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The Spartan Club We discover and develop champions in life.

We discover and develop champions in life.

- The Spartan Way -

Honor the Past. Provide for the Future. Student-athletes at UNCG have celebrated many championships and academic achievements over the years, several of which are featured on the previous page. Although the athletic department recently completed it’s 20th year of Division I competition, athletics date back to its humble beginning in the early 1900s when the first Athletic Association was organized. In 1963, the first women’s intercollegiate athletic teams were organized, followed in 1967 with the men’s program. In 1987, the Spartans began an unprecedented five-year move from Division III to Division II to Division I. As we continue to move through the 21st century Spartan success continues while playing in the Southern Conference. Spartan pride has come as a result of fan dedication and financial support. Many of you have partnered with the Spartan Club to raise scholarship funds for UNCG student-athletes. These funds have a direct impact in propelling our student-athletes toward their goals on the field, in the classroom and in their lives after UNCG. We simply cannot move forward without your support! Our Spartan Club members have been a key factor in the success of our program. With lofty aspirations for the future we ask that you join with us to help achieve our goals. Read on to learn how we can “Raise the Bar” and Do Something Bigger Altogether.

We discover and develop champions...on the field.

How to Support the Spartans Mission The Spartan Club secures the financial support that provides our studentathletes with the opportunities to achieve academic and athletic success. As you can see in the chart below, your donations to the Spartan Club fall into four different categories, each impacting a specific area. Please read through each type before deciding how you will impact the lives of our student-athletes. Please note that only donations to the Spartan Club Athletic Scholarship Fund will qualify you for benefits such as VIP parking, tickets and hospitality.

Organization Fund Types

The Spartan Club

Athletic Scholarship Fund

Team Enrichment Funds


Capital/ Special Projects


Yes, qualify for all benefits and earn priority points.

A percentage will earn benefits/ priority points.*

No benefits, earn priority points

No benefits, earn priority points

Funds Used For

Scholarships for our student-athletes

Team operations, equipment, travel at coach discretion

Scholarships and team operations per guidelines of donor

Facilities and renovations

* - 80% of Enrichment Fund gifts go directly to team funds and 20% go to Athletic Scholarship Fund for which you will receive benefits. 100% will qualify for priority points.

Raising The Bar Spartan Club Athletic Scholarship Funding $3,000,000 Athletic Endowment Spin-Off

Due to the state’s budget issues bringing an end to the out-of-state tuition waiver in 2011, combined with escalating tuition and fees, our scholarship expenses have risen dramatically (67% since 2010) and placed tremendous strain on the athletic department budget.


Student Fees

While support of our Spartan Club Athletic Scholarship Fund has increased 40% since 2010, it only meets a small portion of the overall scholarship need. As a result, we rely very heavily on student fees to fund our scholarship costs.






We must raise the bar and grow our Athletic Scholarship Fund. This will reduce the need to use the majority of student fees allocated to athletics for scholarships, providing us greater flexibility to provide our student-athletes with the resources necessary to compete at the highest levels.

$1,500,000 79%

$500,000 9% 12%











In addition, while we will spend $3,054,951 on scholarships in 2013, it would take an additional $687,000 to fully fund all the scholarships allowable by the NCAA for each of our 17 varsity teams.


Raising the Bar will also allow us to provide additional scholarships, giving a larger number of deserving high school graduates the opportunity to become Spartans and achieve their dreams in life.

Help us Raise The Bar by joining the Spartan Club today!

We discover and develop the classroom.

2012-13 Spartan Club Giving Levels $10,000


Golden Spartans

$2,500 $1,000

Fighting Spartans


Blue & Century Gold Spartans Spartans



Travel with team to one game (NEW) Meal with a coach (NEW) Exclusive athletic director gift (NEW) Two tickets to Senior Student-Athlete Banquet (NEW) Men’s Basketball game program recognition Courtside basketball season ticket opportunity Men’s Basketball VIP parking (NEW) Men’s Basketball halftime hospitality (NEW) Men’s Basketball pregame hospitality Recognition in the HHP Building Men’s Basketball riser section season ticket opportunity Spartan Club Annual Report (NEW) Invitation to annual donor recognition event (NEW) Priority 1 Priority 2 Priority 3 Priority 4 Priority 5 Priority 6 Priority 7 Postseason tournament/road game ticket priority % (NEW) Membership card with list of corporate sponsors/discounts (NEW) Spartan Club window decal/front license plate+ Tax deductible charitable gift * - Those who make 4-year pledges at these levels will be matched up with a student-athlete as part of our annual scholarship program % - Based on availability + - First time donors only

Current Student


Visit for Benefits


Champions Circle*

UNCG Basketball Ticket and Parking Benefits Donor Premium Seating Options On-Court Seating - Golden Spartans Level Sit in the most exclusive section of the Greensboro Coliseum. Court seats are along the sideline across from the team benches and provide the best view of Spartan basketball.

Riser Section Seating - Blue and Gold Spartans Level Off the floor and in the crowd, riser seats are the first five rows of center court sections. Risers give you more freedom to pick your seats and sit with friends and family to cheer on the Spartans.

Donor Hospitality and Parking - Golden Spartans Level Greensboro Coliseum


St. VIP Parking

Terrace Entrance

Enjoy pregame hospitality at the Greensboro Coliseum in the Terrace. Hear pregame comments from the coaching staff and other special guests and enjoy your pregame meal! At halftime, join us for complimentary drinks and snacks. Avoid traffic and take advantage of our VIP parking lot and gain immediate access to the Terrace and your seats. Easy in, easy out, all season long.

For tickets call 336-334-3250.

Spartan Club Priority Point System The Spartan Club Priority Point System, announced earlier this year, is designed to reward those who have been loyal and generous to UNCG Athletics through the years and create a fair and equitable means of allocating benefits that exist in limited quantities related to the men’s and women’s basketball program. This system will be used by the Spartan Club to assign benefits among donors and season ticket holders using the chart below to calculate point totals. The goal is to offer fair access to high-demand/low-supply benefits, such as postseason tickets and important road games. The system will be used for the first time in Fiscal Year 2014 (beginning July 1, 2013). All gifts and season ticket purchases made during Fiscal Year 2013 (July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013) will be added to point totals for 2014. For more information on the point system, visit

Gift to Spartan Club Annual Scholarship Fund in Previous Year Consecutive Years of Giving to Athletics Season Ticket Holder Previous Season Consecutive Years of Being a Season Ticket Holder at Greensboro Coliseum Lifetime Giving to Athletics Fleming Gym Season Ticket Holder Former UNCG Student-Athlete Bonus UNCG Alumni Bonus UNCG Faculty/Staff Bonus

10 points per $100 6 points per year 3 points per season ticket 2 points per year 2 points per every $100 10 points 50 points 25 points 25 points

We discover and develop the community.

Endowment Giving

Athletic endowments provide a perpetual source of funding for student-athlete scholarships and can also support team operational budgets. When you name or endow a scholarship or operational fund, you ensure financial support in perpetuity that UNCG studentathletes and coaches can count on each year. It allows your generosity - and your name - to live on as a permanent part of UNCG Athletics.

While named Endowments are available beginning at $50,000, due to increasing costs of scholarships, endowments at a much higher level are required to fully endow the scholarship needs of our program. As you’ll see from the charts below, UNCG policy allows 4.25 percent in spending from the endowments on an annual basis that can be used for scholarship or operational support as designated by each donor. These are the endowment gifts that can truly make a transformational impact on UNCG Athletics. Endowment Gift Amount $400,000 $700,000

Annual Spin-Off (4.25%) $17,000 $29,750

Cost of a Full Athletic Scholarship

In-State Resident

Out-of-State Resident

Tuition & Fees Room & Board Books

$6,148 $8,850 $9,309 $800

$19,946 $9,309 $800




(Approx. Annual Cost 2012-13)

Annual Scholars The impact of your gift.

Cash, Check or Credit Card Phone To make a gift by phone using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard and American Express accepted), please call the Spartan Club at (336) 334-3576.

Online To make a gift online, visit You have the option of making a recurring gift here and can spread your total gift over a period of time.

Mail To make a gift by check (payable to UNCG Spartan Club) or credit card through the mail, please complete the enclosed Spartan Club gift form and send to: UNCG Spartan Club P.O. Box 26168 Greensboro, NC 27402-6168

Give Now! Other Methods of Giving Monthly draft of credit card: The Spartan Club can draft your credit card account on a monthly basis. Drafts may be authorized on the pledge form. Matching Gifts: Many companies have a matching gifts program that doubles the value of your gift. Consult your employer for information concerning a matching gift for higher education in support of scholarships for student-athletes. Be sure to enclose your matching gift form with your gift. Bequests, Stocks and Special Gifts: When you name the UNCG Spartan Club as a beneficiary in your will or establish a life-income trust, you help to ensure the lasting strength and vitality of the athletics program at UNCG. Bequests, trusts, and gifts of appreciated securities, insurance policies, and real estate may offer you excellent tax advantages as well. We welcome an opportunity to discuss these giving options with you.

Tax Information All contributions to the Spartan Club are considered gifts to UNCG and are credited at full value for purpose of the member’s University gift record. However, a contribution to the Spartan Club which entitles the donor to priority assignment for tickets, parking and the opportunity to attend events is 80 percent deductible for income tax purposes according to the Internal Revenue Service. The Spartan Club urges you to consult with your tax advisor to determine the tax deduction for your gift.

Do Something Bigger Altogether

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