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The Olive Book - 01.10.2022 Femininity • New Beginnings • Hope The Olive Book October 2022 • 1

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Jas Lamba Choosing Myself: Walking Away from East Indian Expectations Samantha Mercanti Embracing Schizophrenia: My Story of Struggle, Strength, Resilience and Hope Crystal Leochko From Infertility to Miracle Pregnancy: Surrogate Rescue from the Ukraine War Zone Captain Judy Cameron The Sky’s the Limit: Life as Air Canada’s First Female Airline Pilot




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How do I have hope for the future when I’m sitting in the middle of chaos?

functioned on a day to day basis. As much as our new lifestyle took a bit to get used to we were incredibly grateful for the experience.

How do I tap into creative power when I’m feeling disconnected from my gifts?

It was a baby step into the environment we want to be in. It prepped us for things to look out for and things we now know we loved. Our new colour retreat centre research at the lake was well worth it.

How do I participate in a goddess circle when I am not feeling very goddessy? You feel me? Where are you on the goddessy scale? What’s your current level of chaos? How’s that connection to your gifts thing going? Honestly, this is why I started this magazine in the first place. When shit goes sideways, I turn to the rainbow for answers. The rainbow is my therapist, she is my connection to source and provides all the answers I need. And since you’re reading (or listening) to this right now, colour may be your ticket too. Unlike the olive tree that takes time to mature this edition came in fast and furious. With the sale of our home only a few days behind us, July first marked a brand new beginning for our family. Given that we had no permanent residence in sight we rented a house on the lake for the summer. We went from the ‘city’ to hard core lessons in olive, country living. From the swarms of mosquitoes to ridiculously slow Internet to long drives for ‘milk’, we basically had to re-look at how we

8 • United Colours of Design Magazine

Olive’s yellow fraction asks us all to step up our game and the green fraction asks us to do it with love. This is the divine feminine way. The way of the goddess. Olive is the gateway to the green heart chakra. Most of us want to take a giant leap from the yellow solar plexus right into the green heart chakra. I almost made this mistake as well. I didn’t see the importance of olive when next up the ladder was her brighter, more popular sister. But how can we be ready to fully embrace the immense amount of love held in that green energy centre without first passing through the Olive gateway? The goddess gateway, the hope for the future gateway, the creative power gateway. Before we can bring balance and harmony into our heart centre we must first do the olive fire-walk. We have to go through a process of rediscovering, reconnecting and recreating what we want for ourselves now and in the future.

Being immersed in all of this olive energy fueled the desire to step up our game and do a full moon, goddess circle colour retreat in August. This would be the first time Brian and I collaborated on a project together. He was the chef and I was the organizer. We both soon realized that we needed a third person to complete the experience. So we brought in United Colours of Design’ Intimacy columnist and olive goddess herself, Jennifer Love, to help with grounding the space and partnering with me to facilitate an amazing experience for our participants. Before we could open our hearts to the queens that were en route, we had to spend the night in the full moon energizing the space and ourselves. We had to come face to face with our own creative power, our own divine juiciness in order to provide a high frequency container for our ladies. In doing so we managed to generate an incredible vortex so intense that one of the Colour Mirrors bottles responded by releasing its magic right through the glass! (It’s important to note that these bottles work with the energy of a space or person. Sometimes the change colour, sometimes they leak and sometimes they explode.) The bottle that exploded was called ‘Generosity’ its top fraction is coral and the bottom fraction is pale gold. This bottle is part of our golden Gaia series and her message to us and our participants was this: Coral is unconditional self-acceptance – I am perfect as I am – and pale gold is your connection to your authentic Divine self. This combination powerfully reconnects you to who you really are, a Divine creation, a magnificent human able to joyously dance your reality into being. If you are already perfect and aligned with your Divine self you can create anything, and this bottle opens you to harvest, abundance, love and joy. Now you can finally see yourself as part of the Divine’s perfection. You deserve everything and more, and as you claim this you can access and generously share all of it. The love that you hold for your precious self is so magnetic that it can attract anything you focus on because you are in alignment with Divine truth. This bottle holds the softly loving power of the Divine feminine and invites you to connect with it as you explore and heal your relationship with the female energies in your life. This was the magic we had invoked to support us as we started this new beginning. It gave the three of us hope that the divine feminine was present. The evening with our ladies was incredible. Each of them felt connected to the bottle that had blown up and the message that it brought to the circle. With colour, crystals and the stars guiding us we were able to deeply connect to that feminine energy. While we were cleaning up the next day we were shocked (but not shocked) when we noticed a second bottle had blown up. The G10 ‘Impeccability’ bottle had cracked and a piece had blown out of the front of the bottle. In this bottle we have blue lilac and pale gold present, it’s message is this: Impeccability means accepting and honouring every aspect of who you are and being clear and honest about both your shadow and your light. It is not about living up to a false standard of perfection, rather it is about seeing the perfection that already exists in yourself, in others and the world. The colour blue-lilac is about communication (blue)

from your spirit (lilac). It asks you to be vigilant with your words and speak with incredible integrity because you hold the power to manifest whatever you say. When you are impeccable, words can no longer be used as weapons or instruments of manipulation. Instead they become vehicles for love and connection. This bottle relates to the masculine side of creation and asks you to make peace with the masculine side of yourself and the males in your life. It takes you into a space of silence, simplicity and deep inner stillness from which you can access the voice of inspiration. We took this to mean that the divine masculine also wanted to join the party. He closed out the weekend with the same intensity as the divine feminine opened it. We had balance and complete confirmation that we had the full support of all dimensions with us on our new path.

Colour Mirrors bottles G10 and G11 showing us their presence at the Full-Moon, Goddess Circle retreat, August 2022.

Each edition, each colour we work with provides so many insights on how to heal ourselves to remove blocks that stop us from living life full on. While surrounded by olive trees and nature I found the answers to the questions I opened this article with. How did I participate in a goddess circle when I was not feeling goddessy? I surrounded myself with other goddesses and received confirmation through the explosion of the G11 bottle (above on the left) that I am and we are all joyously dancing our reality into being. How did I find peace amongst the chaos? I sat still in nature and surrendered to the wonder of not knowing my next move. I surrendered into the belief that the universe has my back and my job is to follow the breadcrumbs and say yes. How did I reconnect to my creative power? I co-created with others. and listed to the message that G10 ‘Impeccability’ so badly wanted me to hear. I saw the perfection that already existed in myself and in others and let go of trying to control the outcome. This opened the olive gateway and once that happened, the rest was a piece of cake.

The Olive Book October 2022 • 9

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Crystal Eves is a Canadian based, natal astrologer who has been serving an international clientele for over 30 years. Known for her psychological, yet humorous approach, Crystal is always ready to share astrological insights and laughs. She holds a BSc in Psychology from the University of Toronto and an MA in Cultural Astronomy from the University of Wales, but most importantly, she has been a student of astrology for well over 40 years. Crystal’s writing has appeared in multiple newspapers including the Toronto Star, and the esteemed Mountain Astrologer trade magazine. She is also a published author who has lectured in the UK, Canada and the US. Crystal can be reached through her website at www.crystaleves.com

Heather will be sharing suggestions, activities, and strategies in articles geared toward families and children. Along with an Algonquin College Social Services Worker Diploma she has 24 years of professional development and experience as an elementary school Behavioural Teaching Assistant. Heather runs school wide and targeted proactive and responsive programs for bullying prevention, self regulation, anger management, social skills, Heather is married and is a proud mother of 3 adult children and an even prouder Nana to her four grandsons.

2022 Top 100 Entrepreneur of the year @Smart Meetings magazine, Heart-centric entrepreneur, visionary, leader, mentor and changemaker. Board Chair at Seneca College’s, Event Management and Creative Design program. My energy and enthusiasm come from being imaginative, people-centric and collaborative. I believe that anyone can accomplish anything with intention and passion. The word NO does not exist in my vocabulary. I am an Associate Editor for Canadian Special Event magazine, a contributing editor to MPI Global magazine, and United Colours of Design magazine. I advocate for mental health and provide peer support to many. I am an MPI member, and volunteer, I am on a mission in life is to be philanthropic through my not-for-profit charity, “Giving Butterflies.” I believe in sharing and giving hope to students, individuals and others while I am alive. Creating a legacy of human connections and love is at the root of who I am.

Jennifer is certified through the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. She is also a Chakradance Facilitator and Colour Mirrors Practitioner. She will be defining intimacy and sexuality from a Tantric point of view and how these are directly connected to your creative centre. Through her study of Tantra she will be speaking about how sex has been taboo and hidden in the shadows far too long and when we open to the sacredness of our sexuality, we also open to our greatest creativity. She will also give really juicy sex practices for you to kick-start your creativity!

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Freelance graphic designer and vintage shop owner based in Toronto. Judy has always been a creative. Whether through pottery, interior design, photography, graphic design, and now as a curator of all things vintage. Judy has spent the past 25 years as a graphic designer, 19 years of which operating her own firm, Grafik Essentials Inc. She supports and works collaboratively with her clients to design creative visual solutions of all kinds across industries and around the globe. In 2020, Judy turned her passion for vintage, repurposing and restyling into a new online retail venture. She opened the proverbial online doors of Jack’s Daughter of All Trades to tap into her lifelong passion for antiques and everything vintage.

Lisa Cavender is the CEO of Innergy Ltd., a company located in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands dedicated to empowering people to transform their personal lives and businesses from stress to success! Lisa is an international speaker and bestselling author who has shared the stage with business development legends such as Kevin Harrington, Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy. Lisa is one of Jack Canfield’s Certified Trainers of The Success Principles, How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be™ and also one of Janet and Chris Attwood’s Certified Facilitators of The Passion Test™, The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose, for both adults and kids & teens. Lisa is also a graduate of the Richard Ivey School of Business, a CPA, an accomplished entrepreneur and the proud mother of two daughters. She has been practicing and teaching meditation and energy work since 1994.

Moira Bush has internationally educated entrepreneurs for over 25 years and is an authority in the field of Spiritual Colour Psychology and Numerology. From South Africa where she helped women in shanty towns to set up community based businesses, to working in England helping women off the welfare system into self-employment; Moira has a passion for helping entrepreneurs identify and transform their hidden blocks to success. Moira teaches through her courses and live broadcasts, how the systems of Colour Mirrors and Numerology can help you set up soul based businesses. Moira is the spiritual author of several books including 8 Colours of Prosperity, Colour and Shadow Oracle Decks and the founder of the Moira Bush Academy.

Rachael blends Human Design and conversion copywriting to help spiritual entrepreneurs create a cohesive, wildly irresistible and deeply aligned brand voice so that they speak their truth unapologetically. She’s helped women sell out programs on the first round, sell high ticket 1:1 with ease and create massive impact with a simple message. Her clients create their next level brand voice as they step further into their alignment and clearly speak their soul’s message with confidence. Simply put, she’s your soul aligned messaging coach.

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It’s time to reverse the stigma that being creative and financial success do not go together! Sovereign Wealth Management attracts dynamic creative business owners who are on a mission! A mission to do what they love AND use it to build a beautiful life for themselves and future generations. We get you! We LOVE building your wealth, your profitability and your succession planning. We want to hear your ideas, dreams and goals, and work to make them your reality. Want to see into your financial future? Let us help! Set up your virtual appointment today, for an organized snapshot of your today and tomorrow.

905-637-3500 www.sovereignwealth.ca whitney@sovereignwealth.ca

The Olive Book October 2022 • 13


Meet our Editorial Team...


Sara is a broadcast visionary, consultant, artist & co-founder of Flow Network. She connects people to joy in ways that are creative, inclusive & in flow. Her passion is empowering & documenting the evolution of what she feels is the greatest paradigm shift of our time; the rise of creative, heart-centred leaders. She co-founded Flow Network to support this shift. A broadcast network of conscious community creators, bridgers, and artists who are catalysts & support for this epic transformation, with ‘edutaining’ content & creative studio session workdays.




Sherry is a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner & Graduate of the International Feng Shui School. She is also a graduate of the New York Institute of Art and Design where I studied Feng Shui Interior Design. Sherry is a Red Ribbon Professional Member of the International Feng Shui Guild and has been practicing Feng Shui for over a decade. She resides in Niagara, Ontario with her husband and Maltese furbaby.

Sonal Raje is a professional artist based in Canada. She is actively involved in the local art associations, as well as global ventures that promote the arts. She is a member of the Canadian delegation that is invited to participate in the annual show of the Société Nationale des Beaux –Arts ( Est 1862) at The Louvre in Paris, and has won awards for her work. Her art business Blue Amber Arts incorporates spiritual energy of colours to elevate the products to an experience and a unique memory. She conducts workshops and paint parties to promote expressive art, reduce stress and bring the joy of creation. Blue Amber attire and jewelry is inspired by ancient designs, rituals and techniques which convert everyday use products into contemporary fashion accessories and tools for holistic practices.

Whitney Hammond, principal of Sovereign Wealth Management, has been in personal practice since 1997. Whitney is a recognized leader in the Canadian financial planning field and a frequent speaker at events focusing on estate planning. With exceptional knowledge in wealth accumulation and preservation, Whitney coaches clients to build solid financial plans which include tax and estate plans, testamentary trusts, tax sheltered growth plans and, for business owners, comprehensive succession plans and exit strategies. Her expertise in wealth management, and focus on delivering effective programs has allowed her to build trusting, inter-generational relationships with her clients.

She studied Television Broadcasting, worked for a major Canadian Network, and later founded the training department of a tech startup in the industry. She also has certifications in holistic nutrition, yoga, and colour therapy. Her own yoga show on the network ties together what have previously felt like two different worlds—business & spiritual. Union is the goal!

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Life Happens

When my contract ended in April 2020 and hopes of finding something during COVID were ZERO, Kathryn was my first call. Our session lead to the creation of this magazine! Amy Bell, Founder UCOD Magazine

It’s what you do next that makes the difference When you’re looking uncertainty in the eye Kathryn’s intuitive lens brings you clarity Job loss (or any major transition for that matter) can set even the most confident person on a path of self doubt. • What do I do now? • Is this a sign to try something new? • Should I start my own business? • Should I move cities for a fresh start? • I think I know what to do but confirmation would be helpful. Kathryn uses multiple modalities to bring clarity, reassurance, confidence and relief to her global clients in transition. The answers you’re searching for are right before you, Kathryn can be the bridge between what your higher self knows and what your physical self is seeking. • Answers • Guidance • Confirmation • Energize your creativity • See a future of possibilities • Tap deeper to your intuition • Connect to your Soul purpose


Transformational Intuitive Life & Business Advisor 226.387.3878 • thebluehairmedium@gmail.com www.thebluehairmedium.com

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The Olive Book October 2022 • 17

These tenets are the basis of all that we do here at UCoD. They serve as our guiding light, showing us the way to communicate with this community. We hope you find alignment in the words.


18 • United Colours of Design Magazine

We are perfectly in tune with our spirits We are completely connected to our souls We are of service to humanity We are fully supported by a kind and gentle universe We are joyous in the creative flow We are incredibly safe on this planet We have extreme gratitude for our gifts We have deep love for everyone our hearts and this magazine touch We are honoured that people seek our guidance We are authentically aligned with our purpose

The Olive Book October 2022 • 19

“I recently hired Amy to do a Branding with Soul™ analysis on my business. The insights that were revealed through the colour report and our session helped me reshape a brand new vision for my business. Adding my Soul colours to my logo and brand has served to attract a fresh new tribe of clients who are deeply engaged and ready to work with me. I had no idea my Soul colours could have such an impact on my business!” Sherry Brouzes, Founder, Sherry Brouzes Feng Shui

“Soul Colour reading, what’s that I asked myself? I learned through this experience that it’s another opportunity for me to gain a greater and deeper understanding of myself. Amazing to now know my (Soul) colours and how they factor into my life. Amy Bell is awesome; she is fun and knowledgeable, our session together left me glowing.” Carol Cirillo, Founder, Make It Happen Media

“ I am currently working with Amy Bell on my brand. I chose her as my designer because I had heard about her Branding with Soul™ analysis. I was intrigued to see what my business’ Soul colours were and what role they played in my marketing. I was blown away with her colour report and session and can’t wait to launch with the energy of my Soul colours behind me! ” Heather Bain, Children’s Behavioural Coach

“Amy’s knowledge about colour and numerology is amazing! Our session gave me incredible insight into my life and new business. Amy’s energy, design mastery, and love for colour makes her a invaluable brand resource.” Samantha Butler, Founder, Simple Wellness

20 • United Colours of Design Magazine

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Continuing Education Course Learn how to harness the hidden power of your client’s Soul Colours to create UNIQUE brand stories they’ll love, AND charge what you’re worth WITHOUT fear of losing a job!

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COL URS F DESIGN A C A D E M Y Email your interest to: amy.barroso@whitelightningcommunications.com


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Most people have heard the expression,

reconciliation, because olive trees famously

“extending the olive branch”. But what does it

take years to mature. War is typically very

really represent? Some people have suggested

hard on the trees because people cannot take

that the olive was a very deliberate and well-

the time to nurture them and plant new ones.

considered choice as a metaphor for peace and

Therefore, the offer of an olive branch would

The Olive Book October 2022 • 23

suggest that someone is tired of war, whether it be an actual war or a falling out between family, friends or colleagues. I had recently had an occasion to forgive and forget. It’s always tougher than it sounds. It got me thinking about an age-old symbol for peace and what it can teach us about loving our neighbor as ourselves. The olive branch has meant peace as far back as ancient Rome and Greece times. Because of its earliest uses, today we commonly think of extending the olive branch as a way of calling a truce between two warring parties.

If you’ve ever seen an olive branch, it’s not very strong. It’s actually quite delicate. It’s light enough to be carried by a dove as it’s often depicted in the Bible. It’s interesting that something so fragile carries the weight of humanity’s most powerful gift: Forgiveness. To forgive someone is an essential element of peace. How can you be at peace with someone against whom you hold a grudge? Forgiveness is also part of the golden rule. We all long to be forgiven when we’ve messed up. We all want

It’s interesting that something so fragile carries the weight of humanity’s most powerful gift: Forgiveness.

24 • United Colours of Design Magazine

a fresh start. It only makes sense to give the thing we want the most away to other people. Sometimes your olive branch will be ignored or worst yet rejected. You can’t force it on anyone. It’s not a symbol of peace if you throw it at the person. Just lay it down. When he or she is ready, they know where it is and they know where to find you. You don’t always have to wait until the person says he’s sorry. I’m a big fan of the do-over. I’ll go to the person and ask, “Hey, we got off on the wrong foot back there. Can we start over?” I can’t say it always

restores the relationship, but it’s always worth a try. So, the next time you can forgive someone (and trust me, there’s always an opportunity), think about the olive branch. Imagine it in your hand and see yourself giving it to the person you want to forgive. How do they respond? What you hope is that they accept it graciously and you can both form a brandnew relationship not based on the past. Who needs your forgiveness? Make peace today. The olive branch may seem weak, but when offered in sincerity, it holds incredible strength.”.

The Olive Book October 2022 • 25



$444 YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL LIES BURIED IN YOUR SHADOWLANDS! In this on-line video course, you will learn about shadow healing and removing hidden blocks to success. The 7 hour self-study course includes an in-depth explanation on each one of the 44 cards in the Colour Your Shadow Deck. Each card depicts an ancient Gargoyle Archetype with timely messages and soul-saving revelations.

In the online course there is a tremendous amount of learning and several spreads to choose from. The lessons triggers so much to come to the surface from your inner self, to explore and dive deep. If you are ready, this course is a real inspiration and release from your past. Aurelia Rasmussen, Denmark This is a master class in Shadow Work! This course has turned out to be so much more than I could have ever imagined, and I am loving every bit of it. Who would have thought someone would say that about shadow work? Lisa Albertson, USA

** SNEAK PEAK ** The Envy Archetype indicates a feeling of lack in your life. Is it love, money, validation, success? Do you take risky short cuts or get into debt to hold up an appearance that you have it all? Let go of being like someone else, you are perfectly enough already.

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DECODE THE HIDDEN MESSAGES IN NUMBER SEQUENCES THAT DRIVE YOU DILLY! In this online course you will learn a unique way of decoding the hidden messages in the numbers that repeat over and over again at specific times in your life. Your instructor, Moira Bush, includes teachings from the Colour Mirrors system which makes this course extremely unique. Each number has a corresponding colour or colour combination that deepens your messages with guidance from your soul.

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***BONUS - you can use the information in your course to help your friends and family who are also driven crazy by repeating number sequences.

Moira explains in depth about the levels of Ascension and how the numbers are associated with it. Ruth McCarthy, Ireland I’ve always seen number sequences and never knew the meaning behind them. “Using the Messages in Numbers course I’ve been able to gain insight into what my soul is alerting me to. Joanne Arjoon, Canada


77:77 says you are being held back as the timing is not yet right for you 44 says consider moving or changing the space you live and work in 111 says to take up a leadership role for a cause or community




JUDY WEINBERG +1 416.801.3846 • INFO@GRAF IKESSEN TIALS.CO M supporting clients with creative solutions and exceptional customer service





e v i t a e r c C


The Olive Book October 2022 • 29


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The colour of olive combines yellow and green and considered neutral on the spectrum. Olive represents hope, fertility, change, creativity, vitality and new beginnings. Everyone is familiar with the olive tree that takes many years to reach maturity in order to bear fruit. Olive is a prime example of a shade of green to best describe the wood element in Feng Shui.

The Wood element is one of the five elements in Feng Shui known as “Wu Xing” in Chinese. The five elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Chinese Feng Shui believe everything in the universe is one of these elements that dominate at certain times or seasons. The five elements reflect the essence of each type of Chi, also known as ‘cosmic breath’ or universal life-force. The Wood element is the only element with inherent life energy. It is associated with both Yin and Yang. Wood element is known as ‘young or new yang.’ Wood has two parts like a tree; the roots beneath the earth that we cannot see are yin (feminine) energy. The tree trunk, branches and leaves represent yang (masculine) energy. The tree will spread up and out to reach the heavens. •

Wood chi in our environment activates hope for the future in our goal setting as we journey through life. Wood Chi gives us the power, vision, productivity and energy we require to start anew. Olive trees are an excellent example of hope for future prosperity as they take at least three years to reach full maturity. Olive as a colour signifies many of these qualities.

The Olive Book October 2022 • 31


When there is too much wood chi in our homes or spaces, we may feel upset, angry, impulsive and impatient. As a result, we may exhibit controlling or dominating behaviour. On the flip side, when there is too little wood chi in our environment, we can become lazy and unmotivated. Good feng shui is the art of placement for acquiring balance. Therefore, a healthy balance of wood chi is essential to remain motivated and calm.

To remedy this, try adding red colours to the décor. Artwork with scenes of sunrises or red flowers is a good choice. (The Fire element reduces wood in the exhaustive cycle in Feng shui.) •

To enhance personal/inner feng shui, use bamboo, hemp, cotton, wicker, and all wood products. So, wear wooden jewelry, add some green colour to your wardrobe, or buy a set of wooden salad bowls.

In feng shui design, when an office has large wood • furniture, wood beams, wood flooring and wood paneling, people may become agitated and restless. Too much of the wood element will disrupt the creativity and productivity of the employees. Too much wood Chi makes us feel claustrophobic. To mitigate the effect of the wood element, I would suggest adding the fire element to ‘burn’ some of the wood element to bring the Chi back into balance.

You can use Colour Mirrors essences to balance the Wood energy in your personal auric field and for your spaces. Colour Mirrors includes a set of all the elements including wood essence (olive) to help you shift and elevate your vibration with soft, gentle oils and essences. I work with Colour Mirrors energy system in my Feng Shui practice. The wood element essence supports the body by detoxing suppressed anger held in the liver.

32 • United Colours of Design Magazine

Wood Element and the Bagua In Traditional Feng shui Bagua, the wood element represents the east and southeast directions. The East gua is “Family and Community.” The Southeast is the ‘Wealth and Prosperity” gua. The Trigrams associated with wood in the east direction is “Zhen” (Thunder). The Trigram in the Southeast is “Xun” (Wind).

Wealth & Prosperity

Family & Health

Wood Elemental Fire

In Western Feng Shui Bagua, the wood element is located center left and upper center left areas of the nine-grid map. The left center gua is called ‘Family and Health” The left upper gua is called ‘Wealth and Prosperity.”

Connect with Sherry to purchase any of the Colour Mirrors elemental spritzers to amplify the energy of your space. Click here.





Activate wood Chi WITH LEAFY GREENS

In Feng Shui design, activate wood chi in your home and spaces with fresh, healthy, lush plants. I recommend broad, soft-leafed plants. Because of their sharp points, the cactus and spiky plants can exude ‘sha chi’ (harmful energy). Cacti should be kept in areas where the ‘spikes’ are not aiming toward you. They are lovely in the garden, not directly in front of the entrance. All healthy plants are good feng shui. Plants are not recommended for a bedroom as the energy may be too yang for a restful sleep. However, fresh flowers are acceptable if they are not too close to your head where your sleep.

34 • United Colours of Design Magazine

The colour of the wood element encompasses all shades of green. The shape that depicts the wood element is tall and vertical, like a tree trunk. Columnar objects, pillars, and tall rectangular shapes represent wood in your spaces and home. Floral patterns in wallpaper depict the wood element in feng shui design. Artwork or sculptures with scenes of forest, trees and flowers are all included as a representation of the wood element.

Olive and Chakras The colour olive is composed of yellow and green. The solar plexus chakra is represented by yellow and our “power center.” The heart chakra is green and is the center of love and compassion. Olive is a true expression of fearless, feminine power.

Summary of the Wood Element in Feng shui • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Positive message: growth, expansion, power, creativity, fertility, flexibility and new beginnings. Colours: Olive green and all other shades of green Shape: columnar, rectangular, floral patterns, vertical artwork and sculptures Material: plants, trees, flowers, cotton, wicker, rattan, hemp all wood products Properties: raises the Chi; retains the Chi Smell and taste: mint, rosemary and the scent and fragrance of newness and freshness Human Organs: liver, gallbladder (throat) Creative element: Water (water feeds wood) Destructive element: Metal (metal chops wood) Reducing element: Fire (fire burns wood) Direction: East/Southeast Feng Shui animal associated with a wood element: Green dragon Colour Mirrors: Wood Element Essence/Olive coloured oils.

BY SONAL RAJE OWNER, BLUE AMBER ARTS 30 Years in the business

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NEW BEGINNINGS Influence of Studio Space An artist’s studio is more than just a work space. The energy of that space has a great deal of influence on the art that is created there. For years I had a dedicated studio space to paint. I had canvases stacked everywhere, a big easel, and would bring in all kinds of paint material to experiment with. Acrylics, encaustic, fluid art, I had to try it all. The art I created could make a mess and create spills which sometimes went unattended for days. And that was OK too, as what happened in my studio stayed in my studio! We had so many fun paint nights there with family and friends. That space was my sanctuary as well, where I would spend hours meditating and reading. I expanded my knowledge about colour energy and art as therapy reading through books and online learning. All this reflected in my art and teaching.

“The only constant in life is change” - Heraclitus All that seems like a distant memory now. We had entered a new phase in our life and decided to downsize and move to a new city. From a 3-story house with a studio to a studio apartment. A small but gorgeous space with an amazing view of the water, and lush greenery all around with walking trails. Quiet evenings watching the sunsets, and the shimmering glow of the moon over the water. All the inspiration I needed as an artist was right in front of me. Alas, there is no space to prop up huge canvases and store the boxes of paints and brushes. So did that stop me from painting? No way!

The Olive Book October 2022 • 37

Although I love the original vibrant blue of these prints, I was inspired to digitally alter the colour to natural olive green tones. Creativity is all about adapting and experimenting.

Where there is a will there’s a way

Painting with sun and water.

And find that way I did. Actually, Mother Nature showed me the way. Who needs paint and brushes when there are trees, sun and water? All you need is paper. Paper coated with a solution that makes it sensitive to light. The process is called Cyanotype print or Sun prints. Having moved here in summer, the trails were full of greenery and wild flowers. I collected these flowers and leaves, pebbles and branches on my walks. That’s all I needed to create the prints. The process of sun prints appealed to me as it is so organic, exciting, and full of surprises.

So let’s see how this works. As mentioned earlier, the paper we use has a coat of the Cyanotype solution. You can either put this on the paper yourself or get pre coated paper. The first step is to take one of the sheets and lay the leaves, flowers and other materials that you have collected in an interesting arrangement on the paper. Then take the paper out in the sun. Yes, a bright sunny day is when you need to do this project. If it is windy, keep a piece of clear glass on top. Leave it out for 15-20 minutes for the Sun to work it’s magic. Bring the paper in and remove the materials on top. Now comes the fun part and the moment of truth- rinsing the paper in water. Fill up the sink with water and soak your paper in it. You will see the blue getting darker, and the areas where we had the leaves and flowers stay white. Remove the paper from water and leave it to dry.

The colour olive combines green of the heart centre of love and yellow of the solar plexus centre of power and wisdom. An expansive yet soft, feminine power that is in harmony with Mother Nature. It stands for new beginnings, hope and creativity. The Cyanotype prints gave me all this and more. It is also a very beautiful way of honouring the earth and nature by discovering beauty in small things, and not dumping toxic paints and waste in our garbage.

Done! Can’t wait to go on another walk and see what lies to be discovered.

New Beginnings, Hope, Nature, Creativity and Feminine Power. Yes, I have extended the Olive branch and made peace with my New Beginnings.

38 • United Colours of Design Magazine

The Olive Book October 2022 • 39

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The Copper Book January 2021 • 41


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Join us as we discuss the colour and numerology energy behind well-known company’s brands. Each week we spotlight an entrepreneur and a lucky viewer can win a free live assessment of their business colours and brand. Join our Facebook Group to watch: @United Colours of Design TV 42 • United Colours of Design Magazine

Colours Behind


Case Studies


You’ll never look at these logos the same again!

You can’t make up this stuff!! When we looked at a company to tell their Olive brand story, Garnier just popped up as a great example of the use of olive greens in a logo. Not only is the colour appealing and telling of its origins, the image is just so pleasing to look at. After all, who can resist the beauty of a leaf? And then we begin to delve into the meaning of Garnier through numerology and as usual we are gobsmacked at just how amazing this process is! This is one brand story you will never forget. It has the magic that has become known as the Tesla code 3-6-9.

Pythagorean Numerology Chart 1 A J S

2 B K T

3 C L U

4 D M V

5 E N W

6 F O X

7 G P Y

8 H Q Z

9 I R

The charts on the following pages, created by Moira, are a snippet of the process we use to generate the foundational information about a company. We use the Pythagorean numerology system to get our numbers and then we convert those numbers to colours using the Colour Mirrors system. Colour Mirrors is a system of energy-infused oil bottles that contain a top and bottom colour fraction. Each bottle has a message that relates to a person’s or business’ conscious and unconscious patterns. When colour and numbers are combined we can begin to build the story!

The Olive Book October 2022 • 43



7 9 5 9 = 30 G A R N I E R 1 9 5 = 15 = 45 (C9) 30



----------- Consonants ----------


-------- Vowels --------

Humble Beginnings In France 1904, Hairdresser Alfred Amour Garnier developed and patented a lotion for hair care that was made entirely from plants. He called it Lotion Garnier. Fast forward to today, and Garnier is now owned and manufactured by L’Oréal. We are sure that back in 1904 Alfred was not thinking about magical manifestation formulas, he probably just wanted to help his customers improve the health of their hair. So what has Tesla to do with Garnier?

Tesla Nikola Tesla was known for saying that the number sequence of 3-6-9 held the secret to unlimited energy, a free source of electrical power. It is also said that we don’t yet know how to harness the power of these numbers in sequence because it is of another dimension. What we do know, is that any company that has these numbers as their numerology story, somehow achieve success and fame beyond the norm.

44 • United Colours of Design Magazine

> 3 > 6 > 9 45/C9


--------------- Total ---------------

Garnier’s numbers: 30, 15 and 45 [C9]. Their face to the world energy of Garnier is 30 and 3, turquoise and coral. A combination that is water and coral reefs and oozes freshness and natural beauty. Turquoise is a colour that says ‘you can trust us’ and coral is a colour that says ‘we will make you beautiful’. A good combo as Garnier effortlessly added skin care to its range of products. Because Garnier has a 3 showing up in the consonants their business is set up energetically for love money and joy. Coral contains yellow and red/pink so customers understand that they would want to spend their money (red/pink) on Garnier products and services because they will bring them joy (yellow). Olive is the colour of magic, in fact in the Colour Mirrors system bottle number 15 is called The Magician and a bright olive colour. This is also the number indicating the internal workings and intentions of this brand. Olive says anything is possible, dare to dream bigger, dare to think and work outside of the box. As we researched this company we took a look at the actual ingredients of their products. The ‘inner’ workings of their formulas also include many olive coloured natural products. Green apple, avocado, aloe and olive oil



3 9 3 = 15 L O R E A L 6 5 1 = 12 = 27 15


----------- Consonants ----------



-------- Vowels --------

are top of their ingredient lists. The magic of plant alchemy fills their bottles and provides the fresh scents and cleansing properties of Garnier products. . The number 45, in the Colour Mirrors system is the C9 clear bottle. Clear holds the rainbow, a full spectrum of colour. It is not surprising that in the years 2002 and 2009 colour appeared in the logo design. It’s also not surprising that one of their 4 divisions is hair colour. They are literally bringing colour into our bathrooms. Just in case you were a little nervous about what you’d look like with coral coloured hair, they have a ‘virtual try on’ live app on their website! Now the magic: 30 is 3, 15 is 6 and 45 is 9. A perfect sequence of Tesla’s code. What does this mean for Garnier? Do they perhaps hold the secret formula for ultimate hair and skin care?

> 6 > 3 > 9 27


--------------- Total ---------------

for the Garnier brand. Loreal’s 12 by the way is the bottle in Colour Mirrors called ‘Heaven on Earth’. So there is some magic and 27 harvesting with the parent company that adds to the allure and power of Garnier. Of course they would use technology (turquoise) to allow customers to virtually try on a rainbow of colours before purchasing! Amy now knows she’s not quite ready to become a silver fox.

What is the link with its parent company L’Oréal? So we went a bit deeper and looked at Loreal’s name - and to our astonishment they have the Tesla numbers too! With the 15 in both names, this was a match made in business heaven

The Olive Book October 2022 • 45


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? Have you ever reflected upon what true success consistently outperform your self-image. You

means for you? What success means to me now is must believe that you are deserving and capable of everything that you dream of achieving in so much different than it meant to me years ago. order to accomplish it! Early in my career, when I was working as a Chartered Accountant in the Entrepreneurial I have realized that true wealth is really more of a Services Group at Ernst and Young, success was state of “being” as opposed to a state of “having”. all about the numbers. My job was to calculate When we embody the essence of “true wealth” we are feeling free and in the flow. the bottom line and the total net worth. But after studying and teaching personal growth We are calm and alert in both mind and body. and development for the last 30 years, what I We are clear about our passions and purpose, have learned is that measuring the level of your and we have a plan to live in alignment with them. We feel inspired and have good timing. net worth is SO much more than the numbers We are tapped into our intuition and heed it. on a balance sheet. Then things unfold naturally and easily; often so What I have found is that your net worth is easily that it seems like magic! driven far more profoundly by the level of your We expend effort towards the achievement of self-worth – that intangible essence that comes our goals to be sure, but we don’t have intense from within. struggle. We attract the right people, situations, You see the shocking truth is that you just can’t and events with ease. Work becomes play.

The Olive Book October 2022 • 47

I realized that what you REALLY need to jump that gap from where you are to where you want to be is HOPE!

We feel a sense of contribution and fulfillment to being in the service of others. We have immense self-trust and an unwavering belief in our ability to overcome any challenges and obstacles. We are free to be, do and have anything we set our minds to. After all, isn’t this the reason we want wealth in the first place? To have more freedom? Are you with me on that? Having said that, I know that many of us have a large gap between where we are and our “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow” kind of life. You may be thinking, “That’s great Lisa, but it’s just not possible for me.”, or something similar. I realized that what you really need to jump that gap from where you are to where you want to be is hope! And that’s where this edition’s theme comes in to save the day! You see, a lot of what Olive conveys and represents is hope. Hope that we can thrive and not just survive, hope that our dreams will be achieved, and our prayers answered. Hope that we can reclaim our personal and authentic power, so that we can live in alignment with our soul’s calling and bring more magic, ease, and flow into our everyday lives. In the last few years, as I have been embarking upon my own journey of further transformation and empowerment, I came across the Colour Mirrors system and it has been an invaluable additional tool 48 • United Colours of Design Magazine

for me, as well as to add to the coaching programs and mentoring work that I do with clients. As we bridge from the previous Yellow Edition into the Olive Edition, let’s have hope that with the right tools

and coaching you can be empowered to reclaim your authentic power and have the inner and outer freedom you are seeking! The C3 bottle from the Colour Mirrors System, which is olive over yellow (pictured below), is the perfect representation of this for me! It is all about the energy of the solar plexus and our personal power. In my early career as an accountant, I noticed that in order to succeed you had to be powerful, in control, self-confident and out for yourself. (Remember the yellow power tie?) Now that we are evolving away from that notion of power to a more authentic energy of empowerment, the addition of olive to the mix brings some green from the heart center and adds a softer grounded feeling. In order to manifest your dreams and business goals with more ease, passion and purpose we need a new paradigm of power and manifestation that is based in

power and love. Where both feminine and masculine views and energies are needed and valued. Where leaders empower their teams to express their true selves and their creativity without fear of being unfairly judged. The pot of gold at the end of this rainbow for me is the Colour Mirrors Bottle 15 - The Magician (pictured below). It reminds us that we are indeed magical, that we are responsible (response-able) for how we act with ourselves and one another and that only authentic power will truly set us free. Take a few minutes now to meditate on the colour olive. Alternatively, you can place your hands over the photo of the Magician bottle (below) and absorb its wonderful uplifting, empowering and magical energy so that you can be more free right now and achieve “Success Like Magic”. If you try out the exercise, please let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear from you! All my contact details are at www.LisaCavender360.com. Wishing you a magical rest of 2022 and beyond!

The Olive Book October 2022 • 49


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CONTENT BY I have something so amazing and exciting to share! It goes against conventional wisdom and throws all the rules out the window. There is a secret to creating the life you want. And it involves getting your head and heart on the same playing field & on the same team. If you’re reading this magazine you’re familiar with manifesting and creating your reality. But have you considered that the reason you may be struggling to manifest is that your head is on one team and your heart is on another? Wild idea, but stay with me. In the past, I would create my goals from what I thought I wanted. Most of the time it involved making money and buying things. Creating goals this way was wildly inconsistent in my ability to actually achieve them. No matter how hard I tried, how much I forced myself to show up or make SMART goals. I found myself forcing action because I wanted it to happen. The more I pushed, the more I actually repelled the very thing I thought I wanted. The more I created from my mind, the more stories I created

about how hard things are, or how I have to struggle to be successful. My mind was literally trying to do all the work. The problem is most of us have no real idea of what we want. We see other people with certain things and think, “yeah I want that too”. This is where the wheels fall off the cart. You can’t create from your mind. Yes, your thoughts do create, but only if your heart (aka your soul) is on board with it. It’s referred to as head and heart coherence. I’ve also seen it explained as your subconscious and conscious mind. There are so many modalities to help you create head and heart coherence but my favorite to use is Human Design. It’s a system based on your birth date and time that shows you how your energy works. This system, explains what your soul came here to do and what will bring meaning and purpose to your life. Instead of asking your head what you’d like to create, start with your hand on your heart and drop down into your body. What does your body

The Olive Book October 2022 • 51

want to create? This isn’t about what we “should” create or what we’ve been told to create. We want our soul piloting the ship! We want to create from abundance, not lack or fear. Our brain wants to create from fear. “I want to make X a month because it’ll make everything easier.” Our soul or heart doesn’t have fear. Your soul wants to create from abundance and purpose. For so many clients usually, they feel a calling to something big that coincides with the dominant energy of their Human Design chart. Something that their head immediately says is impossible. Truthfully it is impossible from the mind’s perspective. We’re not made to create from the mind! We’re made to create from our energy and vibration. When I work with clients to clarify their messaging and

time to get your head on the same team. No more stories about it not being possible or how it’ll take too much time, energy, resources, etc. Nothing is impossible when the head and heart work together. To understand the patterns of thinking keeping you stuck we look to your Undefined (white centers in your Human Design) energy. These are places you absorb the energy of others and identify with it. An example is your mother never thought she was good enough to get a real job when you were a kid, so you took on her unworthiness as your own and now struggle to get clients because you’re afraid of letting them down. Our minds are wired to look for patterns to keep us safe. If that pattern is no longer serving our highest good, it becomes a pattern holding you back from getting what you want. It



DOORWAY TO EVERYTHING YOU copy, I’m looking at their dominant energy and translating it into the 3D world. We decode aspects of their chart so that their purpose work can be fully expressed. When they’re authentically themselves, the people meant to work with them show up at their doorstep ready to throw money at them. Their authentic self is the doorway to everything they desire. Are you ready to open the door?

Your soul won’t get on board with something that’s superficial or created from a place of lack. It knows you’re capable of so much more than that. To tap even more into your soul and what it’s craving to create look at your Incarnation Cross in Human Design. This is your soul’s purpose and a very big energy theme in your life. Now that you have a good idea of what your soul wants, it’s

52 • United Colours of Design Magazine

takes awareness to notice these thoughts. Let’s drop back into the body and notice where we tense up when we think about our goal. Where does it feel sticky? That’s what you need to clean up so that your mind can be on the same page as your heart. When you find something sticky or heavy, get curious about it. Feel into it even more. It won’t bite, I promise. Forgive yourself for feeling this way. I love using Ho Oponopono mantra. Good work, you’re aligning your head and heart! You may notice the more you check in with your heart there’s less stickiness and you feel more connected to what you’re creating. You’re now well on your way to creating everything you desire through head and heart coherence.

The Olive Book October 2022 • 53


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54 • United Colours of Design Magazine

Surrender and

The tone of olive has an important question for these times Are you ready to surrender to a new power and radiate your true essence? Olive reminds us of the infinite resources, strategies and platforms we now have access to, to expand our visibility in the world. And yet anyone with a ‘NO’ as an answer to the question above, will find themselves hitting a wall. Olive is all about the expansion of the heart beyond the reaches of the mind and limitation of the intellect. In fact olive asks us to embrace our fears and move through and beyond the walls we discover along our journey to claim this new power. Let’s dive into 3 important aspects of olive for those ready to say YES to this new world and visibility in business.

The Olive Book October 2022 • 55

FEMININE LEADERSHIP This isn’t about gender or to say woman will rule the world, in fact in the new world there is no hierarchy or ruler. It’s the end of the guru or higher authority figure. There is an understanding that we are all sovereign beings capable of leading our own life and accessing our own wisdom. Our path is completely unique and our journey to discover how our masculine and feminine qualities express themselves (or not) is ours to contemplate. The nature of our wild, intuitive, devotional, empathic, tender and emotional feminine side is no longer able to stay hidden or stand off to the side. We are beginning to really understand that in this new world of business we must honour feminine leadership, one that has not been accepted or honoured in the work place traditionally. We were taught to leave our emotions at the door and not to trust or even listen to our intuition. When we allow our feminine side to be heard, acknowledged and a guide in this world, it will provide the space for our masculine side to play out in a much healthier harmonious and sustainable way. Feminine leadership invites the energy of the heart to provide a non-linear path guaranteed to lead us to greater expansion, resources and visibility than we ever thought possible. This only happens when we have the courage and compassion to continue leaning into the barriers that present along our path (as they always will). To quote comparative mythologist Joseph Campbell. “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek”.

56 • United Colours of Design Magazine

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek. Joseph Campbell

The Olive Book October 2022 • 57

NO MORE COMPETITION Continuing with the rise of feminine expression, this new power understands the gift of co-creation, collaboration and letting go the concept of competition. We are seeing this strategy all over the Internet with apps like Instagram that have built-in abilities to go live with other co-creators. In doing this you mix audiences and become seen in communities you may otherwise never had access to. This can be said for all sorts of social media strategies and functions such as Facebook groups, YouTube collaborations, TikTok stitching and the list goes on! Even with all of this potential, it’s important not to discount that the conditioning of competition runs deep and this is a very important quality for healing in all of us. Competition feeds the illusion of lack and that there is not enough for everyone. It also potentially keeps us deaf, numb and blind to our unique essence. Truly there is no one like you, even if you have a similar business to thousands of people online, no one has your exact life experience, passion and wisdom. Even if you intellectually agree with this, it can be a good exercise when scrolling on social media to witness if you experience any shame, feelings of being less than, behind or of no value to the market. This is a great opportunity to heal this deep pattern versus pushing it down or pretending it doesn’t exist. This is the true power of visibility. Having the courage and compassion to sit with uncomfortable emotions and ask yourself honestly and lovingly what you really feel so you can make visible what you truly need. Healing through feelings of shame, jealously and envy can be a particular challenge as most cultures have conditioned us to be ashamed for even having them come up. This is a great example of the importance of feminine leadership, to provide loving space for the most uncomfortable feelings and therefore transmute them versus perpetuate them by denying they are even there. When we are being our authentic self, competition ceases to exist in our world and we will instead attract those who are looking to collaborate and support our work. We know there is truly nothing to compare, there is enough for all and radiating is effortless.

58 • United Colours of Design Magazine

A Flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.

The Olive Book October 2022 • 59

Spaciousness & Boundaries Some have the false idea that boundaries are about closing off, putting up walls or keeping ourselves separate from others. If we come at this very important skill with that mindset, business will not work well for us. We will end up going against the expansion of the universe and slowly contract in fear. The new world is all about expanding into the experience of unity. Boundaries are really about defining yourself, while knowing you are not separate from anyone or anything. It’s acting in an intuitive way that is right for you and the whole. This often means we need to give ourselves more space as we make this big shift in consciousness. Boundaries enable us to integrate the rapid changes happening inside and around us. This often means we need to say no to more than we may be use to and yes to things we’d never previously considered. For example this may look like creating more time in your work schedule to spend time in nature. With more feminine energy rising on the planet, suppressed emotions are unleashed and they need the time and space to be acknowledged and processed. Spaciousness helps us to become masterful at responding versus reacting and therefore able to make harmonious and creative decisions about what’s best for ourselves, our business and our communities.

Olive is created with a mix of yellow (the intellect) and green (the heart). In bringing together two worlds; heart and mind, feminine and masculine, unconscious and conscious, it is no surprise there may be a clash. If this is your experience, know that you are not alone and this is the human journey. Crossing this bridge to the new world is not without its strain. As we discussed: 1. Feminine leadership courageously welcomes the space for our heart to open. 2. It reminds us that there is no competition, yet allows us to feel the contrast of the past and heal any neglected wounds. 3. Finally the quality of spaciousness gives us the opportunity to integrate all the changes we are experiencing as we transition from old ways of doing business to the new. Embrace these 3 olive qualities and you will radiate your true essence brilliantly! Feel free to watch my video in the online version of this magazine!

60 • United Colours of Design Magazine

Unity to be real must stand the severest strain without breaking Mahatma Gandhi

The Olive Book October 2022 • 61

BY WHITNEY HAMMOND, CFP, CLU PRINCIPAL, SOVEREIGN WEALTH MANAGEMENT Implementing wealth building strategies for business owners and executives for 25 years

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Many of us when we are young, look at what others have. We wish for things, we covet what others have, to the point of disliking those “who have”, when we do not have. The colour Olive represents several characteristics in humans, one of them being jealousy. It can make us feel doubt, like we will never get to where we want to be in life financially. Wishing we can be like others is total self-defeat, feeling less than and playing small. Do you know this feeling? I sure do. Maybe this would be the reason I started planting seeds at a young age. I wanted a new beginning, a new space, a new life. Was I running from something? Yes, my past and my current situation. I felt held hostage in my life.

If you feel like this or have felt like this, read on. It is possible to escape the chains of bondage that haunt our minds continuously. Keeping up with the Joneses is a tough way to live in this world. It becomes all about measuring ourselves against others. We are chasing the horizon at that point. So how do we get to where we want to be with family, finance, and freedom? Olive is also a colour of growth, it teaches us to plant seeds and grow. If we are not where we would like to be in life, let’s take charge, omit the blame, and start planting the seeds to get to where we want to be.

So how do we get

WHERE WE WANT TO BE? 5 steps for massive growth:

Vision. It all begins with a vision of what we really want in our life.

Imagination is our biggest friend here. Remember when we were children, imagination was our greatest talent. There was no self-doubt, just all the big thoughts in the sky. When we dreamt, we dreamed big. It’s how our seeds were planted. We had so many thoughts, and…. some of them came true. • I want to own a home; own a new car, a cottage, an RRSP and an opportunity investment account I want to own a well-oiled business that is extremely profitable with systems that allow it to flow continuously.

Visionaries dream ideas into fruition, it’s how great businesses are built, it’s how close-knit families evolve. If you cannot see it, you cannot do it. See it in your mind first.

64 • United Colours of Design Magazine

Plant the seeds. Money is related to your morals and key values. Much of this can be BS=Belief System. Previous habits, past generational messages, and societal messages will need to be unlearned. Once we let go of our old ideas, here’s how it works: There are 3 levels of money - how to earn it, how to keep it, how to save it. Let’s look at how to grow it and invest it: • open a household account for bills and add the same amount each month (if married, each partner to put a specified deposit each month) then from this: • open 3 bucket accounts: short term savings, opportunity bucket, retirement bucket • Do not incur debt unless is it to invest in capital to earn a return (a car loan is allowable) • Pay all income taxes, hold HST and income tax each month to remit, NEVER spend or borrow your tax/HST money. Many folks get into an endless cycle of paying debt. Take time to understand this. Make this a focus in your everyday life: • Do not overspend • Pay into your buckets first • Make the effort to learn • Concentrate on filling those buckets No woman or man should feel stifled or stuck over money in life. We all bring value to the table. There is always a way to manage your money until your visions come to fruition. These are the seeds to plant to start filling your vision. Make money while you’re sleeping Albert Einstein once said, “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn’t, pays it” It really is magical how quickly this works. The money inside of your opportunity bucket should be invested. There are choices, here are a few: • Term certificates or GICs. These pay a stated amount of interest for an indicated period. • Investing in publicly traded shares on the stock markets. These may pay dividends and create capital gains, which both have a discounted tax rate. • Investing in professionally managed mutual funds which invest in a balance of stocks and corporate or government/provincial bonds.

Real estate, whether it is your residence, or you have purchased to become a landlord with tenants or a vacation property.

Sooner than later, you have a snowball effect of your money and assets growing. Leverage Most of the wealthiest folks have leveraged (borrowed money) to make money. The easiest concept to grasp is borrowing money to buy your first home. This may be the most accepted “trick” that we ordinary folks do, we borrow money to buy our first home. The home increases in value, creating more equity (profits and retained value). The equity in our home creates our net worth. • use OPM (other people’s money) to make you money. • Why stop at one home, why not a 2nd home. • Invest in a business or a stock on the stock market • Borrow to expand in the existing business you own Our homes can be refinanced to take profit to leverage to buy a 2nd home to set up as a rental. Remember that opportunity bucket, that money can be used to purchase a 2nd home. Use the rental income to carry the mortgage. Leverage can be used to buy into good companies. It could be a private operating company, a share in a company listed on the stock market, or simply mutual funds. The interest will be tax deductible on this venture and only interest needs to be paid to carry these types of loans. Should interest rates remain fairly low, this gives time for the equity in the business grow, hoping to grow faster than the interest rate Borrowing to invest can be risky and taking risks can bring higher rewards or can bring losses. Mitigate these risks prior to committing. For myself personally, I have done all of these, and more but always have repaid the debt (leverage) quickly. No risk, no reward. Keep your eye on your net worth Build an excel spreadsheet and save it. Add a new tab every 6 mos. List your assets and subtract your liabilities (mortgage) and this will reveal your net worth. • Tally your net worth every 6 months What we focus on grows.

The Olive Book October 2022 • 65




THERAPY An exercise in olive reproduced with permission from Moira Bush

66 • United Colours of Design Magazine

EXERCISE Wear Olive for seven days. • Journal what comes up... • How does it make you feel? • How do you find yourself speaking? • How do you find yourself behaving? • How do others react to you when you’re wearing olive? Notice the effect this colour has on them? How does it make them feel, speak, behave towards you?

Surround your space in yellow. • Purchase some flowers and food in olive • Notice where you see yellow in your life, your home, your office, other people’s homes, gardens etc. • Who do you know that relates to this colour? • Notice who in your life is mirroring this colour to you?

The Olive Book October 2022 • 67 Photo credit: The Creative Exchange

COLUMNIST CALL! Here’s your opportunity to become an integral part of this growing community. Become a columnist and lead, mentor and inspire up and coming creatives and designers! We have columns available for creative industry specialists and business growth experts who understand and work with creative business owners. Creative/Design Industry Columns Available*: • Culinary Artist • Art Therapists • Hair Designer/Colourist • Interior Designer • Graphic Designer Business Columns Available**: • Business Growth Expert • Instagram Specialist • Facebook Specialist • LinkedIn Specialist • YouTube Specialist • Business Coach

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*Please see page 71 for Art and Design submission details. *Industry columnists should have at least 10 -15 years experience, an up-to-date portfolio, writing experience, and the ability to commit to 4 issues over the next year. This is an opportunity to expand your business and influence your peers with your voice. There is no charge to participate in this magazine. **Business columnists should have a proven successful track record in their field of expertise along with 1015 years experience, writing experience and the ability to commit to 4 issues over the next year. This is an opportunity to expand your business with your voice.

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CONTACT I AMY BELL I +1 647.830.8485 A M Y. B A R R O S O @ W H I T E L I G H T N I N G C O M M U N I C AT I O N S . C O M


Book your private virtual appointment with one of our exclusive design consultants today.

Newmarket, Ontario • P: 905.235.2284 www.ripplesbb.ca • Where function meets design

ARE YOU CALLED TO WORK WITH THE COLOUR GREEN? SUBMIT YOUR WORK FOR OUR NEXT ISSUE COMING JANUARY 1, 2023 After you read the positive aspects of green and what green can help heal, I invite you to look at your previous work in a new light. Or if you are choosing to create something specific for the green edition it would be interesting to hear how it felt for you to work with it. Questions to think about: • Why did you work with green? • What was in your heart when you were designing or painting or creating with green? • Did you choose it for a particular reason? • Did it sooth you or anger you? • Do you have to be in a particular mood to use green? • What was happening in your life at the time you created with green? • If you were designing for a client, why do you think they chose this colour? • Do you try to talk clients out of using green?

Positive aspects of green: • Harmony • Balance • Decision-making • Choices • Space/Environment • Giving/Receiving • Grace • Flexibility • Coming from the heart

Negative aspects/What olive green can help heal: • Inability to express anger • Envy • Jealousy • Lack of boundaries • Low energy • Energy Vampiring Whether you are working on your own design or you’re • Overwhelm/Burnout being commissioned to create for someone else, pay • Needing attention/Disruptive Behaviour attention to these aspects and feel into what’s happening Do you see yourself in these aspects? Try working with while you spend time with this colour. the colour olive green and see what comes up for you. We want you to create and journal how you relate to olive green. Submission details: • • • • •

Who can submit? Artists, Designers or Creatives of any kind! Must only submit your original work, no submitting on someone else’s behalf please Read the above article in full before deciding to submit Your work should embody the description above, can use other colours but green should be highlighted Use the submission form at the link below.

Significant dates • • •

Submission form opens October 15, 2022 Deadline for submission: December 1, 2022 Publication date: January 1, 2023

Visit the link below to submit your work: https://unitedcoloursofdesignmag.com/submit-your-work

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Jennifer Love

Judy Weinberg

Intimacy Coach

Owner, Graphic Designer Grafik Essentials

I help creative professionals connect to their inner depths of inspiration by removing the unconscious blocks to intimacy within themselves.

I help creative professionals by providing collaborative design services specializing in branding, logos, marketing/social media collateral and training material.

Email: jennifer.loveyourlife@gmail.com Book a confidential discovery session: http://calendly.com/jenniferloveyourlife/60min Kathryn Dzsudzsak “Blue”

Life and Business Visionary The Blue Hair Medium I assist creative professionals by helping them break through their blocks so they can design their perfect mosaic in life or business with clarity and confidence.


HYPNOTHERAPY Samantha Timbers

Owner, Simple Wellness NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Creator of Redesign Your Life After 40 Program

Phone No. +1 226.387.3878 Email: thebluehairmedium@gmail.com Website: TheBlueHairMedium.com IG Handle: @the_blue_hair_medium

I help creatives remove their limiting beliefs and step into their success and full on joy.

Email: samantha@simple-wellness.ca Website: Simple-Wellness.ca

Sonal Raje

Artist, Blue Amber Arts I work with individuals and business professionals teaching how colour and the five senses can target and unlock what’s blocking you, balance energy, reduce stress and increase success.


Owner & Feng Shui Consultant Sherry Brouzes Feng Shui I help creatives design a supportive and positive environment where they can thrive to attain their aspirations in life by implementing the ancient art and science of Feng Shui.

Phone No. +1 519.994.7916 Email: blueamberarts@gmail.com Website: BlueAmberArts.com FB Handle: @blueamberarts

Phone No. +1 289.820.5116 Email: SherryLBrouzes@gmail.com Website: SherryBrouzesFengShui.net FB Handle: @sherrybrouzesfengshui


Come Study Colour With Me Teacher, Colour Mirrors System I help creative professionals create an additional stream of income through a continuing education program using the psychology and energy of colour.


Phone No. +1 647.830.8485 Apply Here: https://r5glmp6m65x. typeform.com/study-colour

Email: judy@grafikessentials.com Website: www.grafikessentials.com IG Handle: @grafikessentials





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Owner, AnnimationsMkUp I help creatives present themselves to the world in new and exciting ways using the power of Make Up Design, catapulting themselves into a new realm of self expression and owning their Brand.

Phone No. +1 647.531.2686 Email: info@annimationsmkup.com Website: AnnimationsMkUp.com IG Handle: @annimationsmkup


CEO, Sovereign Wealth Management I help creative Professionals move from starving to thriving by showing them how to create wealth, how to save wealth and how to pass some wealth to help others.

Phone No. +1 905.637.3500 x 224 Email: whitney@sovereignwealth.ca Website: SovereignWealth.ca FB Handle: @whitney.k.hammond

Coming together is a beginning, Staying together is progress, and working together is success. Henry Ford

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The Olive Book October 2022 • 75


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76 • United Colours of Design Magazine

An Astrological

CIRCLE OF GODDESSES and how they would help What would it look like if, oh, I don’t know, some astrologer in an act of feminine assertion (it was me) invented a feminine deity for each of the zodiac signs? Well, that would essentially result in a zodiacal Circle of Goddesses, who, if invoked, might each assist you in their own particular way, such as the following.

The Olive Book October 2022 • 77

Aries, the Get Your Butt in Gear Goddess “That’s right, get off your butt and get moving. You said you wanted to do it, what’s stopping you? You’re afraid of failing? Who cares, life is for living and there’s no time like the present. I brought you this t-shirt to remind you, it says, “Carpe That Bloody Diem”. Now get off of that fence and get going. Don’t make me push you!”

Taurus, the Leave my Chocolates Alone Goddess “No need to be hasty, nothing is that urgent. The best thing you can do is stay the course. It won’t kill people to wait. In the meantime, how about I cook us up a nice meal and you book us a massage? Then we can think about what matters most and how to keep building on those values. Hey, those are my chocolates, don’t touch them, but you should definitely get your own because they are delicious.”

Gemini, the Meme and Chit Chat Goddess “I’m here, oh, just a minute let me finish this text. Okay, sorry, what’s up? How can I help with your issue? Do you need to talk? D’you wanna go window shopping? Actually, let’s see what’s on Netflix—a distraction is always good. Speaking of, did you see what your neighbour posted? Unbelievable! Oh, hey if you’re looking for a reference, I can give you one, or if you need a tradesperson, I’ve got tons of numbers for you. Listen, I have to run, but before I go, I’ve got a great joke for you….”

78 • United Colours of Design Magazine

Cancer, the I Made You Soup Goddess “I’m just calling to see if you’re okay. I didn’t come over in case you wanted to be alone. Did you get the results back? Do you need anything? Food? Company? Someone to walk the dog? If you want, I can just listen on the other end of the line. You don’t even have to say anything. Mostly, I just want you to know that I’m here and that you’re loved, and if you want me to come over, I’ll be right there.”

Leo, the Let’s Celebrate Goddess “You know what you need? A night out. It’ll be fun—I’m excited already! Let’s book that trendy restaurant and then go out dancing. There’ll be music and food, maybe we’ll have a few drinks. You can wear that new outfit— which looks amaze-balls on you, by the way. I hope you know how wonderful you are! Skoosh in for a picture!”

Virgo, the I Already Booked it Goddess “I’m just checking to see if you need any help getting everything done. I’ve made a list of the important tasks and I figure if we break them down into smaller jobs, it’ll go much faster. By the way, don’t worry about making the booking, I already took care of that. I figured you’d be busy. Also, I brought us a green smoothie for when we’re working. No sense ignoring our health just because we’re busy, right? We’ll have this handled in no time. Is that broccoli in your teeth? Here, I brought a toothpick.”

The Olive Book October 2022 • 79

Libra, the No Harm in Flirting Goddess “You have a problem, you say? Well, the important thing is to weigh your options. Don’t just jump at your first choice; think it through logically. Bounce it off other people; they might have a perspective that you don’t. Can I try a bite of your dinner? I should have ordered what you ordered; it looks good. By the way, that person over there has been eyeing you all evening…”

Scorpio, the Things Aren’t Always as the Seem Goddess “My advice to you is: don’t reveal your cards just yet. You’ll find out more when they think you don’t know. In the meantime, do you have access to their email? I’m not saying hack in, but it’s left open, it’s not a crime to look. Also, let’s pull a tarot card and see what it says. Couldn’t hurt to recruit the powers of the universe right now.”

Sagittarius, the You Have Options Goddess “If it really bothers you quit, just leave. You don’t have put up with that! You could be on a beach somewhere, right now, enjoying yourself in the sun. You’re talented, you’re funny, you’ve got lots of opportunities! The world is your oyster. You’re totally free to choose whatever you want! And hey, if you do go to a beach, I’d be happy to join.”

80 • United Colours of Design Magazine

Capricorn, the Don’t Let Anyone Outwork You Goddess “The thing is, almost every problem can be solved with the earnest application of hard work. It’s not rocket science. Just figure out what you want to get out of the situation and work it backwards from there. Step by step, make it happen and before you know it, you’ll have everything that you want.”

Aquarius, You Can’t Make Me Goddess “Look, you have to do things your own way. Who said you have to follow the rules? Who made them, and why are they the boss of you? The most important thing is that you be your authentic self, if that means bending some rules, so be it.”

Pisces, the I’ll See How I Feel Goddess “I sense that you’re feeling confused. No worries, these foggy moments happen. It’s best to let your intuition guide you through this. Things will unfold properly, you’ll see. The trick is to align with the present moment. Here’s a healing crystal that might help. Do you want to come to yoga with me? No? Well, wait a bit and see how you feel later.”

The Olive Book October 2022 • 81


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82 • United Colours of Design Magazine


READING My school board spent time identifying positive character traits our students should acquire during their years in our schools. When introducing a lesson about these character traits, I always start by reading the class a story to easily illustrate my point. *Check out my personal favourites list of stories that I’ve read aloud to students over the years. As a child, I struggled with reading, a fundamental education building block, as I was often absent from school due to recurring appendicitis and ear infections. How did I go from being a child non reader to an adult working in education? I do remember not feeling as smart as my younger sister. Without the concerted effort from caring adults in my life recognizing and addressing the problem then, my life could have been very different! Children learn, copy and use our attitudes and behaviour. My method of problem solving is based on words starting with the letter P. I use this process to help me identify and determine next steps no matter what type of problem I’m facing.

The Olive Book October 2022 • 83



My Personal Problem Solving Plan includes the following:

POWER Power refers to using your ability to discover and deal with a problem. Recognizing the problem is always the first step! It requires taking the initiative to establish cooperation and collaboration with others, asking questions and researching to find details and missing knowledge. Look for clarification, help, advice or strategies. At school I regularly consult with students, teachers, administration and parents. Empowering people, especially students by listening to their input while getting this data and creating the plan makes a big difference in successfully reaching the goal.

PRACTICE Practice the skill using the methods suggested by experts, research or advice from others. It may take time for someone to build confidence in a new skill and adopt a more positive attitude. Praise the effort, not the result.

PERSISTENCE Persistence is necessary. New skills and habits take time to develop so keep doing it if you’re seeing movement toward a goal. Take the time to continue practicing regularly until new skills are confidently acquired and used.

PLANNING Planning means actively gathering facts based on questions asked and answered, evaluating skills and strategies. Then use this information to create a logical “Plan of Attack”. List responsibilities and who is assigned that part of the plan. Periodically the plan may need to be evaluated, updated and adjusted based on new information and improving skills. That can also be built into the plan.

84 • United Colours of Design Magazine

PROOF Proof is seeing the results. If things have improved, terrific! Keep the plan going. If not, evaluate what worked, what didn’t and adjust as necessary. Flexibility is key if you aren’t getting the wanted results. Seek more information or try new tactics. Persistence is important at this point.

Sometimes our inner monologue unconsciously influences our perception of our skills or personality. What are you saying when thinking about yourself? Are your mindset and self talk encouraging or self defeating? What experience does your family have facing problems? In my case, primary teachers informed my parents and sent home phonics worksheets. My father, an elementary school Vice Principal familiar with the Phonics Program, worked with me. We practiced letter recognition, letter sounds, reading, printing and spelling skills. After much steady practice, I could name and match letters and their sounds and then use those skills to sound out and read words independently. One day I was sick at home, tucked in bed and bored. I picked up a chapter book and flipped through it. What pride I felt when I realized that I could read and understand it by myself. I continued until I heard my mother coming down the hall. As she entered the room, I quickly threw my covers over the book because I was shy about sharing my reading skills. Mom saw me and demanded to know what contraband I was covering up. To her surprise, I sheepishly pulled back the covers to expose my book. She asked why I was keeping reading it a secret so I explained. After I read aloud to her she praised my efforts. That night at dinner, she proudly explained to my dad how she “caught me reading!” My father congratulated me and we celebrated this breakthrough. My mindset shifted from “No I can’t!” to “I think I can!” My Dad and I continued our dining room table lessons but now I was taking initiative and reading independently. In turn, my father had proof that the phonics program he had studied at University worked. Based on his personal experience, it became a mandatory program at his school helping primary students learn to read when he became a Principal. Reading became a much enjoyed pastime. The librarians at my local public library knew me by name. Eventually, my parents had to set limits because I was going to bed with a book and a flashlight! Since then my reading ability became a source of pride, relied upon and a skill utilized daily. Now when I want to read a story to a class or enjoy a novel, I just pick my book or device and begin. Problem Solved!!!

My Top 7 Favourite Books for Developing Positive Character Traits

with the character traits being introduced. I always explain the definition of the character trait and ask students to look for examples of it in the story. Ask questions after the story. This promotes active listening and interesting conversations. Most of these stories can be found on Youtube in the Children’s Read Aloud Book Section. Click on book title for Amazon link.

The Very Cranky Bear by Nick Bland Character Trait: Caring Moose! by Robert Munch Character Trait: Cooperation

Edward Fudwupper Fibbed Big by Berkeley Breathed Character Trait: Honesty I Miss Franklin P. Shuckles by Ulana Snihura Character Trait: Inclusion It’s Okay to be Different! by Todd Parr Character Trait: Respect A Little Spot of Responsibility by Diana Alber Character Trait: Responsibility The Little Engine that Could by Matty Piper Character Trait: Positive Mindset Need help with a story suggestion for an issue or problem that you’re dealing with? Message me via the magazine contact link. We can Olive October 2022 • 85 book The a chat time Book to discuss your concerns.


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86 • United Colours of Design Magazine

AROUSE THE DIVINE FEMININE WITHIN & ACTIVATE YOUR CREATIVE POWER The Goddess has awakened from her slumber. This moment in time marks the rise of the Divine Feminine. A return to the power of love, forgiveness, compassion, insight, intuition, creativity, healing, and wisdom. A time of deep embodiment of pleasure, passion, and purpose. We have been dominated by the masculine power of destructive force for far too long. It is now time to come back to a more balanced way of life. We need to live from our heart and know our true authentic selves. We need to remember how powerful, gifted and uniquely creative we are. We are here as co-creators with the Universe and when we can remember our Goddess nature, we can reclaim our birthright. There is no need to force or fight any longer. It is time to embody LOVE. As we begin to awaken, the Divine Feminine will be with us along our journey. At first, she may whisper quietly, so softly you may not even notice. But if you ignore her guidance, she will bring you to your knees. The Goddess is YOU and she wants you to remember that. For the sake of humanity and this planet, we need to wake up! We need to remember. The Goddess is inviting each of us to go within and to do the inner work needed to clear out the clutter. All the programming, limiting beliefs, fragmented identities, fears, traumas, past life memories and anything else that needs to be released. It is time to let go of all that is not US. When you do the inner work and call back your soul fragments, you are creating space for the Goddess to live within you, as you. As we come back into alignment with our wholeness, we can create a new life for ourselves – and for humanity. We can create heaven on earth.

The Olive Book October 2022 • 87


Get Intimate with the


88 • United Colours of Design Magazine

1. Create a Sacred Space to Commune with Her Find a place either in your home or out in nature that feels good to you. Create a sacred space to commune with her by adding sacred objects, fresh flowers, crystals or any natural elements. You may wish to use incense, sage or Palo Santo to clear the energy of the space and bring in a beautiful scent. You may enjoy some soft sensual music playing in the background. There is no right or wrong way to create a sacred space. It is all about your intention and your desire. Get creative and enjoy the process. 2. Go Within and Allow Her to Appear Once you have created your sacred space, it is time to go within. Close your eyes and begin to take long, deep breaths in and out. Repeat this for about 5-10 minutes, until you can feel your thoughts begin to slow down and your body relax. When you are feeling calm and centered, invoke the Goddess by inviting her to sit with you. However she appears to you is perfect. Again, there is no right or wrong. She may take the form of one of the many Goddesses, she may appear as a colour or a shape, she may appear as an element. Simply be with whatever arises and trust that she is there with you. You may wish to keep a journal close by to write about your experience. 3. Embrace Your Feelings and Emotions In order to find your inner Goddess, it is important that you find peace within yourself. You may notice feelings, sensations or emotions arise from deep inside. Do not be afraid, do not suppress them and do not run. Just sit and breathe and allow it all to be. Be with it. Sit with it. The Goddess is bringing these to you to be felt and then released. Trust the process and do not judge yourself or your experience. Just be a witness to it all. 4. Self-Love and Self-Care All of life is a relationship. You cannot truly love another person until you first love yourself. You cannot truly be of service and live your life’s purpose until you first take care of yourself. The greatest teaching of the Goddess is LOVE. Develop a deep sense or self-love and become your own best friend. She will reveal to you the places in your life where you are giving your power away to others in hopes of being loved. Take note of what needs to be healed in your life and give yourself the time necessary to heal. 5. Be True to Your Authentic Self As you begin to heal your life and deepen your relationship with your inner Goddess essence, you will begin to remember who you truly are. You will remember your authentic self – the self you were before the programming, limiting beliefs, fears, heart break and trauma. Begin to come back into your power by releasing all the things that are not you. Let them all go and come back to your centre. Come rest in your heart. Stay here and ask the Goddess to reveal to you your truth. Ask her “WHO AM I?” Pause, breathe, listen. 6. Live a Life of Pleasure, Power and Purpose Once you have awakened the Goddess within, you will never be the same again. You will begin to shed your old skin and rise from the ashes of your old life. A new vision of your new life will begin to unfold before you. Give yourself the gift of time and patience. Trust in the process and go with the flow as it unfolds. When you are ready, step into your new reality – your heaven on earth. A life of pleasure, power and purpose. You are the creator of your life. Align with the Goddess and remember who you really are. Give yourself permission to live an extraordinary life. It is time for you to arouse the Divine Feminine within and activate your creative power.

The Olive Book October 2022 • 89




CONTACT I AMY BELL I +1 647.830.8485 A M Y. B A R R O S O @ W H I T E L I G H T N I N G C O M M U N I C AT I O N S . C O M


The Olive Book October 2022 • 91


BRIAN BAKER Brian Baker lives in Lancashire England and has been passionate about art all his life. His works have included wildlife , landscape and portraiture using different types of media. More recently Brian has been studying old master techniques and styles used by Vermeer, Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci and Sargent .

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 Towards the Olive Grove Olive Green is one of those multipurpose colors that subtly helps to balance tones in many circumstances. It’s one of nature’s magical harmonizers and I use it in every painting somewhere. Although often used in military uniforms for its camouflage ability it’s ironic that the olive branch was a symbol of peace and friendship in early civilizations whilst the oil from its fruit symbolized light and knowledge. This painting ‘Towards the Olive Grove’ is a view from a warmer climate that conjures a feeling of peace and tranquility .

92 • United Colours of Design Magazine

The Olive Book October 2022 • 93

94 • United Colours of Design Magazine



is a creative intuitive writer, an amateur photographer, author of ‘My Imaginative Mind’ Photopoetry book. Her passion helps to inspire and motivate others through her creativity of expressing positivity through photography and art.

 Giraffe I enjoyed painting one of my photographs, a giraffe eating fresh leaves. This was the beginning of bringing texture into my acrylic painting, using Polly filler for the branch. Time to try something different and be more creative. The background shades of olive green softens the environment and enhances the giraffe.

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The Olive Book October 2022 • 95


JUDY WEINBERG Judy weinberg is a seasoned graphic designer. Her design practice, Grafik Essentials, based in Toronto offers art

direction, brand development, logos, business cards, marketing collateral, corporate training materials and more. She is the Art Director of The United Colors of Design Magazine.

Judy's passion and keen eye for art, design and craftsmanship led her to open Jack's Daughter of All Trades, a vintage decor emporium with locations in the Greater Toronto & Golden Horseshoe areas of Ontario Canada and online. She is passionate about celebrating all types of artisans, both past and present. GRAFIK ESSENTIALS


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Mid-Century Olive Green Empoli Ar t Glass Goblet, Italy

96 • United Colours of Design Magazine

This spectacular piece of optic art glass produced in the Empoli region of Italy, features a fabulous quilted pattern in striking olive green with hand blown stem. This superb piece of mid-century of art glass makes a unique statement in modern interiors. Dates between 1950 to 1970.



Brochure Art Direction & Graphic Design for Lafarge Canada Brochure created for Lafarge Canada's "Hollowcore Residential Structural Floor System". A 'revolutionary way of building' which enables homeowners to capture space below a garage, expanding their home's square footage.

3' – 11f" " Ever wonder why1 we don’t


the space that’s under your garage?

With no supp or par




7 4 16"


continue building the basement to include



13 16

Why would you leave this space unused… when a typical attached garage that’s 24’ by 24’ can add more than 575 square feet of extra living space for you and your family! 1f"

REsidEntiaL stRuCtuRaL FLOOR systEm




of what you could do with that

extra legroom?

5 7 16"

 media room?  Virtual golf room?  Recreation room?  state of the art gym?  dream Office?  Pool tables? just that  Kids play area?  Or“we-maybe never-have-

11 1 16"

enough-storage” room?

Lafarge’s Hollowcore Residential Structural Floor System gives you the freedom to make the most of your land lot and take advantage of advanced and innovative building solutions. Hollowcore not only adds to your living space, but is also energy efficient, saving you money on heating and cooling costs. And, Hollowcore is virtually sound proof, allowing you to finally let your kids play their musical instruments or games as loud as they want— without interrupting your quiet reading or relaxing time.

a revolutionary way of building. Most families today don’t need more sleeping space—or larger bedrooms. They need more LIVING space. That’s where the RSF system comes in. It’s a no-brainer, really. As you excavate the dirt for your basement, simply continue to dig where the garage will be built. Pour foundation walls around the basement AND garage. Wood framing can be used for main floor structural support and Hollowcore slabs as your garage floor, which ensures the Canadian Building Code approved amount of weight bearing for your vehicles.

Hollowcore Brochure v3.indd 2

4/10/13 1:45:43 PM



With no support beams or partition walls required,


imagine the possibilities...

e 8"


s 24’ by family! 11 1 16"

ust that -haverage” room?

sleeping ed more system you excavate ntinue to dig oundation age. Wood tructural r garage uilding Code or your

So what’s under

Hollowcore Brochure v3.indd 1

your garage? 4/10/13 1:45:45 PM

The Olive Book October 2022 • 97

98 • United Colours of Design Magazine



Luma Qusus Awad was born and raised in Amman, Jordan, and is a true lover of fine art in all its forms. After having met her husband, Luma and her small family moved to Athens, Greece, where she drew much inspiration from the colours of the Mediterranean, the rich history of Europe, the beautiful souls met through her travels in addition to the magic of the Jordanian deserts. Luma now resides in Ontario, where she continues to delve deeper into the possibilities of Canadian inspired art. Having spent much of her life traveling, Inamullumani gained wide-spread, international traction. Her unique collections are in high demand all around the world, by clients who recognize her exclusive and timeless taste. Ironically enough, Luma comes from a professional background in Law, until she realized her true calling was in the arts. Although well-established today, Inamullumani had very humble beginnings as a small business, putting Luma in the face of the many hurdles of a starting entrepreneur. Today, Luma’s

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collections have been showcased at international exhibitions, from Paris UNESCO Head Quarters to Zappeion Megaron in Athens, Dubai and Amman Design Week in Jordan. In 2019 Luma was the award winner of Women Of Inspirations Cultural Ambassador category in Canada.

The Vintage doors collection is meant to take you down memory lane. Visiting your grandparents, an afternoon tea in the garden, neighborhood walks. Behind these doors lies a lot of history and many stories to be passed on to the next generation. A special collection ethically hand-made by artisans using traditional techniques and green enamel on recycled silver.

Available in gold plating and rose gold plating. On the model: mini earrings from the Vintage Doors collection in rose gold plating over silver and green enamel. Vintage Doors collection pendant in rose gold plating over silver with green enamel. The inspiration behind the Vintage Doors was a recent trip to the charming Al-Salt city in Jordan. Al-Salt is noted on the world heritage list at UNESCO for its unique architecture and history.

The Olive Book October 2022 • 99

OCTOBER Inspiration & ideas...


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High level goals for Oct.

q q

Who will I connect with?

What can they help with?


What will I do to take care of me this month? q q q What is something new I will learn this month? q q q Who is someone I will honour this month? q q q How will I grow my business this month? q q q

100 • United Colours of Design Magazine

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Who will I connect with? What can they help with?

High level goals for Nov.

q q


What will I do to take care of me this month? q q q What is something new I will learn this month? q q q Who is someone I will honour this month? q q q How will I grow my business this month? q q q

The Olive Book October 2022 • 101

DECEMBER Inspiration & ideas...


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Who will I connect with? What can they help with?

High level goals for Dec.

q q


What will I do to take care of me this month? q q q What is something new I will learn this month? q q q Who is someone I will honour this month? q q q How will I grow my business this month? q q q

102 • United Colours of Design Magazine

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