UNC Black Ink Magazine

UNC Black Ink Magazine

Chapel Hill , United States

The Black Ink is the official publication of the Black Student Movement

(BSM) on UNC’s campus. It was founded in 1969 and started as a newspaper.

Over the years, the publication has transformed into the current magazine

format. The Black Ink was created to be the black voice on campus and it

continues to serve as an outlet for African American students on campus to

voice their opinions, thoughts and ideals. But more importantly, the Black

Ink is still the voice of the Carolina student and focuses on local,

national and international issues that affect every student. The staff is a

diverse combination of writers, photographers, graphic designers and

advertising chairs who use their individual talents along with pen and

paper to report issues that are affecting the Black and Carolina

communities. And our mission remains, “If Blackness can be transformed into

pictures and words, we intend to do so, by any means necessary.”