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STUDENT AFFAIRS Goals for FY 2014-2016



Reitz Union Expansion and Renovation Closely manage the budget and construction schedule for the $75 million Reitz Union Expansion and Renovation Project to ensure compliance with each and to ensure successful completion of the project in fall 2015. Cypress Hall Build Cypress Hall, a $22 million new residence hall in the Yulee Area, which includes ADA student suites designed to support students with complex disability support needs. Infinity Hall Begin construction on a $22 million private-public partnership residence hall, Infinity Hall located in Innovation Square. This new residence hall will support students with an interest in entrepreneurship. Master Plan Develop a five to ten-year master plan for infrastructure improvements, expansion, and program support including: • IT Equipment and Systems • Outdoor Pursuits Center • Career Center Expansion • Disability Resource Center Expansion • Sorority and fraternity Housing Improvement • Newell Hall Partnership Deferred Maintenance Projects Improve housing facilities through a $31 million bond funded deferred maintenance project. Energy Efficiencies Initiate cost and energy savings through a $6.5 million ESCO energy performance contract.

SERVICE DELIVERY Distance Learning Assess and provide services and programs for distance students and UF Online students. These programs include but are not limited to transitional programming, career support, and counseling and career services, such as Therapy Assistance Online (TAO). Mandatory Health Insurance Implement a mandatory proof of health insurance for incoming students effective summer B 2014 and continue to expand the Student Health Insurance Program each year until all students are covered.

STUDENT LEARNING & ENGAGEMENT Strategic Support for Specific Populations Initiate and/or supplement the services for specific populations to provide strategic support for: • Under-represented and/or Undocumented Students • At-Risk Students • First Generation Students • Students with Disabilities • Distance Learning Students • Family Members of Students Interpersonal Violence and Bias Prevention Initiative Develop initiatives through campus-wide collaborations that address high-priority recurring issues including sexual assault, interpersonal violence, stalking, hazing and bias incidents. These initiatives will include exploration of bystander education programs, online education programs, an expanded Conflict Resolution Program and outreach/education initiatives. Career Readiness Identify career readiness competencies and create structure for comprehensive implementation into the UF community. Civic Engagement Involve students, departments and colleges more deeply in civic engagement by deepening partnerships with the institutions, such as the Graham Center, related to voting, public service, community engagement and service learning. Promote the work related to civic engagement that is already occurring at UF as collected for the Application for the Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement. Residential Curriculum Educate all Housing and Residence Education staff on the residential curriculum model in order to deliver a meaningful residential experience for residents and their families. The Residential Curriculum incorporates operational data, departmental assessment, programmatic initiatives and processes that addresses the learning outcomes and goals set annually for each functional area. Leadership Education Integration Develop core components of leadership education for campus-wide implementation based on results of a leadership audit to examine and address the resources, redundancies and gaps as an institution.

GLOBAL UNDERSTANDING & DIVERSITY Expand Social Justice Education and Initiatives Provide ongoing educational initiatives for professional staff, student employees, and student leaders that train and develop skills related to social justice, working with diverse people, addressing bias and inequity. Implement a comprehensive, campus-wide Stop Bias campaign to educate about issues of bias and everyone’s role in preventing and addressing it. Coordinate food insecurity strategies, a campus-wide food pantry, and a functioning lending closet for students.

UF Student Affairs Goals for FY 2014-2016  
UF Student Affairs Goals for FY 2014-2016