CURO Symposium 2017 Book of Abstracts

Page 32

Program: Monday, April 3, 2017 Poster # 197

Hiral Patel

Cytotoxic Effects of Novel Compounds on Clinically Challenging Cancer Cell Lines

Poster # 198

Michael Linzey

Sensitive Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry Method for the Determination of a Novel Highly Lipophilic Anti-Cancer drug Candidate in Rat Plasma and Kidney Tissue

Poster # 199

Aamanya Raval

Biophysical Characterization of Human Transketolase (TKT) and Transketolase-Like Protein (TKTL-1) Interactions with the Thiamine Diphosphate Cofactor

Poster # 200

Daiannette Lopez

Tail Ischemia Associated with Arterial Catheters in the Coccygeal Artery: A Case Series

Poster # 201

Dru Adams

Comparison of Anabolic Growth Factor Elution from Thrombin/Calcium Chloride Activated Platelet-Rich Fibrin Gels and Platelet-Rich Chondroitin-Sulfate Glycosaminoglycan Gels

Poster # 202

Maggie Pritchett

In Vitro Activity of Gallium Maltolate against DrugResistant Rhodococcus equi

Poster # 203

Susie Jones

PCR Detection of the SRY Gene of Male Dog Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Female Dog Brains with Experimentally Induced Ischemic Stroke

Poster # 204

Sierra Megan Smith

Affect of Capsiate on Perirenal and Epididymal Fat in Rats Fed a High Fat Diet

Poster # 205

Madeline Young

The Role of Chondrogenic Growth Factors in the Pathogenesis of Equine DSLD

Poster # 206

Mevelyn Kaalla

Significance of MARCO in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Resistance

Poster # 207

Isabelle Veigh Snider

The Novel Function of RGS10 in Obesity

Poster # 208

Gazal Arora

The Effects of Phthalate Exposure in Female Germ Cells

Poster # 209

Wendi Bao

Depletion of a Key Maternal Protein Impairs Early Embryonic Development

Poster # 210

Madison Cook

Exposure to Synthetic Estrogens Disrupts Meiotic Division in Germ Cells