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How is your education at UK helping you with your future goals? WJ: The fact that UK has a common core is helpful, because I would never have taken medical sociology otherwise, and that’s what drove me to want to focus on medical ethics. So the fact that they encourage you to not just be honed in your major alone but to branch out, you can find something you might want to incorporate in your future.

What do you love about your major? RS: I chose UK specifically because of its nationally-ranked pharmacy program, and so far it’s been as strong as I anticipated. The pharmacy school is respected across the country and I absolutely love my program track and the school I chose for it. WJ: The post-graduate neuroscience program is lauded across the entire country, and as a neuroscience undergraduate major, I get to see the benefits from that program trickling down to what I’m learning in my classes.

What unique academic opportunities has UK allowed you to pursue? RS: I had the opportunity to participate in a medical mission trip over spring break through UK, which was amazing and truly one of the best experiences of my life. It was so cool to be able to bond with fellow UK students.

How is UK making you into a leader? RS: Two ways—one, by giving me great examples of leaders in my peers and people in grades above me. Just watching how they lead has helped me develop my own leadership style. And two, through the opportunities for involvement it’s given me. 14

University of Kentucky Viewbook 2016  
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