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STUDENT STREETS Over on our social media, followers have been loving Student Streets – our feature that takes you on a stroll down memory lane back to your days living in Sheffield. Here is a selection of our favourite photos and your best comments!

Sheffield will always be my home away from home.” SPRINGVALE ROAD

Mike Burrett I lived in that house 96–97....sorry for the state we left the kitchen in!

Susan Hunt Lived above a shop on Commonside between the Beer Engine (do people still call it that?!) and the Dram Shop (is it still there?!) 1997–99. Amazing views from the back windows, and even an Anderson shelter in the ‘garden’. Great location!


Erlina I lived a year in a house behind Been Beanies on Crookes Valley Road. A year later the landlady sold it to them so I can go and buy great whole foods in my old living room.

Al Williams Lived at 225 Crookesmoor Road from 1977 until 1979. Remember it being so cold the water froze in my goldfish tank.

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Amber Ross I reckon that hill was responsible for keeping me trim despite my diet of pasta, baked potatoes and chocolate.

Nick Bowes I lived at 453 between 1997–99. About four down from the top. Never felt as fit as I did climbing that hill every day. There were a few occasions when it was raining when I left the Geography Department and by the time I walked home it was thick snow at the top of Crookes.


John Matthews Lived there in 74 and 75. I shared that room the first year and had it to myself in my final year. Good view of the pub and bookies.

Oriana Trejo Alvarez My house was there I loved to walk down the hill every morning, the view was fantastic.

Gillian Smith I lived at number 49 Barber Road in 1976, 77 and part of 78. I remember the number 95 bus used to pass my window and would get stuck in the snow on that part of the hill, so I was eyeball to eyeball with people on the top deck.