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PARENT VOLUNTEERS ‘We loved camp so much we joined Scouting’ THE GREAT ESCAPE Why being under canvas is good for you

PRACTICAL POINTERS Tips for planning your next camp

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Welcome012 to your 2guide camping


Whether you’re busy planning your next camp, or looking for some inspiration to get you started, we hope you’ll find plenty of ideas in your exclusive camping and equipment guide. As every Scout leader knows, good teamwork is vital for a successful camping experience. So getting plenty of help and support from your Group’s mums and dads could make all the difference to your next camp – and making sure they have a brilliant time on camp can help convert occasional volunteers into brand-new Scouting champions. We look at why camping is good for all the family in ‘It’s great outdoors’ on page 4, while in ‘Why we loved camp’ (page 6) mums and dads share the experiences that inspired them to join Scouting. On page 8, you’ll find our ‘Happy campers’ action plan with all the tips and advice you need to engage helpers before, during and after camp. Wishing you and your Scouts many happy camping experiences in 2012 and beyond!

Tips from the team Hilary Galloway Editor: ‘There’s nothing worse than soggy toilet paper on camp. Cut down a large plastic drinks bottle and cut a slit through the side to pass the sheet of paper through.’

Ian Hart Art Director: ‘Don’t worry about your appearance – after a few days, everyone you’re with is just as dirty and smelly as you are, so nobody cares!’

Marion Thompson Senior Sub-editor: ‘Toy cricket stumps make great welly sticks to help keep your boots dry overnight.’

Laura McManus Adult Support Programme and Development Adviser: ‘Don’t get so bogged down in organising your camp that you forget to have fun! Get to know your parent volunteers and engage them with Scouting.’

Matthew De Abaitua The Art of Camping author: ‘You can’t do better than “Be Prepared”. We prepare all our gear and food before we go, freeze milk so it lasts longer and bring clothes for all weathers.’

Claire Sargent Writer: ‘Always keep track of where your torch is. That way you have at least some chance of finding everything else. Go for one you can easily fasten to the roof of your tent.’

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Published by The Scout Association. To advertise in next year’s camping guide, or future issues of Scouting magazine, call Richard Ellacott on 020 8962 1250


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2012 Camping guide

t A e r g s ’ t I s r o o d t u o children ntastic experience for fa a st ju ’t isn ng pi m Ca too s good for grown-ups, and young people – it’


s a Scout leader, you probably need no introduction to the joys of camp life. But what makes life under canvas such a special experience? ‘It’s a holiday in a different state of mind,’ says Matthew De Abaitua, author of The Art of Camping. ‘A break from four walls, domestic routine, the screen and the way of thinking that comes with being indoors.’ The rewards of a Scout camp for young people are obvious. ‘From a Beaver Scout spending their first night away from home, to an Explorer Scout completing their 100th night away, there are many great benefits to camp – including a sense of independence, the excitement of spending time with friends and more time for extended activities,’ says Laura McManus, Programme and Development Adviser (Adult Support). But it’s not just young people who reap the rewards – adults can benefit from the adventure too.

Back to nature

Camping gives us all an opportunity to connect with the great outdoors. Studies show that being in natural environments stimulates social interaction and cooperation between young people, helps develop autonomy and buffers the impact of stress. ‘Children love camping for the freedom it gives them,’ says Matthew. ‘They make the countryside into their playground. And even children can’t break nature!’ Indeed, there’s increasing evidence to show that we all benefit from spending

time outdoors. As little as five minutes outside has been shown to have a positive effect on mood. ‘When I’m outside all day and night, I think only of the tasks required by camp, of meals and campfires, and walks in the woods. I remember what it is to be truly alive and in the moment,’ says Matthew.

Ouality time

Camping has plenty of other emotional benefits for adults too. One recent survey found that more than half of parents don’t feel they have enough quality time as a family – so for many mums and dads, going on camp can be a good way to connect with their children and share new experiences. ‘Parents we have spoken to about attending a camp really relish spending time with their child, doing things they wouldn’t usually get to do and enjoying themselves,’ says Laura. Celebrity parents such as Blur musician Alex James and television presenter Sarah Beeny make no secret of their love of camping. And with explorers like our own Chief Scout, Bear Grylls, bringing the thrills of outdoor adventure right into our living rooms, it seems that sleeping under the stars has never been more popular. ‘The fashion for camping comes and goes, but I think this time it’s here to stay,’ says Matthew. So what better time to invite mums and dads to get involved in your next camp?


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Camping tips

Parents involved

New skills

Going on Scout camp can give your Group’s parents the opportunity to gain new experiences and skills. Many helpers report that the confidence and people skills they gain are invaluable in other areas of their life and work. And Laura stresses that they needn’t be camping experts to have fun. ‘All parents can help on camp – no experience or skills are necessary, so long as there is a tent they can borrow and someone to show them how to put it up!’ she says. ‘In fact, probably the best ingredient for a fantastic camping experience is a positive attitude, as Julia, a parent who attended 5th Carmarthen Scout Group camp, told us, “The more you put into it, the more you get out”.’

Camps are the best way to recruit more parents into Scouting – around 2,500 parents have become more active in the Movement after going on a camp. So how do you get them involved? Think about the parents already on your rota who you’d like to get more involved – what roles could you offer them at camp? Also, don’t forget to invite previous helpers back. Target parents who haven’t helped before. Spend time chatting to them after meetings to find out about their availability, skills and level of interest, and be sure to invite them along to camp. Download posters, flyers and invites to promote your camp from the Big Adventure section of the Print Centre: Wow potential recruits with a meeting showing them how brilliant camp can be. You and your Group could screen a video or slideshow of your last camp, or clips from the Scouts TV YouTube channel.


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2012 Camping guide

WHY WE P! LOVED CAM ain why going ng stories – and expltin pi m ca r ei th e ar g sh s Three parent t more involved in Scou ge to em th d ire sp in on camp

the Chris Procter enjoyed and n lto Mi , rne Sit tingbou much so p cam ut Sco District cretar y. he joined as Group Se about my ‘When we got a letter I thought p son Jack’s District cam d. Camp han g pin I’d give them a hel in the w kne I – ing was totally inspir e com to d nte wa I first few hours wd cro h wit g pin hel as ll back! As we y -da day-to management and the lly enjoyed rea I s, ng thi of g runnin g. Many of the backwoods cookin ked any thing the kids had never coo t something go lly before, so they rea

ble for out of it. Being responsi be can en ldr chi other people’s ng rni lea t bu t, firs at intimidating pire ins and te tiva mo , line to discip . Jack was them is really rewarding ned up. sig over the moon when I ta go He likes the fact we’ve par t of I’m and common interest to him. ant ort imp something that’s wait to ’t can , Ben , son My younger ghter, Millie, join, and I think my dau d friendships will, too. I’ve also forme other parents with Scout leaders and to know so – through Scouts you get nity.’ mu com many people in your

Weekend spies

red at Ingleborough Katie Oliver voluntee p and is starting District Cub Scout cam Scout Leader b Cu as an Assistant in 2012. out of interest ‘I went along on camp b and my really, as my lad is a Cu I happened and daughter is a Scout, . The camp nd eke to be free that we Cubs the all so d, was spy theme They 7. 00 be to g din were preten spirit of it, really entered into the eracting and so did I! I loved int fing bee with the children and things. of e up the imaginative sid le isib inv We got them doing to enter writing and pretending y had to feel the t tha a a radioactive are o drove young their way through. I als g expedition. people off to the climbin at fun, and the Camp was tiring, but gre p. und if you needed hel leaders were always aro by uts Sco at assisting From small beginnings g out for a night at pin hel or s, sub collecting ing a leader.’ Beavers, I’m now becom

Trying new thingsut

b Sco After helping at a Cu came a be n rto Mo dy camp, An Scout Leader. minantly ‘I went on camp predo h my kids to spend more time wit b and Cu a – my son, Archie, is vers. Bea in is ty, my daughter, Kit ped hel t jus I’d The year before like I’d put the tents up, so I felt rk, wo d har the of e done som . This fun the on t ou sed but mis nd to help. time I stayed all weeke oeing can We did wall climbing, ivities. act re pfi and the usual cam strong my ’t isn g Although cookin ed bak g kin ma up suit, I ended ple peo 40 for lli chi potatoes and at gre It’s d! die dy bo – and no s don’t to see kids who perhap of always have these kinds things. new try opportunities get to and ay, Frid ry eve I now go to Cubs , to trip g pin cam t I planned our nex HMS Belfast.’


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Camping tips

The right role

Parents tend to get more out of camp if they have a clearly defined role – here’s how to help them find it: Plan ahead: ‘We had a meeting before camp where the leaders asked us what we were interested in,’ says Katie. ‘They were quite careful where they put you, gave us a schedule and were happy to explain what we were doing, so I didn’t feel at all worried before camp.’ Find out everyone’s skill: ‘Not everyone thinks they’ve got practical skills, but I bet there’s something they’re good at, whether that’s organising, cooking, shopping or driving,’ says Chris. ‘There are loads of different things to get involved in.’ Follow up: Camp can be hectic, so catch up with parents to see how they’re getting on with their role, be flexible about who does what and be supportive: ‘Our Cub Scout Leader, Karen, is super-organised, so everyone knew what they were doing, and she managed to schedule in some free time for the parents,’ says Andy.

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2012 Camping guide


, perience for ever yone ex ng pi m ca nt ia ill br Ensure a ith our ming back for more, w co rs ee nt lu vo t ge d an xt camp and beyond action plan for your ne

Before you go

Meet up Involve parents by inviting them to

any planning meetings you’re having, and be ready to listen to their views. Make sure they’re clear about camp rules – agree them at the meeting if you like, so everyone feels they’ve had a say. Sort out your admin At a meeting before camp to familiarise helpers with the child protection policy, give them a copy of the ‘Young People First’ code of good practice (Yellow Card), and ensure any new volunteers have filled out an Occasional Helper form. Don’t forget to get additional insurance cover for extra helpers through Unity (Scout Insurance Services; Do a kit list Give your helpers a list of useful gear to bring along, and be on hand to help them track down or borrow anything they’re missing.

At camp

Be welcoming Take the time to introduce

new helpers at the start of camp, and give them their own Group scarf, so that the young people know to treat them like any other leader. Name badges can be useful, too. If you’re planning a Grand Howl or other traditional activity, teach it to the rookies so they won’t feel left out. Delegate Don’t fall into the trap of doing everything yourself, but make the most of having volunteers on hand to help. You can use your new-found free time to chat to them about Scouting – if you’re positive and enthusiastic, you’re likely to inspire them, too. Stay in touch If you have a lot of adult helpers to look after, you might want to team each new volunteer up with a buddy to show them the ropes. Or ask one leader to be responsible for looking after all the new adults and make sure they’re having fun.


Say thank you A personal message of thanks will make new helpers feel valued and encourage them to do more. Why not send them a photo of themselves at camp, or get the young people to make a card or gift? Learn from the camp Get together with the other leaders after camp to share feedback on the parents who helped, what they enjoyed and how they might get involved in the future. Follow up Try to arrange a one-to-one meeting with every parent within two months of camp. Find out how they got on and ask if they’d like to volunteer again. Get planning another camp, social event or review meeting so you’ve got something to interest them in. Keep some Change of Role forms handy, in case they want to switch from Occasional Helpers to a more formal role. Camp at a Scout Activity Centre

s for a happy A great location make to plan your ter bet ere wh camp, so of our e on next camp than at ity Centres? tiv Ac ut Sco ide nationw Crofts in Downe in Kent, Ferny – s on With seven locati Great , don Lon r ate Gre in ll Park berland, the New Forest, Gilwe um rth No in trict, Hawkhirst Tower in the Lake Dis fordshire Ox in ry lbu You d an l Bristo Woodhouse Park near perfect spot. – you’re sure to find the with provide UK volunteers s tre Cen ity tiv Ac Scout ing ng bri ’re ces, whether you high-quality experien glade, or camp in a woodland ple sim a for up your Gro tructor-led ins of e elled programm want an adrenaline-fu oss the acr s tie ivi act 50 n re tha adventures. With mo lls like traditional Scouting ski centres, ranging from s plenty of plu , res wi zip d an mbing shelter-building to cli reasons re mo are re der events, the badge courses and lea 2. 201 in tre Cen ity tiv ut Ac than ever to visit a Sco will work d international staff Knowledgeable UK an ether you’re wh ed, ne you as le as litt with you as much or all elements confident in running an experienced leader re support. mo e lik o’d wh er inn beg yourself, or a complete c /sa Find out more at ww


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Camping tips

p If you are using a cam e u’r yo s, nt to recruit pare g participating in The Bi y’s ur sb in Sa e. Adventur ring Active Kids is sponso 12 The Big Adventure 20

great success Last year was another with thousands for The Big Adventure, involved. It g tin of young people get nit y for many rtu po op was also a great fantastic Active ir the off w Groups to sho Kids equipment.

Tell your helpers about Adventure News, the monthly email newsletter aimed at parents of young people in Scouting: subscribe

Up for the Adventure?

helped How Active Kids has your Group

nated lots of In 2011, Active Kids do n 4,0 00 Groups, equipment to more tha ther great year ano and 2012 is set to be l be ideas for wil re to get involved. The p cooking to cam and games, activities ed. ain ert ent keep everyone to keep up For more information and Active Kids, visit to date with all things /activekids ww

Great location s Amazing staff Right choice

• Residential experiences, from camping to indoor lodges. • Over 50 activities across our centres • NEW for 2012 – badge, award and training courses for young people and leaders Visit the website for centre contact details and to request a brochure. Operated by The Scout Association Registered Charity Number: 306101 (England and Wales) and SC038437 (Scotland)

90.9 AC Generic Advert Scouting mag 2011.indd 2

8-9_Camping12v2.indd 9 Tel: 0845 300 2549


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adventurous activities in

Wales, across Europe & Morocco

WHEN QUALITY AND PROFESSIONALISM COUNTS Contact Pro-Active Adventure Office Tel: 01588 630123/630323

Mobile: 07866 630123

Email: Web:

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We have many more adrenaline activities to suit all ages

Mobile High Ropes Climb up to the 4m platform to complete the 12 testing elements

To find out more go online: or call us: 01829 261 313/07807 189 330

ExtremeAdv_Guiding_Spring2011.indd 1

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Looking forward to meeting new Scouting friends and old in 2012

17/01/2011 14:58 Waddecarr_Scouts_CSupp_2011.indd 1

12/10/2011 17:29

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Scout discount: Yes 028 9069 4161 •

Open: All year round Price camping (per person): £2 Maximum group size: 100 Indoor accommodation: No Suitable for survival camping: Yes

WALTON FIRS ACTIVITY CENTRE Convent lane, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 1HB Owned and managed by Walton Firs Foundation


PACCAR Scout Camp is set in the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside It is ideally placed for day trips to Central London and Olympic venues Greater London Middlesex West Scouts

opes Course

Events In 2012

Warm & Friendly Welcome 3 Accommodation Buildings, 30 acres of Camping Ground Activities, Open Fires & Easily Accessible

February Freezer Camp 24th—26th Feb

Wardens: Sue & Dave McIntosh 01932 8632243 Email:

Jubilee Activity Camp 4th – 8th June Booking now at

Walton Firs are pleased to welcome Scouts

07 189330

Please while welcome Scouts, Please notenote thatthat while wewe welcome Scouts, this centre is this centreneither is neither owned by The Scout Association owned nornor runrun by The Scouts Association Tel—01753-882640 Email—

16/11/2010 16:28

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Black Rock Outdoors Outdoor Activities in Somerset

07860 586655 • • • • • • • • •

High Ropes Archery Kayaking Canoeing Climbing Caving Mountain Biking Raft Building Low Ropes

• • • • • • • • •

Team Building Walking Navigation Slacklining Water Zorbs Bridge Building Survival Skills Residential Parties


21/10/2011 16:39


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2012 Camping guide




A country atmosphere – yet only five miles from Edinburgh city centre. Located at the edge of the Pentland Hills. • • • • • • • • • •

Accommodation Activities Camping Team Building Training Special Needs Centre Places to visit in Edinburgh Easy Access Day Visits Friendly welcome!

Gateway to the Yorkshire Dales Buildings sleeping 20, 32 & 43 in 13 acres + wide range of Activities

P 0131 441 1878 E W

Full details at



NORTH Activities include: • Zip Wire • Archery • Obstacle course • Climbing Wall • Canoeing • Crate Climb etc.

The Centre’s activities are staffed by qualified and experienced instructors. All safety equipment is provided and regularly tested to national standards.

Tel:0114 246 7912 Email:


HesleyWood_Scouting_OctNov_2011.indd 1

Classified.indd 4

Up for the adventure? 26/08/2011 10:53

14/11/2011 15:16

Directory MIDLANDS


Drum Hill Scout Camp

Gradbach Scout Camp

17 Hectares of woodland and camping fields 2 Pack Holiday Centres and a 10 Bed Residential unit

Farmhouse, Cottage & Camping

Little Eaton Derbyshire

Buxton, Derbyshire

Activity building – Abseiling – Climbing - Archery Rifle Shooting - Mountain Bike Skills - Orienteering Low Ropes Course - Adventure Courses - Altar Fires Attractions Within Easy Reach The Peak District - Carsington Water - Alton Towers Chatsworth House - The National Tramway Museum

The “Natural Playground” site, located in the beautiful Peak District Ideal for Walking, Climbing, Caving, Canoeing, Alton Towers, DofE Expeditions and Traditional Scouting. New Toilet / Shower block now open Border Hike Competition Weekend 21st-23rd September 2012

Telephone: 01332 831233

Telephone: 01260 227679





Gradbach/DrumHill.indd 1

10/10/2011 15:32

On the edge of the Peak District

BARNSWOOD CAMP has 23 secluded camping glades in deep woodland with easy parking nearby, good toilet facilities. Good local climbing areas, low ropes course, orienteering course, water activities on Rudyard Lake. Hiking and Caving in the Peak Park. Alton Towers down the road.

For info: 01260 270205

Then visit The Scout Association Scout Activity Centres Barnswood_Scouting.indd 1

Classified.indd 5


05/04/2011 11:49

14/11/2011 15:16

2012 Camping guide



Burton upon Trent

Needwood Forest Scout Campsite


Centrally heated, fully equipped, 28 bed building, plus 2 acres woodland & 2 acres field. Central to Peak District National Park. Cannock Chase, Alton Towers, Waterworld, Drayton Manor Park, Snowdome and Twycross Zoo.

Looking for a base to explore Snowdonia? Look no further!

Campsite + bunkhouses. Hot and cold showers and toilets. Scouts welcome.

Tel: 01690 720276

For full details telephone Brian Reeves 01283 546536

Visit ‘The Old School Lodge’ - Deiniolen Four miles from Llanberis and the foot of Snowdon this Scout owned and managed lodge is suitable for all ages. The centre can accommodate up to 38 people in 8 en-suite bunk rooms and 2 twin bedded rooms. Resident warden. For details on prices and a booking form visit out site: or contact the booking secretary on 0151 632 4943


Rhos-y-Gwaliau Outdoor Education Centre Snowdonia National Park, North Wales


60 bed centre for hire. Prices from £15pppn Full board and a wide range of activities available. Tel: 01678 520395 Email:


RYG_CampingSupp_Dec11Jan12.indd 1

10/11/2011 09:54

Our 148 bed centre is just 5 mins walk from the famous Pendine Sands. We offer full board accommodation as well as B&B, self catering or camping. We offer a wide range of activities for all ages and abilities including climbing, ropes courses, canoeing, bushcraft and have an oak roundhouse to seat 50 with fire pit on our 4 acre site. Open all year round.

Website: Email: Telephone: 01994 453659

Yr Hafod 09/11/2011 The Scout Mountaineering Centre In the heart of Snowdonia

Carmarthenshire_Scouts_CampSupp_2012.indd 1

16:09 16

Classified.indd 6

Up for the adventure?

14/11/2011 15:17

Directory WALES

SOUTH WEST CHELWOOD SCOUT CAMPSITE - SOMERSET If you are looking for a quiet, peaceful, traditional Camp Site with flush toilets and water points you have found it. We have 30 secluded acres surrounded by woodland on the edge of the Mendip Hills. Ideally situated for Britsol, Bath, Westonsuper-Mare, with opportunites for caving, climbing and canoeing within half an hours drive. Wood supplies available as well as a barn for alternative wet weather cover. Full details: Barrie Dunn - Warden, Chelwood Camp Site, 1st Keynsham Scouts, Orchard House, 20 Chandag Road, KEYNSHAM, Bristol BS31 1NR Tel: 0117 986 3791 • Fax: 0117 986 8068


Come Camping @ Hautbois * 7 campsites to choose from * 28 acres to explore * 20+ on-site activities to try * NEW Eco Village coming soon!

SOUTH EAST Chelwood_Scouts_DecJan12.indd 1 12/10/2011 10:42


W: T : 01603 737 357 E :

CENTRAL Alfrey Activity Centre - BROADWATER Indoor and Outdoor Accommodation All Year On Site Activities - Absieling, Climbing, Air Rifles, Archery, Assault Course, Crate Stacking, Trampolines, Aerial Runway, Greasy Pole, Go Karts, and Pond Dipping. Located near the centre of England, between Birmingham and Coventry. Close to several major motorways. 07914 596233

14 acre activity centre close to London (will be 15 mins by tube to main 2012 Olympic venues) Three camping fields with toilet & shower facilities Indoor accom. with 24 beds and kitchen Further hall with good kitchen & sleeping mats on request Climbing to go karts, traverse to archery Water sports, cycling and boulder climbing near by

Tel. Warden on 0208 590 0962 or Email:

.. book now for 2012!

More details can be found at:


• • • • • • •

26/10/2011 10:19

Warrene e n o t s d a entr Bro Activity C & Scout Site

rest Ashdown Fo ated in the tu si is . te ex si The h of Suss in the Nort woodland, s of mixed re ac 0 ing, 40 st almo s for camp The site is ividual area d in f o y et s. ing with a vari ber of build and a num ude: cl in ailable ing, Activities av , Orienteer g n ili se b A l, al e W b u g C bin es – Archery, Clim Low Ropes, High Rop , ts, Grass ar K al d Pioneering Pe Stacking, te limbing, ra C C e, ee rs Cou Coconut Tr , es ifl Wire… R ir A se Wall, Zip Sledging, ling, Traver o H t Po ion: , at g Swimmin more inform for

our website

newarren w.broadsto

Please visit


RH18 5JS , East Sussex Forest Row 2573

Tel: 01342 82



iries@ Email: enqu

Then visit The Scout Association Scout Activity Centres

Classified.indd 7


14/11/2011 15:17

2012 Camping guide



Chigwell Row


141 Lambourne Road IG7 6EN



• 56 Acres of Essex countryside with easy access to London

7 acres of camping area set in 47 acres of woodland near Watford Herts. Accomodation blocks sleeping 28 & 22 people. Activities include climbing, archery,shooting, assault course, orienteering, nature trail.

• Three self catering holiday homes; equipped/ unequipped campsites; flush toliets, showers. Available Long/Short stay • Day or evening visits/activity events • On site activities include Climbing, Abseiling, Crate Challenge, Archery, Pedal Karts, Trampolines, Zip Line, Splash Pool, Grass Sledges

Contact S.Leach 01923 233281


Scout Campsite & Activity Centre

Chigwell_Scouting.indd 1

Over 30 On-Site Activities

14/10/2011 15:58

. forgeotd..& don’t o w s l phase rs in 2012 tolme

Hertfordshire Scouts Premier Activity Centres

Only 20 minuets from the Olympic Village Tel: 01442 252851 Tel: 01707 872900

3 Pack Holiday Centres

see page 18 in the main issue now!

Tel: 01277 212784


023 8040 5151




Haringey District Scout Park Gordon Road London N11 2PB

Eight-acre site near underground for exploring Central London. Ideal Re-ope for Pack/Troop/Unit Camping. Patrol n Autum s camp. Beaver Fun Days. Indoor Outdoor Centre n Accommodation for 36+ with hall 2011 kitchen. Good toilets and shower facilities plus special need toilet. Climbing Wall/Archery/Rifle Range/ Pioneering/Canoes – Nature Watch centre. Large Hall and kitchen for World class, indoor and outdoor events. Meeting Rooms and Wi - Fi. activities in North Hampshire For details please visit Tel: 020 8883 4375 t. 01590 623903

Runway’s End

Runway’s End Outdoor Centre



Fully equipped camping and HARINGEY_SCOUTING_AUGSEPT2011.indd 06/07/2011 1 12:35

activity centre for all, on 120 acres of Sussex woodland and grass. P Camping P Climbing P Abseiling P Archery

P Swimming P Zip wire P Orienteering P Grass sledging

P Team building P Canoeing/Kayaking P Crate challenge And more… 01342 810 493 18

Classified_AdvertBlackland.indd 1

Classified.indd 8

DUKE OF EDINBURGH’S AWARD Accredited Assessor for any Bronze, Silver or Gold DOE expedition in the UK in 2012. Qualified teacher and first aider with enhanced CRB. Please phone James on 01277 889708 or email for more details.

Visit The Scout Association Scout Activity Centres 14/07/2011 15:01

14/11/2011 15:17

Belchamps Scout Activity Centre Hawkwell in Essex New for 2012

Fully catered Packages Water Zorbs Wobbly Pole Ladder Challenge Pond Dipping Geocaching 3 Tented Villages And much more! nt? e r e f f g di ur n i h t o ome a site t s r e fo ing and tak k o Lo e Com

Big Events at great prices Scout Badge Weekend Winter Camp Beaver Sleepover Summer Activity Week Spooky Activity Day Fireworks Activity Weekend Tel: 01702 562690 E:

Belchamps_Scouts_cmapingSupp.indd IBC_CampingSupp_2012 copy.indd 2 1

01/11/2011 11/11/2011 10:28 10:49

Camping Supplement 2012  

UK Scouting