CURO Symposium 2017 Book of Abstracts

Page 35

Program: Monday, April 3, 2017 Poster # 241

Christina Marie Najjar

Investigation of NAP1 as Reporter for CaaX Protein PostTranslational Modification Shunt Pathway

Poster # 242

Weston Ellis McDonald

The Conservation of Allostery in C. Elegans UDP-Glucose Dehydrogenase

Poster # 243

Caria Evans

Development of Biodegradable and Biosourced Microcellular Polyurethane Foams for Foam-In-Bag Packaging

Poster # 244

Jonathan Spagnoli

ROS-Responsive and pH Inhibiting Polymer Nanoparticle Platform for Cancer Treatment

Poster # 245

Eric Wayne Hua, Devanshi Nayak

A Comparison of the Catalytic Activity of Tryptophan Synthase from Salmonella and Photobacterium at Various Temperatures and Pressures

Poster # 246

Nathan Likens

Nanofibrous Pectin Scaffolds for Biomedical Applications

Poster # 247

Yeonsoo Park

The Isolation of C. elegans Germ Cell Line

Poster # 248

Branson Byers

Characterizing the Role of Inhibitory Neurons in Regulating Seizure Activity in Embryonic Zebrafish

Poster # 249

Katie Elyse Irwin

Determining the Development of the Parietal Eye in Brown Anoles

Poster # 250

Benjamin Martin Kidd

Elucidating the Function of GABAergic Signaling during Neural Development in Larval Zebrafish

Poster # 251

Sydney Williams

Investigating the Function of GABAergic Signaling during Neural Development of Zebrafish

Poster # 252

Me'Shae Johnson

Metacognitive Regulation in Undergraduate Biology Students

Poster # 253

Bethany Osueke

Introductory Biochemistry Students’ Use of Learning Objectives

Poster # 254

Gehrig Broxton

Using Chlamydomonas as a Model for Oral-Facial-Digital Syndrome

Poster # 255

Rachel Vaizer

The Ciliary Gliding Motility in Eukaryotes