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July 2013

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Dear Faculty & Students,

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We are delighted to present to you the July 2013 edition of our enewsletter Pulse. Our objective of starting Pulse in August 2012 was to bring together all the UWSB campuses to share, update, interact and spread the learning and happenings that takes place at each campus during the month.

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Just a few lines

With the arrival of new students at the campuses for new academic session, one can feel enthusiasm, excitement and high energy levels everywhere. The campuses are abuzz with lot of activities that includes orientation and induction as well. The MBA aspirants come to UWSB with new hopes and dream to make it big in the corporate world. And the UWSB team gives their 100% to make their dream come true. Now with new students coming in, we are looking forward for them to make Pulse more successful, and take it to a new level by contributing interesting as well as informative articles. We would also like to once again remind our dear students to submit only original work. As we follow a strict policy on plagiarism, we respect intellectual property rights too. We request everyone to kindly ensure that they mention the source code or else the content shall not be published. While we thank our contributors for their valuable inputs & support, we also invite others to proactively participate and cooperate while ensuring that creativity stands out and increases the credibility of the e-newsletter. Your inputs and suggestions are valuable to us. Write to us at

Indian Politics & The Fall of Rupee.

Sincerely, Pulse Team.

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There is no 'i' in team but there is in win.


- Michael Jordan

Team Think Outdoors Orientation Workshop E-4 Development and Coaching Limited, Mumbai.

Venue: Campus of Unitedworld Business School, Uvarsad, Gandhinagar. For approx. 180 students joining the 2013-2105 MBA / PGDM program. Conducted between July 2nd and July 4th 2013. Workshop headed by Mr.Bhushan Lawande, Director & CEO, E-4 Development and Coaching Limited, Mumbai, and the E-4 Trainers group: Mr. Nikhil Ajinkya Ms. Bhakti Thakkar Ms. S. Raghavan Ms. Jesal Vora

Mr. Arvind Rajsekhar Ms. Neha Pal Ms. Vaidehi Desai Ms. Sonia Naik

The objective of this workshop was to give the students an opportunity to work together with their peers, who they were meeting for the first time, for all these students mixing and working together with different groups and students from different parts of India was a new experience. Disclaimer: For internal circulation only.



The Team Think workshop is designed to give student participants a feel of how they would be required to work in diverse groups and adjust to different individuals during their management studies as well as in future in industry. It is highly participative requiring all participants to work in cooperation with their team. Teams were formed at the beginning of the workshop for the purpose. DAY ONE: July 2 2013 Introduction and address to the group by Mr. Bhushan Lawande, Director & CEO, E-4 Development and Coaching Limited, Mumbai who laid the ground rules for the conduct of the activities over the next two days and organized the formation of teams. The session began with a video presentation, introducing the program and giving participants a preview of the nature of the workshop in the coming days. Activities began with an icebreaking session, where participants used charts and crayons to introduce themselves to their team mates in creative ways. DAY TWO: July 3 2013 The activities of the day started with a video presentation relevant to the activities planned for the first half of the day. The first game conducted was “The 8 point star�: Teams were required to form a circle of 8 members and make a 8 point 4

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One forms a team because teamwork builds trust and trust builds speed.


- Russel Honore

star, utilizing the maximum possible rope given to them to form the star. The exercise was to be done in silence and without moving the lower body,. This game required participants to focus on the objective of the team and collaborate to achieve the objective, quick learning, of skills, planning and organizing was required from all team members to ensure that teams achieve their objectives not just within the time allotted, but also beat other teams to finish first to get the maximum possible points to win. The game was conducted by Mr. Nikhil Ajinkya ably assisted by the team leaders from E-4 as well as the Unitedworld faculty. The second game of the day was a blind fold activity called vision. Teams holding a rope and standing in a circle were required to form a square blindfolded. Competition in this activity was very intense and most teams successfully completed the task in the allotted time. This exercise was a test of the groups' ability to envision a problem, conceptualize and implement a solution and this was well understood by all the participants. The final game of the day required coordination, team balancing and interdependence among team members: “Caterpillar” or “Moonwalk”, is a game that requires, balancing the body and coordination in movement. Members of the group had their legs tied together and had to walk a specified distance to complete the race, very difficult when your legs are tied! However, most groups made it without a mishap. DAY THREE: July 4 2013 The first game of the day was “balance”, this requires the team to guide a ball around a tarpaulin sheet having holes and then pass the ball through the centre hole. Once achieved the number of balls used was increased from one to two and so on, repeating the activity at a greater level of difficulty. This exercise tested patience, nerves and skills of all participants and required the teams to apply all their learning in the activities to achieve their task, precision and perfection was an essential requirement of this game and also communicated the need to keep improving output and performance on a continuous basis. Disclaimer: For internal circulation only. 5


A logo quiz was conducted by Vaidehi Desai, where participation was very enthusiastic and exciting. The excitement in the group was infectious and many a hand went up whenever a logo was projected, but as questions were asked by lots it was difficult to give everyone a chance to answer. “Stampede” was the last game of the day and involved teams standing on a tarpaulin sheet and without getting off the sheet, turning it over, the exercise required imagination, ideation and planning, was very challenging and it was heartening to see groups working enthusiastically to achieve their task. The day was concluded with the filming of ''Miracle Man”, an inspirational film, about the importance and relevance of goals for individuals. All activities were preceded with an appropriate video, communicating the relevance and importance of the activities learned through games. The overall impact of the three day workshop was very positive on all the young participants. As at the end of each session, the day concluded with the learning session when participants introspected and recorded their experiences and learning and the announcement of the team scores. The top five winning teams were given awards. The scores were very close indicating the high level of competition observed among the groups. We thank the management, faculty and students of Unitedworld Business School helping to make the outdoor team building workshop an outstanding success. Congratulations & Good Luck to every participant !!

Compiled by: Prof. Arvind Rajsekhar Faculty/Cordinator E4 Learning & Development Mumbai UWSB - Ahmedabad Campus


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It's a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy.


- Lucille Ball

Orientation 2013-15 New Batch Gifted With Novelty

The 2013-15 PGDM batch of Unitedworld School of Business Ahmedabad witness newness during their orientation program. With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts. - Eleanor Roosevelt On the 2nd of July 2013, the gates of UWSB-A welcomed its new batch of students, the PGDM class of 2013-15. In order to facilitate the young vibrancy of this new batch into the world of management, UWSB-A organized a 2-weeks whole orientation program that embraced activities, movies, games as well as induction to the management program, the faculty and the institution and the industries that economies across the globe offer to them. As graduate students hailing from distinctive backgrounds across the country, they were welcomed into the new realm of management studies. In the same line of thought, the theme of the season was titled 'Newness', for it's going to be a new ride, a new tide and a new beginning! The biggest newness students should be trying is the newness in choice- try to renovate your choice to see a difficult situation or person in Disclaimer: For internal circulation only.



a new way, take it up as a challenge. Try a new attitude – the attitude of being positive and optimistic at all times. Try a new language – the language of humility and humanity. Try a new thought- something you have never dared to dream of. Try a new feeling- the feeling to grow and aspire. Try new behavior- thinking twice before you act. Newness is essentially important because that transforms an individual. It makes one productive, famous, employable at all stages of life and versatile! The First Step

The first week of orientation primarily focused on effective rapport building with students and assisting their settlement in campus. Hence, this week oriented them with the faculty who would guide, facilitate and support students throughout. They also were oriented with the types and nature of courses they would be studying in their first academic year, so as to enable them envision their expectations on their personal growth graphs. There were then some awe-striking motivational clips analyzed with the learning one draws from them. These clips encompassed an array of newness from Alain Robert (the new generation spider-man) to Nick Wallenda and Horacio Llorens. Students were thoroughly inspired! However, the blockbuster orientation to students came in the form of E4 Development & Coaching Ltd., Mumbai who were invited to conduct a 'Team Think Outdoors Orientation workshop'; they actually broke the ice between students. Headed by the dynamic CEO and director Mr. Bhushan Lawande and his vibrant team of youngsters, the objective of 8

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Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.


- Robert Louis Stevenson

this initiative was to give students an opportunity to work together with their peers who they would meet for the first time. The workshop was designed to grant students an opportunity to work in diverse groups; perhaps the biggest learning was adjusting with individuals coming from various backgrounds. The 3-day workshop by E4 was fulfilled with several outdoor games that imbibed some important management principles and soft skills such as team building, planning, strategizing, interpersonal communication, etc. Students took home immense practical understanding and also simultaneously accepted, understood and communicated with their new peers. The week was concluded by a motivating and guiding presentation by Dr. Bhuvneshwar Gupta who illustrated the most important pillars of one's life and how one can manage them with the help of prioritization. Encompassing the professional and personal sphere, it can difficult multi-tasking relations, career and personal growth, and managing these successfully without cutting many corners was demonstrated. With immense energy started the week and with insightful learning it ended! The round of motivation came to students in the form of a workshop by the Art of Living, courtesy the guest speaker Mrs. Hima Parikh who with her rhetorical approach explained how life can be accepted and maneuvered with positivity, growth and success. Step Two of Orientation 'All play and no work makes Jack a dull boy'. While step one of the orientation program comprised of welcoming our students, aiding their peer relations, orienting them to the course and UWSB family as well as motivating them while molding them according to the required etiquettes, step two indulged in orienting them to their future! The week two was aimed at introducing students to the industry and hence, few eminent speakers were kind enough to share their experience to orient students as to what the industry expects from them, what must they learn to blend into the industry, what opportunities await them and what are the ways in which they can reach their goals. Disclaimer: For internal circulation only.



The second week of orientation program hence welcomed industry experts, to whom we offer our gratitude for their time and effort. Ms. Seema Ramchandani, Senior GM (HR & Administration), Pacific Pipe Systems Pvt Ltd (Doshion Group), ignited the week as she highlighted the importance of Human Resource and its transformation. This was followed by Mr. Ravi Saxena, Former Secretary, Gujarat Government who shared his thoughts on Information and Communications Technology for Rural Development. Addressing the banking sector was Mr. Arakhita Khandual, GM, IDBI Bank who enlightened students with the evolution of Indian Banking Sector followed by Mr. Sunil Parikh, Advisor, Zydus Cadilla who took students through a ride of innovation. Addressing students on global market scenario and impact of financial industry on careers was Mr. D.C. Anjaria, an international banker & financial markets professional. Highlighting the importance of management studies was the next speaker Mr. Umakant Srivastava, former IIM-A professor. Eminent speakers in the orientation program also included Prof. Manas Chakravarty, Dean (Academics) at UWSB who addressed students on 'Towards Personal Effectiveness' explaining how one can improve their productivity, while Mr. Sanjay Maniar, HR Consultant, introduced to students human resource as a career followed by Dr. Shailesh Thaker, Chief Mentor (UWSB-A) & CLO of Knowledge Plus Inc., who demonstrated how leadership can be redefined with different perspectives. With the help of his motivational interaction, film clips, and eloquent examples also illustrated the importance of individual development as a whole. 10

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As students got oriented towards industry expectations and the real scenario, they also witnessed the top 5 SIP presentations of final year students (batch 2012-14). They were exposed to the level they would approaching in a year's time and also encouraged to raise the benchmark set by their seniors. However, ‘all work and no play also makes Jack a dreary boy’! Students also saw and analyzed on management perspectives interesting films such as 36th Chamber of Shaolin, Pursuit of Happiness and Chak De! India. The second week concluded as students were oriented to the Eduberry Management Software by our project coordinator Ms. Hiral Shah where she discussed various features of Eduberry and how students can use them for their benefit. Some of the highlights are: • View and download class lectures, class notes and other study material • Download and submission of Projects and Assignments • SMS updates from Institute • Online class scheduling • Online attendance tracking • Campus news • Online Fees updates • Online leave application Finally the concluding session after two weeks of funfilled & activity led orientation programme ( from 2nd to 12th July, 2013) was summed up effectively by Mr. Jaideep Banerjee, Head of Operations, UWSB-A where the UWSB Rule Book was explained to the students with regards to the code of conduct, general administrative as well as the academic guidelines while stressing the importance on students’ welfare so that the resources available should be optimized and create a professional environment.The year long event calendar ( 2013- 14) for existing as well as the new batch was also brought to the notice of the students.


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All Compiled by: Ms. Khushali Adhiya Assistant Professor Pulse Co-ordinator UWSB - Ahmedabad Campus

Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship that endows resources to create wealth.


- Peter Drucker

TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs)

On the 25th of July 2013, Unitedworld School of Business (Ahmedabad) commemorated its yet another association with TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs)- Ahmedabad and becoming its Institutional member. The gathering was initially presided over by Mr. Jaideep Banerjee- Head of Operations & Prof. Manas Chakravarty- Director Academics dwelling on the importance of IT, MBA & Entrepreneurship in globalized economy . The event was attended by many Faculty along with students from both batches of around 320 students. TiE president Mr. Rajan Vasa and Ms. Anu Sutaria - Executive Director TiE spoke about the various activities & events conducted by TiE which was incubated in the Silicon Valley of 1992 with the mission to promote entrepreneurship through mentoring, networking & education. With Mr. Rajan Vasa elucidating the expansive stretch of TiE Global and the goodies that TiE Ahmedabad has to offer to our students, he also elaborated on the booming scope of IT and Management studies in this globalization era. He was also kind enough to confer our students who had successfully completed their summer internship with Coke with certificates. Disclaimer: For internal circulation only.



Ms. Anu Sutaria encouraged and motivated students to embrace startup & entrepreneurial challenges while leaving open the doors of TiE Ahmedabad wide open for queries, guidance and nurturance. Unitedworld with parallel visions to promote entrepreneurship with advisory support & creating global citizens with open economic ideas is privileged to have associated with TiE. The institute has widened its array of opportunities to students with this association.


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'I am' is reportedly the shortest sentence in the English language. Could it be that 'I do' is the longest sentence?


- George Carlin

BULATS - Business Language Testing Service

Initiated by SCOPE (Society for Creation of Opportunity through Proficiency in English), a Government of Gujarat initiative in association with ACTUniv, BULATS - Business Language Testing Service was introduced to the 3rd semester batch of 2012-14here at Unitedworld School of Business, Ahmedabad. With the aim of fabricating curious learning, BULATS provides preparation courses and powerful English language auditing tools for making critical recruitment and training decision.BULATS offers to our students:

• Fast, accurate and affordable language assessment • Internationally accepted language testing • Powerful language auditing tools • Flexible preparation courses

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The ceremony saw the presence of the CEO of Scope, Shri Manoj Mittal, Government of Gujarat along with the Trainer partner team of ACTUniv, headed by Mr. Harpreet Singh and Jaswinder Singh. The faculty of BULATS were also introduced to the students who included Mr. Prahar Trivedi, Ms. Tina Jobanputra as well as Ms. Megha Dave. As they highlighted the importance of BULATS as an integral element of placement and career growth, the faculty were also kind enough to share the pedagogy as well as distributed the learning material to students. The classes of BULATS commence the successive day, i.e from 23rd July, 2013, on a daily basis for optimum English effectiveness. The team of UWSB-A warmly welcomes them to this beautiful campus.


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Advertising generally works to reinforce consumer trends rather than to initiate them.

UNIVISION | Ahmedabad

- Michael Schudson

Retailing: “Getting it Right� This weekend, I visited a long-existing popular hangout in the city after a long while, and to my surprise it felt as if I were visiting a graveyard. I was shocked to note that this outlet of a popular retail chain, which was among the first few to launch in India and probably the first in the city, had shut down. It was somewhat disconcerting though I had expected something of this kind to happen sooner or later. In fact, in my previous visits to this place I had kind of hoped that it would close down. Guess the Pygmalion effect finally worked! I reflected on the situation to understand the reasons behind this scenario. Either this retail chain with its half-baked retail solution had been unable to cater to the consumer's evolving needs, or consumer attitude towards these badly-managed hyper stores or supermarkets offering inferior products had gradually changed to intolerance over a period of time. The poorly managed inventory, unhygienic store environment, poor parking facilities and long queues at the billing counters with badly designed billing systems were most likely the issues that led to consumers turning away from the store leading to its eventual shutdown. The big discounts offered by these stores also turned out to be more like ponzi schemes. A recent survey published in the TOI highlighted the findings on these discounts offered by such stores. The various discount offers have simply proved to be an attempt to sell more instead of actually benefiting consumers. Attempts by these stores to offload expired items or obsolete products that companies had long ceased to produce only added fuel to the fire. On the contrary, half a mile down the road, a vendor who started off by selling locally popular snacks to foodies from a road side stall a few years back seems to be doing brisk business, and has recently opened up a 2,000 sq. ft. space at the same place. People standing in the queue waiting to be served remind me of the Iraq war times when the country was facing an acute shortage of fuel and people used to spend long hours waiting to secure gas for their vehicles. What are the reasons for such a contrast? Though I am attempting to compare two entities that belong to entirely different retail segments, it made me wonder how a road side vendor can understand the taste of their customers but professionally managed stores find it so difficult to assess the consumer's taste and desired quality? Why can they not have a sustainable strategy in place? Why do they forget while running their Disclaimer: For internal circulation only.


UNIVISION | Ahmedabad

large stores that it is difficult to change inherent consumer tastes? These stores introduce different brands on the basis of what the vendors wish to sell and what is available with them, rather than catering to consumer taste and choice. Today's consumers are smart enough not to be fooled or misled. Consumers, especially the younger generation, are very specific about their likes and dislikes, the quality that they are looking for, and also aware of the brands available and their preferred ones. To sustain their operations, these retail chains need to look into the above cited and other important issues that they seem to have overlooked by intensively reflecting on their current operations and developing an insight into consumer needs. With FDI clearance and more and more foreign retail chains investing in the country, complying with international standards will pose a huge challenge to these indigenously modeled retail stores and force them to improve their quality and services if they wish to survive. Images Source: retrieved on July 18, 2013.

Compiled by Prof. Bhupinder Arora Faculty - Human Resource UWSB - Ahmedabad Campus


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Marketing is a contest for people's attention.


- Seth Godin

Guest Session on Digital Marketing

On behalf of Unitedworld School of Business, Dr. Mahua Datta organized a guest lecture on the title “Digital Marketing” on 19th July 2013. Mr. Rohit Agarwal, the Vice President, Institutional Alliance, NIIT was the guest of the day. Unlike conventional lectures, Mr. Agarwal started the session with a brief introduction regarding digital marketing followed by a 15 minutes short video which demonstrated about the progression of information technology throughout the globe. The video named “Did you know” mainly focused on how technology has become a necessity in our daily lives. The most astounding fact in the video was that in case Facebook would have been a country, it would be the 3rd largest populated country after China and India. There were many such facts which were eye opening for the students.

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The video was followed by a presentation where Mr. Agarwal enlightened the students about the relevance of Digital Marketing, its benefit to any company or an individual. Mr. Agarwal presented his vital insights to the students regarding many marketing terms and techniques, like Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Advocacy, Re-Marketing etc. He concluded the session through an interactive session regarding the career opportunities in the field of digital marketing. The session provided great insight to the students.

Compiled by: Anushree Mazumdar PGPM, Batch 2012-14 UWSB - Kolkata Campus


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Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.


- Michael Jordan

Indoor Sports Day

In the journey of our course in this 2 years it is not only studying but a lot of fun.. like how spices make the food tasty in a way these events make our journey fun. One of such events were our sports day in JUNE we UWSBians organized Indoor Sports at UWSB, Kolkata campus were everyone including our faculty members too actively participated. It was really sweet of them to become one of us and make the event a great success. We had the following games: • • • •

Table tennis Carom Pool Spoon and marble race

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The games extended over two days on the first day we had the preliminary rounds of all the games and the second day was the grand finale. We all along with our faculty members were very much engrossed in all the activities. At the end several winners were announced. We decided that we will have the prize distribution as a separate ceremony along with some cultural programs. So, happy reading and wait till the upcoming feed..

Compiled by: Durba Chatterjee PGPM, Batch 2012-14 UWSB - Kolkata Campus


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Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.


- Francis of Assisi

The New Beginning - Induction of Batch 2013-15

The sun rose like every other morning on 10th of July, 2013 as well. However it marked a new day for a group of bright aspiring young souls. Unitedworld School of Business, Kolkata campus heartily welcomed the Batch of 2013 – 15 for the two year Post Graduate Program in Management. Along with the Faculty members, Career Service Desk and the Admissions team, we had among us two eminent personalities to inspire and motivate the new batch of students on the first day of their college. We had among us Mr Arun Chaudhuri who has spent over 30 years in advertising. He began his career in Clarion McCann Advertising Service Pvt Ltd and subsequently moved to Ogilvy Benson and Mather and then to R. K. Swamy Associates. He was the Joint Managing Director of Campaign Advertising from 1985 till about 2000, when he sold his stake in the company. He is currently a partner in Brand, a company that specializes in Brand Management, which includes Marketing Research, and Brand Promotion activities. He has been associated with a number of Institutions for the past two decades. He has been a visiting faculty in IISWBM (Calcutta University), IIT Kharagpur (Vinod Gupta School of Management), and IBM (Jadavpur University), CMI. He has also conducted special courses on Communication for Station Commanders in Indian Air Force at Army Institute of Management. He Disclaimer: For internal circulation only.



has authored the following books on Advertising and Public Relations like Indian Advertising 1950 to 2000, Indian Advertising 1780 to 1950, ITC versus BAT - A Case in Indian Corporate PR and Revaluation. His recent book “”Eleven New Plays”, a collection of plays has been recently launched in Kolkata. We also had among us Mr. Siddhartha Ray: IPS (Retired) IPM (Gallantry), MA (Triple), MBA, PGDM (Marketing and Foreign Trade). He has more than 36yrs of experience work experience, initially with government administration and then with corporate. He was a member of Indian Police Service. Post his voluntary retirement from active police service in 1995, he was associated with corporate houses having divergent activities in the realm of industry and business. After his disassociation with police service he joined as director of Alom Extrusion Limited, a pioneer in Indian aluminium industry and other ancillary business activities. He was looking into administration, legal and corporate affairs. He has led the company in the successful acquisition of Orissa Extrusions Limited, Balasore. In the year 2008 he joined Shriram group as an advisor. Shriram Group is known globally for its divergent business activities and its association with leading multinational companies. Professionally he is a regular faculty member of business school under management of Jadavpur University. He is also associated with Calcutta University. The students were very enthusiastic as they were starting a new chapter of their life, a chapter which will perhaps define their entire professional life. The Dean – Academic Affairs Prof. Amitava Ghosh also shared some very inspiring words which were followed by some very encouraging thought sharing by Director-HR and Director – Placements Ms. Priti Khaitan and Head Admissions Ms. Debarati Majumdar. Faculty members also welcomed them individually. In an interactive session conducted by Assistant Director – Student Development Dr. Mahua Datta, students introduced themselves and revealed some very interesting aspects of their life. This was followed by introduction of the various student bodies that are there in the campus. Though the day ended, but it led to the beginning of new hope, aspirations and ambitions of a group of now Post Graduate students who would be investing their next two years with us for a better life ahead.


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I would love to work in a Bollywood film as there is so much drama and colour in the films there.


- Brad Pitt

An Evening Date with the Legends of Indian Cinema While the Hindi film industry or more colloquially referred to as Bollywood, was celebrating 100 years of cinema through activities like setting up themes in Award functions, release of films like Bombay Talkies, UWSB Kolkata was not far behind and had been equally enthusiastic in celebrating a day in the name of the Legends whose journey through the film industry had left a mark and whose prominent presence had enriched the world of cinema to flourish with its ever reaching heights in brilliant works of art, poem, cinematography, music and what not. From Prithviraj Kapoor to Dev Anand, Madhubala to Sharmila Tagore, Chobi Biswas, Uttam Kumar, Suchitra Sen, they have enhanced the richness and status of Indian cinema with their enigmatic effect which are still fresh in our mind. With eminent personalities like Satyajit Ray, Yash Chopra, Govind Nihlani, Ramsay Brothers (and many more), Indian cinema had been too fortunate to have an eclectic mix of directors who had added their own dash of genius and eccentricity. Films like Pather Pachali, Mother India, Meghe Dhaka Tara, Mughal-E-Azam, Guide, Ananad, Sholay, 36 Chowringee Lane, Parinda, Gupi Gayen Bagha Bayen, Gupi Bagha Fire Elo, Apur Sansar and the list goes endless- these films has always left an ever lasting impact and have stolen our heart, satisfying the yarning need for quality cinema. So we, the management students of UWSB Kolkata decided to dedicate an evening to the golden era of cinema. With only 2 days left for the Retro day to come up, I witnessed my friends gearing up for the event with various activities like dancing, singing, acting, quiz, games and many such exciting stuff. While people engrossed intensely with their practices post our classes, how time flew by, we could not even track that. The final day started with regular classes, our first class being People in Organisation with Meenakshi mam, and it was needless to say we were in no mood to study and listen to the lectures. Cladded in sarees, girls tried their best possible way to give themselves a retro look, while the boys came in t-shirts and kurtas trying to create an impression of the then Retro men. Our much awaited cultural programme began once our limited audience chairs were filled in by our respected Faculty and administration members of UWSB, they being our invited guests for that evening. While the hosts of the evening briefly spoke about the contributions of the veteran actors, actresses, directors, on the other Disclaimer: For internal circulation only.



hand the management singers turned the evening into a melodious one with the beautiful numbers like “ Lag ja gale ke fir yeh haseen raat ho na ho”, Bade ache lagte hain”, “Aaro dure cholo jai, ghure ashi”. That was not all; we could also witness some brilliant acting performances showing the famous overhead tank scene where Veeru threatens Mausi with suicide while making a proposal of marriage to Basanti. The retro evening couldn't have been completed without the dance performances. Hence the dance floor was dominated by the numbers like “ Piya tu ab toh aja”, “ Jhumka gira re” and “Dhum tana”. Since we had only 2 hrs for putting up the entire event so time had been a constraint, and was too little to portray the vastness of the contributions made by the legends of Indian cinema. These main events were supplemented by dialogues like “Kabhi kabhi mere dil me yeh khayal ata hai ki ...”from films like “Silsila”, our very own Mithun Chakraborti's typical iconic mannerisms, quizzes and games. Our audiences also gave votes for retro men and women for the evening. The event was closed with vote of thanks to the participants followed by National Anthem. The best part of the entire event was that every member of our batch participated and it was surprisingly good to find that my friends had so much of hidden treasure of talents, which if channelized in proper direction, will earn them loads of appreciation for the precision of their work.

Compiled by: Debapriya Paul PGPM, Batch 2013-15 UWSB - Kolkata Campus


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One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.


- Bob Marley

The Maverick Club Welcome to “The Maverick Club”, the oldest & the most prestigious bar cum restaurant in the whole city of New York where The Rolling Stone, Elvis Presley & B.B.King starting from Rock-N-Roll to blues will always resonate in your ears. It was actually set up in the late 70s & owned by my father, Jason Miller, who was also well known as a Senator's P.A. When my dad used to run this club back in those days it was quite small but what made it so prestigious is the fact that it was open to all with no age bar. From youths of our generation to the older citizens all used to come with their friends or family. Now the reason why my dad had arranged some orchestras playing in the bar was because of his insatiable love for those legends & their music. In fact in high school too he used to play bass along with his band mates. They were pretty much inspired after listening to “THE BEATLES”. By that time John Lennon & his band was in full swing. For me, dad is a great inspiration both as a musician & a person himself. The Club was also a get together of dad's old band mates with whom he had studied together in the high school. After my dad had expired, it was me, John Miller who was working in U.S. Army & apart from it now I had owned this club by his legacy. But its glorification was in disdain, when some disgruntled hooded youths came in one fine morning & made an unprecedented attack on people by gunning them down & trying to loot everything they could. Meanwhile, I couldn't take this sordid act & called up my high school mate, Rick Hansen who was a NYPD cop. Now, he entered the bar riding on his bike. & coming inside he lit up a Cuban cigar that was dangling from his mouth & asked those hooligans “hey mates”. As soon as they turned towards him he engaged himself in the shooting spree wiping out these bastards in a minute. The outcome of the onslaught was so acute that the human corpses lying on the floor & the blood bath were making the scene more remorseful. After this he came near the table where an old lady, our bar tender was hiding herself & numb with fear she was shivering. He somehow managed her to stand up saying; it's me, no more fear. In the meantime, he had a call from his German girl friend, so before he left us. I thanked him for saving us & said, “You got the panache man”. He grinned & replied, “Yup! Now I will send the cops for investigation”. (exit Rick Hansen).

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Now, cops came for investigation & sealed the area, several TV news channel broadcasted the news on TV. & the whole city was watching the breaking news; I wasn't mentally prepared to face the media hype. But it was Mike, one of our Club Committee Members who just interrupted the clamor & managed them not to create any showoff of this mournful incident. Meantime the Club was kept closed for several months. But it's sanctity was however retrieved when according to Club Committee's decision we erected a memorial near its front gate in honor of those innocent people who were brutally slained on spot, tightened up the security measures by increasing the no. of security guards in the front gate, we painted the walls of the whole building to erase all the bad memories of past & finally opened the club again after Mr. President re-inaugurated it. Thus people started visiting our club again like they did before but this time it was pulling more crowd. It was really good to see them smiling again.

Compiled by: Prithwish Saha PGPM, Batch 2013-15 UWSB - Kolkata Campus


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Every love story needs a catalyst of some sort.


- Ian Somerhalder

My Love Story Hi, I am Prabar Rakshit. I am a student of Unitedworld School of Business, studying in my 2nd year. I want to tell everyone about my love story. Without wasting much time, here I start. It was the second day of college in the 1st year when I saw her for the first time with my classmate. Gosh…she looked so good. Her brown lips and almost white body allured me towards her. My classmate was enjoying her company when the temptation struck me and I wanted to go closer to her. I felt like touching her, feeling her…I could not gather enough courage and so I left for home instantly. For the next few days I was always preoccupied with her thoughts. Then finally the day came when I touched her for the first time, accidentally. My friend asked me to take care of her for a while. That day she was introduced to me. And with passing days, one fine day, I kissed her. I was nervous and I thought she was too. I was so scared that I threw her back instantly. But we patched up and kissed again the next day. She was taking me over with each kiss and all I wanted was to stay with her all the time. The next day my friends saw me with her. They told me that she is not good to have company with and urged me to tell her to leave me alone instantly. But my love was too high to pay any heed to them. My friends informed my parents. I did not want them to know as they would have never accepted her. My dad slapped me and my mom went hysterical. They tried to make me understand the same things that my friends had told me. Their so felt 'useless advice' made me angry enough to fight with them and I bolted out in a desperate need to meet her. She was turning out to be the air for me, my utmost necessity. Then one day she punched me. I don't know why but I still managed to convince her to stay along. Then again after a week she hit me again. Her repeated assaults led to hospitalization.

Compiled by: Prabar Rakshit PGPM, Batch 2012-14 UWSB - Kolkata Campus

Now it has been two weeks in this hospital, me struggling to live. People around me have kicked her away from my life. I feel like dying without her but I know that she will kill me if she finds me. Doctors have said that I have just one more month now. Now I understand why everyone asked me to get rid of her. I regret our first kiss. I really do. From my experience…please listen to my advice… “STOP SMOKING…SMOKING IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH” Disclaimer: For internal circulation only.


Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going to fast but also miss the sense of where you are going.


- Eddie Cantor

Beyond the Sea and Sand

Most of us picture Kerala as a destination for honeymooners; picture perfect beaches with sparkling white sands dotted with the greenest palms. The cerulean seas, the mystical backwaters and houseboats, the ayurveda and the legendary Kathakali dance. This is the description of only a small portion of Kerala, namely the popular tourist locations. But Kerala is much more than that, it is also about the less popular destinations, the amazing unexplored beauty that these places promise; one such place is Munnar. The easiest way to access Munnar is via Kochi, it is about 130-140 kms from it. You can also reach Munnar through Coimbatore or Madurai; both are roughly 6 hrs from this hill station. A beautiful hill station, Munnar is mostly famous for it stretches of tea gardens and acres of orange and coffee plantations. The lush green rolling hills among the misty clouds is bound to transport you into a realm of sheer magical bliss. Munnar has no shortage of accommodation and you can find a lot of budget resorts which have some really nice rooms. We stayed in one called Ayurcounty Chancellor Resort where we stayed for a couple of days. Disclaimer: For internal circulation only.



The first thing that you will experience here is that breathing is so easy and exhilarating, the air pollution free and amazingly fresh. Greenery and lots of greenery will greet you everywhere with glimpses of some rare species of birds and butterflies. Sightseeing is limited to tea, coffee and orange plantations but when the sun rays break through the mists and spread a golden hue amidst the breath taking greenery, you will feel that heaven is right here. Echo point is a fun place where you can scream your lungs out and revel in the echo of your own voice. Do no miss the Anaimudi peak, whether you are an animal lover or not. The diverse range of flora and fauna with the unbelievable collection of wild life is bound to leave you spellbound. The Nilgiri Tahr is a prime attraction of the park and spotting this animal is not easy as it is reclusive and easily scared. But our patience, wits and sharp eyes and slow movements awarded us with the sight of not only this animal but also a herd of wild gaurs. Seeing this animal in print or television does not come close to the raw, animal beauty that nature has bestowed them with. Munnar may not be a typical getaway destination but if you are a nature lover, looking for tranquillity and peace, this place is worth visiting.

Compiled by: Proma Bhattacharjee PGPM, Batch 2012-14 UWSB - Kolkata Campus


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The consumer isn't a moron; she is your wife.


- David Ogilvy

Consumer Perception KFC in India

KFC was first started in Bangalore in 1995, but it failed to succeed in the market and closed. But in 2004 KFC again comes to India with their new marketing strategies and it completely changes the consumer perception about their products and succeed in the market.

Compiled by: Debashis Roy, Harshil Kothari & Mohammad Zaid PGPM, Batch 2012-14 UWSB - Mumbai Campus

The main reason which I have found for their failure in 1995 was at that time KFC only targeted the upper middle and higher class people, but in India their percentage was very low. They offered chicken menu in their meal, but research shows that at that time in south India more than 50% of populations were pure vegetarian and also there was rumour going on for KFC that chicken which they provides are fully chemical treated and harmful for consumption, there were many cultural issues like there person prefers “ halaal chicken� which they didn't provide. The main thing found for the failure of KFC at that time was lack of customer satisfaction. But in 2004 when it restarted in India they completely change their views and strategies, they started in all the metro cities in India, the customers which they targeted are the youth and fixes their menus starting from very lower price, they made their advertisement focusing on specially youth and their lower prices menus with many attractive offers, which successfully attract the customers. They has given many tests proving that their chicken is completely safe for consumption and does not contain any harmful chemicals. All this completely changes the consumer perception towards KFC and now they are running successfully in the market. Disclaimer: For internal circulation only.


As a consumer, you want to associate with brands whose powerful presence creates an effect that rubs off on you.


- Tom Peters

Marketing Assignment Two fashion brands and what aspect of consumer value do they fulfill. A comparison between both and how do they convey the customer value addition to the customer. The two fashion brands selected by us are Raymond and Van Heusen, two leading suiting brands in the country. Talking about Raymond their advertisements since 2002 focus on portraying 'the complete man', a caring, affectionate and family man who was very different from the man of that era i.e. the angry young man. Raymond looked at changing the Indian mans image in totality. The ads were relationship focused to emotionally connect with the audience as the protagonist was sometimes a caring father, a doting husband or a sincere friend donning an impeccable Raymond suit. They even introduced 'Made to Measure' concept of outlets across the county to cater to the affluent and educated class who desire proper fitting rather than style which the young prefer. Raymond never used celebrities for endorsements products as their intent was to cut across and connect with people rather than them relating to the celebrities. They wanted the people to relate to the emotions and relations thereby connecting them to the brand. They even launched casual clothing brands like Park Avenue and Parx which were not as successful as their suiting brand. Coming to the second brand Van Heusen, their ads are more focused towards projecting a cool, stylish and casual image though they are advertising suits. Their approach is more youth centric and attracts young crowd. They introduced a concept called 'flexi waist' for their trouser range which enables you to have an optimum fitted trouser according to your waist size.

Compiled by: Harsh Goenka, Hussain & Viraj Nimbalkar PGPM, Batch 2012-14 UWSB - Mumbai Campus

Their casual clothing range Vdot is advertised by John Abraham who further elevates the brand to a youth status as he idolised by a majority of the young population given his good looks and great physique. Furthermore Van Heusen was even chosen by Aamir Khan while promoting his film Ghajini at the time of its release as this brand had a much younger appeal unlike Raymond's serious outlook.

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I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way.


- Georgia O'Keeffe

Show how Colors Sounds and Words Help in Attracting Initial Attention Through We have 4 active senses in our body i.e. our eyes, nose, ears, mouth. Colour, sound and words play an important role in activating some of these senses. While watching an advertisement of three senses as highly active i.e. our eyes (vision), ears (hear), mind (think). The ads need to be designed in such a manner that it correctly hits the senses of any person viewing the ad. Using correct and relevant colours, sound and words make an ad impact full. Colours: Red: powerful, love & hate, passionate, emotional. Green: nature color, health & wealth. Blue: universally favourite, truth & clarity, formality & elegance. Yellow: more eye catching, used as highlighter, sunshiny cheerful. Black: excellence, very formal, perfect. Purple: luxury. White: shade of purity, peace and honesty. E.g.: Asian Paints

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Sony Bravia

Sound: We played the audio of Fox Production and Tom & Jerry and asked the audience to recognise the audio. Many of the students got confused between both the audio and mix matched the names of both the audios.

Words: The viewer may not recollect the advertisement but will remember the words (Carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) & (Quikrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)

Compiled by: Suraj Pillai & Varuna Sawant PGPM, Batch 2012-14 UWSB - Mumbai Campus


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Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still. - Dorothea Lange



Hello friends, I hope you are doing good. This month I worked on the concept of EMOTION. I present few pics on the same topic. Hope you all will like it. By the way, many of you might also be in a habit of clicking pics s o m e t i m e o r t h e o t h e r. P l e a s e s e n d t h e m t o m e a t I will help you share them with everyone.

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Compiled by: Arka Ganguly PGPM, Batch 2012-14 UWSB - Kolkata Campus


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