout in front of Tower Hall, to honor of the Sisters of St. Francis of Mary Immaculate. USF offered a four-course online certificate in Franciscan Studies, initiated through an AFCU grant. USF athletics added men’s track & field. 2008 – College of Education programs were accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE); the College of Nursing moved from the Saint Joseph Medical Center complex to the newly acquired and remodeled south wing of the Motherhouse. 2009 – USF granted doctoral degree-granting authority. The university’s first doctorate, the Doctor of Nursing Practice, was established. The Art & Design Department opened the Center for Art & Design in a renovated space in downtown Joliet’s historic Rialto Square Theatre building. The south wing of the Motherhouse was renamed Donovan Hall. USF’s new Alma Mater, “Our St. Francis,” was composed and first performed by Dr. Robert Kase, Grammy-nominated dean of the College of Arts & Sciences. An agreement with the Veterans Administration was developed, and USF became a “Military Friendly School.” 2010 – The Welcome Center opened in the Motherhouse. USF dedicated the campus as a peace site and ritualized it with the placement of a peace pole on the Quad. 2011 – The nursing college was re-named the “Cecily and John Leach College of Nursing” and the library was named “LaVerne & Dorothy Brown Library.” The Ed.D. program was established.

Celebrating Our Centennial in 2020


HISTORICAL TIMELINE 2012 – Men’s cross country won the NAIA National Championship (cited in the U.S. Congressional Record). The recreation center was renamed the “Pat Sullivan Center” in recognition of Sullivan, a longtime basketball coach and athletic director. USF pushed to grow international student representation. The Board of Trustees approved a Sustainability Statement on February 9. 2013 – Dr. Arvid C. Johnson was named the university’s ninth president. The university’s first overseas MBA program was established with Brno University of Technology in the Czech Republic. The USF Art Gallery opened at 25 E. Van Buren Street in Joliet. USF men’s and women’s bowling teams began competition. 2014 – The “St. Bonaventure Campus” opened in downtown Joliet with the added dedication of the Robert W. Plaster Center in Joliet’s old Mode Theatre building. The Business Incubator opened on the first floor. USF welcomed social Greek life, beyond already-existing academic organizations, to campus as a new student activity. The Alumni Center and Alumni Gathering Room were dedicated in the Motherhouse. 2015 – USF began anti-racism training, following the corporate stance of its sponsors. 2016 – Guardian Angel Hall opened to students at St. Clare Campus, located at 1550 Plainfield Road. It became the new home of the Leach College of Nursing, and the College of Education moved into the nursing college’s former Donovan Hall location. Competitive dance became USF’s 22nd sport. 2017 – The USF women’s bowling team won the NAIA Invitational in its fourth season of competition. 2018 – The LaVerne & Dorothy Brown Science Hall opened to students on USF’s Main Campus. 2019 – The Charolotte Codo Prairie was donated to the University of St. Francis for natural science and biology studies. 2020 – Centennial celebrations began at the University of St. Francis to celebrate 100 years of Catholic, Franciscan education. Members of the university community became "Saints United" as they endured the COVID-19 global pandemic. The Centennial Gateway and Margaret (Kennedy '69) & William C. Benoit Commons were dedicated on campus, including the commissioning and placement of a statue of St. Francis of Assisi with a Saint Bernard at the gateway.


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Sr. Rosemary Small, OSF, accepts a plaque in 1980 from James Jeffers, director of the Illinois Department of Rehabilitation Services, for CSF's efforts to make the campus more accessible to the handicapped.

With the new mission statement, USF increasingly embraced the idea that “local was national.” Dr. Michael Vinciguerra became the university’s eighth president in 2002, and affirmed this outlook, referring often to USF as “Joliet’s University.” Dr. Vinciguerra, who had been raised in the Bronx, New York, connected quickly with the community. He was inaugurated on the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi and began his presidency by having breakfast with the Sisters—acknowledging their continued connection to the university. Since its founding, USF had shared the campus with the congregation, who remained in the Motherhouse. Soon thereafter, the Sisters made an agreement for the university to purchase the historic limestone convent from the congregation, along with the campus land. Almost immediately, renovations began on the iconic building, creating student residencies, administrative offices, and classrooms—located in the same spot where Assisi Junior College opened, and where the College of Education now resides. A new Welcome Center was opened in the structure in 2010, effectively making the Motherhouse the campus’s new front door. Internally, the Catholic Franciscan Charism Council was created, consisting of members from the university, the founding congregation and the Diocese of Joliet. An Administrators and Staff Council was also formed so all employees could participate in governance. Tenure for faculty members, which had ended during the 1970s, was reinstated. And funding and participation of student clubs and

activities—often targeting commuter students— increased substantially. Outside the Cathedral District, where the main campus was located, the university developed a public-private partnership with Joliet to lease space downtown in the historic Rialto Square Theatre building for the Art & Design degree program and create an art gallery. This lease, which provided individual artist studios—an unusual opportunity for undergraduates—helped in renovating the iconic landmark, a key to the Joliet City Center redevelopment plan the city had adopted decades earlier. USF continued to expand its degree portfolio in 2009, establishing its first doctoral program, the Doctor of Nursing Practice. Two years later, a Doctor of Education leadership program was created. Still, there were challenges. The so-called “Great Recession” starting in 2008 caused financial stress and uncertainty in student enrollment figures from year to year, leading to a series of painful reorganizations at USF. Competition increased from neighboring colleges and upstart for-profit institutions for both online and traditional students. Nationally, the number of students declined, and more attention focused on the rising costs of higher education. Joliet also experienced changes. The revenue bubble created by the casinos and other tourist developments dissipated. The population diversified. And municipal planners, looking for greater stability, focused on attracting long-term businesses and revisited the Joliet City Center plan.

Left: Dr. Michael Vinciguerra and look on while Deena Nardi, faculty member and program director, and Maria Connolly, dean of the college of nursing, cut a cake to celebrate the establishment of USF's first doctoral program, the Doctor of Nursing Practice. Right: A group of students, employees, friends, donors and city/county officials, including John Leach and his family and representatives of the Sisters of St. Francis of Mary Immaculate, at the Guardian Angel Hall grand opening.

USF inaugurated Dr. Arvid C. Johnson as its ninth and current president in 2013. He connected easily with the university, frequently dining in the cafeteria with students, staff and faculty, and holding Town Hall meetings for the campus community. He also bonded with the Sisters. Since moving out of the Motherhouse, the Sisters’ presence on campus had waned noticeably. Dr. Johnson welcomed them back regularly for campus events, particularly the annual convocation, and trustees’ meetings, underscoring their continued role as USF's sponsors. Throughout the remainder of the decade, USF focused on expanding enrollment, constructing new learning environments, and further developing partnerships with the community. Recruitment accentuated the increasing ethnic diversity of Joliet, including enrolling first-generation college students. But USF also increasingly viewed itself as an international-reaching institution. Students from overseas began attending in record numbers. Dr. Johnson also initiated individual and corporate partnerships to fulfill several university aspirations. In 2013, USF established its first international MBA program with Brno University of Technology in the Czech Republic. The following year, the university renovated the former Mode Theater building in downtown Joliet to house several academic programs. Located just down the street from the Rialto facilities, the complex, which includes a business incubator and mock trial courtroom, allowed for numerous collaborations with

Joliet and Will County. It was renamed the Robert W. Plaster Free Enterprise Center, and all the downtown facilities, together, became USF’s St. Bonaventure Campus. In 2016, the St. Clare Campus, which included the historic Guardian Angel Home and several smaller buildings, opened a few miles northwest of the Main Campus, becoming home to the Leach College of Nursing. A shuttle service was established to help students travel between the three campuses. Most recently, in 2018, the LaVerne & Dorothy Brown Science Hall—the first freestanding building constructed since 1986—opened on USF’s Main Campus. In 2019, St. Albert Hall was demolished, and in its place, the Margaret (Kennedy '69) and William C.

Benoit Commons was built, offering a true college “quad” experience. Nearby, the Centennial Gateway, including a statue of St. Francis of Assisi, was made possible through USF's Centennial Campaign, creating a welcoming entryway to the campus. In 2020, as the University of St Francis celebrates its centennial and the many, many changes of the past 100 years, a clear path to its origins persists. USF remains in its original location, continuing to function as Joliet’s University. The Sisters of St. Francis of Mary Immaculate remain visible and involved. Many learners enroll as first-generation college students. And the Franciscan Catholic values remain deeply embedded and visible in all of the University of St. Francis’s activities.

Celebrating Our Centennial in 2020


PRESIDENT #9: Arvid Arvid C. Johnson, Ph.D. became the ninth president of the University of St. Francis in 2013. Arvid, who strongly prefers for people to call him by his first name, came to USF with a rich background in not only academia, but also corporate leadership. Arvid holds four degrees in areas including physics, engineering and business. His early career gave him over 15 years of engineering, manufacturing, senior management and consulting experience in a variety of business environments, and he holds 14 U.S. numerous foreign patents. In 2001, Arvid left the for-profit world to serve first as a professor of management, then as dean of the Brennan School of Business at Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois. In his time at Dominican, Arvid became increasingly passionate about the concept of servant leadership. Servant leadership is a philosophy—an approach—to leadership in which one aspires to serve others, and based upon that service, is then called by them to lead. It has guided many of Arvid's actions and decisions throughout his career. After 12 years at Dominican, Arvid realized he enjoyed academic administration. The concept of becoming a university president became appealing to him and he was intrigued when a friend who was on the board of trustees at the University of St. Francis told him about USF’s open presidency, adding about the university, “It’s got a lot of potential—it’s an undiscovered gem.” Recalled Arvid, “I still remember that when I pulled up the job description, the word ‘service’ was used dozens of times… I counted them! The concept of servant leadership was there, so I decided to apply.” He knew immediately after the interview that the University of St. Francis was the right fit, and obviously, the university felt the same. He was hired, and his inauguration took place in October of 2013. Since then, Arvid has helped the university to grow, thrive and succeed. “I feel I’ve really helped us discuss and decide who we are and where we want to go as a university. I always say that I am USF’s storyteller-inchief, and I think we’ve gotten better about telling our story and about being what we want to be. We are a Catholic, Franciscan institution, and I feel we have deepened our commitment to that. In today’s environment, that matters more to people. People are looking for an institution that resonates with their values, and at USF, we truly live our values.”

EXPANSION & STABILITY New academic programs and accreditations have been added to the university’s portfolio during Arvid's presidency, and he's also proud of the facilities improvements made under his watch, though he is fast to say that USF isn’t about its brick and mortar. “People sometimes ask if I’m proud of the new buildings or new spaces on campus, but those are physical things. Universities do need physical facilities to deliver on their mission, but it’s about the people that are


Engaging Mind & Spirit Magazine

inside the buildings,” he says. “I love the new science hall, but I love it more when I get to see science happening inside.” Many deferred maintenance projects were quickly completed when Arvid arrived. Tower Hall and other spaces were upgraded with new paint and flooring and some previously closed-off wings of the Motherhouse were renovated and opened for use. USF’s one campus soon became three with the addition of the St. Bonaventure Campus in downtown Joliet, followed by St. Clare Campus just northwest of campus, which included a $9M renovation of Guardian Angel Hall to create a state-ofthe-art learning space for Leach College of Nursing students. The LaVerne & Dorothy Brown Science Hall was also completed on the Main Campus in 2018. All in all, USF’s facilities and assets have increased by 80% during Arvid’s presidency. Another thing that’s happened under Arvid’s watch is the strengthening of the university’s fiscal position through more discipline and rigor in USF’s budget and planning processes. “I’m proud to say that we’re in better shape than ever before. Fundraising is up significantly—we've seen a 50% increase in annual funds received. We’re in a great financial position, but that only matters when we are successfully carrying out our mission,” he said. Arvid is now also able to put “leading a university through a global pandemic” on his resume after COVID-19 emerged this past spring. The most challenging part of the ordeal, according to Arvid, was the forced distancing that was required in order to slow the spread of the virus. “It’s tough to be a warm and welcoming community of learners when we have to observe physical distancing. Having said that, I’ve been inspired by the way the community has come together to overcome the obstacles,” he said, giving a nod to the dozens of faculty and staff members who came together in working groups over the summer to figure out how the university would respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and to make sure the campus was as well-positioned as possible for a return to operations. “I am more proud of that than any building that we’ve put up on campus, or anything else I’ve done. The fact that we have a culture in which everyone can adapt and roll up their sleeves to do what needs to be done…that’s impressive."

YET TO COME Arvid has been at the university for seven years, and his contract extends until 2027. “My intent is to continue to serve here until I’m in the way,” he says. As USF enters its second century, Arvid has challenged university leaders to identify and explore three key initiatives that could shape the university’s future: 1) Growing the Joliet campus. Options like establishing a privately developed residence hall for students in downtown Joliet, or erecting a new building to house the College of Business & Health Administration has been discussed as well as building a field house. 2) Strengthening online and international programs. As a pioneer in online learning, USF was well-positioned to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and the changeover to online learning and will continue to grow and expand its online programming to make learning convenient for degree seekers. 3) New partnerships. USF currently offers degree programs in the Czech

Republic and is starting programs in Vietnam and China. USF also has local academic partnerships with several community colleges, where students can more quickly, easily and affordably earn a degree from USF while completing some coursework at their community college. That said, Arvid also feels the university's partnership with the Joliet region is extremely important. "We are Joliet’s only four-year university, and we want to be more tightly interlocked with our community," he said, noting USF’s new Will County Access Initiative scholarship, which provides qualified Will County resident students with a no-cost USF education, and the Joliet Agency Leadership Scholarship, which was recently established for leaders of local not-for-profits or non-governmental organizations who want an MBA.

TELLING OUR STORY Arvid’s goal as storyteller-in-chief is to keep telling USF’s story to the world. He initiated the publishing of the Engaging Mind & Spirit magazine in 2013 to connect more regularly with alumni, donors and friends, and has been communicating more frequently with the community and peer educational institutions. He’s talking about USF nationally through his board work—he currently serves the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (his second year chairing its Council of Presidents), the Council of Independent Colleges (presently vice president of investments), and the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities (presently secretary/ treasurer). He’s also talking, always, with our students. “Our students motivate me each and every day. I try to spend as much time with them in a non-interfering way as I can. Our students are the reason we do what we do. In a past magazine we were challenged to say what we love about USF in 10 words. My words were, ‘Because I work for and with people about whom I care.’ In a formal way, I try to show I care by attending athletic events, performances and honor society inductions. I visit with the SGA [Student Government Association] E-board and other groups regularly, and I often lecture in the Ed.D. program on leadership— servant leadership in particular. Overall, I just try to be there for students. Sometimes that’s nothing more than a ‘Hey, how are you doing?’ or a ‘Have a great day!’ Remember, being the president is not the same thing as the presidency. The presidency is going to survive me. It was here before I got here, and will be here after I’m gone. I’m just Arvid…here to serve the university in this role for as long as I’m not in the way.”

Off the Cuff Arvid, who helped you along the way? "I was called here in part due to the work of Sr. Noel Dreska, OSF, who was not only a former professor, but also a close friend to my family… a quasi-aunt to my boys and a wonderful friend to my wife, Anne. As a new college president, you also rely on a network of presidents to help you. I’ve known Br. James Gaffney [former Lewis University president] for over 30 years and Donna Carroll from Dominican University for nearly 19 years. Both were always a phone call away as I was questioning things early in my presidency. After transitioning with Michael Vinciguerra, I could also draw upon the guidance of former USF presidents Jim Doppke and Jack Orr—who also still live in the area and continue to support the university. I clearly also rely on my team at USF." What’s your favorite place to contemplate on campus? "If it’s rainy or blustery outside, it’s Santa Sala Chiara, which is the private meeting room adjacent to my office. If I really need a quiet space for contemplation, I go to the small chapel behind the altar of the St. Joseph Chapel and think about the San Damiano Cross—it keeps me grounded. When I need a pick-me-up, I go to the Terrace Café to see our students." Guiding words? “Everyone has the power for greatness, not for fame but greatness, because greatness is determined by service.” -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Brown or gold? "Gold! Brown is Franciscan, but gold represents excellence. I will always bleed Franciscan brown, but as a university, we need to be golden and tell our story, and take credit for the great things that we do. I also look better in gold than brown! [Laugh.]"

A Saint

PORTRAIT OF Chester Alamo-Costello has been working on a special centennial project—a book titled, "University of St. Francis: Portraits at Centennial." Alamo-Costello, who started working at USF in 1999, has taken roughly 600 portraits since 2002, and a sampling of those images will be used, along with images of the campuses. The book will also include an introduction by AlamoCostello, essays by faculty and staff members, and other USF content. The book design is being produced by Art & Design students in Alamo-Costello's "Publication Design" classes, though the work was cut short in the spring due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so the book is still in production. Surrounding these pages are some of Alamo-Costello's images. This page: Paul Erschen, professor of art & design; Allison Heard, director of institutional diversity. Facing page: Top row - Jessica Cuevas '14, Nikka Gonzales '20. Bottom row - Amber Mustoe '05; Sarah Haley '13; Dr. Bill Bromer, recently retired professor of biology and environmental science; Austin Hines '20.


Engaging Mind & Spirit Magazine

Celebrating Our Centennial in 2020


HONOR ROLL OF DONORS 2019-2020 The generous support of the following donors between June 1, 2019-May 31, 2020 enabled the University of St. Francis to advance its mission, vision and goals. USF SOCIETY Gifts of $1,000 and above annually qualify for membership in the USF Society, the University of St. Francis’ annual giving society. Lifetime USF Society Member


Those who have given lifetime cumulative gifts of over $100,000.

Service & Leadership Circle


USF Society Founders’ Circle


USF Society President’s Circle


USF Society Francis & Clare Circle


USF Society Assisian Circle


USF Society Brown & Gold Circle


Francis Fund

Up to $999 Every attempt was made to ensure the accuracy of

*Asterisks denote deceased donors.

this listing. If there is an error or omission, please contact USF's Office of Institutional Advancement at 815-740-3748.


Engaging Mind & Spirit Magazine


Y O U ,

LIFETIME USF SOCIETY $100k+ Ms. N. Jeanne Anderson* '68 Mrs. Joyce M. (Maryanowich) Anglemire * '62 Arthur J. Schmitt Foundation Associated Colleges BMO Harris Bank Mrs. Jo Ann (McDonald) Barber '52 Mr. and Mrs. George Barr Dr. Noel Bass Mr. and Mrs. William J. Bellah '82 (Patricia Banks ’83) Mr. and Mrs. William C. Benoit) (Margaret Kennedy '69) Mr. and Mrs. Jay D. Bergman Mr. and Mrs. George R. Block '79 Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Brennan '81 Mr.* and Mrs. LaVerne* S. Brown Ms. Helen Burst* Mr. and Mrs. Bart T. Murphy Mr. Robert Carr Caterpillar, Inc. Mr. Richard L. Chavez Mr. and Mrs. Norman Codo (Charlotte '74) Council of Independent Colleges Mr. and Mrs. Terrence O. D'Arcy D'Arcy Motors Mrs. Joan E. Danielson* '46 Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Dollinger Fifth Third Bank First Midwest Bank Franciscan Learning Center Give Something Back Foundation, Inc. Gosselin Family Mr. and Mrs. Cyril W. Habiger (Diane Felbinger '77) Harrah's Joliet Casino Hotel Mr. and Mrs. Scott W. Holdman '01 Hollywood Casino Mr. Wayne Huffman* Dr. and Mrs. Arvid C. Johnson Mr. W. Starr Johnston * Mr. John H. and Cecily* Leach Leach Nursing Scholarship Trust Lilly Endowment, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Mallof Mr. William J. Manner '96 Mr. and Mrs. John T. Manner Harold* and Margaret (Donovan) Moser* '36 Miss Loretta M. (Meyer) Murphy* '34 Mrs. Carolyn (Tomecek) Murphy '65 National Science Foundation Mrs. Shirley E. Oberwortmann Mr.* and Mrs. William C. Obrochta Robert W. Plaster Foundation Mrs. Evelyn M. Rowland* Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Ruth '82 Mr.* and Mrs. James P. Sczepaniak (Frances Tures Naal '58) Dr.* and Mrs. Jerome F. Sickley Sisters of St. Francis of Mary Immaculate Mrs. Vera Smith* Mrs. Jane (Engleton) Snyder * '35 Dr. M. Therese Southgate * '48 Ms. Cecilia A. Trizna-Vargo '59 Mr. Frank J. Turk, Sr.* Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Vana Virginia J. Saxon Scholarship Fund Mr.* and Mrs. Brent H. Wadsworth Wadsworth Golf Construction Company Mrs. Frances B. (Bergold) Waranius '53* Mrs. Eileen C. Webb* Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Wheeler (Patricia S. Sexton '67) Mr. and Mrs.* Leon A. Wirt

G E N E R O U S USF SOCIETY Service and Leadership Circle $100,000+ Mr. and Mrs. William J. Bellah '82 (Patricia Banks '83) Mr. and Mrs. William C. Benoit (Margaret Kennedy '69) Mr.* and Mrs. LaVerne* S. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Wheeler (Patricia S. Sexton '67)

Founders' Circle $50,000-$99,999 Ms. Rita Pawlik* Virginia J. Saxon Scholarship Fund

President's Circle $25,000-$49,999 Associated Colleges Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Dollinger Mr. and Mrs. Cyril W. Habiger (Diane Felbinger '77) Dr. and Mrs. Arvid C. Johnson Leach Nursing Scholarship Trust Ms. Cecilia A. Trizna-Vargo '59

Francis & Clare Circle $10,000-$24,999 Barnes & Noble at St. Francis Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Brennan '81 Mr. and Mrs. William Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Terrence O. D'Arcy Eisenbrandt Family Mr. and Mrs. James Hathaway Mr. and Mrs. Scott W. Holdman '01 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Kenny '81 Dr. and Mrs. Michael V. LaRocco (Kathleen '81, '96) Dr. Rosemary Lucas '49 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Mallof Mr. and Mrs John T. Manner and Mr. William Manner Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. McCafferty (Carol Ann Ardaugh '65) Dr. Cheryl and Mr. Kevin McCarthy (Cheryl '86) Dr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Morrissette '83, '86 (Maureen Briscoe '84, '96) Old Plank Trail Community Bank Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Qualio (Stephanie '05) Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Randich '79 (Ann Reedy '80) Mr. Scott Reynolds Mrs. Mary Kay (Walter) Rowe '69 Mr. James R. Sefcik, Jr. Sentinus, LLC Sisters of St. Francis of Mary immaculate Wintrust Commercial Banking Koch Foundation Inc.

Assisian Circle $5,000-$9,999 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Arellano Autobahn Country Club Mr. and Mrs. George R. Block '79 Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt Buchanan '89 (Karen M. Hammond '89) Ms. Margaret J. Cockbill '62 Mr. and Mrs. Scott Crowther Crowther Roofing and Sheet Metal D'Arcy Motors Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. DeMint (Judith Pavell '60) Dr. and Mrs. James A. Doppke, Sr. Mr. Paul E. Gantzert

D O N O R S ! Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gard Google, Inc. Mr. Muain Haseeb '95 Mr. Jack R. Hermanski Hollywood Casino Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Inserra Mr. William Johnson Ms. Linda (Archambeau) Kilroy ’72 Mr. and Mrs. Wayne G. Klasing (Barbara Franey '64) Mr. and Mrs. Duane A. Krieger (Dolores Carpenter '71) Mr. Thomas J. Kujawa* '84 Mr. Dave Laketa '90 Mack & Associates Mr. Ryan H. Marks Midland States Bank Northern Trust Pepsi-Cola Mr. David Plese RICOH USA, Inc Capt. and Mrs. Frank R. Slattery USN (Retd.) '80 Mr. Duane R. Walker (MaryAnne Krawchuck* '70) Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Weiss (Margaret R. Rozman '61) Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence W. Wiers Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Zordan

Brown & Gold Circle $1,000-$4,999 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Adler '80 Adler Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc. Amita Health, St. Joseph Medical Center Mrs. Helen I. (Hogan) Anderson '61 Mrs. Sharon L. (Coonan) Asher '70 Mr. and Mrs. George Barr Mrs. Arlene Benigni Mr. and Mrs. Jay D. Bergman Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Beutel (Denise Clemens '85, '96) Mr. Michael Bily and Ms. Christy Ford Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois Mr. Michael J. Bone '92 Mr. Drew R. Bradle '02 Mr. John F. Brennan Mr. Bernard Briskin Dr. and Mrs. William R. Bromer Brown & Brown of Illinois The Honorable and Mrs. Robert P. Brumund Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bryant '83 Mrs. Elizabeth F. (Freiburg) Burke* '48 Busey Bank CBIZ Benefits & Insurance Services of Illinois CVS Health Foundation Ms. Ashley Cady '16 Caesar's Casino Dr. Patricia F. (Forsythe) Campbell '70 Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Cannata (Julie A. Schmidt '68) Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Carbery (Corinne Carbery '97) Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Carlson Cathedral Area Preservation Association Champion Drywall, Inc. Ms. Jane Condon Mr. and Mrs. Matthew W. Connor (Josephine Giacchino '56) Dr. and Mrs. Terrance L. Cottrell '99, '03 (Michelle '09, '10) Dr. and Mrs. Leslie Cox (Mary Lagger '73) Mr. Richard Cronholm Mr. and Mrs. James D'Amico Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D'Arcy

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Darguzis Double J Sports Bar Mr. and Mrs. Peery A. Duderstadt (Mary Ann Bonkowski '68) Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Ellerby Dr. Carolyn M. T. Engers Enterprise Holdings Foundation Mr. Robert Erickson Excel Electric, Inc. Extreme Networks ExxonMobil Foundation First Midwest Bank Mrs. Rojeanne (Majewski) Fischer '62 Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart Mr. and Mrs. Marc Fry GCA Service Group, Inc. Mr. Arthur Galli, Jr. '80 Mr. Joseph M. Gaul '16 Mr. Stephen Geifman Mr. Peter Geovanes Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Giegerich Mr. James W. Glasgow Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Gorbold Dr. and Mrs. Alexander Grabavoy (Marisue Cordano '83) Mr. and Mrs. Shane E. Green '97 (Kerri Rochowicz '97) Dr. Barbara Greenham-Conway '53, '74 Mr. and Mrs. David Habiger Mr. Tom Hastings Ms. Allison Heard Mr. Hudson T. Hollister '02 Ms. Cary Jenkins Dr. Maria Jevitz Patterson '66 Jewell Events Catering Johansen & Anderson, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Johnson Joliet Catholic Academy Joliet Park District Joliet Slammers Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Jones (Virginia Deiss '68) Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Juster (Mary Lou Lechowich '66) KGG, LLC KSKJ Life, American Slovenian Catholic Union Mr. Michael J. Kalata '87 Mr. Howard Kalmenson Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Karner Mr. and Mrs. John Kella (Patricia Sowa '73) Mr. and Mrs. John S. Kender (Carol A. Vischak '67) Mr. and Mrs. Jerome G. Kenney (Dolores Torres '56) Mrs. Marilynn F. (Jilek) Klotz '68 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Knorr, Jr. Ms. Jean Konrad* Mrs. Mary Lou (Bourg) Kozar '49 Ms. Nancy E. Krug '69, '99 Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Kuzava Lawn Works of Joliet, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. George Lehman (Carol Pubentz Sterr '56) Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Leone, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edmund J. Leracz (Bernice Borek '62) Mrs. Billie Limacher Dr. Carol A. Lindee Mr. James J. Loughlin Mr. Thomas J. Ludrovec '92 Ms. Ann Lurie Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Manley (Marianne E. Busse '57) Mr. and Mrs. Gordon E. Marsh (Suzanne M. Slifka '02)

Celebrating Our Centennial in 2020


Mrs. Jo Ann (Felbinger) Mathews '64 Mrs. Kathleen H. (Baye) McCrohan '71 Mr. Vincent K. McGirr Dr. Terrance P. McGuire and Ms. Kathleen J. McGowan Ms. Laurie McPhillips MetLife Foundation Mickey's Tire & Service, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Mikuska Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Miles Mrs. Magdalyn (Woolfe) Miller '61 Mrs. Claire L. Millweard Mrs. Sandra (Novak) Montrose Olivier '61 Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Moore Ms. Frances Tures Naal '58 NuMark Credit Union Opera House Steak and Seafood Dr. and Mrs. John C. Orr (Madonna Plese '56) Mr. and Mrs. George Panagopoulos Dr. and Mrs. Frank H. Pascoe Mr. and Mrs. John H. Peifer (Margaret Connor '61) Piazza & Mannerino Masonry Mr. Benjamin Price Primus Electronics Corp Mr. and Mrs. John M. Przybyla Mr. and Mrs. Marvin F. Rakers (Anita Heimann '63) Ms. Jane V. Rapson Mr. and Mrs. Kevin T. Reardon Mrs. Anna Mae (Trizna) Repke '60 Revolution Enterprises Dr. Dorothy A. Ritter '66 Rockdale Automotive Mrs. Candice (Polovina'88) and Dr. Steven Rosen Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Ross Mr. and Mrs. David Roth Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Ruth '82 S&J Door, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Scott Schager (Jodi C. Zier '96, '02) Mr. Alban C. Scheuber Mr. and Mrs. Keith Schomig '13, '17 Mr. and Mrs. David D. Scott (Diane M. Kiefner '80) Mr. Nikolaus D. Semaca Mr. Brian J. Sharp '97, '01 Mr. and Mrs. David Short Mrs. Judith (Paul) Sigler '69 Silver Cross Hospital Mr. Damon M. Sloan and Ms. Ana Rossetti Miss Elaine T. Smith Mr. Mark T. Snodgrass '97, '00 Mr.* and Mrs. Douglas F. Spesia (Loretta Wiesbrook '65) Mr. Mark Stadalsky Ms. Cheryl A. (Schroeder) Stepney '70 Mr. and Mrs. George Lehman (Carol (Pubentz) Sterr-Lehman '56) Mr. and Mrs. Dan L. Stevenson Mr. and Mrs. John C. Stiglich '79 (Mary Jo Kinsella '80) Drs. Daniel and Stephanie Streitz Dr. and Mrs. Mark S. Streitz '85 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Sullivan (Margaret Bacon '96) Summit Cold Storage Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Szoke '78 (Donna M. Musich '80, '04) Mrs. Chieh K. Tan '00 The Arnold P. Gold Foundation The Community Foundation of Will County The Dobro Group, LLC


Engaging Mind & Spirit Magazine

The Flooring Guys Tim Wallace Landscape Supply Company, Inc. Mrs. Marguerite Tortorello Ms. Christine (Drozdowski) Trapp '81 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Turk III Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Turk Turk Furniture Dr. Maribel Valle Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Vana Mr. and Mrs. John E. Vidmar (Wilhelmine McCarley '68) Dr. Michael J. Vinciguerra Mr. and Mrs. George R. Vogrin (Shelby J. Brown '60) Dr. and Mrs. Gary F. Voyc (Beverly '87) Mr. and Mrs. Brent Wagner Mr. Timothy J. Wallace '82 Mr. Scott Walsh Dr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Ward Mrs. Mary Kathleen Ward Mr. and Mrs. Eric Washburn (Jeanne '99, '01) Mr. J. Bradley Webb Webb Boys Leasing Corp. Mr. Nicholas A. Weis '91 (Patricia H. Weis '08) Mr. Jason M. Whiteside '00 Mr. Eric Wignall Mr. Jason Williams Dr. Phyllis M. Wilson Mrs. Suzanne Wright Ms. Colleen A. Wyse '75 and Dr. Stephen Klasko

Francis Fund $1-$999 Mr. Jerad Abbott Mrs. Lucille A. (Almo) Abbott '51 Mr. Michael L. Abegg Ms. Margaret R. Abeyta '05 Abrasive and Fastening Solutions Inc Ms. Lynn Addotta Sr. Lucille Adelmann, OSF '48 Adler Planetariun/Yerkes Observatory Advanced Patent Design INC. Ms. Georgene Agnich '76 Ms. Linda S. Aguilar Ms. Susan Ahern Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ainsworth (Mary Jane Wollensack '70) Mrs. Mary Jane (Wollensack) Ainsworth '70 Mrs. Shawna R. (Puleo) Alaimo '97 Mrs. Claudia J. Albertsen '88 Mr. Raymond Albrecht Mrs. Marie C. (Ering) Albrecht '59 Mr. and Mrs. James D. Allen (Patricia Judnich '64) Mrs. Dianne (Rastello) Allen '66 Mrs. Suzanne Allen Ms. Daniella Almazan '08 Mr. Phillip W. Alonzo '10 Mr. Joel Alvarado '19 AmazonSmile Foundation Mr. Mark Ament American Comustion Service, Inc. American Water Mrs. Jill Anaya Mrs. Vickie L. Anders '07 Mr. Elijah A. Anderson '18 Mrs. Heather M. (Kuzminski) Anderson '96, '20 Mrs. Janann M. Anderson '07 Ms. Fern J. Anderson '87 Ms. Kenlyn J. Anderson '04 Ms. Mary K. (Bentley) Anderson '02, '04 Ms. Rosemarie Andolino

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Andrea (Teresa A. '15) Mrs. Beth D. Andresen '98 Mrs. Angela A. (DeSandre) Andreshak '57 Mrs. Shawnette B. Andries '99 Ms. Karen Andrusco '95 Ms. Theresa Anfield '19 Mrs. Lois E. Annand '03, '13 Ms. Angela L. Antonou Mrs. Ruth B. Antony '05 Mr. Ricky Arbuckle '93 Ms. Tanya V. Arias '15 Arlington Structural Steel Company Inc. Mr. Saro Armenian Mr. Walter J. Arnhold '74 Around Town Grooming LTD Dr. Elizabeth K. (Kennedy) Arts '83 Mrs. Mary N. (O'Donnell) Ashby '97 Mrs. Barbara J. Ashton '03, '06 Ms. Catherine Aslam '20 Audiophils Records Auto Medics Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Babcock '93 Ms. Christine Bailey Ms. Zelena Bailey '77 Mrs. D. Anne (Sonnefield) Bailie '64 Mr. and Mrs. J. Brian Bain, Jr. '02 (Jeana M. Coats '03) Mrs. Dollie A. (Badovinich) Bajusz '54 Ms. Ella Balagula Mrs. Pamela A. (Konopacz) Baldwin '75 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Baltz (Joseph D. Baltz '75) Mr. John Barakat Barba Concrete, Inc. Mrs. Jo Ann (McDonald) Barber '52 Mrs. Pamela Bare '95 Mr. Jeffery P. Barker Mr. and Mrs. John J. Barkoski Ms. Gladys E. Barnes '01 Ms. Suzanne Barnes '85 Mr. Bruce Barron Mr. Ildefonso Barron Ms. Morayma Barron '20 Mr. and Mrs. Dean R. Bartolini (Rachael A. Marks '00, '05) Dr. Robert S. Barwa Mrs. Geraldine (Knowles) Baskerville '54 Ms. Ruthann Baskerville '63 Mrs. Dorothy (Pulo) Batka '58 Mrs. Charlene A. (Crescenzo) Batson '68 Ms. Amy Baudouin Mr. Robert Bauer Mr. Kenneth J. Bazarnik '78 Mr. Thomas Beardsley Mr. Anthony J. Becich '86 Ms. Virginia L. Beckner-Rush '90 Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Beggs Mrs. Doreen K. Begley '92, '99, '17 Ms. Mary Behan Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Behling Ms. Sarah Beitler Mrs. Jeannine M. (Bejlovec) Bejlovec '96, '12 Mrs. Carol Bell '96 Ms. Barbara L. Bell '92 Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bender '89 (Sheila Brightmore '90) Mrs. Judith A. Bengston '91 Mrs. Denise Bennett '95 Ms. Ann Benoy Bentley Systems, Incorporated Mrs. June M. Benton '82 Mrs. Carol J. (Link) Bergin '63 Mrs. Amie L. Tisdale '02, '05 Mr. and Mrs. Ted C. Berman

Berman Capital Management & Research Mr. and Mrs. Don Bersano Ms. Kristin Bertell Dr. Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant '94, '97 Ms. Lisa M. Betsworth '06 Mr. George W. Beverly, Jr. '84 Ms. Kaitlyn Beverly Mrs. Dolores Biagi-Ellison '80 Ms. Karen L. Bialek '05 Mrs. Marcia A. (Burchardt) Bianco '64 Ms. Jan E. Bierer '07 Ms. Joan C. Billing '82 Mr. and Mrs. Brett J. Binkowski '94 (Shawna Batus '94) Mrs. Mary Jo Biondi Mrs. Marianne (Legan) Birgersson '66 Mrs. Rachel Birk Mr. and Mrs. Matthew M. Bisek '10 (Michelle Gearhart '10) Ms. Elizabeth A. (Bill) Bispo '76 Mr. George R. Black Mr. John P. Blackburn Ms. Tina C. Blaker '03 Mr. Kirk A. Blakney '96 Mrs. Patricia J. (Jenkins) Blanchette '87 Mr. and Mrs. James C. Blaser Mrs. Eileen (Brennan) Blasing '73 Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Blatti (Patricia L. Lee '84) Ms. Joyce D. Blau '91 Ms. Sue Bloch Ms. Amy Blood Ms. Sherry Bloom Mrs. Wendy Blum Dr. Mary Ann (Meyer) Bobosky '64 Mr. Robert W. Bodach '98 Mrs. Margaret M. (Connelly) Bodinet '72 Boeing Mrs. Frances J. (Dornik) Boese '62 Mr. and Mrs. Paul V. Boetto (Melanie Madarik '00) Mrs. Gloria S. Bogartz '92 Mrs. Ellen Bogner '94 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Boley (Paula Sosnoski '73) Ms. Betty L. Bolt '86 Mrs. Mary C. (Alexy) Bonadio '96 Ms. Julie T. Bonjo '01 Ms. Holly T. Bontkowski '93 Mrs. Rosaline A. (Rudolphi) Boone '64 Mr. Nicholas W. Booras '77 Mr. Henry E. Boraks '05 Mr. Robert Borgstrom Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Borkowski Mr. and Mrs. Laurence A. Bornhofen Dr. Diane M. (Chwierut) Borucki '63 Mrs. Marjorie J. Bouma '87 Ms. Margaret (McCauley) Boutott '91 Mrs. Barbara J. (Conaway) Bowers '95 Mr. David Bowman '15 Mr. Michael R. Boyna '78 Mr. and Mrs. Justin J Boyter '04, '15 (Lisa A. Boyter '15) Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Bozen, Jr. '97 (Victoria '96) Ms. Patricia L. Bracken '73, '86, '94 Mrs. Janet E. (Green) Bradley '80 Ms. Monica Brambila Mr. and Mrs. Saul Brass Mr. Kevlin B. Braun '01 Mrs. Daviann Braun Ms. Christina Bravo '17 Mrs. Mary Ann (Kull) Brecht '71 Mrs. Marlene M. (Stepaniak) Bremmer '59 Mr. and Mrs. James A. Brenczewski


Y O U ,

Mrs. Geri A. Brent Ms. Jen Breunig Ms. Joyce Brimer Mrs. Georgia L. Brinkmeier '88 Mr. and Mrs. James B. Briscoe (Kathleen M. '94, '97) Mrs. Karen (Ancel) Briscoe '73, '95 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Britt ’76 Mrs. Joan M. (Kehlenbach) Brncich '86 Mr. Steven Brooks Mrs. Joan C. (Wallace) Brosnahan '69 Mrs. Doris (Lewis) Brown '50 Ms. Kathleen M. Brown '03 Ms. Marilyn A. Brown Mrs. Deborah J. (Surinak) Brozman '74 Ms. Tamera M. Brumm '96 Sr. Susan Bruno, OSF '79 Ms. Rosemary H. Brunton '86 Ms. Helen (Antonini) Bruskas '64 Mrs. Arlene (Pouk) Bryan '54 Mrs. Kathryn A. (Mistrik) Bryan '84, '20 Mr. Herbert Buchanan Mrs. Susan M. Buckley '85 Budget Golf Mrs. Jane F. (Rozynek) Bukowski '73 Mrs. Darlene F. (Grybash) Bull '78 Mrs. Joyce L. (Piggush) Burdge '69 Mr. and Mrs. William F. Burich Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Burkhardt Mr. J.O. Burkiett Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Burla Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Burnett Mrs. Margaret A. (Owing) Burnett '68 Ms. Mary Jo Burns '72 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Burt (Marie A. Goeller '70) Mrs. Sheri (Schultz) Buschuk '95 Mr and Mrs. Robert Butcher '12 (Jennifer '12) Mr. and Mrs. Donald Butkus Mrs. Cecilia A. (Nickels) Butlett '68 CTE Global, Inc Mrs. Catherine D. (Pals) Caccioppoli '60 Mr. and Mrs. David Cady Mrs. Donna Calabrese Campbell Photography Mr. Michael Campobasso Mr. Alejandro P. Campos '15 Mr. and Mrs. Arturo F. Campos '06 (Christine M. Campos '92, '17) Mrs. Lynda L. Caneva '81 Ms. Ellen Canham Mr. George W. Capps Dr. and Mrs. Michael G. Carlson Mr. Bob Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Carlson Mrs. Joan F. Carlson '83 Mrs. Myrna A. Carlson '86 Dr. Arthur Carpenter '91 Ms. Janet I. Carr '68 Ms. Laura Carrillo Mr. Patrick Carroll Mrs. Mary Jo (Talarico) Carroll '77 Mrs. Mary M. Carroll '98 Mrs. Ashley S. Carter '09 Ms. Trudy E. (Copeland) Carter '86 Mr. Brian J. Casey '82 Mrs. Lynn B. Casey '75 Ms. Adrianna Casillas '19 Ms. Amanda Cass '19, '20 Ms. Kristen A. Castelloni '96 Ms. Kristen Cates '16 Mr. David Caulfield '75 Mrs. Mary M. Cavallino '85 Mr. Anthony J. Cavallone '89 Mrs. Carmen Cedeno

G E N E R O U S Ms. Amanda K. Celentano '05 Ms. Carol L. (Janke) Cenar '60 Central Valley Studios Dr. Srimani Chakravarthi, '17 Ms. Julie Chan Channahon Park District Mrs. Betty J. Chapko '80, '85 Mrs. Lisa A. Chapman '05 Mr. John D. Chappetto '92 Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Charvat Ms. Debra Chase Ms. Margarita Chavez Ms. Cecelia Chen '85 Mrs. Christine (Maslinski) Chesebro '84 Ms. Angie Chevere '20 Mr. Jeffrey A. Chiapello '10 Chicago Blackhawks Chicago Cubs Chicago Street Pub Ms. Karen (Park) Choi '73 Mrs. Diane Chonacki-Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Chovanec '93 (Marissa Franzen '95) Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Ciarlette (Karen L. Christianson '94, '97) Ciarlette & Robbins LLP Mrs. Elaine F. (Giampoli) Cichon '68 Ms. Danielle I. (Martin) Ciechanski '08 Mrs. Nancy S. Ciesla '88 Ms. Patricia A. Cipriani '54 Mrs. Mary A. (Litwiller) Clauser '83 Mr. and Mrs. Leo Cleary Mrs. Kathleen T. (McCrave) Cleary '58 Ms. Paulette Clement Mr. Robert Clementi Mrs. Marsha A. Cochran '87 Ms. Karissa Cockburn '17 Mr. David Cohan Mrs. Dorothy I. (Schofield-Barger) Colgan '82 Colley Elevator Mr. Rick Collins Mrs. Margaret Collins '96 Ms. Sue E. Collins '80 Mrs. Nancy J. Colombo O'Donnell '70 Comcast Spotlight Chicago Comedy Sportz Chicago Committee to Elect Lawrence Walsh Community Chiropractic Center Community Survey, Inc. Mr. Michael Condon Dr. Maria A. Connolly '74 Mr. Keith Conroy '86 Ms. Jessica L. Conte '13, '20 and Mr. Craig A. Taheny, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Cook, Jr. (Linda Petrakovitz '65) Mrs. Kristin J. Cook '92 Ms. Joanne M. Cook '95, '98 Mrs. Carol M. Coolidge '78 Mrs. Rebecca "Kaye" Coop '95 Mrs. Sandy Cooper '95 Ms. Francine Cooper Cooper's Hawk Mrs. Karen L. Corp '09 Ms. Frances (Trainor) Corrigan '51 Dr. Joseph N. Costa '94 Mr. Michael C. Costello Mr. William E. Coughlin '80 Mr. Jason Countryman Jr. Courage Program Ms. Ravana Courtney '98 Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Covelli (Bonnie '09) Mr. Steven Cowan Mr. Jacob Crabb '20 Ms. Julie L. Cravath* '08, '13

D O N O R S !

Mrs. Sarah (Wallace) Crawley '77 Ms. Arianna M. Creamer '19 Ms. Loretta H. Creely '55 Ms. Rose Crosby '78 Ms. Carmelita Cross '19 Ms. Gayle L. Crow '84 Mrs. Catherine E. (Drozdek) Crowley '94, '97 Mrs. Corrine M. Crowley '83 Mr. Scott Crowther SR Mrs. Debra Crowther Mrs. Nancy S. Crumpton '90 Ms. Carol Cunningham '00 Mr. and Mrs. James H. Curran (Mary A. Todd '67) Mrs. Denise (Greif) Curran '69 Mrs. Glenda W. (Williams) Currie '83 Mr. Joseph M. Curry '01 Mr. Michael J. Curry Ms. Megan Curry Ms. Meghan Curry Ms. Karen Curtin '82 Ms. Belinda O. Cusic '93, '00 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Cusimano Mrs. Carolyn L. Cusumano '92 Mr. Norbert Cvengros Ms. Susan L. Czajowski '05 Mr.* and Mrs. John W. D'Arcy (Jeanette O'Donnell '49) DBA Chicago Racquet and Fitness Club DG Marketing LLC/Dixon Challenge Mr. and Mrs. James T. DaRosa Ms. Mishel Daletski '20 Mr. Timothy Dalton '91, '07 Mrs. Donna M. (Dunn) Daly '62 Ms. Mary Arletta (Ginter) Daugherty '57 Ms. Ashleigh David '19 David Nelson Exquisite Jewelry, Inc. Ms. Lori A. Davidson '09 Ms. Nichole Davidson '19 Dr. Elizabeth W. Davies Mrs. Cathy (Andrews) Davies '72 Mr. Shawn C. Davis '91 Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Davis


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Mrs. Julie A. Davis '03 Mrs. Mary J. (Shirk) Davis '83, '03 Ms. Barbara B. (Payne) Davis '97 Ms. Denise (Martincich) Davis '82 Ms. Anne-Christine (Tompkins) Day '14, '15 Ms. Jordyn Day '20 Ms. Nicole Dayag '16 Mrs. Marilyn J. DeBerry '91 Mr. Timothy J. DeCesaro '95, '97 Mr. Jeff DeGraw Ms. Shannan E. DeLima '05 Mrs. Nancy L. DeLong '93 Mrs. Patricia D. DeNeal '79 Ms. Melissa DeRosa Dr. Kathy DeVault '90 Mrs. Carol Ann (Archibald) Deck '55 Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Decman Mrs. Alice DeGennaro '81 Ms. Linda Deiss '69 Mrs. Remedios Dela Cruz '84 Mr. and Mrs. J. Anthony Delgado Ms. Jean Delhey Ms. Sue Demeritt Mrs. Margadette (Moffatt) Demet '47 Mrs. Barbara P. Denman '80 Mrs. Suzanne L. Dennehy '07 Ms. Ellen Devin '03 Mrs. Patricia T. Devron '99 Dr. Stacy Dewald Mrs. Sharon (Kaplan) Dewart '78 Mr. Frank DiBella Mr. David DiLorenzo Mrs. Edith M. (Tira) Dichtl '58 Mr. Dennis Dillon Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Dillon Mrs. Ashleigh (Offerman) Dillon '13, '15 Mrs. Deanna J. Diodato '94 Mr. David Dipaolo Mrs. Karen A. (Clennon) Dirst '68 Mr. David Dixon Ms. Alexandra Dixon Ms. Sherrie Dixon Mrs. Darla Dobberstein '96 Mr. Jack S. Dolan '76

Ms. Casey Dollinger Mrs. Judith (Leszczynski) Dombrowski '64 Ms. Linda Dombrowski Mrs. Virginia (Russell) Domzalski '00 Mrs. Lisa M. (Favicchio) Donnelly '99 Mrs. Lisa M. (Wyglendowski) Donofry '87 Mrs. Amanda C. Dore '10, '12 Mr. William E. Dow Ms. Margery L. Dowling '93 Mr. Paulrice Downey Mr. Robert A. Downey '83 Ms. Caitlin R. Downing '13 Mrs. Lynn Doyle Mrs. Jane (McKean) Drabik '70 Ms. Kim Drechsel Ms. Michelle Drescher Mr. Terry L. Dreyfus '05 Drury Lane Mr. David B. Duchene '82 Ms. Donna A. Duerr '01 Mr. Mario Dukovac Mrs. Claire Dunavan Mr. Harry J. Duncan Mrs. Diane L. Dunn '89 Ms. Denise Dunne '04 Mrs. Melissa G. Dunsmore '02 Mr. and Mrs. Gary Durish Ms. Wendy Durkin Mrs. Kathleen Eberhardt Mrs. Nancy L. Eckburg '75 Mr. Elmer F. Eddy '80 Mrs. Meredith Edgar Mrs. Deborah A. (Bailey) Edmondson '94 Mr. and Mrs. Barry J. Edmonson (Jacqueline A. Simon '63, '88, '94) Ms. Patricia J. Edwards '78, '88 Dr. and Mrs. Brian Egan Mrs. Donna J. (Delohery) Egan '70 Ms. Laura A. Eggert '09, '13 Mrs. Mary Ann (Gosack) Egizio '66 Mr. Matthew J. Ehley '96 Ms. Aimee L. Eichelberger '09 Dr. Jean E. Eisel '68 Mrs. Janet J. Eisenberg '98

Ms. Victoria Ekram '18, '20 Ms. Lonna M. El-Talabani '88, '94 Mrs. Mary C. Elberson '90 Ms. Ann Elger Eli's Cheescake Company Elite Rotorcraft Mrs. Shandi L. Elliot '13, '14 Mrs. Brenda K. Ellis '94 Ms. Paula J. Elsner '05, '13 Mrs. Karen A. Ende '14, '18 Mrs. Linda M. (Reinhard) England '77, '86 Mr. Kenneth Engstrom Ms. Kathleen Enzenbacher Epic One Insurance Group, LLC Ms. Dale W. Eppling '87 Ms. Lindsay Epstein Ms. Colleen Erhardt Mr. Donald P. Erickson '08 Mrs. Virginia M. Ertle '88 Mrs. Lidsay Esch Mr. George Escobarete '96 Mr. Omar Esquivel Ms. Jennifer Ethridge '89, '09 Mrs. Judy K. Evans '01 Exelon Corporation Exelon Foundation Matching Gift Program Ms. Judith Farley Mrs. Rachael G. (Grant) Favero '82 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fears (Natalie R. Stark '93) Mrs. Natalie R. (Stark) Fears '93 Ms. Molly Feil '16 Mrs. Evelyn F. (Skul) Felbinger '61 Mr. Michael A. Feminis '90 Mrs. Janet Fennewald '97 Mr. and Mrs. Alex Fernandez '92 (Lisa A. Happ '92) Mr. Joseph G. Ferrallo '85, '06, '07 Ms. Carol A. Ferri '88 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ferro, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Ferry Ms. Kara Ferry Abarca '16 Ms. Janice M. Fetter '89 Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund


Y O U ,

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Filotto Ms. Arlene J. Finkle '09 Ms. Barbara Finzen Mrs. Barbara J. (Mikyska) Fiore '62 Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Fisher Mrs. Elizabeth A. Fisk '08 Mr. Lawrence J. Fitzgerald '78 Mr. David Fix Ms. Gloria J. Flathom '91 Mrs. Maureen E. Flatley '96 Mrs. Kristin A. Fletcher '08 Mrs. Vickey K. Flook '91 Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Foote (Carol Koziol '86) Ms. Mary Jo Foreman '09, '12 Dr. and Mrs. Clarence W. Fortier (Janet Best '58) Mrs. Catherine A. (Strom) Fox '68 Mrs. Kathleen A. (Gomez) Fox '80 Mrs. Susan L. (Brite) Fox '69 Mrs. Betty R. Foy '90 Franciscan Sisters of Chicago Mr. Michael Franck Ms. Jane H. (Wilczek) Frank '91 Mrs. Alexandria M. (Franzen) Franzen-Vander Tuuk '97, '00 (Christopher D. Vander Tuuk '98) Fraternal Order of Police Ms. Kathleen (Kremer) Fredrick '69 Sr. Ann A. Freiburg, OSF '55 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Fremeau (Joyce Goron '70) Mrs. Kathleen A. French Mrs. Ann Friel '96 Friends of Larry Hug Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Fries (Joanne G. Gaertner '69) Mrs. Dorothy Fry '79 Ms. Barbara W. Fuhlbruck Mrs. Jan L. (Johnson) Fulton '63 Mrs. Dodee Furst '81 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Futterer Ms. Julie A. Futterer '93, '18 Mrs. Susan A. (Kinsley) Futterer '91 Mr. Stanley A. Gagliardi '89 Mr. and Mrs. John A. Gallagher (Marianne Gallagher '83, '87) Ms. Anne Gallagher Ms. Erin Gallagher Ms. Sheryl Gallaher Ms. Charlotte R. Galuska '10 Dr. and Mrs. John S. Gambro Mr. Edward C. Garabedian '12 Mrs. Barbara (Kobe) Garavalia '89 Mrs. Beverly A. (Kurpaitis) Garbs '64 Mrs. Elodia Garcia Ms. Rebecca A. Garcia '93 Ms. Teresa B. Garcia-Mason '86, '04 Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Garland '09 (Rebecca R. Fleischman '99) Mr. Edward Garner Mrs. Kathy L. (Meiers) Garrow '99 Ms. Suzanne M. Dieter '19 Ms. Sharon S. Gawaluck '95 Mrs. Patricia R. Gedeller '95 Mrs. Susan (Stratz) Gehrke '88 Mr. Kevin Geist Mrs. Nicole R. Gerrick '01 Mr. Samuel Gersman (Jennifer M. Gersman '03, '14) Mrs. Jennifer M. (Tordai) Gersman '03, '14 Mrs. Liane Gerstenkorn Mrs. Kathleen L. (Cooper) Gerz '74, '97 Mr. David Giacomi '09 Mrs. Linda Gibbons '96 Mrs. Rebecca A. (Norris) Gilbert '98

G E N E R O U S Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Gilboe Mrs. Charlotte M. Gill '93 Mrs. Frances A. (Hawkinson) Gilles '68 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Giuseffi Ms. Vincentine Gjertsen '91 Mrs. Shirley (Ludrovec) Glascock '76, '93, '96, '97 Mrs. Patricia A. (Kelly) Glass '96 Ms. Anna Glen Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Glenn (Deborah M. Glenn '17) Ms. Veronica Gloria Miss Eugenia V. Glowacki '51 Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Godbout (Pamela S. Godbout '87) Mrs. Jodie Goebel Mr. Martin J. Golby '82 Mr. David Gomez Ms. Maria D. Gonzales '11 Mr. Ernesto Gonzalez '99 Ms. Estefani Gonzalez '17 Mrs. Janice M. (Johnson) Gora '83, '88 Mr. Victor Gordon Mr. Matthew C. Gorman '93 Mr. Adam Gorniak Ms. Coleen Gorszczyk '20 Mr. Joshua S. Gorzney '13 Mr. John Gosack '00 Gould Brothers LLC Mrs. Mary O. (O'Donnell) Grabowski '73 Mr. Charles Grace Mr. Jeremy J. Grachan '17 Mr. Robert Graham Mr. and Mrs. Dennis D. Granger Ms. Denise J. Gray '98 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Greely Mrs. Linda L. (Bennett) Green '80 Ms. Mary Green '92 Mrs. Sandra Greenham Ms. Kristine A. Gregory '12 Mr. Alan Grelck '98 Dr. Orlando V. Griego Mrs. Dolores R. Grout '97 Mrs. Eileen J. (Gourley) Grove '57 Mrs. Joanne E. (Kosac) Gruber '77 Mrs. Robin Gruber Dr. Scott M. Gruenbaum Guardian Construction Products, Inc. Mrs. Jean M. (Pfeifer) Guarino '61 Mrs. Stephanie Gubelman Mrs. Debra A. Guerrero '03 Mr. and Mrs. James Gulas Mrs. Helen E. (Danner) Gumble '65 Mr. Luke J. Gundersen '13 Mrs. Mary Lee Gustafson Dr. Rafaela Gutierrez '59 Mrs. Cheryl Gutmann Ms. Gloria Guttman Ms. Karen E. Haag '94 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence G. Hackett Mr. Panayiotis Hadjimitsos '18 Mrs. Mary C. (Cleary) Hagemann '67 Mr. and Mrs. H. Richard Hagen '90 Mr. Gary Hainer (Verna L. Thompson '91) Mrs. Christine C. Halowell '96, '01 Ms. Charlene M. Hamann '08 Mrs. Jennifer L. Hamer '00 Sr. Mary Ann Hamer, OSF '69, '06 Mr. Norris Hamilton Mrs. Madonna A. (Hakey) Hamilton '92 Ms. Lori K. Hammon '99 Dr. Melinda Hammond Mr. Martin E. Handley '89, '93 Mrs. Donna (Dipaolo) Hanley '68 Ms. Cynthia L. Hanna '02 Mrs. Karen M. Hannon '87

D O N O R S ! Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Hansen (Beth Shankland '73) Mrs. Catherine A. (Cuzella) Hanson '69 Mrs. Leonora C. Hantke '95 Mr. Patrick Harbour Mrs. Kathleen F. Harley '89 Mrs. Patricia M. (Zimmerman) Harley '97 Mr. Carl D. Harms '96 Ms. Jackie K. Harover '81 Ms. Janet A. Harper '83 Harrah's Joliet Casino Hotel Ms. Jo Ellyn Harrison '13 Mr. Terrance Hart and Ms. DebraJean Radakovich Mrs. Mary Jean (Lafond) Hartlep '49 Mrs. Mary Anne (Wilhelmi) Hartnett '73 Mr. Robert E. Hartney '95 Ms. Kay Hartung '62 Mrs. Victoria Hathaway Mrs. Mary M. (Fairbairn) Havens '77 Dr. Maribeth Hearn '20 Mr. Thomas Hearne Dr. Lisa Hedrick Mrs. Pauline L. (Jendraszak) Hefer '66 Ms. Marilee M. Heider '94 Mr. Eric J. Heim '06 Ms. Megan E. Heim '09, '10 Mr. Steven Hein Ms. Marian C. Heinzel '76, '08 Mr. Irwin Helford Ms. Catherine M. Heller '92, '97 Ms. Shirley Hellriegel '95 Mrs. Beverly R. Hendrix '94 Mrs. Sylvia H. (Heimann) Henken '55 Mrs. Colette A. (Moudry) Henley '68 Mrs. Carol A. (Vitkus) Hennessey '77 Ms. Darlene Henry Mrs. Jillian A. Herbert '08 Ms. Heather M. Hernandez '06 Mrs. Laura S. Herrin '09 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Herrmann (Patricia D. Jensen '53) Ms. Dorothy E. Herter '86 Mrs. Pam Hess Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Hiar '98 (Jennifer A. Sankey '96) Dr. Susan A. Stowe Ms. Linda M. Hickok '99 Dr. and Mrs. Lyle L. Hicks (Nancy '79, '91, '99) Mrs. Janine M. (Lukowski) Hicks '73, '98 Mr. Donald R. Hildebrand '83 Mr. Nathan Hill '19 Ms. Elizabeth A. Hills '08 Ms. Bernadine Hilsher '02 Mrs. Marilyn R. (Barker) Hinton* '69 Ms. Janet M. Hinz '03 Mrs. Cynthia A. Hirl-Bell '89, '96 Mr. Rodney D. Hiser '05, '15 Mrs. Connie L. (Mosley) Hoagenson '82 Mr. James E. Hoff, Jr. '97 Ms. Courtney Hogan Mr. Frank A. Hohenadel '05 Holabird & Root, LLC Ms. Namibia P. Holmes '12 Home Cut Donuts Home2 Suites Joliet by Hilton Mrs. Margaret M. (Brown) Honiotes '83 Mr. Lawrence A. Hopkins '87 (Tammie Hopkins '87) Mrs. Tammie Hopkins '87 (Lawrence A. Hopkins '87) Mr. Keith J. Horcasitas '98 Mr. and Mrs. Keith J. Horcasitas (Keith J. Horcasitas '98) Ms. Zoe G. Horrigan '11

Ms. Andrea Horwath Mr. Bruce Hoster Mr. Victor Howard Ms. Tajaleshia Howard '19 Mrs. Linda (Carbary) Howarth '77 Ms. Sue V. Howes '96 Ms. Pameline C. Hubbard '85 Hubbard Radio Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Huck III Dr. Daniela Huerta De Hathaway Ms. Candy A. Hull '90, '13 Mrs. Patricia R. (Reavley) Hunnewell '69 Ms. Maureen D. Hunt '02 Ms. Shelby L. Hunt '03, '14 Dr. Kelly K. (Wentz) Hunter '91 Mrs. Carol J. Huston '93 Mr. John L. Hutten '76 Mr. Keith N. Hyland '86 Mrs. Mary Patricia Hynes '78 Ms. Kyung S. Hyun '77 IBM Corporation Illinois Securities Company Sr. Mary Elizabeth Imler, OSF Ms. Lisa Incaudo Mrs. Betty L. Inman '92 Insulation Concepts Integrity Restoration, Inc. Interstate Batteries of Southwest Chicago Mrs. Kathleen Ipsen Iron Workers Local Union 444 Mr. John T. Irwin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John T. Irwin Ms. Judy G. Isett '93 J. Russ and Company, Inc. J.D. Brown and Company JC Licht Paints Ms. Adrienne Jackson '86 Ms. Kesha Jackson '17 Mr. Larry Jacobs Mrs. Jeanne Jacobs Ms. Savannah Jacobs Mrs. Diane (Kozak) Jager '67 Dr. Gail M. (Scholtes) Jamieson '61 Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Jamnik Mr. Michael Janovyak Mrs. Carol L. Janovyak '56, '84 Ms. Carol Anne Jarecki '84 Mr. Randal J. Jasniewski '03, '08 Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Jaworski Dr. Hermilo O. Jazmines '97, '99 Mrs. JoAnne Jenkins '00 Ms. Eileen J. Jenkins '84 Mr. Dennis L. Jensen Ms. Amanda L. Jensen Ms. Kari L. Jimenez Jitters Coffee Shop Mr. and Mrs. Warren T. Jivery Mrs. Susan M. Johanson-Lentz '86, '89 Mrs. Carol Johncours '77 Mrs. Jo Carol Johnson '80 Mrs. Lorell A. (White) Johnson '61 Mrs. Lori M. (DeGolyer) Johnson '03 Mrs. Nancy C. (Prochaska) Johnson '90 Ms. Amanda M. Johnson '98 Ms. Mary J. Johnson '94 Ms. Micole Johnson Ms. Molly Johnson '20 Ms. Roberta Johnson Joliet Bank & Trust Joliet Catholic Academy Alumni Association Joliet FOP Labor Council Joliet Firefighters Local 44 Joliet Tent Company Joliet Town and Country Lanes, Inc. Dr. Vince Jones

Celebrating Our Centennial in 2020


Mr. Rasheed Jones II '07 Ms. Dorrett P. Jones '05 Ms. Lynn Jones Mrs. Diane (Robinson) Jorstad '77 Mrs. Lisa (Eichelberger) Journigan '94 Ms. Courtney Joyce '20 Judy's Little Blossom Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Just '73 (Denise Holthaus '72) Mrs. Theresa M. (Long) Kaestner '72 Ms. Karin M. Kaiden '05 Mrs. Dolores (Sochacki) Kalayta '69 Mrs. Joni (Christianson) Kaluza '84 Mr. Robert Kaluzny '91 Mrs. Caitlin R. Kannberg '10 Ms. Ronda L. (Stegenga) Kanne '92 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Kararo Mrs. Laura A. (Fordonski) Karbarz '87 Mrs. Debra D. (Simcox) Kash '92 Kathy Miller State Farm Insurance Dr. Marvin Katilius-Boydstun Mrs. Kathleen Kazmar Mr. Michael Keane '87 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Keating '94 (Cynthia A. Rios '95) Mrs. Roberta C. (Wlodarski) Kehret '61 Mrs. Sharon R. (Gooding) Kelleher '80 Mrs. Deborah S. (Lorik) Keller '91 Mrs. June E. (Jackson) Kelly '85 Mrs. Leatrice C. (Schauer) Kelly '58 Ms. Marlou Kelly '19 Mr. and Mrs. Roger Nosal (Mary Jo Kelly '88) Mr. Ryan K. Kemp '97 Mrs. Patricia L. Kemper '83, '95 Mrs. Mary A. Kepchar '80, '99 Mrs. Marlene (Schaab) Kernwein '59 Mr. Jeremy Kersey Mrs. Amita J. (Oommen) Khandekar '83 Mrs. Michele A. (Sullivan) Kibble '79 Mrs. Charlotte A. Kics '08 Mrs. Kirsten S. Kilday '15 Ms. Mackenzie Killelea '17 Mrs. Midge Kimble Mr. Blake King Mrs. Christy King Ms. Bridget King Mrs. Alyce M. (Schillo) Kinzie '59 Mrs. Tanya K. Kirchner '89 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Kirkeeng Kiwanis Club of Joliet Ms. Marie Klaming '00 Ms. Kristi I. Klein '05 Ms. Patricia Klein Ms. Alicia Kleinert '19 Ms. Joyce M. Klinger '67 Mr. Jerry Klopfer Ms. Phyliss D. Kluch '97 Ms. Julianne C. Kmetz '64 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Knapczyk Mrs. Laurie J. (Vilt) Knick '94 Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin R. Knight '07, '18, '19 (Aubrey L. Durish '04, '07) Mr. Jeffrey T. Knowles, Jr. '01, '12 Mrs. Barbara J. (Krupinski) Knuth '63 Ms. Eva R. Koch '86 Mr. Michael Kocinski '87 Mrs. Rita R. Koerner '82 Mrs. Christine A. Kohanzo '03 Ms. Betty A. Kohl Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Kolacinski Ms. Dona M. (Klein) Kolbas '98 Ms. Annie-Laurie Koontz '92 Ms. Dorothy Korostoff Mrs. Bonnie (Chiodi) Kos '86 Ms. Marianna Kotcharian

Mrs. Barbara J. Kovach '83 Mr. Michael J. Kovas '97 Mr. John Kovatch Mr. John R. Kovatch '00 Mrs. Donna K. Kozak '05 Ms. Vincianne M. Kozak '06 Mr. Paul J. Kozar '90 Mr. Brian M. Kozlowski '96 Mr. Leonard Kozlowski Kozol Bros, Inc. Mr. Todd R. Kranpitz '86 Mrs. Rosemary A. (Jeans) Krass '50 Ms. Katherine Kraus '86 Ms. Cynthia Krawulski '18 Dr. Richard Kreiter Krema Coffeehouse Mr. Oscar H. Krieger Mr. Steve Krisch Ms. Shannon Kroll Ms. Zhanna Kroshka Ms. Elizabeth Krueger '75 Mr. and Mrs. James Kubalewski (Rita M. Hirsch '65) Mrs. Rita M. (Hirsch) Kubalewski '65 Mr. and Mrs. William E. Kucinic '78 (Patricia Schwiesow '65) Kuhar Vision Care Mrs. Patricia E. Kumazawa '91 Ms. Maria G. (Kump) Kump-Faren '67 Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Kuzma Mr. George Kveck Mrs. Jennifer Kveck Mrs. Marylou Kveck Ms. Wendy Kveck Mr. Larry Kwak Ms. Gillian Kwan Mr. John La Flamboy Mrs. Cele (Stefanski) La'Chance '69 Ms. Marlena La Favers '83 Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. LaLonde (Elizabeth J. Polyak '82) Mrs. Janis M. (Dusell) LaMont '84 Laborers Internationall Union of N. America Local 75 Mr. Ashvin Lad Mr. Richard P. Laib '06 Ms. Antonette Laitsch Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Laken (Elizabeth Briick '84) Sr. Margaret Ann Lanagan, OSF '64 Mr. and Mrs. Tizoc Landeros '99 Dr. Jeffrey J. Lange '89 Mrs. Jeanette (Peterson) Langebartels '79 Mr. Ronald Lanham Ms. Amy M. Lanham '05, '09 Mr. Jimmie D. Lansford '79 Mrs. Joyce M. Lantz '89 Mrs. Leona A. (Kowalski) Laouras '64 Ms. Patricia J. Larranaga '04 Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Larson Mr. and Mrs. Norman C. Larson (Sharon V. Engel '78, '06) Mrs. Carol A. (Michalski) Larson '67, '80 Mrs. Elizabeth J. (Anselmino) Larson '55 Ms. Kelly Larson Ms. Kimberly K. Welch '12 Mr. Michael J. Lavazza, Jr. Ms. Debby Lavazza Ms. Mary Lawler Mrs. Theresa A. (Armstrong) Lawson '77 Ms. Hollande Lawson '00 Ms. Debora A. Lazorik '77 Mrs. Anita A. (Kasarda) Le Claire '71 Mr. Brandon Leal '20 Mrs. Donna M. Lebisly '98 Mrs. Barbara Mutz Lecky '69

Ms. Alex Lecky Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Lee Ms. Jean A. Lee '90 Ms. Theresa Lee '57 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence H. Leff Miss Pamela M. Lehner '70 Mrs. Melinda A. (Shega) Lenci '92 Ms. Joanne M. Lendvay '95 Mrs. Janet G. Levengood '87 Mr. Victor Levine Ms. Lou Levine Ms. Leia Levy '18 Mrs. Helen R. (Audette) Lewis '63 Ms. Terri Lind Ms. Kathryn I. Lindgren Mr. William M. Linz, III '09 Dr. Gary Lipinski, MMM Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Lipke (Billie (Gillespie) Schimanski-Lipke '85) Mrs. Michele A. (Biszak) Lippert '89, '93 Ms. Darlene Litcher '79 Ms. Christy O. Little '08 Ms. Maureen Littlefield '86 Mrs. Constance L. Litwiller Lockport Township Park District Ms. Gigi Lodhia Mr. Eric W. Lofdahl '92 Mrs. Deborah L. (Glynn) Loftus '73 Mrs. Vicki L. Lohmiller '05, '19 Mrs. Andrea Loker '94 Mrs. Joanne M. (Kenney) Lombardo '89 Mrs. Doris J. (McDermott) Lonergan '71 Dr. JoAnn K. Lopykinski '89 Lou Malnati's Mrs. Gail Loughlin Louie's Restaurant Ms. Jean M. Lovati '71 Ms. Judith Lovejoy '95 Mr. and Mrs. Eric Lovgren '99 (Robin Bickett '98, '07) Mrs. Patricia A. LuCore '09, '11 Ms. Sarah Luciano Mrs Jeanne Lucier Mrs. Erica M. Lucio '03, '16 Mr. Stuart J. Lucko '85 Ms. Florence L. (Schrage) Luechtefeld '62 Mrs. Karen E. (Rici) Luessenheide '62 Ms. Carol J. Lukowski '69 Mrs. Geraldine M. (Ganek) Luszcz '61 Lynfred Winery Inc. Mrs. Jeanette E. Lynn '93 Ms. Donna MacLeod Ms. Jan Macho Mrs. Miriam Mack Mrs. Michelle A. (Mudron) Madura '94 Mrs. Angela Maffeo '20 Ms. Michelle Magana '91 Mrs. Joan A. (Rimmele) Magda '63 Ms. Margaret G. Mahadocon '89 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Maher Mrs. Carol A. Maier '86 Mr. Gary Major Ms. Barbara A. Brown '11 Ms. Carol Maloney Ms. Janet B. Maloney '80 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Mampe Ms. Angelica Manago '17 Miss Kathleen B. Mangiaracina '77 Ms. Audrey Manley Mrs. Linda M. Mann '83 Mr. William J. Manner '96 Mrs. Yvonne L. Marchioni '99 Mrs. Macho Marian Mr. and Mrs. Arlie J. Marks '02 (Christine '99, '02, '09) Ms. Melisa Marks


Y O U ,

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Markun Mrs. Rosemary A. (Lucenta) Markun '63 Ms. Nicole Marohl Mrs. Jean A. (Frank) Marquette '84 Mr. John P. Marshall '90 Mr. Robert T. Martin '06 Mrs. Linda M. (Yoakum) Martin '83 Ms. Barbara J. Martin '66 Ms. Vera M. Martin '89 Martin & Associates-Ameriprise Financial Mrs. Juanita V. (Kinder) Martin-Davis '54 Ms. Erika M. Martinez '11, '15, '18 Ms. Paulina Martinez '12 Mrs. Judith G. Martis '79 Mrs. Carol A. (Sasso) Matlak '86 Mrs. Sandra S. Matthys '90 Ms. Jennifer K. Matuszewski '07, '12 Dr. Jean M. Mau '80, '12 Ms. Patricia Maule Mr. and Mrs. Dale Max Mr. John W. May '86 Ms. Heather May '16 Ms. Grace A. Mayne '13 Mrs. Gloria N. Mbanu '01 Mr. Matthew A. McArthur '06, '14 Mrs. JoAnne (Zumer) McAuley '61 Mrs. Elizabeth A. McCarthy '90 Ms. Kimberlee McCarthy Mrs. Mary (Doyle) McCauley '53 Ms. Robin T. McCauley '83 Mrs. Julie A. McClain '99 Dr. Patricia McClintock '93, '02 Mrs. Michelle M. (Fiesman) McCool '86 Mr. Earl L. McCoy '00 Ms. Laura McDavitt '92 Ms. Danielle L. McDermott '03 Ms. Elizabeth McDermott Mrs. Mary V. (Coghlan) McDevitt '96 McDonald's - Cam and Gail Kennedy Ms. Kathy M. McElligott '87 Mr. Patrick McEniry Mrs. Alice A. (Ahler) McEwen '82 Mrs. Patricia A. (Keca) McGinnis '60 Mr. Michael D. McGowan '01 Ms. Ellen McGrady Mrs. Patricia A. (Cummings) McGrath '87 Ms. Mary Ann McGuire '89 Mrs. Laurene M. (Hanlon) McHatton '71 Ms. Kaetlyn McHugh '19 Ms. Donna L. McKee '91 Ms. Carrie McKenzie '05 Mrs. Arlene M. (Jordan) McLaughlin '93 Ms. Hannah McLaughlin '20 Mr. and Mrs. James K. McLeer '88, '99 Mrs. Joan E. (Kinkade) McNamara '58 Mr. Jerome A. McNulty '09 Ms. Cathy J. McQuait '97 Ms. Denise A. McQuinn '01 Mrs. Jackie (Costello) McTee '65 Ms. Kathryn P. McVey '05, '16 Mrs. Margaret D. (Sullivan) Meade '75 Mrs. Mary Ann B. (Bechik) Mecom '84 Ms. Darla K. Medernach '80 Ms. Anna Marie Medrano Mr. Mark P. Meers Ms. Claretta F. Meier '59 Mrs. Sharon I. (Chmielewski) Melko '69 Ms. Gina Mellace '19 Ms. Karen Mellon '78 Mrs. Patricia Melson '86 Ms. Roberta J. Messer '86 Mrs. Andrea J. (Robitaille) Mestancik '75 Dr. Donna Metlicka and Thomas Metlicka '07 Ms. Judith K. Metzger '82 Mrs. Elaine H. Meyer '79

G E N E R O U S Mr. Matthew Micek Mr. Brian J. Michalak '83 Mr. and Mrs. Leo Michalak Mrs. Barbara A. (Radosta) Michalski '55 Mr. Mark Midlock '85 Midwest Environmental Consulting Services, Inc. Midwest Tankermen, Inc. Midwest Transit Equipment, Inc. Ms. Tracey Migut Mr. and Mrs. Ken Mihelich Mrs. Karen R. (Aschenbrener) Miklic '90, '99 Ms. Paulette M. Miksch '85 Mr. Samuel D. Miller '87 Mrs. Yvonna Miller '16 Mrs. Mary (Mistro) Miller-Roed '80 Mrs. Meghan S. Milnes '09 Mrs. Linda L. (Quartuccio) Milzarek '65 Mistwood Golf Club Ms. Lynn C. Mitcham '15 Ms. Chrissy Mitchell Ms. Rashida Mitchell '19 Mrs. Constance M. Mohr '83 Ms. Paula J. (Felbinger) Molinaro '68 Mr. Kevin Molitor Mr. Ronald Molo Dr. Jessica M. Monu Mr. and Mrs. William Moody Mrs. Rita K. (Johansen) Mooney '81 Ms. Ellen F. Mooney '88 Mr. Mark Moore Mrs. Amy A. Moore Dr. Mary Jo Moran '69 Mrs. Kathleen M. (Rudman) Mores '54 Mrs. Constance (Gilmore) Morgan '66 Mrs. Patricia B. Morgan '93, '99 Mrs. Rosemary (Egan) Morgan '53 Ms. Linda S. Morganson '05 Mr. Donald J. Morin '75 Mrs. Elizabeth Morin '84 Morris Country Club Mr. Jeff L. Morrissette Mrs. Sharon B. Morselander '84 Ms. Joanne Mortimer Morton Arboretum Mrs. Brandi Morzuch Ms. Tammy L. Moseley '98 Mrs. Nancy L. (Schuman) Mosella '90 Mrs. Fredereike A. (Maleski) Moskal '67 Ms. Elizabeth A. Moss '99 Mrs. Lori R. Motsch '99, '16 Mr. Justin Mottier Mr. Submarine Mrs. Nancy A. Mucha '91, '94, '14 Mrs. Dorine M. (Berta) Muenzing '57 Mrs. Rebecca (Daugherty) Muhs '88 Mrs. Norma T. (Balthazar) Mullon '78 Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Murnick Dr. Madonna M. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. James Murphy Mrs. Marianne (Herringer) Murphy '62 Mrs. Marie U. (Ferk) Murray '69 Ms. Rita J. Murray '80 Ms. Anne Marie Myles Ms. Colette Naal Mrs. Margaret Naal Underwood Ms. Kathleen (Marsh) Nagle '92, '06 Ms. Sue A. Nash '81 Mrs. Ariane Natale Ms. Bharat Nathwani Mrs. Jan L. Nau '88 Ms. Nancy Naughton Ms. Gloria Nazari '00 Ms. Jaime Neagle Mrs. Judith Neal '91

D O N O R S ! Ms. Patricia Nedow Mr. James C. Neicheril '87 Ms. Mary Nellis Mr. Andrew J. Nelson '08 Mr. Eric Nelson Mr. James Nelson Jr. Ms. Heather Nelson Mrs. Arlene R. (Brummel) Nethery '55 Ms. Margaret H. Neumann Mr. and Mrs. William D. Neville (Virginia L. Ribordy '57) Ms. Michelle C. Nevin '94 New Lenox Community Park District Mr. Terry Newman Mr. Mark Nichols Mrs. Sherene L. Nicolai '03, '06 Mrs. Jeanne M. Niliaram '07, '08 Mrs. Dorothy (West) Nisbeth '80 Mrs. Pamela J. (Kolada) Nogal '68 Dr. Erika J. (Gerhardt) Nolan '71 Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Nolan Ms. Nancy Ellen Noonan '05 Mr. Chris Norman Mr. and Mrs. David W. Norman (Sandra M. Mule' '89) Ms. LaDonna E. Norstrom '70 Mrs. Loretta M. (Rasp) Norton '69 Mr. and Mrs. Roger Nosal (Mary Jo Kelly '88) Mr. Ronald J. Novak '77 Ms. Natalie Jo Novak '08, '12 Mrs. Janet (Schroeder) Novotny '67 Ms. Mary Jo Noyes '06 Ms. Barbara Nurse '82 Ms. Nichole Nyalka '16 Mrs. Michele D. O'Boyle Mr. Steve O'Brien '95 Mr. William D. O'Brien '02 Mrs. Susan B. O'Brien '96 Ms. Megan T. O'Brien '12 Mrs. Marcia J. (Real) O'Connell '57 Ms. Maureen O'Conor Mr. Timothy O'Donnell Mr. and Mrs. William F. O'Donnell (Patricia Coughlin '61) Mrs. Linda P. O'Donnell '05 Mrs. Sharon N. O'Hara '93 Mrs. Marcia R. (Halloran) O'Neal '69 Mrs. Bonita J. (Bastock) O'Reilly '80 Ms. Whitney O'Sullivan '13, '19 Ms. Lauren Offerman Ms. Lisa Offerman Mrs. Mathilde H. Ohl '90 Mr. Carl Oko Mrs. Sallyann Okuno Bacchiere '80 Old Fashioned Pancake House Old Timers Baseball Association of Will County Mrs. Patricia A. (Leonardis) Oleson '84 Ms. Doreen Oleszczuk Ms. Candis A. Oliver '85 Ms. Louise A. Olson '81 Mr. Thomas D. Olszta '07 Dr. Kent L. Oots '78 Ms. Susan Orlando Ms. Carol Ortega Ms. Maria Orwig '08 Mr. Steven E. Osborn '85 Mrs. Mary F. Oskvarek '89, '11, '18 Mrs. Kathleen E. (Walsh) Ostapuk '96 Dr. Ruth Osuch '75 Mr. Richard M. Ott Dr. Carol A. (Veverka) Overman '63 P.T. Ferro Construction Co. Mr. and Mrs. William M. Pakosz Ms. Theresa Pallanti '18

Mrs. Sharon A. Palmer '94, '97 Mrs. Mary Pat (Welsh) Palumbo '71 Mrs. Carol J. (Brett) Pankau '53 Mr. Michael J. Paone '01 Mrs. Judith V. (Gruca) Papandria '69 Paramount Theatre Mrs. Juliana I. (Kwun) Park '95 Ms. Susan Parker Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. Partain (Joyce A. Crader '76) Ms. Kelli Pasley '19 Mr. Charles Passo Jr. Mrs. Rosemarie A. (Kotesa) Patterson '58 Mr. Jonathan D. Paul '04, '11 Paul J. Ciolino & Assoc., Inc Mrs. Sharon M. Paver-Nepote '02, '07 Ms. Deena M. Pavinato '78 Ms. Sava Pavkovich Ms. Loryn Payne Mrs. Sylvia Paz Mrs. Mary J. (Tierney) Pazin '71 Ms. Jessica Peek Ms. Kristy L. Pegues '97 Mrs. Helen V. (Haas) Peindl '84 Ms. Amy M. Peksa '02, '06 Ms. Margery Perrott '77 Mrs. Anna R. Perry '09 Ms. Marie Pestana-Garcia '16 Mrs. Anita M. Peters '90 Mrs. Elizabeth R. (Wubben) Peters '02 Ms. JoAnn Peters Mr. Terry Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Peterson (Rae Marie Nagel '69) Mrs. Phyllis M. (Kleinhoffer) Peterson '72, '98 Mrs. Rae Marie (Nagel) Peterson '69 Ms. Michelle Peterson Ms. Patricia A. Peterson '92 Ms. Patricia Peterson '95 Mrs. Janine M. (Liptak) Petric '73 Mr. and Mrs. John Petrusa '76 (Terre '76) Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Pfaff '09 (Julianne N. Pfaff '08, '14) Mrs. Catherine J. (Schramm) Pfister '56 Mr. Thomas J. Piasecki '04 Mrs. Sandra M. Piatak '87 Mr. John Piazza Mrs. Amy R. Piccoli Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Pieper Mr. and Mrs. Jeff R. Pierson '01 (Lisa L. Rogers '86) Mr. Gregory Pietrzak Mr. Thomas Pitts Mrs. Mary M. (Maes) Plaine '90 Plainfield Unlimited Tan LLC Mr. Kenneth A. Plese Mr. Martin Plese Mrs. Diana L. Plisic Ms. Mary Jane Pluth '95 Mr. George T. Pobuda Ms. Joan Poese-Kammeyer '80 Mr. and Mrs. Ryan W. Pohlmann '99, '00 (Jill S. Pohlmann '03) Mrs. Lisa A. Polasky '01 Mrs. Judith M. Polites '92 Mrs. Jennifer P. Polka '06 Ms. Effie Pollack '83 Ms. Penny Poninski Mrs. Charlotte G. (Ginnetti) Ponto '63 Mr. Timothy L. Porter '91 Mrs. Elizabeth A. (Molloy) Porter '72 Ms. Jane E. Porter '90 Mrs. Caroline L. Portlock '02, '04 Ms. Renee R. Portmann '96

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Mrs. Golda (Sitler) Posey '85 Dr. Nancy M. (Papesh) Potempa* '72 Mr. Stanley J. Potempa (Nancy M. Papesh* '72) Mr. and Mrs. John W. Pour Ms. Trecia L. Powers '82 Prairie Investment Advisors Sr. Lois Prebil, OSF '61 Mrs. Marilyn S. (Schneider) Price '62 Ms. Beverly Price '96 Ms. Courtney Pritchard Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Pritz Mrs. Claire M. Probst '91 Ms. Terrye Probyn '00 Ms. Theda L. Prokos '06 Mr. Karl Propes

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Resh (Dorothy A. Ludden '64) Mrs. Dorothy A. (Ludden) Resh '64 Mrs. Karen (Ebentier) Rex '56 Mr. Wendell N. Reyes '88 Mrs. Carolyn Reynolds Rialto Square Theater Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Riccetti (Shirley A. Burzawa '61) Rev. Dennis Riccitelli Ms. Virginia Rice '78 Mr. Corey M. Richardson '09 Mrs. Ruthann M. Richardson '96 Ms. Elvia Rickmon Ms. Catherine E. Rienzo '01, '05 Mrs. Brianne L. (Hougas) Riley '03

Mr. Kyle Pursel '20 Pyrotechnic Display Inc. Mr. Christiane Querfeld Ms. Joyce E. Quigley '67 Ms. Candice R. Quinerly '10 R&R Orthodontics LLC Rachke Piping and Mechanical, Inc. Terrance Hart and DebraJean Radakovich Mrs. Christine A. (Seper) Rados '67 Mr. and Mrs. William R. Rakoski '02 Ms. Donna Rakoski Mrs. Mary Jane Ramsay '79 Mr. Matthew A. Ramuta (Joan Nahas* '56) Mr. and Mrs. John A. Ramuta Mr. and Mrs. John A. Randich, Sr. '76 Mr. Alan C. Randolph '07 Ms. Kathleen M. (Bolte) Randolph '69 Ms. Sharon A. Ranshaw '00 Rathbun Cservenyak & Kozol, LLC Mrs. Sara C. Rausch '80 Raymond Management Recovery Management Services, Inc. Ms. Regina Redd '19 Mrs. Mary Fran (Scott) Redgate '59 Mrs. Rosemary Y. (Lamb) Reed '67 Mrs. Mary Jane Reese '91 Mrs. Nicole M. Reese '01 Ms. Beverly J. Reishus '87 Ms. Kay E. Rekeweg '80 Ms. Carolyn Reneau '00 Dr. Susan M. Renner Mr. Ken Resh

Mr. Jack Ritchey Mrs. Ursula C. (Betley) Ritter '69 Mr. William Rivera Mrs. Julia K. Robb '89 Mrs. Mary Lou (Bost) Roberts '82 Ms. Claudette L. (Patheal) Roberts '78 Ms. Emily H. Roberts '88, '96 Ms. Patrice Roberts Mrs. Laverne (Cryor) Robinson '80 Ms. Jane (Robinson) Robinson '80 Ms. Linda S. Rocke '04 Mr. Fredy Rodriguez Ms. Katie (Thayer) Rodriguez '15 Ms. Debra H. Rogan '98, '08 Ms. Lauren A. Rogers '05, '12 Ms. Patty Rojkowski Mrs. Marilyn Rokita '98 Dr. and Mrs. Michael L. Rolinitis '15 Mr. James Roolf Mr. and Mrs. James M. Roolf Ms. Brenda Rosales '17 Ms. Melissa Rosen Ms. Natalie Rosen Mrs. Susan E. Rosenberg '91 Mrs. Mary Beth Ross '00 Ms. Katherine M. Ross '87 Mrs. Deborah (Struck) Roth '71 Ms. Debra (Rowan) Rowan '81 Ms. Beverly J. Rowland '82 Mr. James Royalty, Jr. '00, '02 Mr. and Mrs. James L. Rozanski Ms. Jeanette P. Rudderow '98


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Mrs. Celeste E. (Blaskievich) Rudman '61 Ruettiger, Tonelli & Associates, Inc. Dr. Darlene (Ruffin) Ruffin-Alexander '80 Mrs. Ann T. (Faivre) Ruggaber '67 Mr. and Mrs. Eric A. Ruiz '07, '09 (Jennifer Horn '10, '13) Ms. Rebecca Ruiz Ms. Clarice Rule '76 Ms. Valari Runner Sr. Gayle Rusbasan, OSF Ms. Lori A. Russ '95 Ms. Mary Ann Russ '73 Mr. Wesley Russell Mr. and Mrs. E. Wesley Russell Dr. Saundra Russell-Smith '18 Mr. Stanley E. Rutherford Dr. Michael Ryan (Paula T. Krzicnik* '61) Mr. and Mrs. John J. Ryan (Faith A. Ryan '96) Mr. and Mrs. Michael George Ryan (Paula T. Krzicnik '61) Mr. and Mrs. Harold M. Ryley '78 SAMTA- Southwest Area Music Teachers Association Saraboo Creek Ltd. Swift Ink LLC Mrs. Mary Ann (Meehan) Sabatini '95 Mrs. Donna G. Sabo '87 Mrs. Joan K. Sacerio '99, '03 Ms. Katherine Sachs '20 Mrs. Therese M. (Klawitter) Safavi '70 Ms. McNally Sagal Dr. Sibu P. Saha '03 Saint Bernard Catholic Church of Joliet Ms. Joyce A. Sala '70 Mr. Carlos Salas Salas '18 Mrs. Deborah Salgia Mrs. Marcie L. (Larson) Sallmann '79 Mrs. Jo Sylvia Salmon '94 Salon Haiku Mr. James Salvatore Mr. James V. Salvatori '09 Mr. Daniel J. Samuilis '93 Mrs. Therese Sanborn '02 Ms. Angelica Sanchez '20 Ms. Johan Sanchez Mr. Kevin C. Sanders '09 (Ashley R. Sanders '10) Mrs. Ashley R. Sanders '10 (Kevin C. Sanders '09) Ms. Cathy L. Sanders '01 Sanders Financial Services, Inc. Mr. Joseph R. Santos '92 Mr. Ronald P. Sapochak '83 Ms. Nelida Sargent Ms. Marisa Scanlon Mrs. Barbara A. (Zimmerman) Schaar '69 Mrs. Judith J. (Jerger) Schatz '71 Ms. Madison Scheel '20 Ms. Karen M. Scherer '09, '13 Mr. Laury Scheyer Mr. Mathew Schimanski Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Lipke (Billie (Gillespie) Schimanski-Lipke '85) Mrs. Shirley D. (Crabb) Schmid '90 Mr. Shawn S. Schneider '93 Ms. Sharon R. Schneider '86 Mrs. Holly Schoon Mrs. Colette M. Schrank '10 Mrs. Michele P. (Piazza) Schroeder '95 Drs. Mark and Cathleen Schultz Ms. Katherine Schulz '04 Ms. Natalie Schulz '20 Mrs. Robin M. (Bartolomeo) Schuster '66 Mrs. Gina L. Schwartz '92

Ms. Sharon Schweinsburg '99 Daniel D. Schwert, Ph.D Ms. Margaret M. Schwiesow '63, '80 Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Schwindt (Shirley '88) Ms. Ann Marie Scott Mrs. Mary Patrice (Crane) Scully '70 Mr. and Mrs. James M. Sears Mrs. Claudia Sears '98 Mr. Scott Segobiano Ms. Mary Louise Sejda '78 Ms. Linda K. Sellers '81, '93 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Selzer Mr. Larry E. Serven '96 Mrs. Margaret M. (Busca) Sevening '65 Mr. Gregory D. Severson '83 Ms. Patricia B. Shaffer '86 Sr. Joyce Shanabarger, OSF '74 Mr. Scott Shannon Mr. and Mrs. Dan Sharp Ms. Twaunette Sharpe '19 Ms. Catherine Shaw Mr. David P. Shea '84 and Dr. Rita Tamulis-Shea '83 Shear Envy Hair Salon Mr. Michael P. Sheckard '10 Shedd Aquarium Ms. Carol Sheetz '18, '19 Mrs. Betty L. Shell-Richter '77 Mrs. Deborah Shelnut '04, '14 Ms. Irene Shelton '06 Dr. Patricia L. Shelvy '13 Sheri Law Art Glass, Ltd. Ms. Bea E. Sheridan '89 Mrs. Lisa Shields Ms. Elizabeth R. Shields '03, '06 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Shroba Ms. Marie Shroba Ms. Nancy Shults '78 Ms. Alicia Shutack '95 Ms. Britney Siaj Mrs. Margaret R. (Quinn) Siefert '73 Mrs. Jeanne M. Sierka '92 Mrs. Margaret Sierra Mrs. Ellen Sietmann Signature Bank Signature Transportation Group LLC Sikich LLP Mr. and Mrs. Jeb S. Sillar Mrs. Janet L. (Zenkus) Simpson '69 Ms. Jada Sims '20 Ms. Lina Sims Mr. Keith R. Sincak '97 Mrs. Noralee M. (Lyons) Singer '71 Mr. Fredrick Sinkovits Sisters of St. Francis of the Neumann Communities Ms. Honey Skinner Ms. Mary Lou (Oliphant) Skoglund '86 Mr. Lyle Skosey Sr. Patricia Skowronski, OSF '68 Ms. Linda Jo Skuban '75 Ms. Jeanette L. Skul '59 Mrs. Nancy (Ward) Skuta '58 Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Slade Mr. and Mrs. Albert G. Sloan (Edwina E. Pointer '71) Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Slocum Ms. Sandra L. Sloka '06 Mrs. Audrey A. (Wujek) Slusarczyk '69 Mrs. Clarice M. (Krawczyk) Smedley '62 Mrs. Victoria Smietanski Mrs. Catherine W. (Weberg) Smirnoff '64 Mr. James V. Smith Mr. Jordon Smith '18 Mr. Nicklas G. Smith '04, '14


Y O U ,

Mr. Pam Smith Mr. Robert C. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Smith Mrs. Debra (Southcombe) Smith '69 Mrs. Judith A. (Hunt) Smith '79 Mrs. Marta M. (Medaris) Smith '82 Mrs. Susan E. Smith '04 Mrs. Suzanne M. (Scafuri) Smith '80 Ms. April M. Smith '99 Ms. Joan (Neff) Smith '81 Ms. Patricia E. Smith '78 Ms. Melissa Smrz '18 Snack Stop, LLC Mr. Timothy E. Soisson '11 Ms. Carol L. Sokolowski '85 Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Soldan '93 (Christina '94, '05) Ms. Michele L. Solomon '96 Mrs. Mary K. Solon-Goers '73 Sooper Lube Mrs. Cathy Sopinski Ms. Barbara A. Sorg '83 Mrs. Elaine Sorrill '97 Sosnoski Exterminating, Inc. Mr. David A. Soto '91 Mrs. Vilaylack Soulivong '09, '10, '19 Mrs. Holly A. Souza '06, '11 Mrs. Joanne F. (Fugiel) Spang '69 Mrs. Lucinda A. (Conz) Spang '91 Mrs. Karen M. (Plese) Speckman '83 Mrs. Kathleen A. (Reedy) Spencer '65 Mr. and Mrs. David D. Spesia '05, '08 Ms. Sandra Spindle '94 Ms. Sarah Spivey '20 Mr. Brad Sprague Mrs. Barbara A. (Brausch) Sprenger '63 Mrs. Terri K. (Grossen) Sprout '91 Ms. Susan K. (Scarcelli) Spurgeon '78 St. Mary Magdalene Church Mr. Brad Staab '95 Mr. Tom Staab Mrs. Adrienne M. (Lessard) Stack '92 Dr. Arleen M. Stahl '73 Mrs. Julie A. (Frey) Stamper '95 Ms. Pam Stanberry Ms. Pamela E. Stanberry '05 Ms. Judith A. Standerfer '88 Mrs. Marcia D. Stanford '80 Mrs. Janice M. (Jaksetich) Staniszewski '70 Stark Sanitary Service, Inc. S. Norris Mr. Michael L. Starosta '98 (Catherine B. Starosta '98) Mrs. Catherine B. Starosta '98 (Michael L. Starosta '98) Steel Tech Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Stenzel Mrs. Marguerite M. Stephenson '93 Mrs. Joanne M. Sterioti Ms. Allison M. Sterka '15 Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Sterling Mrs. Janice L. (Hinkleman) Sterling '95 Ms. Stephanie Stern '19 Mr. Erik A. Sternisha '03 Mrs. Jo Anne M. (Donnelly) Sternisha '71 Mr. James Stevens Mrs. Diane R. (Russo) Stevens '89 Ms. Suzette M. Stevens '96, '05 Ms. Tanya Stevens Mrs. Gail (Pogemiller) Stewart '85 Mrs. Marilyn L. (Laverty) Stewart '65 Mrs. Carol A. (Roof) Stiff '84 Mr. David Streitz Mrs. Marian E. Stromquist '75 Mrs. Alice A. (Glowacki) Strzalka '51 Mrs. Dianne Stuckey-Smith Mr. Clayton Stuckwisch

G E N E R O U S Mr. David Stumm Ms. Arlanda Suett '19 Mr. Charles J. Sullivan '06 Mrs. Kathleen T. (Brennan) Sullivan '82 Ms. Kathleen P. Sullivan '95 Peter M. Sullivan, Ed.D. '15 Sr. Rose Marie Surwilo, OSF '66 Ms. Madalyn C. Svendsen '90 Patricia Swalwell Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Swanson '99 (Lisa Burla '99) Mrs. Margaret A. (Sandberg) Swanson '87 Mr. Allan Sweet Mrs. Mary J. Swieca '94 Ms. Elizabeth M. Switalski '05 Mrs. Taffet Szakacs '94 Ms. Renee E. Szatko '12 Mrs. Mary Grace (Morrotto) Szczypta '67 Mrs. Karen L. (Loftus) Szukalski '94 Ms. Ashley Szymanski '17 T & D Bowling Specialist, LTD T. Castro Produce TCBY TISC, LLC Ms. Ramonda F. Talkie '71 Mr. David P. Shea '84 and Dr. Rita Tamulis-Shea '83 Mrs. Alice K. Tang '89 Dr. Janice Taylor '17 Ms. Rosann (Misuraca) Taylor '72 Mrs. Juliann M. (Torkar) Teasdale '63 Dr. Billie P. Terrell '77 Dr. Deborah A. Terrell Ms. Nicole Terrell-Smith '18 The Jacob Henry Mansion Estate The Maids of the Southwestern Suburbs The Original Pancake House The Perfect Pooch, Inc. Mrs. Janet L. Thiess '98 Mr. David P. Thomas '89 Mrs. Marjorie A. (Winzenread) Thomas '93 Ms. Jacqueline Thomas '01 Mr. Gerald Thompson '77 Mrs. Dianna J. Thompson '03 Ms. Jennifer Thompson '20 Ms. Susan D. Thompson '17, '20 Ms. Cammi M. Thurlby '09, '12 Mrs. Patricia Tomac Ms. Vicki Tomer Mr. Rodney A. Tonelli Ms. Rhonda Tordai Mrs. Karen A. Towns '03 Ms. June Townsend '79 Ms. Margaret A. Tras '87 Ms. Pamela Trenouth '94, '97 Tri-K Supplies, Inc. Mrs. Lisa Tribbett Ms. Antonette Trinchese* '57 Trinity Health Mrs. Debra A. (LaDue) Truskey '75 Mr. John M. Trusty '75 Mr. Joseph Turk Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Turk (Celeste Konecny '65) Mrs. Esther M. Turner '78 Ms. Charlotte Turturillo Dr. and Mrs. Jeffry A. Tyler (Cynthia Stonitsch '89) Mrs. Marilyn P. Tyler Tylka Family Trust Ms. Jacquelyn L. (Topinka) Tyndal '05 Ms. Terri Tyner '73 Mr. Anthony Tyus '78 U.S. Bank Foundation Mr. and Mrs. James A. Ullian (Kathleen Tadey '74)

D O N O R S ! Ms. Ebere Ume Mr. Adam Underhill Ms. Jennifer Unhoch '19 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Uram Ms. Cheryl A. Urbaniak '97 Mr. Michael Uremovich Mr. Gino J. Vaccarella '19 Ms. Hannah Vachon Mrs. Maxine Vail '97 Ms. Galynn M. Vaksdal '08, '12 Mrs. Martha Valenzuela Mrs. Joann D. (Franey) Van Antwerp '56 Mr. Dennis Van Asche '91 Ms. Barbara J. Van Etten '04, '08 Mrs. Jean VanDrie Mr. and Mrs. David VanWingeren Ms. Linda L. Vance '99 Mr. Brian P. Vander Luitgaren '98 Mr. Christopher D. Vander Tuuk '98 (Alexandria M. Franzen '97, '00) Mr. Adam R. Vander Woude '95 Mrs. Melanie D. Vanderbeck '08 Ms. Roberta Vandevier Mrs. Mary J. (Bergan) Vann '79 Mr. Angelo Vatianou Dr. Richard J. Vaughan Mrs. Joann Verdeyen '77 Mrs. Sharon Verges '98 Ms. Stephanie Vermillion Mrs. Marilyn R. (Beales) Viator '64 Mrs. Nancy K. (Lander) Vidmar '62 Ms. Nancy Vignovich '07 Mrs. Lourdes Villanueva '77 Ms. Grace J. Vincent '05 Ms. Jane Vitucci '95 Ms. Amanda Vogelsang '06, '16 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Vogen '93 (Tracey L. Carmack '92) Mr. Ronald W. Volden '86 Mr. Timothy Volpe Mrs. Mary A. Vonesh '12, '17 Ms. Karen Vos '98 Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Voss Mr. and Mrs. Brent H. Wadsworth Ms. Marie A. (Schuch) Wagner '87 Ms. Patricia Wagner Mrs. Christine Wakim '90 Mr. Toby Waldorf Mrs. Judith F. Walker '90 Ms. Laura Walker Mr. Jerry Wall Mrs. Bonnie J. (Manker) Wallace '96 Mrs. Doris A. (Pohl) Wallace '48 Ms. Susan Wallen '96 Mr. and Mrs. Brendan J. Walsh '05 (Jessica Saraga '05) Mr. and Mrs. Shawn T. Walsh '00 (Amy '03) Ms. Roseann Walsh Mr. I. Russell Waltman '95, '98 Mr. Scott M. Walton '93 Ms. Sandra M. Waraksa '91, '96 Mrs. Ina C. Ward '90 Ms. Karen Ward '15, '17 Mrs. Doris V. (Glad) Warren '67, '98 Ms. Tanya Washington '19, '20 Mr. Michael Watson Mr. Robert Watson Ms. Elaine Watts '93 Ms. Juanita Watts Ms. Lisa Wax '18 Mr. Patrick Webb, Jr. Ms. Ashley J. Webb '13, '17 Ms. Joyce A. Webb Ms. Kimberly S. Weber '89 Mrs. Anne J. (Hutchings) Webster '50 Mrs. Marilyn Weeks '92

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wegrzyn Mr. Robert Weidenaar Mrs. Joan I. (LaFave) Weiler '79 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Weis '90 (Donna Guderyahn '91) Mrs. Kathleen M. (Doolin) Weiss '68 Ms. Judith A. Weitzer Ms. Judie Welch '78 Mrs. Carol A. Wells '00 Mrs. Kathleen (Sheedy) Wells '63 Ms. Lana Wells '19 Mr. and Mrs. Brian Welsh Ms. Virginia R. Wessling '81 Ms. Rebecca Westrate '19 Mr. Steven S. Wettergren Mrs. Linda A. Wheeler '98 Ms. Harlene L. White Ms. Kathy N. Whiting '05 Dr. Ben B. Whitlock Ms. Sarah P. Whittaker '88 Ms. Kimberly M. (Marks) Wigley '05 Ms. Ann J. (Holland) Wilcox '81 Ms. Whitney Wilda '19 Mrs. Janet K. (Scurlock) Wildman '69, '94 Dr. Thomas Williams Mrs. Dianne (Lambert) Williams '66 Mrs. Irma R. Williams '92 Mrs. Nancy M. Williams '88 Mrs. Pat M. Williams '79 Ms. Brenda K. Williams '87, '94 Ms. Bridget Williams Ms. Melva M. Williams '92 Ms. Mary Jo Willis '70 Mr. Timothy E. Wills '92 Miss Mary L. Wilquet '80 Mr. Charles J. Wilson Mrs. Mary A. (Spiegelhalter) Wilson '80 Mrs. Mona M. (Hilsabeck) Wilson '68 Ms. Barbara L. Winch '08 Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Wintersteen Mr. and Mrs. James S. Wirt (Alice Davies '66) Ms. Cindy Wirtz '83 Mrs. Judith S. (Kollar) Wisinski '69 Ms. Dana Wittl '17 Mrs. Ann Woelfel Mr. Michael Wojcik Mr. Steven M. Wojcik '12 Ms. Grace Wojcik '17 Mrs. Joan (Bisenius) Woksa '77 Mr. Nathan J. Wolff, Jr. '97

Celebrating Our Centennial in 2020



Y O U ,

Mr. Jim Wong Mr. Paul Wood Ms. Martha L. Woodbury '83 Mr. Jeremy C. Woolman '96 Dr. Debra Workman Mrs. Marilyn Worsham '94 Ms. Katherine Wozniak '19 Mrs. Judith K. Wright '81 Mrs. Peggy A. (Myers) Wright '61 Ms. Dorine W. Wright '76 Ms. Nancy Wruk Mr. Robert Wunderlich

G E N E R O U S Ms. Kimberly Wurst Mr. Jeffrey T. Wynne '07 Ms. Donna M. Wysock '75 Mr. Richard Wysocke Mr. Jeffrey Yackley Mrs. Linda S. Yakacki '96 Ms. Linda L. Yardley '95 Ms. Pauline M. Yatsko '53 Mrs. Karleen (Meents) Yohnka '70 Ms. Linda L. York '90 Sr. Mary Jo Young, OSF, Ph.D. '66 Mrs. Barbara S. (Tandecki) Yug '90

D O N O R S ! Ms. Patricia Yulkowski '03 ZT Enterprises Inc. Mrs. Patricia K. (Sherman) Zajac '65 Ms. Margaret M. Zak '96 Zanies Comedy Club Ms. Emily M. Zawacki '98 Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Zech, Jr. (Paula Martin '92) Mrs. Trina M. Zeitz Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Zelinski '84 (Debra A. Korczak '83) Ms. Stephanie Zelinski '16

Ms. Mary Lynn Zembruski Sr. Dolores Zemont, OSF Mr. Michael Ziadat Ms. Natalie H. Ziegenhagen '95, '02 Ms. Christine Zielinski Zink Foodservice Mrs. Lili Ann Zisook Ms. Bettylou Zmudka '04 Mrs. Joan J. (Reckendorf) Zupec '85

ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIPS Mary Catherine Ward Abegg Endowed Scholarship

Dr. James P. McCabe Endowed Scholarship

Phyllis & Buel T. Adams Endowed Scholarship

Rachel and Harold McDonald Memorial Scholarship

Donald C. Anderson and William W. Manion Endowed Scholarship

Jean Miles ’40 and Nan Miles ’47 Endowed Scholarship

Harold and Joyce Anglemire Endowed Scholarship

Carolyn and Bart Murphy Endowed Scholarship

William and Jean Anson Endowed Scholarship

Frances Naal-Sczepaniak ’58 Endowed Scholarship

JoAnn (McDonald) Barber ‘52 Endowed Scholarship

Kathy Patton Oelrich Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Margaret (Kennedy) ’69 and William C. Benoit Endowed Scholarship

Sheryl (Kocher) Paul ’70 Endowed Scholarship

Jennifer K. Bily Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Sister Joan Preising Endowed Scholarship

Lloyd J. Bowden Endowed Scholarship

Remco Medical Endowed Scholarship

LaVerne S. & Dorothy M. Brown Endowed Scholarship

Candice Rosen Endowed Scholarship

Helen Antonini-Bruskas ’64 Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Ivo E. and Evelyn Rowland Endowed Scholarship

Michael J. Bryant Endowed Scholarship

Nancy J. Russell Endowed Scholarship

Joseph and Angeline Bydalek Endowed Scholarship

Patrick G. and Shirley W. Ryan Endowed Scholarship

William and Marieta Carroll International Student Scholarship

Virginia J. Saxon Trust for Scholarships

Richard L. Chavez Endowed Scholarship

Sister Beatrice Schiller Endowed Scholarship

Richard Cheek Endowed Scholarship

Mary Clare (Gordon ‘57) Sczepaniak Endowed Scholarship

Jason Chonacki ‘90 Endowed Scholarship

James R. Sefcik Endowed Scholarship

Charlotte Codo ’74 Endowed Scholarship

Margaret “Peggy” (Schmitt ’48) Sickley Endowed Scholarship

Margaret Coleman and John Philip Coleman Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Arthur and Vera Smith Endowed Scholarship

Amy Lynn D’Amico ’98 Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Virgil L. Smith Endowed Scholarship

Patricia Getson Endowed Scholarship

Jane Engleton Snyder ’35 Endowed Scholarship

Gordie Gillespie Memorial Scholarship

Clair and Josephine M. Southgate Endowed Scholarship

Shawn Green Memorial Scholarship

Spirit of St. Francis Endowed Scholarship

Nancy K. Gosselin Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Mona Minard-Stephen Endowed Scholarship

Samantha Harer Memorial Scholarship

Patrick J. Sullivan Endowed Scholarship

Annalise Hathaway ’12 Endowed Scholarship

Terrell Multicultural MSW Scholarship

Sheldon and Marie Hauck Endowed Scholarship

Trizna/Vargo Family Endowed Scholarship

Charlene M. Huffman Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Rita (Baranowski) Tylka ’60 Scholarship

Sonja Jezidija Endowed Scholarship

Lillian M. Tunze Scholarship Endowed Fund

Starr Johnston Endowed Scholarship Fund

Michael J. Vinciguerra Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Karen Kietzman ’66 Endowed Scholarship for Music and Theater

The Wadsworth Endowed Scholarship

Dave Laketa Athletic Scholarship

Packey and Eileen Webb Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Michael V. LaRocco Endowed Scholarship

Lawrence W. Wiers Endowed Scholarship

John and Cecily Leach Endowed Scholarship

Jeanette A. Wirt Endowed Scholarship

Marcita and Joseph A. Ley Endowed Scholarship

Marie Zielinski ’07 Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Bill Manner Student-Athlete Endowed Scholarship


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THREE OAKS Legacy Society Three Oaks Legacy Society members support the university’s mission and vision by including the University of St. Francis in their estate and financial plans. These legacy gifts ensure that countless students will benefit from the gift for years to come.

Benefits to being a member of the Three Oaks Society include: » The satisfaction of knowing that your legacy will provide much needed support for the University of St. Francis and its students. » A special certificate which can be proudly displayed at home or at the office. » Invitations to the university’s special USF Society events. » Special recognition. You, too, can explore peace-of-mind benefits through a gift in your will or other tax and family-friendly plans. For more information on how you can leave a legacy at USF, visit stfrancis.giftplans.org.

Anonymous Donors ’46, ’49, ’52, ’52, ’53,

Mr. Vincent K. McGirr

’61, ’61, ’62, ’63, ’65, ’66, ’68, ’68, ’69, ’71,

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Moore

’74, ’81, ’92, ’94, ’06, ’09

Dr. Mary Jo Moran '69

Mr. Thomas B. Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Murphy

Mrs. Marilyn (Schmotzer) Auth ’48

(Marianne Herringer ’62)

Mrs. Jo Ann (McDonald) Barber ’52

Mrs. Frances (Tures) Naal ’58

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Benoit

Mrs. Esther (Heimann) Norrenberns ’59

(Margaret Kennedy ’69) Mrs. Kay (Cox) Bissonnette ’46

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Peifer (Margaret Connor ’61)

Ms. Mary Kay (Softcheck) Blake ’70

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ross (Mary Cushing ’57)

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Blessent

Mr. and Mrs. David Sandahl

Mr. and Mrs. George R. Block ’79 (Regina Block)

(Marcille Pasdertz ’67) Ms. Marlene A. Skau ’98

Mrs. Marlene (Stepaniak) Bremmer ’59

Ms. Cheryl (Schroeder) Stepney ’70

Mr. Richard L. Chavez

Ms. Cecilia A. Trizna-Vargo ’59

Mrs. Sally (Terman) Cohan ’71

Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Turk

Mrs. Marcy (Moloney) Cromley ’68 Mr. and Mrs. John W. D’Arcy (Jeannette O’Donnell ’49) Mr. and Mrs. Peery Duderstadt (Mary Ann Bonkowski ’68) Mrs. Ardith (Davis) Efner ’70 Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Juster (Mary Lou Lechowich ’66)

(Celeste Konecny ’65) Mr. Duane R. Walker (MaryAnne Krawchuck* ’70) Mr. James E. Walsh (Donna M. Kaminiski* ’64) Mr. Matthew E. Wetstein ’85 Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Wheeler (Patricia Sexton ’67) Mrs. Marjorie F. (Freiburg) Wiemels ’60

Mr. and Mrs. John Kender (Carol Vischak ’70)

Mrs. Margie (Benoit) Wilson ’45

Mrs. Dolores (Torres) Kenney ’56

Mrs. Lee Ann (Heidenbluth) Wozniak ’45

Mr. John H. Leach (Cecily*) Miss Rose E. Mancuso


Mrs. Anna Louise Mashing ’46

Celebrating Our Centennial in 2020


FINANCIAL STATEMENTS Years ended May 31, 2019 and 2020 S TAT E M E N T O F F I N A N C I A L P O S I T I O N


ASSETS Cash and Cash Equivalents







Receivables 5,059,818 5,867,519








Less Scholarships and Aid

(25,818,868) (22,049,240)

Net Tution and Fees



Prepaid Expenses and Other Assets



Restricted Cash and Investments



Other Investments






Property and Equipment (Net of Depreciation)



Grants and Contracts



Beneficial Interest in Perpetual Trust



Disrtibution from Trusts Held by Others



Total Assets



Investment Return



Auxiliary Enterprises



Other Income



LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Total Revenues, Gains, and Other Support


Accounts Payable



Accrued Expenses



Borrowing on Revolving Line of Credit



Deferred Revenue



Other Liabilities



Debt-related Liabilities



U.S. Government Student Loan Funds



Total Liabilities



Net Assets

Without Donor Restrictions



With Donor Restrictions



Total Net Assets



Total Liabilities and Net Assets




EXPENSES Instruction



Academic Support



Student Services



Auxiliary Enterprises



Total Educational Program Services





Fundraising Expenses



Total Expenses





Institutional Support



$ 99,915,001

Loss on Disposals of Property



Unrealized Investment Gain



Unrealized Loss on Real Estate Held for Investment



Change in Fair Value of Interest Rate Swap Agreement





Change in Value of Split-Interest Agreements


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Loss on Extinguishment of Debt


Total Other Revenues (Expenses)












$ 53,169,536

SEE HOW YOU'VE HELPED US! 1,282 UNDERGRADUATES received assistance


received assistance



received need-based grants

received assistance



received assistance



EDUCATION STUDENTS received assistance

USF NEWS USF GLOWS, ONCE AGAIN, IN NATIONAL RANKINGS U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT The University of St. Francis has once again been recognized as a top university by U.S. News & World Report. This year’s recognition marks the second year that USF has been honored in the publication’s “National Universities” category. Last year's shift to the new category was a result of USF's awarding of at least 20 research/scholarship doctoral degrees during the most recent update year. An increase in the number of Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degrees awarded by USF, which are classified as research/scholarship doctoral degrees, played a large role in the reclassification. USF was ranked #227 on the list. In Illinois, USF was ranked ninth among the 17 Illinois schools included in the report, sixth among private schools in the state, and second among the state's Catholic schools. “We are pleased that outside organizations continue to recognize the quality of a University of St. Francis education, especially as we celebrate our centennial this year,” said USF President Arvid C. Johnson, Ph.D. “While being recognized for our quality in these rankings helps to validate the efforts of our faculty and provides us with many points of pride, the most important indicators of our success as educators are that our students have a great learning experience, graduate, are considered top prospects by employers, and find jobs that launch their careers.” For the second consecutive year, U.S. News also ranked USF in its “Top Performers on Social Mobility” list. According to usnews.com, "Economically disadvantaged students are less likely than others to finish college, even when controlling for other characteristics. Some colleges are more successful than others at advancing social mobility by enrolling and graduating large proportions of disadvantaged students awarded with Pell Grants. The vast majority of these federal grants are awarded to students whose adjusted gross family incomes are under $50,000.” “Being recognized for Social Mobility is one of those measures every staff and faculty member at USF can be proud of,” said USF vice president for admissions and marketing, Eric Wignall. “It continues to demonstrate our commitment to serve people from every background and income level. It shows just how solid our educational programs are that our graduates truly make more and do more to improve their lives.” PRINCETON REVIEW The Princeton Review recently named USF on its “2021 Best Colleges: Region by Region” list’s Midwestern category. This is the 13th consecutive year USF has been named to this national listing. It recognizes over 650 colleges and universities that the organization considers both academically outstanding and a valuable collegiate option.


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Robert Franek, The Princeton Review’s Editor-in-Chief, indicated that academics and overall campus experience play an important role in assembling this annual listing. “We chose the University of St. Francis and the other outstanding institutions on this list primarily for their academics,” he said. He noted that the company considered data from its survey of administrators at several hundred colleges in each region, information from staff visits to schools over the years, and the opinions of college counselors and advisors whose perspectives the company solicits. “We also consider what students enrolled at the schools reported to us on our student survey about their campus experiences,” Franek added. MONEY In the era of COVID-19’s disruptions and growing concern about student debt, the University of St. Francis was recognized by Money for its high value college degrees that help their graduates launch valuable careers and earn more. USF was included in the publication’s 2020 “Best Colleges in America for Your Money” listing. “High school students looking at college, parents, and adults looking at graduate school are right to be cautious about investing time and money into an educational program. A college degree can be worth millions of dollars over the course of one’s career. We have designed degree programs that help our graduates launch truly valuable, meaningful careers,” said Eric Wignall. “As an investment, the value of a degree from the University of St. Francis continues to climb. It’s really gratifying that Money again recognized USF for offering high quality, award-winning degree programs in its latest rankings,” he said.

USF PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT PROGRAM IN ALBUQUERQUE The USF Physician Assistant program's Class of 2022 made USF proud by volunteering recently at Santuario de Karuna in Tijeras, New Mexico. The service project was organized by PA student Taylor Kettle. Santuario de Karuna is an animal sanctuary where a variety of animals have been rescued from kill shelters and cruel environments. The efforts consisted of clearing the pathways around the property, washing food bowls for winter, laying down posts for a fowl coop, restoring the local artwork, cleaning stalls, and bathing the local donkey, Hondo.

I WEAR MY MASK FOR 3 REASONS H U M I L I T Y I don’t know if I have COVID-19, but I do know that people can spread the virus before they have symptoms.



I don’t know if the person I am near has battled cancer, has a heart condition, or returns home to elderly or sick family members. While I might be fine, they may not be fine.

C O M M U N I T Y I want USF to stay open, and I want USF students, employees and campus visitors to stay healthy.




In August, the University of St. Francis was blessed to have a safe return to campus after the long Illinois shut-down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Special thanks is extended to USF's hard working administration and the employees who joined together on committees and teams to focus on various aspects of the return to campus. Thanks, too, to students and employees for following the new guidelines... because of their diligence, and respect for USF, the university has been able to remain open for learning. We are #SaintsUnited!

Celebrating Our Centennial in 2020



Veronica Gloria, Joliet's Spanish Community Center executive director, recipient of USF's Joliet Agency Leadership Scholarship.

JOLIET AGENCY LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP USF again demonstrated its investment in the Joliet/Will County area by introducing the Joliet Agency Leadership Scholarship. The new initiative was announced on 1340 AM–WJOL's "Slocum In The Morning" show. “The Joliet Agency Leadership Scholarship is designed for local, not-for-profit agency directors and leaders who serve the greater Joliet community and assists them with earning their MBA through USF. This is a direct way for Joliet's university to impact Joliet community members,” said Tracy Spesia, Ed.D., USF professor and Spanish Community Center board president. At least one scholarship will be awarded annually—subject to demand and external funding support. Recipients must commit to maintaining a board-approved leadership position at their respective agency for two years beyond degree completion. While future recipients of the scholarship will be determined through an application-based review process, the inaugural recipient of the Joliet Agency Leadership Scholarship is Veronica Gloria, Spanish Community Center Executive Director. Gloria sees the opportunity the scholarship presents and the lasting impact it, in turn, can create within the local community. “What excites me most about this opportunity is that it creates sustainable access to higher education for myself and other professionals dedicated to the public good in Joliet. The more prepared we are as a sector, the more we can strategically make a difference in our local


Engaging Mind & Spirit Magazine

community. A quality education at USF can provide us with essential tools to creatively face challenges as change agents in our institutions, communities, and broader systems,” Gloria said. The Joliet Agency Leadership Scholarship is offered under a sharedcost structure with financial responsibilities assigned as approximately 25% to the recipient personally, 25% to the Joliet-area agency sponsoring the recipient, and 50% to the University of St. Francis, with the expectation that half of USF’s commitment will be donor-/business-funded. To that end, USF is proud to announce that the first community business sponsor of the Joliet Agency Leadership Scholarship is Joliet-area business owner and philanthropist Terry D’Arcy. “Terry D’Arcy has long been a strong supporter of the University of St. Francis and so many other important organizations and causes in the Joliet area,” USF President Arvid C. Johnson, Ph.D., said. “Through his support of the Joliet Agency Leadership Scholarship this year, Terry is continuing to invest in the ongoing growth and development of the greater Joliet region by partnering with USF to help one of our bright, young leaders to advance her education.” Additional details on this scholarship will be made available to local service and community agencies in early 2021. For more information, contact Eric Wignall at ewignall@stfrancis.edu or 815-740-3444.



WRONGFUL CONVICTIONS » Dr. Stacy Dewald, Assistant Professor

INTRODUCTION TO SPECIAL NEEDS » Dr. Srimani Chakravarthi, Professor

"Prior to coming to the University of St. Francis, I worked as an Investigator with the Will County Public Defender’s office which informed my views of the criminal justice system. Racism, conviction of the innocent, political pressure, and lack of funds for the defense of the indigent are a few flaws in the system that transformed my understanding of criminal defense and the system in general. Therefore, I designed a Topics course called 'Wrongful Convictions.' This course covers the causes of wrongful conviction, including eyewitness misidentifications, false confessions, scientist misconduct, junk science, official misconduct, and racism. Case studies are used to illustrate the causes and make suggestions for reform. Students have covered such cases as Juan Rivera, The Norfolk Four, and The West Memphis Three. I also use guest speakers in the course, such as Innocence Project attorneys and exonerees. We were supposed to take a field trip to the Joliet Forensic Science Laboratory in March, but you know...COVID... so that was cancelled." -Dr. Stacy Dewald

Teacher candidates in Dr. Srimani Chakravarthi’s Introduction to Special Needs course are gaining knowledge and experience applicable to their future classrooms through a partnership with a group of special needs students at Lincoln-Way Community High School District 210. The class began in spring of 2015 and runs every semester. Students come together for lunch at USF, allowing teacher candidates the chance to gain perspective on the range of disabilities they might encounter when working in an inclusive classroom setting or as a special education teacher. The partnership also gives Lincoln-Way students the opportunity to work on important skills outside their familiar and comfortable school environment. This collaboration is much more than just lunch. It is a rich learning experience for all participants and serves to further USF’s commitment to building an inclusive community through acceptance, flexible thinking, respecting differences, and finding common ground. Dr. Chakravarthi finds it to be one of her favorite experiences. “I love watching my candidates grow comfortable in talking to students with disabilities and demonstrate a newfound way to respect them and note what they are capable of doing, instead of their ‘need’ areas which are apparent.” Chakravarthi and Dr. Lisa White-McNulty recently co-authored a research paper about this experience which will soon be published in the International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.


What makes a college "Franciscan?" COBHA Dean Griego can tell you. While the colorful new decor in his hallways has surely brightened spirits, his goal is much deeper than a can of paint. To start, COBHA has developed a Franciscan business ethics course called “Just Business” (a play on words for justice) about how organizations can give back to the community, operate around sustainability, and apply Franciscan ethics to business practices. A master's level course is being developed with that same Franciscan ethics perspective. "We created a Servant Leader program," said Griego. "These leaders are students who focus on three things: 1) Jesus Christ and the work of St. Francis; 2) promoting Franciscan values within the college and university; and 3) service to others. These leaders are overseen by 'Faculty Shepherds,' who guide the students to keep focused on those three objectives." Griego says program participants have donated over $2,000 to help with the feeding of the homeless and many hours have been dedicated to volunteering at shelters. The group posts positive, Christ-centered messages around campus, working hand-in-hand with University Ministry, and will provide the chapel with two new sets of altar clothes for daily Mass. The group also participates in annual spiritual retreats. The commitment is so strong that the college is hoping to hire a service coordinator to help faculty locate service learning opportunities, highlight and assist with service needs in the college, and identify service needs in the community.

LEACH COLLEGE OF NURSING THE SIM LAB » Dr. Jennifer Wills-Savoia, Director of Clinical & Simulation Learning

LCON students start getting hands-on experience as juniors, when they get to start visiting the "Sim Lab." They get a minimum of one simulation per each clinical course they take, which means a minimum of eight simulation days. It is considered clinical time for both USF and the State of Illinois. USF has three high fidelity mannequins, used for actual patient care and assessments, and nine low fidelity mannequins, utilized to practice nursing skills. In high-fidelity simulation, there are typically three to four students in each four-hour session. They have a pre-briefing period with their instructor, where they get acquainted with the simulator and the environment. Then a simulation is run with faculty and the simulation technician in the room. The students do a debriefing of the scenario and patient situation with their instructor. Explained Wills-Savoia, "Our high-fidelity mannequins have palpable pulses, audible lung, heart and bowel sounds, and our newest mannequin also blinks. We can give them medications, IV fluids, catheterize them, give them a nasogastric tube or a number of other interventions as needed. We use the assessment findings and the vital signs of the patient to guide the student as they begin to make nursing judgments about how to intervene or care for their patient. This allows the students to put into action all that they are learning in class. It is one thing to learn it in class, but quite another to put that knowledge into practice!"

Celebrating Our Centennial in 2020




S T .




Julie McCabe-Sterr '75 (B.A. Social Work)

Retired President & Chief Technology Officer at

Problem Solving Court Coordinator at the Office of the

Empowerment Associates, LLC

Will County State's Attorney

Cheryl Stepney obtained bachelor’s degrees in History and English and a minor in Education. She went on to work at large firms in Chicago and then obtained a Computer Science degree from Roosevelt University and became one of the first female pioneers in the technology industry. Her employer, AT&T, sponsored her in the Executive MBA Program of the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University. After filling multiple roles at AT&T, she came across a small, 25-person firm in California and accepted the position of chief trainer. Moving from one million employees at AT&T to a startup proved challenging but paid off in stock option investments. That small firm was Oracle Corporation, which grew to over 40,000 employees by the time Cheryl was recruited to move to Minnesota for another startup opportunity. She had implemented a sound methodology for delivering database applications to business. She was hiring manager to over 10,000 consultants. She had started Oracle University, a profit center certifying customers had the knowledge to build the same systems the consultants could build. And, she did product management for a suite of tools to automatically build systems, the earliest Machine Learning capabilities. Upon moving to Minnesota to become the vice president of professional services for Macromedia, she leveraged her abilities to design database-enabled computer learning systems for large companies. Having been on the leading edge of technology for over 20 years, she then established her own consulting company, Empowerment Associates, for the next 20 years. Empowerment created systems that would reward individuals and teams with tangible data points on which their salaries could be derived. Clients included some of the largest firms in finance, health care and package delivery logistics. Empowerment became a data warehouse and business intelligence company known internationally from Europe, to the U.K. to South Africa. Stepney sold Empowerment to Microsoft Corporation and held positions on the Database Team as a power business intelligence consultant. Rounding out her 50-year career, Cheryl continued to do consulting until her retirement in 2020. She has been a dedicated volunteer throughout her career years for Loaves & Fishes, creating the Girl Scout Technology Badge, March of Dimes, and leading the 300 Minnesota volunteers teaching Safe Driving through AARP for nine years. She served two terms on the Board of Trustees for the University of St. Francis, which Stepney has included in her legacy gifting plans.



Cheryl (Schroeder) Stepney ‘70 (B.A. History)

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After obtaining her B.A. in Social Work, Julie McCabeSterr began her career working with emotionally disturbed children in Virginia and California. Returning home to Illinois, she worked with the Franciscans at the Center for Correctional Concerns in the Will County Adult Detention Facility from 1989 to 2004. In 2004, Julie joined the Office of James W. Glasgow, Will County State’s Attorney, as drug court coordinator, which allowed her to bring together her passion for working with the criminal justice involved population and her compassion in helping those less fortunate. Using her aptitude for leadership, strategic thinking and program creativity, she worked with State’s Attorney Glasgow and the community to expand the Drug Court into the Will County Problem Solving Courts, a program that is relevant, sustainable and effective. In fact, Will County is the only Problem Solving Court in the nation to have both a women’s and men’s sober living residence and an apartment building for transitional housing. During her career, Julie relies on her Franciscan values, recognizing the unique dignity and needs of each individual and their family. For instance, as part of the programming for the Problem Solving Courts, Julie developed and works collaboratively with the University of St. Francis on a reading project for inmates’ children, day programming and internship opportunities. A three-time cancer survivor, Julie has spent the last 20 years volunteering with the American Cancer Society by serving in leadership roles for the Relay For Life of Joliet, as well as community outreach for those suffering with cancer. Besides spending time with her children and grandchildren, in her spare time, Julie loves to garden, swim, and hike the national parks with her husband.

COLLEGE OF BUSINESS & HEALTH ADMINISTRATION AWARD Teresa Andrea '15 (M.S. Health Administration) Vice President, Chief Information Officer at Silver Cross Hospital

Teresa Andrea is currently the vice president and chief information officer at Silver Cross Hospital in New Lenox, Illinois. Teresa received her B.S. in Nursing from Bradley University, and then received an M.S. in Health Administration from University of St. Francis. With a strong technology background and diverse clinical roots, Andrea offers a futuristic and adaptive perspective as people, process and technology are connected. Her experience in multiple roles has allowed her the ability to problem solve through various perspectives. Known for her transformational and innovative approach, she has

successfully implemented numerous organizational projects to support business strategy while incorporating data and analytics to identify opportunity as we transform to value-based care. Whether it is digital innovation, workflow optimization or technical infrastructure, Andrea successfully fosters conversation in the context of business transformation to secure commitment and engagement which ultimately brings success in deliverables.

COLLEGE OF EDUCATION ALUMNI AWARD Dr. Peter Sullivan '15 (Ed.D. Educational Leadership) Assistant Regional Superintendent at the Will County Regional Office of Education

Dr. Peter Sullivan has served as the assistant regional superintendent for the Will County Regional Office of Education since July of 2018. During his education career, spanning 30-plus years, Sullivan has served as a classroom teacher, principal, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, and district superintendent in the Chicago Public School System, Lockport Township High School, Lisle Senior High School, and Will County School District 92. He has been an adjunct faculty member at USF since 2015, teaching courses in research methods and educational leadership as well as mentoring doctoral candidates through both the dissertation process and superintendent internship. As Will County assistant regional superintendent, Sullivan works to support school districts throughout Will County. He focuses on establishing networks of Will County educators to share their experiences and learn from one another. This effort was guided by his belief that the greatest experts in meeting the needs of students are the outstanding teachers and educational leaders who commit to their success on a daily basis. Sullivan serves as president of both the Will County School Administrators Organization and the Bradley University Parents Association Board of Directors. He is a past-president of the Rotary Club of Lockport and has been active in a range of youth athletic programs. Sullivan and his wife, Chris, reside in Lockport and are the proud parents of four wonderful young adults, the youngest of whom will be graduating from high school this spring. He cites his wife, Chris, a first grade teacher who has spent her entire career in the Chicago Public School System, as his greatest role model in education. He is truly humbled and honored to be the recipient of this recognition from USF—an institution which has meant so much to him.

LEACH COLLEGE OF NURSING ALUMNI AWARD Raquel (Pedric) Prendkowski '02 (BSN Nursing) Assistant Chief Nursing Officer at Mount Sinai Hospital

Raquel Prendkowski says while some people knew they wanted to be a nurse even while playing make believe as children, she did not. Her parents told her she needed to choose a major and suggested nursing, so Prendkowski followed their lead. She found the content to be interesting, and admired the experience and passion the instructors brought to each rotation, but she did not think nursing would be her life’s path. During school, some sage advice from an instructor regarding a heartwarming patient-nurse interaction Prendkowski had experienced drove her to want to be a lifelong nurse. The words were simple: “She told me that being a nurse is about making connections and helping people no matter how big or small the action might be. This resonated with me and I felt great purpose. Being a nurse meant having the opportunity to do God’s work every day. This was my calling, I just didn’t know it.” Prendkowski graduated from Saint Joseph’s College of Nursing 18 years ago and says she sometimes feels like a new grad. Every day, she enjoys waking up and learning something new, which she says is one of the most exciting and humbling aspects of being a nurse. She started her career at a large teaching university as a pediatric intensive care nurse. Over the next decade, she served in PICU, NICU, Hem/Onc, general pediatrics, cardiac ICU, and ED. The experience and educational opportunities provided to her were priceless. She then joined the pediatric ICU team at a safety net hospital with extremely limited resources. After being at the bedside for 14 years, she moved to the manager of pediatrics, then to emergency department director, system emergency department director, and now ACNO. In administration, she gets to help in different ways. She is able to drive policies and practice to ensure her patients are receiving the best care even with scarce resources. She is able to tell stories to donors, legislators, and media about how her institution has been helping the city’s most vulnerable populations for over 100 years and what this means to our community. She is able to help those without a voice due to violence and socio-economic barriers. “But what I love the best is being with my nurses,” she said. “I am able to take their frontline voices of what is best and drive myself to be better for them.”


GIVING BACK CENTENNIAL CAMPAIGN UPDATE USF continues to work diligently toward reaching its Centennial Campaign goal. The campaign, which coincides with the university’s centennial celebration, includes initiatives to beautify campus, increase scholarships, and honor USF’s heritage. These initiatives have an important role in USF’s ongoing efforts to enhance the learning environment, demonstrate its commitment to affordable excellence, and ensure a USF education remains within reach of bright, hard-working students and their families. Although construction has been completed on the new Centennial Gateway and the Benoit Commons, USF continues to raise funds for student scholarships. Last year, USF reported that over 96% of full-time undergraduate students received need-based financial assistance. Additionally, approximately $20.6 million in institutional funds are invested annually in undergraduate student scholarships. Your gift will make a much-needed difference and will help to provide USF students with financial assistance that is needed more now than ever before, especially as the ongoing impact of COVID-19 continues to affect USF families. Visit stfrancis.edu/centennial-campaign to make your gift to support scholarships through the Centennial Campaign.

CENTENNIAL GATEWAY AND THE MARGARET (KENNEDY ’69) AND WILLIAM C. BENOIT COMMONS VIRTUAL DEDICATION This past June, construction commenced on the Centennial Gateway and the Margaret (Kennedy ’69) & William C. Benoit Commons. Construction proceeded quickly throughout the summer, allowing USF to celebrate these new additions to campus with a virtual dedication ceremony on Thursday, September 17, 2020. The Centennial Gateway, located at the corner of Plainfield Road and Wilcox Street at the north end of the main Joliet campus, and the Benoit Commons, located between the Pat Sullivan Center and Tower Hall on the main Joliet campus, were fully funded by USF donors through restricted funds raised as part of the Centennial Campaign. USF is grateful for the donors to the Centennial Campaign who made the Centennial Gateway, the Centennial Quad and the Margaret (Kennedy 69’) & William C. Benoit Commons a reality. These initiatives are an important part of how USF is preparing itself—as well as its students—for its second century of service and leadership. Visit stfrancis.edu/ centennial-campaign to view the recent dedication ceremony for these two beautiful campus spaces.

Centennial Campaign chairpersons Bill & Diane (Felbinger ’77) Habiger and Gloria & Edward J. Dollinger stand in front of 100 donor names that are displayed on the Centennial Gateway. Will County State’s Attorney James W. Glasgow; Sisters of St. Francis President Sr. Dolores Zemont, OSF; Diane (Felbinger ’77) & Bill Habiger; William C. & Margaret (Kennedy ’69) Benoit; USF President Arvid C. Johnson; Gloria & Edward J. Dollinger.

Saint Francis statue donor James R. Sefcik, Jr. in front of the newly unveiled statue.


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Margaret (Kennedy ’69) & William C. Benoit in front of the new Benoit Commons.


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