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L AID & SHIPS Academy for Undergraduate Excellence

RACHAEL STONE Sophomore MAJOR: Pre-Pharmacy HOMETOWN: Zionsville, Indiana

The programs offered through the Academy for Undergraduate Excellence allow you to customize and enhance your academic experience during your time here at UK. Learn more about each program below at Lewis Honors College Every major and college at UK is represented in the Lewis Honors College, with special multidisciplinary curricula for outstanding, highly-motivated students.

Office of Undergraduate Research


UK prides itself in student-faculty research and scholarship opportunities across every area of study, as well as in emerging fields that allow you to combine disciplines in distinctive ways and explore paths and discoveries of your choosing.


Chellgren Student Fellows Program

Describe the academic atmosphere at UK.

The Student Fellows Program is the place for undergraduate research, community engagement, education abroad and service learning. It also provides special academic and extracurricular opportunities for outstanding undergraduates preparing to compete for prestigious national and international awards.

Office of National Competitive Awards This office helps students preparing for nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships that are funded by sources independent of the University, including non-profit groups, government agencies and companies.

Gaines Humanities Fellowship This one-of-a-kind undergraduate program—a series of small-group seminars and special community-based academic projects in an undergraduate thesis—is designed to enrich your undergraduate experience in the humanities by contributing to imaginative and innovative education on campus.

Robinson Scholars Program & First Scholars Program

MAJOR: Neuroscience & Psychology HOMETOWN: Angleton, Texas

RS: UK pushes its students for excellence, as it should. This is a time to grow yourself. And I think the University of Kentucky does a great job of giving students the resources to succeed while encouraging them to overcome challenges on their own. WJ: Every student is like-minded in the sense that they want to succeed academically. Everybody wants to do well. And when people around you want to do well, you want to do well and then iron sharpens iron and you keep getting better with your friends beside you.

These scholarship programs promote achievements, provide resources and build a deeper community among first-generation students. 13

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