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Spirits of

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s


Now this understand: Make one into ten, drop two out of hand, Three balance again, then you are rich, On the word of the witch. From five and six, the four transfix, Make seven and eight, fulfilling the fate: And nine makes one, and ten is none, And witches’ one-times-one is done.

From the marshes we advance, To show our tricky talents, And find that when we join the dance We shine as super-gallants.

Clotilde Camisole (GF116) paired with the Marguerite Bloomers (GF118)

Lofty leap and mincing step, In dew and scented briar: Though very daintily you trip, The feet can fly no higher.

Louise Brooks Camisole (GF114) together with the Louise Brooks Bloomers (GF115)

Through the glints of stars I pass, Fierily down-shooting. Now I sprawl, deep in the grass, Help me to my footing!

Asta Chemise (GF120)

Thou deep of heart, the soul’s endower, Thou outward peaceful, yet of inmost power, Reveal thy fearful gulf, profound as night, And, without magic, show the ancient might.

Gunta Chemise (GF117)

Where the glimmering water glides, Lucent, soft; and touch with light Multitudinous throngs of night, Rising from the waves to greet you, Gracious Luna, we entreat you.

Gertrude Triangle Halter (GF101) and Gertrude Panties (GF102)

See, the moon in cloudlets riding, Each bright curl a lucent dove. White in moonbeams, richly gliding, Come from Paphos, fired with love.

Musidora Romper Playsuit (GF103)

Forest branches swaying, Mass of rock down-weighing, Wreathing roots immense, Boles in forest dense.

Lashes wave on wave, Shelter gives deep cave. Lions around us stray, Silent and tame they rove,

And sacred honours pay To the holy shrine of love.

Soft Bountiful Bondage Set (GF113)

We in myriad trembling branches breathe the whispers, charm the softly Cradled rustling, luring gently from the roots the flowing pulses To the twigs; and now the leafage, now with riot of fair blossom, Will we deck these streaming tresses for their spreading joy of growth. Hilde Camisole (GF104) together with the Hilde Panties (GF105)

Sisters, we of fleeter spirit race with ever running brooklets; For the hills that charm the distance tempt us with their load of beauty. Downwards, ever deeper falling, in meandering flow we water Now the meadow, now the pastures, soon the garden round the house.

Loie Fuller Leotard Bodysuit (GF106)

Where the walls of rock are mirrored, spreading far their glassy image, We in gliding waves will nestle, soothingly to ride and rest; There for every note to listen, song of bird or reedy fluting, Murmur we with murmur answer, thunder with our rolling thunder. Asrai Bralette (GF107) paired with the Hattie Panties (GF119)

Grace we bring as flower of living; Let fair grace be in your giving.

Grace be in your glad receiving, Heart’s desire is sweet achieving.

Closed in tranquil time and place, Thankfulness has special grace.

Where the glittering wavelets dancing Lap the shore in rills advancing. Luna, mirrored, swims to view, Leaving us in her wicked dew.

(left to right) Ilse Camisole (GF109) and Ilse Culottes (GF110) Asrai Bralette (GF107) together with the Asrai Bloomers (GF108)

In flood of life, in action’s storm I ply on my wave With weaving motion, Birth and the grave, A boundless ocean.

Asrai Bralette (GF107) together with the Asrai Bloomers (GF108)

Ceaselessly giving, Weft of living, Forms unending, Glowing and blending.

Ilse Camisole (GF109) and Ilse Culottes (GF110)

So work I on the whirring loom of time, The life that clothes the deity sublime.

Gretchen Bralette (GF111) and Gretchen French Knickers (GF112)

sincerely yours...

Libby Loo Photography wardrobe Under The Root hair and makeup by Megan Thompson of Mild or Wild spirits of Goethe’s Faust Paris Irene Cannon Taryn Jansen Morgan Jansen

excerpts taken from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s Faust

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Spirits of Faust  

collection aw2013 with Libby Loo Photography, wardrobe Under The Root, hair and makeup design by Megan Thompson of Mild or Wild, and spirits...

Spirits of Faust  

collection aw2013 with Libby Loo Photography, wardrobe Under The Root, hair and makeup design by Megan Thompson of Mild or Wild, and spirits...