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Office of Human Resources of Business & Operations

Annual Report

2017 - 2018

Moving forward, moving upward FY18 has been encouraging and motivating for the Office of Human Resources. To optimize our own processes and to enhance our relationships with the University community, we have taken tremendous strides through a number of projects, initiatives, and campaigns. These additional strides will ensure an excellent candidate, student, staff, and faculty experience in a very active, high-volume organization. For example, we facilitated the hiring, re-hiring, and transfers of 1,480 people; evaluated 2,367 positions, and; managed five benefit open enrollments effecting approximately 52,000 participants. We accomplished our day-to-day operations while also diligently examining and improving our processes. To help implement improvements, we are guided by a “crawl, walk, run” methodology. While we are currently in the “crawl” phase, we know what it will take to get us to “run,” and we are inspired to continue our upward trajectory via Lean Six Sigma methodology, deploying an analytics platform to help inform decisions, implementing change readiness processes, and finding ways to ensure an excellent customer experience. A key step towards these optimizations include the migration to Oracle Cloud, which not only will improve the day-to-day operations in OHR, but also enhance the overall faculty, staff, student, and candidate experience. An improvement of our rich benefits offerings involves OHR’s commitment to building financial literacy within the Pitt community. Earlier this year, we assisted our colleagues in writing their own financial story by enhancing the University’s Retirement Savings Plan. Educational outreach accompanied the enhancements with incredible talks and workshops, including an event with Dr. Sharon Smith, President of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg.


Additionally this year, we welcomed the opportunity to establish collaborative relationships within the Pitt community to identify solutions that enrich the lives of our colleagues. These collaborative relationships included the University Staff Council, the School of Pharmacy, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Computing Services and Systems Development (CSSD), Financial Information Systems (FIS), and the Woodcock Fellows of the Katz School of Business. Their insights augmented our work and we are appreciative to have them as collaborators. I am grateful for the continued support and guidance of Greg Scott, Senior Vice Chancellor of Business & Operations (B&O), and Art Ramicone, Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice Chancellor, both of whom go above and beyond in their leadership and encouragement of OHR, B&O, and the University. I also want to thank each person in OHR and UCDC for their exceptional contributions. As a team, we are achieving a lot, and I look forward to continuing our work in the coming year. OHR is excited to begin the next year, to continue to move forward and upward. We are eager to strengthen our relationships, and to make new collaborative partners along the way. Next year will be an even stronger year for OHR and we cannot wait to share in our successes with the University community.

Cheryl L. Johnson

Vice Chancellor, Human Resources

Smile! OHR staff pose for a picture taken at the Chancellor’s Staff & Faculty Appreciation Picnic in May 2018.

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PITT Quick Stats

10 1,429



Pittsburgh campus

45.9% Male





Regional campuses

American Indian or Alaskan Native


Native Hawaiian or Other



Two or More Races


Black or African American


Hispanic or Latino of any race

10,304 181

White Undisclosed

Greatest < 1927 Traditionalist/Silent 1928 - 1945





Baby Boomers 1946 - 1964


Generation X 1965 - 1980


Millennials 1981 - 1996


Post-Millennials 1997 - Present


38.7% 27.4%



*Includes all full-time and part-time regular faculty, staff, union, and executives, as of 6/30/18

OHR by Department HR Administration

employee & labor relations

Regional Campuses


Organization development


Talent Acquisition

University child development center


Q1 By the Numbers

Paid Parental Leave INTRODUCED July 2017

In collaboraton with University Staff Council, OHR implemented Paid Parental Leave to University staff as an investment in the wellbeing of their families and to support the changing nature of work through innovative practices designed to improve organizational effectiveness.


Total staff utilized parental leave

45 Male

94 Female

36 Generation X 103 Millennials Anticipated Turnover Actual Turnover

25 (18%*) 14 (10%)

*Based on turnover following maternity/paternity leaves In FY 17

Expanded Outreach to veterans + individuals with Disabilities July 2017

Throughout FY18, OHRâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Tom Armstrong, the dedicated recruiter for these programs, has led and expanded the outreach and recruitment initiatives for veterans and individuals with disabilities to the University. Over the year, there were 18 veteran-focused recruiting events, 24 disability-focused recruiting events, 8 educational events, and 58 new partnerships created. To date, OHR has had 35 combined veteran and disability hires, with steady increases year-to-year.


Individuals with disabilities hired since July 2015


Veterans hired since July 2017

367 Individuals reached 293 Referral sources 132 Individuals reached

Janet Gerster, a recruiter in OHR, was nominated as Client of the Year for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by the Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and Bureau of Blindness and Visual Servicesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Pittsburgh office. Janet is pictured here with Tom Armstrong.


July - September 2017 Oracle HCM Cloud Project Launched August 2017

The migration to Oracle HCM Cloud, in collaboration with Financial Information Systems and the Payroll Department, kicked off with a two-day facilitated session designed by OHR. The session engaged teams in exercises aimed at increasing productivity, collaboration, and effectiveness. The migration to Oracle HCM Cloud will modernize the systems for recruiting and onboarding, payroll, core HR functions, benefits, and time and absence management. Over the course of FY18, the Oracle HCM Cloud project team progressed from Phase 1 (Discovery) in November 2017 to Phase 2 (Design) in April 2018, which included gaining a better understanding of customer needs, module design, and continued work on implementation processes through presentations, meetings, and customer-oriented workshops.

Health + Wellness Center Visits Continue to Increase July 2017

The UPMC MyHealth@Work Health & Wellness Center continues to serve the University community for their wellness needs. Faculty and staff are eliglble to visit the Center with no appointment and at no cost to them, regardless of their insurance coverage. One-onone lifestyle coaching is also available by appointment for UPMC Health Plan members to define and ultimately reach goals related to getting healthier, eating better, reducing stress, and more. The Health & Wellness Center is conveniently located on the Pittsburgh campus in the Medical Arts Building and is open Monday through Friday.


Total Wellness Center visits since opening (April 2016) 5

Q2 United Way Kick-off October 2017


OHR kicked off a year of fundraising for the United Way of Southwestern PA in October.

Participation via payroll deductions

Over FY18, special fundraising events took place, including: jeans days, breakfasts sponsored and cooked by HR leadership each quarter, and more. OHR now excitedly joins the 50% club as a result of our increased participation rate.

Up from 46% in FY17

Pilot Background Check Program November 2017

OHR, in conjunction with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, piloted a new background check program. This pilot program addresses a campaign by civil rights groups, and advocates for ex-offenders to encourage employers to remove the check box that asks if applicants have a criminal record on their employment application. As a result, employers can focus on assessing a candidateâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s qualifications first, without the stigma of a criminal record. This reduces the risk of discrimination and the concerns about hiring managers asking inappropriate questions.


The University then deploys a Dispositioning Committee that reviews any criminal history after a contingent employment offer is made and makes educated decisions on whether a criminal history is relevant to the position opportunity. This effort increases the size and talent of the candidate pool and supports diversity and inclusion. Additionally, OHR now verifies educational backgrounds for all staff positions in which a post-high school degree is required. The University joins over 150 cities and counties who have adopted this process, including a number of Pennsylvania employers, such as the City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.

October - December 2017 Staff Engagement + Climate survey launched November 2017

In collaboration with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, the University initiated its employee engagement process for staff by launching a staff engagement and climate survey. OHR will use the results to develop action plans to address the results for the purpose of ensuring an inclusive workplace.

Response Rate

(Statistically significant)

Employees have clear expectations, resources, and benefits that meet their needs Employees see Pitt as supportive of a diverse and inclusive workplace Employees feel they are able to make good use of their skills


Key findings



Overall engagement at the University


Recommend Pitt as a good place to work


Find personal meaning + fulfillment in their work


Feel valued as an employee of Pitt

An increased focus on engagement for Millennials The perceptions of diversity and inclusion for key populations Senior Leaders + Supervisors can focus on communication, especially in terms of the impact of changes


In collaboration with University Communications, OHR launched a new website. Designed with the University community in mind, the new, easy-to-use website features cleaner navigation, interactive features, and mobile functionality. The website also integrates an Employee Resources section on SharePoint, through a joint effort with Computing Services and Systems Development (CSSD).


Q3 Successful Negotiations Lead to New SEIU CONTRACT

Analytics Platform Launched February 2018

January 2018

OHR successfully negotiated a new three-year contract with Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Negotiations consisted of nine sessions, plus one special session, over a period of four months.

Dashboards allow users to analyze yearly trends and dissect data by various dimensions such as race, gender, generation, age brackets, job classifications, responsibility center/school, department, and more.

Deployed Dashboards

The goodwill between the Union and the administration is leading to the joint exploration of how we can support the community by building a talent pipeline.

In collaboration with CSSD, an HR analytics platform was developed and launched via Tableau, a software application that produces interactive data visualization.


Internal Transfers

New Hires




Enhancements to the Retirement Savings Plan March 2018

OHR developed enhancements to the Universityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s defined contribution retirement savings plan. The updates were part of a targeted communications strategy aimed at increasing financial literacy for University faculty and staff called Write Your Own Financial Story.

Key Features + Accomplishments Streamlined portfolio of funding options, from 110 to 50 Addition of a 457(b) plan to provide the opportunity to save more on a pre-tax basis Addition of a self-directed brokerage account with 7,000 funding options User-friendly transition guide Educational outreach about the updates A Retirement Oversight Committee A considerable reduction in administration fees


January - March 2018 14 OHR Staff become Lean Six Sigma Certified Green Belts

March 2018

Over the course of six months in FY18, 20 participants (14 from OHR and six from Business & Operations) took part in educational trainings and retreats where they learned how to effectively apply Lean Six Sigma methodology by using software applications, holding continuous process improvement events, and gaining a deeper understanding of the many processes at the University. Training culminated in a written exam and a presentation of the participantsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; projects. Lean Six Sigma, a nationally-accredited program, is a combination of two powerful process improvement methods designed to better understand methodical approaches to streamline processes, eliminate waste, deliver value to customers, and find ways of efficiently solving problems.

Kaizen Events March 2018

Throughout FY18, over 150 Pitt stakeholders participated in three-day Kaizen events, which involve breaking down a process, removing unnecessary steps, and designing a new and improved process.


The events aimed to optimize the overall student, employee, and candidate experience while improving quality, and reducing time, resources, and budget to accomplish tasks. On average, the events resulted in a 66% reduction in steps and an 80% reduction in decision points.

The University Child Development Center (UCDC) served as a host for the Pittsburgh Alliance of University Schools by welcoming students from South Korea. UCDC is a PA Keystone Star 4A facility and NAEYC-accredited, and are recent members of the International Association for Laboratory Schools.


Q4 Emerging Leader PRogram April 2018

Supporting the vision of Greg Scott, Senior Vice Chancellor, B&O, OHR closed out the inaugural year of the Emerging Leader Program with a graduation and celebration on the North Shore in April.

Benefits Open Enrollment April 2018

The Benefits Open Enrollment period took place between April 25 and May 16, 2018 for full-time regular faculty, librarians, research associates, and postdoctoral associates, and all regular staff. The University continues to offer some of the most competitive benefits to faculty and staff across the nation and among other employers, with medical premium increases that fall well below national trends of 6-8%.


Increase in medical premiums


The Emerging Leader Program immerses participants in a multifaceted learning and development experience that gives them insight into the University, grows their leadership competencies, and builds strong professional relationships.

@Pitt_HR Instagram launched April 2018

OHR launched a new Instagram account to share images featuring University staff, programs and initiatives, campuses, and more. OHR sponsored a #PittWellness Instagram challenge to bring awareness to the many wellness initiatives sponsored by OHR. The challenge featured temporary tattoos of the Wellness for Life Dimensions of Wellness accompanied by wellness tips.

of total medical premiums funded by the University

Creation of TAlent Alliance May 2018

OHR, along with Carnegie Mellon, Chatham, Carlow, Duquesne, and the Community College of Allegheny County, developed a Talent Alliance. The program trains individuals as â&#x20AC;&#x153;fellows,â&#x20AC;? bringing them into available adminstrative assistant and custodial positions at each University. Graduates of the program are also considered for All-Temps positions at Pitt.


Program Highlights

April - June 2018

Small nominated cohort of staff from B&O Eight monthly sessions (September - April) Speakers, experiential learning, and tours Pitt-focused, small group projects Intersession work to practice skills Individual group mentoring within B&O

REmoval of Salary History Question on Candidate Applications May 2018

OHR implemented a change to the way in which salary questions are asked throughout the interview process to facilitate hiring decisions based on a candidateâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s aptitude, experience, and knowledge of the field. The question asking about a candidateâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s salary history is no longer included on the application for employment. Additionally, hiring managers were given resources on how to navigate salary questions and administration.

Faculty & Staff Development Program June 2018


Participants in FY18

130 Courses offered in FY18

Courses for the spring term of the Faculty & Staff Development Program (FSDP) concluded in June. FSDP offers a variety of workshops throughout both the fall and spring terms to enhance the professional and personal development of Pitt faculty and staff, from leadership development to technology education. New for the spring term, additional courses were created to promote the Year of Healthy U.


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2017-2018 OHR Annual Report  
2017-2018 OHR Annual Report