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The College of Engineering is a vital part of the University of Kentucky. We have been training men and women to be engineers for over 150 years and are proud to be the top-ranked engineering school in Kentucky. This book contains information about programs and resources that have been designed with your success in mind. From our dynamic First-Year Engineering program, which allows you to take engineering courses right away and immerse yourself in hands-on engineering challenges, to the robust academic and career development support available in the brand new James and Gay Hardymon Center for Student Success, the UK College of Engineering is a community where everyone can thrive. We have also included information about our nine engineering majors, living learning program, co-op and internship opportunities, undergraduate research, financial aid and much more. An engineering education from the UK College of Engineering has always been a wise investment, but we don’t believe you have to wait until graduation to reap the benefits. We begin investing in you from your first day on campus. Good luck to you in your academic pursuits, and we hope to see you soon. Sincerely,

Larry Holloway Interim Dean


On a grand tour you will:


Our weekly grand tours are held throughout the school year. They are the best way to visualize your success as a UK engineering student. See what separates us from other engineering schools. Visit or scan our Snapcode to select a date now!

See our First-Year Engineering program in action Watch—and maybe even participate in—live demonstrations in labs used by engineering faculty Hear about our Cooperative Education Program and internship possibilities Learn about scholarship and financial aid opportunities Talk to engineering students about their UK experience 3


HANDS-ON OPPORTUNITIES AND ENGINEERING GRAND CHALLENGES If you are passionate about engineering and ready to tackle tough challenges and solve complex problems, we have good news: The First-Year Engineering (FYE) program was created for you! What makes the FYE experience awesome? For starters, you take custom-designed engineering courses in the fundamentals of computing, design and teamwork taught by the College of Engineering’s top faculty. Further, you will explore Engineering Grand Challenges—areas identified as worthy of our best talent, research and effort, such as clean water, food security, better medicine and more. Want to get your hands dirty? FYE includes plenty of chances to participate in hands-on engineering projects. The FYE program enables you to explore each field in depth. Even better, studies have demonstrated that students in FYE programs perform better in their upper-level classes and are more likely to graduate with an engineering or computer science degree. The FYE program is how we roll out the “big blue” carpet for you as you begin your engineering journey.


THE FYE PROGRAM ADVANTAGE How will the new First-Year Engineering program benefit your pursuit of an engineering education? Engineering classes from day one Hands-on engineering opportunities throughout the program More attention and interaction with faculty through smaller classes In-depth knowledge of all our engineering and science majors An interdisciplinary and community approach through our First-Year Engineering program For course descriptions and more, visit



THE FIRST-YEAR ENGINEERING DESIGN LABORATORY Conveniently located in Woodland Glen III, the FYE Design Laboratory provides optimal space for classes and design projects. From movable furniture to advanced audiovisual capabilities to numerous whiteboards, the FYE Design Laboratory is an ideal space for creativity and collaboration.



ENGINEERING RESIDENTIAL COLLEGE LIVING LEARNING PROGRAM UK’S LARGEST LIVING LEARNING PROGRAM The Engineering Residential College (ERC) is ideal for incoming engineering students who want to balance academics with community involvement. With over 600 engineering students living in Woodland Glen III’s private bedrooms, you will be surrounded by like-minded peers and mentors who know the rigors of an engineering education.


There’s more! The ERC also provides students with opportunities to meet with industry representatives, interact with college faculty and deans, participate in study sessions (with snacks!), enjoy fun educational events and more. As an ERC student, you will be assigned a peer mentor—an upper-level engineering student who is available to provide support and help you conquer challenges.

William Reedy knew that the best way to succeed as a chemical engineering major was to surround himself with hard-working students. Knowing that most of the students in the ERC were top graduates in their high schools, William chose to live in the ERC and began reaping immediate benefits: He earned a 4.0 his first semester.

Schedule a visit and see a room in the ERC!

MAJOR: Chemical Engineering “Coming to the University of Kentucky was the best decision I could have made.”

“Because of the collaborative aspect of the ERC, engineering students teach each other and help each other with homework. I understood much more of what I heard in the lectures once we began studying together.”



WOODLAND GLEN III Woodland Glen III opened in the fall of 2015, and the ERC moved right in, occupying most of the residence hall’s 740 beds. In addition to numerous places to study, hang out or relax, Woodland Glen III has a game room, a community kitchen, a spacious lobby and more. Just outside Woodland Glen III’s doors is the William T. Young Library, UK’s iconic home to over 1.2 million books and references, and 3,000 seats for individual and group study. In 2015, UK opened the largest Starbucks on any university campus on the first floor of the affectionately nicknamed “Willy T.” Next to Willy T. is one of UK’s newest destinations to meet and eat—The 90. In addition to its diverse all-you-care-to-eat dining option, The 90 houses Ovid’s, Taco Bell, Aqua Sushi, la Madeleine and more.

JULIA HARTSEK Senior MAJOR: Civil Engineering “Through the ERC, I have gained a support system of engineering students in my own class as well as upperclassmen.” While still in high school, Julia Hartsek knew she wanted to be a civil engineer. She was attracted to UK’s strong engineering program and opportunities for social interaction through the college’s student organizations—including the ERC. During her first year in the ERC, Julia not only made numerous friends and enjoyed the diverse program offerings, she also gained wisdom from the ERC’s peer mentors. “The peer mentors are great resources because they were in your position not long ago. As a result, they know the dos and don’ts of being an engineering student.” 11

ACADEMIC SUPPORT THE JAMES AND GAY HARDYMON CENTER FOR STUDENT SUCCESS We want to ensure you have every chance to succeed—academically and in your career. The brand new James and Gay Hardymon Center for Student Success provides a comprehensive academic support and career development suite in one convenient location. ELBERT C. RAY ESTUDIO DESIGNATED TUTORING SPACE CAREER DEVELOPMENT ADVISING COOPERATIVE EDUCATION PROGRAM EDUCATION ABROAD PROGRAM A rendering of the new James and Gay Hardymon Center for Student Success.





The Elbert C. Ray eStudio is a truly unique resource among engineering colleges. Services available in the eStudio include:

You can receive academic tutoring in math, science and engineering courses from students in the Tau Beta Pi Honor Society.

Peer tutoring for engineering, math and science classes College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA)-certified peer tutoring for any writing project, especially scientific and technical writing projects Assistance with PowerPoint and Prezi presentations Instruction in storyboarding digital projects, creating ePortfolios and designing websites Soundproof rooms for practicing presentations— individually or in groups Video cameras and tripods (both floor and table size) available for check-out

CAREER DEVELOPMENT From resume building to interviewing skills, staff members on our Engineering Career Development Group are eager to help you enhance your personal and online presence. They also bring in industry experts to evaluate resumes and speak with students during our biannual Resumania events. Get to know the friendly professionals on the Engineering Career Development Group; they are fully committed to helping you launch your engineering career.

Wall-sized whiteboards for brainstorming

















Co-op jobs pay. On average, students earn $19.80 per hour during their co-op rotation.



Our Engineering Career Development Group experts are happy to help you develop a resume and prepare to interview with companies interested in hiring co-op students from UK. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to create a competitive advantage for yourself!



Imagine it is a few months before graduation and you are about to interview with the company of your dreams. What is going to set you apart from everyone else? Authentic engineering experience. Classroom instruction is crucial, but employers want to know if you’ve ever applied your knowledge in the real world. That is why the college’s Cooperative Education Program (Co-op) is the best way to practice engineering and build your resume. We recommend three alternating semester co-op terms so that your classes reinforce your co-op experience, and your co-op experience shapes what you are learning. That’s one whole year of documented engineering employment with Toyota, GE Aviation, Ashland Inc., NASA or any of the other numerous companies that partner with our co-op program.



*Average hourly co-op salary data is based solely on information voluntarily submitted by co-op students.

INTERNSHIPS Many of our engineering students hold part-time internships during the school year or full-time during the summer. Our Career Development Team experts can help you develop a resume and prepare you to interview with companies interested in hiring future engineers.


STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS The UK College of Engineering offers over 40 student organizations dedicated to nearly every kind of engineering interest. Get involved, make friends and see how participating in a student organization is a great way to expand your horizons. MONON RAHMAN Junior MAJOR: Mechanical Engineering Media Lead for UK Racing “UK Racing has helped me grow as an engineer because we always run into situations where we need to solve problems quickly. That experience helped us get used to overcoming adversity. By being part of UK Racing, I’ve been able to work with a group of like-minded people to reach challenging goals.” As a member of the UK Formula Car Team and UK Solar Car Team, Monon Rahman knows his way around race cars; however, as media lead, he spends more time thinking about the teams’ media presence than their power and performance. Sharing images and video of the teams in action, Monon uses social media interactions to build and strengthen relationships with fans, the college, the university and more. In January, he assisted with a campus visit from NASCAR driver Ben Rhodes, who took the Formula Car for a spin. By combining the technical side of racing with marketing and communications, Monon hopes to achieve his dream of one day working and competing in NASCAR. 16

Alpha Epsilon–Biosystems engineering honors society

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Alpha Sigma Mu–Materials engineering honors society

Institute of Transportation Engineers

Ambassadors American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

International Society of Explosives Engineers International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering

Society of Women Engineers Solar Car Team Steel Bridge Students for the Exploration and Development of Space

Kentucky Society of Professional Engineers

Students Participating in Outreach through Research in Engineering Sciences

Material Advantage

Tau Beta Pi

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Mu Nu Gamma–Mining engineering honors society

Triangle Fraternity

Association for Computing Machinery

Mucking Team

Association for Computing Machinery for Women

National Society of Black Engineers

American Institute of Chemical Engineers American Society of Civil Engineers

Biomedical Engineering Society Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Student Branch

Omega Chi Epsilon–Chemical engineering honors society

Women in Mining Water Professionals Wildcat Pulling Team

Phi Sigma Rho

Chi Epsilon–Civil engineering honors society

Pi Tau Sigma–Mechanical engineering honors society

Concrete Canoe Team


Energy Club


Engineering Student Council

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

Engineers Without Borders

Society of Manufacturing Engineers

Eta Kappa Nu–Electrical and Computer Engineering Formula Kentucky

Society of Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration


After spending a summer interning at Google, computer science and international studies double major Stephen Parsons enrolled in a study abroad program in Cusco, Peru. In addition to taking classes, Stephen stayed with a local family and traveled throughout Peru, exploring its diverse geography.


EDUCATION ABROAD PROGRAMS If you want to excel in an engineering career, you need to expose yourself to other cultures. Today’s engineering graduates frequently work and collaborate with engineers from other countries. Fortunately, the college’s international study programs offer numerous outlets for you to broaden your experience without delaying your engineering studies. The college currently offers programs that enable you to study in Germany, Italy, China, Malaysia, Japan, Brazil and Scotland and others—some of them available as early as your freshman year!

UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH PROGRAM At most universities, opportunities to conduct serious research aren’t available until you are an upper-level student or a graduate student. Become one of our scholars in undergraduate research as early as the spring semester of your freshman year. In the UK College of Engineering, we make it possible for you to get involved in meaningful research early in your academic career. Undergraduate research experiences complement your classroom education and give you a competitive advantage on your resume.





Get equipped to make a contribution to a safer, healthier planet with a degree in biosystems engineering. It is a great way to make a living by making a difference.

Turn your interest in energy and fuels, biotechnology, sustainable processes and products into a prosperous career in chemical engineering. The versatility will give you an exciting range of career options.

Tomorrow’s infrastructure will be smarter and more sustainable. Why not pursue a degree that will put you in the action?




• Renewable fuel technologies

• Alternative energy

• Construction & architecture

• Pharmaceuticals

• Pharmaceuticals

• Energy/utilities

• Biotechnology & bioengineering

• Cosmetics

• Transportation

• Food processing

• Consumer products

• Government

• Environmental agencies

• Environmental protection

• Consulting firms

Average starting salary: $58,333*

Average starting salary: $66,412*

Average starting salary: $51,383*

*UK graduate salaries from 2016 – These salaries do not include salaries reported from students not in engineering-related positions, students who joined the military or students who are working for the state in return for sizable scholarships they received while in college.





Computers are everywhere. Learn to work on all aspects of computer systems from hardware design to application software.

Begin designing the future with a career in a growing, rewarding industry known for creating some of our world’s best and most revolutionary products.

Learn how to harness and invent new sources of power and energy. With these tools, you can help make our world more sustainable.




• Automotive

• Software development

• Electronics

• Aerospace

• Cybersecurity

• Communications

• Optics

• Telecommunications

• Public utilities

• Communications

• Gaming

• Medical technology

• Manufacturing

• Digital media

• Energy

Average starting salary: $58,833*

Average starting salary: $74,364*

Average starting salary: $62,923*





Groundbreaking technologies cannot exist apart from the materials used to create them. Work at the structural level and watch your innovations become products.

From aerospace to manufacturing, you will be amazed how many different career options are available to the mechanical engineering graduate.

The mining industry relies on intelligent and innovative engineers who put their knowledge of mine design, ventilation, explosives and safety to work.




• Biomaterials, implants & prosthetics

• Aerospace & aviation

• Surface & underground mining

• Construction

• Industrial equipment design

• Explosives

• Manufacturing

• Government agencies

• Geotechnical engineering firms

• Metals processing & ceramics

• Energy & environmental solutions

• Reclamation engineering companies

• Electronic materials & plastics

• Manufacturing

• Regulatory agencies

Average starting salary: $63,375*

Average starting salary: $61,279*

Average starting salary: $57,830*

*UK graduate salaries from 2016 – These salaries do not include salaries reported from students not in engineering-related positions, students who joined the military or students who are working for the state in return for sizable scholarships they received while in college.


ACADEMIC ENHANCEMENTS BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING MINOR Undergraduate students can take biomedical engineering courses and earn a minor. This minor is intended for undergraduate engineering students seeking to supplement their education by applying skills learned in their respective disciplines to the field of biomedical engineering, a field that uses engineering to solve challenges in the areas of biology and medicine. The minor requires a minimum of 18 hours of coursework in biomedical engineering. COMPUTER SCIENCE MINOR No matter which engineering major you choose, a minor in computer science will strengthen you as an engineer and enhance your marketability. Start with introductory computer programming, work your way into software engineering and algorithm design, and explore other areas that interest you. A computer science minor is a great complement to any engineering program. The minor in computer science requires a minimum of 19-20 hours of coursework in computer science, with certain required courses.

BS/MBA DUAL DEGREE PROGRAM The Engineering/MBA Dual Degree Program was established to enable students to receive a Bachelor of Science in engineering and a Master of Business Administration in five years. The dual degree program includes exclusive enrichment activities during the undergraduate senior year, a one-year accelerated MBA and an international study experience. SEAM HONORS PROGRAM SEAM is a collaborative program between the College of Engineering and the Gatton College of Business and Economics that offers crossfunctional classes and activities designed to complement a student’s chosen major. This honors program also produces a pool of entrepreneurialminded individuals and attractive, unique talent for potential employers nationwide.


SCHOLARS PROGRAMS Enhance your education by participating in one of our new Scholars Programs, which provide state-ofthe-art courses and experiences in undergraduate research, leadership and entrepreneurship.



An engineering education at UK is very affordable when compared with other universities. The College of Engineering awards merit scholarships based on high school grade point average and ACT or SAT scores. There are also financial need scholarships that consider GPA and standardized test scores but also writing ability and overall leadership potential. Here are some of the scholarships available to students. FINANCIAL NEED-BASED AWARDS

In addition to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the college also awards funding based on financial need. Each year we recognize students who without the help of college scholarships would not be able to attend UK. Typically these renewable awards range between $3,000 and $7,500 per year and are available for eight semesters. To apply students must fill out a separate financial need-based scholarship application from the College of Engineering. For more information, contact scholarship coordinator Mary-Michael McDonald at (859) 257-0569 or



Named after the longest-tenured dean in the College of Engineering’s history, the Lester Scholarship allows recipients to receive up to $12,000 for four years of college. Incoming freshmen who apply to the College of Engineering by December 1 and who meet the following criteria will automatically be offered the Lester Scholarship: Composite score of 30 on the ACT or 1340 on the old SAT (prior to March 2016) or 1390 on the new SAT (after March 2016) ACT Math score of 33 or old SAT (prior to March 2016) Math score of 760 or new SAT (after March 2016) Math score of 780 Cumulative unweighted high school grade point average of 3.50 or higher on a 4.0 scale UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY SCHOLARSHIPS

While the college offers need-based and merit-based scholarships, students should not overlook potential scholarships from UK’s Office of Academic Scholarships. For competitive academic scholarship consideration, students must complete that section of the undergraduate admission application by December 1. Early application is strongly encouraged. Visit to learn more. Schedule a visit and discuss your education financing options!

CAREER READINESS The majority of our students want to find full-time employment in an engineering-related field by the time they graduate. Don’t do your job search on your own! Our Career Development Group knows exactly what you need to impress potential employers and land the job you want. Some of the services we offer are:


Unsure what makes a great resume? Schedule an appointment with one of our Career Development Group professionals. They would love to meet you and help you craft a resume that will stand out among the competition.


Want to practice your interviewing skills in a pressure-free environment? Twice a year we bring local employer volunteers to campus for Career Connections events where you can participate in mock interviews and get valuable feedback on your resume.


Every fall and spring, between 90 and 120 employers come to UK campus ready to recruit talented engineering students for coop rotations, internships and full-time employment. There is no better way to make key connections with dozens of employers— all in the space of a couple of hours. 25

SIGN UP FOR A TODAY! We look forward to helping you get started on your journey at the University of Kentucky College of Engineering. WWW.ENGR.UKY.EDU/VISIT OR SCAN OUR SNAPCODE BELOW


Tony Colella

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Director of SEAM Honors and the Engineering Living Learning Program

Recruitment Territory: Lexington, Louisville and Northern Kentucky

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Female Initiatives

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Recruitment Territory:

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Southern Kentucky Office: (859) 257-0553

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University of Kentucky College of Engineering Viewbook 2017-18  

See a glimpse of all the University of Kentucky College of Engineering has to offer you! Included is information about our brand new First-Y...

University of Kentucky College of Engineering Viewbook 2017-18  

See a glimpse of all the University of Kentucky College of Engineering has to offer you! Included is information about our brand new First-Y...