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Portfolio Rajib Kalita Transportation08 National Institute of Design

A car share car for Delhi The Brief

Design Project 2, 2009-10 session

Traffic congestion remains one of the main urban transportation problems. Car sharing has been proven to have a positive impact on congestion. A shared car replaces upto 10 private vehicles on the road. Therefore, a car share car is to be designed for Delhi considering the unique attributes of Delhi and Delhiites.

The system The car sharing system called “Sharing Delhi� works through a network of Pods and Ports. Pods hold 2-3 vehicles and are mainly distributed in residential areas. Ports hold more than 5 vehicles and feature a battery exchange station. A member can pick up a vehicle from any Pod/ Port and leave it at any other Pod/Port and is charged by the minute.


flexible interior

flexible dlO


vehicle requirements

Keywords: Non aggressive stance, big DLO, variety of themes.`

Side view explorations



right sized car

Modular two wheeled gyro units

Slider car

A system comprising of hundreds of tiny touch sensitive electrochromatic fragments pulled by electroactive polymer muscles give a DLO and/or an opening where and when required, just by swiping a finger.

There are two volumes within the car. The inner volume is a flexible membrane and can shrink or expand in size. Over this the outer hard shell slides. Just like the Dilliwala, hard on the outside, but soft within.

Heritage of D was woven i interiors, eit form or as a

Interior material had to be hard wearing but expensive looking. Inspiration, therefore, came from sports shoes.

interior research

Delhi into the ther in a motif.

interior features Seat frames use a simple folding mechanism in the legs for nesting seats under each other. This gives high level of flexibility without complicated mechanisms.

Open compartments, to prevent people from forgetting their belongings inside the car.

Fabric mesh supported on an ABS frame, keeping in mind the sizzling summers of Delhi.

Display is integrated into panel inside hubless steering wheel

Simple interior seats 6 in three rows to minimise vehicle width.

the scramble The Scrambler is a SUV that is at once ready for the city streets and the wild unknown. It is possibly the smallest four seater SUV in the world. This is achieved by using a tandem seating configuration. Small size translates to less weight and less volume; therefore, less impact on both the physical environment and mindspace.


topgear design contest 2010

transform The Scrambler is able to fold away all body panels, including top and side glass areas and transform from a city slicker to an ATV. In this way, the rider is as close to nature as possible.

on the streets

in the wild

2+2 seating while in city mode. Seat backs are suspended from roof. Tandem 4 seater while in ATV mode. Seat back folds away into the roof. Steering wheel changes to a handlebar.

r u e g l u e d d i n i ld s i w



The GANDEEV reinterprets the ancient indian rath (chariot) in the most modern way possible. Featuring a central driving position with room for two passangers, the experience is quite close to Formula 1. It has been designed with the driver’s point of view in mind. So the view from the cockpit is extra-ordinary, with central position and exposed wheels. In power terms, India’s first supercar has to be world’s best. Therefore, 1400 bhp.


The Moda is an effort to design a stylish but affordable roadster for the youth. It was important to have classic sportscar proportions. But the overall length is still under three metres.

1:5 clay model

SHARED BICYCLE FOR THE SUPER RICH Design Project 1, 2008-09 session


To develop a Non Motorised Transport (NMT) solution which serves as feeder service to Mass Rapid Transit Systems (MRTS) in cities while carrying the occupant(s) in more comfort than ordinary bicycles and providing all weather protection.


Non-motorized Transportation provide both recreation and transportation. It has an unambiguously benign environmental impact. Today, MRTS is coming up in several Indian cities. A system can be designed so that use of private vehicles for commuting is made redundant and instead, human powered vehicles along with MRTS form the lifeline of a city, leading to a ultra low emission future.


• Business executives and servicemen in 30’s or 40’s, who would like to show their green side, and also stay fit. • Car owners who would like to start cycling but feel awkward on a regular cycle and demand car like comfort.

Features required High-end image

Protection from hot sun Car-like feel Eco-friendly message Comfortable seating All-weather protection


THE SYSTEM The system meant both as a feeder service and for operation on bicycling lanes along the BRTS. It operates on a bicycle sharing framework using BRTS smart card to pay. Touchscreen kiosks provide access. Hi-mileage users are given special recognition.

Carbon fiber + LexanTM KERS system

Tilting trike


Tilting mechanism multi info display

Perimeter frame -easy access

fEATURES The final product is a tilting recumbent trike in delta configuration that provides car like comfort, premium experience and a little theatrics, with the scisssor doors.

EDUCATION Currently starting diplma semester of Transportation and Automobile Design discipline Graduated in Mechanical Engineering from NIT, Internships: 8 weeks at TVS Motors Styling Stud

About Me

KEY SKILLS Autodesk Stud Clay Modellin Expert level co Hand sketchin Strategic rese

ACHIEVEMENTS Finalist in SIAM Automotive Special Mention in Pininfarin 2nd prize in “Design your Fir 1st prize in K C Mahindra De

Favourites Car: Nissan Skyline GTR R34, Alfa 8C Bike: MV Agusta Brutale Designer: Ken Okuyama Other favourite things: Naruto, Cowboy Bebop, Miyaz Batman, Daredevil, Travis, POTF, Quizzing, Asimov, NFS

e at NID Bhopal in 2008 dio, Hosur

diotools and Sketchbook pro. ng. ompetency in Adobe Photoshop. ng, visualisation, concept generation. earch, user survey.

Styling Challenge 2010 na -NID Design Competition 2009 st Car� contest by BBC Topgear magazine, 2008 esign Award, 2007

zaki, S5

CONTACT, #09726959964, 09726959906

CONTACT, #09726959964, 09726959906\undeadrajib\undeadrajib\docs\portfolio

Rajib Kalita Automotive Portfolio  

Automotive portfolio of Rajib Kalita, 5th semester student of National Institute of Design, India

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