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Uinta Academy

Wellsville, UT, United States

Families come to Uinta Academy seeking therapeutic assistance for their children when they are suffering from a range of issues, including the effects of trauma, mood disorders, difficulty acquiring social skills, and struggles in academic and personal life. Secondary concerns related to these conditions can also be addressed. Uinta's approach emphasizes the development of strong relationships between caretakers and their children as a primary component of successful long-term treatment. This is achieved through family-style settings in which residents learn healthy relationship habits with both staff members and other individuals living in their home. Our program consists of two houses: one for youth aged 12-17 and another for young adults aged 18-21. We also have a transition house where residents have the opportunity to hone their self-autonomy and responsibility as they complete their treatment programs. All our homes use the Teaching Family Model as part of daily activities; this model has been approved by the American Psychological Association as an evidence-based approach to residential treatment that promotes skill building, relationship development, mindfulness and independence.