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Capital Normal University— Beijing, China

Lille 1 University and Lille 3 University— Lille, France

Kansai Gaidai University— Hirakata City, Japan

Shanghai University— Shanghai, China

Yonsei University— Seoul, South Korea

Morris students study abroad (2013 and 14) Morris students volunteer Global Student Teaching Opportunities Exchange programs

While studying abroad in New Zealand, I gained insight not only into a foreign culture, but also into my own.

It is impossible to see your own culture until you leave it behind and are immersed in another! ­—Elizabeth Newton ’13, Elementary Education, Global Student Teaching participant

MOrris on the move: Bringing alumni Together, near and Far From Morris to everywhere! While the majority of our grads stick around Minnesota, our alums live in all 50 states and around the world. The blue on the map shows concentrations of alumni living in each state. The darker the blue, the more of us live there.

Because Morris alums live all over the place, the UMM Alumni Association travels to meet them! The UMMAA has hosted Morris on the Move events for alumni groups in each of the starred locations.

Summer/Fall 2014 Profile



Fall 2014 edition of the University of Minnesota, Morris alumni magazine.