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Anyone for rackets?

...but we only have Sorry, one court! but...

...we only have one court!

Please help us have a second one

Deadline 31st May– if we want a court ready for play this year.

Timing Now – while construction costs are still depressed.

Construction We must either escavate or raise the Gym roof - a decision the school is working on while we raise the funds

The Cost £450,000 (as against £1M + if we had to start afresh).

How? Rackets is probably the fastest ball game in the world and Tonbridge has a considerable history of success in the tournaments for singles and doubles held each year at Queen’s Club. We have a fantastic, full-time world-ranked professional in Dave Makey and the Rackets Club is thriving with over 65 members and many more who would like to play, if only they could get on the court. Many of the schools we play (including Charterhouse, Eton, Harrow, Winchester, Marlborough, Malvern and Rugby) have the benefit of two courts. We now have the chance of converting the Old Gym into a new court, extending the existing spectator gallery and so doubling court-time and the number of boys who can take part in school matches.

Through the collective will and generosity of OTs and parents. The school cannot afford to help us as it is still paying for the new centre.

The Good News... pledge now and pay later All we need now is your promise of a donation. If we can raise our target sum and the school can clear the way for the project to proceed, then we will ask you to fufill your pledge. And when it comes to making the payments, you can spread the load over four years. Your total donation

The appeal court receives

Total net cost to you if you pay tax at 40%

Annual net cost to you, if given over 4 years

£390 £1560 £3900 £7800 £15600 £19500

£500 £2000 £5000 £10000 £20000 £25000

£300 £1200 £3000 £6000 £12000 £15000

£75 £300 £750 £1500 £3000 £3750

Let the tax man give his share. With the new 50% tax rate starting from April this year, it will be possible to give a total of £20000 (including Gift Aid) over 4 years at a net annual cost of £2500.

To discuss further please contact:

James Underhill, Foundation Director, Tel: 01732 304253, Mob: 07990 972155 Email: Tom Shields, Appeal Chairman, Mob: 07771 998130 The Tonbridge School Foundation is a registered charity (No. 1099162)

“A second court will transform rackets at Tonbridge” Dave Makey, Tonbridge’s Raquets pro

Please support this appeal and make the dream come true.

Tonbridge Rackets Court Appeal  

A simple but highly effective appeal brochure.

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