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Northern Region Convention 2019

Welcome to Northern Region Convention 2019

This conference reflects the ‘discuss’ phase of our three-year strategy; listen in year 1, discuss this year and propose next year. The agenda is rich with opportunities to discuss your ideas and help us develop the National Party’s policies for the 2020 election. Unlike the current Government, we will be ready when we win office in 2020 and we won’t need endless working groups which come at huge cost. Your contribution this weekend to this effort is greatly appreciated. Last year we deferred our conference due to the by-election in Northcote. This year we’re delighted to be back in the beautiful Bay of Islands at historic Waitangi. I hope you take the opportunity to enjoy this outstanding and rather special corner of NZ. Welcome!

Andrew Hunt Northern Regional Chairperson


Northern Region Convention 2019

Index Welcome - Regional Chair.........................................................................................................................1 Index........................................................................................................................................................ 2 Agenda .................................................................................................................................................... 3 Leader's Message………………………………………………………………………… …………………….6 Co Options............................................................................................................................................... 7 Standing Orders ...................................................................................................................................... 8 Constitutional Motions ........................................................................................................................... 12 Remits……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..15 Reports .................................................................................................................................................. 18 Regional Chairperson’s Report ......................................................................................................... 19 Bluegreens ........................................................................................................................................ 21 Chinese Advisory Group ................................................................................................................... 23 IndoNats ............................................................................................................................................ 24 Kahurangi Nationals…………………………………………………………………………………………..25 Korean Sector Group ........................................................................................................................ 27 National Professionals.........................................................................................................................28 Northern Young Nationals ................................................................................................................. 29 Pacific Blues...................................................................................................................................... 30 Pinoys Go National............................................................................................................. ............... 31 Regional Policy Committee ............................................................................................................... 32 SuperBlues........................................................................................................................................ 33 Women’s Advisory Group.................................................................................................................. 34 Nominations for Northern Regional Offices.............................................................................................35 Regional Chair.....................................................................................................................................36 Policy Chair..........................................................................................................................................37 Deputy Regional Chairs (7)..................................................................................................................38 List Ranking (7)....................................................................................................................................45


Northern Region Convention 2019

Agenda Friday 24 May 2019 4.30pm

Registration Opens



Welcome Cocktails

Hosted by Northland


Registration Desk Closes


Saturday 25 May 2019 7.15am

Pink Ribbon Breakfast with Hon Nikki Kaye – Ticketed Event

Rangatira Room


Registration Desk Opens




Treaty 1 + 2

Opened by Matt King, Hon Pita Parone 9.10am

Leader’s Address

Treaty 1 + 2

Hon Simon Bridges 9.40am

Have your Say Policy Development / REMITS

Treaty 1 & 2

Hon Nick Smith/ Darren Ward 10.20am

Morning Tea

Treaty 1 & 2


A changing trade world-Brexit, China, India, US

Treaty 1

Simon O’ Connor, Hon Tim Macindoe, Dr Jian Yang A practical approach to Climate Change

Treaty 2

Todd Muller, Chris Severne 11.25am

Policy Workshop 1 - Safer NZ

Treaty 1

Hon Mark Mitchell, Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi, Chris Penk Policy Workshop 2 - Stronger Kiwi business, Better jobs for Treaty 2 Kiwis Hon Paul Goldsmith, Dr Parmjeet Parmar, Agnes Loheni Policy Workshop 3 - Youth & Community

Rangatira Room

Hon Alfred Ngaro, Dr Shane Reti, Hon Nikki Kaye 12.05pm

Policy Workshop 4 - Building NZ

Treaty 1

Hon Judith Collins, Simon O’Connor, Andrew Bayly Policy Workshop 5 – Drug Reform - a high time to review Treaty 2 drug policy Hon Paula Bennett, Simeon Brown Policy Workshop 6 - Greener NZ Hon Scott Simpson, Dr Parmjeet Parmar, Erica Stanford, Chris


Rangatira Room

Northern Region Convention 2019 Severne





What Wellbeing means to National (Live streamed)

Treaty 1 + 2

Hon Amy Adams, Chaired by Dan Bidois 2.30pm

Stretch Break


Party Development Workshop 1 electorates

Reset rooms -

Building stronger Treaty 1

Alex Foan, Mark Darrow, Gwen Bull Party Development Workshop 2 - Winning Formula for Local Treaty 2 Govt Candidates Denise Lee, Simeon Brown Party Development Workshop 3 - SuperBlues 2019

Rangatira Room

Hon Maggie Barry, Dr Lee Mathias 3.30pm

Party Development Workshop 4 communities in NZ

Connecting with Asian Treaty 1

Kanwaljit Bakshi, Paulo Garcia, Dr Jian Yang, Melissa Lee Party Development Workshop 5 Readiness

Electorate Campaign Treaty 2

Greg Hamilton, Andrew Hunt Party Development Workshop 6 - Preparing for the Auckland Rangatira 2022 local Government elections Mike Walsh 4.20pm

SIG Meeting-Pinoys, IndoNats, BlueDragons, Young Nats, Nat Treaty 1 Pros, Korean, SuperBlues, Bluegreens, Kahurangi National Alastair Bell, Andrew Hunt


Dinner (Ticketed Event)

Waimahi Venue

Sunday 26 May 2019 7.30am

Electorate Chairs’ Breakfast – Closed Session

Rangatira Room


Excellence in NZ Education

Treaty 1

Hon Nikki Kaye, Dr Shane Reti Q&A above Chaired by Mike Warren – Principal Springbank School A Roadway to Northland-Regional Policy Hon Paul Goldsmith, Matt King Q&A above Chaired by Wayne Weber, Whitelaw Weber Ltd


Treaty 2

Northern Region Convention 2019 9.30am

Regional AGM – including officer elections – Closed Session

Treaty 1 & 2


Stretch Break

Treaty 1 & 2



Treaty 1 + 2


Winning from the opposition benches (making an impact in Treaty 1 & 2 opposition) Hon Alfred Ngaro interviews Hon Paul Goldsmith, Hon Judith Collins, Melissa Lee and Simeon Brown


Towards 2020

Treaty 1 + 2

Hon Paula Bennett 12.40pm


Treaty 1 + 2

This year, our conference represents the ‘Discuss’ phase of our three-year strategy “Listen, Discuss, Propose” We’ve created an agenda that’s rich with discussion topics and we encourage you to ask questions and connect with other members and with MPs in the sessions and in the hotel bars and cafes. The opportunity is yours to have your say and share your ideas. Sessions in grey are closed to the media.


Northern Region Convention 2019

Leader’s Message I’m pleased to welcome everyone to the 2019 Upper North Island Regional Conference. It is a great privilege to be here in the beautiful Bay of Islands talking about the issues that matter to this region like housing, transport and unemployment. Those of you who drove here from Auckland probably had some time to reflect on the disappointment that the Government has axed our Road of National Significance, a four lane highway between Whangarei and Auckland, a vital project that would unlock the region’s economic growth. This part of New Zealand, as beautiful as it is, is disproportionately affected by youth unemployment. There are 100,000 young Kiwis not in employment, education or training, the highest in almost a decade. If the Government has a $3 billion slush fund to spend on the regions, it should be creating opportunities for young people in regions like Northland. Our Better Public Service targets would have helped the Government invest taxpayers’ money in the right areas to get the best outcomes and reduce youth employment. The Government’s anti-growth policies are driving National to ensure our team is in the strongest possible position to form a Government at the 2020 election. We have a strong caucus who has what it takes to hold this Government to account, to listen to New Zealanders and to develop new policies for the 2020s. The energy of all 55 of our MPs is focused on the role of Opposition, taking on the Government and driving innovation and policies in the best interests of New Zealand. This year we’re undertaking the most significant policy development process by an Opposition in over a decade, and ensuring New Zealanders can have their say with the release of eight policy discussion documents. We will be sticking to our core principles, like ensuring New Zealanders can keep more of what they earn and providing world-class public services. We’ll also propose some new thinking for discussion, and take the feedback on board. National has a proven track record as competent managers of the economy. A strong economy encourages fosters small businesses and creates jobs. We know housing is a major issue, and we’ll be putting forward our reform of the Resource Management Act. The RMA is key to increasing the supply of housing and in turn providing more affordable housing. We are doing the work now so that should we earn the right to govern again in 2020 we will hit the ground running. On behalf of the National Party caucus, I’d like to thank you for your dedication, hard work and support. Your contribution is critical to our success in the Upper North Island. The National Caucus wants to hear your thoughts and insights so please take the opportunity to share them this weekend. I hope you enjoy this year’s conference – have a great weekend.

Best wishes,


Northern Region Convention 2019 Hon Simon Bridges National Party Leader

Co-Options During the Regional Annual General Meeting, a motion will be moved: “That in accordance with long standing tradition this Convention co-opts the following to the Northern Convention for 2019-2020, provided they are Party members and resident in the Region� Former Northern Region MPs Rt Hon Sir William Birch

Warren Kyd

Dr Cam Calder

Rt Hon Sir Don McKinnon

Hon John Carter

Hon Tony Ryall

Rt Hon Sir Douglas Graham

Hon Dr Wayne Mapp

Hon Marie Hasler

Hon Murray McCully

Hon Phil Heatley

Rt Hon Dame Jenny Shipley

Dr Paul Hutchison

Dr Rt Hon Sir Lockwood Smith

Rt Hon Sir John Key

Hon Clem Simich

Hon Dr Jonathon Coleman

Hon Pansy Wong

Hon Christine Fletcher

Hon Steven Joyce

Ian Revell

Rt Hon Sir Jim McLay

Former Senior Party Officers Alastair Bell

Richard Yates

Michelle Boag

Cheryl Parsons

John Collinge

Margaret Tapper

Maureen Eardley-Wilmot

Stephanie McMillan

Bruce Eliott

John Slater

Peter Kiely


Northern Region Convention 2019

Standing Orders The Standing Orders are detailed below and are for the conduct of all meetings within the Northern Region of the New Zealand National Party 2019 - 2020. 1. CHAIRPERSON TO BE ADDRESSED A delegate desiring to speak shall address the Chairperson and shall give his/her name and the Electorate/Group he/she represents. 2. CHAIRPERSON’S CALL TO SPEAK When two or more delegates rise to speak, it shall be at the discretion of the Chairperson which delegate shall speak first. 3. MOTION/POLICY PROPOSAL A motion/policy proposal shall not be debated until seconded, the mover being allowed three minutes, with two minutes for right of reply (if exercised). All other speakers have two minutes. After a motion/policy proposal has been seconded, the Chairperson shall call for a speaker against the remit, then alternate speakers for and against. 4. EXTENSION OF TIME Any speaker (other than a mover and seconder of a motion/policy proposal) having exhausted the time allowed, may be granted, at the discretion of the Chairperson, an extension of not more than one minute. The motion for extension (when moved and seconded) shall be voted on by the meeting without debate. The mover and the seconder of a motion/policy proposal shall not be entitled to an extension of time. 5. AMENDMENTS Amendments must be relevant to the motion/policy proposal before the meeting and shall not be debated until seconded. Notice of any amendment must be in writing and handed to the Chairperson of the meeting before the amendment is put. When an amendment has been moved and seconded, no further amendments shall be moved until the first has been disposed of. Further amendments may then be moved. The mover of a single motion/policy proposal or part of a composite motion/policy proposal may seek leave of the meeting to amend the wording of the motion/policy proposal before debate takes place by: Giving notice of such change(s) to the Chairperson of the meeting, in writing, before the commencement of the particular session at which the motion/remit is to be discussed and Gaining the leave of the meeting. (“Leave of the Meeting” means consent of the majority of the meeting.) 6. RIGHT OF REPLY The right of reply may be claimed only by the mover of the motion/policy proposal and may only be exercised at the end of the debate on the motion/ policy proposal. If a mover speaks for a second time in debate on the motion/ policy proposal it shall be as if he/she has exercised his/her right of reply, in which case the motion/policy proposal shall be put immediately to the vote. The mover and seconder of the motion/policy proposal may speak in the debate on any amendment but may not move or second an amendment. The right of reply may still be claimed should the mover be called on to answer a question, or when the mover gives his/her verbal approval to a minor change in grammar or syntax. The mover of an amendment has no right of reply.


Northern Region Convention 2019 7. WITHDRAWAL OF MOTIONS/ POLICY PROPOSAL OR AMENDMENTS A motion/policy proposal for which notice has been given or has been moved and seconded shall not be withdrawn without the leave of the meeting. 8. MATTERS OF URGENCY In the case of urgency, of which the Chairperson shall be the sole judge, it shall be competent for the Chairperson to move from the chair or to accept for debate, motions/policy proposals of which no previous notice has been given to delegates. 9. NO DELEGATE TO SPEAK TWICE All speeches must be relevant to the motion/ policy proposal or amendment under discussion. No delegate may speak twice to the same question except at the absolute discretion of the Chairperson. A delegate who has already spoken may, by permission of the Chairperson, explain or clear up any misunderstanding. (See paragraph 11.) 10. POINT OF ORDER Any delegate may, at any time during the meeting, raise a “point of order”. A point of order must only refer to the procedure of the meeting or to these standing orders. A point of order is debatable and must be ruled by the Chairperson. Any point of order which refers to the subject matter of any debate in progress shall be disallowed. If a point of order is raised the delegate addressing the meeting shall at once resume his/her seat and the question of order be disposed of before the subject be resumed or any other subject entered upon. 11. MISREPRESENTATION OR MISQUOTATION If a previous speaker in a debate believes he/she has been misrepresented or misquoted he/she must immediately rise to a “point of order” and state that he/she has been misrepresented or misquoted and indicate the correction. 12. VOTING All delegates shall vote as individuals. Voting by proxy is not permitted. Voting on all motions/policy proposals shall be on the voices or by a show of hands, unless a majority of delegates present request a ballot. Voting on procedural motions shall be by voices. 13. ELECTION OF OFFICERS Voting for the election of officers shall be by written ballot. Where there are several vacancies for an elected position, the ballot paper for the position(s) shall be invalid unless a vote is recorded for the full number required. The voting figures for all elected positions shall be declared by the Chairperson. 14. CASTING VOTE In addition to a deliberative vote, the Chairperson may exercise a casting vote for all motions/policy proposals. If in an election two or more candidates tie with the same number of votes the winner shall be determined by the Chairperson’s casting vote.

15. COMPOSITE MOTION/REMIT PROCEDURE a) The mover of each part of the motion/policy proposal shall be asked to move his or her part and immediately speak to it. b) A seconder shall be called for after the speech of the mover of each part. A seconder may speak at this time or indicate to the Chairperson his/her reserve/right to speak later. c) Subsequent speakers may speak to any part of the motion/policy proposal they wish to but they must identify the part they are referring to. In the course of a speech, speakers


Northern Region Convention 2019 may refer to more than one part but may not speak more than once in the debate on the total motion/policy proposal d) An amendment to any part or the whole of a composite motion/policy proposal shall be allowed on the following basis: i.

Proposed amendment(s) must be in writing and tabled with the Chairperson before discussion;

ii. An amendment may be spoken to by the mover, and the seconder of the amendment. Other speakers may speak for and against the amendment; iii. More than one amendment may be moved on a composite motion/policy proposal. Only one amendment shall be under discussion at one time; iv. A speaker, other than the mover and seconder of the motion/policy proposal, may move more than one amendment, but not before discussion on the amendment before the meeting is disposed of; v. Each amendment shall be put to the vote at the end of discussion on that amendment. e) Movers of each part of the motion/policy proposal shall be allowed a right of reply. Where there have been no speakers (apart from the mover and seconder), speaking for or against any part of the motion/policy proposal, the Chairperson may in the interest of time preclude the mover(s) from exercising their right of reply. f)

Voting shall take place on the individual parts of the motion/ policy proposal with each part thereafter being treated as an individual resolution.

16. (A) FORMAL MOTIONS/POLICY PROPOSALS All motions/policy proposals or amendments moved under paragraph (a) - (d) inclusive may be moved by any delegate, except the mover or seconder of the main motion or amendment. The mover or seconder of a motion/ policy proposal, in the whole or part, may not move or second an amendment, but may speak for or against it. A Mover and Seconder can vote against the motion/ policy proposal. 16. (B) PROCEDURAL MOTIONS: A person moving a procedural motion does not require the Chairperson’s call. Procedural motions have precedence over motions/policy proposals under discussion and any amendment under consideration. More than one procedural motion may be before the meeting at one time. a)

Closure “That the question be now put”.

This motion does not require a seconder, is not debatable, but is subject to acceptance by the Chairperson if he/she does not consider sufficient discussion has taken place. The Chairperson can put the question without a motion from the floor. Should the closure be carried, the Chairperson must call on the mover of the original motion/ policy proposal to reply to the debate, and then forthwith put the original motion/ policy proposal. If there is an amendment before the Chairperson, the closure applies to the amendment only. b) Next Business “That the meeting proceed to the next business”. A seconder is not required. The Chairperson has discretion to refuse this motion. Discussion is not in order. If carried, the position is as if the amendment had been defeated. If lost the discussion shall resume. c) Adjournment of Debate “That the debate be adjourned”. A seconder is required. This motion may be debated but is amendable only as to time, date and place. If carried the meeting shall proceed to the next business reverting to the


Northern Region Convention 2019 adjourned debate at the time, date and place specified in the resolution. If the resolution is lost, discussion on the original motion resumes. The mover has a right of reply. d) To lie on the Table “That the question lie on the table�. A seconder is not required. The Chairperson has discretion to refuse this motion. Discussion is not in order. If carried, the original motion and any amendment are both laid on the table. 17. RULING OF THE CHAIRPERSON A delegate shall have the right at all times to contest the ruling of the Chairperson. The ruling of the Chairperson shall be final on all points of order and procedure which may arise. 18. ATTENDANCE AT POLICY PROPOSAL AND FORUM COMMITTEES Electorate delegates to Northern Convention should be spread as evenly as practicable over forum committees. Delegates entitled to be present in another capacity, e.g. Deputy Regional Chairpersons, MPs, Co-optees etc., are not counted in the Electorate numbers, for this purpose. 19. ITEMS OF GENERAL BUSINESS Any items of General Business to be raised at the AGM are to be provided in writing to the Regional Chair no later that 12 hours prior to the meeting.


Northern Region Convention 2019

Constitutional Motions NORTHERN REGION - CONSTITUTIONAL MOTIONS 2019-2020 A. Regional Convention - known as the Northern Convention THAT the Constitution of the Northern Convention comprises: a)

Ten delegates from each electorate plus additional delegates as provided by the incentive scale based on membership, plus ten delegates each from duly approved Special Interest Group operating in the Region, including ten delegates from the Regional Young Nationals Committee plus


Members of Parliament and Candidates duly selected in the Northern Region plus


Members of Regional Council plus


Those members appointed as Co-optees to Convention at the preceding Convention.

THAT Electorate Representation at Northern Convention comprises: a)

Only financial members of the Party are eligible to vote or be a Delegate; plus


Delegates may appoint a substitute under Rule 17 if unable to attend; plus

c) The incentive representation (Capped at 5 additional delegates) shall entitle electorates to: One additional delegate for membership at 250; OR Two additional delegates for membership at 500; OR Three additional delegates for membership at 750; OR Four additional delegates for membership at 1000; OR Five additional delegates for membership at 1250. Membership as verified by the Party at 31 December in the year preceding Regional Convention. B. Northern Regional Council THAT the Regional Council be responsible to Northern Convention for the running of the affairs of the Region AND shall comprise the following with full speaking & voting rights: a) Regional Chairperson and each other member of the Regional Leadership Team; plus b) All Electorate Chairpersons (with right to substitute if unable to attend in person); plus c) Three Northern MPs, duly elected by the MPs, Northern Region; plus d) Chairpersons of all Regional Committees and Chairpersons of approved Special Interest Groups active in the Region. Such Committees in May 2019 are Policy, Young Nationals, SuperBlues, Bluegreens, Chinese Advisory Group= Blue Dragons, Pinoys Go National, Women’s Advisory Group, IndoNats, Korean Group, Pacific Blues, Kahurangi National e)

Members of National Board resident in the Northern Region unless co-opted to another Region; plus


Additional members co-opted as required provided that the Electorate Chairpersons make up the majority of the eligible voting members of the Regional Council.

AND THAT the following shall have attendance and speaking rights at Council meetings: a) The Electorate Secretary or another Electorate representative as may be appointed by an Electorate Executive from time to time b) Other Members of Parliament, Northern Region c) Such other Party members that Regional Council may wish to invite C. Regional Leadership Team


Northern Region Convention 2019 THAT the Regional Leadership Team be responsible to Regional Council for the day to day running of the affairs of the Region and comprises a) Regional Chairperson and the seven Deputy Chairpersons / Regional Advisors; plus b) Two members, either being an Electorate Chairperson or a Special Interest Group Chairperson ( at least one of the two must be an Electorate Chairperson ), elected by a combined meeting of the Electorate Chairpersons and Special Interest Group Chairpersons of Northern Region; plus c) Chairperson of Regional Policy Committee; plus d) Senior Whip (when from the Northern Region) or if not from the Northern Region, then a member of Caucus elected by the Northern Region members of Caucus; plus e) Power to co-opt up to four members - where approved by the Regional Chairperson. D. Regional Policy Committee THAT The Regional Policy Committee meetings are open to all financial members THAT the Policy Committee voting delegates on a formal ballot shall be: a) The Regional Policy Chairperson and all other members of the Regional Leadership Team; plus b) Up to two representatives (additional to (a) appointed by each Electorate at the electorate Annual General Meeting (with right to substitute if unable to attend in person).


Northern Region Convention 2019

Waitangi Treaty Grounds and Te Kongahu Museum of Waitangi As we are holding our regional conference in this hallowed part of New Zealand, we encourage you to take the opportunity to experience everything the Waitangi Treaty Grounds have to offer by day. The grounds are located adjacent to the Copthorne Hotel where the conference is being held. Step back in time and discover the birthplace of our nation; as you journey through the expansive grounds, with spectacular views over the Bay of Islands, you will walk in footsteps of the people who changed history. Discover the momentous events that shaped New Zealand and let the informed guides enhance your experience with their knowledge. Vital information for you to know: Tours are 50 mins duration Depart at 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm daily. A reduced ticket price of $20.00 per person has been offered to our conference guests For groups of more than 10 people, we can arrange a private guided tour which could depart anytime from 9am, latest time being 4pm. Accessibility- boardwalks and paths provide a foundation for moving comfortably from one icon to another; there is a lift between the ground floor and first floor and wheelchairs are available for use if required. For additional information, visit their website We will be taking names for these tours at the conference registration desk once you arrive in Paihia


Northern Region Convention 2019

Remits In consultation with the Regional Policy Chair Darren Ward, we have selected six remits to be debated on the floor at Convention. These will be debated in accordance with standing orders, included in these notes. Key points to highlight:   

Any amendments to the remits are to be provided in writing to the chairperson prior to the meeting. Each speaker is to speak to a remit only once, with the exception of the proposer’s right of reply. Speaking times are three minutes to move the motion, and two minutes for any subsequent speaker.

Soapbox: Speakers will have up to two minutes to pitch their idea on any topic. No topics will be debated, although subsequent speakers may address topics raised earlier. Only one soapbox per member will be permitted. Remits for Debating The remits below that have been selected for debating on the main Convention floor. We were not able to include all remits, but many would make great Soapbox topics and we would encourage anyone whose remit did not make it onto the agenda to consider the Soapbox forum at the Convention this year. In no particular order the 6 remits for the open floor are: 

Papakura Proposer: Blake Monk Seconder: Russell Bennison That: That National Party policy include a commitment to improving access for people who have a mental health concern, by funding and ensuring initial and ongoing professional development of all general practitioners to ensure high quality support to those patients presenting with a mental health issue whether it is recognised by them or not..

Hunua Proposer: D Alexander Seconder: C Bull That: That the National Party insist that the recreational use of marijuana continue to be classified as a “misuse of drugs offence” and remain an illegal activity

Hunua Proposer: C Bull Seconder: S Schroder That: Adult dental treatment should be cheaper – through government support similar to visits to medical doctors.

Rodney Proposer: R Thumath Seconder: J Georgetti That: That a National Government conduct a review of the Local Government and Auckland Council Acts with a view to simplify processes, reduce bureaucracy, bring back accountability by implementing any necessary changes as soon as possible. A dedicated Minister should oversee this process.


Northern Region Convention 2019 

Northland Proposer: Ross Miller Seconder: Dr Chris Reid / Sam Turner That: That the National Party, recognising that the present government policy of a fees free first year of study designed to encourage entry into tertiary education is failing to meet the stated objective of increasing student numbers, replace it with a grant of up to $12,000, calculated on the tuition component cost of the fees paid, to be made on completion of a student's first degree, noting that this will provide a real incentive to complete the course of study and achieve the standard set ... and further, that the grant be applied, in the first instance, to reducing any student loan debt, with any balance being paid to the student.


Upper Harbour Proposer: Shelley Pilkington Seconder: Lisa Whyte That: That the Government fund delivery of lifeskills education focused on improved mental health to all public, primary and secondary schools via approved, nongovernment organisations.


Northern Region Convention 2019

Conference Sustainability This year our Region has endeavoured to have our Conference be the most sustainable to date. We’ve worked to best minimise any harm on the environment, with increased opportunities to reuse and recycle throughout our three days. Efforts include: •

Our venue is a 4-star Enviro-Gold Qualmark rated hotel with an Environmental Sustainability plan for the future – the plan is available on their website.

We’ve supplied a Conference e-booklet to all attendees with a $10 surcharge for a hard copy printed from 100% recycled materials.

We have a limited supply of Party branded mugs available for purchasing at the registration desk and able to be used at the coffee cart in the foyer. The coffee cart also offers their own reusable coffee cups for purchasing.

Copthorne Paihia strives to provide biodegradable alternatives to single-use plastics and other non-recyclables.

Carpooling has been encouraged amongst attendees to minimise carbon output.

Member’s feedback on ways to further improve our sustainability is welcomed.


Northern Region Convention 2019 Reports Regional Chairperson’s Report Bluegreens Chinese Advisory Group IndoNats Kahurangi Nationals Korean Sector Group National Professionals Group Northern Young Nationals Pacific Blues Pinoys Regional Policy Committee SuperBlues Women’s Advisory Group


Northern Region Convention 2019

Regional Chairperson’s Report This time next year, we will be right into an election campaign regime. While it seems such a short time since 2017, the reality is that it’s already too long with the current disastrous Government and NZ needs us to win. It’s been heartbreaking to see Labour, NZ First and the Greens dismantle effective policies such as social investment, just as they were making a difference. Much of the legislation they have put forward was ours, but when they have used their own ideas the results have been terrible. From unfair fuel taxes to trying to centrally control education in our communities, they stifle our everyday freedoms. From backwards-looking employment law that is no good for business or workers, to a capital gains tax that will discourage investment, entrepreneurism and thrift, they harm the strong economy which they inherited from National. This creates a massive opportunity for our Party; our values continue to resonate with New Zealanders. Our job is to keep communicating these and to create opportunities for all Kiwi’s to engage with us at public meetings and Party events throughout our region. It’s been encouraging to see more new members at AGMs, and more renewals than we’ve enjoyed for some time. We’re doing the work to be ready for 2020 but there is a lot to do – thank you to everyone because your efforts are making a huge difference. Let’s keep it up, and welcome even more new members, volunteers and donors and let’s keep working in our communities and proudly wearing our blue colours. I’m especially proud that we were able to welcome Dan Bidois to Parliament as the new MP for Northcote. It was a hard-fought battle and gave us the opportunity to put our new tools like iNsight to the test. Your hard work made the difference, with electorates donating generous vital funds and precious time. You gave it your all and it worked, and NZ has a tremendous talent in Dan. What a baptism of fire for Alex Foan in his first year as the electorate chair! Likewise, it was wonderful to welcome Agnes Loheni as our new list MP earlier this year, and as I write this, we get the news that Paulo Garcia is also joining the parliamentary team. Agnes has been extremely active in the region over recent years, especially with our Pacific Blues special interest group, and ran a great campaign in Mangere lifting the Party vote there in 2017. Her maiden speech is a must-watch, illustrating our Party’s values and beliefs as she outlined her journey to Parliament. I am so proud of both new MPs and indeed of our whole MP team. Paulo has been tireless both in New Lynn where his team lifted the Party Vote in 2017, and especially around the country with the Pinoy group. His work building awareness for the party amongst Filipinos has lifted membership an activism in many electorates especially in Auckland. Both of these two talented individuals would be the first to acknowledge that they are only there because of the support from you as our amazing volunteers. To that end, I’d like to thank everyone for their amazing efforts, starting with all delegates for committing to the conference, and especially to everyone who put themselves forward for office. A huge vote of thanks to our regional team, they do an amazing job, and the commitment of personal time is incredible. Our regional team comprises Anil Lamba, Darren Ward, Grant MacCallum, Lisa Whyte, Leigh Morrow, Paul Beattie, Linda Potauaine, Scott Martins, Sarah Fenwick, Ian Campbell. A huge acknowledgement for our special interest group chairs- Shelley Addison-Bell (Young Nats), Rob Harris (Nat Pros), Chris Severne (Bluegreens), Lee Mathias (Superblues), Kulwant Minhas (IndoNats), Frank Zhang (Blue Dragons), Ward Kamo (Kahurangi Blue), Helen Taimarangai (Pacific Blue), Paulo Garcia (Pinoys) and Toni Millar (Women’s Advisory). Thanks as well to our retiring office holders around the region, we appreciate the contribution you have made over the years and know that you are all still happy to be involved.


Northern Region Convention 2019 Thanks to our regional conference committee chaired by Don Ryie, with Leigh Morrow, Anil Lamba, George Sikharulidze and Alex Croft as the ‘A Team’! we couldn’t do it without you! Thanks to our professional staff in Wellington, who give as much of their own time as any of the rest of us- Greg Hamilton, Donna Fifield, Margot Fraser-Jones, Julie Perks, Mark Nicholson, Josh Whitford - thank you. You make it easy! I want to welcome Meghan as our new regional co-ordinator, and above all, to acknowledge the tireless Sharon Nightingale who does all the work, letting me get the credit! And in our region, our president Peter Goodfellow and fellow Board member Alastair Bell – your energy is inspirational. But most of all, I would like to acknowledge the work of our electorate chairs, SIG chairs, secretaries, treasurers, policy delegates and volunteers. You give as much time as you can, and it is amazing. It’s your work that keeps our brand strong with a presence at so many events around the region, and it’s your work that generates the new policy ideas that Simon, Paula and the parliamentary team need so much. Thank you!!

Andrew Hunt Northern Regional Chairperson


Northern Region Convention 2019

Bluegreens 21 years ago in Wellington a small group of enthusiastic National MP’s led by Hon Dr Nick Smith gathered to create the Bluegreens. Today we are one of the most active of National’s Policy Advisory Groups. Our mission has always been to advise the Party on environmental issues that will attract voters to the Party. We’ve been consistently motivated by the dual objectives of making this country greener and wealthier. Today we have a strong Party and caucus team. Our Parliamentary team is led by Environment spokesperson Hon Scott Simpson, supported by Sarah Dowie, Spokesperson for Conservation, Erica Stanford, Associate Spokesperson for the Environment, Todd Muller our Spokesperson for Climate Change and Dr Parmjeet Parmar Spokesperson for Research, Science and Technology. (photo of Environment Caucus from the ‘Discussion Document attached to be included in programme. Caption ‘Our Environment Caucus with our Leader the Hon Simon Bridges’)’. In February we held our annual policy Forum in Raglan. There were over 130 people attending including NGO’s Greenpeace, Forest and Bird and Federated Farmers. It was the biggest turnout we have had showing that our members are looking to us for strong environmental initiatives. At the forum our leader Hon Simon Bridges released the first of the eight policy discussion papers National will be publishing this year. The ‘Our Environment’ is available online at the National Party website. I urge you to go to the website and read it. It outlines our thoughts on a) Environment b) Climate Change c) Conservation and d) Biotechnology. It poses a range of questions and we are keen to have your feedback. In the last 10 years the National Party policies have: • • • • • • • • •

Taken New Zealand from generating 65% to 85% renewable electricity. Established the Land and Water forum to strengthen monitoring, compliance and enforcement Established Predator Free 2050 Established ‘Battle for our Birds’ to protect our native species Set up ‘War on Weeds’ to tackle invasive species such as wilding pines. Created 11 new marine reserves and we’re working to secure the Kermadecs as the third largest marine reserve in the world. Have developed and funded a threatened species strategy to ensure our native species flourish. Funded a kiwi recovery programme whose aim is to have 100,000 wild kiwi by 2030. Helped tackle kauri dieback with funding of close to 22 million dollars for research to turn the tide on this devastating disease.


Northern Region Convention 2019 Today from 3 Bluegreen members 21 years ago we now have nearly three quarters of our caucus team identifying as Bluegreens. Just as New Zealanders trust us on the economy, so too can they trust us on environmental issues. We’re the Party of practical environmentalism and our five guiding principles are the same today as they were 21 years ago. • • • • •

Resource use must be based on sustainability. Economic growth and improving the environment can and must go hand in hand. Good science is essential to quality environmental decision making. People respond best to change when engaged and given incentives. We have a unique right to access and enjoy our special natural environment.

Enjoy your Conference Chris Severne Co Chair Bluegreens

Bluegreen Volunteers ready to plant grasses at Meola Creek, Western Springs, Auckland


Northern Region Convention 2019

Chinese Advisory Group The Chinese Advisory Group/Blue Dragons in 2018 continued to play an important role in connecting the National Party with the Chinese community and mobilising support in the Chinese community for the Party. A key task for the Auckland Blue Dragons in 2018 was to help win the Northcote bielection. The Blue Dragons did a superb job, so much so that Labour was later stunned by the little support they had received in the Northcote Chinese community. Led by Dr Jian Yang, Blue Dragons made various efforts to reach Chinese voters, including visiting local Chinese associations and shops, distributing flyers, delivering letters and knocking doors. To better connect with the Chinese community, Dr Yang set up the National Party table tennis team. The Chinese Advisory Group/Blue Dragons helped organise a table tennis match with the Chinese community and it was very well received. Also, to help the Chinese community get to know the Party’s new leader Hon Simon Bridges, the Chinese Advisory Group/Blue Dragons assisted Dr Jian Yang in organising a Leader’s meeting with the Chinese community. With the attendance of about 400 people, the meeting was a great success. The Auckland Blue Dragons has been consistently supporting other branches of the Blue Dragons. In 2018, under the leadership of Dr Jian Yang, and with the support of the Party Leader and Party President, the Auckland Blue Dragons helped revitalise Wellington Blue Dragons. The Chinese Advisory Group/Blue Dragons has continued to support the National Party WeChat.

Frank Zhang, Chair , BlueDragons


Northern Region Convention 2019

IndoNats The last year has been another successful year for the IndoNats. We had a very successful fund raiser during the year. The function was with a twist or should I say shake of the belly. The function was a great success with over 220 guests and attended by our leader the Hon. Simon Bridges. With the enthusiastic participation of Simon Bridges and the support of our members, the Auction was very successful in raising funds. A special thanks to Bala and the Committee in making this a memorable night in terms of fun and fund raising. It was a great team effort. We have also supported the Kelston Electorate with a contribution to their function earlier in the year which also went off very well. We are slowly starting to interact with the electorates around the Auckland region in helping them with the Indian community in their electorates. We are sure this will benefit the Party in the next election. Planning has started for the next function later in the year with more to follow in the coming days. It’s planned more as an entertainment night showcasing Indian diversity. Planning for the 2020 election as to how the IndoNats can contribute is already being looked at by the committee and will start in earnest after the appointment of the next committee.

Kulwant Minhas President, IndoNats


Northern Region Convention 2019

Kahurangi Nationals Kahurangi National Northern Region was formally established at an AGM on 27 March 2019, following 12months of deliberation and planning by an interim leadership group. Officers and the executive were duly appointed at the AGM and a written application was made to the board of the Party for KBNR to be officially recognised. Background: Maori have a long history of voting conservative. Prior to migration from a rural tribal setting to an urban environment in the late 1940s, Maori were predominantly involved in land-based, farming and horticultural activity on collectively-owned holdings. Those who are most likely to vote for the National Party are still involved in farming, some of which are now managed by substantial Maori Trusts and Incorporations on behalf of their respective shareholders. There is a growing Maori middle class of professionals and small to medium business owners who are an important target voter group. The Maori economy comprises a diverse portfolio of activity, currently valued at $42bn, with a strong growth projection which is future focused on asset classes which include farming, forestry, fisheries, horticulture, viticulture, energy, the arts and cultural tourism. Ongoing Treaty of Waitangi settlements will also add to the value of the economy as settlements are completed and claimant groups focus on the sound investment of their assets. Kahurangi looks forward to encouraging an internal discussion about how the Party engages to optimum effect with this growth. Focus: KNNR’s primary focus is on building the Party’s relationship with a diverse Iwi and Maori community. The engagement strategy focuses on 3 “P’s”, People (membership), Policy (input into the Party’s key policy planks) and Putea (fundraising). Responsibility for leading these tasks has been allocated to specific members of the executive. These focus areas also constitute the group’s KPIs. Putea: A successful fundraising dinner event held at the Alexandra Park Raceway in November of last year, was supported by Hon Simon Bridges, the MPs and a wide range of business and ethnic communities. A series of fundraising activities are in the planning stage, commencing with a fundraising breakfast at the Ellerslie Novotel on 15 July.

Policy Kahurangi representatives are involved in the Education Policy Advisory Group (EPAG) as well as assisting the Maori Education spokesperson connect with the Maori education community, the development of background papers, and advising on key areas such as te reo Maori, literacy and numeracy, matauranga Maori, STEM, Maori medium schools and Kohanga Reo. The policy group will provide feedback on policy discussion documents when these are put out for consultation. The environment document which was released for consultation in March/April, is of particular interest. Feedback - on various aspects, including freshwater, the Kermadec marine sanctuary, the role of katiakitanga, matauranga Maori, the broader issue of fiduciary responsibility - is being prepared for the environment policy group’s consideration in the next phase of the policy process.


Northern Region Convention 2019 Formal approval is being sought for the development of a “Have Your Say” campaign for Maori. The campaign will provide opportunity for the Party to gather feedback and to invite discussion about Te Ao Maori. The document will be used to inform the ongoing development of the Party’s Maori Development policy. People: The executive has organised a team to contribute to the region’s May muster. A Maori membership drive throughout the Northern region is in the planning stage. Informal discussions with a range of Maori focus groups will help to inform the approach. The first phase of the plan will be rolled out in June/July. Kahurangi National: Discussions about a national body are taking place with other regional Kahurangi groups. Nga mihi. Tuwhakairiora Williams Chair.


Northern Region Convention 2019

Korean Sector Group In 2018, the Korean Group was active with regular meetings and events. Korean Group met regularly and actively communicating via group social media chatroom. Most members attended the meetings and many issues were discussed and opinions exchanged during our regular meetings. The Korean Group also organised and participated in various events and meetings in the Northern Region throughout the year. In October 2018, we hosted a seminar on employment law changes and received very positive feedback from the Korean community. We also supported other Special Interest Groups within National Party. We supported the launch of Maori Group Hikurangi Blue in November 2018 and joined a morning tea with Hon Simon Bridges hosted by Mt Albert electorate. Korean Group is right behind our hard working MP Melissa Lee and the New Zealand National Party to make sure the National Party returns to Government next year.

Jay Lee Korean Group Chairperson


Northern Region Convention 2019

National Professionals The National Professionals is a special interest group founded in 2016. The recently elected committee members are: Rob Harris (Chair), Emma Mellow (Vice Chair), Julia BatchelorSmith (Secretary) and Richard Belcher (Committee Member). Events overview In 2018 and early 2019 we have experimented with a number of events formats, including: 1. An informal event with Hon Simon Bridges informal at Brothers’ Brewery in Mt Eden with over 100 guests; 2. An informal event with Hon Nikki Kaye at an Auckland CBD bar; 3. A Sunday afternoon social tennis event with Hon Paul Goldsmith; 4. A policy evening with industry experts focused on construction and infrastructure with Hon Simon Bridges; 5. A discussion on Capital Gains Tax and the Working Group Report with Hon Amy Adams and hosted by MinterEllisonRuddWatts for around 80 guests. All of these events were valued by attendees and the feedback has been very positive. Future events The Committee’s renewed focus for 2019 is to providing quality opportunities for members and potential supporters to attend and network at interesting events in the Auckland CBD. In effect, we see our events as ‘outreach’ activities and as such, our events are intended to enable members and supporters to introduce friends and colleagues to the party in a professional but friendly and engaging environment. The Committee’s priority over the next year is to arrange for businesses located in the Auckland CBD to host National MPs at events. Under such an arrangement with MinterEllison, around 30 National Professional guests attended a catered event with around 50 MinterEllison’s staff and clients - at no cost to the National Professionals. We have at least one more such event in planning and ideas for numerous others. We intend to continue familiar formats such as holding free ‘drop in’ events in CBD bars with our MPs for Members, supporters and family and friends to gather and engage with the Party in a relaxed environment. We also aim to continue to contribute to policy development within the Party with a focus on long term policy goals. Acknowledgements We welcome a new committee member: Richie Belcher and farewell a friend and treasurer, Lloyd Manning - thank you for your assistance. We also record our thanks to Sharon Nightingale, who is ever patient; to Andrew Hunt and Peter Goodfellow for their support and encouragement; and to Simon Bridges, Amy Adams, Nikki Kaye, Paul Goldsmith and Dan Bidois for their support and contribution to our events this past year. Rob Harris, for the National Professionals' Committee


Northern Region Convention 2019

Northern Young Nationals The previous year was full of moments we can all be proud of. We made a considerable impact and plan to continue what we do best; engaging with young people, being present on campuses, having a strong contribution to the policy platform and of course, campaigning! We were fortunate last year to have Auckland host the National Party conference and Young Nat Ball. Firstly, as Chair I want to thank everyone who has supported the Northern Young Nats from Electorates, MP’s, senior party members, and board members to our friends both internal and external to the organisation, who are always there to catch us when we fall and cheer us on whenever the need arises. I’d like to thank Regional Chair Andrew Hunt and our Regional Co-ordinator, Sharon Nightingale, for their ongoing assistance with mentorship and helping us operate. As Sharon moves to a new role within the Party, we will miss her and her amazing efficiency in enabling us to do everything we need to do and she does it all with a smile on her face at all times, no matter the weather. I’d also like to thank our Young Nationals President, Sam Stead, for his unwavering support of (his true hometown) Northern, and leading the organisation with the greatest integrity. At times, it has been extremely challenging, but Sam has always been available on the end of the phone with a solid yarn, 10/10 advice, a clear perspective or pretty much anything else we have needed. That has not gone unnoticed and is so appreciated by myself and the wider Northern team. I also want to mention the hard work of my 2018-2019 Executive, which undertook a large workload last year and their commitment to achievements that the Northern region should be immensely proud of. I would like to thank outgoing executive members Peter, Joshua, Holly and Umar. Our team came together time and time again to deliver whatever was required, simply to get things done. We have had some challenges and I know we are overcoming these with a strong precedent for carrying on and doing the work to continue to be the best region.

Shelly Addison-Bell Chair, Northern Region Young Nationals 29

Northern Region Convention 2019

Pacific Blues Fakalofa atu, Aloha, Kia ora, Kia orana, Malo e lelei, Ni sa bula, Talofa lava, Talofa, Taloha ni - Greetings The 2018 year was a steady year for the Pacific Blues team. Thankfully, the Pacific Blues Special Interest Group had dedicated Committee members who served generously by coordinating, organising, leading, encouraging, representing and supporting various events or activities on throughout the year. We appreciate the dedication and energy they contributed individually and collectively to each activity. Amongst some of our consistent achievements were:  A visible presence at the ASB Secondary School Polyfest  Support for our leader at the Pasifika Festival in March  Representation at the Northern Region 1-Day convention  Representation at the party’s Annual Conference in Auckland  Support of MP Alfred Ngaro and Agnes Loheni at various meetings  Support activities during the Northcote by-election  Representation at local community events  Participation in our own respective electorates’ activities  Support at the Kahurangi Nationals (Auckland) launch late last year Of special note was the Pacific Blues’ presence at Fonoti Agnes Loheni’s maiden speech in February 2019, where Agnes delivered an intelligent and aspirational challenge in spectacular form to her Parliamentary colleagues. Aotearoa New Zealand is our home and Pacific Blues members believe in our individual and collective responsibility to get the job done well for the sake of all our families and communities. So leading up to the next General Election, Pacific Blues has the opportunity to build on previous achievements and refresh our annual activity schedule towards becoming a better Pacific Blues. Our five main goals are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

To bring in more members To provide valuable engagement opportunities for our Pacific youth members To have a stronger community presence in Pacific communities To be effective influencers of Party policies that impact our communities To nurture aspiring Pacific leaders who emerge as candidates, Members of Parliament or Executive role holders within the Party.

We look forward excitedly to working with the Party’s faithful to effect positive transformation in our local and regional areas whilst at the same time ensuring that the National Party gets back into the driver’s seat at the next General Election. To do this, we as the Pacific Blues Special Interest Group must remain fresh and relevant so we put out a call in for new leaders whether young or old who were willing to be a part of moving Pacific Blues onwards and upwards. We are pleased to report that a positive response was received and that in 2019, Pacific Blues has an increasingly diverse Committee. On behalf of the Pacific Blues 2018 team I conclude my report by acknowledging the support we receive from other Party members who are often alongside us at events. I also thank the Board and the Northern Region team for their friendly support and coordinating our efforts from the Northern Region office. Ki a monuina e Atua a tautolu oti,

JMPilisi Jannitta Pilisi - 2018 Pacific Blues Chair 30

Northern Region Convention 2019

Pinoys Go National


Northern Region Convention 2019

Regional Policy Committee The last year has been focused on the Party listening to members and the wider electorate on what they think are the most important things the next National Government should focus on. The engagement of members in this process in the Northern Region has been exceptional and we have had some incredibly valuable feedback and ideas submitted through a range of different forums. Our three members policy events saw a combined total of over 300 attendees discuss policy areas including Education, Environment, Economy, Health, Transport, Social Development, and Mental Health. Electorate events have been held across the region with new ideas being developed and spokespeople engaged in feedback sessions. The policy committee has reviewed and developed initiatives across almost every portfolio area and has submitted a record number of initiatives into the Party’s policy process. I would like to thank all members who have participated in this process and contributed to the excellent feedback and thinking that is now being incorporated into the discussion documents. This feedback and thinking is the backbone of our Party’s strength in policy and without it we leave a vacuum that is difficult for our MP’s to fill on their own. The year of listening has shown that the National Party is a team of thousands, focused on making New Zealand a better country. It is clear that we are a team that is putting in the hard work to ensure we have a policy platform that resonates with New Zealander’s and that we are a Party ready to govern again in 2020. We won’t need 200+ working groups to develop our policy! With my appointment as the Co-Chair of the Policy Consultation Committee this is my last report as Regional Policy Chair. I will be working closely with the new Regional Chair in my new role and supporting the development of policy and engagement by members in the policy process nationally. I would like to take this opportunity to thank:     

all the electorate policy chairs for their hard work, it is you who have motivated and engaged members in your electorates to engage. The Regional Leadership Team for their support of a growing role for policy in the region. Andrew Hunt, Regional Chair, for being so committed to increased policy input from members. Sharon Nightingale in the Regional Office for her support and hard work making things happen. Hon. Paul Goldsmith, Matt Doocey and Hon. Nick Smith for being excellent Caucus Liaison MP’s.

I hope to have left the policy team in the Northern Region stronger and more engaged. I believe we have seen some real gains in the level of engagement of MP’s in the policy process with members and that we are seeing higher quality remits and ideas feeding into a more streamlined and accessible process. As I move on I look forward to seeing the team increase its engagement and effectiveness even more through engaging in the next stage of the 2020 process as we move from listening to discussing. Our success, and New Zealand’s success depends on us all doing our bit to make sure our policies are as good as possible.

Darren Ward: Chair, Northern Regional Policy Committee 32

Northern Region Convention 2019

SuperBlues Regional Super Blues Report 2018/2019 After a tentative start the Regional Super Blues teams is now meeting approximately every two months and with representation from across the region. We are still short of a few representatives and I will be contacting those electorate chairs directly to get engaged in good time for 2020. Super Blues has three main objectives: Social meetings for those seniors who have an interest in politics, hearing about what is happening nationally and Nationally. Most social meetings are managed by electorates with the region reps keeping the regional group informed in order that those members who do not have access to meetings with their own electorates can join in. We are also required to report to the National Super Blues leadership. Policy discussions, firstly about those policies which affect the older population but also about any policy which would benefit from a seniors perspective. Super Blues are also active in remit preparation and have so far submitted 3 remits to Regional Policy Group for consideration. So far, all remits have focused on ageism in ACC and Kiwisaver. The group has two other remits in process. The third objective is to prepare for participation in the 2020 campaign and the operations plan is starting to take shape. This will include the preparation of scrutineers through assistance with becoming App friendly, liaising with electorates to establish the gaps in their early voting booth scrutineers and providing short notice service for electorates which have gaps in their booths “ on the day� . The plan will be finalised by July. The regional group meets at Regional Office and we are happy to have anyone join in our meetings.

Dr Lee Mathias Regional Co-ordinator, Super Blues April, 2019


Northern Region Convention 2019

Women’s Advisory Group The Women’s Advisory Group has evolved from a Strong Regional and National organisation with its own President, which with changes to the Constitution and Rules is in now a Northern Region Women’s Advisory Group, which was reconstituted in 2011. The data base which was centralised through Wellington has made it very difficult at time to connect with women. A new request has been made that the Region has its own data base which we can access and work with women in the Region. This is an ongoing process at the moment and mailing lists will be further developed with the Regional Office. The main role of the Women’s Advisory Group is here to support our women who are MP’s; Women in the Party; Women standing for Office within the Party and in Local body elections; Women in Business. Men are important, We must support them. That is our duty within the National Party of NZ. We are here to assist the National Party to increase:o o o o

The office holders in the Party especially the List Ranking Committee Increase the number of Women MP’’s and support them once they are there. Increase membership Increase the Women’s vote and support.

After 6 years as Chairperson of the Women’s Advisory Group, I am standing down to concentrate on the third rebuild of my new unit. I am very proud of the achievements we have made over the past 6 years. Our successful luncheons with the then Prime Minister John Key, the support from Hon Nikki Kaye with a function with her at the Holy Trinity Cathedral, our yearly representation at the Suffrage functions since our reconstitution in 2011, and our representation on the National Council of Women New Zealand. Along the way we have actively encouraged and supported women candidates both for Parliament and Local Body Elections many of whom have been successful. I would like to acknowledge one such person - Agnes Loheni who is our newest incoming MP, following the resignation of Chris Finlayson. Agnes is National's first woman MP of Pacific Island descent and has recently been accorded the title Fonoti by her people in Samoa. I am delighted to welcome Sarah Trotman who is a new member of the Party and who is passionate about Women having a voice, especially in Politics. Sarah has shown her enthusiasm by offering her leadership to be the new Chairperson of the Women’s Advisory Group and we extend a very warm welcome to her. I would like to acknowledge all our Members of Parliament, and congratulate you all on the unity, strength and cohesive team which you are presenting not only to the Party but also the country. Your sound experience and knowledge is shown in the House especially during question time. We must keep this coalition accountable for their actions and decisions, and you are doing that for us. Thank you to Sharon and staff in the Northern Regional Office for their support, Andrew Hunt Regional Chair and the Board for their support and assistance. Our congratulations go to Sharon on her promotion as the Business Development Manager, and we look forward to meeting in time the new Regional Co-ordinator. This is the year to grow our support for women so that we are geared up for the next General Election and a WIN in 2020. We need more women to be encouraged to participate and be involved not only in their electorates and conferences, but at all levels of the Party and Local Body Elections which will be held later this year. More importantly we need to encourage and support our Young Nationals who are our future. And finally thank you to my committee members who have encouraged and supported me so well over the past 6 years, and to you our members for your advice, enthusiasm and team work. Without this we cannot function and I am sure you will welcome and continue to give that same support to our new Chairperson Sarah Trotman. Toni Millar QSM JP


Northern Region Convention 2019

National Party Northern Regional Officers Regional Chair One Candidate for One Position: 

Andrew Hunt*

Deputy Regional Chairs / Regional Advisors Seven Candidates for Seven Positions:       

Paul Beattie* Sarah Fenwick* Scott Martins* Grant McCallum* Shefali Methi Lisa Whyte* Erica Wills*

Chair Regional Policy Committee One Candidate for One Position: 

Camryn Brown

List Ranking Committee Nine Candidates for Seven Positions         

Nicholas Albrecht* Murray Broadbelt Sarah Fenwick* Dr L Mathias* Grant McCallum* Leigh Morrow* Stuart Mullin Darren Ward* Erica Wills*

* Denotes Sitting Member


Northern Region Convention 2019

Andrew Hunt -

Regional Chair *

Biography: Managing Director - Kinetics Group Limited - which I founded in 1996 and have grown to employ 40+ people in Auckland and Christchurch Married to Connie since 1998 Two daughters, Catherine (19) and Rebecca (16) BSc from Auckland University Auckland Grammar School

National Party Involvement: • • • • • • • •

2003 - 2004 2003 - 2004 2005 – 2013 2004 - 2008 2008 2011 2011 - 2014 2014 2015-

Churchill Park Branch Chairman Tamaki Electorate Secretary Tamaki Electorate Chairman Northern Regional Policy Chair List Ranking Committee Deputy Regional Chair Northern Regional Chair Board Member

Other Interests: Director - EMA Northern 2004 - present (currently President) Director - NZICT (now NZTech) 2008 - 2013 Council - Business NZ 2006 – (currently vice-President) Member - Institute of Directors CMinstD Member - Northern Club

What are your key goals for 2019/20? 2020 is shaping up to be the most critical for NZ in many years. We’ve gone from the best government in NZ to the worst. This rag-tag government is making some appalling decisions that will hinder our great country for years to come. From inane workplace legislation that will take us back to the worst of the 1970s, to capital gains tax that will discourage investment and entrepreneurism. The centralisation of education governance removes parent involvement can only reduce community accountability – in fact that is a theme of many of this government’s decisions. By contrast, we must continue our work to be as involved in our communities as possible, through our electorates and through our various special interest groups. It is evident that this hardwork over many years is being effective and we have to accelerate it. It’s a pleasure to work with Young Nats, with NatPros, IndoNats, BlueDragons, Pinoys and our new Kahurangi Blues and all the other varied groups we have. This year, I plan to continue to help these groups mature and be sustainable, to experiment and to succeed. There is much to do, with engagement activities like the Summer School/Chairs/Policy day, all designed to support electorates to succeed in 2020.


Northern Region Convention 2019

Camryn Brown -

Policy Chair

Biography: Camryn grew up in Waipu, Northland and studied at Auckland Grammar School and the University of Auckland (MCom Hons). As an Associate Director in the consulting practice of Ernst & Young, Camryn works with clients to make better decisions, develop strategies, and increase efficiency and effectiveness. Following eight years working in the United States, he has lived in the Northcote electorate with his wife Fe and children Iden (9) and Prudence (7) since 2013.

National Party Involvement: Member since 2013 Campaign volunteer 2014, 2017, 2018 (by-election) 2018 - Present: Deputy Chair, Northcote Electorate (membership, boundaries, by-election candidate selection delegate)

Other Interests: Camryn plays baseball with the North Shore club and enjoys time with family, hiking, consuming craft beer, and politics.

Opposition brings new opportunities. How do you plan to take advantage of our new status to ensure we’re 2020ready? 

I believe that the development of great policy is a defining and fundamental advantage of the National Party. It builds the credibility necessary to succeed in elections and the readiness necessary to succeed in government. If we can be ready to do more in our terms of government than our opposition can do in theirs, that is equivalent to winning more elections. Our opportunity in 2019 is to set a new standard of policy preparation that further sets us apart and cements our status as the party most trusted to govern well. So, I am eager to build upon the hard work and success of current and previous policy leaders by (a) supporting electorate policy teams to involve their members in policy, (b) leading a strong regional team to both co-ordinate policy events and refine remits, and (c) facilitating strong connections between MPs and the policy direction of the party membership.


Northern Region Convention 2019

Paul Beattie – Deputy Regional Chair* Biography: Following a career in Insurance and International Reinsurance in Australia, UK and Hong Kong, we relocated as a family to NZ in 1996. Founded an IT leasing company which I sold in 2014. Presently a shareholder and director of an IT Remarketing company.

National Party Involvement: •

2008 until present, Member of the National Party

2009 until present, Member of Auckland Central executive

2014-2015, member of Northern Region leadership team

2011, member of the National Campaign Review Committee

2007 – 2019, Electorate Chair, Auckland Central

2017 – Present, Member of the Northern Regional team

Other Interests: Golf, swimming, walking.

How would you expect to help electorates and SIGs prepare for 2020? What 2-3 items are you specifically interested in taking leadership in  

To ensure that the best possible candidate is representing the Party in each electorate and has the best team to support them. Explore the opportunity to use social media to communicate with new or swinging voters.


Northern Region Convention 2019

Sarah Fenwick – Deputy Regional Chair * Biography: I joined the National Party as a Young Nat when I first started university over seven years ago and have become increasingly involved ever since. I work in marketing for Sealord and beyond that enjoy my involvement in the National Party from meetings and planning to campaigning and events.

National Party Involvement: • • • • • • • •

Young Nats Member 2012-present Young Nats Ball Committee 2012 & 2018 Northern Young Nats Events Coordinator 2013-2015 Northern Young Nats Deputy Regional Chair 2015- 2016 Northern Young Nats Regional Chair 2016-May 2017 Botany Electorate Committee Member 2016- present Pakuranga Electorate Committee Member 2016-present Northern Deputy Regional Chair 2016-present

Other Interests: I have recently taken up running but this hard work is often undone with all the cheese and wine I enjoy going out to eat and drink with my friends. I also love organising events so feel free to get in touch if you would like to bounce ideas around!

How would you expect to help electorates and SIGs prepare for 2020? What 2-3 items are you specifically interested in taking leadership in? 

2020 is going to be a challenge, but one we as a Party can be successful in. I have always believed the values of the National Party are fundamentally strong Kiwi values and I think educating and reminding New Zealanders of what we stand for at our core will be a big help to us. I would be interested in supporting electorates and SIGs engage, not just with their membership, but the wider community and constituents in a way that can secure their vote in 2020 either through comms, events, volunteering, or collaborative community initiatives. Our success in 2020 will come not only from a large membership base, but converting those members into a strong activist base to help spread our message and campaign for National in 2020. I would support electorates and SIGs with adding value to people to encourage them to give up their time and volunteer for National and ensuring we all have the teams in place ready to fight the good fight. Over the past year, electorates have been busy adjusting to opposition, focusing on policy and retaining our membership bases. But now our focus is shifting to the campaign and election 2020 and I hope to support electorates in this space.


Northern Region Convention 2019

Scott Martins – Deputy Regional Chair * Biography: Manager, Jade Financial Services (2011-Present ) I have worked in credit control / legal recovery since 2000

National Party Involvement: • • • • •

Deputy Regional Chair (2018 - ) Chair, Manurewa Electorate (2016- ) Chair, Manukau East Electorate (2013-2015) Deputy Regional Policy Chair (2009-2015) Chair, Northcote Electorate (2004-05) I have also served on the Executive Committees of Northern Region Young Nationals, Auckland Central and Mount Albert Electorates

Other Interests: Toastmasters, croquet, music (both modern and classical)

How would you expect to help electorates and SIGs prepare for 2020? What 2-3 items are you specifically interested in taking leadership in?   

I expect to help co-ordinate the 3Ms (Mangere, Manukau East and Manurewa) Electorates as they seek to maximise party votes for the National Party. I want to help these three Electorates maintain as high a membership as is humanly possible, pay their levies and raise enough funds to make campaigning viable. It is important to keep members and volunteers engaged and their morale strong against odds that heavily favour the sitting Labour MPs.


Northern Region Convention 2019

Grant McCallum – Deputy Regional Chair * Biography:     

Grant Lewis McCallum DOB 28.06.64 Married to Kate, 2 children Eve (19) Jeremy (17) Kings College 1978-1982 Bachelor of Commerce (Agriculture), Lincoln University, graduated 1987 Fonterra Governance Program 2018/19

Business: Grant & Kate McCallum Ltd, farming 620ha dairy (550 cows), and beef property.

Party Experience: 

      

Director National Party Board 2005- 2015  Chair Membership Sub Committee  Member Audit Committee  Member List Ranking Committee 2005,2008,2011,2014 Deputy Regional Chair (Northern Region) 2017-present Northern Region List Ranking Committee member 2000, 2002-2004, 2018 Northern Region Chair Primary Production Policy Advisory Group 2004-present. Chair PPPAG 2012-present Bluegreens Executive 2001 - present Northland Electorate Election Campaign Chair 2005-2017 List Candidate 1999 election Member since 1982

Other Interests:          

President Maungaturoto JMC Rugby 2012 – 2013 Coach Maungaturoto Under 9 Rugby Team 2009, 2010 Coach Maungaturoto Under 11 Rugby Team 2011, 2012 Maungaturoto Primary School Board of Trustees 2009 Member Otamatea St Johns Area Committee 2008 - 2010 Chairman Otamatea High School Board of Trustees 2001 to 2005 Otamatea High School Board of Trustees 1999 to 2007 Vice President Northern Area Federated Farmers 2005 Runner-up Northland Sharemilker of the Year 2002 Board of Northland Bowling Centre 1998-1999

How would you expect to help electorates and SIGs prepare for 2020? What 2-3 items are you specifically interested in taking leadership in? Given my experience in Rural and Regional campaigning I will be helping Northland and Whangarei get campaign ready to fight off the New Zealand First challenge. Preventing NZ First winning an electorate seat will be crucial to our chances of winning the next election.


Northern Region Convention 2019

Shefali Methi QSM JP – Deputy Regional Chair Biography: 

Graduated in Bachelor of Arts [major in Psychology] from Jai Hind College, subsidiary of University of Bombay. An accountant working at Pacific Direct Line [International Shipping Company] Married to Shailen have two sons Ravi & Rajiv and 2 grandchildren.

National Party Involvement: •

• •

Since 2010, supported various activities for National Party each year and have contributed towards 2011 - 2014 2017 General Elections. 2010 to 2017, Elected as National Party Deputy Chairperson for “IndoNat” and Chairperson of the Women’s wing. 2011 – Present Serving as Deputy Chairperson for Mt Albert Electorate. Sept 2018 to Feb 2019 Acting Chairperson for Mt Albert Electorate

Other Interests:   

Member & Past President of Rotary Club Auckland Harbourside. Rotary District 9920: INTERPLAST Chair and Ambassadorial Chair Chairperson of GOPIO Auckland Central Inc. [Global Organisation of People of Indian Origin].Executive member of Auckland Indian Association Inc. & Bhartiya Samaj Charitable trust.

How would you expect to help electorates and SIGs prepare for 2020? What 2-3 items are you specifically interested in taking leadership in? 

 

I am passionate to serve National Party by providing leadership. Our party has been delivering brighter future for New Zealand. In my role I will support and assist for designing strategies for 2020 Election Campaign. I have fundraised actively at Electorate and SIG level alongside volunteers and organised events to grow Membership which led to a good base for Campaigning. New Zealand is a culturally diverse country, together with the team I would like to share opportunities, information to keep Volunteers motivated and share positivity of our Leader Hon Simon Bridges.


Northern Region Convention 2019

Erica Wills – Deputy Regional Chair * Biography: A business owner and manager, I have a background in Information Technology. I am married to Stuart and we have two teenage children. We own and run a Mortgage Advising business in Hobsonville

National Party Involvement: • • • • • •

2018 – Present Deputy Regional Chair Northern Region 2016 – Present List ranking committee member 2018 – Campaign committee Northcote By Election 2019 – Chair Helensville Electorate, previously Deputy Chair 2006 – 2018 Treasurer Helensville Electorate 2005 – Present Campaign committee member and treasurer Helensville Electorate

Other Interests: Involved in the Mount Albert Grammar School Art Show which is the major fundraiser for the school each year, I also am a member of the Hobsonville Yacht Club Committee where I have been instrumental in establishing junior sailing at the club. I have previously been on Board of Trustees and involved in managing both cricket and rugby junior teams. We enjoy getting outdoors where fishing, walking and tramping are favourite pastimes.

How would you expect to help electorates and SIGs prepare for 2020? What 2-3 items are you specifically interested in taking leadership in?   

Working with electorates to ensure that they have a plan for 2020. Identifying areas of specific need in electorates and working with them to fill the gaps. Listening and learning from electorates to transfer knowledge and areas of strength in one electorate to other electorates so as to ensure all electorates can be stronger.


Northern Region Convention 2019

Lisa Whyte -

Deputy Regional Chair *

Biography: Lisa Whyte is a Management accountant by profession, but has been a Local Government Elected Member on the North Shore for 15 years. She has been Deputy Chair of the Albany Community Board (2004-2007), a North Shore City Councillor (2007-10) served 2 terms on both the Upper Harbour and Hibiscus and Bays Local Boards (2010-2016) and is currently on the Upper Harbour Local Board of Auckland Council. She Chaired the Upper Harbour local board from 2014-2018, and is currently the Deputy Chair. She also has a degree in Economics and Politics, a Diploma in Corporate Treasury and is an accredited RMA Resource Consent Commissioner

National Party Involvement: • • •

2015-present member 2017-present Member of the Upper Harbour Executive, immediate past Policy Chair and current Treasurer Current Deputy Regional Chair working with ECB, North Shore and Northcote electorates

• Other Interests: Lisa lives on a lifestyle block in Coatesville with her husband, 3 children and a cat, dog and horses. In her spare time she is busy supporting the sporting interests of her 3 children, and is a keen Tennis player.

How would you expect to help electorates and SIGs prepare for 2020? What 2-3 items are you specifically interested in taking leadership in? •

• •

Campaign readiness is key to winning in 2020. I am keen to work on the retail politics side of campaigning to ensure a strong party vote return. I believe there is an opportunity to work collaboratively as a sub-region to achieve stronger membership and grow our supporter base. Support Electorates improving Data held in Insight so we can work smarter not harder going into 2020 There is the opportunity during the Local Government elections in 2019 to encourage and support local centre right people to become candidates and practice mobilising our volunteers.


Northern Region Convention 2019

Nicholas Albrecht – List Ranking* Biography:       

Nicholas David Albrecht. Born Kaitaia, North Auckland Married to Philippa Daughters, Charlotte (9) and Emily (7) Waipu Primary, Bream Bay College University of Auckland MA (Hons), Massey University BBS Government Relations Manager

National Party Involvement: • • •  • • • • • • • •

Campaign team – Simon O’Connor 2017 Campaign Chairman – Dr Parmjeet Parmar 2014 Deputy Chair Northern Region 2006-10 - Responsible for Red Seats 2008 election Chairman Mt Roskill 2005-07 Campaign Manager - Hon Maurice Williamson 2005 & 08 Campaign Chairman - Dr Jackie Blue 2005 List Ranking Committee since 2003 Campaign Chairman - Brent Trewheela 2002 Deputy Chairman Mt Roskill -2001-2005 Chairman Northern Young Nationals 2000-01 Campaign Committee - Phil Raffills 1999 Member since 1996

Other Interests:      

Director (Deputy Chair), Auckland Cricket Association Trustee (Chair), Victoria Park Sports & Cultural Trust Trustee, Eden Park Trust Board Justice of the Peace Member, Institute of Directors Member, Carlton Club & Northern Club

We are a year away from the next election. What are the key accountabilities you envisage as a LRC member for 2019? The Party list represents the New Zealand National Party and therefore, members of the List Ranking committee, must understand the New Zealand National Party’s values. I will listen/engage with as many National Party members as I can. As a long standing member of the List Ranking committee I am best placed to deliver the best outcome for the Party.


Northern Region Convention 2019

Murray Broadbelt – List Ranking Biography: I have lived in Whangarei for over 30 years and worked in Human Resources and Industrial Relations fields. Since 2002 I have been Managing Director of my own business, Employer Services Limited.

National Party Involvement: •

Party member prior to 2002

Electorate Chair for 12 years – Whangarei 2003 to 2015

Electorate Chair’s representative on Regional Leadership Team from 2006 to 2014

Deputy Regional Chair from 2014 to 2018

Elected List Ranking Committee 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 to May 2018

As Electorate Chair, member of Campaign Team 2005, 2008, 2011, 2014

Campaign Advisor/Member, Whangarei Campaign Team 2017

Other Interests and Appointments: • • • • • • • •

Scouting New Zealand – various leadership roles from 1974 to 1996, including member of National Council and National Executive Committee Government Youth Advisory Committees 1982 to 1986 Northland Chamber of Commerce – current Board member and a past Vice President Prince of Wales Trust – member of Whangarei Advisory Board from 1998 to 2007 Member Northland Lottery Community Grants Committee 2010 to 2016 Current Trustee of Foundation North (formerly ASB Community Trust) Current Trustee of Northland Emergency Services Trust – Northland’s Helicopter Rescue Service Boating and fishing enthusiast

We are a year away from the next election. What are the key accountabilities you envisage as a LRC member for 2019 1. The Committee must rank the candidates without fear or favour based on the attributes and skills of each candidate. When doing so, the Committee must take into account the needs of the Party as a whole. 2. I will continue to play an active role in National Party meetings, events and attend the Regional and Annual Conferences. By doing this I will meet with our current Members of Parliament, Candidate College members and candidates. 3. I have been active in the National Party since being elected Chair of the Whangarei Electorate in 2003. I take my membership and responsibilities very seriously within the Electorate, the Northern Region and the Party.


Northern Region Convention 2019

Sarah Fenwick – List Ranking* Biography: I joined the National Party as a Young Nat when I first started university over seven years ago and have become increasingly involved ever since. I work in marketing for Sealord and beyond that enjoy my involvement in the National Party from meetings and planning to campaigning and events. National Party Involvement: •

Young Nats Member 2012-present

Young Nats Ball Committee 2012 & 2018

Northern Young Nats Events Coordinator 2013-2015

Northern Young Nats Deputy Regional Chair 2015- 2016

Northern Young Nats Regional Chair 2016-May 2017

Botany Electorate Committee Member 2016- present

Pakuranga Electorate Committee Member 2016-present

Northern Deputy Regional Chair 2016-present

Other Interests: I have recently taken up running but this hard work is often undone with all the cheese and wine I enjoy going out to eat and drink with my friends. I also love organising events so feel free to get in touch if you would like to bounce ideas around!

We are a year away from the next election. What are the key accountabilities you envisage as a LRC member for 2019? •

Those on the List Ranking Committee will need to be in touch with National Party members and understand the expectations and hopes our volunteers and supporters have for the Caucus and wider Party, as well as our supporters outside the Party that are in the demographic we represent. It will be important to spend the time in non election years gaining these insights and then using these to contribute to the overall process. List Ranking Committee members will need to do the due diligence of connecting with our MPs and candidates, and understanding how we can use our pool of talent to formulate the best recipe for success for getting back into Government in 2020.


Northern Region Convention 2019

Dr Lee Mathias ONZM– List Ranking* Biography: Dr Lee Mathias is active in the NZ Health and Education sectors as an entrepreneur and public sector Board member and Chairman. She has chaired CDHB, ADHB (Dep), Health Vision, Health Promotion Agency, Unitec, and ACC Healthwise, and ACC. In the private sector her focus has been on start-ups Birthcare, Labtests, Co.of Women and Pictor where she currently has business interests in NZ and India. She currently Chairs Medicines NZ and Collective Hospitality. She has a academic interest in decision-making and governance and holds a DHSC, MBA, BA and is an RN.

National Party Involvement:  2018 – Regional Super Blues Co-ordinator More than 10 different offices since 2010 including:  National List Ranking Committee (2011 – 14, 2016 – 2018)  Electorate Chair, Maungakiekie (2010 – 2014)  Northern Region Policy Chair(2014 – 2016)  Executive – Maungakiekie ( 2010 – present)  Campaign Chair – Maungakiekie (2017)

Other Interests: When not delivering pamphlets, raising money, making phone calls and campaigning Lee enjoys family, dog, her native bush garden and sailing. She enjoys a variety of activities which focus on the improvement of women in business and is an Auntie, a group who wlak beside survivors of domestic violence.

We are a year away from the next election. What are the key accountabilities you envisage as a LRC member for 2019?     

The List Ranking process is second only to getting elected as the people of NZ vote knowing the list ranking. Ensuring the list is ranked giving the best range of knowledge, sklills, abilities and that it represents the diverse cultures which now make up NZ. Ensuring that the list reflects the gender split as near to how as they are in our communities as we can get. The process needs to be started now, in 2019, ensuring that the right people, considered attractive to the electorate, are in place and That we are well prepared in policy which reflects the National Party.


Northern Region Convention 2019

Grant McCallum – List Ranking* Biography:     

Grant Lewis McCallum DOB 28.06.64 Married to Kate, 2 children Eve (19) Jeremy (17) Kings College 1978-1982 Bachelor of Commerce (Agriculture), Lincoln University, graduated 1987 Fonterra Governance Program 2018/19

Business: Grant & Kate McCallum Ltd, farming 620ha dairy (550 cows), and beef property.

Party Experience: 

      

Director National Party Board 2005- 2015  Chair Membership Sub Committee  Member Audit Committee  Member List Ranking Committee 2005,2008,2011,2014 Deputy Regional Chair (Northern Region) 2017-present Northern Region List Ranking Committee member 2000, 2002-2004, 2018 Northern Region Chair Primary Production Policy Advisory Group 2004-present. Chair PPPAG 2012-present Bluegreens Executive 2001 - present Northland Electorate Election Campaign Chair 2005-2017 List Candidate 1999 election Member since 1982

Other Interests:          

President Maungaturoto JMC Rugby 2012 – 2013 Coach Maungaturoto Under 9 Rugby Team 2009, 2010 Coach Maungaturoto Under 11 Rugby Team 2011, 2012 Maungaturoto Primary School Board of Trustees 2009 Member Otamatea St Johns Area Committee 2008 - 2010 Chairman Otamatea High School Board of Trustees 2001 to 2005 Otamatea High School Board of Trustees 1999 to 2007 Vice President Northern Area Federated Farmers 2005 Runner-up Northland Sharemilker of the Year 2002 Board of Northland Bowling Centre 1998-1999

We are a year away from the next election. What are the key accountabilities you envisage as a LRC member for 2019? 1. Get to know all new candidates. 2. Monitor the campaign preparedness of all current MP's


Northern Region Convention 2019

Leigh Morrow – List Ranking* Biography: Being raised on a sheep station on the East Coast, north of Gisborne, with a “can do attitude” has been a handy life skill. However I have been an Aucklander for more than 25 years with a lifelong interest in public and community affairs. Except for the mandatory time out to raise two children, my career focus has been on people related positions in sales, manufacturing and for 20 years, managing the support services for real estate teams in a leading franchise. I have been active in community politics for over a decade and played a role in some local high-stakes issues. Additional community roles include treasurer of another right leaning Auckland political party, Justice of the Peace duties, assisting with events for the Northern Region of the National Party and other electorates’ activities.

National Party Involvement:        

2018 List Ranking Committee 2012- present- Deputy Regional Chair 2014 - present - Chair of Upper Harbour Electorate 2010- 2014- Secretary Helensville Electorate 2010- 2019- Northern Region Conference Committee 2011 - Eday Manager Helensville Electorate 2007 -2014- Committee member & active campaigner Helensville electorate 2008 - Co-ordinator of volunteers for Helensville Electorate

Other interests / Community    

Boating / sailing and fishing Actively involved in organisations looking out for the interests of Aucklanders, both my immediate suburbs, and the wider Super City Family / Friends Active Justice of the Peace in local area

We are a year away from the next election. What are the key accountabilities you envisage as a LRC member for 2019? As a member of the LRC it is my responsibility to listen to as many party members, and the public to truly understand what they see as important in our representatives, which then gives a clearer vision of who our ideal representatives should be. We need to understand the demographics of our Region and how they are best represented by our choice of candidates. Members of the LRC need to be meeting our MP’s, and any aspiring candidates, listening to their views, understanding their skill set and how that will slot into a wider team. How they will represent the Party, its values and its members is vital in preparing a cohesive and able team to contest the next election. I have a connection with most exising MP’s in the Northern Region as a result of my existing party activities and I committ to extending that knowledge over the coming years.


Northern Region Convention 2019

Stuart Mullin – List Ranking Biography: •

Attended Long Bay College and the University of Auckland Bachelor of Arts majoring in Political Studies & Sociology Bachelor of Arts (Honours) with First Class Honours in Political Studies

• •

I’m employed as a public affairs and strategic communications consultant and live in One Tree Hill with my partner, along with a shrinking collection of ‘classic’ (old) cars. I’m also into sailing and DIY (with varying degrees of success in the latter).

National Party Involvement: • • • • • • • •

2009 -2010: Inaugural Deputy Chair & Secretary, Alfred Street National (Young Nats branch at the University of Auckland) 2010: Deputy Chair, Northern Region Blue Liberals 2011: Chair, Northern Region Blue Liberals 2012-2018: Staff Member – National Party Service Centre (HQ). Roles included Northern Regional Coordinator; National Campaign Coordinator; National Membership & Capability Manager; Campaign Operations Manager 2016 & 2019: Campaign Manager, Desley Simpson for Ōrākei 2016: Westminster Foundation for Democracy, London Mayoral Campaign 2017: International Democrat Union Campaign Managers’ Conference, Berlin. Presenter: “Winning Is Not Enough – The 2017 NZ Election” 2018: Asia-Pacific Democrat Union Campaign Conference, Sydney. Presenter: “The Northcote 2018 By-Election”

Other Interests: I was lucky enough to work for the National Party Service Centre for six and a half years in jobs I loved. But before that, I was a volunteer first and foremost. As a volunteer I’ve had doors slammed in my face, been spat at, doorknocked a nudist household, dodged things thrown at me, and even given away the shirt off my back at an event. I’m a staunch believer in the National Party and its vision for New Zealand.

We are a year away from the next election. What are the key accountabilities you envisage as a LRC member for 2019? I will be a loud and clear voice to ensure that the 2020 National Party List reflects the region we live in, and delivers enough MPs in the right places to grow the Party Vote on the ground. For the next twelve months it’s about ensuring we have the best possible people ready to fight a campaign in 2020.


Northern Region Convention 2019

Darren Ward – List Ranking* Biography: Darren is the co-Chair of the Policy Consultation Committee, the standing-Committee of the Board responsible for member engagement in policy, and retiring Northern Regional Policy Chair. He has lived in the Northern Region for over 27 years. He is the Founder and Managing Partner of Direct Impact Group, an international consultancy working with NGO’s and businesses to facilitate the change needed to succeed in a disruptive environment, including ensuring they can deliver under policies such as the Social Investment approach. Darren has proven leadership skills across the corporate and non-profit sectors.

National Party Involvement: • • • • • • • •

Co-Chair Policy Consultation Committee 2018 - current Regional Policy Chair 2015 – current Regional Leadership Team member 2015 – current Deputy Regional Chair 2016 - 2018 National Policy Consultation Committee (PCC) Member 2015 – current Deputy Chair East Coast Bays Electorate 2016 – current East Coast Bays Electorate Executive 2011 – Present Bays Branch Chair 2015 – current

Other Interests: Darren is married to Sherryl-Lee and has five daughters and a grandson. Actively supporting family in study, cultural and sporting activities have been a large part of his life. Darren is also an avid sports fan, particularly rugby, sailing and cricket.

We are a year away from the next election. What are the key accountabilities you envisage as a LRC member for 2019? The National Party List presents who we are to the public. Understanding who our candidates are and how they will represent the Party, its values and its members is crucial in ensuring we present the best brand possible at the next election. As we become a more diverse society our list needs to reflect this diversity, while ensuring we have the skills and capabilities for now and the future to govern New Zealand. My years of senior mangement experience and team building provide me with the skills to imput into achieving this delicate balance.


Northern Region Convention 2019

Erica Wills – List Ranking* Biography: A business owner and manager, I have a background in Information Technology. I am married to Stuart and we have two teenage children. We own and run a Mortgage Advising business in Hobsonville

National Party Involvement: • • • • • •

2018 – Present Deputy Regional Chair Northern Region 2016 – Present List ranking committee member 2018 – Campaign committee Northcote By Election 2019 – Chair Helensville Electorate, previously Deputy Chair 2006 – 2018 Treasurer Helensville Electorate 2005 – Present Campaign committee member and treasurer Helensville Electorate

Other Interests: Involved in the Mount Albert Grammar School Art Show which is the major fundraiser for the school each year, I also am a member of the Hobsonville Yacht Club Committee where I have been instrumental in establishing junior sailing at the club. I have previously been on Board of Trustees and involved in managing both cricket and rugby junior teams. We enjoy getting outdoors where fishing, walking and tramping are favourite pastimes.

We are a year away from the next election. What are the key accountabilities you envisage as a LRC member for 2019?  

This year is a crucial one for establishing our candidates and potential candidates for the next election. It is important that List Ranking Committee members engage and keeping informed of all candidates and potential candidates. Ensuring that we are encouraging a wide range of candidates to put their name forward so that we can create a list that is appealing to both the National Party membership and the wider community.

I am hardworking and would see it as a privilege to continue to represent the Northern Region on this committee.


Northern Region Convention 2019

Credits Our sincerest thanks are extended to those who have generously contributed their time and resources to making this convention a success. Convention Delivery Group Don Ryrie ( Chair) Andrew Hunt Anil Lamba George Sikharulidze Leigh Morrow Sharon Nightingale Meghan Dalton Alex Croft

Convention Book Compilation Leigh Morrow

Convention Book Cover NorthlandNZ Thank you to all our members and volunteers who have offered to assist at the Convention weekend – we greatly appreciate your time and support. Thank you to the team at Copthorne Hotel & Conference Centre.


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Northern Region convention 2019  

Northern Region convention 2019  

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