CURO Symposium 2017 Book of Abstracts

Page 30

Program: Monday, April 3, 2017 Poster # 168

Krishna Patel, Eva Rodriguez

A Method for Enrichment of Maize Stem Cells and Leaf Primordia

Poster # 169

Brendan Fatzinger

Effects of Microbe Activators in an Organic Agricultural System

Poster # 170

Usha M Kaila

How Does FoodCorps Contribute to the Pursuit of Farm to School Success?

Poster # 171

Praharshak Asireddy

Insect Resistance Characterization of IRP9 in Soybean

Poster # 172

Bryan Kamalaker

Are Wolbachia Co-Obligate Nutritional Symbionts in the Banana Aphid Pentalonia?

Poster # 173

Jacki McCollum

Insects as a Nutritional Source in Horse Feed

Poster # 174

Linden Pederson

Variation in Egg Development in Deceased Extatosoma tiratum Females

Poster # 175

Elizabeth Umanah

An Investigation of RIN4 Phosphorylation in Plant Immunity

Poster # 176

Diane Park

Effect of Different Concentrations of 25-Hydroxycholestrol on Osteogenic Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) from Broiler Compact Bone

Poster # 177

Neil Doshi

A Comprehensive Assessment of Cognitive and Motor Functional Outcomes After Traumatic Brain Injury in a Porcine Model

Poster # 178

Lily Francis

A Novel Porcine Model of Vascular Cognitive Impairment Demonstrates Changes in Cerebral Blood Flow and White Matter Tracts

Poster # 179

Richard Dunstan Murray

Novel Object Recognition: A Promising Approach to the Comparative Study of Memory in Porcine Vascular Cognitive Impairment Studies

Poster # 180

Kelly Marie Scheulin

Nanoparticles Transport of FDA-Approved Drugs Across the Blood Brain Barrier in a Porcine Stroke Model

Poster # 181

Naomi Afnan Siddiquee, Noah Goldstein

An In Vitro Model Demonstrating the Direct Current Stimulation Mediated Recovery from Neuronal Injury