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University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

CXI X 119th


Friday, May 10, 2019

Undergraduate Ceremony I, 10:30 am

• College of Nursing

• College of Visual & Performing Arts

Undergraduate Ceremony II, 2:30 pm

• College of Arts & Sciences

• College of Engineering

• Charlton College of Business

Monday, May 13, 2019

Graduate Ceremony, 2pm

UMass Dartmouth Cressy Field, Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Board of Trustees

UMass Dartmouth Mission

Robert J. Manning Chair

UMass Dartmouth distinguishes itself as a vibrant, public research university dedicated to engaged learning and innovative research resulting in personal and lifelong student success. The University serves as an intellectual catalyst for economic, social, and cultural transformation on a global, national, and regional scale.

R. Norman Peters Vice Chair Mary L. Burns Robert Epstein David G. Fubini Maria D. Furman ’76

UMass Dartmouth Vision

Stephen R. Karam Brian J. Madigan Katherine E. Mallett Jiya Nair Michael V. O'Brien

UMass Dartmouth will be a globally recognized premier research university committed to inclusion, access, advancement of knowledge, student success, and community enrichment.

Noreen C. Okwara Kerri E. Osterhaus-Houle Imari K. Paris Jeffries James A. Peyser Silavong Phimmasone ’19 Elizabeth D. Scheibel Sara Tariq Henry M. Thomas III Steven A. Tolman Victor Woolridge Charles F. Wu

The permanent record kept in the Office of the University Registrar for each student will certify the award of degree and carry his or her grades, averages, and honors (if any). At commencement, students graduating with distinction are noted only if that distinction has been earned at the end of the previous semester. The names appearing in the Commencement Program represent an unofficial listing of candidates.

The University of Massachusetts is committed to a policy of equal opportunity without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, age, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, disability, military status, or genetic information in employment, admission to, and participation in academic programs, activities, and services, and the selection of vendors who provide services or products to the University.


History of the University

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth traces its roots to 1895 when the state Legislature chartered the New Bedford Textile School and the Bradford Durfee Textile School in Fall River. As the region’s economic base shifted from textiles to more diverse manufacturing and service industries, the colleges adapted by diversifying their curricula to respond to the needs of new generations of students. By the middle of the 20th century, the colleges grew rapidly, spurred by the GI Bill and the emerging economic and social advantages of a well-educated citizenry. They evolved into multipurpose institutions that prepared engineers, health care workers, teachers, and business leaders. In 1962, the Legislature created Southeastern Massachusetts Technological Institute by merging the New Bedford Textile School and the Bradford Durfee Textile School, the first in a series of mergers and acquisitions that form the current day University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. The 710-acre campus in Dartmouth, located between the urban centers of New Bedford and Fall River, was created in 1964. The dramatic campus design was the work of renowned architect Paul Rudolph, then Dean of the Yale University School of Art and Architecture.


The public demand for a comprehensive university provided the momentum in 1969 to transform SMTI into Southeastern Massachusetts University. The University continued to grow through the 1970s when its first residence halls were opened and through the 1980s as research and studio facilities were added. In 1988, the Dion Science and Engineering Building opened, as well as the Cedar Dell Townhouse Complex. Also in 1988, the Swain School of Design in New Bedford merged with the University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts, strengthening programs in art and artisanry. The Swain merger added downtown New Bedford art facilities to the University. In 1991, Southeastern Massachusetts University and the University of Lowell joined the University of Massachusetts, which already had campuses in Amherst, Boston, and Worcester. Thus, Southeastern Massachusetts University became the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. In 1994, UMass Dartmouth received approval to offer its first Ph.D., in Electrical Engineering. In 1997, construction was completed on the School for Marine Science and Technology, located on 2.6 acres in New Bedford, near Buzzards Bay.

In 2001, the University opened the College of Visual and Performing Arts facility in downtown New Bedford, a structure transformed from a landmark department store into a vibrant arts center located in the city’s historic district. That same year, the University opened the Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Center in Fall River. The 60,000 square foot research center and business incubator facility, now called the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, currently houses a major pharmaceutical firm, 20 start-up technology companies, prototype shops, conference space and laboratories. Several companies have graduated from the CIE, creating jobs in the region. In 2002, the University began a major expansion of student housing, growing to 4,500 beds in 2005. This made the University a predominantly residential campus. In 2004, the University opened a new Charlton College of Business building, and recently added a Charlton Learning Pavilion wing. In 2007, the University opened a 22,000 square foot research building, focusing on interdisciplinary science initiatives. The facility is the first at UMass Dartmouth devoted entirely to research. The University now offers 13 doctoral programs. In 2010, the University opened its School of Law, the only public law school in Massachusetts. The school has since earned national American Bar Association accreditation.

A major renovation and expansion of the 160,000 square foot Claire T. Carney Library was completed in 2013. The project more than doubled the use of the library by students and won numerous architecture awards for bringing a modern approach to Rudolph’s vision. Throughout its history, the University has been a national leader in civic engagement, and in 2013 earned a national top 20 ranking among nearly 800 institutions ranked by the Corporation for National Community Service. In 2016, the University achieved formal doctoral institution status when the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education designated the university as a “Doctoral University–Higher Research Activity.” That same year, U.S. News & World Report ranked the University as a National Tier 1 institution. The University remains the only Massachusetts research university located south of Boston.


Academic Regalia

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and other contemporary institutions of higher learning evolved historically from the great medieval universities in Europe such as those in Bologna, founded in 1088, Oxford in 1167, and Cambridge in 1209. Originally, the university was a guild of Masters of Arts, and the degree was the token that full membership had been attained. Even as, after “serving his time,” an apprentice was licensed to practice his trade or “master,” so the Master of Arts was certified by his superiors and admitted to the practice of instruction and, therefore, the ceremony marking the occasion was known as “Commencement.” The term “Bachelor” originally designated a man who was assistant to a small landowner and in medieval times denoted the apprentice as opposed to the master workman. It is uncertain when the title of “Doctor” was established as a degree superior to that of “Master,” but at Bologna it was conferred in Law in the twelfth century, and Paris awarded the degree in Divinity about the same time. There is mention of the “Doctors of the different Faculties” at Oxford in 1184, so that the term was evidently used as a title for those possessing the highest degree of learning soon after the establishment of the first universities. At that time, everyone–men and women, royalty and commoners–wore gowns; that is, long, full-flowing robes, and the king himself decreed what quality apparel might be worn by whom. After about 1600 they were rarely worn by men other than legal and official personages. The hood first appeared as a separate article of attire in the thirteenth century, but by 1600 it, like the gown, ceased to be worn at all except by legal, official, academic, and clerical personages. During the early years of the medieval universities, scholars wore the same general type of clothing as everyone else: gowns, cloaks with hoods attached, or separate hoods and caps. After a while, details of scholars’ apparel were prescribed by university statutes to distinguish the faculties as well as the different degrees of learning. When the fashions of the people changed, scholars kept 4

the original styles both because they were prescribed by university statutes and “because it is honourable and in accordance with reason that clerks to whom God has given an advantage over the lay folk in their adornments within, should likewise differ from the lay folk outwardly in dress.” In today’s academic procession, the regalia not only contribute pageantry and color, but denote the academic status of their wearers. The cap, or mortarboard, is worn by all academics upon occasion; but only those who hold an academic degree wear the tassel to their left, and only those who hold the Doctor’s degree are permitted tassels of gold. Gowns are of three basic patterns: (a) the Bachelor’s gown, of unadorned black and with long pointed sleeves; (b) the Master’s gown, unadorned black but with an oblong sleeve, open at the wrist, square cut with an arc cut away; and (c) the Doctor’s gown, velvet-faced, with bell-shaped sleeves and bars of velvet on each sleeve. Hoods are of two shapes and lengths, also corresponding to the degree held by the wearer. Their binding or trim is colored to indicate the department or faculty to which the degree pertains, while the lining is decorated in the colors and arrangement characteristic of the institution which awarded the degree. It should be noted that some institutions depart to a lesser or greater degree from these general rules in the design and execution of their academic regalia.

Hood Colors Fields White Humanities, Liberal Arts Orange Engineering Apricot Nursing Gold Sciences Peacock Blue Public Policy Light Blue Education Dark Blue PhD Degrees ­­–all fields Light Brown Business Brown Art Purple Law

The Chancellor’s Chain of Office

The Mace

The Chancellor’s Chain of Office, designed and created by College of Visual and Performing Arts faculty, reflects the rich history of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth as well as the current array of its diverse Schools and Colleges. Visually inspired by campus architect Paul Rudolph’s original vision, the Chain of Office incorporates modern contemporary lines echoing the University’s commitment to the future. The official University seal, the seals of the University’s predecessor institutions, and emblems of the eight existing Schools and Colleges are represented in the medals comprising the chain, which was created of cast bronze and plated in 24-karat gold. Professors Alan Burton Thompson and Susan Hamlet of the Artisanry Department combined cutting edge computer technology and the oldest of technologies, the hand, to create the chain, which was constructed of more than 60 individual pieces. Full-time Lecturer Charlotte Hamlin of the Textile Design/Fiber Arts program fashioned the blue velvet backing. Full-time Lecturer Reuben Foat of Artisanry’s Furniture Design program assisted in the production process. The 3-D design software and printer used to create the chain was recently purchased for the College and is now being used to teach digital fabrication classes to undergraduate and graduate students.

The mace, once a terrible instrument of medieval close combat, has come to symbolize the power and authority of an appointed or anointed leader. Many universities, eager to engage in the medieval pageantry reflecting the origins of our earliest universities, have adapted the mace as a ceremonial staff borne at the head of processions traditionally marking the beginning of convocation and commencement. The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Mace, created by Richard Creighton, Professor of Fine Arts, is the gift of the late Vice Chancellor for Student Services Emeritus, Celestino Macedo, and the late Special Assistant to the President, Norman Zalkind LHD ’81.


Three Ceremonies

Undergraduate Commencement I

Graduate Commencement

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• Charlton College of Business

Please see pages 32–42 for the order of exercises, honorees, speakers, and list of graduates.

• College of Nursing • College of Visual & Performing Arts Please see pages 8– 19 for the order of exercises, honorees, speakers, and list of graduates.

Undergraduate Commencement II Page 20 • College of Arts & Sciences • College of Engineering Please see pages 20– 31 for the order of exercises, honorees, speakers, and list of graduates.



The Academic Procession

The Commencement ceremony represents the culmination of years of hard work for students who are receiving degrees.

The Students

During the Commencement, the name of each graduate is read. The degrees are conferred after all names have been read. Please do not detract from the dignity of the ceremony and the enjoyment of other participants and their guests by leaving before the ceremony is completed.

The Alumni The Faculty The Chancellor’s Cabinet and Deans The President’s Office The Trustees The Distinguished Guests The Chancellor


Undergraduate Commencement I Charlton College of Business College of Nursing College of Visual & Performing Arts

Order of Exercises

Academic Procession The audience is requested to remain seated until after the processional has been completed. National Anthem Rebecca Geary ’19 Invocation Rabbi Jacqueline Romm Satlow Welcome Robert E. Johnson Chancellor Greetings from the President of the University Martin T. Meehan Greetings from the Alumni Association Matthew C. Witzgall ’15 Vice President Student Address Silavong Phimmasone ’19 Conferring of Honorary Degree Ellen M. Zane Commencement Address Ellen M. Zane Conferring of Degrees in Course Mohammad Karim Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Chief Operating Officer Recessional


The Alumni

Faculty & Staff Marshals

Golden Graduate Marchers

Chief Marshal

William K. Hargreaves ’69

Alan Hirshfeld

Robert C. Randall ’54 Charlton College of Business Alumni Marchers

Bharatendra Rai

Sandra T. Baker ’10, MPP ’16

Steven White

Roger J. Dugal ’70, JD ’89 Danielle Lawrence ’16

College of Nursing

Nelson Linhares ’99, MBA ’02

Lynn D’Esmond

Jennifer Sanchez Olsen ’96

Jessica Mitchell

Brian R. Silver ’06

Valerie Seney

Matthew C. Witzgall ’15 Nancy Vanasse ’90, MBA ’05

College of Visual & Performing Arts Rose Mary Botti-Salitsky


Honorees Ellen M. Zane / Doctor of Humane Letters / Commencement Address President & Chief Executive Officer Emeritus of Tufts Medical Center


llen M. Zane is a nationally renowned health care leader who was the first woman to hold the position of President & Chief Executive Officer of Tufts Medical Center and the Floating Hospital for Children in its 222-year history. During her tenure, the hospital employed more than 5,000 doctors, nurses, researchers, and other healthcare workers. From 1994 to 2004, Ms. Zane held the position of Network President for Partners HealthCare System, Inc. In this capacity, she was responsible for the development of a provider network featuring the Harvardaffiliated Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham & Women’s Hospital. The network encompassed 5,600 physicians and represented more than $800 million of managed care revenue. Today, this entity represents one of the largest physician networks in America. Ms. Zane remains involved at Tufts Medical Center as vice chair of the Board of Trustees and holds two faculty appointments at Tufts University School of Medicine, including Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine, Division of Clinical Care Research; and Assistant Professor of Public Health & Community Medicine. Additionally, she holds a faculty appointment as Adjunct Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Management at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. From 2011 to 2013, she was a Distinguished Guest Lecturer in Healthcare Administration at the Sawyer Business School at Suffolk University. She holds a BA from The George Washington University, an MA from the Catholic University of America, and an Advanced Professional Director Certification from the American College of Corporate Directors.


Silavong Phimmasone ’19 / Undergraduate Student Address Charlton College of Business


ilavong Phimmasone, of Springfield, Massachusetts, has served the last year as a student trustee on the University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees. The younger of two children to his widowed mother Leslie Phimmasone, he will receive his bachelor’s degree in management leadership with a minor in operations management. Over the course of his college career, he has worked as an assistant manager for Olympia Sports, a Mobile Expert/Dealer for T-Mobile, and a banker for Citizens Financial Group. He has also served the U.S. Army during his time as a student. Even while maintaining full work and class schedules, he has served as Vice President to the Asian Student Association, a Student Government Association Senator for the Charlton College of Business, a member of the university’s National Model United Nations Chapter, Corresponding Secretary to the Public Speaking & Professional Development Network, a Resident Assistant, and the Class of 2019 Vice President. Mr. Phimmasone plans to continue working for Citizens Financial Group upon graduation and eventually hopes to be in a position to assist students who are financially struggling to gain access to higher education.


Charlton College of Business Kathryn Carter Dean of the College

Readers Paul Bacdayan, Catharine Curran, Timothy Shea Bachelor of Science Accounting Hend Nabil Abdalla Oluwaseyi Raymond Adigun Kevin O.A. Adjei Juliette Elise Albo ** Serena Aaliyah Amado Jeffrey Gilbert Amaral ** Kayla Marie Arruda ** Brittany Avila ** Nasser Abdul Balinda Arjun Kumar Banerjee Thomas Hollister Bay * Kwasi Boateng Brandon Christopher Bousquet Susan M. Brenner ** Haleigh Marie Brown ** Kevin B. Camara * Ashley Ann Carreiro Antonio Centeio ** Austin Jay Conchinha Nicole Jean Connelly Haden Cordeiro Joao Paulo Correia **+ Martinho Correia Meaghan Angelica Croke Vanessa Silva de Oliveira Austin Dias ** Briana Beatrice Duarte Jerron Michaels Eady Jerica Aletha Em * Janet N. Ezemba Jonathon Robert Ferreira *** Jake Samuel Furness ** Steve O. Gabriel-Osu Joliana Gamble Gaines ** Joseph Daniel Goodine ** Joseph James Habib Brenna Leolani Hamman-Laganse ** Victoria Hanson Julia Marie Hernandez Jameson Doyle Hutch Irina Iagodina *** Kimberly Marie Krueger ** Hung Kei Lam Dorje Lama ** Samuel Van Le 12


Jacob R. Levasseur Aaron Joshua Lobo * Ashley Louis Samuel W. Lumbert *** Monique Machado ** Casey Michael MacKenzie ** Torrey C. Mann *** Jaime Rose McDade ** Taylor W. McLaughlin Miguel Santana Mendez Ana Beatriz Mendonca ** Emmanuelle Saphira Mondiere John Montanaro * Ashley Faye Morris ** Garrett Gregory Morris * Danielle B. Musasa ** Anthony Van Nguyen ** Arinze Obiora Kimberly Oliveira * Kevin Oung Allizon Brizet Oyarse *** Alexandre R. Pacheco ** Jeffrey Robert Parker ** Eugenia Egnacio Phillip Michael J. Platt *** Yamile Ponce de Leon ** Rachel Rappa Kevin Reidy ***+ Julia W. Riell * Kevin Robling Romira Rodrigues Justin Thomas Salois ** Nancy Yirany Savinon * Heather Lorraine Siewert Ashlee Ann Soto Ortiz Sokinda Jayda Srey Nick St. Germain Shanell Stewart Declan Neil Taber ** Destynee Amber Teixeira Ricardo F. Teixeira * Claudia Rodrigues Torres ** Majeda Uddin * Caesar Varfley ** Kylene Ann Viens * Gregory M. Viola ** Troy Douglas Wagner Brandon T. Walker * Benjamin Michael Whalen ** Bachelor of Science Finance Justin Henry Bartini * Jenna Elizabeth Carvalho * Mikaela Jane Cavallaro Brian Spencer Cerundolo Kevin Chagas Vincent Charles Chambers Sean Patrick Clancy Tysean Clark

Corey Costa * Zachary James Costa *** Connor Day Court * Denim Cousens Nathan Thomas Curewitz Kevin Scot Curran Nathanael DaCosta Cynthia DeAlmeida * Nicholas Vincent Dell’Olio Austin Dias ** Patrick Michael Doherty ** Jonathon Robert Ferreira *** Jarren Jeffrey Frade * Genevieve Gerard Nicholas Hare * Sean Christopher Hess Mohammad Abbas Houraibi Dominic M. Iwanski Jonathan Daniel Jackson Bret Jardin Lauciana Christelle Jean Baptiste * Satoshi Kamo * Matthew Kilmonis Sanjaya Lamichhane * Kevin Christopher LeBel Benjamin Nicholas Lodge Christopher Maynard David McGraw *** Alexandria Elyse McKenney Jeffrey Mercier * Phillip George Miranda John Montanaro * Mason Dean Nichols Jared Brian Nickerson * Abigail Oforiwaa Ohemeng Olaolu Mary Oluwasesan ** Benjamin Richard Orphin Jeffrey Robert Parker ** Nicholas Pontes Emmanuel Ramirez Hedieh Rasouli * Carlos Ribeiro Christopher Lopes Ribeiro Jeffrey Delson Romilus Justin Thomas Salois ** Christian Smiarowski * Alexis Nicole Valentim Patrick Vartanian Abiona Naomi Yemane *

Bethann Nicole Burella-Wilkinson *** Jonathan Cistrunk Zachary Peter Cross Michael A. DiLisio Candice Do Rosario * Randall Edward Fernandes ** Victor Santos Ferreira ** Adam Michael Flagg * Joann M. Flanagan ** Annie Rae Flynn ** Thalia Forbes ** Jonathan Furtado * Amanda Sarah Hadad * Caitlin Rose Hart Taylor Hollis Steven Kenneth Korzen *** Melissa Ling *** John F. Lizak ** Charles A. Maleakas Rose Katherine Matthews ** Bryan A. Rawding Dennis Lonnie Ross Adenise Santos Benjamin James Santos *** Brooke Scahill *** Nathan Apollo Sengsavang Ethan Silovich * James Andrew St. Pierre *** Elton Tooahnippah Matthew N. Townsend *** Kristina Rebecca Vernen Keith Michael Worsley ** Bachelor of Science Management–Leadership Lauren Sarah Almeida * Liliana B. Andrade Nicole Ruth Brackett * Colin Braese Kanisha D. Browne Mackenzie Jean Bumpus ** Tayla Rae Cantelmo ** Casey Elizabeth Chodkowski ** Alex James Cotton Cody Broderick deMedeiros ** Brendan James Donoghue Lucas Eduardo Ferreira Alencar *** Olivia Anne Frattasio Yasmin Alicia Gallardo * Charles William Gatchell Michael Andrew Hadala * Alex Johnson * Michael J. Johnson Jessica Marie Korzec *** Susan Ellen Lahaie * Leah Langevin Kylee A. McLaughlin John McWade ** Sebastian Eduardo Moronta Blanco Joseph Anthony Pappalardo

Bachelor of Science General Business Administration Carolina Aguiar * Dino Ricardo Aguiar *** Marc A. Almanzan *** Lisa A. Alves *** Donna Marie Andrea-Ennis Richard T. Bielawski * Jennifer Bodkin * Laura Brady * * ** *** +

Indicates Cum Laude / white cord Indicates Magna Cum Laude / light blue cord Indicates Summa Cum Laude / red cord Commonwealth Honors / gold stole


Mikhail Anthony Patrick ** Silavong Phimmasone Yamile Ponce de Leon ** Kylee Reis Michele Nichole Ryan Tanicha Julie Senatus * Jonatas Gomes Silva James Anthony Spinazola ** Evan Torres Stephen Anthony Troio Tyler Varda ***+ Joseph Wallis ** Tianxiang Wang Bachelor of Science Management – Small Business/ Entrepreneurship Xavier Alfonso Alexander Rachel Marie Bellantoni ** Nicholas Jordan Blais Anthony Matthew Breslin Leroy Brown John Ryan Bucko Adam Donald Burdzel **+ Nicholas Kevin Cimaglia Mark William DeMello Jason P. Dignan Angel Oswaldo Duarte Mateus Antonio Felipe Stephen Parker Foster Nathan Joseph Ganhadeiro * Zachary Kochanek ** Stephen Edward Kolvek Michael Robert LaCharite *** Bradley Conner Lambert Branden Avery Lincoln Brooke J. Martel Joshua Luis Monteiro ***+ Alexandra Nascimento-Rodriguez Phillip Richard Orsi * Mecias Rivera * Ramy Saad Jeffrey Sabourin Zachary Mark Sass * Cortney Street * Devin Jude Walters Bachelor of Science Management Information Systems Nancy Luu Atkins * Martin Mondesir Vivian Obodo Brandon Onwuka Daniel Rivera ** Bachelor of Science Management Information Systems E-Commerce/Digital Business Thomas F. Bresnahan Julia Karen Days ***+ 14


Amari Sharde Dias ** Briana Catherine Flaherty** Christopher Lodi ** Trevor Oldham * Michael J. Platt *** Shenwu Xue Bachelor of Science Management Information Systems Technology & Management Shahwan Babar Cedric Anthony Blanc Carlene Lisa Byrne ** Alex Moy Conde Jonathan Deon Delva Julia Anna Hamlin * Kyle Henry Hemond * Moreum Islam * Cassandra Lindo *** Michael M. Marte Jared Steven Mello ** Jeffrey Mercier * Justin Paul Narcisse Dennis Lam Nguyen * Derek Odoi Chukwuebuka Prince Precious Ohaegbu Joshua Michael Revier *** Henrik Rhodin Andrew Joseph Rodrigues * Thomas Rogers Seth Daniel Rossi John Edward K. Sagun Troy Michael Sjahfiedin Connor Brian Strayer * Ricardo F. Teixeira * Daniel Chigozirim Ukaegbu Bachelor of Science Marketing Ryan P. Ainslie Rainier A. Almonte Kodjo Lolonyo Amezian Ciara Eileen Anderson ** Tyler Anderson Richard Louis Arieta III * Matthew Azevedo Amit Kumar Banerjee * Rachel Marie Bellantoni ** Allison K. Bernier *** Paul Richard Boudreau Katie Bridge ** Rohanna Khanice Brown Brian William Buscemi * Brittany Erin Bushlow Jampierre I. Cabrera-Reyes ** Tayla Rae Cantelmo ** Shane Carey Justin T. Cargill * Taryn Margaret Carley ** Robert Carrillo *

Jeffson Cemeus Fangzhou Chen Andres Felipe Cifuentes * James Stephen Comeau * Connor Cooley Angela Paige Correia ** Isabella Luiza Costa-Marcondes ** Amandie Aurore Delva * Denise Michele Farrell Christina Fergiste * Sendy Nunes Fernandes Christopher Andrew Ferreira Colby Jillian Ferreira Michelle Diane Foley Brandon Louis Furtado * Adam Michael Gagnon Charles William Gatchell Aleksandra Gocevska * Sofoklis Gourdoukis Sarah Glenna Grasso ** Kaila Griffin * Scott Hannigan Kyle Thomas Hardy David Joseph Hawkesworth Hale Ed Herrera-Sanchez * James Thomas Hirtle Liusha Huan Nicholas Peter Kenyon John Charles Killeen * Mae Rose Killeen Steven Garnet Kouroyen Jr. Michael Robert LaCharite *** Thomas Mark Lacombe Justin Luck Lawrence * Taylor Lee LeMay Julia Leon Danielle Lerette Hannah Rose Lewis Xitong Liu *** John William Luby Rayah Khandker Mashood * Colin Njau Mason Ashley Kimberly Mazzola * Tynayko Yashem Melendez Frank Docanto Mendes Dean Robert Miller Jackson Mitchell Matthew Mitchell * Antonio Mitjans David V. Morency Jack Everett Morton Connor P. Mullen Kairo John Nathan ** Joseph Pantano ** Katryna R. Parvey Cameron Matthew Phaneuf Jonathan George Pumphery Daniel J. Reardon ** Rebecca Rae Rice Julia Mary Riley * Junior Robert

Lauren Hailey Rose Brett Michael Rudolph * Ashley Ryan * Devon Maxwell Sabino Jason Rodrigues Santos Monica S. Shields * Anastasia Dominique Siegel * Dayquan Earl Smith Ariel Liberty St. Germaine ** Carol Tolentino Anne Patrice Toomajian ** Joao A. Veiga Michael A. Viggiano *** Alison Sousa Viveiros * Sean Patrick Walsh * Gregory Julian West Jake Daniel Wickham *** Sky Mylann Willis * Kansei Yasuda Elio B. Younes Bridget Lauren Young Rong Zhang* Bachelor of Science Operations Management Karisa Arruda * Michael J. Bercier Diana Carolina Buenaventura Celorio Michael Colman Julia Karen Days ***+ Sharnia Herline Dont Steven R. Fernandes * Thomas Joseph Garabedian Mark Genninger Tyler Glick Zaela Gomes * Alfred Gyansah Zaynah Clarisse Henry Ryan Jewell * Daniel Austin Johnson * Desmond William Johnson * Finn Kearns Jake Christopher Kozimor Chantelle Katherine Lampert Trevon Andre Lavaud Emily Jean Martel Vanessa Brandao Martins Sarah Nicole Meleski Brandon Jacob Miller Alex Moniz Dylan Thomas Mullane * Miguel Andrade Neves Daniel Thomas Ranahan Alex Rebello * Devon Isaiah Richardson Julio Alejandro Salazar Jr. Eric Ryan Seaver * Matthew A. Simoes Wayne Sylvia *** Jack Alan Tomczyk * ** *** +

Indicates Cum Laude / white cord Indicates Magna Cum Laude / light blue cord Indicates Summa Cum Laude / red cord Commonwealth Honors / gold stole


Bachelor of Science Operations Management – Service Operations Management Ernest Manuel Furtado III Joe George Delina Soule Royal Olivia Tina van der Meer ** Bachelor of Science Operations Management – Supply Chain Management Trevor Thomas Faria ***+ Felisa Caitlin Garate Christopher Charles Marques Cassian Blue McGarry Charles David Saravo Stephen Ernest Tencati Jr.



College of Nursing Kimberly Christopher Dean of the College

Readers Karen Barnett, Susan Hunter Revell

Bachelor of Science Nursing Ivonne Cristina Abad ** Deena Yvette Adams * Jocelyn Aguirre * Ernestina Osei Agyemang ** Kayla Marie Alvares * Lorrie Alves ** Kim M. Andrade ** Mara Frances Antoniou * Maria J. Arteaga *** Alexis Bajandas * Miranda Barrett * Diana Barton * Lauren Elizabeth Beary * Tianyi Bi Deborah A. Bianchi *** Shoshanna Bibeault * Haley Lynn Bickford ** Danielle Erin Bladek ** Ashley Lynne Blanchard * Stephanie Blathras * Lauren Nicole Borg **+ Caitlin Miranda Borges ** Danielle S. Bostick ** Connie M. Brennan *** Elise Marie Briand * Catherine-Anne Bridges * Mary Elizabeth Brown **+ Hannah Victoria Canasta ** Lisa Carrera ** Courtney Carvalho * Emily Anne Cerrone **+ Lisa A. Chapman *** Ashley Marie Cheetham ***+ Pamela Marie Collazo * Edward Joseph Collins ** Tracy Lynn Cooley *** Deborah A. Cooper *** Lindsey May Cordeiro *** Brittany Ann Cordeiro Megan Mead Corkery *** Joseph John Costa III * Maria Coyne ** Judith Anne Crowell *** Ana Luisa Cueva Moreno ** Sarah Elizabeth da Silva *

Meghan Elizabeth Deighan ** Alisha Tavares DeMelo **+ Krystle DiBona * Brianna Marie Diogo * Zachary Edward Doane Jessica Ann Dodge Carolyn Dorr **+ Meghan Maureen Dwyer *** Arold Taylor Exume ** Sean Lawrence Farmer ** Amanda Jeanne Feno * Elizabeth Ann Fitzgerald * Paige Elizabeth Fogarty Megan Ann Freitas ** Ibidunni S. Gbenebor Jacob Eric Geier ** Rachael Elisabeth Gelinas ** Emery M. Gomes * Karen Alejandra Gonzalez Rickey Gonzalez Myles Leal Goulart ***+ Alexandra Ellen Goward ** Hannah Greany ** Paige Marie Grimes * Alexandar Gullison *** Allan Murray Hale ** Marissa O. Hart * Shannon Mary Hass *** Kasey Ann Hayes Olivia Hebard *** Tara L. Howard ** Sierra Marie Howie ** Kelly K. Jackson ** Stephen Edward Jensen ** Brianna Lynn Joyce ** Sharon Juarez *** Jenna Kennally ** Kristen Leigh Killkelley * Jocelyn Marie Levrault *** Beverly Louizor Shelby Marie Lucier * Heather Lynn MacDonald ** Matthew Joseph Machado *** Daniela Terese Mahaney **+ Haley Manning Sherry Mayette *** Madeline Rose Mary McGee-Cochran * Brianna Albertha Mclean ** Alison Catherine McLoughlin * Tiffany Marie McSweeney *** Caitlin Elizabeth McWhirk *** Stephanie Lynn Meleo ** Nicole Lee Mello *** Chelsey Lee Mendonca *** Opal Menz *** Junith Michel * Paige Susan Miller * Niell Magnus Miranda *** Kyle Cameron Montgomery Maegan Rose Moran **

Melanie Rose Muzyka **+• Alexsandra Evelyn Neronha ** Larissa Elizabeth Newland * Tracy Lynn Nun ** Alyssa Rose Oliveira * Andrea Lynn Oliveira Sam Evandson Belciña Orbiso Theresa Anne Owen * Kevin Franco Patricio *** Nicole Paige Perfetuo * Leeann Phinney * Kara Pieroni ** Vanessa C. Pimentel *** Megan Ann Pray * Nicole Marie Rakoski * Jessica Mae Read Alexia Ann Reis * Alexia Renzi *** Carynn Joclyn Rheaume Sarah Elizabeth Ribeiro * Bruna Robalo ** Lindsay Megan Roberts * Christina Rose Ruiz **+ Savanah Yvonne Santos * Victoria Elizabeth Santos Dominique Nicole Savoia Emily Nicole Schwartz * Meaghan Elizabeth Shanks ** Brooke Shea ** Amy Silva Briana Melo Silva Samantha Leigh Silveira *** Kristine Marie Soares *** Erica Ashley Soma ** Barbara Michele Souza * Jessica Lee Souza ** Carissa May Spinetti * Taylor Rain Strautman * Kathleen Ann Sylvia Morgan Elizabeth Tanner Erin Marie Teceno * Jacquelyn Suzanne Temple Aimee Nicole Thibault ** Elizabeth Tierney *** Christien Tootell-Quevedo * Pamela Vaccari *** Danielle Van Hook Molly Elizabeth Wainwright Lynn Ellen Walsh * Danielle Renae Whitcher ** Abbey Leigh Wilbar *

* ** *** +

Indicates Cum Laude / white cord Indicates Magna Cum Laude / light blue cord Indicates Summa Cum Laude / red cord Commonwealth Honors / gold stole Commissioned US Army Officer / ROTC


College of Visual & Performing Arts Laura Franz Dean of the College

Readers Jason Loete, Linda Neely

Bachelor of Fine Arts Art–Painting Mark Benito Alan *** Dylan Podesta ** Bachelor of Fine Arts Art + Design – Animation & Game Arts Carolyn Anderson ** Austin Ayala James Thomas Chyten * Eleanor Garvey *** Bethany J. Geary *** Colman Patrick Hernon * Mariel LaBrecque ** Ramzy N. Matar Kristen Keena Moore * Mariceliz Ortega *** Daouda Seck *** Anthony Smith * Binh Ngoc Truong ** Alexander Waterman * Kate Westcoat *** Bachelor of Fine Arts Art + Design – Ceramics Emily Samataro Bachelor of Fine Arts Art + Design – Graphic Design Robert M. Gilliam ** Kira Goguen ** Nathan Gyampo Steven Michael Lee *** Colin O’Brien Alexander Paul Joseph Pereira Dylan Powell ** Ethan J. Souza Bachelor of Fine Arts Art + Design–Painting Rachel Katherine Alves *



Bachelor of Fine Arts Art Education Matthew Rosario DeLeo * Jaimie DeSousa ** Grace A. Galinha * Nicole Elizabeth Johnson ** Samantha Kuchinski ** Olivia Margaurite Wallett * Juliette Elyse Widisky ** Bachelor of Fine Arts Artisanry–Ceramics Hailey Aloisia Angione *** Corrinn Elizabeth Jusell Tess Oldfield *** Bachelor of Fine Arts Artisanry–Jewelry/Metals Hailey Aloisia Angione *** Lily Jeanne Fisher * Bachelor of Fine Arts Artisanry–Textile Design/Fiber Arts Zhaoyong Chen Kylie McWilliams Adeline Grace Thibeault *** Quianna N. Walker Bachelor of Science Fashion Design Jingyi Chen Marianly Jenisette Gil *** Taylor Rando *** Bachelor of Science Interior Architecture and Design Leanne Ajemian Joseph Arcuri ** Kirstan Berardinelli ** Rachael Bergstrom ** Shannon Byrne *** Mikayla Dobson * Briana Tiara Flores-Daye Laura Jane Malley * Jessica Shaughnessy * Casey Leigh Whitney *** Bachelor of Arts Music Joseph Elias Boulos * Aaron Michael Couto Nathan Christopher Dressel * Rebecca Lynne Geary * Juliette Locke *** Caiana Nyrie Luse ** Noah Mangelson * Mildred E. Walker **

Bachelor of Fine Arts Painting/Two Dimensional Studies James Donald * Lamees Kraany

Bachelor of Fine Arts Visual Design–Illustration Grace Marie Augello **+ Molly Grace Chabot * Toni Chambers * Rachel Allison Charette * Abigale Bonnie Connor *** Melissa Marie DeAmaral ***+ Jaimie DeSousa ** Amanda Elson * Michael Helou ** Andrew James Jennings * Clarice Nicole Lemay ** Sarah Elizabeth Parent ** Amanda Kaitlynn Scheffler ** Samantha Wills *

Bachelor of Fine Arts Sculpture/Three Dimensional Studies Henry J. Correira * Giselle Rene Goldrick Bachelor of Fine Arts Visual Design–Digital Media Kyle Joseph Buma ** Matthew Delano Nathan Daniel DeMoranville * Thomas George Driscoll Jordan Lynn Fournier * Sophia Marie Gomes **+ Nicholas Griffith Aleisea Mariah Guzman * Pharoah Raymond Jackson Wang Tou Kun Jessica McAndrew ** Tristan Kane McCann * Cody Pryor *

Bachelor of Fine Arts Visual Design–Photography Andrew Steven Adamides *** Laura Mae Barboza * Tailyn Joi Clark Chelsea Jaye Condrate Chelsea Jane Correia **+ Kay Green * Liberty-Ann Heyes Marcus Earl Howard Lara Kraany Jaclyn Lacorazza * Jack (John) William Lynch III ** Jillian Alexa Ratcliffe *** Beatriz Fidalgo Ribeiro Jessica Grace Stephens *

Bachelor of Fine Arts Visual Design– Graphic Design Andrew Steven Adamides *** Laura Mae Barboza * Nathaniel Tyler Bright ** Jared Liam Chrisitansen ** Zackary Cloe Chelsea Jane Correia **+ Henry J. Correira * Shari Theresa Cote * James Cowgill Jr. * Shelby Irene Cunningham * Andrew DaCosta Elizabeth Dullea * Julia Nichole Fleming * Julia Gering ** Kay Green * Melissa Rose Hacunda *** Erica Michele Honson ** Zachary Alexander Kirschner * Aung K. Ko ** Austin Leclair *** Grace Elizabeth Lucock * Mollie Anne McCaffrey ** Torreya Andee Moniz ** Vasco Oliveira Pedro ** Jonathan Thomas Perreira Lucas Dylan Preston ** Rachel Julia Raduazzo Jillian Alexa Ratcliffe *** Shaila Denise Samuel ** Angela Sidorski Racsa M. Soun ** * ** *** +

Indicates Cum Laude / white cord Indicates Magna Cum Laude / light blue cord Indicates Summa Cum Laude / red cord Commonwealth Honors / gold stole


Undergraduate Commencement II College of Arts & Sciences College of Engineering

Order of Exercises

Academic Procession The audience is requested to remain seated until after the processional has been completed. National Anthem Rebecca Geary ’19 Invocation Rabbi Jacqueline Romm Satlow Welcome Robert E. Johnson Chancellor Greetings from the Alumni Association Greg McCarthy ’13 President Student Address Nneoma Ugwu ’19 Awarding of the Chancellor’s Medal Congressman William R. Keating Commencement Address Congressman William R. Keating Conferring of Degrees in Course Mohammad Karim Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Chief Operating Officer Recessional


The Alumni

Faculty & Staff Marshals

Golden Graduate Marchers

Chief Marshal

John A. Freeman ’58

Alan Hirshfeld

Robert C. Randall ’54 Donald G. Wood ’60, MA ’70

College of Arts & Sciences Aminda O’Hare

Alumni Marchers

Emmanuel Ojadi

Sandra T. Baker ’10, MPP ’16

Kenneth Oliveira

Claire P. Costa ’71

Glaucia Silva

Roger J. Dugal ’70, JD ’89

Yuegang Zuo

Donna L. B. Grenon ’71 Greg McCarthy ’13

College of Engineering

Joanna Alexenah Morris JD ’09

Vijaya Chalivendra

Brian R. Silver ’06

Qinguo Fan

Matthew C. Witzgall ’15 Nancy Vanasse ’90, MBA ’05


Honorees Congressman William R. Keating / Chancellor’s Medal / Commencement Address Representative of the 9th Congressional District of Massachusetts


ongressman William R. Keating was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 2010. He represents Massachusetts’ 9th Congressional District, which encompasses the state’s South Shore, South Coast, Cape Cod, and the Islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. Congressman Keating has established himself as a hardworking civil servant and passionate advocate for the people of Massachusetts–a reputation he had earned since his days in the Massachusetts legislature where he was elected at the age of 23. His legislative priorities reflect a keen understanding of the issues facing his constituents and a commitment to addressing them including working to create jobs by supporting small businesses and increasing educational opportunities; strengthening middle class families; improving domestic security; providing senior population with the resources they need; ensuring veterans receive the benefits they deserve; and protecting unique ecosystems. Congressman Keating is a senior member of the House, sitting on both the Foreign Affairs and Armed Services Committees. He currently serves as Chairman of the Europe, Eurasia, Energy and Environment Subcommittee of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Through his work, he has cemented his role as one of the lead national security and foreign policy experts in Congress.


Nneoma Ugwu ’19 / Undergraduate Student Address College of Engineering


neoma Ugwu, a native of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, has three brothers and is the only daughter of Dr. Joy and Dr. Maxwell Ugwu. Graduating at the top of her class, Ms. Ugwu won the Professor Allan L. Campbell Civil Engineering Award for achieving the highest GPA within her civil engineering cohort. Outside of the classroom, Ms. Ugwu has conducted research with the National Science Foundation and worked as a quality control intern at PJ Keating in Acushnet. For her senior capstone project, she led a redesign of the Mashpee Rotary that is proposed to be implemented in fall 2019. Ms. Ugwu values the leadership skills she has developed as the Vice President of Engineers Without Borders, including volunteering in Panama on an aqueduct project that provided water to over 300 residents. She served as the Vice President of the African Students Association and as a Senator for the National Society of Black Engineers. Ms. Ugwu also worked for two years as a Resident Assistant and one year as a Senior Resident Assistant. Ms. Ugwu has traveled to five continents and hopes to visit all seven. After graduation, she aspires to complete her master’s and doctoral degrees and return home to Nigeria to improve her country’s roads and infrastructure.


College of Arts & Sciences Pauline Entin Dean of the College

Readers Michelle Cheyne, Kevin Curow

Bachelor of Science Biology Priscilla Amuma **+ Sandra Ama Assan Gligorov Schneider Bazile Matthew Dwight Benson Kyle Craig Bryson ** Lauren Caffelle * Kylee Cardoso *** John Connolly *** Heidi A. Cortright Joseph Michael Cronan ** Princess Teyonna Helena Cuffie * Nathan Scott Duclos-Rickard * Rachel Bao Tram Ferrante **+ Ashley Juliette Ferreira Katelyn Fisher ** Marissa DeBarros Fragoso Nicholas Stephen Gentile * Neusa Alves Gomes *** Jasmine Kayla Graslie ** Benjamin Francis Griffin * Mariana Linette Hernandez Nicole J. Ineson Alisha Lynne Isidore * Cathyana Jean-Baptiste ** Anthony Christopher Joseph * Shayene Joseph * Bridget Alvaro Kamanzi Sandip Kaur * Melodie Taylor Lambert Victoria Kieu-my Ly **+ Ronah Ndagano Magembe Kali Lynn Martel Joseph McCabe ** Mercedes Mera Kailyn Marie Milligan April Mo Brandon Christopher Moss * Afua Aninwa Nuamah * Angela Adjeiwaah Opoku Oduro ** Kyle James Pacheco * Madison R. Petruzzella Alexandria Elizabeth Profetto Josephine Jemima Okoromo Quaye Marta L. Quezada Amelia Jane Ralowicz * 24


John Parker Raposo Amanda Marie Redman * Sierra Alexandra Renaghan Aiden Roman-Rivera Bethany N. Salomonsen * Virginia Rose Santee Sierra J. Summers **+ Nashly Kay Thevenin Kayla Torres ** Mackenzie MacVicar Welch * Ashley Elizabeth Wellington * Chad Willard * Holly K. Williams Jamie Brooke Williams * Bachelor of Science Chemistry Darius Argentinis * Ryan Matthew Ballirano * Alexandra Haaland Charette * Ryan Nicholas Coyne Freda Enam Desalem * Rachael Howland Yanchang Huang *** Diego Rafael Javier-Jimenez ** Michelle A. Liberty Michael William Storm Medeiros Danica Katerina Mondon-Poirier Nancy Ngoc Nguyen *** Grace Ann O’Brien ** Josephine Pokuah Ofosu Duyen Kieu Pham ***+ Lam Nu Kieu Pham ** Grace Rahme Bryan Roger Saint-Louis Emily Geralyn West * Joshua Peter Wood Bachelor of Arts Crime & Justice Studies Austin Riley Alves Hansen Evan Bargantine Markaveus KeShawn Barnes Christopher E. Bloomingdale Dylan Ryan Bradley Kaitlyn Burchill * Christopher Keith Carpenter * Samuel Isaac Chace * Matthew Paul Cronin Maya Cunningham Nataki Kia Degraffenreid Diana Difo * Brianna Dondero Admilson Fernandes Dos Santos Quinn Alexander Fallon Marissa L. Fonseca * Grant George Gadbois ** Joshua Gadue Simone Gallagher ** Harrison Gbarbo

Evan Grodzki Ryan James Gulley Craig Philip Huyler Thomas Janicki Jesse A. Johnson * Ryan Kenneth Jones * Darlande Joseney Dustin Alexander Kindberg * Holli Amanda King Jeffrey Kingston Alyssa Kurowski * Jacob Desio Lantz William Lebron Lebron-Vicente * Giulia M. Leite * Soraya Rubi Leon ** Prisca Limage MacKenzie James Long Jared James Louf-Woods Nicolas Michael Maloof ** Toni M. Manigault William M. McCulley Brendan R. McDonough * Kaitley Jordan McNeil * Chloe Ann Mendes Oris Mesa Destiny Kalimah Miles * Courtney Marie Mitchell * Jacob Joseph Monfalcone * Angel Luis Pantoja Jr. Frank J. Parella IV ** Mary Catherihne Pieroni Tamendy Junicka Raymond Tyler Risotti James Robison Carmengilda Rodrigues * Amanda M. Ruiz Brianna Samuels * Wilmary Enis Santiago Keonna Aliyah Santos Rafael Augusto Segura Matos Abigail Marie Silva Tania Jessica Silva * Erin Kathleen Smith * Ivana Smith Claudia St. Germain Chad O. Stroum ** Shamiah V. Tasker-Cheeks Shayla R. Tavares * Stephan Furtado Teixeira Sabrina Gisselle Vallejo Dorvens Victorin Colleen Margaret Waite Rainelle A. Walker-White ** Kristy Lynn Walton * Lauren Elizabeth Washburn ** Alexandra Marie Whitfield * Hunter Wilhoite * Kayana Williamson ** Taylor Kay Woehl **+ Chelsea Lyn Wright

Bachelor of Arts Economics W. Weston Cathcart Morgan Conti * Joshua Oliveira Depina Zackary Q. Dickinson *** Magdalene Duah Brendan Rory Finegan ** Siyi Ge * Jacob Richard Girard Sarah Beverly Hirst *** Kelly M. Moniz ** Matthew Brendan Murphy ** Robert James Poudrier ** Moise Zacknel Rainford Anabel Santiago ** Bachelor of Arts Economics– Healthcare Services Administration Melanie Lee Darnold *** Leakna Kim ** Bachelor of Arts English–Literature & Criticism Hannah Patricia Baker Chelsea Cabral Jaclyn M. Carlo Amber Collins Ashonti Sheila-Rose Dandy Nina Teresa Francisco *** Lingling Han Samantha Lee Howard ** Tara M. Jewell * Sam Joseph LaBelle Katelyn Elizabeth Larrivee-MacDonald Glen Marques ** Daly Marie McCabe Christian Adonis Perez Kongvong Raksa Proeun * Christina Anne Sobran *** Makeda T. VanHorne Bachelor of Arts English–Writing, Rhetoric & Communication Padraic Coyne Angelone Gabriela Anne Calderon Julie Charest Mollie Cholette ** Ryan Demers Clark * Zachary Downing **+ Nina Teresa Francisco *** Ashley Grace Furtado * Abigail Hood ***+ Linda Joyce Howerton *** Laurel B. King ** Emily R. Lannon * Isabella Kathryn Machado Danielle Marston ** Alexia Alves Miranda * ** *** +

Indicates Cum Laude / white cord Indicates Magna Cum Laude / light blue cord Indicates Summa Cum Laude / red cord Commonwealth Honors / gold stole


Joshua Henry Morton Liam Patrick Patterson Leesa Ianthe Prescod * Lauren M. Schiavone ** Emma Kate Sylvia *** Chelsea J. Yerardi Bachelor of Arts History Casey Elizabeth Arsenault * Courtney Marie Beauregard *** Ian M. Bolduc Dylan Ryan Bradley Corey J. Cabral * Emily Maureen Cabral * Katherine Brigid Cashman Jason David Combs Samuel Francis Consolatti-Welch Sean Laurence Damon * Daniel Waters Everton * Rachel Beverly Gath *** Owen Joseph Goncalo ** Richard Travers Gralton Bryce King * William James Kligel Christopher Litchfield Megan Victoria Lizotte *** Jamie Elizabeth Love * Cameron McCarthy * Paul Brennan Medeiros ** Sarah Elizabeth Murphy *** Mark Angelo Nardelli * Larissa Nichols Dylan John Ouellette ** Joseph A. Pari Christopher Ford Poudrier * Natalie Marie Santiago * Tobias Faustino Silva ** Colin Stephen Sullivan Bachelor of Arts Liberal Arts Kiyana M. Alfaiate * Sherrie Anne Andre Gregory Davis Berry Anas Boukdad Daisia Monique Coren Janee DiSarcina ** Nicole Renee Fortier * Delvis M. Gomez Nicole Marissa Gregory Kirsten Joy Heeren Bethany L. Ingargiola Samantha Lee * Corey Lopes Emily Jane Lussier Jennifer Machado Jillian K. Nolan Sandra Lee O’Donnell *** Prince Oti-Akenten 26


Shannon Eileen O’Toole * Peter Owusu Leah Bondi Pickles Nathan Edward Pietruszka Isaiah J. Ratti * Jaron Rosa * Gina M. Santos Devon Skalicky * Brandon Michael Sullivan Bachelor of Science Mathematics Courtney Rose Burns ***+ Matthew Brian Cormier *** Salim Laaguel * Kimberly Akemi Matsuda *** Calwyn Shemiah Dore Morris Robert John Muir IV Christopher Oldrid ** Jenna Santerre ** Jared Christopher Sowden Anthony St. John Ali Adnan Termos ** Maria Ximena Urbina Bachelor of Science Medical Laboratory Science –Clinical Anessa Aga * Fadi Anwar Aldyoub Kayla M. Andrade ** Paige Elise Borges Danielle Paige Brown Isaiah Bruce Alicen Catherine Clifford ** Brian James Cronan Taylor Raine Fernandes Stephanie Lynn Fitzgerald *** Michaela Anne Gates Mae Knight Hartford ** Chinazor Sydney Ikwuanusi Kim Le Devery Renee LeMay Madison Ann Lown Shannon Leigh McKay Korina Lee Miguel Danielle Marie Monahan ** Danielle Marie Noack Caitlyn Rose Parisi * Shannen M. Quigley ** Michelle Rita * Rachel Ross * Hailey Elizabeth Roy * Sarah L. Sears Sarah White Natasha Zuzarte * Bachelor of Arts Multidisciplinary Studies Baylee A. Curley *** Gillian Jane Fox *

Alec Hayden Kaknes Kathleen D. Lopes Da Silva Cynthia Viveiros

Bachelor of Arts Psychology Madison Elizabeth Adams ***+ Samantha Louise Adams * Sarah Elizabeth Aguiar * Tonya Aguiar Alexia Alexopoulos * Kristen Rose Almeida Stephanie Andreia Araujo Teremar Arias Chelsea L. Augustine * Taylor Paige Barboza Sarah Elizabeth Bennett Natalie Ann Bonacker ** Arianna Louise Booras * Shelby Elizabeth Bravo ** Tarra Brice Elizabeth Nejla Broadbent ** Dana Rae Buckley *** Nicole Sarah Burchill Allison Frances Burke Brenton Caesar-Allen Kevin Calle Lexi L. Campbell Allison Dawn Carlo Christopher Keith Carpenter * Katelyn Judith Case Faith Mildred Chifakacha Amber Gail Considine * Damaris J. Cortez James Steven Cote Rabiet Ann Dasher * Scott Alan De Sena * Valery DePina Karina Marie deSousa **+ Makenzie Michelle Despres * Wendy DiPhillipo * Nicole Theresa Enos ** Nakira Examond Samantha Falcone * Rachel Bao Tram Ferrante **+ Sabrina Marie Fletcher Alayjah CachĂŠ Flores Jocelyn Frade Karina Alyce Freitas Andrea Jean Fuller *** Ariana Giorgianni Alexander Charles Greene *** Keith W. Grenier Natalie Guzman Haley Elizabeth Hastings ** Richard William Horgan Martins Osarodion Imafidon Matthew Thomas Jameson *** Jesse A. Johnson * Natasha Brianne Jonas Mariah C. Jones Deepjot Kaur Meaghan Courtney Kay * Brenna Marie King

Bachelor of Science Multidisciplinary Studies Chanelle L. Bray Debora Silva Gomes Melissa Lynne Mello *** Anna Dean Straubinger Bachelor of Arts Philosophy Rebeca Joy Blemur * Breanna Leigh Corey Timothy Michael Costa * Carson Michael Longendorfer Eric A. Reilly Bachelor of Arts Political Science Christine Alamba Pamela Amaral-Lema Diego Amaro ** Anthony Torrian Augustin Esmeralda Bisono Matthew Burgess * Chelsea Cabral Brandon Aaron Carrico * Leslie Ivelisse Centeno * Maurice J. Cyr *+ Jared Thomas Doran ** Craig M. Edwards Gregory Scott Estabrooks ** Grace Marie Hartin Sandra Beatrice Kitembo Magen S. Knell Kathryn Danielle Lovett Nicolas Michael Maloof ** Keith Dean Marcoccia Brianna Marderos *** Bruna Cordeiro Marques Joel Martinez Anthony Lewis Moore Cole Patrick Morgan Jason Miles Olive ** Daniela Ponte PavĂŁo Robert Rego Jr. * Daina Mariah Ricketts Jennifer L. Simpson Dafanichel Torres Thomas Adam Wasilewski *** Alexandra Marie Whitfield * Abigail Ella Wilson ** Taylor Kay Woehl **+ Bachelor of Arts Portuguese Andrew Fonseca Jonathan Antonio Matos ** Quinn James Pittman

* ** *** +

Indicates Cum Laude / white cord Indicates Magna Cum Laude / light blue cord Indicates Summa Cum Laude / red cord Commonwealth Honors / gold stole


Sandra Beatrice Kitembo Waleed Laithy Nurudeen O. Lawal Angel Simone Lewis Meaghan Lynch Kassandra Cove Martin Amanda A. Martins *** Sarah Ann Matrisciano * Felicia M. Medeiros Allee Marie Mello *** Natalia Cristina Mendez Olivia Anne Metros Phillicia Ashley Michel * Madison Miedzionoski ** Destiny Kalimah Miles * Dalton Quint Mohammed * Romario Montes Evanni Tamya Moore Lauren Rae Mulligan Therese Nguyen BreeAnna Nicoletti ** Ashley Nwaford Mary D. Okyere Gabriella Odette Oliveras ** Leah Aron Orlinsky Robert Pavatoudom Rocio Marie Payes Alicia A. Pearl ** Yvonne M. Pereira * Cassie Leigh Perry *** Krystal Rene Peters Julian E. Pica Megan Taylor Pimentel * Leah Dolores-Dauphin Potter * Kristen Diane Raposa Ailsa Resende Eunica L. Resende * Maddison Chandler Roche * Raylinda Sue Rodriguez *+ Erika Alexxis Angelina Rogerson Crystal Rojas * Isabel Rombult Ciara Mary Rosonina Isabella Royal * Tracy Saint-Fleur Minelys Sanchez-Vazquez * Michele Megan Scaraggi * Jocyline Sena Semedo Sheyla Michelle Silva Kendra Sisco Abigail E. Sitte ** Abigail Lynn Smith *** Nicole Marie Sousa *** Nathan Owen Sprengle *** Kaitlin A. Stephenson ** Laurie Ann Suffoletto-Sousa * Brittany Tainsh Djaissy Tavares Teixeira Azia Tironati ** Wesley A. Torres 28


Jennifer Lynne Trowbridge Trifila Jennifer Velasquez* Rebecca Leanne Vermette Merline Vertus Yarlini Vijey Lauren Elizabeth Washburn ** Aubrey Lynn Weber ** Emily August Williamson Lauren Ashley Winner Amanda Cheyenne Wright * Bachelor of Arts Sociology Leslie K. Mercure Jennifer Odura Odame Bachelor of Arts Sociology and Anthropology Emmanuel Abidemi Bamgbose Samantha Roseann Blake Krystal Marie Cabral Pamela Leeda Chet *** Kevin Dailey Cristina Silva de Leon * Zackary Q. Dickinson *** Jessica Epstein Livia Fonseca * Shelby Rae Fontaine *** Carla M. Goncalves Sarah Rose Henry ** Liberty-Ann Heyes Rebekah Houtman Michaela Edith Kessel Tayana BrineÊ King * Jessica Elizabeth Mattos ** Christopher Edson Prescott Dashawn Breon Richardson Morgan Lynn Schmidt ** Bachelor of Arts Spanish Eni I. Castro *** Diana Difo * Andrew Fonseca Madelyne Gondres Amanda M. Ruiz Cintia Carla de Souza Verissimo *** Samantha Trudy-Marie Wahl **+ Bachelor of Arts Women’s and Gender Studies Rebecca Sue Allgood * Muriel Hahn * Teniya Eashey Holliday Courtney Kliss *** Vina Ngo Rachel Saba Erin Lynn Snitzer Pamisa Grace Udomratanakoson

College of Engineering

Jonathan Morgan Gendron ** Dejuhan B. Gray Wilton Francis Gray ** Jerry Lee Hadjah Thong Kien Ho ** Zainab Safaa Hussein * Edward William Insogna Antonio Irons ** Taylor Morgan Johansen *** Christian Allan Louis ** Christopher James Marshall ** Kyler J. Massaro Michael Angelo Medina Rojas Robert Michael Naidoo Gustavo Marchesini Netto Alexander John Petropoulos Rebekah Rose Joseph Sanda Jr. Cassandra R. Santos Frederick John Schobel III ** Matthew Patrick Soule Thomas John Stolki Dashaya Toney Anthony Toscano Nneoma Maxine Ugwu ***

Jean VanderGheynst Dean of the College

Readers Dayalan Kasilingam, Raymond Laoulache

Bachelor of Science Bioengineering Bryan Raymond Allen Mason James Boyd Sarah Jean Brown ***+ Lyndon Symonds Davis David DeMeritt ***+ John Donahue Noelle Christine Dulude * Holly Ann Dunham Elvira Lou Enriquez Evangelista ***+ Jeremy Austin Evans Peter Kungu Gachuki Garrett John Garofalo ** Kirsten Lee Harnden * Emily Michelle Hatstat Zachary M. Herrera * Tanya Jain ** Carson Michael Longendorfer Kayla Marie Loycano ***+ Dalianette Martinez Haley Elizabeth Matthews ** Irlando Mendes Matthew Charles Moore * Uzoamaka Crystal Nwankwo Joseph Oppong Jenna Amie Pelick Robert Petitpas Christopher Joseph Rego Scott Santiago Lewis Shabshelowitz ** Alexandra Angelina Souza Armani Alexander Tayeh * Lauren Nicole von Fettweis * Fatu Garmei Woodson Liban Abdirahman Abdillahi Yusuf Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering Atakan Akcam Alvaro Resende Cardoso Asevedo Keven Brandao Mathew Edmund Callahan Jethro Celamy Evan Lawrence Connolly Christopher H. Dill Benjamin Foley **

Bachelor of Science Computer Engineering Michael Joseph Benson Nicholas Walter Caswell Kevin Michael Costello ** Ashley Dauphinee * Han Jie Deng Obiajulu Chamberlin Egbunike Aiden K. Gula *** Richard Lee Harrison Jonathan Gifford Leidhold Charles Edward Montes * Edward Gerard Purtell Devaj Ramsamooj Abraham A. Sabeh Yegor Dennis Shea * Dylan Anthony Souza Seth Cameron Stark Shaqueir Parker Tardif Bradley Joseph Varnum Victoria June Winters Jingya Xu ** Bachelor of Science Computer Science Kate-Lynn Albernaz Zachary Daniel Avila Daniel Barreiro Jason Michael Bechtold *** Geoffrey Ian Bentz * Alec Peder Bonnel ***+ William Patrick Brum ** David J. Callahan ** Mackenzie Scott Chabot ***+ * ** *** +

Indicates Cum Laude / white cord Indicates Magna Cum Laude / light blue cord Indicates Summa Cum Laude / red cord Commonwealth Honors / gold stole


Michael Vann Chhim ** Meghan Samantha Denny Thomas Ryan Dillon Corey James Donofrio Evan Dowling * Noah Andrew Dube-Casey Christian Connor Ellis ** Devin Farnsworth Brandon Michael Ferreira John D. Ferreira ** Anthony James Foster Ari T. Foster * Galen Paul Garofalo Hans Roodjery Geffrard Nicole Elizabeth Johnson * Jacob Gerald Kahn * Adam James LaPlante ** Lucas Scott Machado Bhargav Sai Makkapati * Daniel James Matheson ** Jessica McDermott Patrick Parnell McGrail *** Liam Joseph McIntyre ***+ Jared Michael Medeiros Jacob Meloche Soravath Mengseng * Vincent Micale Kevin Thomas Montambault * Cameron Moran ** Jose Wilfredo Munguia * Hieu Xuan Ngo ** Matthew James Oliver Molina Oung Joseph Domenic Pacitto Joseph Alexander Pumphrey * Alexander Dean Read Bruce Peter Roderiques Justin Slater Michael William Smith Liza Sousa *** Michael Chreistopher Spearman Christian Spencer * Ian Patrick St. Pierre Rachel Stevens Vinicius Ferrari Tavares Daniel Edward Trudeau David James Turley * Nathan Robert Valm ** Jeffrey Anthony Walsh * Ian Whelihan * Yun Yang * Bachelor of Science Data Science Gian Kayama H. Farrell Sean Tocci ***



Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering Usman A. Afzal ** Aruedy Alexandre Andrade Teixeira Dias Jordon Anthony Borges Matthew Cabral * Samjat Chan Kevin Michael Costello ** Ashley Dauphinee * Brian Andrew Dougenik * Obiajulu Chamberlin Egbunike Matthew Joseph Eires * Michael James Ferreira Adam Ronald Francoeur * Clayton Karl Golz *** Saulo Gomes Jose Junior Jesse Childs Kanaley Christopher Lunn Travis Morazzini Khang Nguyen Kyle Jason Roderiques Jason Sayde Yegor Dennis Shea * Diamantino Spinola Depina Michael James St. Pierre * Matthew James Sylvia ** Austin Richard Urban Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering Kareem Nashat Abuarja Bradley Paul Anastacio Austyn Charles Anthony Baird Christopher Belair Jared J. Botelho Nathaniel Howland Brightman Nicholas Joseph Castro Yu-Che Chang Richard Raymond Collette Edward M. del’Etoile Nickolas Paul DiNoia Semirah Dolan Patrick David Drew Evan Mark Eldridge Thomas M. Flagg Lee Ronald Fontaine ** Samuel Benjamin Ford Allen Matthew Fratalia Kyle Anthony Frisco Luke Mark Gauvin David Charles Gilleran Kyle Christopher Golden Paul Richard Goyette Ryan Tyler Howlett John Kenneth Jarbeau Matiwos Afework Kidane Nicholas Reed LaMarche Robert Chung-Sheng Lin Ralph Carlos Lopez III

Peter James Luchini Samantha Margaret McSweeney David W. Mello Kelly Rae Merlo *** Nathan Scott Morgado * Carl Morlock * Vivian Hoang Nguyen Jacob Daniel O’Donnell ***+ Nicholas W. Orphin Kyle Lee Page Brijesh Ashwinbhai Patel James Francis Patterson V Kyle Mario Penniman Nathan A. Pereira Brittany Michael Perkins Richard Gregory Pooler Stephen Andrew Rada Garret Michael Sampel *+ Isaac Saron * Megan Scribner **+ Michael Anthony Sereti Omar Shehadi * Riley Sherman ** Branden Joseph Simas Louis Varrichione V * Aaram Elias Williams Mason G. Wood Bachelor of Science Physics Emily Anne Dors Nicolas Gomez-Cruz ** Kyle Geoffrey MacKenzie * Ryan Patrick McDermott Thuong Ngoc Nguyen Luke Anthony Pastore * Jonathan Pierre-Louis Mark I. Quinlan

* ** *** +

Indicates Cum Laude / white cord Indicates Magna Cum Laude / light blue cord Indicates Summa Cum Laude / red cord Commonwealth Honors / gold stole


Graduate Commencement

Order of Exercises

Academic Procession The audience is requested to remain seated until after the processional has been completed. National Anthem Rebecca Geary ’19 Invocation Swami Yogatmananda Welcome Robert E. Johnson Chancellor Greetings from the Board of Trustees Mary L. Burns Graduate Student Address Kebeh G. Sando ’19 Awarding of the Chancellor’s Medal Travis McCready Commencement Address Travis McCready Conferring of Degrees in Course Mohammad Karim Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Chief Operating Officer Recessional


The Alumni

Faculty & Staff Marshals

Alumni Marchers

Chief Marshal

Sandra T. Baker ’10, MPP ’16

Yong Kim

Roger J. Dugal ’70, JD ’89 Cheryl Clarke Furze ’72

Charlton College of Business

Nancy Vanasse ’90, MBA ’05

Kellyann Kowalski Timothy Shea College of Arts & Sciences Aminda O’Hare Emmanuel Ojadi Kenneth Oliveira Yuegang Zuo College of Nursing Lindsay Roth College of Engineering Qinguo Fan Paul Fortier Lamya Karim College of Visual & Performing Arts Elena Peteva School for Marine Science & Technology Steven Cadrin


Honorees Travis McCready / Chancellor’s Medal / Commencement Address President and CEO of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center


ravis McCready is the President and CEO of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, a $1 billion publicprivate partnership with the mission of advancing the life sciences ecosystem in Massachusetts. Mr. McCready received a BA from Yale University and JD from the University of Iowa. He directs and oversees the Center’s investment strategy, including the agency’s operations, programs, and partnerships. Previously, Mr. McCready served as the Vice President for Programs at The Boston Foundation, directing the Foundation’s grants and community investment strategy. He was the first executive director of the Kendall Square Association, responsible for growing the innovation economy of Kendall Square, one of the Commonwealth’s most economically robust districts. He has held the COO and CFO positions at the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority, overseeing the operations and finances for three convention centers in Massachusetts. A native of Brooklyn, he began his career as a public school teacher in the Bronx, NY. Mr. McCready served on the Economic Development Planning Council under two governors, including co-chairing the subcommittee on innovation and entrepreneurship. He currently serves on the Massachusetts Digital Healthcare Council and the Advanced Manufacturing Collaborative. In 2018, he was named one of the 100 Most Influential People in Boston by Boston Magazine. Mr. McCready is a frequent speaker on economic development strategy as it relates to the convergence of private, public, and not-for-profit interests. His blog, Life Sciences Discourses, has been recognized by The Boston Globe.


Kebeh G. Sando ’19 / Graduate Student Address College of Arts and Sciences


ebeh G. Sando was born in Liberia, West Africa. During the 14-year long Liberian Civil War, Ms. Sando immigrated to the United States at the age of eight as a refugee, leaving behind her single mother. Raised by family members, and one memorable aunt, she owes all of her accomplishments to “her faith in Jesus Christ” and the wonderful support systems she has had throughout her life. Ms. Sando holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Kean University in New Jersey and is now receiving a master of arts degree in clinical psychology at UMass Dartmouth. Throughout her life, education has been her one constant, and she has vowed to help impoverished children reach their educational goals. She volunteers at national and international nonprofit organizations that focus on youth empowerment, including the Young Life Rhode Island and Change Agent Network. She is working with the Change Agent Network to send 150 Liberian children to school by the end of 2019. In addition, Ms. Sando held internships at South Coast Clinic in Stoughton and Child & Family Services in New Bedford. After graduation, she will begin work at the Massachusetts Treatment Center in Bridgewater as a Clinical Therapist.


Charlton College of Business Kathryn Carter Dean of the College

Readers Bharatendra Rai, Steven White, Jia Wu

Master of Business Administration Jill W. Abrahams Christopher Michael Alves Joshua Amaral Wanda Ofori Benson David M. Campbell Mushtaque A. Chachar Nicholas Coleman Ricardo Ferreira Conrado Matthew James Daly Kyle Diangkinay Scott McNeill Dresden Michael Fitzpatrick Jorge Marcel Franco Amy Sue Franey David Edward Frey Andrea Fullmore Caleb Ian Gall Stefania Harizi Nkemakolam Azubuike Iroegbu Mingzhu Jin Yuzhong Jin Sara Browne Jones Allison Marie Kane Ahmad Krayem Jenna Germaine Levesque Jennifer M. Lewis Ai Lien Liang Thao Thi Phuong Ma Kylie Ayn Maloney Khrysty Elizabeth Mark Kenneth Corey Marshall Jesse Manuel Minghella Filip Muszynski Adam D. Norfolk Joshua James Owens Shane Ryan Polimeni Paul Radley Lorie Resendes Trainor Bethany Lee Richards Sarah Marie Riecke Thomas Sager Jean Marie Salgado Peter Joseph Serino Shelby Ann Shaw 36


Robert James Sheehan II Tiffany C. Shockro Saleh Jamal Sinjab Luke P. Wilson Shellyann Aneika Wilson Jared B. Woods Qian Zhang Master of Business Administration– Accounting Nahian Chowdhury Shannon Lynn Crocker Joseph Frank Dorfler Tinayeshe E. Gambiza William Ka-ming Ho Ryan M. Pelchat Nicholas E. Wall Cameron Andrew Warren Master of Business Administration– Accounting and Business Analytics Pranay Vatsal Master of Business Administration–Business Analytics Nana Ofori Asiedu Bianca Nicole Auletta Sanmi Bolaji Awujoola Samuel T. Berthiaume Chanon Chakranont Kevin Couto Yunxiao Fan Bettina Ntso Kenfack Feh Wei-Kai Hsu Saleena Kalra Tracy Mwaka Kasale Ajay Kumar I-Chen Lee Prashanth Macharla Linqi Meng Sri Kanya Mullapudi Pratik Nahta Chatchompoo Punyaputigul Ram Ravi Saher Pervaiz Sayani Jordy Wilson Supit Naramon Torsutkanok Nutcha Wongwutthiphat Zihan Zhang Master of Business Administration–Business Analytics and Finance Krushita Atul Kothari Rohini Thapa Master of Business Administration–Business Analytics and Leadership Sierra Nicole Aguiar

Master of Business Administration –Business Analytics and Marketing Vidit Jitendra Jasani My Dieu Tsan

Yang Sun Jaclyn Torrey Brian Richard Varney Chien-Hui Yang Phillip Shawn Young

Master of Business Administration–Business Analytics and Supply Chain Management and Information Systems Chaimae Chbani Hsuan-Chen Huang Ming-Yi Li

Master of Science Healthcare Management Benedicta Asari Archibong Katherine M. Clare Maria Gisela DeAbreu Siham Elalami Eguonoghene Etso Matthew P. Fyfe Lawrence Roy Houbre III Julianne Hunn Matthew Thomas Joyner Dilreet Kaur Kenneth Corey Marshall Alexi Rose Minicucci Oluwatosin Bunmi Omotosho Oluseun Spencer

Master of Business Administration – International Business Cyril Edward Gleiman Sandra Ann Lima-Wenger Naramon Torsutkanok Master of Business Administration – Leadership Tyler Noelle Dumais Kyle Falcao Amaya García-Timko Yonghoon Joh Kelly Anne John Michael Joseph McKay Thomas Mui John Charles Nordeste V Rebecca Pereira Nordeste Margaret Robinson Kayla Alexandra Saccoccio Regina Shih Christopher William Spitzer Diogo A. Ventura Julie Ann Welch Donna Jeanne Yeaw

Master of Science Technology Management Anber Ali Rahul Nileshbhai Aswani Myles M. Dias Syed Muhammad Shariq Ghous Saad Jalal Juhi Sahitya Kanakamedala Kenneth Corey Marshall Evan Tyler Mazetis Nimra Qaiser Shreya Somesh Rathod

Master of Science Accounting Mariah Maria Alves Karen A. Chavez Lijun Chen Jason Foster Nathan Wesley Garran Bobbie T. Haskell Jingwen Huang Karyn L. Leandres Yinghua Li Nathan Paul Maynard John Paul Melanson Jessica Anne Morais Amanda Jean Morini Patrick Gaona Pacheco Jonathan Leonard Robinson Lizette G. Silva Rachael Lynne Simpson Mengxing Sun 37

College of Engineering Jean VanderGheynst Dean of the College

Readers Dayalan Kasilingam, Raymond Laoulache

Doctor of Philosophy Biomedical Engineering & Biotechnology Jayashree Chakravarty Tracie Ferreira, advisor Jacob Daniel Palmer Vanni Bucci, advisor Matthew Simmons Vanni Bucci, advisor Doctor of Philosophy Electrical Engineering Keith David Gilbert Karen Payton, advisor Doctor of Philosophy Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering MD Nashid Anjum Honggang Wang, advisor Zhouzhou Li Honggang Wang & Hua Fang, co-advisors Doctor of Philosophy Engineering & Applied Science Somayeh Eftekhari Heather Miller, advisor Jason Tyler Galary Wenzhen Huang, advisor Leah F. Isherwood Sigal Gottlieb & Alfa Heryudono, co-advisors Jiahua Jiang Yanlai Chen & Akil Narayan, co-advisors Ahmed Atef Mohamed Soliman Walaa Mogawer, advisor



Master of Science Biomedical Engineering & Biotechnology Jacob Daniel Aaronson Brandon Noc Albanese Tianna A. Edwards Michael Huang Subarna Maharjan Erika Ines Naumann Gaillat Matthew Keat Phou Isaiah Weidmann Master of Science Civil and Environmental Engineering Seyed Ardalan Nejat Sayed Arafat Bin Rahman Master of Science Computer Engineering Keith Ambar Albergaria David Michael Austin Dylan Zachery Baker Joseph Michael Collins Rebecca Elizabeth Field Alexander John Grube Yanran Huo Riordan Thomas Patrick McCole Andrew Scott Mele Richard Joseph Muri Siddharth Vijay Patil Miles Tristan Wilhelms-Tricarico Master of Science Computer Science Nrutya Allu Srinivasa Yaswanth Baddela Yash Akhilkumar Bhatt Kunal Bhujbal Syed Salman Ahmed Bukhari Aakash Rameshbhai Chauhan Hemantha Kumar Chitturi Dennison David Srivijayanvitha Gollapudi Minh Hai Ha Manjunath Prasad Holenarasipura Rajiv Felicia Angela Imbriano Sahithi Jagarlamudi Shristi Jhabak Nidhi Dhruvank Joshi Omkar Sharad Khanvilkar Umang Khodakiya Vishalkumar Rajendrakumar Limbachiya Nishita Chandreshkumar Mistry Abhishekkumar Dipakkumar Modi Joshua Andrew Mullen Naoto Endymion Nicol Viraj Mahendrasinh Padhiar Milankumar Vinodkumar Panchal Krunal Sanjaykumar Patel Prutha Bipinbhai Patel Ashwin Kumar Sharma Pullabhatla

John Patrick Reynolds Joshua Devin Rumbut Katherine Janeth Santacruz Biren Hirjibhai Sarvaiya Diksha Tukaram Satpute Ryan Paul Schumacher Jason Scott Schwartz William Alexander Scott Rachit Bhaveshkumar Shah Ravi Shankar Pratish Shetty Shreyas Ganpatrao Shinde Satvir Singh Anusha Swamy Srushti Upadhyay Glendon James Zimmerman Master of Science Data Science Colin Joseph Brown Manjusha Gadupudi Prem Kumar Kamasani Deepak Kumar Miraj Mahmood Divya Sreenivasan Master of Science Electrical Engineering Abner C. Barros Eric Browne Hanna Ann Desilets Thomas Leman Chinmay Subodh Mahabal Muhammad Umer Maqbool Jigarkumar Rasiklal Suhagiya Master of Science Mechanical Engineering Marc Anthony Carreira Jared Joseph Correia Brandon Crooks Cole Richard Freniere Raymond Lawton Alexander N. LeGendre David Paul Markt Kevin Andrew McBarron David Onyekachi Okide Nicholas W. Poliseno Audy William Sanchez Jr. Guru Harish Vattikuti Master of Science Physics Nicholas Benoit Gabriel Casabona Yun Hao Erik Victor McGrath Nicholas James Moniz Feroz Hussain Shaik Yiyi Zhu

College of Nursing Kimberly Christopher Dean of the College

Reader June Andrews Horowitz

Doctor of Nursing Practice Yveda Brutus Kathleen Elliott, advisor Jocelyn M. Cabral Margaret Rudd-Arieta, advisor Kristin Ashley Cabral Margaret Rudd-Arieta, advisor Sarah L. Holbrook Kathleen Elliott, advisor Rachel E. Paquette-Resendes Sharon Keating, advisor Paula Sofia Rego Margaret Rudd-Arieta, advisor Sherry Ann Szczepkowski Sharon Keating, advisor Doctor of Philosophy Nursing Mirinda Gaye Brown Tyo Mary McCurry, advisor Mary Elizabeth Coughlin Kristen Sethares, advisor Melissa Lynn Desroches Kristen Sethares, advisor Karen Quinn Doherty Mary McCurry, advisor Susan Lynn Taylor Elizabeth Chin, advisor Master of Science Nursing Anne L. Brum


College of Visual & Performing Arts

School for Marine Science & Technology

Laura Franz Dean of the College

Steven Lohrenz Dean of the School

Readers Aaron Bourque, Anthony Fisher

Reader Michael Marino

Master of Art Education Chelsea Jean Bolton Sarah Beach Cristani Kathryn Elizabeth Grinnell Jessica Holske Deborah A. Nicolosi Russell A. Orcutt Aaron D. Souza

Doctor of Philosophy Marine Science & Technology– Marine and Atmospheric System Modeling and Analysis

Master of Fine Arts Artisanry – Ceramics Jennifer Ann Halli Jordan Lynn Lister Lauren Ashley Shepherd Master of Fine Arts Artisanry – Jewelry/Metals Brendan Joseph Lyons Master of Fine Arts Fine Arts–Drawing Jeremy John Duval Patricia Anne Flynn Master of Fine Arts Fine Arts–Painting Robert Ian Najlis Allen TenBusschen Master of Fine Arts Visual Design – Photography Merri Cyr

Chang Liu Geoffrey Cowles, advisor Doctor of Philosophy Marine Science & Technology– Marine Biogeochemical Cycles and Environmental Change Katyanne Marie Shoemaker Pia Moisander, advisor Master of Science Marine Science & Technology Evan Flynn Casey Nishchitha Sandeepana Silva Etige Melissa Orise Goulet Victoria Lynne Gray Lauren Elizabeth Horton Craig Alan Lego Nathalie Danielle Staiger Kathryn Noel Tremblay Master of Science Marine Science & Technology Coastal & Ocean Administration, Science & Technology Melissa Lynn Staggs Master of Science Marine Science & Technology– Coastal Systems Science Pooja Potti Amber Dawn Unruh Master of Science Marine Science–Living Marine Resources Science/Management Alexa I. Kretsch



College of Arts & Sciences

Master of Arts Educational Leadership & Policy Studies Sara Mirza

Pauline Entin Dean of the College

Master of Arts Portuguese Studies Geraldo Celio Soares

Readers Jennifer Fugate, Olusegun Olubanwo

Doctor of Philosophy Biomedical Engineering & Biotechnology Ashley Anna Stoehr Diego Bernal, advisor Doctor of Philosophy Chemistry (awarded by UMass Lowell) Si Zhou Yuegang Zuo, advisor Doctor of Philosophy Educational Leadership & Policy Studies C. Chad Argotsinger João Paraskeva, advisor Stephanie Lynne Biela Kenneth Saltman, advisor Jennifer E. DeBarros Ricardo Rosa, advisor Zoe M. Hansen-DiBello Ricardo Rosa, advisor Leslie Rosina Ribeiro Vicente Kenneth Saltman, advisor Tony S. Vincent Kenneth Saltman, advisor Doctor of Philosophy Luso-Afro-Brazilian Studies and Theory Diana Gomes Simoes Victor Mendes, advisor Analia M. Silveira Tebaldi Gláucia Silva, advisor Doctor of Philosophy STEM Education Gal Gili Nagar Stephen Hegedus & Chandra Orrill, co-advisors Rebecca Ann Norton Chandra Orrill, advisor

Master of Arts Professional Writing & Communication Samuel Edward Aronson Madison Elizabeth Bailey-Schofield Casey L Bernier Kelsey Cestodio Erin Elizabeth Fay Andrew N. Moore Alyse Peak Kevin Patrick Sheehan Amber Shimkus Daniel J. Simcock Master of Arts Psychology–Applied Behavioral Analysis Courtney Lee Cunha Michelle Rose Cutting Jennifer Susan Genco Brittany Lillian Grover Danielle Marie Hodges Katherine Lora Aubrey J. Reynolds Ethan R. Tripp Kelsey Vierra Alyona Zhuravlyova Master of Arts Psychology–Clinical Thalia Amaral Andrea Victoria Avecilla Caitlin Elizabeth Beaudoin Joshua Gregory Brien Ashley Marie Estacio Lisa R. Paulo Victoria Elizabrth Peloquin David Albert Petrocelli Donald James Pimental Kebeh G. Sando Katherine Shilalis Catherine Sue Zanella-Litke Master of Arts Psychology – Research Laura Elizabeth Eagan Anastasyia Esposito Courtny Lynn Franco Karla Christina Godfrey Joana M. Goncalves Kara Elise Kneeland Kelsey Erika Leubner Cameron James MacDonald Christopher Charles Simmons 41

Master of Arts Teaching Michelle Renee Ahern Sarina Lena Alves Andrea R. Arruda Morgan Catherine Banville Dylan J. Breton Christopher James Carey Brianne Como Doreen Curran Thea Elizabeth Darling Penelope A. Deardorff Andrea F. DeLima Alex Mendes dos Santos Daniela M. Fidalgo Maire C. Foley Joseph A. Franco Kerri A. Frattaruolo Andrew John Georgian Graham Kyle Levesque Gisherman Hannah Gwynn Gomes Hayley E. Gordon Michael Gryss Paula Jean Hunzeker Fernando Jacome Nathan Thomas Kane Amanda Lenore King Alyssa Paige Knapik Jessica Lynne Lassey Thomas Michael Lundstrom Kathryn Marie Manfredi Tory Thomas Meneses Joseph John Michael Grace Elizabeth Moulton Matthew Joseph Murphy Molly Elizabeth Neubauer Jamie Pacheco Meagan Marie Pacheco Patrick John Parks Colleen Tracy Parrillo Madelene Marie Picard Stephanie Lynn Pickup Abigail Elizabeth Pimental Brian Richard Recupero Yvone Mattos Rego Zachary Patrick Rogers Miguel A.G. Silva Costa Pedro Silva Ryan Anthony Struthers Jessica Ashley Sumner Taylor Lynn Tavares Phylicia Hillary Vaughan Lindsey Anne Wood Jessica Lyne Woods



Master of Public Policy Alissa A. Ali Alexander Yelu Attigah Victoria Margaret Baessa Justine A. Cameron Jane Marie Cuddy Kathryn Ngoc Doan Lucia Figueras Brenna Leigh Jewitt Jessica Nicole Mills Tatum Mortimer Nabila Sosa Amy Elizabeth Spates Matthew H. Stone Kristin Renee Touchette Thalia Valkanos Darren William Wright Master of Science Biology Kelly DeMolles Allex Nicole Gourlay Shalini Samir Paliwal Dimitar Ivanov Semerdzhiev Master of Science Chemistry Amani Awadh T. Albalawi Zemen Berhe Brian Adam Candido Amber Leigh Cyr Tony Fares Thomas Lingo Timothy Russell Lorgeree Xiaofei Lu Sonia Ahmed Madany Nicholas Vantangoli Master of Science Marine Biology Kelcie Bean Rebecca Anne Hamilton Kathryn Maria Marchetti Harrison John Tobi Magdelena Winchester

Profile for UMass Dartmouth

UMass Dartmouth 2019 Commencement Program  

An unofficial listing of graduates and speakers for UMass Dartmouth's 2019 Commencement.

UMass Dartmouth 2019 Commencement Program  

An unofficial listing of graduates and speakers for UMass Dartmouth's 2019 Commencement.