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All American Rejects encourage UF students to vote Lead singer Tyson Ritter sings on a platform to get a better view of the crowd. On the last Friday before Election Day, the iconic 10-note riff of “Dirty Little Secret” echoed across Flavet Field. Hannah Burrichter, a UF psychology junior, expressed her feelings about the performance and added that she had voted early via a mail-in ballot. “It brought so, so many memories from middle school,” Burrichter commented. As the opening act, Magic Man performed various songs from their latest album, such as “Texas” and wellknown single “Paris.” They also covered Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle,” as the audience excitedly sang along. “The band has had a series of top hits and has music we feel students can both relate to and enjoy – we believe the band would bring out a significant crowd and the show would be wellFlavet Field filled with nostalgia as students sang along to their favorite childhood songs.

attended,” said Dillon Knox, chairman of Student Government Productions over email, regarding the choice of the All-American Rejects. The American rock band performed a variety of songs from its past albums, including “Move Along.” When the audience was more familiar with a song, audience exhilaration increased. Prior to performing one of the band’s former famous singles, Tyson Ritter, the band’s lead singer asked, “You guys want to jump into a time machine and go back to 2004?” He also referenced the election several times, especially encouraging students to choose what they want—no matter what it is. One of the songs the All-American Rejects performed “DGAF,” expanded upon this notion of doing whatever one wants. Ritter did not express explicit

support for either presidential candidate, although he criticized the toxic political rhetoric of the 2016 election, likening it to “human wrestling.” He also reminded the audience to vote. Kelly Borgerding, a UF biology sophomore, explained that she had chosen to vote early. “I voted to have my voice heard,” Borgerding clarified. The concert atmosphere prompted nostalgic feelings from the attendees, coupled with the impending Election Day nerves and anticipation. At the end of the concert, in response to audiencewide chants for an anchor, the AllAmerican Rejects returned on stage for one last song, “Give You Hell.”

Photos by Sofia Atzrodt Designed by Caridad Dominguez

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