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The flag football team’s final game. Many of the players stated they had a fun season and now consider each other family. Captain Krishnah Sivakumaran exclaimed, “My team is so good we don’t really need a mascot!”

From the smell of orange peels on the fields to the songs sung in unison on the hot, sweaty bus on the way to rival games, the memories shared from being a part of a team is an aspect of life that is given up when students approach this novice endeavor: college. College students are under the impression that in order to play a sport in college, one has to be a Division One athlete and be willing to commit long hours, forgetting homework and having minimal hours to study. However, contrary to popular belief, there are ways for students to become involved in anything from flag football to ultimate Frisbee. Being a student in the Honors Program with various requirements and a heavy course load, might cause students to shy away from getting physically involved. However, physical activity is essential to proper mental health. According to the American Heart Association, at least 30 minutes per day, five times a week, should be spent doing physical activity. Many Honors students who are currently involved in an intramural sport have claimed to feel a lot healthier and organized on account of participating in a sport. Additionally, participating in an intramural sport demonstrates involvement with fellow peers and passion for the school. A balanced individual is advocated by universities and beneficial upon entering the workforce. Krishnah Sivakumaran, captain of an intramural, co-ed flag football team and Honors student states, “I use flag football as a stress reliever and it gives me the opportunity to hang out with my friends, but also have fun. I noticed that I am more organized and balanced after committing to a team.”

Julia Silliman, the other intramural flag football team captain, “I played soccer in high school and wanted to continue to play a sport in college to meet new people and stay active.” Honors students, who wish to be active again, can sign up for an intramural team. 1. Find a sport that is interesting and coincides with one’s schedule and Honors events. 2. Set up an IMLeagues account. 3. If an Honors student would like to start a team, set up a league as a captain. If one would like to join a pre-existing team, search leagues and ask to join. The captain of that team will have to accept the student, so keep checking the website. 4. Once the student is accepted, the student can view the other players and the official schedule for one’s team. 5. Be prepared to practice at a field on campus. Teams can practice their skills on the Hume Field. 6. Most importantly, have fun with the team! Once enough practice is achieved and one is ready to take the newly acquired talents to the next level, feel free to join a club team. There are many Honors students who are also involved in club sports. As Honors student Sean Doherty says, “The running club is the way I stay involved on campus, and being an Honors student helps me stay on top of my game.”

Written by Selena Govan Photo by Diego Rodriguez Design by Amanda Lindeman

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