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Ivan Benemerito PhD Automatic Control and Systems Engineering 2015

Cause: Genetic Disease Research Challenge: Half Marathon Location: Sheffield What made you take this on? I’m a researcher so I know how important it is to support research in basic science. And I have two kids, and I can only imagine how difficult it would be if they had a genetic disease. Supporting this research is the right thing to do: for the kids, for the parents and for the researchers. How did your training go? I’ve run a couple of half marathons before so I knew what I was in for. But with two kids and a busy work schedule, I did struggle to find the time to get out and train! What’s your next challenge? First, to play at a piano concert in Rome at the end of June! I’m studying very hard for it. But also, I’ll be running the York marathon in October.

Sikose Mjali

Cause: Student Scholarships

Challenge: A triathlon (of sorts): a 10k run, a 20k cycle, followed by 250 repetitions of swinging a steel mace 360 degrees above his head Location: Cardiff

Did you enjoy it? I did, although my muscles were very vocal about their displeasure the next day.

Challenge: Langebaan Country Estate Weskus Half Marathon, South Africa Location: Muscat What made you take this on? I’ve done so much since graduating and I genuinely feel that I have the University to thank for that. My scholarship helped me so much that I wanted to do something that will help more students like me.

How did you train? I ate well, hydrated well and slept well. I did small runs (5–8km) two days of the week and then

Cause: Parkinson’s Disease Research

What made you take this on? I’d never swung a steel mace 250 times or done a duathlon. And I’d definitely never done it all in one go! It was a great challenge and helped me to play my part in supporting this important cause.

BA English Language and Linguistics 2011, MA Applied Linguistics 2012

What was it like on the day? I ran it in 02:36:37. I was very happy with this because it beats my personal best of never-ran-a-half-marathon-before! I was trying to do it in less time, but I was bitten hard by The Black Mamba Hill in the last few kilometres. It was a beautiful day in Langebaan and I’m so happy I did it.

David Hill English Language with Linguistics 2006

a longer run (10–16km) at the end of the week. I also dabbled in some strength training, albeit not strictly. Are you still running? Yes! Since then, I’ve run in races in the UAE, South Africa and Oman. I’m training for the Muscat Marathon which was due to take place in February 2022 but sadly got postponed due to COVID-19. Running is part of my mental health care repertoire and has come in handy during the pandemic!

What’s your best running tip? Break it down. Working through one step at a time makes it achievable. Also realise that your head makes you quit way before your feet or your shoulders do. So if you can wrangle the mind into seeing it as do-able chunks instead of one terrifying whole, then it’s generally fine. If you’ve got an idea for your own fundraising challenge, whether that’s a run or something else, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us an email at to let us know what you have in mind or visit giving/fundraise to discover opportunities.

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