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UNASM Newsletter April—June

Year 2012, no.08

Labour market and the new poverty

CONTENTS: May 1– Labour Day




Humanitarian activity of Borjana Balova


Strengthening social protection in EU


Course for young 4 trade union leaders How to protect ourselves from the Sun ?


Poverty has the same meaning even when said in 7000 different languages. The poverty index in the country is about 30% that means that one Macedonian in three is poor. In the period from 3rd to 6th May, 2012 in Klimetica Hotel in Ohrid a regional seminar took place where trade unions from Macedonia and EU attended and discussed and shared experiences on this topic. Poverty is a global phenomenon, particularly in our country, says the president of UNASM, Mr. Slobodan Antovski. He added that they do their best in order to fight this phenomenon. “We have poor and even poorer people in certain periods, but we cannot blame somebody particular because we all know the circumstances and the current situation. Certain measures have been undertaken by the government and trade unions for protecting the poorest parts, but we are facing and dealing enormous problems.”If we take deeper look in the situation with poverty in EU there is a difference between the new EU member states and the old ones, says Stijn Gryp from the Belgian Christian trade union. He had a presentation on “Labour market and the new poverty” and he pointed out that the seminar is great possibility to hear the experiences coming from different countries. From Macedonian trade union point of view poverty is defined as lack of food, clothes, whereabouts and clean drinking water that results in low standards of living. But for those who feel poverty on their skin the definition of the term is crueler and there are no words that could describe it. The seminar was attended by different lecturers who explained the problem with poverty. This seminar was supported by EZA.


UNASM Newsletter

Year 2012, no.08

UNASM for the Labour Day MAY 1: Picnic or out in the streets? The international Labour Day is an international holiday celebrated on 1st of May and dedicated to the fight for preservation and promotion of workers’ rights. The international Labour Day is celebrated on 1st May in the respect for the victims of the strike that took place from 1st to 4th May, 1886 in Chicago. This strike, organized for introducing 8 hours working day, was characterized by the police that used force which resulted in several victims. Later, the organizers of the strike were brought to court and four of them were executed. The Second international on its establishing congress in 1889 has adopted a declaration appealing to workers from all over the world to go out in the streets on 1st of May in the respect of the victims of the strike in Chicago and in order to promote their own situation. Since then, 1st of May is traditionally celebrated by all countries in the world with strikes in order to mark the International day of labor. The international day of labour is national holiday in more countries in the world, particularly in the communist and ex communist countries. This is the case in the Republic of Macedonia where the International day of labour is a national holiday. Up to 2006 the celebration of this holiday lasted 2 days, 1st and 2nd of May, but since 2007 it has been celebrated only one day, 1st of May. The holiday is generally is not politically celebrated and instead of organizing strikes people use this day to go out, have picnic and spend time in the nature. UNASM with its members and employees felicitated the Labor Day.

INFO Stat According to the data of the State Statistical Office, in the first trimester of 2012 the active population in the Republic of Macedonia was 941.019 persons of whom employed 643.668 or 68,4 percent, and 297.351 persons or 31,6 percent were unemployed. The activity rate in this period is 56,4, the employment rate 38,6, while the unemployment rate was 31,6.

The Montenegrins spend most of the money on food and least on education Today, the Montenegrin State Statistical Office (Monstat) announced that in the past year households in Montenegro spent most on food and least on education. According to Monstat’s data, the overall average monthly available assets of the households were 606 euros, while the personal consumption was amounted to 557 euros. Households set out most of the money for food and soft drinks for which the monthly average was 187 euros, for housing, water and electricity they spent 79 euros, transport 56 euros and for education, they planned only 9 euros. In the past year the average monthly salary and wage of the households in Montenegro were 328 euros, while the monthly income from the pension insurance amounted to 1801 euros. they spent 79 euros, transport 56 euros and for education, they planned only 9 euros. In the past year the average monthly salary and wage of the households in Montenegro were 328 euros, while the monthly income from the pension insurance amounted to 1801 euros.

UNASM Newsletter

Year 2012, no.08


HUMANITARIAN ACTIVITY OF THE LITTLE BORJANA BALOVA Every day I do a good deed with pleasure. For example, I help my mother with the chores, my brother with the homework and similar things. The biggest deed that I have done is for a family that lives in Prilep. My grandmother is member of the Women’s organization within the Union of Independent and Autonomous Trade Unions of Macedonia and she told me that they are collecting things that will later be given as present to a poor family of seven. So, I decided to help in my way. I acquired boxes. I put old, but clean clothes in them, then shoes, schoolbags, pencil cases, notebooks, felt-tip pens, toys etc. In one of the boxes I put food only.

Borjana Balova

I was very pleased and happy while putting the things in the boxes. I brought the boxes in UNASM. After giving the boxes to the family, we were said that the members of the family were extremely happy. The kids were delighted when they saw the schoolbags, shoes and the toys were the biggest reason for their happiness. Their eyes were full with tears of joy. The people from UNASM promised me that the next time I will be part of the team so that I will be able to meet the kids. It is worth to be good because when you go to bed in the evening and the world around is calming down; you are able to fall asleep with the best feeling in the world because you have done something nice, something humane and something good. You have made somebody happy. Borjana Balova, 6th grade pupil from Skopje

STRENGTHENING SOCIAL PROTECTION IN THE EUROPEAN UNION In Madrid, Spain, an international conference on: “ANALYSIS AND NEW CHALLENGES OF SOCIAL PROTECTION IN THE EUROPEAN UNION” took place and was organized by the Trade union USO supported by EZA. The conference was held from 11 to 14 June, 2012. The new perspective of the youth in the fight against unemployment and social exclusion was discussed during the conference, as well. The European Union makes efforts to reduce the poverty rate and to increase and strengthen social protection of young and elderly people. EU member states and candidate countries must enhance the social protection policy in order for the activities for realization of tax challenges for support the socially excluded people to be fulfilled. The seminar was opened by the Secretary General of USO confederation, Mr. Joaquín Pérez, followed by Mr.Mathías Homey from EZA. Professors from the University of Madrid, NGO representatives and independent experts participated in the conference. From Macedonia, youngsters from UNASM gave their contribution to the realization of the conference.


UNASM Newsletter

Year 2012, no.08

COURSE FOR YOUNG TRADE UNION LEADERS Supported by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, youth organizations from the Union of trade unions of Macedonia, the Confederation of free trade unions of Macedonia and the Union of autonomous and independent trade unions of Macedonia organized the Course for young trade union leaders. The first training was opened by the President of SSM, Mr. Zivko Mitrevski who said to the young guests that they are the future of the trade union movement in Macedonia and that they should be brave and persistent in achieving their working goals and in solving the conflict situations. This training and future ones are very important for the future role of young trade union leaders. “We are facing a period of great social and political changes and therefore a question was raised whether trade unions are constantly observing the processes originating from the general transition and globalization or not.” We consider that as wrong approach and that the force is in the professionalism and expertise of all members of one organization. This training and future project that have young trade unionists as target groups is directed towards modernization and qualification of trade union movement. Therefore we deem that a contemporary educational model and training of trade union leadership of young people is necessary- said the president Mitrevski. The aim of this training is through presentations, discussions and workshops young trade unionists to be able to acquire necessary knowledge for the challenges in the future and tasks that are comprised in the trade union movement in Macedonia. Several aspects were observed at the training related to trade union leaderships of young people such as: efficiency, diligence and versatility, creativity as factor for success, model of good trade union leader, leadership myths, leadership as process and position, self-assessment and self-confidence, emotional intelligence, communication as factor for success, understanding of people and their nature, working relations principles, employment contracts, flexible employment contracts, working time, wages, termination of working relation, collective agreements and bargaining and other issues. Konstantin Petrovski, PhD, professor at the University in Bitola, Alexandar Ristovksi, MA at the Faculty of law “Iustinianus Primus” and Mrs. Liljana Jankulovska from SSM were lecturers at the course. The course was realized in the period 01.05 – 30.06.2012.

Photograph with SSM’s president, Mr. Zivko Miterski with young trade union leaders from UNASM, KSS and SSM


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HOW TO PROTECT OURSELVES FROM THE SUN ? During extremely hot days it is recommended to stay in closed premises preferably air conditioned. Light clothes to be worn, as well as hat and sunglasses. It is also recommended to consume less high calorie food, as well as fatty food and to reduce possible increased body weight. Physicians advise consummation of greater amount of liquids form common drinking water to every kind of soft drinks. Alcohol, liquids containing caffeine and extremely cold drinks should be avoided, as well as consummation of increased amount of sugar. If necessary to spend time on open air in this period it is essential to find time for more often rests in shadow and to avoid direct stay on the Sun. If experienced any changes regarding the health obligatorily go to your physician.

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