CURO Symposium 2017 Book of Abstracts

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Program: Monday, April 3, 2017 Oral Session IV: 2:30-3:20 p.m. Athena Breakout Rooms A, B, C, D, G, H, I, J Room A

Room B

Room C

Room D

Room G

Nivedha Balaji

Chondroitin Sulfate Glycosaminoglycan Matrices Promote Neuroprotection Sub-Acutely Post-Traumatic Brain Injury

Kirsten Allen

Development of Polymer-Based Microspheres for Drug and Supplement Delivery

Emily Nieves

Examining the Arrhythmogenicity of Dobutamine When Used in Conjunction with Isoflurane or Sevoflurane

Jacob Beckham

Two-Point Threshold as a Measure of Hyperacuity and Intraocular Scatter

Sarah Caesar

The Relationship between Nutrition Status and IADLs in Community-Dwelling Older Adults

Emily Stewart Moore

The Effect of Galanin on Stress Resilience in Rats and the Relationship between Stress and Inflammation

Avni Ahuja

Sex-Trafficking in Georgia: Equipping Our Hotel Workers with the Proper Resources

Ashley Willard

Online Activism: The Movement to Combat Honor-Based Violence

Eashaa Velamuri

Reducing and Preventing Sexual Assaults on Georgia College Campuses

Shelbi Aldrich

Textiles and Fibers Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

Madeline Grace Harpham

Dior to Disco: Second Wave Feminism and Fashion

Oloni Binns

Motown Styles and the 1960’s American Dream

Paul Lee

The Effect of Lutein and Zeaxanthin Supplementation on Emotional Well-Being

Shivani Singh

Fatigue, Executive Functioning, and Activities of Daily Living in Older Adults

Emma Auger

The Effect of Age on Functional Connectivity of Cognitive Control Networks in People with Schizophrenia