CURO Symposium 2017 Book of Abstracts

Page 27

Program: Monday, April 3, 2017 Poster # 124

Laura Lanier

The Development of a Pathogen-Specific Diagnostic Device for Pneumonia

Poster # 125

Mayank Verma

Visualization of Lung Inflammation

Poster # 126

Haynes Curtis

Design of a High Speed Water Tunnel and Associated Instrumentation

Poster # 127

Grace Hays Darling

Recycled Crumb Rubber for Use in Concrete Barrier Walls and Other Applications

Poster # 128

Jake Michael

Evaluation of Residential Basement Wall Concrete Mixtures for Water-Tightness and Reduction in Traditional Reinforcing Steel

Poster # 129

Crystal Chu

Development of Cellulose NanoFibrils (CNFs) Composites for Packaging Applications

Poster # 130

Austin Etheridge

Effects of Asphalt Mix Characteristics on Dynamic Modulus and Fatigue Performance

Poster # 131

Jason Christopher Wright

Investigation of the Effectiveness of Geosynthetics in North Georgia Soils

Poster # 132

John Green II

Design of Gallate-Based Persistent Phosphors in the ShortWave Infrared Region

Poster # 133

Amanda Pham, Darby Lyle Woodling, Marisa Stewart

Mechanisms of Drug Resistance Based on Computational Studies of Taxol

Poster # 134

Brian Lawrence Boland

MRI Compatible Response Keypad for Communication with Nonverbal Subjects

Poster # 135

Julian Moore

Development of an Indoor Guidance System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with Power Industry Applications

Poster # 136

Sarah E Clement

Effect of Prescribed Burning of Riparian Zones on Stream Hyphomycete Fungi Productivity

Poster # 137

Desirae Ann Dickerson

The Effect of Litter Leachate from Fresh Riparian Rhododendron Leaves on Microbial Respiration in Headwater Streams in the Southern Appalachians