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a small sampling of work from Dylan c. lathrop Dylan C. Lathrop 2511 1st Ave. South Apartment #3 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404 +1(612)840-0550 dylan[at]

Hello! This is a small cross section of some of my work. Please feel free to look through this document, and if you have any questions about these projects please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your time! — Dylan C. Lathrop

What do the Twins Mean to Minnesota? 44 page book. Full color. October / 2008

This book was a collaboration between myself and my classmate Colin Trechter. We attended an event (in this case, a Minnesota Twins game) and gathered imagery and content from that time. We then sent out a brief survey to the fans of the Minnesota Twins and were floored by the honesty and beauty of what they had to say.

The book uses those quotes and inserted information about the team—from the players to the stadiums to the Dome Dogs. The book resides for both novice and the die hard, with local charm which we both love about this city.

MCAD Continuing Studies System Integration Design system and graphics standard.

Art & Design Classes for All Ages/ Fall 2009

Continuing Studies/

SES & Teen Programs/

Youth Programs/

Art Educator’s/


Online Learning/


Post Bac/


Sustainable Design/

The continuous circle evokes the sensibilities of the program, wherein the focus is drawn towards “life-long learning.”

Fun and illustrative to work in conjunction with current collateral. Adaptable to any new updates or redesigns that occur to program pieces.

The “anime eye” is an icon that works well in association with the SGMS brand. This will work in “lock up” with both the Continuing Studies brand and MCAD brand.

Simply taking an element that exists in current print collateral, the bloom icon will continue the sub-brand for WAI while moving it forward in conjunction with Continuing Studies and MCAD brand.

August / 2009

 or those interested in the GDC F program, the Pantone swatch will fast become not just a tool for them in their courses, but also as the new signal used for all marketing / information related to this program.

The Minneapolis College of Art and Design offers a wide array of courses outside of the BFA and MFA degree programs. These courses are under the Continuing Studies department at MCAD, but due to the diversity and varying age range of a lot of the courses offered, Howard Orlansky — the director of the program — wanted

to see a large system integration so that his multifaceted program could be better represented in their print collateral. I created this system, which enables the use of icons to directly reflect the different programs offered, but also sync up with core MCAD branding.

 youthful take on some of the inA terests of the average teen entering these programs, this icon will work as a signal across all Teen Programs, linking both to the MCAD and Continuing Studies brands.

Combining various education motifs into one signal, this mark stands omnipresent over all Art Educator’s collateral, locking up to both MCAD branding and Continuing Studies branding. The smiley emoticon is a fun and smart link to online learning while avoiding the trappings of other iconography usually associated with a program such as this.

The certificate and seal carries the connotation of rigor and sophistication associated with the Post-Bac program.

The ubiquitous square, circle and triangle are well known in design. But considering the concerned and often times smarter thinking of the Sustainable Design program, we have revamped this icons to fit in with the sustainable efforts.

Made at mcad postcard Postcard. 2 color. February / 2009

Made at MCAD is an annual juried exhibition of work created by the students at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. The postcard is a 2 color run that evokes a sense of effective imagery to create a very quick resonance with people receiving it. The type is a bit more playful, adding to the creative spirit of the students exhibiting. These graphics were also displayed as wall vinyl as well as on didactic material in the main gallery.

Just keep your head up Installation. Full color photo. May / 2008

Installed typography in the Minneapolis College of Art & Design’s skyway between the Main building and Morrison building. This particular spot is often a place where people keep their heads down as they walk. I wanted to give a positive affirmation to alter the environment. At the same time a fellow student had passed away on campus, so the phrase inadvertantly became a minor piece of therapy for those in our school.

Continuing Studies post-bac brochure Mailer. 2 color. December / 2008

This mailable brochure contains information on the Minneapolis College of Art and Design’s Post-Baccalaureate program. It also functions as an admissions piece with a removable form that people can send in to the school. Made through MCAD DesignWorks.

minnesota state fair poster Poster. Full color. September / 2007

A poster created to celebrate and promote everyone’s favorite summer past-time, the Minnesota State Fair. Drawing on all of the colorful characters and frenetic imagery of the fair, this poster utilizes collage, photography, illustration and hand rendered type to invoke the playful nature of the grand fair.

Adaptive: found & forced Collages. Full color. February–April / 2009

A series of collages based on found imagery and conversation to create a non-linear narrative. In total sixty-one collages were created in a single sketchbook that was then adapted and replicated into separate forms, from a motion piece to books to posters.

When we wrote 130 page book. Full color. December / 2008

When We Wrote is a documentary about myself and my mother, Debbye Lathrop. In the summer of 2007 my mother was diagnosed with leukemia. At this time I was states away from home while attending summer courses at MCAD and as such the news hit me hard. My mother asked me to set up a blog account for her and from that point on we both wrote candidly about her diagnosis (I too have a blog that has been up for some time). The narrative unfolds over both our lives, sometimes intersecting but

other times in total opposition to one another. The book contains all of that writing through the winter of 2008 as well as photographs from our lives during this time. This book was featured in the Made at MCAD gallery exhibition.

The Citizen— Cheyenne Newspaper insert. 2 color. April / 2009

Part of my senior thesis exhibition, The Citizen—Cheyenne was a special news insert created for the city of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Utilizing purchased classified ad space in the “host” paper, The Wyoming Tribune Eagle, I put in this newspaper as a case study to reengage the average citizen with their hometown paper. The idea is that if you employ rich, local content that is enforced by smart, engaging design, that everyday people might become enamored with these objects once again. The insert went out on April 26, 2009 to very positive reviews. In all, 18,500+ inserts were published.

MCAD Magazine 68 page magazine. Full color. June / 2009

This is a redesign of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design’s Magazine, a bi-yearly publication that goes out to alumni, current students and other AICAD schools across the country. I worked in collaboration and under the art direction of the Midwest Visual Agency. The focus of the design was making something that was reflective of the school’s fun and ever evolving brand but also one that was a simple platform to deliver the rich content that is gathered for these publications.

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≠Dylan C. Lathrop 2511 1st Ave. South Apartment #3 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404 +1(612)840-0550 dylan[at]

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Hello! This is a small cross section of some of my work. Please feel free to look through this document, and if you have any questions about...