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Handling Toxic People

Renée Stout American (b. 1958) A Vision I Can't Forget Lithograph, 1999 Museum Acquisition Fund SAM 2009.7

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Renée Stout works in a wide variety of media from photography to printmaking, from collage to painting. But the commonality throughout all of her practice is an interest and desire in self discovery and self empowerment as a way to understand the broader human condition. Her work is narrative-driven and often features alter egos through which a variety of actions take place. In this self-portrait, Stout places herself amidst a range of symbols and objects that represent Kongolese culture and beliefs. The nkisi figure on the left is said to hold spiritually charged materials while the numeric patterns relate to numerology (the belief that numbers have meaning and power). Stout is also interested in Voodoo, an often misunderstood religious practice; the mask shown here is used in the practice of Voodoo.


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Juanita K. Hammons 525 John Q. Hammons Pkwy

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quickly and are assertive in protecting themselves from future harm. 9. They squash negative self-talk. Sometimes you absorb the negativity of other people. There’s nothing wrong with feeling bad about how someone is treating you, but your self-talk (the thoughts you have about your feelings) can either intensify the negativity or help you move past it. Negative self-talk is unrealistic, unnecessary and self-defeating. It sends you into a downward emotional spiral that is difficult to pull out of. You should avoid negative selftalk at all costs. 10. They limit their caffeine intake. Drinking caffeine triggers the release of adrenaline. Adrenaline is the source of the “fight-or-flight” response, a survival mechanism that forces you to stand up and fight or run for the hills when faced with a threat. The fight-or-flight mechanism sidesteps rational thinking in favor of a faster response. This is great when a bear is chasing you, but not so great when you’re surprised in the hallway by an angry co-worker. Before you get this system to work brilliantly, you’re going to have to pass some tests. Implementing these healthy, stress-relieving techniques for dealing with difficult people will train your brain to handle stress more effectively and decrease the likelihood of ill effects.

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Celebrate MLK Day, Jan 16th Dr Martin L. King, Jr.

Building Empowering Connections In Our Diverse Community

Annual Springfield MLK March & Celebration Event The Springfield NAACP will hold their annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. March & Celebration Monday, January 16, 2017. The march will begin at 9:00am at the Mediacom Ice Park and end at the Gillioz Continued on page 2

SGF Multicultural Festival, Jan 16th Unite of Southwest Missouri, presents the 20th Annual Springfield Multicultural Festival. The event will be held January 16, 2017 at Juanita K. Hammons Hall, 525 John Q. Hammons Pkwy., 12:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. Continued on page 2

Roland signs book contract with BLI BLI Publishing Company has just released the book R.A.W. Emotions. Ra-Keish Roland Continued on page 5

Nonprofits and Churches Working Together by Mark A. Dixon, Guest Contributing Writer

It’s no secret that both nonprofit community organizations and churches are in the business of helping people, but sometimes more can be done by working together than individually. So when the Springfield Community Center approached the Bartley-Decatur Neighborhood Center, Springfield NAACP and Deliverance Temple Ministries with an idea for a mobile food pantry (MFP) that would focus on helping to address unmet food security needs for individuals and families in our community, they all

Ozarks Food Harvest Mobile Food Pantry Truck

jumped at the opportunity. Working with Ozarks Food Harvest and the generous support of the Musgrave Foundation, these partners invited African American congregations in Springfield to a brunch meeting to discuss the MFP. About a dozen churches sent represen-

tatives (including a number of senior pastors) to the meeting and all of them were excited to participate! In fact, it was exciting for everyone involved to see the legacy of black community support energized by this Continued on page 2

Springfield Schools Partners with Community by Marty Moore, Guest Contributing Writer

Bartley-Decatur Neighborhood Center, MSU CSD (DepartOur Voice-Our Choice ment of Communication SciencCommunity session es and Disorders), MSU Another phase of CLSU (Department of collective impact work Counseling, Leadership, across our community and Special Education) , kicks off on January NAACP, and Springfield 21, 2017 with the first Public Schools. of monthly Our Voice Each session will - Our Choice Commuoffer breakfast, a comMarty Moore nity sessions. The munity keynote, two sessions begin at 8:00 a.m. sessions for adult attendees, at Deliverance Temple and literacy and STEAM (science, are jointly organized by technology, engineering, arts,

and math) sessions for students (K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12), childcare for pre-K, and a boxed lunch. Our hope is to bring people together around topics of interest and common purpose and strengthen the relationships among all those supporting students since learning doesn't just happen from 8-3 on school days.  We hope that students will see parents, the schools, our churches, and businesses Continued on page 2

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