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university of minnesota, morris alumni association

Midwinter at Mission American Kitchen and Bar

Even a fierce winter storm couldn’t keep alumni from getting together for the annual Midwinter event in Minneapolis. Above, left to right: Bill King ’73 and Mary Mooney ’76, Chad Dolly ’97 and David Richardson ’88, Sue Hendricks Basiago ’87 and Shauna Rosen ’09. Left: Dan Moore ’07, Tony Schuster ’02, Larry Traversie ’00, Jon Lipp ’98.

Palm Springs Gathering

In March alumni savored fine dining and warm weather in Palm Springs, California. University of Minnesota Regent Richard B. Beeson, wife Mary Don Beeson, alumni, and friends were hosted by E. Dennis Zahrbock ’69 and Susan Guter Zahrbock ’71. Pictured: Kathleen Gjerdingen Ehrhardt ’65, Ron Nelson ’71, John Ehrhardt, Dana Crosby ’84, Michelle Crosby, Chief Development Officer Susan Schmidgall, Tammy Bergstrom, Lee Bergstrom ’73, Neil Schmidgall (WCSA) ’63, Susan Guter Zahrbock ’71, Linda Schmidgall, E. Dennis Zahrbock ’69, Mary Don Beeson, Regent Richard B. Beeson, Delores Johnshoy Huebner ’65, Warren Huebner.

Morris in the Big Apple

Alumni took to Times Square in July for a dinner sponsored by the UMMAA. Left side of table: Thomas Martin, Michael Goettig ’93, Director of External Relations Carla Riley ’85, Chief Development Officer Susan Schmidgall. Right side of table: Manjari Govada ’12, William Lo ’11, Tim Goodmanson ’86, Elizabeth Bray ’01, John Driscoll ’71. Summer/Fall 2014 Profile



Fall 2014 edition of the University of Minnesota, Morris alumni magazine.