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United Way of Brevard

Community Report 2012





Achieving the Mission Our mission - To be Brevard’s leader in mobilizing the caring power of our community. To accomplish our mission, United Way of Brevard

• Quality financial management and

coordinates an annual fundraising campaign, and

governance - we finished the year under the

strategically distributes funds to local programs

Board-approved budget and received a

based on the potential return on investment and

clean audit for 2012-13

quantifiable results. Last year alone, nearly 300

• Successful grant management

local businesses and 26,332 employees and individuals supported United Way; the

In addition to the work plan, United Way of

community’s single largest community fundraiser

Brevard also has a strategic plan specifically

raised $7,296,820, two percent over the

addressing areas in our community where

previous year. This is an amazing achievement

additional support is necessary to achieve our

considering it was the first year after the end of

mission. Accomplishments from the strategic

the Space Shuttle program.

plan where United Way directly operates the

(Note: Beginning in 2012 United Way separated the Combined Federal Campaign (the campaign for Federal government employees) from its traditional campaign in goal setting. The publicly reported total for the 2012 campaign was $6,567,488 because the CFC portion was not reflected.)

program include:

Child Abuse Prevention


United Way of Brevard received $553,600 in The annual work plan demonstrates United Way

funding from the Ounce of Prevention Fund of

of Brevard’s commitment to mission and

Florida to run the Healthy Families Brevard

organizational excellence. Work plan highlights

program. United Way of Brevard is the only


United Way in the nation to directly operate the

2012 UW Campaign Chair Adrian Laffitte and his daughter Allie.

Irish dancers at the 2012 Awards Celebration.

Made Goal



program. Healthy Families Brevard served 220

Benefits Connection brought an additional

families which exceeded the contracted goal of

$3.43 million to our community to help provide

193 families. An additional 123 families also

food to those in need by signing up 3,108 families

received a one-time educational home visit

for SNAP benefits. USDA/economists estimate

through an assessment process.

that SNAP spending generates $5.83 million to



our local economy. Partnerships like those with The Children’s

Since 2009, Project Hunger has provided over

Hunger Project are also fighting hunger. Besides

500,000 meals to hungry children and families in

funding weekend meals for kids in need, we

Brevard with the administrative support of United

brought together the funds, food and volunteers

Way. In 2012, United Way led the efforts to

necessary to assemble over 100,000 rice and bean

expand this support by creating the Brevard

meals and over 6,000 backpack meals.

Hunger Alliance to develop additional strategies to address hunger among school children over weekends and summer months, as well as

Financial Stability


coordinating food distribution. Thanks to the

Tax Prep and EITC are an integral part of United

combined efforts of Project Hunger and the

Way’s strategic plan to improve the financial

Brevard Hunger Alliance, we were able to

stability of many of our residents. Over 100

purchase a refrigerated truck increasing the

dedicated tax volunteers completed over 6,700

availability of meats and produce to pantries in

tax returns this tax season alone, well exceeding

Central and North Brevard.

the goal of completing 5,000 returns. They spent 9,970 hours preparing taxes and these efforts had

Additionally, United Way created the Brevard

community-wide impact of more than $9 million.

Pantry Network to increase communication

Financial Education (FDIC ‘Money Smart’ course)

among pantries and help manage food

United Way staff taught nearly 1,000 people how

distribution challenges, create new ways to use

to budget, save money and use credit wisely.

shrinking resources.

Fighting Hunger

Food Truck


National Five-Year Growth


There are 160 United Ways nationally who raise more than $4 million annually. Of those, only 10

These products are new and include apparel, books, toys, personal care, office supplies and much more. Donated goods are critical to making program budgets stretch further.

have increased giving every year in the last five



years. Your United Way ranked 5th on this notable list. This is a remarkable achievement for our community considering during that same time our community faced the end of the Space

Lincoln, NE Albuquerque, NM Enola, PA Milwaukee, WI Cocoa, FL

program which is designed to assist individuals and communities out of poverty. VISTAs dedicate

Shuttle program.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

We also participated in the AmeriCorps VISTA

16.3% 15.6% 12.9% 12.2% 10.7%

Low Overhead - 7.36%


one year serving the community and in return they can receive a $5,500 educational award, a small stipend and valuable workplace experience. Our United Way was fortunate to have four VISTA volunteers working to help us achieve our goals surrounding hunger and homelessness.



Being efficient and effective with donor dollars is something we continually strive to achieve. We

United Way of Brevard actively researches and

keep our overhead low by continually seeking

seeks grant funding to advance our initiatives.

cost saving measures with programs like:

Gifts in Kind


Financial Stability and Education Programs - The Boeing Company ($19,000) - Walmart Foundation ($17,500) - Bank of America ($10,000)

United Way of Brevard distributed $488,535

• Housing for Persons with AIDS ($470,780)

worth of Gifts in Kind merchandise. United Way

• Brevard Family Partnership ($40,000)

helps our local community by distributing

• Homeless Coalition Grant ($2,000,000)

donated inventory to charitable organizations.

• IRS VITA ($14,500)




W Looking Forward

No other single organization meets the broad

A quality education is the cornerstone of our new

range of needs addressed by United Way. United

strategic direction. Research shows that a strong

Way goes beyond fundraising by researching the

educational foundation leads to better

needs of the community and bringing the right

employment opportunities and a more

resources and people together to solve tough

competitive workforce. Higher educational

local issues. Your United Way

attainment is a direct

works with business,

corollary to higher income,

government and partner

better health and a host of

agencies to develop health

other factors that make

and human service

individuals and


communities more productive.

Additionally, your United Way is focused on long-term

Our community wins when

community change. By

kids succeed in school,

looking upstream at what it takes to ensure our

adults can secure a good job, manage their

friends and neighbors have the foundation to

finances, and provide a healthy environment for

create a successful life for themselves and their

their families.

families we can make this an even better community for all. To accomplish this goal United

We are declaring bold goals. The challenge is to

Way is working on the building blocks of a good

put a stake in the ground on the issues that drive

life - Education, Income and Health.

improving social conditions. The first issue we’ll focus on is early grade reading proficiency.


Safety Net Services



Volunteer Leadership Board of Directors


Executive Committee Chas Hoyman Board Chair

Howard Tipton Board Chair-Elect Adrian Laffitte 2012 Campaign Chair Michele Goodwin VC/Community Impact Bob Herman and Johnette Gindling VC/Grant-Contract Oversight Kim Brown, Treasurer Mark Mikolajczyk Past Board Chair Robert R. Rains, President Board Chair Chas Hoyman with his wife Vonnie

Members-at-Large Wes Covell Steve Griffin Sue Hann Moses Harvin Dr. Dwayne McCay George Mikitarian*


Henry Andersson Jackie Barker Dr. Brian Binggeli Harry Brandon David Brock* Scott Buescher Carol Craig Brian Curtin Janet Eastman Judy Gizinski Paul Hanson Eric Hostetler Jerry Jamison Robert Jordan Jeff Kiel

Corey Lancaster Christine Lance Stuart Mitchell Tom Molnar Bill Moore Kendall Moore Mark Nappi Sheriff Jack Parker Steve Patonai Jeff Piersall Dr. James Richey James Rudolph Sandy Sanderson Dixie Sansom Dr. Jack Schluckebier Winston Scott Mike Shah Bill Smoak Scott Sorensen Judy Spencer Eric Stern Jonnie Swann Lynda Weatherman Spence Wickham Mike Williams *Council of Advisors

David Brock, Chas Hoyman, Rob Rains, Bill Brennan, Mark Mikolajczyk, Bob Anderson, Laurette Bryan, and Mel Broom



Past Board Chairs

W Volunteers

Over the past year United Way

Jack Hartley Nick E. Heldreth Jack Johnson Dr. Maxwell C. King Howard Lance Ann Luke Michael Means Ray Nau Leo Roselip Jonnie Swann

volunteers have contributed more than 50,000 hours of service on behalf of United Way. Special thanks to Volunteer Marty Hindsley for his coordination of many of our United Way’s volunteer activities.

Council of Advisors

Nominating Committee

Dr. Bob Anderson William T. Brennan Ernest M. Briel Wendy Brandon Mel Broom Drs. Don Bryan & Laurette Bryan Dr. Rich DiPatri Mike Coleman James E. Craig Dr. James A. Drake William R. Ellis Marilyn J. Finney Dr. Roxanne Johnson-Giebink

Anthony Catanese, Chair Harry Brandon Sue Hann Moses L. Harvin Jeff Kiel Mark Nappi Natalie Sellers Mike Williams

Finance Committee

Brian Sherrill, Dave Brown, Ed Sheffield, Jennifer Ogburn and Mary Vohringer (2012 Campaign)

Kim Brown, Treasurer Tom Baldwin John Breitfeller

Terri Burdine, CPA Jack Johnson Chuck Greene Lark Janes, CPA Tom Molnar

Grant/Contract Oversight Committee Johnette Gindling, Chair Bunny Finney Chenita Joiner Jack Johnson Joan Madden Shirley Murphy Brad Roub Dixie Sansom Hampton Smith Renee’ Valletutti Roy Wright

Loaned Leaders Dave Brown Jennifer Ogburn Ed Sheffield Brian Sherrill Mary Vohringer

Rob Rains with Marty Hindsley and Liz Lee

Loaned Leaders

Great Volunteer


Campaign Cabinet Jackie Barker David Brock Wes Covell Rick Fleming Johnette Gindling Steve Griffin Paul Hanson Eric Hostetler Chas Hoyman Wayne Ivey Darlene Koenig Adrian Laffitte Mark Mikolajczyk Bill Moore Patrick O’Neill Doug Padgett Debbie Pavlakos Rob Perers Steve Salvo Sandy Sanderson Howard Tipton

Tax Volunteers Susan Alberty Gina Bazile Tom Carre Pete Clements Greg Clifford Kenneth Cooper Kayla Durr, Jackie Barker and Kym Durr

Darryl DeLeonardis Sallie Gould Elizabeth Hill Connie Kahler Erica Kincaid Brian Montgomery Raymond O'Farrell Jon Olson Kim Olson Lynda Patnoad Scott Penrod Dee Rainey-Martin Rose Serrano Anetta Shaw Layne Sookram Sue Vaughn Susan Whybrew Paul Witte

Strategic Fund Distribution Committee Tom Baldwin Kim Brown Michele Goodwin Jack Johnson Kendall Moore Jeff Thompson Johnette Gindling

Finance and Governance Committee Stan Bird Lesli Dooley Cindy Lennard Lisa Mister Jennifer Ogburn David Olinger Bob Raymond Brad Roub Ted Schmoll Maureen Tills

Allocation Volunteers


Distribution of the campaign dollars raised yearly is a critical part of United Way. More than 100 volunteers donated over 2,000 hours to review agency financials and other program information to make sure donations to our United Way are having the greatest possible impact.

Paul Witte, Gerri Ludwig, Brian Montgomery, Jon Olson, Elizabeth Hill and Kim Olson

Bridge Builder


Tax Volunteers

Senior Services Mary Vohringer, Chair Stanley Bird Lesli Dooley Lois Katzin Dan Langemak Mathew Mckelvey Kimberly Renzetti Jack Schuler Dixie Stelling Angela Warwick Catherine Wright

Multi-Year Contracts Ted Schmoll, Chair Jennifer Goodman Tyler Hampy Heidi Lemberg Erica Shallcross Maribeth Terraglio Denise Young

Childhood Success Development and Mentoring Cris Davies, Chair Cathy Ann Chase Jennifer Crumpler Juanita Davis Janis Rubin-Telles visits with a client on tours.

Robert Edwards Judy Gizinski Deborah Kelly Bob Michaud Shirley Murphy

Persons with Disabilities ReneĂŠ Valletutti, Chair Barbara Baird Beth Findley Tabitha Laney-Bryant Dee Rainey-Martin Bob Raymond Janis Rubin-Telles

Domestic Violence Vi Philbrick, Chair Roberta Chaildin Mallika Kapat Antonia Mack Fran Pickett Jerald Smith Doris Soto Karen Strasko Kris Watts Jennifer Wilster Kimberly Wise

Health, Wellness & Safety - Substance Abuse Jonathan McNeilly, Chair Linda Armstrong Beverly Glenn Donna Larson Tim Lee Lynn Pemberton Paula Preston Debbie Reed

Childhood Success Abuse Prevention Julie Tookes, Chair Alison Bogart Dottie Bourlier Marci Brilley Almetia Britton Marilyn Fashano Jean Hallett Valerie Kenworthy Judy Rosner Nancy Rowan Marty Winkel

Stan Bird and Liz Lee


King Award


Basic Needs Suzanne Sparling, Chair Leslie Alderman Jerry Brown Jim Carlson Jeff Cook Christopher Fox Janet Hofmeister David McGuiness Patrick Wigglesworth Misty Wilson





ECMs ensure that every

employee receives a quality, non-coercive ask to participate in the annual United Way Campaign. They work hard to educate fellow employees about community needs and encourage them to give back by supporting United Way.

Frank Abbate Robbin Adams Sabrina Ammon Angie Apperson Kiersten Bakowski Karly Ballard Leslie Bardo David Barrera Laura Baxley Jessica Beecham Maureen Bellinger Maribeth Berner Carson Lisa Bierbrunner Patty Blanton Brandy Starkey Shanti Brasington William Brennan Noreen Brooks Kathy Broome David Brubaker Gino Butto Joy Calcagni Valerie Carl Cynthia Casavant Kelly Chiniski Michele Chodkowski Charity Clifford Christie Cloney Diane Coleman Sherrie Conrad Lynn Cowart Joyce Cox

County Employees held a chilli cook-off to support the campaign.

Sandy Criss Michael Crowe Bridget Cunningham DeLana Dampier Jennifer Danford Tabetha Davis Cheryl Dean Michelle Deering Kristi Del Grosso Michael Demorat Gerry Deveau Kate DiIulio Bonnie Doyle Julie Dunn Susan Dunscombe Natasha Duran Stephanie Ebright Norma Eddleman Nicole Emard Sylvia Eppig Elianna Eversley Andrea Exline Krissy Fagundes Sandra Fahey Christine Fain Heidi Fain Alex Ferguson Marvin Ferrell Rhett Fischer Rick Fleming Kerri Foster Michelle Fox

Florida City Gas held an ice cream social.

Brevard County


Ice Cream

Tracy Freeze Geri Fulford Bart Gaetjens Lynn Gagnon Patty Gamez Tammy Gemmati Maureen Germain Rhonda Gerstle Susan Giblin Mercedes Gibney Greg Giertych Collette Goffigan Heather Gonzalez Jennifer Goodman Keisha Greene Christa Griffin Jennifer Griner Antonio Guevara Barbara Gunter Samuel Gutierrez Barb Haas Christine Hackford Cynthia Hanscom Marcus Harley Kathryn Heisey Kathleen Hernandez Kathleen Herring Sue Holland Cindy Holmes Dan Howick Jacqueline Huelskamp Ruth Hull

Terri Hulse Alicia Ivie Michelle Johns Caroline Johnson Gregory Johnston Melissa Jones Leslie Jones Regina Kaiser Cindy Kane Michelle Kazee Melody Keeth Bevin Kelley Deborah Kelly Vaughan Kimberling Anne Kington Jessica Knight Maria Kohlbrand Judy Kraftchick Gladwyn Kurian Donna Larson Penny Layman Kat Lee Heidi Lemberg Erica Lemp Neil Levine Kevin Litt Tina Livanos Karen Lively Edwin Loftin Angelina Londono Michelle Matarazzo Tammy Matthew

FLORIDA TECH students raised funds for United Way and presented the check to Dr. Catanese and ECM Joni Oglesby.

Linda Matthias Chrissy McDowell Marnita McFadden Susan McGrath Larry McIntyre Ann McLaughlin Cyn McMyne Nicole Meager John Mellick Arlene Mellinger Karen Miller Jessica Mitchell Juliette Mondesir Adams Kirsten Morrow Wendy Mott Susan Myers Tammy Neal Danielle Neely Darla Nichols Joni Oglesby Debra Olsen Craig Orndorff Lorie Osborne Jennifer Ottomanelli Dana Packard Cody Palmer Sara Patterson Mary Pelkey Cara Philpot Jeanne Pierce Julia Pierce Christine Portch

CANthrophy is a canned food design/build competition hosted during the Harris campaign.







W Toni Potenza Pam Pugmire Robert Radencic Caroline Raleigh Gail Ramos Nikki Raynor Thomas Reed Ann Reed Kimberly Renzetti Dawn Reynolds Monique Richardson Amy Ridge Edward Roesch Wendy Rohlfs-Darlow Judy Rosner Susan Rosonina Jerri-Mae Ross Adrienne Roth Bill Row Shannon Royer Katherine Sacino Ronald Sandridge Danielle Santiago Jillian Sasala Ted Schmoll

Paula Schroeder Michael Sexton Erica Shallcross Ed Sheffield Michelle Sheppard Angel Sherry Jennifer Shields Linda Slaughter LeAnn Smithson Ashley Sobke Suzanne Sparling Jamie Stengle MaryAnn Sterling Tracy Strmel Stephanie Strodtman Alberto Suriel Rene Swingle Deanna Tangeman Ashleigh Thieme Tim Timmermann Les Titus Julie Tookes Rose Travis William Uttenwieler Neil Van Hoff Rick Villarreal Jerry Visco David Wallace Nancy Watkins Bobbi Watts Kris Watts Ashley Wendt

Rob Rains with Bob Stover and Jeff Kiel as they serve up breakfast as part of the FLORIDA TODAY campaign.

Becky White Wendy Widmann Dorothy Wilson Stephen Wilson Margo Witcher Mark Witko Amanda Yeagley


We know not all of our ECMs work alone. We would also like to thank the campaign teams who assist in their workplaces ensuring the success of the campaign.


Regions Bank employees deliver Meals on Wheels

Campaign Fun


Meals on Wheels


Top 50 Largest Campaigns 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26.

Harris Corporation $1,354,420 Publix Super Markets $840,274 Brevard Public Schools $307,422 Brevard County Sheriff's Office $225,232 Health First $221,691 Florida Tech $206,963 Rockwell Collins $158,880 Parrish Medical Center $115,464 Brevard Board of County Commissioners $108,295 Lockheed Martin $92,636 United Launch Alliance $91,178 Computer Sciences Raytheon $85,706 KSC Visitor Complex $75,196 Team ESC $70,050 Craig Technologies $61,824 Zachry Industrial $61,645 Intersil Corporation $60,679 IAP Worldwide Services $59,486 Team ISC $59,344 FPL, IBEW Local 1908 $57,078 Bright House Networks $55,794 GE Transportation Systems $55,055 Bank of America/Merrill Lynch $53,597 Space Coast Credit Union $52,572 Ron Jon Surf Shop $52,212 United Space Alliance $47,750

Susan McGrath, Jim Sheppard, Rob Rains, Rose Thornton and Sam Pero

27. Wells Fargo 28. The Boeing Company, Boeing Employees Community Fund 29. City of Melbourne 30. AT&T 31. Brevard Community College 32. FLORIDA TODAY 33. SunTrust Bank, Central Florida 34. Carr, Riggs & Ingram 35. City of Palm Bay 36. ELVIS 2 37. United Parcel Service 38. Target 39. United Way of Brevard 40. Southeast Petro Distributors 41. Wuesthoff Health System 42. PNC Bank 43. Coastal Mechanical Services 44. Abacus Technology 45. Raymond James & Associates 46. Canaveral Port Authority 47. ATK Launch Systems 48. BRPH Companies 49. M. H. Williams Construction Group 50. Macy's


$45,105 $44,198 $41,464 $39,413 $38,067 $37,571 $33,287 $33,014 $32,687 $31,133 $31,111 $27,198 $26,526 $26,253 $26,246 $25,980 $25,266 $23,759 $22,296 $21,200 $19,358 $18,192 $17,769

Jim Clamons and Lloyd McKenzie


Harris Corp


W Leadership Giving

Leadership Societies

Tocqueville Society



Members of United Way of Brevard’s Leadership

United Way’s Tocqueville Society is comprised of

Giving Societies are an important part of the

philanthropic leaders and volunteers who give

annual United Way Campaign. Members of these

$10,000 or more annually to United Way, creating

prestigious groups are leaders who set the

a lasting impact on Brevard County and on the

standard for local philanthropic giving. Forty-two

lives of all those who live and work here.

percent of the annual campaign comes from the 2,157 Leadership Givers. Nearly half of them are

Ordre de' Liberte' ($25,000 to $49,000)

giving at the $1,000 level or more. Tocqueville Society ($10,000 +)


Torch Society Platinum Level ($7,500-9,999)

Harry and Wendy Brandon The Jack and Martha Hartley Foundation


The Lance Family Foundation

Gold Level ($5,000-7,499)


Jack and Cindy Schuler

Silver Level ($2,500-4,999)


Bronze Level ($1,800-2,499)


Crystal Level ($1,000-1,799)


Total Donors $1,000^


Membres de la Socie'te' ($10,000 to $24,999)

Richard and Carolyn Baney Glenn and Wendy Beck

Chairman's Club ($500-999 or 2 hrs pay/mo)

William and Stephanie Brown 1,338

Mike and Theresa Williams, Mary Helen and Dwayne McCay and Carol Craig

Tocqueville society


Don and Laurette Bryan

Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Catanese

Doug and Norma Padgett

Daniel and Carol Cavanagh

Dan and Marian Pearson

Wes and Sherry Covell

Bryan and Judy Roub

Ron and Lynne DiMenna

Paula Savage

Thomas Dreher

Mike and Rashmi Shah

Robert L. Duffy

Summit and Marsha Shah

Dr. James and Dr. Roxanne Giebink

Jim and Jonnie Swann

Nick and Diane Heldreth

Darrow L. Webb

Dr. Allen and Sandra Henry

Mike and Theresa Williams

Bob and Pat Henry

One Anonymous Members

Bob and Shelly Herman Mr. and Mrs. Bjornar Hermansen Chas and Vonnie Hoyman Jack and Anna Johnson Tom and Cyndie Kirk In memory of Lady Eleanor Baird Kristensen Troy and Lisa Lotane Dr. Dwayne and Dr. Mary Helen McCay Robert P. Michaud and Cynthia H. Michaud George and Liz Mikitarian Polly and Tom Molnar

Emerging Leaders


Emerging Leaders is a leadership giving, volunteer and advocacy group for early to midcareer professionals who want to make a difference in Brevard. Membership is designed to further philanthropy and volunteerism. It also offers social, educational, and professional opportunities for each member.

Hugh and Lynn Normile

Marion and Howard Tipton

Alecia Blattler, Erica and Ken Lemp

Torch Society

EL Members


W Partner Agencies

The services provided by our United Way Partner Agencies help address immediate issues ranging from poverty to physical, mental and developmental health and well being, as well as the care and education of children and the health and independence of seniors. Without addressing our community's most basic needs and enabling individuals and families to find some sense of stability, we will never achieve our goal to build the foundation needed to effect long-lasting change. 211 Brevard Aging Matters in Brevard American Red Cross AMI Kids Space Coast Big Brothers Big Sisters Boy Scouts of Central Florida - Brevard Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida Brevard Achievement Center Brevard Alzheimer's Foundation Brevard County Legal Aid Brevard Neighborhood Development Coalition Brevard Rescue Mission Bridges Catholic Charities Central Brevard Sharing Center Children's Advocacy Center The Children's Center Children's Home Society Club Esteem Crosswinds Youth Services Early Head Start - CDI Early Learning Coalition

Family Counseling Center Girl Scouts of Citrus Council Grandparents Raising Grandchildren The Haven for Children Healthy Start Coalition Housing for Homeless and Veterans Links of Hope National Veterans Homeless Support North Brevard Charities Sharing Center PREVENT! of Brevard Project Response The Salvation Army Domestic Violence Program The Salvation Army - North/Central Brevard Corps The Salvation Army - South Brevard Corps Second Harvest Serene Harbor South Brevard Sharing Center Space Coast Early Intervention Center STEPS The Women's Center YMCA

Childhood Success



W United Way Team

To mobilize the caring power of a community - it takes a team. Our team is made up of seasoned professionals with diverse skills and backgrounds. But we are not a team because of our differences, we are a team because of what we have in common . . . dedication and drive to continually strive to help those less fortunate.

United Way - Cocoa Office Rob Rains, President Susan McGrath, VP, Resource Development Tambre Clark, Director, Planned Giving Liz Lee, Director, Community Impact Emily Orndorff, Director, Information Management Caron Partridge, Director, Communications Deb Stull, Director, Finance Donna Barber, Exec. Assistant/HR/Office Manager Alecia Blattler, SR Resource Development Manager Keith Heinly, Community Impact Manager Gerri Ludwig, Financial Stability Manager Nikki Moschen, Finance Manager Zac Bell, Community Impact Coordinator Martha Brown, RD and Marketing Coordinator Terry Taylor, SR Grant/Contract Coordinator Polly Clawson, Administrative Assistant Suzanne Cummins, RD Assistant Debbie Flynn, Information Management Assistant Chris Logan, Administrative Assistant Rob Rains

United Way - Healthy Families Sherrie Arflin, VP, Childhood Success Initiatives Mackenzie Quirarte, FSW Supervisor Carmen Rosa, Family Assessment Worker Debbie Crawford, Family Support Worker Selidette Gluntz, Family Support Worker Iovana Johnson, Family Support Worker Rosemary Joseph, Family Support Worker Megan McChesney, Family Support Worker Dani McDevitt, Family Support Worker Marjorie Robles, Family Support Worker Nellie Torres, Family Support Worker Sarah Pineo, Childhood Success Coordinator Debra Brito, Data Entry Assistant

(as of 6/30/2013)

Suzanne Cummins, Martha Brown, Alecia Blattler, Susan McGrath and Tambre Clark

Fearless Leader

Campaign Crew



Accounting to the Community Statement of Financial Position Year ended June 30, 2013


2012 (restated)

ASSETS Assets Cash and Cash Equivalents Investments Account Receivable Grants Receivable Unconditonal Promises to Give (net of Allowance) Other Current Assets Inventory - Gifts In Kind Program Land, Property and Equipment (net of Depreciation) TOTAL ASSETS

2,507,418 1,019,718 8,069 138,789 2,502,382 14,334 40,983 316,788 6,548,481

2,093,859 1,253,062 82,131 99,358 2,484,729 32,305 3,626 296,092 6,345,162

Liabilities Accounts Payable Accrued Vacation Liability Agency Allocations Payable Grants Payable Deferred Revenues Donor Designations Payable Total Liabilities

22,194 22,514 3,334,238 46,133 52,737 1,011,578 4,489,394

13,418 26,523 3,468,513 99,504 993,357 4,601,315

Net Assets Unrestricted - Undesignated Board Designated for specific purposes Temporarily Restricted Total Net Assets

1,190,886 538,165 330,036 2,059,087

996,662 415,383 331,802 1,743,847






Note: Berman, Hopkins, Wright and LaHam performed our annual audit. The complete audit and 990 can be found at www.uwbrevard.org

Statement of Activities Year ended June 30, 2013 SUPPORT AND REVENUES Campaign Revenue Gross Campaign Results Less donor designated pledges Less provision for uncollectible pledges Net Campaign Revenue Other Revenue Contributions - Disaster Relief Contributions - Noncampaign Contributions - Gifts in Kind Grants and Contracts Endowment Income, Contributions, Gain Investment Income Administrative service fee revenue Special event revenue (net of expense) Other Total Other Revenue Total Support and Revenues


6/30/2012 (restated)

7,440,190 (1,934,163) (304,186) 5,201,841

7,331,417 (2,010,084) (352,975) 4,968,358

182,389 525,892 3,014,134 (1,132) 5,339 43,080 (5,209) 5,109 3,769,602

112,752 714,572 1,108,314 13,054 24,767 129,476 (7,901) 18,211 2,113,245



7,857,648 635,117 163,438 8,656,203

6,098,096 621,655 175,235 6,894,986



Net assets at beginning of year






EXPENSES Program Services Fundraising Management and General Total Expenses INCREASE IN NET ASSETS



Thank You! United Way regrets any errors or omissions. Please notify Rob Rains, President or Caron Partridge, Director of Communications of any corrections or updates at (321) 631-2740.

W United Way of Brevard 937 Dixon Blvd, Cocoa, FL 32922 321.631.2740 www.uwbrevard.org

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