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saw but one glaring truth: These are not natural disasters but man-made tragedies for which there is only one manmade solutionpeace." Audrey Hepburn Actress & Humanitarian Netherlands

"If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children." Mahatma Ghandi Political and Spiritual Leader India As we stand at the dawn of the 21st century, we are faced with the challenge of world peace and the state of children in many poor countries. There is war and famine where the most vulnerable members are the young. To leave a legacy of peace and a world free of hunger for the next generation is a Herculian task. However, we believe that there is strength in concerted action and cooperation. If everyone will try to contribute, no matter how small, no task is impossible to surmount. The power of cinema in shaping society is imperative. The ‘Universal Kids Film Festival 2012’, is an attempt to bring the best international children’s films in Istanbul to open young hearts and minds on the values of friendship, understanding and tolerance in order to develop a caring and peace loving society. One of the highlights of the festival will be the showing of UNICEF films on children’s rights. We hope that this special feature of the festival will make us more aware of our responsibility as adults towards the welfare of our children and ensure that they have a future free of hunger and war. With 3 million children in Istanbul and more than 20 million in Turkey, this festival is an offering to the young and young at heart and our way of saying: ‘YES TO CHILDREN AND YES TO WORLD PEACE’

CODE Çocuk Film ve Sanat Derneği Phone : 90-2163959640 Address: Bağlarbaşi Mah. Ataturk Cad. Sakarya Sk. No. 35/13C Kat 3 Maltepe Istanbul AND ORGANIZER Internatıonal Forum of the Arts Uluslararası Sanat Forumu Address: Bağlarbaşi Mah. Ataturk Cad. Sakarya Sk. No. 35/13C Kat 3 Maltepe Istanbul Phone: 90-216-3959640

FESTIVAL DATES 22-29 September 2012 Opening Day Saturday 22 September 2012 Closing Day Saturday 29 September 2012

VENUES Istanbul European Side Mustafa Kemal Merkezi, Beşiktaş Adres: Üğur Mumcu Cad No.8, Beşiktaş Istanbul Tel. 0212-351-2456 Web:

Istanbul Asian Side Caddebostan Kultur Merkezi, Kadikoy Adres: Bağdat Caddesi Haldun Taner Sok. No.11, Kadikoy Istanbul Telefon: 0216-467-3600 Email:

Prof. Dr. Saylan Kultur Merkezi, Maltepe Adres: Gülsuyu Köprüsü Üstü, Maltepe Istanbul Telefon: 0216-589-3600 Email:


Istanbul City Government (Governor’s Office) Istanbul District Governments (Mayors Offices) Beşiktaş District Kadikoy District Maltepe District Ministry of Education Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Culture & Tourism Istanbul Police Office INTERNATIONAL UNESCO UNICEF UNCRC


SUPPORTING EMBASSIES Embassy of Afghanistan Embassy of Australia Embassy of Austria Embassy of Canada Embassy of Germany Embassy of Greece Embassy of Italy Embassy of Japan Embassy of the Netherlands Embassy of the Philippines Embassy of Sweden OTHER EMBASSIES TO BE CONFIRMED Embassies of Azerbaijan Embassy of Brazil Embassy of Chile Embassy of China Embassy of Cuba Embassy of Czech Republic Embassy of Denmark Embassy of Finland Embassy of France Embassy of India Embassy of Iran Embassy of Israel Embassy of Kazakhstan, Embassy of Kyrgyzstan Embassy of Latvia Embassy of New Zealand Embassy of Norway Embassy of Paraguay Embassy of Poland Embassy of Romania Embassy of Russia Embassy of Spain Embassy of Switzerland Embassy of the Republic of Serbia Embassy of Slovenia Embassy of Turkmenistan Embassy of the United Kingdom Embassy of the United States of America Embassy of Uzbekistan

FESTIVAL SECRETARIAT ROWENA MARTINEZ ULAYAN Festival Directress Mobile: 90-535-820-0733 AYŞE KORUKCU Program Coordinator Mobile: 90-532-454-7789 PROF: DR: AYLA OKTAY Child Education Specialist

EMEL ŞENOCAK Education and Arts Consultant

EWEN MACDONALD International Relations Coordinator

REIKO HINTON International Volunteers Coordinator

BEATRICE TUNÇBILEK International Sponsors Coordinator

MERVE SONAY Advertizement & Creative Coordinator

ALEV UÇER Local Organizations Coordinator

HATİCE SONAY Reception Coordinator

HAYRIYE MINE UKE Turkey Liaison Coordinator

MARGARITA METINER Local Volunteers Coordinator

SENEM BORA AYDIN Local Sponsors Coordinator

ELZA ISLAMOVA Collateral Activities Coordinator

AHU ESİNDUY Graphics & IT Coordinator

SUNA ERDOĞAN Exhibition and Visual Art Coordinator

FİRDEVS TORLAK Public Relations Coordinator

Dr. S. AKIN TUZCUOĞLU Film Logistics Consultant

Dr. AHMET KORUKCU Festival Safety & Medical Team Consultant

COLLATERAL ACTIVITIES In order to create a festive atmosphere there will be collateral activities during the filmfestival. FLOAT PARADE The parade will mark the opening of the Universal Kids Film Festival. Features include bands, street performers and floats according to the theme of the festival. EXHIBITION There will be an exhibition of children’s art work on the theme of peace to be displayed in every venue of the festival. Information about the participating countries (like flag, monetary system, clothes, map etc.) shall also be displayed to further enrich the global knowledge of the children. TRADITIONAL GAMES for CHILDRENANDOTHER CONTESTS Games and contests will b e held at venues with big playground. Prizes shall be given to winners. MASCOTS Mascots portraying characters in the movies will add color to the festival.

NIGHTLY COCKTAILS A nightly gathering of filmmakers, film enthusiasts, sponsors, patrons and donors of the art will be undertaken. These nightly gatherings shall be sponsored and will serve as a platformfor the exchange of ideas and experiences on children’s films. Unique food and other products from various countries will be (i.e. Scandinavian night, Latin American Night, Asian Night, Arabian Night) served.

SPONSORSHIP There are several avenues for which sponsors are invited. The films will be shown free of charge to viewers and therefore, sponsorship whether in kind or financial patronage are accepted. Venue Sponsorship The venues in district cultural centers had been sponsored by the various district governments. Other areas may be added at a later date depending on the availability of sponsors. Film Sponsorship Majority of the films to be shown are sponsored by members of the diplomatic service and agencies of the United Nations such as the UNICEF, UNESCO and UNCRC. Private filmmakers are also bringing in their films. Advertisement and Operational Expenses Sponsorship Private companies shall be tapped as sponsors to publicize and run the festival. Such sponsorship shall be gradated as Major sponsors, Minor sponsors and Donors. The details of which shall be elaborated to interested companies. Other forms of sponsorships shall be outlined as the need arises. For sponsorship contact E mail : Phone : +90 0216 395 96 40


Brief Background The International Forum of the Arts, Istanbul is an independent, non- profit organization based in Istanbul and open to the public. The primary focus of the organization is to promote the creation and appreciation of any form of Fine Arts especially but not exclusively among members from the expat community living in Istanbul. IFA, Istanbul was founded in May 2010 by a group artists and art lovers based in Istanbul who felt the need to come together and form a group sharing the same vision and motivated by the same inspiration of creating art and promoting its appreciation. Objectives 1. To organize workshops for people interested in exploring various forms of Fine Art. 2. To increase visibility, awareness, and appreciation of Fine arts in the community. 3. To create a venue for members to display their work. 4. To provide a forum for sharing ideas and techniques among members Activities 1. Exhibitions: The association will organize at least two contemporary exhibitions annually. 2. Workshops: The association will occasionally hold workshops to raise public awareness, generate, interest, and allow members the opportunity to learn basic, techniques of creating fine art works. 3. Art Talks with International and National Artists 4. Gallery Walks 5. Museum Visits 6. Art Seminars Membership National and international artists, art critics, art gallerists, art collectors, art teachers as well as every art lover who wish to expand their experiences with the arts .

ABOUT CODE – INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN’S FILMS AND ARTS ASSOCIATION Brief Background and Objectives The Children’s Films and Arts Association is an independent non-profit organization based in Istanbul. This newly established organization focuses on the development and implementation of programs and activities on Children’s film and arts. More importantly such programs aims to promote among the young understanding and appreciation of cultures other than its own in order to promote tolerance and sustainable peace . Activities 1. Children’s Film Festivals, Seminars, Workshops and Film Productions 2. Children’s Art Festivals, Workshops, Summits and Conferences 3. Other Creative Activities related with children. Membership Membership National and international artists, art critics, art gallerists, art collectors, art teachers as well as every art lover who wish to expand their experiences with the children‘s arts .

Who accepted to work in this direction by adopting the objectives and principles of the Association and who meet the conditionsforeseen by the legislation of each member of this association has the right to natural and legal persons

, CODE CHILDREN S FILMS AND ARTS ASSOCIATION Members of the Board Rowena Tuzcuoğlu Chairperson Ayşe Gulay Korukcu Vice Chairperson Merve Sonay Secretary Ma. Margarita Metiner Ayla Yiğit Member Seda Asçi Member Labelina Kocdor Member

With the support of the Beşiktaş, Kadıköy & Maltepe District Governments, and in cooperation with the Diplomatic Corps in Istanbul The International Forum of the Arts and CODE Children’s Film and Art Association Proudly Presents the

Official Launching of

Beşiktaş Yıldız Şale Köşkü 22 May 2012 Tuesday 14:00-17:00 *

Beşiktaş, Kadıköy ve Maltepe Belediyeleri ile Birlikte, İstanbul’da Bulunan Yabancı Ülke Temsilciliklerinin Katkılarıyla Uluslararası Sanat Forumu ve CODE Çocuk Film ve Sanat Derneği’nin Düzenlediği

Tanıtım ve Basın Açıklamasına sunumu Beşiktaş Yıldız Şale Köşkü 22 Mayis 2012 Salı 14:00-17:00 arası

Launching Ceremony 2:00 – 2:30 Welcoming of Guests 2:30-3:30 Press Announcement Introduction Ms. Tulin Ekici Festival Information Ms. Rowena Martinez Ulayan Festival Chairperson Supporting Speech from the Diplomatic Service Ms. Luisa Scolari Addetto, Consulate General of Italy Mr. Dirk Sander Embassy of Germany Supporting Speech Mr. Mehmet Moğültay Former Senator & Minister of Justice Words from Participating Schools Ms. Leman Çetin General Manager, Utopia International School Mr. Arif Oktay Vatandaş Müdür IMKB Kiz Teknik ve Meslek Lisesi Supporting District Mayors Mr. İsmail Unal- Beşiktaş Mr. Selami Öztütrk- Kadikoy Mr. Mustafa Zengin – Maltepe 3:30 -5:00 Cocktail and Musical Entertainment Guests: Members of the Diplomatic Corps,Media, Representative of MultiNational Companies, School Officials, Government Officials,


Universal Kids Film Festival  

Launching Catalog 2012

Universal Kids Film Festival  

Launching Catalog 2012