CURO Symposium 2017 Book of Abstracts

Page 24

Program: Monday, April 3, 2017 Poster # 78

Evan Alden

College Students' Beliefs and Perceptions Towards Nature and Campus Sustainability

Poster # 79

Nirav Ilango

The Accuracy of SfM-Generated Dense Point Clouds Given Varying Image Quality

Poster # 80

Hollis Neel

Implementation of Structure from Motion from a Cube Satellite in Low Earth Orbit

Poster # 81

James Hugh Roach, Paul Hwang

Laboratory Operations Support for Small Satellite Research Laboratory

Poster # 82

Austin Thomas Bryan

Assessing the Removal of Lead from Water Using Commercially Available Filters

Poster # 83

Chris W Overbaugh

From Ancient Artifacts to 3D Printers: Using Modern Engineering Tools to Enhance Our Understanding of Classical Athenian Elections

Poster # 84

Paige Copenhaver

Comparing Metallicity Measurements from Optical Spectra of Solar-Type Stars

Poster # 85

Jessica E Doppel

The Ratio of Gas to Dust at High Galactic Latitudes

Poster # 86

Mackenzie Joy

Turbulence at the Edges of Diffuse Molecular Clouds

Poster # 87

Amanda Stricklan

Carbon Monoxide Line Emission from Region of Molecular Cloud MBM 55

Poster # 88

Josh S White

Hydroxyl Tracing in Diffuse Molecular Clouds

Poster # 89

Ryan McArdle

Primordial Chemical Composition Through the Reionization Period

Poster # 90

Ryan Pattillo

Photodissociation of Carbon Monosulfide in Interstellar Environments

Poster # 91

Jason Terry

The Contribution of Double Electron Capture Processes to Charge Exchange with Multielectron Targets

Poster # 92

Clark Goodman Veazey

Computational Investigations of He-HD Collisions in the Interstellar Medium

Poster # 93

Bjorn Leicher

A Study of Interstellar Intermediate Velocity Gas Clouds